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Just A Question !

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Since I Never Can Find Anybody To Answer My Questions Properly I Decided to Ask Here.

Anyway, >__< I wanted to join a clan or group (you get where I'm going) BUT I'm Not A Competitive Battler & I Adore My Diamond Team Too Much To Even think about switching them out (I figure why should I? We've won plenty of battles together just fine.) There is also the issue of having no idea where to look :\ is there a clan or club etc that would allow me to battle with the team I have and talk to other people who love their teams just as much?

If anything could I have the links or names? I really would like some answers! :3


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Well, Primus et Ultimus (clan), will accept anyone, competitive battler or not. A lot of other clans do as well. There also should be a club for non-competitive battlers club too. In D/P/P discussion, you can post an RMT, or talk about D/P/P in general.

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I can't get the link,but if you look up "Non Competitive Hangout" in the club section,you should be able to sign up there.There are a few rules though.

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Sure, there are clans that don't battle competitively. Just ask them, of course. And if you ever want to join a clan without having to switch for a different pokemon, there's always breeding!


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this section isn't for questions.
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