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Just a slight heads up about the BW arc

Discussion in 'Pokémon Manga Discussion' started by Coronis, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Coronis

    Coronis In lucid awakening Staff Member Moderator

    Dear all, as you may have noted, I'm working to catch up with the summaries of the BW arc. The sequence of the first 28 chapters had little dispute, and they are also confirmed by the English Viz releases. The French releases showed the sequence up to Chapter 32 (which I followed), although there is a slight uncertainty since Chapter 31 (the Cold Storage chapter) was technically serialized in an earlier issue of Pokemon Fan than Chapter 30 (White and Shauntal's chapter). However, since the French publishers probably got their sequence from official sources, I opted to follow them.

    As for the remaining chapters, most are from Ichiban so the flow is rather uninterrupted. The only problematic chapters are the two of Black's childhood flasbacks, the two Musketeer Trio chapters, and the two Meloetta chapters. The only place I could fit the flashback chapters are between the Nacrene Museum showdown and Black's arrival at Icirrus. It's my postulation that these are actually 'dream' chapters of Black when he lost consciousness, since there are no other times when his team consists of an Emboar and a Tirtouga. The flow of events in Icirrus doesn't permit interruption with these flashback chapters either, so I placed them there for now.

    For the Musketeer chapters, I think it happened in between a single chapter of the Ichiban releases. After Black learnt that he might not be eligible for the League and ran off, there was actually a time lapse before we see Alder battle N. I suppose that's where he encountered the Musketeer Trio (which also explains why he wasn't too surprised to see Iris who was chasing after him). Those are the chapters where he met Cedric Juniper for the first time too, and it definitely happened before the Alder vs N plot. This also means that there is probably not an entire week between Musha's departure and the League, since the one week period was counted from the moment Black ran off from Icirrus.

    Finally, for White's Meloetta chapters, although it would be preferable to put them earlier, her brief cameo in the Musketeer chapters made it impossible to do so. So basically, I placed them right after the Musketeer chapters, followed by the Alder vs N plot.

  2. ReiZerou

    ReiZerou Well-Known Member

    Thanks for doing the detailed summaries! I love to read them.

    Yeah, that sounds good. I also thought the flashback was a dream. The Mistralton chapters are really problematic though, but that is the most reasonable explanation for their placement in the timeline that I've heard. I always thought that because one of the magazines was dropped, the authors had to change the plot and the flashback and Mistralton chapters could no more fit anywhere. But Black doesn't seem to be too shocked in the Mistralton chapters. He was, like, really really angry and depressed in the chapter where Alder and N started their battle. I suppose the volume release is going to be changed so that he hears about it after he comes back from the Mistralton Cave and there's even less time left for the league to start.

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