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July 2nd: 1 Hour Pre-Summer Vacation Special


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I don't usually post or even go to the anime section, but I was reading this thread the other day while waiting for something, and decided to give my thoughts.

An Inter-Dimensional Adventure?! Tsubomi Appears!
"After witnessing a battle between Hoopa and Akuziking, Satoshi and Goh meet a girl named Tsubomi (CV: Minase Inori) and her Nidorino. She is a Trainer from another universe who fell into a portal opened during the battle. To go back home, Tsubomi needs to cross the unstable space field created by the battle, and find the portal before it closes. Can Satoshi and Goh help Tsubomi make it in time?"

Okay, but now seriously, when I read this post:
JN 073 : The legendary fire monkey ?? Pokémon Trade! Greedent for Infernape!
It made me think, what if the reason the episode 73 is being hidden is because it has a Mythical debut?

Before going further, I want to mention this: Apparently, some people think there's going to be no movie this year. I don't know why people are thinking this (was this confirmed?), but I'm not so sure about that. The movies usually get announced in February (if I remember correctly) and released on July, but last year's movie was released in December. Yes, I know it was delayed because of COVID, but, if they did a late year release once, then they can do it again, if it's too soon to return to the usual schedule.
So, if they plan to release a movie in December, there's still time for it to be announced, if we consider the usual February-July window.

But, if there's really no movie for the first time in 23 years (inb4 23 enigma), then maybe they can do the unusual and debut the next Mythical in the anime?

As for why a joke post about "legendary fire monkey" made me think of this? Well, it was the word "legendary" next to a Fire Starter. Zarude's reveal video shows it battling Rillaboom, and both are Grass-type primates. That sounds like a hint we'll have a trio of Mythicals similar to the Starters, so we should have a Fire-type lagomorph and a Water-type squamate as the next Mythicals, with the lagomorph this year and squamate in 2022 if we follow the Starters' Dex order.

And if the plan is really to have a Mythical trio mirroring the Starters, I can see them doing anything to release them even if it there's no movie.

Satoshi getting Kubfu? No thanks.
Image it turning out a 2in1,I would be pissed...
A third Urshifu form? Oh yeah! That could be perfect for my PokéSpe Isle of Armor theory.
Now I wonder if Urshifu could be the new Regi and receive more styles for other types down the line. The entire setup with the scrolls of different types just seems made for this. Like, the Scrolls even have the Galarian text for the types' names written in them!


1 hour special or not I think ash will catch eiscue think about goh saw it in the water when he was with falinks

Red and Blue

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1 hour special or not I think ash will catch eiscue think about goh saw it in the water when he was with falinks
Well if a Piplup can swim all the way from Sinnoh to Kanto then it's possible for an Eiscue to swim from Galar to Alola/Kanto

Unless the special is set in the Galar region
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I‘ve totally thought today was Friday already. But at least we’ve got a title