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June 18th: PM2019 071 - Let's Go! Project Mew!!

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Red and Blue

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So all of them were by the marketing department?
Is Dracovish that popular? I thought it and the other Galarian Fossils weren't all that well liked due to some fans not wanting Ash to get one

Though I guess it could be different overseas


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Is Dracovish that popular? I thought it and the other Galarian Fossils weren't all that well liked due to some fans not wanting Ash to get one
Yes, Dracovish is pretty popular actually. I mean heck there were some people that didn’t want Ash get a Lucario, but that change the point that Lucario is a extremely popular Pokémon.


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I'm confident that's the actual reason. If they are as "elite" as they seem to be sold as, then they are probably just testing potential members.
Yeah, the missions of Project Mew will no doubt get more and more difficult with each mission completed which makes me wonder what other Project Mew missions Goh will have to successful complete.
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Master Pikachu 11

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Just standing there. It could've not shown up and the episode would've been (exactly?) the same...

I can only hope it get focus because of BDSP.
If it doesn't, this series showrunners are even bigger fools than I EVER could have imagined...O.O
Still it’s better then not appearing at all, I mean it’s the same argument that some on here made after Goh caught Flygon, who hasn’t done anything since the Zapdos episode. Some on here mentioned that they rather see Flygon appear in the lab every once in a while instead of having to not battle as often under Ash’s care. Now we hardly see the Pokémon nor does it do anything, when it was presented as a counterpart to Ash’s Dragonite just based on the two openings and calendar. For a Pokémon that is suppose to be a really popular dragon type, they don’t seem to market it that much.


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So there have been instances where Ash's Pokémon just kind of appear. A lot of the world championship focused episodes have them appear. Like Dragonite, Gengar and Farfetch'd made cameos during the Bea rematch. The first episode of Farfetch'd's arc had Gengar, Dragonite and Lucario training. Gengar, Lucario and Sirfetch'd are with Ash when he gets the letter, with Sirfetch'd cutting the letter. The episode post Sobble's capture had Dragonite and Farfetch'd as mons impacted by Sobble's tears. Dragonite had a cameo flying and Gengar had a cameo eating a berry in Goh's Raichu capture episode. Dragonite, Gengar, Riolu and Farfetch'd were eating during the Alola episode. So while Dragonite and Gengar could have parts in the episode. There have been times where they're in the cast list and don't have prominent roles other than cameos.


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He will be here, maybe in a flashback

I will not complain I'm in cloud nine right now.

But come on Mime Jr, really?


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Looks like goh succeeds by the end anyways. The whole blizzard thing is probably just the midpoint then.

Well let’s see how project mew is actually like.


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Gou says "I want to return you to where you belong" to the Ninetales so yeah they're aware that an Alolan one being in Sinnoh is weird, I'd imagine returning it to Alola is the purpose of the mission rather than catching it just for the sake of it.
I'd hope so. Seems odd they'd choose to integrate one into the anime now rather than when y'know, Lillie was around?
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