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July 21st: SM131 - Musashi VS Kojiro! A Battlefield of Love and Truth!!

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Very subjective.
Give him more spotlights, including battles, and he will shine, just like many companions/classmates that were mishandled thanks to Ash. To me, there's nothing to cheer at Ash, when we were aware of his outcomes many times before, despite his "experiences".

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Very subjective.
I dunno about that. James very clearly cares for his Pokémon just as much as Ash does for his, if not more. And on the rate occasion that the plot doesn't demand that he lose, he tends to do really well for himself. I always got the feeling that James would make a pretty formidable Trainer if he quit Team Rocket. I'll try and make a more detailed and thought-out post on this subject when I get home tonight.


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Not really?

James is usually shown caring for his pokemon while the most Ash does is battle, train, and feed them

The TRio's goodbyes to their pokemon are far more emotional than Ash just dropping his off at Oak's
To be fair, we also usually know TR's Pokemon for way longer than we do Ash's. No tears were shed when Lickitung got traded, that's for sure.


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I think both Ash and James are pretty easy to empathise with at this point since they're both the butt monkeys of their team and love their Pokemon despite the pain they give them, intentionally or not. They're both stuck in a tautological loop with their futile goal with the plot seemingly set on making them 'losers' but they try to keep their spirits high and care if their team get stuck in the same luckless cycle (Ash and James have both tried releasing even their signature Pokemon if they think there's a better fate for them, compare Pikachu's Goodbye to Facing The Grand Design).

It's a shame the two don't really get a lot of depthful interaction all things considered.


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Given the line about how their pokémon would hate it at HQ, and the existence of Mimikyu, Mareanie, and Bewear in the Galar region makes me hope they'll keep their pokémon this time and start battling with two or more pokémon

Especially if they get Impidimp
I really hope so. I don't want any more releases. I am also really hoping that Mareanie evolves here.

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Second preview didn't show much aside from Rowlet arguing with a Wingull and Wobbuffet repelling Mareanie's attack


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Do you think the Wingull belongs to anyone like Hau?
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