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Just For You - A Pokeshipper's Tale

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Water Spirit, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. Water Spirit

    Water Spirit ~*Animus Aquae*~

    Author’s Note: All user character relations emphasised and created within this fic are FICTIONAL unless stated otherwise by the users involved. The created relationships are for pure fun and entertainment and are under the agreement and permission of the characters involved.


    Lodge Plan - Upstairs

    Lodge Plan - Downstairs


    OK, this fic first began whilst I was in my beginning stages of FADOF, three years ago. I know what needs to be written for this story, so hopefully I will be able to finish it quicker than the pace of FADOF. XD Anyhoo, this is dedicated to all my friends who have been there for me through thick and thin and as promised, here is what I chose to write. I hope everyone enjoys this and please let me know what you think of it! ^_^ I apologise for the writing style of the first five chapters, or so, as I wrote them three years ago and have tried my best to improve them in the little free time I've had. ^_^

    Chapter 1 – An Unexpected Situation​

    A tall teenage girl looked into the mirror above a chest of drawers in the bedroom that she shared with her two good friends. She brushed her shoulder-length red hair back in a ponytail, allowing two stray strands to fall down either side of her face as she checked herself over in the mirror. When she was satisfied with what her reflection had shown her, she left the room and walked down the corridor – instinctively glancing through the doors of the numerous rooms as she moved passed them. As she passed the rooms, she stopped abruptly and backtracked to the study to see one of her older friends intently staring at the computer screen.

    “Hey, Brian, what are you looking at?” The girl asked him warmly as she entered the room to stand behind his chair and glance at the screen.

    “Oh, not much, WS.” Brian replied hastily and minimised the window of a document he had been previously viewing.

    Water Spirit frowned as she read the title of the window, now sitting on the toolbar of the screen and let out a gasp of surprise.

    “Hey! That’s my fic!” She cried out and attempted to snatch the mouse away from Brian’s hand. “You can’t read that! It’s not finished!”

    “Oh, like you weren’t going to give me a sneak peak anyway!” He argued playfully as he wrestled the mouse away from her.

    “The only one who I let preview my work before I publish it is Coral Eye.” Water Spirit replied seriously and once again tried to seize the mouse from Brian’s grasp while he was momentarily distracted.

    Brian chuckled.

    “Well from the amount of times you argue with your sister, it surprises me how she still gives you her honest opinions.” He said and yanked the mouse further out of Water Spirit’s grasp, resulting in her landing across his lap.

    “And what’s going on here then?” a male figure asked coolly from the doorway.

    Both WS and Brian looked over the chair to see Pokeplayer standing in the doorway.

    “Pokeplayer!” Water Spirit cried joyfully and ran towards him to give him a hug.

    Despite this act by her being a regular sign of friendship towards him, Pokeplayer still seemed to be shocked and unsure how to react. He patted her awkwardly on the back and followed her out of the spacious room, filled with computer equipment and technology for all of the inhabitants of the lodge, and down the corridor, with Brian shortly behind them.

    The lodge was home to currently twelve Pokeshippers, all of whom were good friends and fellow supporters of the romance blooming between the two characters, Ash and Misty, whose journeys and progress were published on TV. The group had decided to meet up after being in contact for so long and had found a wonderful lodge in the Orange Archipelago, where they had co-existed harmoniously together and had joyfully supported their chosen relationship and the difficulties of living together as one.

    As many of the inhabitants of the Orange Islands were Pokeshippers, it had not been hard for the group to set up the extension needed for their dream home and to help buy the furniture and equipment they would need to satisfy all twelve of them, in exchange for regular public readings of their published work. Many of the group were respected writers and the inhabitants of the island greatly admired and celebrated their work once their talents had been discovered. Therefore, donations had been happily sent to the group in the form of gifts that the locals specialised in, such as a number of beds and sofas from the local carpenters and a few TVs from the local electric store.

    When they had visited the local supermarket, not long after their arrival, and explained their desperate need for a good number of computers for their writing and communicating off the island, the supermarket had kindly set up a coupon system with the local technology store, located on a neighbouring island, and had arranged for a computer to be bought after the group had spent a certain amount of money on food. (Of course, this did not take long as there were so many mouths to feed). From their regular visits to the supermarket and the large quantities that they purchased, the manager was happy to set up a ‘buy one get one free’ deal on many of the goods as he understood how expensive it would be for all of them. Since not all were at the capable age to work, only the elder ones were able to bring in an income to buy all the necessities for each week.

    As a result, the room from where three of the oldest members of the group had departed was now the home of six wonderful computers and their fellow equipment that the group could happily type up their stories, play games or browse on the Internet.

    Water Spirit glanced back at her two good friends walking behind her and smiled at them. Pokeplayer was around the same height as WS, similar build – being tall and slim with pronounced green eyes compared to her oceanic glance as he averted his own gaze away from WS’s smile. On the other hand, Brian happily returned her smile as he stopped in the corridor to face her. He and Pokeplayer were the same age and a good five years older than Water Spirit, though he and his fellow friend were much the difference in appearance. Brian was shorter than both his friends and stockier in build, though his sense of humour and personality shone through to make him one of the high entertainers of the group.

    “Is PokeProphet still in bed?” Water Spirit asked her friends.

    Pokeplayer shrugged but Brian answered.

    “He was the last time I saw him in our room. You know what he’s like in the morning – never gets up until late.”

    Water Spirit rolled her eyes and grinned. She said that she would meet her friends downstairs after she had woken him up. She hurried her pace along to the end of the corridor to one of the boy’s rooms where Brian, Pokeplayer and PokeProphet all shared a room together – next door to one of the bathrooms and opposite the room where the two other boys of the group – Blazing Charmander and Captain Blue, shared a room.

    She knocked politely on the door and called PokeProphet’s name loudly to try and gain his attention. When she received no reply, she shouted that she was entering and covered her eyes before abruptly opening the door in an attempt to scare PokeProphet awake. The room was silent apart from a faint snoring coming from one of the beds that Water Spirit knew must have been the furthest single bed on the right where she knew PokeProphet slept.

    She giggled at his snoring and slowly moved her hand away from her face when she was satisfied he was reasonably decent and had the quilt over him. He was sleeping on his back with one foot sticking out of the bed and his arms in random directions. Water Spirit tried to suppress her laughter. She walked through the gap between his bed and Brian’s and quietly told him that he needed to get up. He grunted and turned on his side. Water Spirit frowned.

    “Hey, Prophie, you need to get up. It’s nearly ten and we need you to help downstairs.”

    “Is he still asleep?” A voice asked from the doorway.

    Water Spirit turned around to see her fellow bedroom lodger, Gladdecease, standing in the doorway with a grin. Water Spirit giggled and noted the army cap she was wearing.

    “I’ll leave you to the drill then.” Water Spirit said to her with a wink as she walked passed her and closed the door behind Gladdecease.

    As Water Spirit walked down the corridor, she couldn’t contain her laughter as she heard Gladdecease yell at the top of her voice and another voice scream at the top of his. She knocked on the last two doors down the corridor to check there was nobody inside and when she was happy that there wasn’t, she went downstairs.

    She could smell something that tantalised her taste buds as she descended the stairs and was grateful that someone else had taken it upon himself or herself to cook breakfast instead of her. She held back a giggle as she saw Brian hovering over the cooker in the joint kitchen and dining area as he was furiously cooking several omelettes with two of the other lodge members casually assisting him.

    “But he is cute.” One of them whispered to the other before they looked up to see Water Spirit approaching them.

    “Hiya Stacee, hey Coral.” WS greeted them with a smile.

    “Hiya WS.” The replied simultaneously as Coral cracked another egg and discreetly tried to fish out a stray bit of shell that was seeping down the bowl.

    Stacee and Coral were best friends and were rarely seen out of the company of each other. With Coral Eye being Water Spirit’s sister by blood, it didn’t surprise the rest of the group when they began to bicker about the smallest of things. Coral eyed her sister suspiciously as she moved towards Brian and began to help them all with the omelettes. Water Spirit asked Brian where the rest of the group had disappeared to as he explained to her that they had gone off for a walk along the beach before their food was ready and he expected them back soon.

    As soon as he finished saying this, a groggy PokeProphet came down the stairs, holding his head and mumbling something inaudible, whilst he was being followed by a grinning Gladdecease who had removed her army cap and giggled maliciously when Water Spirit winked her approval of Gladdecease’s awakening tactics.

    “Morning.” PokeProphet said to the group in the kitchen as he yawned.

    They heard his stomach rumble as he took in the scents of the cooking omelettes and he held it instinctively. Brian smiled at him and asked if he and Gladdecease could lay the table ready for breakfast while they finished preparing the omelettes. Nodding their answers, they both grabbed a large handful of cutlery from the drawers and began setting out twelve of the fourteen possible spaces on their very large wooden dining table.

    When they had finished preparing the last set of spaces with orange juice, a loud babble could be heard outside and the door burst open as Blazing Charmander, Captain Blue and MistyMix holding hands, Peach, and Sweet Pea all entered the house through the front door, laughing and joking and greeting the rest of the house warmly. Now having finished all the eggs, Stacee and Coral took their places at the table with those who had just entered and were now sitting down as Water Spirit began to dish out the individual omelettes to all the members of the lodge. PokeProphet sat down sleepily and took a large sip of his orange juice as Water Spirit placed his omelette in front of him. She was about to set down an omelette in an empty space when she frowned.

    “Where’s Pokeplayer?” She asked the rest of the group.

    Their reply was a mixture of shrugs and ‘I haven’t seen him’, which puzzled her further as she set down the last of the omelettes and greeted her best friend and ‘twin’ with happiness.

    Water Spirit and Peach had been best friends for a long time and were more or less inseparable from each other. They were exceptionally close and would do anything for the other and were often mistaken to be sisters themselves. The deep friendship they shared was instinctively apparent to anyone who knew them and because of the many similarities they shared; they had been nicknamed twins – followed by the friendly shipping title of ‘PeachySpiritedshipping’. It was a friendship shipping for the two that marked their closeness as friends and the tight bond of sisterly love that the two shared for one another.

    Water Spirit hugged her twin and took her seat beside her as they indulged in a friendly conversation about what they had been up to this morning as the rest of the group heartily ate their meals.

    “So how are you, ma cherié?” Water Spirit asked her twin with a smile.

    “I’m really good thanks. I’m happy that we don’t have to work at Kawaii Heaven’s Kitchen today.” Peach replied with her own happy smile.

    Kawaii Heaven’s Kitchen was the place where Peach, Water Spirit and a few of the other members worked in a restaurant to help raise spending money for food and other supplies to keep the house running. Peach and Water Spirit also had a small part time job further along the beach, where they served cold drinks, ice creams and small snacks to the tourists, where the pay an hour was pretty good and made some extra money on top of their main job. Because of the ages, not everyone who lived in the lodge could work, though Water Spirit and Brian had arranged it so that whilst the elder members were away working, the younger ones were doing chores around the house and as a payment, one of the older members (who could cook) would make their choice of food or a special treat, or, they could receive a small payment of their wages to spend as they wished when they went to the stores. Because of the tightness of their budgets, the group couldn’t always afford to spend too much on luxurious things though they were happy and content with what they had – which, surprisingly, was quite a bit considering there were twelve of them.

    Pokeplayer came down the stairs and sat in his place opposite Water Spirit and next to Brian without saying a word. MistyMix looked at him and frowned. She set down her knife and fork, pushed her short ebony, wavy hair back behind her ears before cleaning her glasses and looking at Pokeplayer once more. She frowned. His expression looked haunted and disturbed – quite unnatural to his normal nature, she noted. She nudged Sweet Pea, who was sitting next to her and, whose piece of omelette had just fallen off her fork from the unexpected gesture and looked at her friend for an explanation. MistyMix secretly pointed at Pokeplayer and displayed her concern on her face. Sweet Pea’s deep coffee eyes surveyed Pokeplayer thoughtfully.

    “Hmmm… it looks like something’s bothering him.” Sweet Pea replied knowingly.

    MistyMix looked at her with an unsure frown.

    “Well why don’t you ask him what’s wrong, Mist?” Gladdecease asked and joined in their hushed conversation. “He might just have a stomach bug or something.”

    Sweet Pea sweat dropped and laughed quietly.

    “We have three very bright minds here and all we can come up with is that he has a stomach bug.” She said in a hush tone and giggled.

    The other two joined in her laughter and noticed that they were drawing attention to themselves.

    “Why not ask Mum?” MistyMix suggested when the others returned to eating. “She might know what’s wrong with him, or if not then at least she can ask him and probably get an answer out of him.”

    ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ were the two nicknames that had been given to the oldest male and female in the group – Water Spirit and Pokeplayer. Everyone seemed to have a suspicion that the there was something going on between the two – perhaps due to their friendly nature towards each other or something else. Either way, to put forward more of a hint towards this possible relationship and also because it seemed that whenever there was a problem, these two were the ones that you could rely on to sort it out, they had been given the post of ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ of the group.

    “Well do you have a pen?” Gladdecease asked the two when she pulled her paper napkin under the table and prepared to write a message on it for Water Spirit.

    Sweet Pea dived into her pocket and passed a pen to her. Gladdecease quickly scribbled a note to Water Spirit with MistyMix hovering over her shoulder to see what she wrote and Gladdecease shifted slightly so that Brian couldn’t peer at the note she was writing, who was sitting on the other side of her. When she had finished, Gladdecease whispered to MistyMix and Sweet Pea that they would have to pass the note the long way around the table because otherwise Pokeplayer would see it. Nodding their understanding, they watched Gladdecease fold up the note and pass it MistyMix, who passed it to Sweet Pea, who whispered to DB that it needed to get it to Water Spirit, who whispered this to BC, who passed to it Coral, who rolled her eyes and gave it to Stacee, who whispered the message to Peach and passed her the note, who finally gave it to Water Spirit who seemed perplexed by receiving the piece of paper.

    Hey WS! This is us live from the other end of the table! Anyway, we’re worried about Pokeplayer – he seems really down and we were wondering if you knew if anything was wrong. Hopefully he can cheer him up if there is!

    See ya when we clean up the dishes.

    From Gladdecease, MistyMix and Sweet Pea

    After reading this, Water Spirit instinctively looked up at the trio at the other end of the table to her, who waved and then at Pokeplayer in front of her, who was now in deep thought. She passed the message to Peach, who read it and also looked up at Pokeplayer with concern.

    “Are you all right, Pokeplayer?” Water Spirit asked him.

    He looked up at her surprised but said nothing, causing WS to frown.

    What’s wrong? She mouthed silently to him.

    After a while, he sighed in defeat, stood up, took Water Spirit by the wrist and led her upstairs. The others looked at them bewildered and CB excitedly announced that he was taking bets on Pokeplayer proposing to Water Spirit.

    “Stop it!” Peach retaliated on him. “They’re just friends and I’m sure if they were going out then they would tell us. If Water Spirit says that there is nothing going on and Pokeplayer agrees, then I believe her and so should you.”

    They heard what they believed to be Water Spirit scream and laugh upstairs. The others all fell silent and looked at the top of the stairs expectantly.

    “You sure about that, Peach?” Brian questioned while staring at the top most stair.

    “Five cookies says that he’s proposed.” Stacee whispered to CB.

    Water Spirit came running down the stairs with a huge smile on her face and started bouncing up and down on the spot.

    “Pokeplayer and I are getting married!” She squealed happily and beamed at them.

    The others stared at her with their mouths open and remained silent. Water Spirit looked at them all with a tremendous smile and announced that she would be upstairs making plans with her new fiancé. She ran back up the stairs and paused when she was out of sight to hear CB shout ‘what did I tell you?! I knew all along that there was something going on! PokeVeteranshipping lives!”

    She grinned and laughed silently as she walked back into the study to see Pokeplayer back on one of the computers.

    “Well?” He asked her unsurely. “What did you do?”

    “Told them that you had proposed.” She said casually and watched his face fill with shock.

    “HUH?!” He cried out in alarm.

    “Relax, it was CB’s idea so I fuelled it.” She reassured him with a wink.

    “Oh.” With that said, he once again frowned at the computer screen.

    “So what’s up?” She asked him and leant on his chair while staring at the screen with him.

    “This.” He replied and displayed an email that had been sent to them.

    Hiya guys!

    It’s me, Melody! How are you all? I was talking to Water Spirit and it sounds that you’re all having fun and doing a really great job with everything at the lodge and I REALLY, REALLY want to help you guys with supporting our ship! And Water Spirit said that if I ever wanted to, then I would be welcome to visit but would it be too much to ask if I could stay with you guys and help you out? I promise I won’t let you down and I’ll do all my fair share of chores and stuff.

    Please reply back!


    “And I love how your name appears several times in that message.” Pokeplayer said after a while.

    Water Spirit looked down at him.

    “So? I talk to her often.”

    “Yeah, but is it really a good idea for us to have another member in the lodge?” He asked as he looked up at her hovering over him.

    “Why not?”

    “Well, we’re already pushed budget wise.”

    “We can manage. Maybe I can do some longer hours.”

    “But that’s unfair on you.”

    “Nah, I’ll live. And if Melody doesn’t mind doing chores and stuff, I’m sure they’ll allow her to do an extra shift with us at the restaurant and then we’ll have more money for food and an extra person.”

    Pokeplayer watched the confidence on her face.

    “All right then.” He said with a sigh and replied to the email to accept Melody’s request.

    “Well I’d better get ready because Peach and I need to get off to the Beach Bubble Shack.”

    “Serving drinks and ice creams again are you?” Pokeplayer asked formally.

    Water Spirit walked to the door as Pokeplayer turned off the PC and followed after her.

    “As always.” She replied as she made her way downstairs with him chuckling behind her.

    They jumped in alarm when they were greeted by a number of streamers, yells and shouts. A number of their younger friends were wearing party hats and shouting their congratulations for Pokeplayer and Water Spirit.

    “Congratulations to the bride and groom to be!” CB shouted and let off another streamer.

    Pokeplayer looked alarmed when Stacee came up to him and put a party hat on his head.

    “Wait! Guys, you’ve got it all wrong!” Water Spirit protested as BC jumped up and down to try and put a hat on her head. “We’re not getting married – I only said that because I was agreeing with CB’s crazy notion that there is something going on between Pokeplayer and me! We’re just friends!”

    All the younger ones stopped dancing around as a few of the older ones who were clearing the table, smiled as they acknowledged WS’s joke. Peach beamed at her twin.

    “I knew it.” She said happily as her best friend returned her smile.

    “I told you that there was nothing going on.” Brian stated wisely as he piled a number of the plates.

    “What are you going on about? You were doubting Peach’s faith earlier.” MistyMix teased as Brian coughed and walked into the kitchen with the plates.

    A few of the members giggled. Pokeplayer explained to the group that they would be having a new member in the group – Melody. There was a deep sense of welcome for their soon-to-be new roommate and it was arranged that she could stay in the same room as Gladdecease and MistyMix on the spare bed.

    After everything had been arranged and all the members had settled down for the rest of the day, Peach and Water Spirit went upstairs to get changed into their puffy pink waitress outfits for the little café hut that they served drinks and snacks from, on the tourist side of the beach. They bid their friends farewell and assured them that they would be back just after four.

    They took off their sandals and walked barefoot down the steps of the lodge and along the sandy beaches as the sea calmly washed against the shore.

    “So Melody is going to be joining our group?” Peach asked in friendly conversation. “That will be nice and I’m sure Gladdecease and MistyMix would love to have another friend in their room.”

    A light breeze picked up and danced with Peach’s shoulder length fawn hair, which was highlighted by the glaring sun, illuminated her golden and copper highlights as if the colours of the sunset had been captured in her hair. Her bright emerald eyes sparkled as the light touched them and reflected the happiness and spirited life within her. Her pale complexion radiated a glowing aura around her as she walked along the beach with her best friend. Matching her in height, Water Spirit couldn’t help but smile as she was reminded of how many similar qualities the two shared – as well as their differences.

    “Yeah, I think it will be nice to have someone else in the lodge – she’s quite a character.” Water Spirit replied with a grin.

    “Is she as stubborn as you can be?” Peach asked with her own grin.

    “Me? Stubborn?” Water Spirit joked as they walked up the hilly part that led down to the tourist side of the beach. “Let’s just say she’s umm… strong willed and is not afraid to show it in full form.” She finished with a wink.

    Peach laughed and ran down the hill with Water Spirit soon following. The beach was busy with tourists choosing to visit this specific island for its isolation, tranquillity and reasonably easy access to one of the main islands. They made their way over to a small wooden shack with an open hatch from where they would serve their customers. Ducking under the side counter, they saw a tall man currently serving a family with ice creams.

    “Hey girls, how are you doing today?” He greeted them kindly.

    “Hi, Adrian.” They both replied in unison.

    Both Water Spirit and Peach began quickly dishing out the orders to Adrian as he served them to the customers by the cashier. When they had finally served everyone in the queue, Adrian bid them farewell and told them that Mr Havana – the owner of the food hut, would be popping by later on in their shift with their pay checks. After he left, the two girls leaned on the counter and watched the numerous amounts of people enjoying the sun and sea. Peach got out a pair of binoculars and began people watching. Water Spirit laughed.

    “See anything interesting?” She teased.

    “Nope.” She replied disappointed. “It’s all families and no one’s doing anything exciting.”

    “Well at least it’s Wednesday today – we won’t have to work again until Friday and that’s our major shift at Kawaii Heaven’s Kitchen.” Water Spirit said in a cheery voice.

    “Yeah, but I’m so thankful that we have the weekend to recover after. Working for so long on a Friday and so late wears me out. Do we know what day Melody is coming?” Peach asked.

    Water Spirit shook her head and replied that they would have to wait until they returned back to the lodge to find out if they had received her reply.

    A small boy came up to the counter and shyly asked for a chocolate ice cream.

    “Awww! How cute!” Water Spirit squealed at the boy’s innocence.

    The small child tried to hide under the counter at Water Spirit’s unexpected reply. Peach scowled her twin for scaring him and apologised to the boy while handing him a chocolate ice cream. He bounced off rapidly as Peach giggled.

    “He was scared of you.” She laughed at her twin.

    “But Peachy, he was so sweet!” Water Spirit protested. “He just gave us that puppy-dog look when he asked for an ice-cream!”

    “And you fell for it.” Peach giggled and put the money in the till. “Maybe if we see any advertisements for babysitting, we could do less here and do that instead.”

    “We do enough babysitting back at the lodge.” Water Spirit joked and handed four strawberry ice creams to a man.


    “Coral! Come back with that!” Sweet Pea yelled as she ran after their youngest member who had just run off with a packet of cookies. “They’re for later when Peach and Water Spirit return.”

    “But we’re having a pig out party in our room.” Coral replied at the top of the stairs – her blue eyes gleaming with mischief.

    Sweet Pea frowned.

    “Why are you having a party?” She asked perplexed.

    “CB, BC, Stacee, MistyMix and me are having a mini party and having a good gossip and we need some cookies to go with it.” Coral replied innocently.

    “Yeah right.” Gladdecease replied from behind Coral and took the cookies from her while she jumped unexpectedly from Gladdecease standing behind her. “All you five will be up to is mischief.” She grinned.

    Coral looked crestfallen and stomped off to her room. Gladdecease walked down the stairs and replaced the cookies back in the cupboard in the kitchen. She smiled at her friend and inquired as to where PokeProphet had gone.

    “I think he’s gone into the sitting room.” Sweet Pea replied as she held a book she was holding against her chest. “Which is where I’m going because I want to do some reading.”

    “OK then. I think I’m going to go upstairs into the study and do some typing and keep an ear on those no-do-gooders.” Gladdecease replied and inclined her head to the ceiling above her.

    She went back upstairs as her friend went the other way and disappeared into the study, which was next door to the schemers in Stacee and Coral’s room. She adjusted her black; metal framed oval shaped – yet lightweight, glasses to see all three of the eldest boys in the study, busily typing.

    “Hey guys.” She greeted them as she stopped in the doorway and allowed her wavy, dark chocolate brown locks to fall against her back and to rest just below her armpits.

    They welcomed her in their individual ways and invited her to help herself to one of the other computers, which she happily did so. She took a seat next to Brian and booted up the PC in front of her.

    “So what are you up to?” She asked in friendly conversation.

    “I’m just reviewing some fanfics.” He replied and smiled at her. “Then I’ll be off starting another Team Rocket one shot.”

    “I’d love to read it after.” Gladdecease said with her own smile and opened up a file on the PC.

    “What time does Water Spirit get back?” Pokeplayer asked while still staring at his computer screen.

    “The same time as Peach.” PokeProphet replied beside him and grinned.

    “You knew what I meant.” Pokeplayer replied seriously but didn’t take his eyes of the computer screen and clicked on an icon.

    “Hmmm… five I think. Have a look at the timetable.” Brian replied and indicated to a copy of their work times that was displayed above their computers.

    Pokeplayer stood up and looked at it.

    Monday Kawaii Heaven’s Kitchen
    12pm – 6pm
    Bubble Shack
    Water Spirit
    Peach 1pm – 5pm

    Tues Kawaii Heaven’s Kitchen
    Water Spirit
    Sweet Pea 12pm – 6pm

    Wed Bubble Shack
    Water Spirit
    Peach 11am – 4pm

    Thurs Kawaii Heaven’s Kitchen
    PokeProphet 12pm – 5pm

    Bubble Shack
    Sweet Pea
    MistyMix 12pm – 5pm

    Friday Kawaii Heaven’s Kitchen
    Water Spirit
    Sweet Pea 3pm – 11pm

    “Nope, she’ll be back at four apparently.” Pokeplayer said after he consulted the timetable and then looked at his watch. “Which means that she’ll be back in just over an hour.”

    “What do you need her for?” PokeProphet asked and ran a hand through his short brown hair impatiently as he waited for something on his screen to load. “You’re not thinking of proposing to her for real are you?” He asked with a frown.

    “No, don’t be stupid.” Pokeplayer asked annoyed.

    Despite the two of them being only friends, it was surprising how similar the two were in appearance. Both were roughly the same height, give or take an inch, slightly differing in build with PokeProphet having a broader upper build compared to Pokeplayer’s skinnier build, both with short, slightly wavy brown hair and bright green eyes. Although Pokeplayer’s perhaps tinted with much more hazel, both had similar trait qualities though even through all their similarities, they were both very different.

    Brian chuckled.

    “I may not be the oldest out of the three of us but I can certainly tell when there is something up, Pokeplayer. Wisdom doesn’t always come with age.” He stated knowingly.

    “Well you’re only the youngest out of the three of us guys by a few months.” Pokeplayer retaliated. “I’m only eight months older than you and seven months older than PokeProphet.”

    “True but you’ll both probably admit that I am most likely the wisest out of all of us.” He replied with a smile.

    “Yeah.” The two guys replied in unison and sighed as they busied themselves once more.

    “That’s how you got the nickname ‘Guru’.” Gladdecease reminded him and laughed as she drew her eyes away from the computer screen that she was typing on.

    Pokeplayer sighed.

    “If she’s back by four then that won’t be a very good time.” He muttered to himself.

    “What are you going on about old chap?” Brian asked him. What’s bothering you?”

    “This.” He replied and showed Brian a window on his screen.

    “Ah, I see the problem. Well, we’ll have to get the rest of the group to help us get going before she gets back then won’t we?” He replied with confidence.

    They all heard a loud set of laughter come from the room beside them.

    “I feel sorry for the poor souls who they are scheming about.” Brian stated as he took his seat beside Gladdecease once more.

    “Probably Water Spirit and me.” Pokeplayer replied with slight irritation. “How many more times do we have to explain to them that both of us have come to the conclusion that the two of us are just friends?”


    “So you actually think that she really likes him, Coral Eye?” Blazing Charmander asked his friend eagerly.

    Coral nodded with a huge grin.

    “How can you be so sure?” Captain Blue asked her with a frown and rubbed his chin.

    “Sister intuition.” She replied airily.

    Stacee rolled around laughing beside her. They helped themselves to a packet of cookies that they had managed to ‘help escape from the cupboard’ earlier. They were all sitting in a disfigured circle on the carpet with some glasses of milk and orange juice on the bedside table above where they were sitting and a plate of cookies in front of them.

    “I’m not so sure though.” BC replied thoughtfully and took another bite of his cookie. “I mean, as far as I know Water Spirit, if there was something going on, she wouldn’t lie to us. She would tell us like she says, right?”

    “Well you can’t know someone better than a brother or sister can you?” Coral replied confidently and flicked her long light blondish brown hair back behind her.

    “Well you say that but I think Water Spirit knows Peach better than she does you.” CB said and took a large bite from his cookie.

    MistyMix clipped him around the ear for disagreeing.

    “You still owe Stacee those cookies from your bet earlier.” She reminded him.

    “How?” He protested and rubbed behind his ear. “Water Spirit told us that it was a joke. It doesn’t count.”

    “Yes it does, because she said after I placed my bet that they were getting married. What happens after she’s already said that is irrelevant.” Stacee replied with a grin.

    CB sulked and handed her over the cookies she won from her bet, which she shared with him anyway.

    “Well anyway, I’m still convinced that there is something going on between those two. It’s the same with Stacee and guy she fancies at the Bubble Shack – they just won’t admit it.” Coral said with a grin.

    Stacee looked at her alarmed.

    “Don’t get us involved – we’re just friends.” She replied hastily.

    The rest of the group giggled as the door of their room began to open. Stacee and CB rushed up to it and slammed themselves against the door to stop their intruder entering. BC, MistyMix and Coral rapidly hid the cookies and plate under the bed and tidied the place from tell-tell crumbs.

    “Password?” Stacee shouted to try and distracted their intruder.

    “It’s Gladdecease and Brian. We need to talk with you for a second.”

    “But what’s the password?” Coral shouted and hid the glasses of milk and orange juice behind the curtains.

    “Cheesy dippy dong dong treats.” They heard Brian shouted from the other side of the door.

    “How does he know that?” CB whispered to the others.

    “Because I know everything.” Brian shouted from behind the door and made CB leap away from it in horror.

    Stacee moved away from the door and opened it to allow their two older friends to enter. They eyed the room suspiciously and the innocent faces of the four younger ones but dismissed their curiosity and sat down on one of the single beds.

    “Right, we need you to help us sort out the lodge before Water Spirit and Peach get back because we don’t have a lot of time.” Brian began and watched the confused and annoyed faces of the younger ones.

    CB, taller than anyone in the room, gave a shifty look towards the others and his eyes widened when he saw a cookie beside Stacee’s foot. He nudged BC, who was a great deal shorter than he was and secretly pointed to the cookie. BC looked alarmed.

    “Umm… Brian?” He asked unsurely.

    He walked forward towards the two that were sitting on Coral’s bed to block their view from what CB was doing.

    “Do you know urrr… what exactly…. Um…” He heard a cough behind him. “Why?” BC eventually simply asked.

    Gladdecease giggled.

    “You’re so cute, BC.” She said with a smile.

    BC’s cheeks tinted a soft pink.

    “That’s what Water Spirit says all the time.” He said quietly.

    “Well, speaking of Water Spirit,” Brian said and clear his throat. “We need to get going before she and Peach return.”

    “Why?” The four younger ones said in unison.



    “Finally.” Water Spirit sighed happily. “That was the last one and now we’ve finished.”

    “I’m so glad.” Peach replied with a smile as she cleared away the last of the utensils so that they could lock up the shack. “And we got our pay checks!” She cried happily as she bounced up and down with a piece of paper in her hand.

    Water Spirit beamed at her.

    “Do you want to do some diving before we go back?” She asked her twin.

    “I’d love to but I really think we should get back.” Peach replied with a slight downing in her tone. “They’ll be expecting us back early today because it’s our smaller shift.”

    “OK.” Water Spirit sighed as she took off her shoes and pushed her pay check into them before she locked up the shack after her friend had walked out and hid the key under the stone step beside it.

    They lazily walked back to the lodge, helping the other up the steep sand dune and dreamily taking in the salty sweet scent of the ocean as the breeze picked it up and brushed it against their faces. Water Spirit let her hair fall down over her shoulders as the breeze picked it up and danced with both hers and Peach’s as they walked along the graceful sands. The waves crashed against the lower beach and both of them pined to be a part of the ocean once more. It’s grace; it’s serenity, the calming motion of the waters.

    It didn’t seem long until they reached the lodge once more and they were soon knocking on the door to let them back in. They glanced once more at the sun beginning to set with its deepening colours before being distracted by the door suddenly opening.

    “Finally! Where have you two been?” Sweet Pea asked in a rapid tone.

    Water Spirit and Peach blinked unsurely.

    “At work?” Peach replied.

    “Well don’t just stand there, quick! Get in and get changed!” Sweet Pea cried and walked behind them to push them through the door.

    “What’s going on?” Water Spirit asked as she was pushed into the lodge and noted Sweet Pea’s more formal dress code.

    Their friend was much shorter than the two of them though and despite her frail appearance, this did not affect her strength as she urgently pushed them towards the stairs. Her jet black hair fell gracefully behind her and reached the middle of her back as she pushed it behind her ears and quickly tied it up when they reached the stairs and told them to hurry up and get changed. Still unsure what was going on but trusting their friend, the two girls made their way upstairs and watched a flustered MistyMix run down, also dressed with slightly formal wear, wearing a pretty blue strapped top and a black skirt. She rushed passed them with a quick ‘hello’ and disappeared into the kitchen where there were a few other members cooking and setting up food on the table.

    “I’m confused.” Water Spirit said unsurely to her best friend.

    “Come on, let’s get changed and then we can always tackle someone into telling us what’s going on.” Peach replied with a grin.

    Brian rushed passed them on the stairs wearing a bowtie.

    “OK, now I am scared. What’s Brian wearing a bowtie for?” Water Spirit asked in a slightly disturbed tone.

    They hurried to their room and changed into some smart casual wear before looking down the corridor to find it deserted and moved towards the stairs to find everyone busy in the kitchen or doing chores in the other rooms. They both slowly descended the stairs – taking in the unusual behaviour of their fellow housemates.

    “Prophie, what is-” Water Spirit tried to ask as her friend rushed past carrying several bowls of nibbles.

    “Gladdecease, what-” Peach attempted to say as her other friend walked past.

    “We only have one pack of cookies!” PokeProphet screamed in a panic. “Where is the other packet?!”

    Water Spirit and Peach both noted BC, Coral, Stacee, MistyMix and Captain Blue sculling off to do chores in another room – away from the kitchen. Water Spirit followed them and grabbed hold of Coral’s arm.

    “What?” She asked her sister annoyed.

    “What did you do with the cookies?” Water Spirit asked firmly.

    “I haven’t done anything!” Coral shouted and yanked her arm free of her sister’s grasp. “Why do you always think that I’ve done it?”

    “Because you’re a trouble maker.” Water Spirit replied coolly and folded her arms. “So what is all the commotion for anyway?”

    Before Coral could answer, the doorbell rang and everyone froze. They quickly finished whatever task they were doing and assembled themselves near the door but no one seemed to open it for the person on the other side. Peach and Water Spirit eagerly moved to the front as Pokeplayer plucked up the courage to open it and Water Spirit beamed at the person standing in the doorway.

    End Chapter 1​

    OK, there we have it! Chapter 1! I hope to post Chapter 2 soon. Please let me know what you think of it!

    Take care!

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    Oh, CDB, you've got SUCH a funny scene coming up in Chapter 3 I think it is. ^_^ Hehe! And so has Stacee with Coral XD

    And if anyone else is reading this, please let me know what you think!

    I'll try and post the next chap up soon because they come in a pair. ^_^

    Take care

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    I adore how my character is in here. I'm so childish; I love it! <3

    I can't wait for the next chapter! You're doing great, so don't worry about a thing! ^^

    *waves fist around so that the others would review* xD
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    I believe that it’s Melody herself.

    Plus, no errors and there were great descriptions. Another reason for the big smile.
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    I haven't got time for italics but I'm such a plonker! Lag didn't post this for me like,. a month ago! XD


    Chapter 2 – A New Threat…

    “Melody!” Water Spirit cried happily as her friend struggled to carry in two very large and heavy suitcases. “I didn’t realised you were coming today!” She said and half laughed.

    “Well I wanted to get here as soon as possible and Pokeplayer said it was all right if I came today. And now I’m here and I’m ready to support Pokeshipping!” She announced positively and resulted in dropping one of her cases of Brian’s foot.

    Melody looked alarmed as she pushed her chocolate hair out of her face and apologised profoundly to Brian as her hazel eyes gleamed with sincerity. The others giggled silently as Water Spirit gave a questioning grin to Pokeplayer. He cleared his throat.

    “She wanted to come as soon as possible and I didn’t think there was any reason to delay her.” He said formally. “What we were more concerned about was whether you and Peach would be back before she arrived.”

    The two of them looked towards Melody with a smile as the others greeted her and as Brian nursed his foot, PokeProphet, Captain Blue and BC attempted to lift the cases towards the stairs as Pokeplayer walked over to assist them.

    “What did you pack in these things? Bricks?” BC blazed out as one landed on him as Captain Blue lost his balance, squashing him against a wall.

    “Oh, no.” She replied apologetically. “Just the essentials.”

    A few of the girls she was talking to giggled at this remark.

    “So what do we do here?” Melody asked enthusiastically. “How do we support our ship and stuff?”

    “Well, we don’t exact support Pokeshipping to an extent.” Peach began to explain and offered Melody a bowl of nibbles. “I mean we support Pokeshipping, yes, but it’s more of the fact that we’re all Pokeshippers and we like, live together.”

    “You mean that we don’t do anything to show our support towards Pokeshipping?” Melody questioned in horror and ate some cheesy puffs subconsciously.

    “Well yeah,” MistyMix replied warmly. “I mean we write our fanfics and draw and stuff and that can sometimes be related to Pokeshipping.”

    “But you don’t go out and protest and make huge banners and hang them up on the front of the house and try and convince everyone on this island that Pokeshipping MUST happen?” Melody continued.

    A few of the other girls sweat dropped.

    “Urrr… not exactly.” Sweet Pea replied and smiled at her – starting on a bowl of mini pretzels.

    “So, what do you do?” Melody replied looking crestfallen.

    “Well, we work and keep the lodge running, then we might do something creative like Mist said, and we basically enjoy living together as friends on this island.” Gladdecease replied happily. “As fellow Pokeshippers.” She quickly added as Melody’s face fell further.

    “But… Water Spirit said that you guys talk about Pokeshipping and all the locals are really big Pokeshippers too…” Melody said with a depressed face.

    “Oh, we do and the locals are.” Peach said cheerfully. “Regularly we do readings or displays of our work for them and they’re always so excited to witness them. That’s one of the great advantages of living with friends who are fellow Pokeshippers – you can talk to them about it, and the locals are happy to give us discount stuff because we’re Pokeshippers and show our support towards it at events that happen.”

    “Pull, PokeProphet!” Pokeplayer yelled from the bottom of the stairs as he tried to push one of the heavy suitcases up with his back.

    “I AM frigging pulling!” They heard PokeProphet yell as he pulled hard on the suitcase.

    The girls giggled.

    “I’m sure you’ll really like it here.” Peach said happily and disappeared into the kitchen to help Water Spirit and the younger girls to start to prepare dinner.

    “Come on, you’ll be sharing a room with us.” Gladdecease said and beckoned Melody to follow her up the stairs after the boys had finished dragging the cases up.

    They walked into the room occupied by Gladdecease and MistyMix to find a bunk bed that the two girls shared and a spare single bed against the opposing wall.

    “That’ll be your bed.” MistyMix said happily and pointed to the single bed, where Melody put down her bag and moved around the heavy cases to bounce on her bed.

    “So, Peach said that you guys show your support at events that happen. What kind of events?” Melody asked as she sat on her bed.

    “I think she was talking about our regular readings and the contests they sometimes hold for the shippers on the island.” Gladdecease pondered. “Usually they’re Pokeshipping contests because most of the locals here are Pokeshippers but we haven’t had one of them in ages. Water Spirit did really well for us and came up with an essay like she usually does.” Gladdecease winked. “And so did Pokeplayer and myself, but she still won’t take all the credit for it and says that we are her inspiration and we should have an equal share of the credit.”

    “That’s so cool!” Melody squealed.

    The two other girls smiled at her.

    “Guys! Dinner’s ready!” They heard Stacee shout from the bottom of the stairs.

    They hurried down the stairs and saw their friend waiting for them, tucking her short burgundy hair behind her ears and her bright eyes gleaming with mischief.

    “What have you been up to?” MistyMix eyed her suspiciously.

    “Nothing.” Stacee replied innocently. “What makes you think that?”

    “I’ve looked after you so many times while the others have been at work and participated in your schemes to know that look only too well.” MistyMix said cautiously and narrowed her eyes thoughtfully at Stacee.

    “Nah, nothing to worry about there, Mist.” Stacee replied and winked.

    The girls laughed and left Stacee to wait for the rest of the group to come down.

    Stacee sighed and looked up at the top of the stairs and shouted again to the boys. None of them replied. Frowning, she quickly made her way up the stairs and knocked on the door of the eldest boys. Once again, there was no reply. She knocked again and shouted that she was coming in. She quickly opened the door and kept a hand over her eyes but as she did, she didn’t hear any outbursts or protests to her sudden gesture. Slowly moving her hand away from her face, she saw that the room was dark and empty.

    Frowning and slightly worried, Stacee cautiously moved to the opposing room and knocked on the closed door of Captain Blue and BC. No one answered. She carefully opened the door and found the room empty. Her worry mounted inside her.

    “CB?” She called unsurely in the deserted room.

    When she received no reply, she hurried in a panic down the stairs and rushed into the dining area.

    “Stacee, where are the guys?” Water Spirit asked annoyed but her expression immediately sympathised when she saw the worry on her friend’s face. “What’s wrong?” She asked soothingly.

    “I… I can’t find any of the guys.” She replied uncertainly. “They’re not upstairs and they’re not here…”

    “Maybe they’re outside.” Peach suggested and peered out of one of the curtains and looked out in to the darkness on to their swimming pool. “Urr… maybe not.” She commented after she saw no signs of life.

    “Well where could they have gone?” Brian asked from the table – his foot propped up in a small stool. “I never saw them come down the stairs after they took Melody’s bags up, so they must still be upstairs.”

    “CB’s gone?” MistyMix repeated in a panic as she was drying dishes.

    “Did you check the study?” Gladdecease questioned thoughtfully as she remembered that some of them had been writing on the PCs previously before the commotion of Melody’s arrival.

    “Umm… no I didn’t.” Stacee pondered. “But when I went passed it, all the lights and PCs were off.”

    “Where could he be?” MistyMix piped up fearfully.

    “Are you sure they didn’t come back downstairs, Brian?” Water Spirit asked firmly as she put her jacket on.

    “Nope, because I was waiting for them at the bottom of the stairs before Stacee took over to call them down.” He replied confidently.

    “Where are you going?” Peach frowned as she watched her friend put on her shoes and went to the cabinet where they kept the keys to the house and to the cars in the garage. A set of keys to one of their jeeps was missing. Water Spirit clicked her tongue and took the other set of keys.

    “Peach, Brian, you two are in charge.” She said and walked towards the stairs.

    “WS! What’s wrong?” Peach questioned her best friend anxiously.

    Water Spirit turned around to see the concern in Peach’s eyes and sighed.

    “Something’s up and I need to find out what’s wrong.” She replied softly.

    “Then let us go with you.” Peach protested and MistyMix eagerly agreed with her.

    “No.” Water Spirit said firmly. “There is a secret exit in this lodge that none of you would find easily and only two of us know about it. I know that Pokeplayer wouldn’t abuse using it unless there was something really wrong – we would only use it in a dire emergency, which is why neither of us told any of you about it.” She said and looked around at them all.

    “You never tell me anything anyway.” Coral said and folded her arms while now standing next to Stacee.

    Water Spirit glared at her bitterly and chose not to reply.

    “Make sure all the doors are locked and stay here.” She instructed them and walked towards the stairs again.

    “WS, please, let me go with you.” Peach protested again. “If there is danger then it would be foolish of you to go alone.”

    “Peachy, I can’t risk taking you along and resulting in you getting hurt and for that I would never forgive myself.” Water Spirit tried to reason with her best friend. “I don’t know what the danger is yet but as soon as I do, I’ll come back and let all of you know.”

    “Well I would never forgive myself if I let you go off alone and you ended up getting hurt.” Peach replied with a sign of anger in her eyes.

    “She is right, WS.” Sweet Pea said quietly from the table. “If you went off alone and something happened to you, we wouldn’t know about it.”

    “And I want to go with you to find out what CB’s up to without telling anyone and of course everyone else!” MistyMix protested.

    Water Spirit sighed and checked her watch.

    “All right, give me half an hour and if I’m not back by then, I’ll let you come after me.” She sighed heavily. “But if you do, NONE of you are to come on your own – at least in a group of three, OK?”

    The others nodded but Peach still seemed worried.

    “Just be careful, OK?” Peach said to her firmly.

    Water Spirit nodded and walked up stairs with Peach following her. Water Spirit walked to the space at the far end of the corridor outside the rooms of the guys and began to tug at the thick carpet. She pulled it back to reveal a small brass handle in the centre of the area she had revealed but no signs of a doorway. Water Spirit tugged hard on it as it gave a creek and lifted it to reveal a stone staircase leading down into a dark abyss.

    “I won’t be long, OK?” She said to Peach reassuringly and pulled out a torch to illuminate the darkness.

    “Please don’t do anything stupid.” Her twin said anxiously as she knew how reckless her friend could be sometimes.

    “I won’t.” Water Spirit replied reassuringly. “I’ll see you soon.” She said and disappeared down the hole.


    “I wonder what happened to BC?” Coral said in a worried down and held her head in her hands.

    “What about Captain Blue, Pokeplayer and PokeProphet?” Stacee teased her.

    Coral blushed.

    “You’re just as worried about him too!” She tried to retaliate.

    “Guys, enough!” Brian said firmly and looked over towards Peach who was sitting quietly at the table.

    Gladdecease, MistyMix, Melody and Sweet Pea began to put the jacket potatoes back into the oven to keep them warm for when the rest of the group returned.

    “How long has it been?” Melody asked Brian who had been keeping a careful eye on the clock.

    “Fifteen minutes.” He said grimly as he looked at the clock once more.

    Peach shifted uncomfortably in her seat, sighed, walked over to Brian, whispered something in his ear, who nodded and announced that she was going to the bathroom.

    “Oh, I’m urr… sorry about your foot.” Melody said apologetically to Brian.

    “It’s OK.” He sighed heavily. “I don’t think anything’s broken, just a bit bruised.”

    They smiled at each other in understanding as they settled themselves up around the dining table to play a game of cards while they watched the clock slowly tick by.


    Water Spirit continued to move cautiously down the pitch black stairs with her torch until she hit the bottom and walked along the tunnel that would lead her to the palm trees that were a little, yet safe distance away, from the back of their lodge. She slowly moved along it, listening for any tell-tell signs of movement or voices. When she was satisfied that there was nothing threatening in the tunnel, she moved quickly until she found the metal ladder that led up to the sand dune by the palm trees – clumsily pushing against it to dislodge the sand piled on top of the secret doorway she was trying to escape through. She smelt the breeze of salty sea air as she finally managed to open it and looked around to see any signs of life. When she was convinced that there was no one around, she climbed out of the hole, replaced the lid and covered it with some sand before running over to the garages.

    She opened the side door and saw that both the jeeps were parked next to each other like normal, causing her to frown. However, when she felt the bonnet of the one closest to her, she realised that it was hot. Checking her watch and seeing that she needed to get back in order to not worry the others, she shut the door, ran over to the area where she had emerged from, pushed away the sand and climbed back down. She missed the last step and fell awkwardly, which caused her to drop her torch as it clattered on the floor.

    “What was that?” She heard a voice whisper ahead of her.

    Her heart raced and she quickly picked up the torch and turned it off. She heard something rustled ahead of her but it grew fainter and she slowly followed it – fearing that they would head for the lodge and go after her friends. As she moved further along the dark tunnel, using the side of it to guide her way, she silenced her breathing and strained her ears to listen for the people in the tunnel again.

    “There!” She heard a voice behind her shout and she screamed as she ran down the tunnel and blindly ran into someone who grabbed hold of her and tried to stop her from struggling.

    She screamed and pounded the chest of her captor furiously, kicking out at his legs and just below his belt.

    “OW!! Will you stop struggling!” The voice echoed around her. “Argh!” He yelled out as she felt her captor’s head collide with hers as if he had been hit by something and felt him fall to the ground while holding her – yet still keeping his tight grasp.

    “Let go of her!” She heard a female voice scream and was blinded by a torch shining on her.

    Someone else tried to grab hold of Water Spirit’s rescuer but she furiously swung her bat around and it collided heavily with her attacker.

    “STOP!” Water Spirit’s captor shouted loudly as the girl swung her bat around again. “It’s me!”

    Water Spirit desperately struggled to get free of his grasp until he turned her around in his lap to face him.

    “Water Spirit, it’s me, stop struggling!” He said to her forcefully and shone the torch on his own face. “It’s Pokeplayer!”

    They were both breathing heavily and Water Spirit looked at him in alarm as she recognised her friend.

    “Why the hell didn’t you tell me that sooner, you idiot!?” She shouted in his face. “I could have really hurt you!”

    “I think you did.” He winced but dared not to move.

    The girl with the bat was chasing the other people around and screaming at the top of her voice.

    “So, are they PokeProphet, BC and Captain Blue?” She questioned and tried to recognise the girl. “Oh no! PEACH!” She shouted loudly and shone the torch on the boys and on Peach to show who they were. “It’s the guys!” She said loudly and everyone began to understand who was who in the dark.

    Peach’s eyes widened in horror and she dropped the bat unexpectedly and gave a scream.

    “Eeek! I’m sorry!” She cried out in alarm and checked over Captain Blue and BC. “Are you two all right?”

    They smiled at her reassuringly as she shone a torch on them and they replied that they were fine and weren’t suffering from anything major because they had luckily managed to avoid her bat. Water Spirit stood up and gratefully hugged her twin but looked at her silhouette sternly in the dark.

    “I told you to wait and to not come alone!” She tried to say in an angry tone but couldn’t bring herself to shout at her best friend.

    “Well what would have happened to you if these were bad people and you couldn’t escape?” Peach retaliated and hoisted the bat over her shoulder.

    “Remind me never to make Peach angry.” PokeProphet groaned as he rubbed his shoulder.

    Peach and Water Spirit giggled. PokeProphet moved over to Pokeplayer and helped him to his feet.

    “You sure know how to use that thing don’t you Peach?” PokeProphet said with slight admiration as he put one of Pokeplayer’s arms over his shoulders to support him.

    “Yep.” Peach replied proudly. “I’ve had some practice so don’t mess with the bat.”

    “I don’t think any of us would dare try it.” BC said nervously as he moved around Peach cautiously to stand next to Captain Blue.

    “Awww, I’m really sorry that I scared you, BC.” She said apologetically. “Can you forgive me?”

    “Of course I do!” He said in disbelief. “You were just protecting Water Spirit when you thought she was in trouble, it’s an easy mistake.”

    Peach hugged him gratefully before they made their way down the tunnel. The group walked silently back down to the lodge and BC walked up the stone steps first and those still down below heard him yell at the top of his voice.

    “What’s going on?” CB asked beside the two other guys, being the tallest, he went on tiptoes to peer over them and saw Brian hovering over the secret door, looking fierce and holding his own baseball bat.

    “Oh, you’re all back!” He said happily and lifted a shaking BC off the stone stairs and into the corridor of the stairs.

    The girls, who had been downstairs, rushed up to them to see what all the commotion was about. They laughed and hugged BC when they saw all of them safely being helped out of the hole by Brian. MistyMix leapt on to Captain Blue and resulted in her accidentally tackling him to the ground.

    “You’re all right!” Melody shouted happily and hugged them each in turn.

    “Where have you been?” Sweet Pea squealed and looked anxiously at the boys. “We’ve been so worried.”

    “Mum, what’s Dad been up to?” Stacee asked Water Spirit. “First he acts all weird at breakfast and now he’s running off with lodge members and sneaking out into the night without telling anybody and making us all worry.”

    “Well I’d like to know that too, Stacee.” Water Spirit replied coolly and glared at Pokeplayer while folding her arms.

    He averted his gaze from her and busied himself by instructing everyone to go downstairs and start dinner. Not questioning his orders, they all made there way downstairs, with BC, CB and PokeProphet on strict instructions not to say anything about where they had been. Water Spirit remained standing beside him and looking at him sternly. When he turned to face her, he seemed surprised by her negative expression.

    “What?” He asked her innocently and stared back at her.

    “Don’t act stupid.” She said to him angrily and continued to glare at him. “You know exactly what’s wrong.”

    “OK, I should have told you if I was going to use the secret exit but surely you understand…”

    “We said that we wouldn’t use that exit unless it was a dire emergency!” She shouted in his face. “If it was such an extreme situation then why didn’t you tell all of us about the danger!”

    “Because I didn’t want to alarm everyone.” He replied calmly. “You all didn’t have to know about it because the danger wasn’t serious enough to alert everyone.”

    “So where have you been?” She asked and tried to calm her tone. “You took one of the jeeps with you.”

    Pokeplayer looked at her surprised to realise that she knew this information.

    “Where have you been?” She repeated more firmly when he didn’t answer her.

    He sighed and looked back at her simply, remaining calm despite her anger.

    “I discovered something on the Internet after we had brought Melody’s bags up.” He began and watched Water Spirit carefully. “Something that perhaps I should have told you first but I didn’t want to alarm you or the others.”

    “And what might that be?” She retaliated angrily. “Will you just tell me instead of playing games?”

    He frowned at her and led her into his room, where he turned on the TV and flicked over to a news channel.

    “Police are still investigating the crime scene where several documents written on behalf of the beloved ship of this island – Pokeshipping, have been stolen in a bizarre set of events.” The female news reporter began informatively. “Investigators believe that the theft is related to the notorious Team Rocket, though they are still confused as to why the villainous company that specialises in the theft of Pokemon would suddenly turn towards something so irrelevant to their cause, such as essays related to Pokeshipping. Further investigations have been made into this unusual event, though officials are keeping quiet about what documents have been taken and any new finds that have been discovered on the scene. Stay tuned for any updates on this devastating theft.”

    Water Spirit sat down subconsciously on one of the beds in shock. Pokeplayer watched her unsurely and sat beside her.

    “We went to the building and spoke to one of the officials.” He said quietly. “When he realised that we were from the lodge where some of those essays had been written, he sadly told us that one of your essays was missing, along with one of Sweet Pea’s, Gladdecease’s, MistyMix’s fan scripts and an essay of mine.”

    “But it doesn’t make any sense.” Water Spirit said and continued to stare into space. “I mean, Team Rocket has nothing to do with Pokeshipping – why would they want our essays? They’re into stealing Pokemon.”

    “I don’t know.” Pokeplayer sighed. “But you do realise that we’ll have to keep our guards up from now on.”

    “Did you sign your essay?” Water Spirit asked him fearfully.

    His eyes widened.

    “No… but…”

    “Every submission of an essay I make and give to The Record Of Serebiian Foroeums For the Purpose of Pokeshipping, I end up signing my initials – WS… Gladdecease never signs her posts and neither does Sweet Pea – theirs are just recorded under their file name… but MistyMix usually signs hers…”

    “We’ll have to keep the caution up.” Pokeplayer said firmly.

    “And that means telling the rest of them what is going on.” She turned to him and he saw her stubbornness written across her face.

    “If we tell them, then all panic will break loose…”

    “And if we don’t tell them, they will forever question what we are not telling them.” Water Spirit said firmly.

    They glared at each other. Water Spirit told him that she would tell the group in the morning and if he still disagreed with her decision, then he would have to find a way to stop her.

    “If you tell them then you will have to face the consequences!” He shouted after her as she stood up and left the room.

    “I’m still angry at you for not telling us what was going on.” She said bitterly and turned to face him in the doorway. “You could have told us what you had discovered and we could have planned what to do rather than you just running off with a few others and disappearing to make us all worry.”

    “Well wouldn’t you have done the same?” He asked her calmly. “If you thought your friends were in danger and you didn’t want to alert them to a possible threat that you were unsure of, wouldn’t you have kept quiet about it?”

    Water Spirit chose not to reply, turned on her heel and slammed the door of her bedroom. Pokeplayer winced slightly by the noise and thought it best that he didn’t go downstairs to see the rest of the group at the dinner table and noted that it was oddly quiet downstairs. He sighed, shut the door of his room and laid back on his bed – hoping that Water Spirit’s fiery temper would have cooled off by the morning and that the group would take the news well that they had a new threat that could possibly put them in danger.

    Somehow, he doubted that either of these wishes would go well tomorrow…

    End Chapter 2

    Take care

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