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July 23rd: PM2019 074 - Darkrai's Midsummer Night's Dream

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The incomplete VA list makes me feel like they are hiding a surprise on this episode (like Iris and Haxorus). Maybe Typhlosion?
Let me guess. They're somehow Slaking in incomplete voice casts because they're hiding a major Pokemon return again, even if said return will only last 4 minutes.


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I want Ash Typhlosion :(
I also want that,sometimes I find it hard to believe that ash did she get a Cyndaquill long before dawn ,but the dawn and ash to evolve in the same saga,and it is hard to know because Pignite not evolve Emboar training with infernape,same for quilava,if the pokemon Goh(Flabebe ,Cascon) literally evolved and did Nothing


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Weird Toyoguchi wasn't credited despite it being confirmed her characters is appearing

That was the case with the Iris episode too. The incomplete cast lists only list the core cast, so Satoshi/Go/Pikachu/Aceburn (I think?)/Koharu/Sakuragi/Musashi/Kojiro/Nyarth/Sonansu.
So at least it tells us there won't be any Rocket trio this episode.

U.N. Owen

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night ...
You honestly expect the TRio to show up because Matori Matrix is actually going to play a role that is hopefully more than getting blasted off in seconds.
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