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June 18th: PM2019 071 - Let's Go! Project Mew!!

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Look at the person I quoted though and his surrounding posts. Some people were going ham, especially as it's supposed to be a mystery probably why that Mon is in sinnoh and why Goh has to get it.
Also in the end when Goh looks over an area, it's a village similar to Freezington
Where was there a village in the preview?


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It does make me wonder why all of this for a simple Alolan Ninetales?

I guess Regice must be in the episode too. Ash never pulls out Dragonite unless it's for something really important (except Sobble's tears but that's water under the bridge now)


1. Mt. Tengan = Sinnoh

2. Crown Tundra Uniforms = Galar

3. Alolan Ninetales = Alola

Just combine all elements of many regions poorly in One Episode. Why even need for a 140+ Episode Series then? Finish everything in 20 Episodes, no?

Also according to abcboy on Bulbagarden, TV Tokyo is not listing an OP/ED for the episode at the moment, so there may be a new OP/ED or at least a new version of one of them.


"Tis an honor to be recognized."


"Tis an honor to be recognized."


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I don’t think I can be surprised anymore at just how bizarre this series is. An Alolan Ninetales in Sinnoh? Ah, why the hell not. The show prior to Journeys included or eventually retconned in Pokemon from previous/future regions, so I don’t see why this one can’t. Still, it’s just weird. And a very weird task for a supposedly esteemed mission like Project Mew.

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Had a feeling Gary would show up here, but I don’t think that he will interact with Goh and Ash in this episode. At the beginning of the Project Mew trailer, we briefly see him by the ship, so he may get dropped off somewhere to complete his next mission that they assigned to him. Anyway I am happy to see Gengar, Dragonite and Sirfetch’d again.
Lucario is definitely dead now. It didn't even appear in JN 69.
it appeared in the Iris episode


"Tis an honor to be recognized."


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Gary here once again to tell Goh he’s inadequate. Love to see it.

Still curious on how they’ll handle Ash in this. I really hope he’s not just Goh’s lackey.

Hopefully Gengar's just there to be Goh's lackey since it's not good for anything else

Still waiting for it to get traded to Chloe like it should've been hers in the first place


it appeared in the Iris episode

Just standing there. It could've not shown up and the episode would've been (exactly?) the same...

I can only hope it get focus because of BDSP.
If it doesn't, this series showrunners are even bigger fools than I EVER could have imagined...O.O
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