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Jumping Rocket Ship! (571)


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Pikachu's expressions were priceless

I loved its "You're up to something" look, and why wouldn't it after all of Meowth's false promises?

Meowth sounded a little like Billy Mayes in that commercial with a towel being clean in an instance.
Meh. Not loud enough...
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Man. this was a funny episode. Didn't expect it.

The highlights

-Piplup trying to lead the others and ending up leading them at dead ends, then letting Empoleon lead and it leads them to a dead end

-Happiny carrying Grotle.
-Croagunk's random appearances, priceless.
-Staravia following the "fakemon" and the thing ending up in the water. Staravia was like WTF?
-Pikachu's expressions at Meowth.
-Meowth convincing Ash and co. about changing his ways then doing a 180 out of all of them. LOL.
-Speaking of Meowth, did it finally learn a new move? It's been a long time coming that's for sure.

Really gonna miss Barry. Real interesting character.

This ep gets a definite 10/10


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Meowth's a effin idiot! Instead of becoming rich & famous, he goes back w/ those TR losers. Man, it's no wonder why Meowsie pick that Persian over him & Giovanni preferring that Persian instead of him.


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This was the worst ep I have seen lately, as it was a severe filler, which was unknown to me at the time, as the title lead me to believe they were going to Iron Island, although in hindsight, taking one ep to go halfway across Sinnoh would be way too fast.


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It's good in da fact they arrived to Canalave city after being in hearthome in just the episode beforehand
I enjoyed this episode, it was pretty funny. :)

I love how they introduced Jun into the anime ..instead of just keeping him in the game. Seeing him in the anime, just totally brought up his crazy/hyper/impatient personality much better than it shows in the game.

Staravia. Just ..haha.

And I loved how Meowth loves Jessie and James that much ...to give up being a famous, rich star ..just to be with them. So cute. <3 And I love how they had flashbacks of bad/good/okay moments with the three of them.

Yeah, I suck at commenting on episodes. But this was a nice little filler.

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This episode was good. I like how Croagunk was simply enjoying a boat ride throughout the entire episode as well as Piplup excitedly leading the way and constantly finding dead ends. It was quite amusing to see Meowth attack Ash and Barry as well as Meowth enjoying his blast off at the end. Also like the way Croagunk returned.

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It was a good filler. I liked the Staravia with the hearts, it reminded me of Marshtomp more then Brock. I also liked the Happiny carring Grotle, that was funny..... And Crogunk. He was just being a Crogunk.
Nice Episode! Meouth is funny! And barrys really ennoying...


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DEFINITELY one of the most funniest episodes of all Sinnoh adventures, if not even THE funniest one!

This is one of those episodes that had so many funny things that I feel like I'm forgetting something.
Exactly! I couldn't agree more^^

Although this episode was meant not to be taken too seriously but rather reminded of a slapstick comedy, it nevertheless had many adult and profound comments and scenes (Meowth reflecting on his past, just to name one)

While watching the episode I could hardly stop laughing, as it sure was a firework of gags!
I can't even tell my favorite scene, but if I had to decide on one , I guess, I'd choose the scene where Piplup, being "dethroned" as leader and therefore being depressed, is admitting his failure and is letting the others pass.
A picture is worth a thousand words :D Great!

I'd also like to mention some other things which cracked me up:
- The twerps trying to find the right position for the photo saying "back back back" and "right right right" all the time. XD

-Staravia being attracted and admiring the fake-Staravia

-The expression on Pikachu's face when he is mistrusting Meowth's lip service. Priceless!

- The scene in which both Ash and Co. and Team Rocket are finding the group with Pikachu and Meowth simultaneously and Meowth is being overjoyed but suddenly remembers that the twerps' Pokemon are standing next to him and therefore is pretending to panic over the alleged threat. :D
That Meowth is so crazy which, however, makes him absolutely hilarious at the same time, too.

- Croagunk sitting on random boats and turning up happily here and there. His "Come on, leave me in peace with all your stuff" -attitude is amazing again and again

- Ash and Co. trying to convince Meowth that it woud be the best to abandon Team Rocket and pursue a career in the media. Can you imagine Meowth as cheeky little salesman with suit and tie? :-D

- And, of course, today's highlight: Meowth going berserk and knocking out each and everbody in his way! Despite so many adventures which he's already been in, this cat hasn't lost it's energy, but rocks as only few others can rock in Pokemon.
I'd say Meowth is like a bottle of wine: The older the better!

Does somebody happen to know how that piece of music is called which is playing when Meowth is seeing Jessie and James being hit and reflecting on their common past? I haven't heard it in Pokemon yet and I think it was a completely new one. Anyways, it was pretty moving and fitted in perfectly!

Really a hilarious episode and a masterpiece as well!
8/9 out of 10 points
Does somebody happen to know how that piece of music is called which is playing when Meowth is seeing Jessie and James being hit and reflecting on their common past? I haven't heard it in Pokemon yet and I think it was a completely new one. Anyways, it was pretty moving and fitted in perfectly!


Basically it's from movie 4, the Celebi movie. It plays once he reminiscences.
Not only that, but the title card in the dub sound differently than usual.
I watched it on TV today and it was awesome as when I first watched it.
But I didn't like how the Dawn's convicting line was changed in US localized line, which is at the part when Meoth's heart pops out.
Seeing crock appearing out of nowhere was the just epic. He didn't even had one line in this episode, but I remember him most.


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Why can't they give subtitles too the pokemon back in like episode 25?


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I loved its "You're up to something" look, and why wouldn't it after all of Meowth's false promises?
I gotta say, I loved this. Pikachu really knows Meowth well enough to know when he'd be lying. And man were they great.

The whole Night Slash thing was a joke.

Meowth didn't really learn it, he was just doing a cool pose. It was in the original too.
That's neat.

I really enjoyed this episode. Some of the best comedic moments I have seen thus far (we'll see how well the Rotom episode is when dubbed and then I'll say for sure). Croagunk was la piece de résistance, appearing in various different kinds of water transport and just being like he is. I lost it when he randomly appears on a speedboat though.

And also, Dawn: "I can't help thinking I've seen him around..."

Barry and his lack of motivation on the course of solely looking for Empoleon, and then blaming them for most of it was quite funny.

Happiny once again showing off it's strength was funny as well.

Meowth being the conniving guy he is was was entertaining. Though, why Mime Jr. wasn't noticed baffled me a bit.

And lastly, since when was Canalave city a bunch of islands? I mean sure, you do need Surf to get to it, but I distinctly recall it being connected to the mainland... anyways, not really that important. I mean, they turned Whirl Islands back in Johto into full fledged habitable locations.



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This would've been better if it was just the Pokemon. No trainers till the end. :(

Piplup was especially annoying in this ep. I think that was supposed to be funny... but it wasn't. The part where they went to dead ends and he was leading them was very not funny.


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I want the pokemon too take Piplup into an alley and kill it.


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This was great
Loved Ash and the others falling into the pit and also pikachu protecting Pachrisu from Meouth. LOL gliscor love hehe. Crogunk on the boat all the way through the episode was quite funny as well and also Meouths and Pikachus expressions as well. The fake Staravior falling into the water was quite funny as well. Yay staravior returned and Yay crogunk returned just in the nick of time hehe. But sad that Barrys going just for a bit