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June 18th: PM2019 071 - Let's Go! Project Mew!!

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Today's Oha Suta preview was heavily playing up the "Go fails to qualify for Project Mew" angle, so this is mot likely going to be a major part of the episode.


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Oh, sure, because he TOTALLY needs to be part of this to catch Mew at all.

He just needs to randomly decide to camp out during a full moon at his greenhouse and look up to the sky to spot this pink critter floating about.


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I will personally give everyone on this forum 1,000,000 dollars if ash catches Regice tomorrow lol.

that’s how sure I am that it will NOT happen
Well then I'd prob be able to swing through college later on without much issue since my 18 year old ass is horsecrap in dealing with financial gibberish lmao.
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