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Jumping Rocket Ship! (571)


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Anyone else notice this? I found it funny.
Silly Pokemon.com, revealing things that haven't happened yet.


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lol piplup kept going in the wrong direction

Meowth should learn pay day before nightslash
Piplup's group was pretty hilarious. You are right. Meowth should learn pay Day then Night Slash. Always start with the basics. I still can't believe Meowth beat Empoleon in ONE hit!

Shadow XD001

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Gliscor and Staraptor together was good. Since Barry just used one of his Pokemon how come he couldn't have used his Staraptor to help look from the sky. Funny how Happiny had to carry Grotle. ^_^


It is was wired to see Jesse huging Wobbuffet, because she hates it all the time...
And it was funny to see Hapiny carrying Grotle ^-^


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It was also funny seeing piplup leading happiny, grotle, and EMPOLEON. I know meowth didn't KO Empoleon in 1 hit. I know it didn't happen. Some 1 tell me it happen plz. That's just impossible. Omg the funniest part was when Jessie said "nah nah a boo boo" lol j/k but seriously the funniest part was when she said "I DIDN'T TELL U TO BUY BREAD I TOLD U TO BUY BREAD!!!!!!" Whoa is it just me or did Meowth say hell when he tackled Barry?
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I laughed when ;440; was carrying ;388; ^_^ and Piplup was being bossy. Barry acted stupid.

Oh and this is the 2nd to last episode of DP Battle Dimension and the last one will rerun next Monday, so in Tuesday will they go to DP Galactic Battles?


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I think the show has done a few too many variations on the "Forest Grumps" episode with the groups splitting up and having to reunite, but this episode wasn't too bad. Grotle getting tired and having to be carried by Happiny was hilarious, Piplup and empoleon fighting over leading the way was hilarious, Mime Jr. imitating Meowth's wicked looks was funny, and everyone getting confused by the labyrinthine Canalave City was funny. I didn't believe Meowth wanting to leave Team Rocket for a second, but it was funny when they show the squiggly lines in place of Meowth during the motto.

I think they should stop doing so many "Forest Grumps" type episodes, though. The concept was awesome the first time around, but has started to wear really really thin.


I loved seeing Barry so to arrive at Canalave City. In my experience, blimps in the anime always equal trouble...

Team Rocket uses a simple net to capture Ash and Co.'s Pokemon? Haven't they learned anything? Then chaos ensues when all the Pokemon get seperated from their trainers in an unknown town.

Too bad Barry had to leave to Iron Island for training, it would've been cute to see him cheering for Ash. 9/10


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I loved seeing Barry so to arrive at Canalave City. In my experience, blimps in the anime always equal trouble...

Team Rocket uses a simple net to capture Ash and Co.'s Pokemon? Haven't they learned anything? Then chaos ensues when all the Pokemon get seperated from their trainers in an unknown town.

Too bad Barry had to leave to Iron Island for training, it would've been cute to see him cheering for Ash. 9/10

Every blimp in the anime has gone down in flames! Well not all of them, but you're right. Blimps=trouble. It was very funny seeing happiny just carry grotle around like it was a purse or something haha.


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This was such a great episode! I love how Piplup always takes charge but never has a clue on what it's doing. Happiny carrying Grotle was hilarious and so was Mime Jr. copying everything Meowth did. I also thought it was funny how Meowth got all sentimental about TR and spazzed out on Ash & Co. and beat everyone up. I really liked this episode, one of my favorites.


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The most hilarious parts of this episode were Happiny carrying Grotle and Meowth saying how Jessie and James abuse him.
XD Either I didn't hear that line right, or Jessie has REALLY become stupid.
Anyone agree with me?
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Willow's Tara

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Good episode, I like these kind that have everyone separated. Lol at Piplup trying to tell them where to go and Empolen's like don't listen to them. I would have liked to see all of the Pokemon including Barry's out of the pokeballs but they never do that (Especially when it involves flying types, Island of the Giant Pokemon, Ash still had Butterfree and Pidgeotto and never used them).

Barry irrupting the beginning of the motto was funny, I like how some of the characters such as Paul and Barry don't let TR finished their mottos and attack lol.
Staravia chasing after the fake female was funny too.
When Meowth and Pikachu were walking and Pikachu did that expression I couldn't help but to laugh at that.

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Happiny should train to be a powerhouse of Brock's team the way it was carrying Grotle


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This is the second of the two quality pokemon are separated episodes in Sinnoh, the first being the maze episode way, way earlier. What's funny is that when I watched the first one, I felt this was better. And now watching this one, I think the first is better. Lame, isn't it?

Pachirisu and Gliscor get the chance to show off their personalities the best, I think. Pachirisu seems like such a child, and it's main intent is just to have fun; this allows Meowth to really just to have to worry about convincing Pikachu of its motives, since Pachirisu will just follow right along, with a smile. It's a nice contrast, seeing Pikachu's skepticism and Pachirisu's delight in just running around. Gliscor's scene has it's customary crashing into Ash, and then it blows up TR's balloon, after Staravia is lured away by the most random mechanical Staravia that James digs up from out of nowhere. This scene feels like a reference to the scene back in the Doc Brock episode, where Ash asks Staravia to fetch Brock, but it's side-tracked by TR, and Gliscor is the one who has to come through. I think Staravia gets its own type of characterization too, in that Ash isn't too worried about Staravia's safety. He's sure it'll be okay, and he's not really bothered by Staravia's goofiness. I like this scene more for how Gliscor acts, but in fairness, both pokemon make it work, and it's nice characterization for both. I think it's sort of implied that pokemon love wouldn't have worked for Gliscor, as James says he wasn't prepared to deal with it that way- maybe it wouldn't have worked anyway on Gliscor.

I think Croagunk is shown a little too much. I think it's at its best when it's shown only 1 or 2 times for comedic purposes.

Grotle has changed a little from its introduction as Turtwig, when it used to be more of a mediator. Here, it willingly follows Piplup, and also gets quite tired after a while, needing Happiny to pick it up and carry it around. It doesn't seem like the leader it was at the beginning of the region, and I think that's nice too, b/c Bulbasaur will probably always be more remembered for that type of thing. This is more of a unique characterization for Grotle.

About halfway though, this episode shifts gears into a TR disbanding type episode, and this plot in general is WAY overdone in Sinnoh. There's at least 2 more episodes from here that has Meowth consider leaving TR, and that's too many-although one of them is really good; this one and the last one not so much. It's like there needed to be more to fill the time, and so this was what we were given. Also to consider for TR, is that when they lay their hole trap for the kids near the end of the episode, they come walking out of the Pokemon center, in complete uniform. That's quite a sight-I would expect a pokemon center to have more security at the door than that, although this maybe is a great indicator of how minor of a threat TR really is, at least in this region.

Well, anyway, the premise of this episode is that it's important to kick back after all of the serious stuff that's happened recently, and Ash and Dawn are really in that spirit. I think the best example of this is when they both try to convince Barry to take a picture with the group, much to Barry's annoyance. Both of our main heroes have a good deal of confidence, and not much to worry them at the moment- for Ash, the light-heartedness is really felt b/c of how stressful these last few episodes have been for him. It's been a bit of a while since Dawn has really been troubled, and I think she's shown this type of cheerfulness the last few episodes.


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This episode was ok... It was odd to see Meowth take out the Empoleon for a few seconds. Interesting how Happiny was strong enough to carry the very heavy Grotle. It was weird how Carnivine used Bite on James' head in a different way, spinning around on his head. It was hilarious how Croagunk kept popping up at random places in the episode. It was cool to finally find out that Staravia was a male.