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Just Contest Partner Or... (contestshipping, PG)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by MapleRoses, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. MapleRoses

    MapleRoses Jaejoong is HERO

    Rating: PG
    Shipping material: Contestshipping
    Real Characters: May, Drew, Ash, Brock, Max, Jessie, James, Meowth, 3 Judges, Vivian(Contest Announcer)
    New characters: Shane, Coordinators
    NEW Addings: Renville (city)

    Okay guys...
    Here's my 1st fic for Contestshipping (beside Hearts To Count requested by Crissy111)
    Sorry if my English is a bit wrong and kinda lousy... Well, I'm neither British nor American...

    Chapter 1 - New Partner
    As Ash & co. arrived at Renville City, May ran happily towards the Contest Hall. Her eyes sparkled as soon as she gazed anxiously at the big building where coordinators gather. Ash, Max and Brock walked with her.

    "Wow! Awesome!" May admired, "I'm confident this time I'll win," May continued.

    "Good luck May," Brock wished her.

    "Oww... I can't wait for my next ribbon!" she exclaimed happily and imagined how will she win.

    "Now, we should find some foods and rest a while," Ash said and patted Pikachu.

    Brock nodded and they went into Pokemon Center. May opened the door and went in, with Ash and the others followed. In front of the white counter was a guy, wearing a light-blue shirt with dark brown trousers. He had a light blue hair and light blue eyes.

    "Thanks!" he said and accepted the Pokéball from Nurse Joy.

    "You're welcome," Nurse Joy replied. He threw the red and white painted ball to the air and a Pokemon came out. It was like a yellow standing mouse with some bricks-shaped line on its body. May dexed the small mouse and approached him.

    "Sandshrew, a Mouse Pokémon. When it curls up in a ball, it can make any attack bounce up harmlessly. Its hide has turned tough as a result of living in the desert." The Pokédex declared.

    "Sandshrew! We're ready for next contest! This time I won't lose again!" The guy squatted and encouraged his Sandshrew whilst stroking its back.
    "So you're coordinator too?" May asked, "You're with your Sandshrew? Awesome!"

    "Yeah, and how about you?" the guy asked back and stood up.

    "With my Skitty. By the way I'm May," May introduced herself.

    "Oh, I'm Shane," he replied. Ash, Max and Brock came forward, introducing themselves too.

    "I'm her Friend, Ash from Pallet Town," Ash introduced first.

    "I'm Max,"

    "And I'm Brock,"

    "Nice to meet you all," Shane said, "You all also coordinators?"

    "Umm... No, I'm a trainer, Brock is a Gym Leader, and Max isn't anything," Ash explained.

    "I'm not anything? What do you mean?" Max sweatdropped.

    "I mean, only May is a coordinator," Ash replied whilst scratching the back of his head.

    "I wonder whether Drew is going to enter this contest or not," May suddenly asked.

    "Hey, May, why you suddenly thought of him? Don't you two always argue?" Max asked suspiciously.

    "Yeah, if he's not going to enter then you'll have less opponent right?" Ash said.

    "But, his encouragement always work for me," May simply answered.

    "He encourages you or...?" Max gave an I-know-something look.

    May quickly replied, "Hey! It's just a simple encouragement! Why do you gave me that look?"

    "Who is Drew?" Shane asked, breaking the sibling's argument.

    "He's my friend but also my greatest rival, he's a pretty tough contestant too," May answered.

    "Friend or more?" Max asked and stared at her with a strange look, teasing her. May sweatdropped but blushed. Ash, Brock and Shane laughed at her.

    "MAX!" May shouted at her little brother and gave them a sour smile.

    "But maybe you'll have a chance, May because this contest is a double contest," Shane informed.

    "Double contest? Wait... I don't get it," May asked bewildered.

    "Yeah, it's what I've heard from peoples..." Shane shrugged. May frowned her forehead, thinking about her upcoming contest.

    "Aha! Does it mean we must enter it with a partner?" Max asked.

    "Maybe, but I've hear must a boy and girl, depending on yourself. But I'm not sure yet because I haven't enter it yet," Shane replied. Ash and Brock nodded in sign of understanding.

    "Oh my gosh, where I can find a partner?" May said disappointed. She hit her head with her palm, and then bit her nails with her teeth.

    "Hey, how about Shane as your partner?" Brock suggested.

    "Yeah! Maybe you two can win!"Ash said in agreement.

    "Okay, I'm sure we're good enough with a couple more training!" Shane answered gladly.

    "Umm... Okay then," May agreed.

    "How about a little battle for practice?" Ash suggested.

    "Sure!" May answered. May and Ash then gave their Pokéballs to Nurse Joy to restore their Pokémon's health, then they went to the field. Ash got ready for his battle with May and Shane. Brock will be the judge and Max as audience. Ash sent out his Corphish and Torkoal. May sent out her Skitty and Shane, of course his Sandshrew.

    "Corphish use Bubblebeam on Sandshrew and Torkoal use fire spin on Skitty!" Ash ordered his pokemon.

    "Skitty dodge it and use tackle on Corphish!" May ordered.

    "Sandshrew use Dig!" Shand ordered and his Sandshrew began digging into the ground, then tucked into the ground. Corphish stopped and stood in bewilderment, because Sandshrew was out of nowhere. Suddenly Sandshrew came out from ground and attacked Corphish. Corphish fell onto the ground and Skitty tackled it again. Spirals appeared on Corphish, as sign that it's fainted. Ash returned his Corpish into its Pokéball and continued the battle.

    "Skitty, assist!"

    "Sandshrew, use sand attack!"
    Sandshrew hurled sand to Torkoal, making it unable to see. And then Skitty launched Fire spin as a result of Assist. And again, Torkoal was fainted.

    "Yes!!" May screamed in happiness. Ash returned his Torkoal to the Pokéball. Brock blew the whistle.

    "Corphish and Torkoal are unable to battle. May and Shane win!" he said whilst stretching his hand to May and Shane.

    "You two were awesome!" Ash praised.

    "Yeah, I'm sure we'll win!" May replied confident.

    "Training for the contest, huh?" a familiar voice came from the forest. Then, a green-haired teen about in a same age as May walked closer to them.

    "Hey, Drew!" May greeted.

    "Hi, May, I guess we meet again," he flicked his hair.

    "You'll be entering the contest also, I suppose?" May asked while calling back her Skitty into Pokéball.

    "Do you think I won't enter the contest?" he asked back.

    "So, where's your partner?" Ash asked him. Drew frowned his forehead, puzzled with the question.

    "What partner?" Drew asked back.

    "Contest partner," Ash answered.

    "Oh... Don't you know that the couples will be chosen randomly?" Drew answered and smiled smugly.

    "Oh, so I get it now," May nodded.

    "A great coordinator never gets the wrong information about the upcoming contest, and vice versa for a worse coordinator," he flicked his hair.

    "You meant I'm a worse coordinator?" May stared sharp to him.

    "You've just said it yourself," he smirked, then left. May glared at him until he disappeared.

    "So that means you can't partner with Shane... It's a pity since you and Shane are a great match..." Brock said.

    "Yeah, and I'm worried, who will be my match this time? What if he/she is a very unskilled coordinator? I'm done for..." May said nervously.

    "Don't think so much, May, I'm sure you'll get the best partner. Just have a confidence in yourself," Shane encouraged.

    "I hope so," she replied.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2009
  2. iky_ledian

    iky_ledian Ledian Trainer

    Another of your nice storeeh
    i like your storeeh it's simple but meaningful
    but give honest review,

    i still think your HtC is better than thiz, cuz i already said, this Story lack of describing, while HtC have alot more
    nice story
  3. MapleRoses

    MapleRoses Jaejoong is HERO

    Thankies, iky_ledian~
    I appreciate your kind review :)
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2011
  4. MapleRoses

    MapleRoses Jaejoong is HERO

    Okies everyone, here's the second chappie.
    I done this in a sleepy state, and it's the reason why is my beginning is screwed up
    Enjoy everyone!

    Chapter 2 - Real Quarrel

    The next day, Brock woke up in the Pokecenter room, followed by May, Ash, and Max. Brock called everyone up and May got up, stretched her hand widely and yawned. She looked out from the window, the sun was shining warmly. Bird Pokémon were chirping loudly to awake peoples.
    May got up from her bed, then she took a bath. In about ten minutes later, she finished and it's Ash's turn. She was very excited about her upcoming contest.
    "I wonder who my partner is?" she thought while preparing all she needs to prepare for her contest, such as foods, Pokéblocks, and many more.
    "Good luck, May, I hope you can win," Max wished his elder sister.
    "Yeah, thanks," May said. After they all have finished, they went down to the counter and passed the room key back to Nurse Joy.
    "Here is the key. Thank you, Nurse Joy," Ash gave the key.
    "You're welcome," the caring nurse replied with a smile. Brock then clasped his hands with Nurse Joy's hands, with Nurse Joy confused of his acts.
    "Your smile had made me the luckiest man in the world, Nurse Joy! If you're a Beautifly, I'm willing to be your Roselia for you to feel my sweetest nectar, if you're-- OUCH!"
    "I said, stop messing around," Max said as he pulled Brock's ear. Even though his body is smaller, he can pull the flirty Gym Leader. Ash sweatdropped and apologized, while May thought about Brock's words,
    "If you're my Beautifly, I'm willing to be your Roselia?" she thought, "Hmm... What does that mean? I have a feeling for these words, but... I couldn't figure out the meanings..."
    "May!" Max called, "Earth to May!"
    "Ugh... What?" May woke up from her daze.
    "Let's go to the contest hall before you're late," her little brother hurried. May nodded and they head to the contest hall.


    In the waiting room, May and other contestants was preparing their Pokemon for the first round, the appeal round.
    "Good morning, all of you! In this morning, we have a Renville Contest! Let's welcome our judges, first, he's Mr. Contesta, then, in the middle, he's Mr. Sakizo, and last, Renville City's Nurse Joy. Now, welcome our contestants with a large applause!"
    A bunch of other coordinators came up with their Pokémon with awesome appeals. There are Jigglypuff, Skiploom, Exeggcute, Marill, and more.
    It's Shane's turn. He sent out his Sandshrew and ordered a Dig. Sandshrew dug into the ground and few seconds later it got out and spin up.
    "Poison Sting!" Shane ordered and Sandshrew did the command of its owner. It busted many purple-colored needles to the air. The Poison Stings spin as Sandshrew rolled up to the air. The stage became sparkling and shining with the poison stings. Sandshrew rolled down and landed to the stage. The poison stings landed neatly, surrounding the yellow Pokémon.
    "Wow, it's very beautiful and glamorous! Let's see how the judges will give the score," Vivian said.
    "I must say, you have a creative mind of combination, nice!" Mr. Contesta commented and gave him 8.6 score.
    "Remarkable!" Mr. Sakizo said and gave him 9.0
    "It's very awesome and nice combination," Nurse Joy said and gave him 8.8
    Shane and his Sandshrew went down the stage, to the waiting room. May welcomed Shane and congratulated him. And finally it's May's turn.
    She got up the stage, and like she did in every contest, she spin, then let out her cute Skitty from its Pokéball.
    "Okay, Skitty, let's start with Assist!" she ordered. Her Skitty started gathering energy, and then the Assist came up with Solarbeam. A large round of applause was heard from the audience.
    She grinned, seemed to know what she have to do and right when the Solarbeam was unleashed out, she commanded her Skitty to do Blizzard towards Solarbeam.
    Everyone cheers when they see Skitty slides forward the Solarbeam, then busted out Blizzard to make the Solarbeam freeze. Finally, it did Doubleslap and the frozen-solid Solarbeam broke into pieces and spread around the stage. The stage looked seemed like its snowing.
    "What a great appeal! It made snow has falls in the stage!!" Vivian said, while grabbing one of the snow pieces, "Let's see what judges have to say,"
    "Very beautiful! Fantastic!" Mr. Contesta commented and gave her 8.8.
    "Very remarkable!" Mr. Sakizo gave her 9.1.
    "How sparkling and nice! You took a good care of your Pokémon!" Nurse Joy said and gave her score of 9.0.
    May thanked gracefully and got down the stage. She hugged her Skitty tightly and thanked its efforts. At the backstage, Drew was preparing his Masquerain and he greeted May.
    "Hey, May. You did rather well," Drew complimented, "learning much from me, huh?"
    "Really? It's great, then," May replied with a smile.
    "Well done, May. Good luck to you," Drew said and went on the stage as it's his turn.
    He used Masquerain. A combination of Hidden Power and Silver Wind made crowd applauded and cheered loudly for him. His score was high above May, 29.8.
    Next is Jessetina, a disguise of Jessie. She used her Dustox and made a doesn't-seem-too-good appeal. But however she got a score of 25,9. She went off from the stage and mumbling that she can got a perfect score. James comforted her and so Meowth.
    Next round is couple battling round and couples that proceed to the next round will be chosen at random. May was very anxious and excited, waiting for her name to appear on the screen.
    "Now, let's see who'll proceed to the next round, the couple battling round. We'll choose four couples to move to this round," Vivian announced, "Let's see,"
    Few pictures of coordinators with connecting lines were shown from the television. All of the contestants waited excitedly for this round, including May herself. Shane was glad his name appeared and paired with Jessetina. May was waiting her name to appear and... TRANG!!
    Her name appeared and got matched with... Drew!!
    "Me... with... Drew??" She was amazed after she saw her name and Drew. Drew suddenly appeared and said, "You're my partner, May"
    "Yeah..."she answered, still with a bit amazed.
    "You should be happy. But I think I'll have a hard time with you," Drew teased her.
    "What did you say?" she said angrily.
    "Don't take it to your heart," Drew said and flicked his hair.
    "But, wait... I'm with Drew? I have feelings about this... What's that?" May thought for few seconds, "Oh, right! The Beautifly and Roselia! I knew it! Beautifly means me, and Roselia means Drew... I get it now! So those words have a connection with my contest!" (A/N: Sorry, I couldn't think the another synonym of connection. Can anyone please help me?*thinks*)
    Then, Ash and co. walked in and greeted May, who seemed rather distracted.
    "Congrats, May. You got Drew as your partner right?"Ash asked.
    "Yeah... As you see..."May shrugged. A glint appeared in Max's glasses.
    "Make sure you two don't argue over small things," Brock said to them.
    "Yeah, it'll do badly to both your performance and relationship," Max continues.
    "What relationship?"May asked; looked narrow at Max, nearly whacked his head from saying those words.
    "I mean...friendship..." Max explained nervously. May smiled.
    "That's more like that, and I'll try to be the best!" May said.
    "Not try, May. I'm sure we'll win, with me around," Drew encouraged her. Now May had became much more confident.
    "Okay, since you two have to practice, maybe we should leave you two alone," Max said and winked to Brock and Ash. May glared at Max, but Ash and Brock cut in, and they left the coordinators there.
    "I knew teamwork is very important now... So try to not quarrel okay?"May replied.
    "So, you've been remembering what I've taught you?" Drew answered.
    "Since we're partners now, I think we must spend our time for our training," Drew said, walking towards the Exit door. May followed behind him.
    "It's like a real couple, isn't that?" He continued.
    "Yeah, a bit. But I think it's not going to be happen," May replied and crossed her arms.
    "Who knows? Maybe we'll be real couple someday?" Drew said and did his hair-flick.
    May pondered his words, "Maybe we'll be a real couple someday? Oh... Maybe," she giggled to herself. They walked together to find a place for practice and they met Shane, who looked rather upset.
    "Hey, Shane. Where's your partner? Don't you have to practice together?" May greeted.
    "She is very stubborn, you know? I've been scold by her many times. I'd rather train myself than with her," Shane answered.
    "And, yes, Shane, this is Drew, the one I told you few days before," May introduced. Shane stretched his hand and shook hands with Drew.
    "You're lucky huh? You got a partner like Drew. Unlike mine, she want me battle in her style but I just can't do that and she scold me. I think I'm gonna lose..." Shane said.
    "Where's her? Maybe I can convince her," May said. Shane pointed to a field where there's a magenta-colored hair lady training her Dustox. May went there, leaving Drew and Shane behind.
    "You two are alright huh?" Shane asked.
    "Yeah..." Drew answered.
    "May's a great partner for me. I've been practiced with her once. She did very well in the training," Shane said.
    "Oh yeah? I also noticed she made quite many improvements," Drew replied.
    Soon, May walked toward them with an angry face. Shane knew she must been scolded by Jessetina again.
    "My gosh! She's indeed very stubborn and I even get scolded by her!" May complaint.
    "Like what I said..." Shane sighed.
    "I wish my match was you, May..." Shane continued, gazing at May passionately. May sweatdropped gave an embarrassed smile because Drew was there. Drew noticed something, an uneasy feeling to upon hearing what Shane said to May. Drew left them, and May ran to him. They headed to forest, to practice with their pokemon.
    "What's this feeling? Why I'm feeling uneasy?" Drew thought, "Don't tell me I'm... Aarrghh...! It's impossible at all... How can I feel jealous? How can I feel angry when I heard what he said to her? Dammit!"
    "Drew? Where are we going to practice?" May asked carefully, to not make Drew angry, because she felt Drew's anger. And she saw Drew immediately left after Shane said he wants to have May as his partner.
    "We're going to the forest, aren't we?" he answered.
    "Ooh," May replied.
    "Uhm, May... I can see he likes you..." said Drew with his eyes closed.
    "Huh? Are you sure? Maybe he's only joking?" May said embarrassedly.
    "You can pair with him if you want," Drew said.
    "Are you serious?" May asked; but not a serious question. She thought that he was only joking.
    "Yeah," Drew answered and they stopped walking.
    "I think I don't want..." May uttered.
    "I can see he's very wanting to-"
    "I said not! Contest is coming nearer and you can't do that!" May exclaimed.
    "You're just doing this for the contest huh? I'll give up on tomorrow's contest and let you win!" Drew replied. They started to quarrel, and this time, a big fight and most important, a real one, not some kidding things.
    "Hey, did I make you angry or somewhat? Why do you just like driving me away to him?" May said.
    Drew didn't reply anything, he's just wordless.
    "I don't need any winnings if that's not my fruit of labor or it just a giving from someone!" May shouted. Drew even didn't dare to look at her.
    "Why you're quiet? Don't you always taught me to be responsible?" she said and stopped a while to take a breath, "Okay I'm sorry if I make you mad but, please! Don't just drive me away like that!" May said really furious.
    "You've changed! I'm very disappointed with you, Drew!" she continued once again and turned her head down from him, hiding her tears. Then they continued walking with silence, not any words were out from their mouth. They both just thinking of something that can't be guessed.
  5. Waste My Time

    Waste My Time Ritchie Fangirl

    Hey this is a good story. Not the best but really good, I guess i'm not the best reviewer but I like this story so far.
    -Waste My Time
  6. MapleRoses

    MapleRoses Jaejoong is HERO

    Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.:)
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2011
  7. iky_ledian

    iky_ledian Ledian Trainer

    oh this chap is greeaat!

    i'd love to be on the pm list

    how many chap this story will have?
  8. MapleRoses

    MapleRoses Jaejoong is HERO

    well, this chap will end the fic~
    PMed you for the ending chap isn't it?
    here's the ending chappie

    Chapter 3 - The Contest Begins!

    It was almost evening. Drew gazed at the ground, thinking. And May was still crying silently. Teardrops were falling slowly on her cheeks. Drew realized it's his fault since he was the one who drove May to Shane. He turned to her and saw she's crying.
    "You're crying, May?" said Drew concerning. Now it's May who didn't reply. She brushed off her falling tears away.
    "Okay, I'm sorry May. It's my fault. I got too carried away," Drew said and stopped to take a deep breath.
    "It's okay, I'm wrong too. I shouldn't have shouted at you," May said with puppy dog eyes. She can't help but to let her tears fall down.
    "I'm wrong. I should not treat you like that," Drew said guilty and brushed off her tears with his finger. She looked at him, staring into his greenish eyes.
    "Never mind, Drew, I'm okay," she said and forced a smile.
    "Sure?" he asked her doubtfully.
    "Yeah... Because I know you were just jealous then," she replied.
    "Who said I'm jealous? I'm never jealous at anyone!" Drew said, but a little blush came out from his face. May chuckled.
    "Just kidding Drew! Look! Your face is all red!" May said with a BIG laugh. Drew sighed, rolling his eyes. Aha. An idea struck him. He pretended to be angry.
    "Hey, don't be angry... Just a joke!" May said to him. Drew continued walking away. May followed.
    "Drew?" May looked him, "Hey I was just kidding!" May said to him, with a worried face. "Are you angry, Drew?"
    Suddenly Drew smiled and shouted "You got into my trap!" Now Drew laughed. But May also laughed. They both walked while laughing. She felt great to see him laughing. Yeah he was laughing at her silliness but well...

    "But I'm glad to hear what you said," Drew continued.
    "What I've said?" May asked him; not knowing what she'd said before.
    "You say you don't need any winnings if it's not your fruit of labor or it's just a gift..." Drew answered, looking at her.
    "Yeah... I know winning isn't anything... But my hard work and my Pokemon's effort will make me happy," she said.
    "Well... We learn from our fails..." Drew replied.
    "Coupling with you wasn't a bad idea though...I learnt many things from you..." May said.
    "I think so, since we can build our teamwork well," Drew answered.
    "I'll try my best to win this contest and be the best coordinator one day!!" May encouraged herself.
    They both chatted until it was evening and decided to practice at the Pokemon center. But although they've spent much time that was supposed to be used for training, they were happy.
    And well, they were confident too they will win because of their teamwork.

    The next day, the two Coordinators both were ready for their battle. They were sitting at the sofa; polishing their Pokemon and preparing for the battle. Shane walked to them.
    "Hey May, Drew." Shane greeted them.
    "Hi Shane," May greeted him and so Drew.
    "How are things going?" Drew asked.
    "Still the same," Shane answered and sighed, "I bet I won't win this time"
    "Be confident!" May encouraged him.
    "I'll try to, May," he replied.
    Vivian, the presenter of Pokemon Contest was opening the contest, "The Renville City Pokemon Contest has begun! And now, we've reached the final round!! That will present battle between four contestants which had paired into two couples! Let's read few of the rules before proceeding to the battle!"
    Crowds claps echoed as the first couple went up the stage to battle with the second couple. In the waiting room, Drew and May were preparing themselves.
    May's Skitty suddenly went out from its Pokeball and ran out from the waiting room. May rushed to find her Skitty, leaving Shane and Drew behind.
    "Hey, Drew. What are you going to use next?" Shane asked.
    "Roselia," Drew answered.
    "Hey, Shane. I can see you like May a lot, huh?" he suddenly asked.
    "Yeah... She reminds me of my ex-girlfriend, Renny. She was cheerful, like May." Shane answered.
    "Where's her now?" Drew asked again.
    "Traveling to Kanto. I want to join her... But... all is my parents' fault!"
    "I see huh... Why don't you tell May?" Drew was testing him.
    "Hey, you're right! But... How about you then?" Shane replied.
    "Me? I'm not her boyfriend, please," Drew said calmly.
    "I thought you're her..." Shane didn't continue his words, but suddenly a big grin came to his face, "How about helping me? You're not her boyfriend right? How about we have a game? In the next contest battle, if I win, I'll confess to her... But if I lose, I'll give up then?" He asked with a pleasant expression.
    "I'd rather not, I seems like we're gambling her," Drew replied.
    "Take this as helping me to get her!" Shane said to Drew. Drew just flicked his hair and said nothing.
    "Come on... Take this as a challenge!" Shane said. Drew thought about a minute, it won't give him any loss right?
    "Okay, okay," Drew agreed and smiled proudly.
    "That's your style, Drew! I know you'll help me!" Shane smiled happy and left him. Suddenly May walked to him, holding Skitty's pokeball.
    "Caught your Skitty?" Drew asked. Shane left them, as he prepared himself as well.
    "Yeah... By the way next turn is ours!" May said. "What were you guys talking?"
    "Stop being such a busybody, May." Drew shrugged off her question and laughed.
    May pouted, "Oh well, I'm just curious, can't I be curious?"
    "Well... Curiosity killed the cat." Drew stated, smirking. She gave him a pouty glare and he chuckled. "You know May? Seeing your face like this... It's priceless."
    "Very funny heh?"
    Drew chuckled again. She was adorable. Really adorable. "Okay okay, I'll tell you." He said when his laugh subsided. He then told her about what he and Shane were talking just moments ago.
    "Why did you-" her face was a bit angry.
    "Hey, take this as helping him to be more confident. I can see he's very serious about this." Drew replied.
    "What if we lose?" May said worriedly, "I'm doomed this time,"
    "He forced me because he likes you. You should be happy there's a guy who is fond of someone like you," Drew said, cocking his eyebrow.
    "Hey what did you mean?" she said, thinking he was mocking her.
    "Just don't worry... I won't risk you or put you in trouble... We're gonna win this time.. So if you don't want to be in trouble, try your best to win!" Drew replied.
    "What if we win?" May asked again.
    "He said if we win I can do whatever I want... But don't worry I won't be silly, May... " Drew chuckled a little. "Well.. If you don't like him you can always reject him right?"
    "You have a point too... But I'm afraid he will be disheartened," May answered.
    "Don't worry about that," Drew replied.
    May looked him. He has this calm expression which could make her melt in joy. She suddenly felt secure beside Drew, only with him.
    Drew gets up when the presenter announced that next turn will be theirs.
    "Hey May. It's our turn now!" Drew said to her.
    "Yeah!" May replied and seemed confident that she'll win this time. Shane and Jessetina walked to them with a determined expression to win.
    "I'll win!" Shane suddenly said.
    "Let's see that." Drew answered and doesn't feel at all threatened.
    "Now let's welcome our couples, May and Drew vs Shane and Jessetina!"
    They all get up on the stage and May's friends cheered for her. As the announcer performs a countdown, they all looked determined to win this battle.
    "Roselia! Come on out!"
    "Combusken! The choice goes to you!"
    "Sandshrew! It's all yours!"
    "Go, Dustox!"
    "3...2...1!!Let this battle begin!!" the announcer, Vivian shouted.
    "Let's see how they'll fight this time, since all their Pokemon have outstanding skills!" Vivian continued.
    May started with an Ember on Dustox; but it dodged it and used Poison Sting. And Roselia countered it with Stun Spore which made Jessetina lose some points.
    Shane's Sandshrew suddenly came out from the grounds and attacked Combusken, but May noticed it and asked Combusken to dodge it and responded with Quick Attack. Sandshrew then used dig again. Roselia used Magical Leaf to attack Dustox but it dodged and used Whirlwind; Roselia dodged, but the Whirlwind attacked Combusken and May lost bit of her points. Combusken used Fire Spin and Roselia uses Magical Leaf, both knocked Dustox and Jessetina lost more points.
    All of a sudden Sandshrew came out from the ground unnoticed by May and Drew, it attacked Roselia, and Drew lost 15% of his points.
    Sandshrew used Sandstorm and a sandstorm blew. But unfortunately Dustox wasn't a ground-type, so the Sandstorm also effected damage on Dustox and knocked it out.
    The three judges put a big X's. Jessetina was very mad and upset then. She scolded Shane. James and Meowth, who were watching, sighed and sweatdropped.
    "It seems Jessetina and Shane's teamwork was not going very well and made themselves a trouble!" Vivian announced.
    "STUPIDDD!! Why did you use it when you knew my Dustox isn't a ground type! The dumbest person I've seen!" Jessetina scolded him and walked off the stage, as she mumbled about it.
    The sandstorm also affected Combusken and Roselia, making them lose about 20% of their points. But May and Drew still seemed confident.
    Sandshrew fired Poison Sting and attacks Combusken. May lost some points and Combusken was poisoned. May looked panic. Roselia came closer to Combusken and was seen like curing the poisoned Combusken.
    Drew said calmly, "Roselia, use Aromatherapy," Roselia cured Combusken. The crowd; included Ash and co. was amazed by such condition.
    Even one of the crowd said, "What a perfect teamwork!"
    May looked with a full of surprise. At least, Combusken started to get better and stood up; signing it's ready to battle again.
    Roselia used Stun Spore and Combusken used Fire Spin, Sandshrew managed to dodge Fire Spin but it was attacked by Stun Spore. It seemed like Sandshrew was paralyzed by the Stun Spore. May ordered a Sky Uppercut to Combusken and it hit Sandshrew. Shane lost points, and his Points left were only about 60%. The time was still left 02:13.
    "Ready to finish up, May?" Drew asked her; smiled proudly in a calm expression.
    "Yeah! Let's finish it up!" May replied.
    "Combusken! Use Overheat!" May commanded her Combusken.
    "Roselia, Solarbeam!" Drew ordered calmly and flicked his hair. Both Roselia and Combusken were storing energy and...
    The two powerful moves attacked Sandshrew in a same time, making it faint. Three judges put another big X's.
    "The victory goes to Third Couple! May and Drew!" Vivian announced. Ash and co. cheered for them. May jumped happily, hugging her Combusken.
    "Combusken! You're awesome!" May said happily.
    "You're great too, Roselia." Drew praised his Roselia, still in a calm manner.
    "Please receive the ribbons, "the announcer said. The judge gave them two ribbons, one for May and the other was for Drew. Shane congratulated her and so did her friends.
    "Like I said, we'll win," Drew said. May glanced at him.
    "Yeah, thanks Drew." she thanked Drew.
    "Actually it's not all my credits, you also made a great performance. But the key of all is our teamwork," Drew replied.
    May nodded and said, "Yeah".
    May puts her winning pose and Drew was happy for her too.

    The scene changed into a beach where May, Drew, Ash, Max, Brock, and Shane were all there. They were having a barbecue party to celebrate May's winning.
    Max was preparing tables while Brock and Ash was roasting/barbecuing foods. May and Drew were sitting at a bench, watching the sunset and chatting.
    "I'm very happy after this winning!" May said.
    "Because you won it with me, huh?" Drew asked and smirked.
    "Well.. Come to think of it, I never been happy than this winning," she said.
    "Maybe we're destined to win together?" Drew replied, chuckling a bit to himself. May blushed a little. His happy face was really attractive.
    "Umm...I guess so," May said and smiled a bit.
    "But I'm sorry to make you think like I take you as a gamble thing," Drew said, "I just want to have some challenge,"
    "It doesn't matter... I just take Shane as my friend...I think I barely have any other feelings for him."
    "Really? But you two were going well on the first, weren't you?" Drew replied.
    "Yup... We planned to enter the contest together," May answered.
    "I just can't imagine if we lost..." Drew said mockingly, "I wonder how will you face him?" he teased.
    "But now we won right? It's okay... Even if we lost I'm still happy to take part on this contest," May said facing to the sky, there are Winggulls flying over the clouds.
    "You know I won't risk you to another guy..." Drew murmured, with little blush. May snapped her head. What did he mean?
    "Yeah I know... Even if you're still my greatest rival..." Drew said. They both blushed a little and suddenly Shane appears from their back and sat on the bench too.
    "Congratulations again May!" he said again.
    "Yeah... Thank you!" May replied.
    "May... there's something I want to talk to you," Shane said, his face looked a bit embarrassed, "I like you, May. Because, you kinda resemble my ex-girlfriend. She was cheerful and lovely..." he confessed as he looked blankly to the ground. May looked at Drew, but Drew tried to act cool.
    May then answered, "Didn't you say if we win the contest-"
    "Ah that. I know, I know. But IF I really won, will you accept me?" Shane cut her words.
    "Umm... Shane... All of this time I've been treating you like a friend of mine, nothing special..." she answered.
    "But, I heard, you and Drew are..."
    "We're not having a relationship or anything," Drew cut in, "It's not true,"
    "Yeah, but if you ask me to choose... I'd also choose Drew even if you won... Umm... we can still be friends, right?" she continued. Drew suddenly a bit amazed and never thought that she would say those words; he looked at May curiously. Did she mean it?

    But then Shane smiled.
    "It's okay, May. Sure, we're still friends," Shane answered a bit disappointed. He then left them both and joined Ash and Brock.
    "I wonder.. will he be upset?" May asked to herself.
    "No, he won't," Drew answered suddenly.
    "Umm... You must feel curious and never assume that I'll say those words earlier?" May said.
    "Kinda," Drew answered.
    "It's true. I will also choose you even if we lose," she replied. They both made eyes contact for few seconds.
    "Me too," Drew said, feeling a little bit of proud (or happy). His one hand was wrapped around May's shoulder. May smiled to him and leaned her head on his shoulder.
    "I just don't like it when he said he wanted to be in a pair with you," Drew suddenly said to May.
    "Why? You're jealous huh?" May asked; not really a serious question, but Drew answered, though.
    "Maybe, who knows.." he answered. May blushed a little.
    "But I know, you'll choose me at the end," Drew said proudly, giving a nonchalant shrug. May looked at him and smiled. Ash and Brock who saw them smiled.
    "Hey! The couple over there! Dinner is almost ready!" Brock called.
    Both May and Drew were a little bit shocked and they walked to help Brock and Ash, their hand never leaving each other's.
    "From a contest rival to a couple huh?" Ash said, teasing May. May smiled and they began eating.

    ^^THE END^^
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