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Jurassic Park:Operation Genesis


Ultimate Trainer
Do any of u have it?I rented it along time ago and now I want to buy it!Iam thinking about stealing my friends since no stores have it.Anyway its a cool game


Well-Known Member
I liked it. Get a heap of carnivores and set 'em loose in the park. The fun never stops.

And in Site B, I like to make 60 velociraptors in a confined area surounded by mountains, and put lots of cows in there. They all swarm together and maul the poor things.

And watching Spinasaurs break Tyrannosaur necks. And watching them maul things and swallow goats, and, and,

Flying choppers, and shooting vaccines! Fweee, it's raining immunisation!

...and there's park building and management in it...

Jurassic Park:OP is fun enough to dedicate a few hours to. Just don't get the GBA version. Pretty much all ports from console onto GBA kinda suck.

Dragon Trainer EX

The Wanderer
I've seen the PS2 version in various EBgame stores. The only one I've actually played is the computer version,and it's ok. Nothing majorly absorbing but overall fun.