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Just Friends [PS R]

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by ashlyrose, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. ashlyrose

    ashlyrose lovebug<3

    a/n:Ah, the sequel to For A Friend. I know it's veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrryyyy soon. But like I said for the last month this has been playing out in my head. It was all a matter of putting the pen to paper. Let me know how you feel about it so far, I was hoping to make this fic lighter than the first but with the plot still serious.

    Chapter 1

    She was a vision, a breath taking beauty. She looked heavenly in her flowing white gown as she walked towards him. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her or wipe the grin off of his face. It wasn’t a huge dress; it was simple and elegant, plain white with just a little bit of lace. A halter top kept her looking sexy while the long veil made it more appropriate. Her hair was down to the middle of her back and he could just barely see the blues in her eyes through the thin white lace.

    “Ash?” She asked pulling the veil away from her face, “What do you think?”

    Ash broke out of his trance and glanced around the room. It was pink and girly and he was sitting on a heart shaped seat. Why would any self respecting man find himself in a place like this? Ash liked to blame the eyes, they were what really roped him in, but the protruding lower lip didn’t help matters.

    “Isn’t there a girl you could have brought here with you?” he asked too afraid to answer her question.

    “Oh, everyone has already seen it.” She said twirling in front of the full length mirror.

    “Who’s everyone?” he leaned back onto his elbows; he had to admit for a very feminine chair, it was comfortable.

    “My sisters, May, your mom, Brock, Tracey, Prof Oak…” Misty ticked them off one by one on her fingers.

    “So if all of these people have seen your dress, why am I here?”

    She finally stopped admiring herself and looked at him, “I want to know what you think of this dress. You are my best friend and the only person I can trust to tell me if I look horrible. So please, what do you think?”

    Ash stood and began to circle Misty deep concentration showing on his face. Her heart raced as she watched him, waiting for his verdict. Finally he stopped and smiled at her, “You look gorgeous Misty, Jordan’s a lucky guy.”

    She squealed and leapt toward him, wrapping her arms around his neck. He hesitated slightly but hugged her back loosely.

    “I’m so glad that you like it!” She turned to look at their reflection in the mirror, Misty in her wedding dress with her arms wrapped around Ash. If she had been paying attention she would have noticed the sadness in her friend’s eyes. She would have seen the way that he distanced himself from appearing too intimate with her. She wasn’t watching that, all she saw was herself, in her wedding dress.

    “This is it. The perfect dress,” she sighed, “I knew bringing you was a good idea!”

    “Glad to be of service, now can we go? I’m losing testosterone as we speak.” Ash joked pushing away from her and going back to his seat.

    Misty rolled her eyes and groaned, “Yeah, yeah. Just let me get changed and we’ll go.”

    “You promised lunch!” Ash called after her, but she ignored him. Once he was sure she was gone, he leaned back putting his hands over his face.

    Why? Why did she have to bring him here of all places. No one was thrilled that Misty had accepted Jordan’s proposal, but if anyone had a reason it was Ash. It had been a year since the accident and while the scars and bruises had healed, Misty’s memory had not. She still didn’t remember marrying Ash, and Ash still hadn’t told her. He did manage to have the marriage annulled without anyone figuring it out. Well, except Brock who found the picture and was still trying to get Ash to tell her everything. He thought that if Ash made some grand romantic gesture, Misty would realize that she loves him and not Jordan. Although Ash was sure he would be hit.

    It wasn’t so bad, really, to watch the girl you were in love with marry someone else. See, just then Ash almost convinced himself. Truly, it was getting easier. He just had to keep reminding himself that kissing, touching, or holding Misty would not end well for him. Sometimes he’d even snap his fingers at Pikachu so that he would send an electric shock throughout his body. Still he could put himself through the worse pain and it wouldn’t keep those thoughts out of his head.

    Love wasn’t something you could argue with. His mother told him that when he was younger. She said it whenever she read him a bedtime story where the hero would go through great trials and tribulations for a girl. One he had particular issue with was The Little Mermaid. Not the fluffy Disney version, the original. Where the mermaid falls for the human prince and gives her tongue to the Sea witch in exchange for legs. The mermaid is told that she will be human until the morning after the prince marries another woman then she will turn to sea foam. The prince did marry someone else and although she had the chance, the mermaid couldn’t kill him so she turned to sea foam.

    “Why?” He argued every time his mother read it, “Why would she give up all that stuff for him? She could have lived with her family, or she could have killed him and she wouldn’t have died.”

    “Because, Ash, she was in love.”

    This answer never satisfied him, “But why? He didn’t even love her back? She could have found someone else!”

    “That’s not love, Ash. Love is feeling the same way no matter what, even when the odds are stacked against you. You can’t argue with love.”

    She said it again when he was older, when he walked into the house after an argument with Misty. They were teased a lot when they were younger; everyone thought they were made for each other. Sadly, his mother was one of those people. So, upon seeing her only child stomp into the kitchen and flop down at the breakfast bar, she laughed a little to herself.

    “What did she say this time?” Delia asked setting a glass of milk down in front of Ash.

    “How did you know it was Misty?” Ash looked up at his mother, stunned.

    “She’s the only person I’ve ever seen put you in this mood. Not even your arguments with Gary got you this upset.”

    Ash drank the milk then set his glass down and sighed, “She was teasing me about my skills as a trainer. She’s so mean! I wish she would just go away!”

    “No you don’t.”

    “Yes I do! I wish she would leave me alone.”

    “Ash, I know you may not realize it now, but if Misty was to ever leave you, you’d be very sad.”

    “No I wouldn’t. I’d finally get some peace, I’m sure I’d be a lot smarter. Everything would be better if Misty was gone.”

    “Ash, if Misty wasn’t there, pushing you to be better, would you even try?”

    “Huh?” His brown eyes looked at her in confusion.

    “Yes, Misty teases you but she does it because she loves you. You two are best friends, she pushes you to be better and you are because she pushes you. Do you understand?”

    “I…I guess I do…but Misty loves me?”

    “Yes, she loves you like you love Pikachu. And like you love her right back.”
    Ash opened his mouth to protest, but then shut it again and sighed.

    “See, you can’t argue with love.” Delia smiled as Ash got down from the chair and ran back outside.

    Those words had never seemed true to Ash until he lost Misty. You can’t argue with love. He watched her now coming out of the dressing room in her clothes, teal shirt with a white skirt and matching flats. Her leather designer bag slung over her shoulder.

    She smiled as she caught his eyes, “Ready to go?”

    “I was ready before we got here,” He smiled back as she linked arms with him and they walked out the door.

    The two friends slid their sunglasses over their eyes as they reached the sidewalk in Saffron City. It was busy, almost overly so considering that it was a Tuesday afternoon. Ash blinked a few times in the bright sunlight before he felt Misty’s hand grasp his own and he was pulled into the crowd.

    “Misty, where are you taking me?” He asked catching up to her quickly.

    “I saw this cute little diner on our way in, I figured it would be good for lunch.” She called back.

    “Cute? Why do girls feel the need to describe everything with the word cute?” he mumbled.

    “Because it’s what most everything is!” She laughed surprising him.
    They ran the rest of the short distance in silence, composing themselves when they reached the diner.

    Ash and Misty slid into the cool vinyl booths and scanned the menus. Neither one of them spoke to the other. He seemed extremely interested in the options the menu gave him, while she glanced around at all the movie paraphernalia on the walls.

    “Are you guys ready to order?” the tired looking waitress asked walking up to their tables. Both of them were silently thankful for their small hometowns, where you didn’t get overworked waitresses too tired to fake a smile.

    “Sure, I’ll have the chicken Caesar salad with a diet coke please,” Misty smiled over at Ash who cleared his throat.

    “Can I get two cheeseburgers, an extra side of fries, and a chocolate malt?” he asked.

    The waitress glanced from Ash to Misty with a smirk. Ash’s face turned a little pink while Misty giggled.

    “Actually, can I get a chocolate malt too, and a side of fries?” she grinned as their waitress rolled her eyes and walked away.

    “You did have to do that, you should know by now that I don’t care what people think of my eating habits,” he smiled leaning back into the seat.

    “I know that, but every time I go out with my sisters or Jordan I always feel like I should be watching what I eat. I know that I don’t really need to, but I just feel like I should. I can be myself around you,” she leaned forward resting her elbows on the table, “I have a confession to make, showing you the dress wasn’t the only reason I asked you to spend the day with me in Saffron City.”

    He looked up at her, his heart pounding in his throat. What could she possibly have to tell him? Her face was starting to turn pink, was she having second thoughts about the wedding? Has she been recalling some of her memories?

    “I know that you aren’t happy that I’m getting married,” she started with a sigh.

    “Misty, it’s not the fact that you’re getting married that I’m not happy about. It’s the man that you’re marrying.”

    “I know, I know. No one likes him, but I’m telling you, he’s changed!”

    “How do you know that he’s changed? You don’t even remember what he was like before!” As soon as the words left his mouth, Ash regretted them. That wasn’t fair to Misty, he was just frustrated.

    She looked down at the table and sighed, “This is what I wanted to talk to you about. I know I don’t remember what happened after the accident, but I know how you were before that, before the parts that I can’t remember,” she looked back up at him, into his eyes and Ash swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat, “You used to like Jordan. I understand that there are things you remember that I don’t and that affected your opinion of him. But I’m a smart girl; don’t you think that if I can find it in my heart to forgive him, you can too? For me?”

    Ash hesitated, but shook his head, “I can’t. There’s too much. But if you’re happy, then I’m happy for you.”

    “And that’s all you can give me?”

    “Isn’t it enough? No matter how much I don’t like the guy I will still be sitting in the front pew among your best friends and family smiling as you marry him.”

    “I wish it was more. I wish you were happy about who I was marrying,” Misty grumbled as the waitress brought their food.

    They ate in silence, grateful for the distraction until Misty suddenly slammed down her fork.

    “Dammit, Ash!” She exclaimed, “What happened between us that I don’t remember?”

    His heart stopped, “Wha-what? Nothing happened; I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    “Jordan and I were talking a few nights ago and he joked about you being angry that I was marrying him. He said there’s, like, sexual tension between us,” she said as his face turned pink, “I told him he was being ridiculous, but then the more I thought about it, the more I realized that he was right.”

    “You think there’s sexual tension between us?” he asked trying to compose himself.

    “Well, maybe not sexual. But just tension, did we get into a fight? Cuz I was thinking that might have happened, maybe you and I fought about something and we weren’t friends anymore. But, because of the accident, you’ve been pretending so that you wouldn’t have to tell me the truth,” her expression was so fearful but he couldn’t help but smile in relief, “because if we aren’t friends anymore it’s fine, you don’t have to pretend.”

    “Misty, if we weren’t friends, why would we have been in the same car on our way to lunch with everyone else? Why would we have still lived together?” he laughed a little, “There was no fight, there’s no tension.”

    “Yes there is!” she protested. When Ash didn’t say anything, she continued, “You never look at me anymore. I mean you look in my direction, but you always see through me. If we’re in a group you go out of your way not to talk to me and if we’re alone you find a way to surround us with people,” Misty looked near tears.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Ash lied, “I don’t act differently around you, and if I do, it’s not on purpose. Are you sure you’re not just hormonal?”

    She looked him dead in the eye, “You never call me ‘Mist’ anymore.”

    He froze, how was he going to talk his way out of this one? Of course he didn’t call her ‘Mist’. Her nickname conveyed a closeness that he was trying so hard to get rid of, “I-I guess I didn’t notice. I never plan calling you Mist or Misty; it’s just whichever slips out.”

    “Ash, I’m getting married in a month. I want to know that when I do, I’m not going to lose you. You’ve been my best friend for over half of my life. If we’re drifting apart now, when we still live together… What’s going to happen when I move out and am married?” She asked.

    He sighed; part of him was hoping that they would rely on each other less once she married Jordan. It would make things easier on him to have her away. Though the other part felt the same way she did, he didn’t want to lose his best friend either, “Misty, Mist… You’re twenty-seven years old; don’t you think that you can make it on your own?”

    “That’s not what I’m asking! I want to know that I’m not going to be shut out because I’m married to someone you don’t like! Even after I get married, I still want to go out and do things with you. I don’t want us to get so far away from each other that we aren’t friends.”

    “That’s not going to happen. You moved back to Cerulean City and I traveled to God-knows-where and we were still as close as ever. You being married won’t change that, but we probably won’t hang out as often because you will be married,” He faked a smile hoping that she would buy it.

    She narrowed her eyes slightly but went back to eating.

    “So, what’s the plan when we’re done here?” He asked going back to his own food.

    “Umm, I didn’t really have a plan. Is there anything you want to do?” She asked innocently looking at him.

    I want you to marry me instead of Jordan, he thought, but what he said was, “Not really. I don’t have any shopping to do or anything like that.”

    “Then maybe we should just go home, I have some wedding stuff I should probably do…” she trailed off.

    “…Yeah, I promised Mom I’d help her with some yard work this week,” he sighed.
    She nodded somewhat sadly and stabbed her fork into her salad.


    “You forgot to do the dishes again,” Misty groaned upon hearing her roommate’s footsteps behind her.

    “I didn’t forget, I’m only just now getting home,” Ash laughed dropping his stuff on the floor and coming up beside her, “Besides, it’s very domestic when you do the dishes, I kind of like it.”

    “Oh, really?” she scooped up a handful of soapy water and flung it at him.

    “Hey!” he exclaimed doing the same to her, thus starting a war. The two giggled and laughed as they soaked each other and the kitchen floor.

    Finally Ash decided to turn the hose on her, causing her to shriek and run up to him, trying to get it out of his hands. Amidst the struggle, Ash kissed her. Misty felt herself growing dizzy with the intoxicating combination of his smell and taste. It was obvious now that the battle had been abandoned as he lifted her up onto the counter, their lips still connected.

    Hands were everywhere as they explored each others bodies. She moaned and struggled to unbutton his jeans. For the first time, Ash pulled away.

    “Here?” he asked.

    “Why not? It’s not all that different from our first time…” she grinned kissing him again.

    He chuckled, “You mean our first couple times.”

    “Mmhmm, that was a good night,” she pulled his wet t-shirt over his head.

    “That it was, but on the counter just seems so…unsanitary…”

    “Well if you would quit whining and take your pants off I just might let you reenact the first time.” She laughed as he lifted her up and set her back down on the floor.

    Misty sat up in shock; her heart was racing as she tried to catch her breath. She looked to her side and saw Jordan sleeping peacefully.

    Was that a dream? She wondered, but it seemed so real. Almost as if she could still feel his lips against hers and his body hovering just an inch away.

    Trying to shake the feeling, she stood up and walked quietly to the bathroom. She was still shaking as she turned on the water and splashed it on her face. There was no way she was going back to sleep tonight, so she decided to take a hot bath. Misty turned the tap and let the steaming water fill the bathtub. She slid her silky nightgown over her head and stepped into the water.

    These dreams were becoming more and more concerning. It wasn’t as if she had never had a dream about Ash, and some of the ones she had as a teen were much more graphic than these. It was that they seemed to be coming more frequently as the days went by, and they followed a particular storyline.

    She sank deeper, letting the water cover more of her. It was odd, not all of the dreams had to do with sex, sometimes they were sitting on the couch watching TV. Either way it was unfamiliarly intimate. She couldn’t figure it out, Jordan and she had fun together. They liked each other. He still satisfied her. So why was it that as she came closer and closer to their wedding day, she thought about Ash?

    He was starting to bother her. She knew that no one liked the fact that she was marrying Jordan, but he was being the worst about it. He always made sure that he was gone whenever Jordan came over. He hadn’t paid any interest in the wedding. He was being a brat and she couldn’t figure out why.

    Groaning her irritation, she got out of the now cold bath water and put on her robe. She quietly tip toed out of her bedroom and out into the dark hallway. That was when she noticed that there was a light on downstairs. It was three-thirty, what was Ash doing awake?

    Misty reached the bottom stair and saw him sitting at the kitchen table with a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk. He looked up at her and they silently stared for just a second.

    “Couldn’t sleep?” He asked.

    “Uh-uh, mind if I join you?” she gestured to the chair across from him.

    “Not at all,” he stood and poured another glass of milk. Setting it in front of her, he sat down and pushed the cookies toward the middle, “I promise I won’t tell Jordan.”

    She smiled as she took a cookie and tore it in half, “So, why are you up?”

    “Same reason as you,” he answered before taking a bite.

    She froze; he was having crazy dreams about her? Then she remembered what he had asked when she first came down, “Oh, why can’t you sleep?”

    “Just something on my mind.”

    They were both silent for a few moments, chewing thoughtfully. Misty swallowed, “Anything you want to talk about?”

    “Not really,” he said filling up his glass.

    She sighed, “Is this how we are now?”

    “What are you talking about?” He asked.

    “You used to tell me everything. We used to stay up all night, just talking. Now I can’t get more that a few sentences out of you.”

    “What do you want me to say?”

    “Whatever it is that’s bothering you! I know that you share with Brock! What makes us so different?” She exclaimed.

    “I don’t talk to you because it’s uncomfortable. But if you really feel that you have to know what’s bothering me, it’s a girl. Okay?”

    “Why is that uncomfortable? I’m a girl; I’m a hell of a lot better than Brock to talk to! So tell me, what’s your problem?” She leaned back into the chair looking at him expectantly.

    “It doesn’t matter, it’s over!” he groaned.

    “Obviously not, if you’re still thinking about her.” Misty snapped.

    “I don’t want to discuss this with you.”

    “Why not?”

    “Because you can’t help me! And because you’re engaged and I know that anything I say will be brought back to Jordan! You want to know the real reason why I don’t talk to you? Because last time I tried to open up to you, you told Jordan and it was a big joke between the two of you. I’m not here to be your source of entertainment!” Ash’s voice rose.

    Misty didn’t say anything right away. Of course, no wonder he didn’t want to talk to her about girls. Last time he told her that he broke up with someone because of something shallow and she had teased him. Not only that, she had told Jordan and he had teased Ash as well. She had to think of a way to earn his trust back, “Lately I’ve been having sex dreams about you!” The words exploded out of her mouth before she had the chance to think about it. Her cheeks turned red as her eyes met Ash’s.

    He raised an eyebrow slowly as a faint blush spread across his cheeks, “You’ve what?”

    “For the last month or so…I’ve been having dreams about you and me. Sometimes they’re harmless, but sometimes…”

    “Sometimes we have sex?” He asked, the corners of his lips turning up into a slight smile.

    “Yes. That’s why I’m awake now. I had one of those dreams tonight.”

    “One of the harmless ones?”


    “One of the sex ones…?” His smile grew as she realized that he was teasing her.

    “Yes!” She exhaled loudly, “Now can we please move on to why you’re up?”

    “Not yet, I have just one more question.”

    “What?” She narrowed her eyes, daring him to tease her.

    “Was I any good?”


    He started to laugh, “No seriously, Jordan or me? Who’s better?”

    Her expression turned serious, “I can’t answer that honestly.”

    “Why not? Ashamed that you’re about to marry someone so inadequate?”

    “No, all I have to compare Jordan to is Dream Ash. I can’t compare a real person to a dream one.”

    “So compare Dream Ash to Dream Jordan.”

    “I can’t.”

    “Why?” He grinned, “Do you not dream about Jordan?”

    “That’s not it! But Dream Jordan is based on Real Jordan, so it would be the same as comparing Real Jordan to Dream Ash,” she sat back thoughtfully chewing her bottom lip, “There’s really only one way to solve this.”

    “Oh yeah? What’s that?”

    “We’re going to have to sleep together.”

    “What?” The smile dropped from his face.

    She stood and walked over to him. His body tensed as she sat on his lap and began to caress the back of his neck, “It’s the only way to answer your question fairly. Don’t worry, Jordan’s a heavy sleeper. You can pull out all your best moves and we won’t wake him up.”

    “M-Misty?” He didn’t know what to say or do. If she was offering, it was going to take all he could to decline. But really, who said he had to decline…if indeed she was offering. Ash didn’t have time to decide as her face broke into a smile and she began to giggle.

    “Oh, Ash! You are just way too easy!” She laughed.

    He hesitantly joined in, “Get offa me!” he exclaimed shoving her slightly.

    “I’m sorry, I had to,” she went back to her own seat still giggling.

    “Yeah, yeah. So I guess the dream thing was a joke too?” He laughed.

    “Oh, no, that actually happened. I really have been dreaming about us.”


    “It’s weird huh? Do you have dreams about me?”

    He paused; he could tell her the truth. He could tell her that she was all he ever thought about. She was the lead in every day dream and fantasy. Any girl that ever approached him was instantly compared to her.

    “Yeah,” he mumbled, “I’ve had dreams about you. I think its normal, when you’re as close to someone as we are.”

    “That’s good. I was worried that something was wrong with me,” she sighed in relief.

    Ash crossed his arms over his chest, “You know, as hard as it may be for you to believe, some women find me desirable. It’s not weird to want me. It’s weird not to.”

    “That’s because they don’t know you as well as I do, all they see is the surface.”

    “There’s nothing wrong with me! I may not be perfect, but at least I don’t cheat. My mother raised me better than that.”

    “That’s not fair, Jordan made a mistake. I forgave him. Even you, the almighty Ash have made mistakes!” She exclaimed, her voice rising slightly.

    “Yes, I’ve made mistakes. But nothing like that, you may not remember how it felt, but we were all there while you dealt with your broken heart. We all watched you pick up the pieces, how do you know he’s not cheating on you now?”

    “Because I trust him!”

    “Once a cheater, always a cheater.”

    Misty slammed her palms down on the table, pushing herself up, “What do you even know? You’ve never been in a meaningful relationship in your life! You flit from girl to girl like they’re all some conquest. Whoever this girl is that’s keeping you awake, she’s better off without you!” She pushed the chair in and started towards the stairs, “I’m going to bed.”

    Ash watched her walk away chewing thoughtfully on his cookie. She probably is better off.
  2. Yoshi-kun

    Yoshi-kun Wandering the Forums

    Well you definitly wrote this fast than I thought, but you have no reviews? That's odd considering the first one seems to be popular. But I now I'm reviewing. :)

    So it's been a year and he hasn't told her anything? And she hasn't remembered? That sucks.

    Not everyone knows happened in the oridginal, so when you read that the mermaid falls for the human prince so she went to the sea witch, but then she had to kill him that doesn't seem to make sense. What I'm saying is that I think the story could have been explained a little better. Someone might not understand it.

    The only reason she forgives him is because she can't remember. >>

    Why? She should be grateful from what she's getting. Why does he have to like him.

    If she believes that he won't leave once she gets married then she's the one not getting it.

    And the way she teased him about having sex was mean in a way, well to him, not to her since she thinks she's teasing her friend. This is frustraing for Ash huh?

    Yeah, sure let her go to Jordan and he probably will cheat on her again. And you haven't done anything. Then there's the fact that's she treating like dirt and doesn't know it.

    Good chapter. What's next for them.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2008
  3. ashlyrose

    ashlyrose lovebug<3

    Yay!! A review!

    I thought that was weird too, but the audience is fickle! Although reviews definitely help motivate! ;)

    That makes sense, I guess I didn't think that not everyone would know and was only summerizing for the sake of keeping the story going.

    She wants Ash to like Jordan because as it gets closer to her wedding she's more and more afraid of losing Ash's friendship and she thinks that if Ash and Jordan were friends too he'd be around more often.

    Yeah, it was a little mean. I wanted their relationship to be a little strained since the accident. Misty is just treating him like she always has, not realizing that the more intimate jokes are killing him. In return he shuts himself away from her a little, confusing her since she doesn't know why. Ash's behavior is going to be a big antagonist in the coming chapters.

    Chapter 2 is about 4/5 done and should be up within the next week or two (depending on when I can pin down my pre-audience) It's not going to be particularly eventful, really it's just a set up for the excitement slated for chapter 3.
  4. Caesar

    Caesar F.E.A.R the rat

    aww, i saw this back on the first page, saw the most recent post was ashlyrose and thought great chapter 2 is up.
    never been much of a reviewer, but i can assure you i'll be reading this stoy til the end so yeh
  5. shadow_shipper

    shadow_shipper ...indeed...

    So this is the sequel. Ok, let's give it a go :)

    This is just wrong :(
    So I'm guessing some time has passed, and Ash is going like nothing ever happened...

    Why has he chosen to do this to himself ?...
    Really, you can feel Ash's pain.

    This could be interpreted in a twisted way if we're talking PokéShipping here xDD

    Pinned down. She's not stupid ^^

    Ooh, memories appearing through her subconscious mind. Neat...keeps you guessing :D

    Would you sleep better knowing it wasn't just a dream ? xDD

    He is so getting the upper hand :D
    Nice role reversing phase ;)

    I really love how this is coming out, and the whole situation between them.
    So far, this is excellent !
    No mistakes, very enjoyable length, description, rich vocabulary. Great job !
    Keep it up ;)
  6. ashlyrose

    ashlyrose lovebug<3

    You people are very motivating I guess! I finished chapter 2 LAST NIGHT and was able to have it proof-read so here it is!

    Chapter 2

    Misty stood at the counter pouring chips into a bowl. She could hear her friends talking and laughing from the living room.

    “Alright, so 2 beers and a diet Coke?” Ash’s voice grew louder as he walked into the kitchen.

    “Hey,” she smiled.

    “Hey, need any help?” he asked walking up behind her.

    “No, I think I got it,” she turned to face him.

    Ash pushed her back against the counter smiling as he kissed her gently.

    “What?” Ash asked.

    Misty blinked a few times staring at Ash. He was standing in front of the open refrigerator, unopened bottles in his hands; “Huh?” she asked clearing her throat.

    “You said my name,” he raised an eyebrow quizzically.

    “Did I?” she turned quickly back to her junk food; feeling her face turn red.

    “Well…kinda. It only sort of sounded like my name. It was like you sighed my name,” he thought setting the drinks on the counter then leaning against it, watching her.

    “Why would I sigh your name?”

    “That’s what I was wondering.”

    They both stood on opposite sides of the kitchen, neither sure of what to say next.

    “Hey!” Ash and Misty were interrupted as Jordan walked into the kitchen. He was dressed more casually than usual, in a blue dress shirt and khakis, “Sorry I’m late.”

    Ash gripped the edge of the counter tighter as Jordan leaned down and kissed Misty.

    “Don’t be ridiculous, we haven’t even started the movie yet,” she smiled, “Will you help me carry the food out there?”

    “Sure,” he reached over and grabbed two of the bowls.

    “Oh, let Ash know what you want to drink,” she called over her shoulder.

    “I’ll just have whatever you’re having,” Jordan grinned.

    “As usual,” Ash grumbled as he grabbed another beer from the fridge.

    Brock reclined slightly in the overstuffed leather chair. Although the movie was one that he had been looking forward to seeing, he couldn’t help but be interested in the other people in the room. Drew and May played the part of an old couple, sitting in the same chair but not interacting, instead paying close attention to the movie.

    On the couch though, were Ash, Misty and Jordan, with Misty sitting between the two men.

    Poor Ash was subjected to listening to Misty and Jordan’s giggles and whispers. He was leaning away from them, drumming his fingers on the armrest. Every so often, he would look down sadly. Brock could tell that Ash didn’t want to be there, but stomping upstairs would cause unwanted attention.

    He couldn’t begin to imagine how Ash was feeling, especially as the wedding drew closer. From what Brock had been told, Jordan was over all the time. Ash thought that Misty hoped by forcing them to spend time together Ash would love Jordan again. For reasons unknown to Misty, it wasn’t going to work.

    Ash looked up, catching Brock’s eye and giving him a questioning look.

    ‘Tell her,’ Brock mouthed nodding slightly at Misty.

    Ash shook his head violently then turned back to the movie, avoiding further conversation. Brock however, wasn’t done.

    He could see why Ash hadn’t told Misty about their love affair. Not only would it be confusing for her, but Ash himself wouldn’t be able to handle the rejection. The thought that Misty might tell him no and marry Jordan anyway was enough to terrify Ash into keeping his secret. Still, he wished that Ash would tell Misty, he was sure that if he did things would be different and maybe they wouldn’t have to pretend to be happy about Misty’s fiancé.

    It was strange to think that the boy Brock knew to be fearless was afraid. Not only that, he was afraid of a girl, the same girl he had gone toe to toe with when he was a child. It was amazing how things could change.

    The movie ended and everyone sat around talking, of course, it wasn’t long before the topic turned to Misty and Jordan’s upcoming nuptials.

    “Can you believe you two are getting married in just a couple weeks?” May squealed.

    “I know! It’s almost unreal!” Misty sat back and sighed happily, “and it’s such a relief to know that everything is done and ready.”

    “We can just sit back and relax until the big day,” Jordan smiled wrapping his arm around Misty’s waist.

    “Speaking of, since you don’t have a maid of honor…who’s planning your bachlorette party?” May asked.

    “Well. I am. And I already know what I want to do.” Misty announced glancing at Ash.

    “What is it? A male stripper? Lingerie shopping for the honeymoon? I really need to go lingerie shopping…”

    “May!” Drew exclaimed his face coloring slightly.

    “What? Lingerie means underwear, maybe it has nothing to do with you!” she rolled her eyes as everyone else laughed.

    “Anyway,” Misty said as their giggles died down, “I was thinking that Ash and I could spend the night watching movies and stuff.”

    “You want to spend your last night as a single woman with Ash?” May made a face, “No offense…”

    “None taken,” Ash had an odd expression on his face, “Why do you want to hang out with me?”

    “Because you’re my best friend and it will also be our last night as roomies. I think it’s only right that we spend it together.” She frowned slightly, “are you saying that you don’t want to?”

    “No, I can’t deny the bride what she wants, it’s just weird.” he shrugged.

    “It’s not weird, it’s fitting!” she protested.

    “Whatever, if that’s what you want to do I’ll be there.”

    May watched with interest as Misty’s lips turned into a slight pout. Her ocean blue eyes darkened a little and her posture drooped. Has Ash always had this affect on Misty? Now that she thought about it, has Ash always been that mean and indifferent? No one liked Jordan, that much was clear, but Misty’s friends and family had taken it upon themselves to be civil for her sake. Ash however had not, and the more May thought about it the more she realized that he was meaner to Misty too. Was he punishing her for being engaged to Jordan? Why would he do that?

    The more time May spent thinking the more she realized that she needed to talk to one of them about it, and Misty seemed like she’d be more willing to answer May’s questions.

    “Hey, Misty, what are you doing tomorrow?” she asked suddenly, interrupting the conversation her friends had previously been having.

    Misty gave May an odd look and brushed a strand of pumpkin colored hair out of her face, “Nothing really…why?”

    “I want to go to the mall, you should come with me!” May exclaimed.

    “Uh, sure…why not?” Misty smiled as May clasped her hands together in excitement.


    Misty took her time perusing the racks at Victoria’s Secret, May hadn’t been kidding when she said that she needed lingerie. Although, it was just underwear that she needed, nothing particularly sexy. It was odd, she and May had chatted about shallow things, the weather, contests May was thinking about entering, the Cerulean Gym, and while Misty could tell that there was something else on the younger woman’s mind; she hadn’t said anything yet.

    “You know what?” Misty was startled by the brunette’s sudden appearance in front of her, “I never would have pegged Jordan to be the kind of guy that would like this sort of stuff” May held up a transparent hot pink teddy as she raised an eyebrow at Misty, “I guess he always seemed a little more conservative than that.”

    Misty’s face colored a little, “He is…I don’t buy a lot of lingerie for him.”

    “Then why are you looking at this stuff? If your husband-to-be doesn’t like it?”

    “I don’t know, I’m just looking.” Misty began twirling a finger through her hair not sure why she was so uncomfortable.

    “Is it for someone else?” May’s eyes gleamed with the thought of good gossip, “You can tell me if it is. I’m really good at keeping a secret.”

    “Why would I buy someone else lingerie? That’s a little weird…” Misty set the hanger back on the rack and moved to another, one full of basic white, black, and beige.

    “You misunderstood me. Not for someone else…but for you and someone else.” May followed not letting up.

    “What?” Her cheeks were now a bright red as May continued.

    “Is there something going on between you and Ash?”

    “What? Why would you ask me that? Of course, there’s nothing going on! I wouldn’t have an affair, especially not so close to my wedding!” she exclaimed moving swiftly out of the store at May struggled with her bag to follow her.

    “Okay, so maybe you’re not sleeping together, but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing,” May said catching up to Misty’s long strides, “Maybe it’s a lack of sex…”

    “Are you encouraging me to cheat on Jordan?” Misty stopped suddenly and turned to face May.

    “Why not? He did it to you…” May mumbled. Misty rolled her eyes and started to walk away again.

    “Wait! Misty!” May grabbed her arm and pulled Misty around to face her, “I’m sorry, but there’s something going on, with you and Ash. And I just thought that maybe…”

    “Maybe we were having a sordid affair? Well we’re not!” Misty snapped. Her expression softened, “But…” she sighed and sank down onto a bench, “there is something. He’s been moody with me lately; I don’t know what I did to him.”

    May sat down next to her, a little disappointed that it wasn’t something as juicy as an affair, “Do you think it has to do with the wedding?”

    “I guess it has to, I know he doesn’t like Jordan-”

    “None of us do,” May cut off.

    “Regardless, it doesn’t give him the right to act like such a jerk all the time. Doesn’t he realize that these are the last few weeks we’ll have to be together? I mean, I know that it’s not as if we won’t see each other, but once I’m married and out of the house, it won’t be the same. I’m trying so hard to make the most of it and he’s just pushing me away. It’s like he’s trying to get rid of me!” Misty’s voice cracked as a few tears slid down her cheeks.

    May’s heart went out to her red-headed friend, she wasn’t nearly as close to Ash but it was still hard to leave when they went their separate ways all those years ago, “Maybe…” she started not sure how to phrase her next sentence, “maybe he’s pushing you away because he’s just as upset about you leaving. Or maybe he’s trying to make you mad at him so that you aren’t as upset when you have to leave.”

    Misty forced out a laugh, “That’s stupid.”

    May joined her by giggling, “I know, but that’s Ash. All he ever thinks about is keeping his friends happy…but he doesn’t always have the best way of going about it.”

    The older woman sighed and stood, “Well let’s not think about Ash anymore and have some fun shopping.”

    “Hear hear!” May exclaimed jumping to her feet as well and rushing towards Bath & Body Works, “Oh! They’re even having a sale!”

    “They’re always having a sale!” Misty laughed.

    “I know! That’s why I love them!” May immediately began opening every tester bottle smelling the perfume within.

    Misty however marched right to the middle of the store, straight to the wall display filled with bottles and bottles of yellow tinted lotions and liquids. On the label of the bottle Misty picked was a pretty yellow flower. She flipped open the cap shutting her eyes as she breathed in the heavenly scent.

    “Which one is that?” May asked walking over to her.

    “Wild Honeysuckle. It’s my absolute favorite.” she smiled rubbing the lotion on her arms.

    May leaned forward smelling the perfume, “Mmm that’s really pretty.”

    “It’s my favorite smell and my favorite flower.” Misty nodded.

    “Really? I never realized that you had a favorite flower.”

    “Mmhmm, my mother used to plant honeysuckle all around the outside of the gym. Now whenever I see or smell them, I think of her.”

    May smiled sadly, “I can’t imagine losing my mom like you did. But I bet there’s going to be a lot of honeysuckle at your wedding, to remind you that she’s watching you.”

    Misty shook her head slightly, “No, Jordan wanted a very elegant wedding and the honeysuckle just didn’t fit in. We’re having lilies.”

    “Oh…well I guess you have to compromise on something like that.”

    “Yeah,” Misty smiled but her tone was sad, “I think I’m hungry, what do you say to lunch?”

    “Sounds great!” May grinned as she and Misty walked to the food court.

    Once the women reached their destination, their expressions grew more and more dismayed as they glanced at the menus of all the different places to eat.

    “None of this sounds good…” Misty sighed.

    “You’re telling me…I really want something fancier…like a good restaurant.” May announced.

    “Hmm…Olive Garden? It’s just up the road.”

    May’s bright blue eyes lit up, “That sounds delicious!” she exclaimed turning on her heels and walking towards the doors.

    Thankfully, Misty and May just beat the lunchtime crowd and they were able to get a table right away. May’s seat was facing the door so she was the first to notice Ash walk in with a pretty brunette.

    “Hey, look who’s here.” She said pointing.

    Misty turned and saw her friend and the girl. Her stomach tightened in an unfamiliar way but she smiled and waved at him.

    “Hey!” Ash exclaimed turning to say something to the girl then walking towards his friends, “I didn’t know you guys were eating here.”

    “The mall food sounded gross, so we decided to have pasta.” Misty smiled.

    “And breadsticks!” May added.

    “Mmhmm, why don’t you guys join us? That way you won’t have to wait for a table.” Misty asked.

    “That would be great if you don’t mind.” Ash said as Misty stood to move to the seat next to May.

    “I’m Misty by the way,” She smiled extending her hand to Ash’s date, “Ash’s absolute best friend in the whole world.”

    “And I’m May…I don’t come with a title, but Ash seems to like me,” May laughed introducing herself.

    “I’m Becca, and I’m not really anything related to Ash.” she giggled.

    May and Misty took a moment to study Becca. She was pretty in a way that they could never hope to be. She had coffee colored hair that fell in curls down to the middle of her back and bright green eyes. Her skin was perfectly tanned, as if she had just come back from a tropical vacation.

    As they all sat down around the table, Misty felt something strange. Becca was nice and funny, and they were all having a really good lunch but something wasn’t sitting well with Misty. She chalked it up to something she ate that morning but in the back of her mind, she knew that it wasn’t a physical ailment.


    Ash and Misty didn’t see a lot of each other in the coming weeks, Misty was spending her time and Jordan’s rather than he coming to her place and Ash seemed to go on more and more dates. May joked that he was trying to find someone to bring to the wedding. Brock knew that he was just keeping busy to stay away from Misty and not think about her upcoming marriage.

    Tonight, though, was the night before the wedding and Misty’s last night in their house. Ash had been dreading it for days, but he wasn’t quite sure if it was the fact that she was leaving that upset him or that he had to spend the night with her alone.

    After he and Becca ran into Misty and May for lunch May had pulled him aside and let him know that Misty was upset about leaving the house they had lived in together for years. She made him promise that he would be nice these last few weeks so that Misty had one less thing to worry about. He was making an effort; he went to the video store to pick out two movies they both agreed they wanted to see, though it took almost 2 hours for them to finally agree. Now he was changing into his pajamas as Misty popped the popcorn downstairs.

    “Is that what you’re wearing?” he heard her ask from his doorway.

    He turned to face her and couldn’t help but smile. Her orange hair was pulled up into a messy ponytail and she was wearing flannel pink pjs with cartoon Horsea and Starmie on them. In her hand was a large bowl of popcorn and she had a package of M&Ms under her arm.

    “Yes this is what I’m wearing, you told me I had to put on pajamas.” he stated.

    She scrunched up her nose at his sweatpants and t-shirt, “That’s what you wear to bed?”

    “No,” he smiled walking past her to the hallway; “I don’t generally wear much of anything to bed.” he called up to her.

    “Thanks for sparing me!” She yelled after him, “Oh, I made the margaritas but I couldn’t carry the pitcher and cups up, will you bring it?”

    “Up?” he asked turning to look at her, “I thought we were watching movies.”

    “We are, in your room.” he gave her a questioning look so she went on, “I figure that I always fall asleep halfway through the second movie and I don’t want to sleep on the couch the night before my wedding. Besides, we used to always watch movies in your room.”

    That’s because then I wasn’t thinking about you like I am now. He thought but sighed, “Alright, I’ll bring it up, anything else while I’m down here?”

    “Nope, I think I’m good.”

    A movie and a half later, Ash had to admit that he was having fun. Sure, alcohol was probably a large factor as the two of them had split 3 pitchers of margaritas, but he knew that he was genuinely having a good time. Like they used to, way before they dated.

    Now, Misty was laying on the left side of his bed her eyelids drooping slowly as she watched the movie. They had been quiet for a long time, just watching the movie but now she felt the need to speak up.

    “Ash?” she asked softly.


    “Thank you for spending the night with me, it means a lot.”

    “No problem, I had a lot of fun.” he smiled.

    They fell into silence again as the movie continued to show a wedding scene. The bride walked happily down the aisle to her groom, friends and family smiling from the sides. Misty couldn’t help herself from smiling along with it, and then she frowned.

    “Ash?” this time she didn’t wait for him to answer before continuing, “Do you think I’m making a mistake?”

    If he had had one more margarita or perhaps had been a little more tired, he would have told her the truth. He would have said that of course she was making a mistake because no matter how much Jordan had changed, he would never make her as happy as Ash could. But Ash was sober and awake enough that he could think of the best thing to say.

    “Do you think you’re making a mistake?” he asked.

    “That didn’t answer my question.”

    “I know,” he sighed and turned on his side to face her, “but the reality is that it’s up to you. It isn’t anyone else’s life but your own. So if you think you’re making a mistake maybe you are…”

    She thought about what he said, “I don’t know what I think…I think it just might be cold feet. I’m realizing lately that there are a lot of things I’ll miss once I’m married, like doing things like this. Should I be more excited about what’s to come than worried about what I’m giving up?”

    “I don’t know…I’ve never been…engaged.” he said choosing his words carefully. He waited to hear her response only to see that she had fallen asleep.

    Ash rolled over onto his back and shut his eyes to stop them from tearing up before falling into a troubled sleep.

    A/N: There you have it! I know, not nearly as eventful as ch 1 but trust me ch 3 will be better, because well, Misty's getting married! And I have it pretty much written in my head so there won't be as long of a wait for that one.

    I know that the daydream part at the beginning was a little confusing, I did that on purpose. I wanted you to be in her head a little, so you see things the way she did before Ash snapped her out of it.

    Let me know what you thought! As you can see, reviews or even telling me you like the fic work wonders!
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    And I'm the first reviewer again, yay me. :p I'm glad we could motivate you. Now to read and review.

    Yep, this first part is definitely confusing. When I first read it I thought what?

    Brock continues to try to get Ash to do the right thing. But he won't, because he's scared. That's ironic.

    I really that you have Misty and May together, I love it when they spend time to together as friends and stuff. And someone has to talk to Misty. Ash isn't.

    Or it's jealousy.

    I feel sorry for those girls. Ash is not interested. He's using them.

    It's not a lie exactly, they were in a relationship and then they got married. And she's having second thoughts, and he's not telling her what he really thinks. If only they couldwhat they really feel, but then they're wouldn't be a story.

    I wonder what's going to happen at the wedding, is she going to marry him and make things even more complicated? ('cuz Ash is going to run for it when she does). Is she going to run from the alter because she's scared? Is she going to get cold feet and not show up? We'll just have to see.

    I guess you'll show us what happens next chapter. It sounds interesting.
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    Chapter 2 ! Let's go :)

    Because Ash can be both a male stirpper and can go out shopping for lingerie with her :D
    She wants to talk.

    maybe the scent will also trigger some sort of reaction...in a period of time.

    Jealousy...inner feeling ^^
    Your gut tells you something is wrong.

    I think there's an error somewhere here. It doesn't make sense :/

    I thought something might happen here :D

    Anyway, good stuff, nothing eventful as you said, but I'm sure it's not going to be like that for long ^^
    See you soon ;)
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    wow, this is a really great fic!

    your writing style is very captivating, i feel all the emotions coming out of the words

    and the situation that Ash has been placed in must be so painful! very creative plot :D

    nice job! (>,<)V
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    Well this was a very productive weekend! I sat at my computer and wrote chapters 3,4, and part of 5! I figured that once I got past the mountain of filler that was chapter 2 the story would just flow out of me, and it has!

    Quick response to the reviews:
    @Yoshi-kun: it's funny because the only reason I have Misty and May as friends was process of elimination. Brock and Ash are fairly close in the fic and I wanted Misty to have the same sort of friend, I didn't want to take the time to create a new character and I didn't really see her confiding in her sisters. It came down to May or Dawn and I chose May because I've seen a few advanced episodes as opposed to no d/p eps. I'm just hoping that I have her in character!

    @rowly: Thanks so much! It means a lot that you like my writing because I don't think I'm all that good at it!

    and now...

    Chapter 3

    Misty walked up the sidewalk towards Jordan’s condo. Surprising him with lunch was one of her favorite things to do, that and it gave him the perfect opportunity to pop the question. They’d been dating for a few years now and he’d been so secretive lately that she figured he must be getting ready to propose.

    As she reached the door, she struggled, shifting the paper bag in her hands to get her key out of her purse. Once she got the door open, she stepped into the entryway not worrying about making her presence known since Jordan wouldn’t be home for another half hour.

    Misty walked into the kitchen setting her bag on the counter and began to pull the food out. Homemade ravioli and garlic bread with a bottle of wine. She wasn’t the best cook, but she spent the whole morning at Delia’s learning how to make Jordan’s favorite dish for him.

    As she pulled plates and wine glasses out of the cupboard, she thought she heard a noise come from the living room. Misty stopped and listened, she didn’t hear anything so she continued setting up the food.

    She stopped again, that time she was sure she heard something. Oh god, if there’s some sort of intruder… she thought as she walked slowly toward the living room.

    Her body froze in the doorway as she stared at the couch. There was Jordan, that much was clear and a woman. From there she didn’t allow her mind to process what she was seeing before backing out of the room and running out of the house. Somehow she found herself in Ash’s arms.

    May and Daisy stood in the doorway of Ash’s room watching Misty and Ash sleep. Her head was on top of his chest with her arms wrapped tightly around his waist. His arm was loosely around her, resting on her shoulder.

    “Aren’t they cute?” May whispered.

    Daisy nodded smiling, “They always have been, when they were younger, they were always very touchy feely. She was so infatuated with him then. I guess their puppy love just turned into a really close friendship.”

    “You know, I always thought they would end up together. Maybe they did too, and that’s why they’ve been so weird lately.” May commented.

    “What do you mean?”

    “Well, Misty has been really clingy, and Ash has been a jerk. I think it’s hitting them that Misty’s getting married.”

    Daisy sighed, “Yeah, speaking of, we should probably wake her up.” the blonde Sensational Sister walked over to the side of the bed Misty was on and shook her gently, “Misty,” she sang, “wake up, you’re getting married today.”

    Misty scrunched her face up and tightened her grip around Ash causing him to open his eyes slowly. When he saw May and Daisy he moved away from Misty so fast she woke up startled.

    “Morning,” she stretched as the two women laughed.

    “Morning sleepyheads,” Daisy giggled, “We brought your dress, and it’s time to start getting ready little sister.”

    Ash had stood and was waiting patiently for the women to leave his room so he could shower. Misty got off the bed and pulled Ash into a hug surprising him at first but he loosened up and hugged her back.

    “What was that for?” He asked when they broke apart.

    “For everything you’ve ever done for me,” she sighed, her eyes tearing up a little.

    “Aw, Mist don’t be like that, it’s not like one of us is dying! You’re just getting married,” he said hugging her again, not sure if it was for her sake or his.

    Her body began to shake as she sobbed into his chest. At a loss for what to do, May and Daisy went out into the hallway leaving Ash and Misty alone.

    “Misty,” he started, stroking her hair slightly, “Why are you so upset? The only thing that’s going to change is that you won’t live here. A bride shouldn’t be crying like this on her wedding day.”

    “I don’t know why, I’m just sad,” she cried pulling away from him, “I guess I’m just emotional, we’ve been together so long…”

    “I know, but you didn’t cry like this when you had to go home and I kept traveling,” he pointed out.

    “That was different, we weren’t this close then.” she sniffled as she slowly stopped her tears.

    “That’s true, what about if I promise you that once a month we’ll get together and do something?”

    “Once a week,” she told him.

    “I don’t think your husband would appreciate once a week, what about twice a month?” he bargained.

    “Fine, but I want you to call me, a lot.”

    “Will do, but now you need to go get ready.”

    She breathed deeply and nodded, hugging him one last time before going to her own room where her two bridesmaids were waiting.


    Sitting in her robe at her vanity, Misty stared at her reflection as Daisy brushed her hair and May applied her makeup. She wasn’t sure what to think of her dream last night. It seemed so strange, and surreal, as if she was watching a TV show instead of someone’s life. Then again, who’s to say it was someone’s life? For all she knew it was just a crazy dream. They would probably be able to tell her, May and Daisy, but the real question was, would they?

    “How did I find out?” she asked aloud.

    “Find out what?” May asked not stopping her task.

    “That Jordan was cheating on me,” they froze and exchanged a glance.

    “Do you really wanna talk about it while you’re getting ready to marry him? I mean, it’s in the past and you’ve made it clear that you don’t care.” Daisy said.

    “I don‘t care, but I still want to know,” Misty protested.

    Daisy sighed and sat on the end of Misty’s bed facing her, “You walked in on him and the other woman.”

    “So I caught him myself? How?”

    “You never completely told us,” Daisy paused as she thought; “You went over to his place when you thought he wasn’t home and you found him and whoever she was. You didn’t yell or scream or confront him. Jordan didn’t even know that you were there until he saw the food in the kitchen. You left and went to a park somewhere. You were really out of it, I’m glad Ash found you when he did or who knows what would have happened.”

    “Ash found me?” Misty asked with sudden interest, “Did I call him?”

    “No, he was out doing something with Brock and he said he just felt like he needed to call you so he did and when you didn’t answer your cell he got worried and went to find you, like he just knew something was wrong.” May finished.

    Misty smiled; comforted by the fact that Ash had played the part of her hero yet again.

    “I’ll tell you, he gave Jordan an earful too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ash so mad.” Daisy commented absentmindedly.

    “Me either,” May agreed as they went back to helping Misty get ready.

    She watched them through the reflection in the mirror, thinking about her best friend in the next room.


    Her hair was curled at the bottom, falling into pretty ringlets. May had lined her eyes with brown liner and the gold eye shadow made her eyes seem bluer. Misty had never seen herself look so pretty, and for the first time she didn‘t quite feel like she was looking at herself.

    Brock and Ash were spending their last few moments with her before they had to take their seats in the pew.

    Daisy walked forward and helped fasten the veil on Misty’s head.

    “How do I look?” she asked twirling in front of her friends.

    “Gorgeous.” Brock smiled.

    They both stared expectantly at Ash whose attention never left Misty.

    “Ash?” She asked.

    “Huh? Oh…you look stunning,” he faked a smile as she went to hug Brock.

    “Congratulations,” Brock whispered.

    “Thank you, and thanks for being here.”

    “Misty,” Brock held her at arms length looking right into her eyes, “No matter how we feel about the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with, Ash and I will always be there to support you. We love you, you know.”

    “I know, I love you guys too. You’re like the brothers I never had,” she leaned forward and kissed Brock’s cheek.

    “Hey, Misty. It’s almost time.” May announced walking into the room looking pretty in her pale yellow dress.

    “Oh, okay.” Misty suddenly became flustered as she primped in front of the mirror.

    “We better go sit down,” Brock said placing his hands on Ash’s shoulders.

    The younger man nodded slowly and began to walk out into the church.

    Misty, May, and Daisy stood just outside the large door waiting for their cue to walk. Misty was tired of being a bride already, everyone was fussing over her and she really just wanted this whole day to be over. Was that wedding jitters? To want so badly to be done with the wedding?

    She began to shake as she heard the string orchestra start up and May and Daisy began to line up as the ushers opened the doors. Misty hated the sound of the violins playing, she had wanted a piano but Jordan thought that this would be more elegant. Of course, since Jordan and his family were paying for the wedding he usually got what he wanted. Misty had shrugged it off in the planning stages but now resented it. Wasn’t the wedding supposed to be the bride’s day?

    Her hands tightened around the bouquet as the wedding march began to play.

    “This is it,” she said aloud taking a deep breath in an attempt to steady herself.

    As she walked slowly down the aisle she looked around at all the people in the pews who stood to watch her. She didn’t know any of these people. Of all the faces in the room, only a small percentage were there to see her.

    She was halfway down the aisle when she finally began to focus on her friends and family. They were all smiling but it was fake. No one was happy for her, it was at that moment that Misty realized she wasn't either.

    Her breathing quickened and she gripped the flowers in her hands tighter. Misty’s gaze landed on Ash. He was standing between his mom and Brock, the same fake smile as everyone else but the expression in his eyes was so sad.

    “Misty?” Jordan hissed from the altar and for the first time Misty noticed that she had stopped walking.

    This isn’t my wedding. Where’s the beach, and the honeysuckle, and the piano? My friends are here but they aren’t happy about it. This isn’t how today is supposed to be. This isn’t right.

    She shut her eyes and began to shake her head.

    “I’m sorry,” she said dropping her flowers and beginning to walk backwards out of the chapel, “I can’t do this.”

    Brock barely had a chance to glance at Ash before the raven-haired man jumped out of his seat and chased after Misty.

    She was pacing back and forth and wringing her fingers just outside the door.

    “Ash!” she exclaimed rushing into his arms, "I can't do it, I can't marry Jordan!"

    "You don't have to," he consoled through his smile.


    Ash and Misty turned to see Jordan standing in the doorway.

    “Jordan, I’m sorry. I can’t marry you. You’re not the one for me.”

    Jordan’s hurt expression switched from Misty to Ash then back again, “And Ash is the one for you?”

    “No!” She moved so that she and Ash weren’t standing so close, “I don’t know who is…just that it’s not you.”

    Jordan sighed and nodded sadly, “I’m sorry too.”

    After Jordan left, Misty looked at Ash, “So…what do you do after you leave someone at the alter?”


    “Do you think it’s wrong that we’re celebrating Misty not getting married?” Delia asked as she carried food out onto the patio table.

    “No!” Ash, May, Drew and Gary said from their separate areas of the backyard.

    “Okay, I was just asking.” Delia said walking back into the house to get more food.

    Misty walked down the stairs from her room having changed into a simple yellow summer dress. Her hair was still curled but was now pulled up into a half ponytail. She went out onto the patio hugging Delia.

    Brock walked over to Ash, he hadn’t said much since chasing after Misty at the wedding.

    “So, now that she’s not with Jordan are you going to tell her?” he asked.

    Ash looked at his friend incredulously, “Can you just give me a moment? This is a lot to take in right now.”

    “She was looking at you when she decided that she couldn’t marry Jordan, don’t you think that means something?” Brock pressed.

    “No, probably not. Just let me catch my breath before I worry about telling Misty anything.”

    “Don’t procrastinate, Ash if you don’t tell her soon…”

    “Leave me alone, I’ll tell her when I’m ready.”

    “Quit putting it off, otherwise she might not be available when you do.”

    Ash turned to glare at his friend, “And you think that 2 hours after she left Jordan standing at the alter is an appropriate time to tell her I’m in love with her? God, Brock just let me do this my way!”

    “There isn’t really a time when it will be appropriate, if you’re waiting for it to come up in conversation it’s not going to.” Brock snapped walking angrily toward the house. Ash could be so stubborn sometimes. If he wasn’t going to do something soon, Brock would have to take matters into his own hands.

    Misty watched as her two friends argued then Brock began to walk in her direction.

    “Brock,” she called following him into the house, “What are you and Ash fighting about?”

    “That? It’s nothing; can I ask you a question though?” He led her away from the door before continuing, “What made you decide not to marry Jordan?”

    “I don’t know…the last month or so I’ve been thinking a lot about what I was giving up. Then as I was walking down the aisle I realized that no one was happy to be there…especially me,” she shrugged, “I just knew that it wasn’t right.”

    Brock nodded, “But you were looking at Ash…”

    “So?” She asked.

    “So…did Ash affect your decision?”

    “No…at least, I don’t think so. He just looked so sad…how can I get married to someone who makes my best friend look like that on my wedding day?”

    Brock was quiet for a long time as he stared out at the patio, “Misty, there’s something I need to show you.” He said softly grabbing her hand and pulling her upstairs.

    She followed him, more than a little curious as they stepped into Ash’s room.

    “Brock what are you…” Misty trailed off as he reached up into the top of Ash’s closet and pulled out an old shoebox.

    He turned and held the box out for her to take, “I found this a few months ago, Ash told me that he threw it away after you got into the accident but I had a feeling that he wouldn’t be able to.” Misty slowly reached her hand out to receive the box, “I’ll leave you alone to look at it.” he said before walking back downstairs.

    Wary of what Ash might be keeping in this box, she slowly pulled the lid off and her eyes widened.

    “Have you seen Misty?” May asked glancing around the yard.

    “Not since she went inside with Brock,” Delia answered sitting down next to Ash at the table.

    “But…Brock is over with Gary…” Daisy trailed off

    “Ash Ketchum!” Misty shrieked from the doorway holding a shoebox in her hands. His face turned white as he realized what she was holding. Ash stood up and stormed toward Misty tearing the box out of her hands and brushing past her into the house.

    “Why didn’t you tell me about this?” She yelled following him up the stairs.

    “You had no right to go through my stuff! What were you doing in my closet?” He snapped back.

    “Don’t change the subject! Why did you keep this from me?”

    “Because it didn’t matter!” Finally reaching his room, he turned to look at her. For the first time Misty was truly terrified, she had never seen Ash look so angry. His eyes practically had fire glowing inside them and his face was flushed a dark red. It only affected her for a moment, until Misty remembered that she was mad at him too.

    “I deserved to know! Ash, we were married!” She hissed.

    “I know that! They’re my memories, remember? Not yours, you don’t have a right to this because it’s mine!"

    “Just because I don’t remember it, doesn’t mean that it’s any less mine! I don’t remember being an infant, are you going to take that part of my life away from me too?” She reached out for the box trying to pull it out of Ash’s hands.

    They pulled back and forth yelling at each other until the box ripped in half scattering the contents all over the room. They both went silent as they started to gather the pictures.

    Misty stopped as she picked up a picture of the two of them kissing as snow fell all around them. Their cheeks were pink from the cold and snowflakes clung to their hair and clothes. She smiled softly at the image; it looked so cozy and made her feel comforted.

    Ash glanced up at Misty seeing her sitting on her knees smiling at a picture in her hands. She looked so pretty, her soft red hair cascading over her shoulders, her eyes sparkling.

    “Ash?” She asked looking up at him, “When did we take this picture?”

    He moved over to where she was sitting and smiled, “We went skiing one weekend, only a month or two after we started officially dating. You told me that you wanted to be kissed in the snow, you always saw it in movies and it was so romantic. We were out arguing about something. I swear you were seconds away from going home without me, and then it started to snow. So I kissed you. Apparently one of the other people on the mountain saw us and took a picture, they gave it to us as we were leaving.”

    She shut her eyes breathing deeply, trying so hard to recall a memory, any memory. Sadly her mind stayed blank.

    “This was your favorite picture of us you know. You kept it in the drawer by your bed so you could look at it every day.”

    “It’s pretty,” she murmured as she continued to pick up the pictures.

    “I’m sorry,” Ash said in a voice barely above a whisper.

    “What?” she asked not moving to look at him.

    “I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you…about us,” he took a deep breath, “I was scared that you wouldn’t believe me. Or that you couldn’t feel the same way anymore and I wouldn’t be able to take that so I kept it to myself.”

    “Brock knew,” she said simply.

    “I didn’t mean for him to, he found the wedding picture so I told him. He wanted me to tell you.”

    “You should have. I should have known.”

    “I know, I know! How many times do I have to apologize, because I will!” he exclaimed.

    “I don’t know why you thought I wouldn’t believe you…you’re not the type to lie about marrying someone. And…it’s not so unbelievable that I would fall for you…” she sighed.

    “Really?” his expression lifted slightly.

    Misty shrugged, “Yeah, I mean, you’re my best friend and after what happened with Jordan…it’s not hard to imagine that I would turn to you. You’re a better rebound than anyone else I could have chosen.”

    Ash sat straight up as if he had been slapped, “Rebound,” he repeated, his voice emotionless. He stood up, dropping the pictures in his hand and started to walk out of the room.

    “Ash!” Misty exclaimed chasing after him, only to see him slam the door as he left.

    “Misty?” She turned and saw Delia and Brock standing just inside the back door, “What happened?”

    “I said the wrong thing, I think…and I need to fix It.” she said staring at the door.

    Brock whispered to Delia who nodded and went back out onto the patio, “Misty, where did Ash go?”

    “I don’t know,” she said walking back into Ash’s room and emerging with a stack of pictures, “What I do know is that I’m going to sit here, and wait for him to come back.” to punctuate her sentence, Misty plopped down on the stairs in front of the door.

    a/n: so there you go, Misty knows and she's successfully ****** Ash off. Chapter 4 is done, but I figure there should be some pacing between the two...so I would say expect that to be posted friday.

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    Hi Ashley Rose, I've just started looking at this fic.

    I gotta say, good job! :) Very suspenseful!

    Keep it up! :D
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    Lucky for you, I really wanted to post chapter 4! I'm pleased with the way it turned out and I wanted to see what you all thought.

    @Caesar: You'll probably still get a chapter for your bday, I'm whipping right through chapter 5!

    Chapter 4

    It was after dark when Ash found his way back to the house he shared with Misty. He pushed open the front door, startled to see her sitting on the stairs looking through a stack of pictures.

    She looked up when she heard him come in and gave him a small smile, “You know; I keep looking at these pictures over and over again…just trying to remember something.”

    “Are you?” He asked sitting on the stair behind her.

    She hesitated then shook her head, “It might as well be someone else’s life.” They sat in silence for a moment until she turned to look at him, “I’m sorry that I upset you.”

    “It’s fine.”

    “No, it’s not fine!” She exclaimed, “You and…I had something that was obviously very important to you and I made it into something cheap…I’m sorry.”

    “Don’t worry about it, you didn’t know,” Ash sighed.

    “So you’re, like…in love with me?” she asked

    “Madly,” he exhaled loudly liking the idea that he didn’t have to censor himself around her anymore.

    “That’s…a lot of pressure…” she breathed resting her arms on her knees.

    “I’ve never asked you for anything,” he pointed out.

    “Thanks for that,” she turned back to him.

    Ash and Misty stared at each other both at a loss for what to say or do next. For the first time, she actually took the time to see Ash, not as her childhood best friend, but as a person. He had grown up well, keeping his dark hair shorter than when he was a kid but still as shaggy and untamed as always. His skin held a permanent tan that made his brown eyes stand out against it. It was easy to see why women found him so attractive, it wasn’t just his looks. He exuded a laid-back attitude that was so desirable. How had she not seen it before?

    Leaning forward slowly, she surprised Ash as much as herself when she kissed him. Her hands moved to the sides of his face, drawing him closer. She had never realized how needy she was until this moment. She definitely needed something, and it would seem that whatever it was Ash was here for her.

    Misty moaned softly and pulled away from him long enough to rip his shirt open, popping off a few buttons. This time though, as their lips met, Ash took control. He wrapped his arms around her, tipping her onto her back on the stairs. She shifted and groaned trying to get comfortable with the corner of the stair pressed into her back.

    He sat up, struggling to catch his breath, “Sorry.”

    Misty giggled as she pulled him closer and kissed him again. Then she stood up and pulled her dress over her head and tossed it to him as she backed into his room. Ash laughed as he got up and chased after her. They collided into each other when he reached his bedroom; she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck as he lifted her up by her thighs and pressed her against the wall.

    Very quickly Ash realized that at this moment, he didn’t care how Misty felt about him. Right now all he was thinking about was how long he’s wanted her but couldn’t have her. Yes, she was vulnerable and he was using her but he found himself strangely okay with it because she was using him too.

    Her fingers twisted through his hair as she whispered in his ear, “I want you.”

    Her voice sent a shiver of desire through his body. He kissed her hard as they tumbled onto his bed.


    Breathing heavily, Ash rested his head on Misty’s chest while she ran her fingers through his hair.

    “That was…” she breathed.

    “Yeah,” he sighed propping himself up on his elbow next to her.

    She smiled as she leaned towards Ash and kissed him again.

    He chuckled softly, “You’re not going to give me a break are you?”

    “Nuh uh,” She grinned pulling him towards her, “The way I see it, this is my wedding night. And the only wedding night rule is that you have a lot of sex.”

    “I think it’s common knowledge that you’re supposed to have a lot of sex with the person you married.”

    “This counts, we were married once right?”

    “That we were,” he smiled kissing her neck.

    “Ash, we had a wedding night…right?”

    “Yeah, we did.”

    “Good,” she smiled, “How long were we actually married?”

    “Um, a little over 48 hours,” he said thinking back.

    “Shorter than Britney Spears,” she commented absentmindedly.

    He laughed loudly, “Yeah, if people knew about it I’m sure it would be some sort of record.”

    “Secret relationship that ends with amnesia,” Misty mused, “it would make a good movie, don’t you think?”

    “Probably, but not one I’d be going to see.”

    “Who do you think would play me?”

    “If I had my choice?” She nodded, “I think I would want you to be played by Hayden Panettiere.”

    Misty scrunched her nose in thought, “Why her?”

    “Cuz she’s hot. I think if they made a movie about us and Hayden played you, I might go see that.”

    She laughed and leaned over him kissing his cheek, “Had enough of a break?” She asked sitting up with her legs on either side of his hips.

    He sat up to meet her, wrapping his arms around her back, “I supposed you can put me to work again,” he smiled letting out an exaggerated groan as he kissed her.


    Ash pushed open the glass doors of the small restaurant and scanned the tables for Brock. They had decided a few days before Misty’s wedding that they would meet here for breakfast the morning after. Brock didn’t say it, but Ash knew it was an attempt to check up on him. He spotted the breeder in a booth near the back and waved to him as he walked over and sat down.

    “You know, that was completely unfair of you to show Misty that box,” Ash started as he picked up the menu.

    “Look, I’m sorry but I didn’t think you were going to do anything about it. Besides, it seemed like everything turned out okay,” Brock said meeting Ash’s gaze with a wink.

    “What do you mean?” Ash asked.

    Brock shifted in his seat, resting his elbows on the table, “I stopped by later on last night to make sure that you came back and I saw you two getting hot and heavy on the stairs.”

    “Oh, yeah,” Ash commented absentmindedly, “Can I get some coffee and the pancake platter with an extra side of sausage?” He asked as the waiter came up.

    “I’ll have the strawberry waffles and orange juice,” Brock said before turning his attention back to Ash, “So, what happened?”

    “When?” Ash asked, knowing what Brock was talking about but wondering how long he could play dumb.

    “Stop it, when I left you had stormed out, I came back to check on Misty and you two were making out. How did you get from point a to point b?” he asked.

    “I don’t know, I think we were both just in a weird place. If it makes you feel any better, she started it.”

    “Is that all that happened?” Brock was looking for some sort of news.


    “Quit being short, just tell me!”

    “So maybe we slept together…a few times…” Ash shrugged, “It was a one time fluke.”

    “You seem oddly okay with that,” Brock leaned back crossing his arms.

    “Well, I didn’t start dating Misty so that I could have sex with her, we’re taking things slow. I realize that she doesn’t feel the same way that she used to and I’m willing to give her the time she needs.”

    “That’s actually very mature of you, Ash,” Brock said a little surprised.

    “I have my moments,” Ash smirked as their food was set in front of them.

    “So now that I’ve gotten my concerned for Misty side satisfied I’m going to go into my guy side,” he took a bite of his breakfast, “How was it?”

    Ash looked down at his plate in an attempt to hide his smile, “It was…satisfactory.”

    Brock laughed a little, “Really? Worth the wait?”


    “Worth waiting more?”

    “Knowing that I have a chance of going back to the way it was…I’d wait forever,” he smiled leaning back into the seat.

    “Good, I can’t imagine why she wouldn’t fall for you again.”

    Ash speared a piece of his pancakes and took the bite giving Brock a cheeky smile that made him laugh.


    When Misty woke up that morning she felt conflicted. She felt guilty that she had led Ash on knowing how he felt about her, and that she didn’t have the same feelings for him. At the same time she knew that she had to figure out where the two of them went from here, she owed him that much. Lastly, she felt that sleeping with Ash was definitely something that should become a daily activity for them.

    She turned on her side watching him sleep. He was good looking, they got along really well, and she had already fallen for him once. It might not be hard to fall in love with Ash again. She sat up slowly so that she wouldn’t wake him up and started to move off of the bed. Then on a second though, she leaned down and kissed his cheek softly before walking to the bathroom to shower.

    Ash was still asleep when she emerged so she went downstairs to eat breakfast and come up with a plan of action.

    She was halfway through her bowl of cereal when he finally walked into the kitchen his hair still damp from his own shower.

    “Morning,” he said in his usual tone. She was a little surprised, he was acting as if nothing had happened last night.

    “Morning,” she responded, “There’s still Fruity Pebbles if you want them for breakfast.”

    “Nah, I’m meeting Brock in a little while.” he replied pouring himself a glass of milk.

    Misty ate in silence not sure how to approach the subject of them as a couple.

    “So, last night was…great,” Ash said setting down his glass, “but you’re not in love with me and that’s fine. I couldn’t expect you to be all of a sudden.”

    “I want to be…I mean, I want to try,”

    “I think, for both our sake, we should forget about what happened and just go slow from here. Take it one day at a time.”

    “That’s a really good idea,” Misty nodded taking the last bite of her cereal then standing up.

    “Good, then I’m gonna head out, but I’ll be back a little later and we can talk about what we’re doing.”

    “Okay,” they stood awkwardly in front of each other not sure how to say goodbye. Should they kiss? Hug? Wave? Ash made a decision faster than she did and leaned forward kissing her cheek.

    “Bye,” he said quietly walking past her to the door.

    Now Misty sat alone with nothing to do, she was supposed to be on the Seafoam Islands but staying here was turning out to be better. Ash was probably blabbing everything to Brock at this moment, she wished she had someone she could tell.

    Jumping up from the table, she ran upstairs and into her bedroom where her phone was sitting on the dresser. Flopping backwards onto her bed, she flipped her phone open and sent May a text message.

    Hey! Doin anything?

    She knew that May’s phone was always in her hand so Misty didn’t have to wait long for her phone to buzz.

    No. Y?

    Come over. Excitement is brewing. She sent back.

    Yay! Give me half an hour.

    Misty smiled and went back to the kitchen remember that there was a bottle of wine in the fridge. May burst through the door 15 minutes later.

    “What is it? What’s going on?” She exclaimed, her eyes lit up as Misty handed her a glass of wine, “Ooo, thank you! So, what’s the excitement?”

    “Well…you know how Ash and I got into that argument yesterday?” Misty started, sitting on the couch.

    “Yeah, and he took off?” May sat on the opposite end of the couch crossing her legs in front of her.

    “The thing we were arguing about was that Ash was keeping a secret from me.”

    “What was it?” May breathed. That was why Misty invited her over, not only was May her closest female friend but she was easily excitable.

    “Apparently, the night before we got into the car accident…Ash and I got married..”

    “You what!?”

    “I know!”

    “So you’ve been married this whole time?”

    “No, he had the marriage annulled after I woke up and asked for Jordan,” she said leaning back, “he was in love with me this whole time, but he never said anything.”

    “That's so romantic...so what’s happening now?”

    “Well, last night…Ash and I had sex,”

    May choked on her wine sputtering for a second, “You two?” Misty nodded smiling, “Oh my god…”

    “I know.”

    “Wow…what was it like?”

    “May!” Misty exclaimed.

    “What? Didn’t you ever wonder?” she studied Misty’s expression before continuing, “Think about it, we’ve known Ash for a long time, since he was a dorky little kid that wanted nothing to do with girls. Now we’re all grown up, and he’s this ladies man,” the red head gave her a look, “Alright, maybe ladies man is taking it a bit too far, but you know what I mean. Haven’t you been at least a little curious?”

    Misty rolled her eyes upward thinking, “Yeah…I was curious…”

    “So, how was he?”

    Misty smiled softly, “It was…better than I expected.”


    “Mmhmm, you know your first kiss? Not like your actual first kiss, but your first good kiss?”

    May nodded.

    “Well it was like that, with every kiss. He was honestly the best I’ve ever had.”

    “Wow…” May breathed taking in Misty’s description.


    As the two women sat there caught up in their own visions of romance when they heard the front door open.

    Ash walked into the living room pausing as he saw Misty and May sitting on the couch, their cheeks flushed a guilty pink.

    He sighed, “It’s a little early to be drinking, ladies.”

    “Maybe, but we’re are having a girl’s day and you can drink anytime during one of those,” May smiled.

    “Why do I have the feeling that I’m the subject of this girl’s day?” he asked sitting on the armchair.

    “Because your ears were burning silly!” Misty giggled.

    “Was that what that was?” he grinned pouring himself a glass of wine.

    “I was just telling May that you and I were married,” Misty said matter of factly.

    “First Brock and now May, Mom’s not going to be happy that she wasn’t the first to find out,” Ash mused

    “We can pretend for her sake that Brock and I don’t know.” May supplied.

    “We probably should, you know how sensitive she can get,” the girls nodded, “Although, I’m a lot smarter than I used to be and I think we should probably omit the stuff you girls were talking about when we tell Mom.”

    “What do you think we were talking about?” May asked giving Ash a sly smile, “Mr. Best Misty’s Ever Had”

    “May!” Misty exclaimed her face burning.

    “Really?” Ash turned to look at Misty with a smile, “Best you’ve ever had?”

    “I-” she stuttered, “I may have said something like that.”

    “Today’s turning out to be a fairly good day,” he leaned back into the chair.

    “I was thinking the same thing,” she smiled at him.

    a/n: A little racier than my last chapters, but please, a years worth of tension had built up, what did you think was going to happen?
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    yay chapter 4

    very good, all i have to say really
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    Yes you have her in character. :)

    So Misty left Jordan at the altar? Good for her. That really wasn't her wedding, should be happy, everyone should be happy. Speaking of her dream wedding, then again her first one wasn't like that either. But at she was happier.

    That's a really long sentence there, I think maybe it should have been given some pauses some way, unless May was trying to say all of that in one breath. ^ ^;


    Thank goodness Brock told her! Somebody needed to, and Ash wasn't going to do it. Now she can find out.

    She still had a right to know though.


    Well Misty messed up now.

    And he forgave her easily. But it wasn't like meant it. And she apologized.

    Their relationship begin the way it began before. Kinky. Lots and lots of attraction.

    More Misty and May friendship, even it was by process of elimination, I still adore it.

    About your authors note, UST for the win.
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    First off, responding to reviews...

    Yay! I'm glad!

    It's still friday! I did mean to have it up this morning, but it took me a little longer than anticipated to work out the ending just right.

    For your reading pleasure, I present...

    Chapter 5

    Misty twisted the doorknob pushing it open slightly. Then she leaned forward pressing her lips to Ash’s. After a bit she pulled away, whipping herself into her room and slamming the door in Ash’s face. This was their bedtime ritual, since they had been dating for awhile it was becoming increasingly hard to keep to their separate rooms. Misty figured that her bedroom door would remain the barrier between a goodnight kiss and waking up together, at least for now.

    “Goodnight,” she giggled leaning on the inside of the door.

    “Goodnight,” he said softly, smiling as he walked to his own bedroom, shutting the door behind him.

    Once Misty heard his door close she fell backwards onto the end of her bed. It had been six weeks since what was supposed to be her wedding day and she still wasn’t able to wipe the dorky grin off of her face. Misty was certain that she had never been this happy in her entire life, and it was all because of Ash.

    He was so sweet to her, he sent flowers to the gym, he called her at lunch, and they spent every second together from the time she got home until they went to bed.

    Ash was sweeping her off her feet and she loved it. Her eleven year old self was having a field day doing the I Told You So Dance; which looked a more like the Macarena than Misty cared to admit.

    Kicking her shoes off onto the floor, she started to notice the dull ache in her head. For the last week or so she’s had a lingering headache. It wasn’t terribly painful just a nuisance, she could ignore it most of the time.

    Summer was in full swing causing the gym to be busy from the time they opened until they shut the doors after the last challenger. Misty was exhausted, barely able to strip down before collapsing into the welcoming folds of her duvet.

    Ash was lying on his own bed staring at the ceiling. He wasn’t tired; on the contrary he could have spent hours more with Misty. But as they sat on the couch he watched her eyelids droop as she recounted her day and listen to him tell his. So he told her he was exhausted, knowing that she wouldn’t go to bed any other way.

    She’s been so tired lately, he knew the gym was busy but it always gets that way during the summer and she’s never been this beat. He partly blamed himself for her exhaustion, they were spending every chance they could together and she wasn’t getting a lot of time to herself.

    He had offered to help, obviously the Pokemon League didn’t want their current champion battling challengers but he could do other things like cleaning and taking care of the pokemon. She turned him down, saying that she had handled it in the past and she could handle it now.

    He hated seeing her so tired, but he couldn’t force her to let him help. He was doing everything he could to avoid arguments with her.

    He sighed and turned on the TV, deciding to watch Prof Oak’s show; that always put him to sleep.


    Misty awoke to the smell of cinnamon and coffee. Smiling as she pulled a tank top and shorts on, she wandered out into the hallway and downstairs.

    Delia was standing in the kitchen making homemade cinnamon rolls and chatting with Ash who was seated at the breakfast bar holding a coffee mug.

    “Morning!” Delia said as she saw Misty.

    “Morning,” she yawned back before kissing Ash quickly. They both turned red even though Delia looked away in an attempt to give them privacy.

    “Sleep okay? I‘m making breakfast!” he joked.

    “Yeah, I was out the second my head hit the pillow. Thanks,” she said as Delia set a cup of coffee in front of her, “It’s just a good thing I have today off, otherwise I wouldn’t have slept nearly as late.” Misty began pouring toffee nut flavored creamer into her cup.

    “What are you doing today?” Delia asked.

    “I have some errands that I’ve been putting off, and I think I’ll still stop by the gym, I haven’t really been spending any time with my pokemon.”

    “That sucks, I was going to see if you wanted to come to the tournament with me,” Ash pouted.

    “Why would I go with you? They don’t even let you battle, I would just watch you sign your name and be ogled by women and I could do that here!” She laughed.

    “Please, like you’d let a woman ogle me,” he joked, “She wouldn’t stand a chance.”

    “True, but I’m going to have to decline, sorry.”

    “It’s cool, I better head out, I’ll see you later tonight.” he leaned down to kiss her cheek then started to walk towards the door. As he grabbed his keys off the hook he paused and turned to look at Misty, “Is that a new shirt?”

    “No…I’ve had this forever, why?” Misty asked confused.

    “You look…different.”


    He waited until his mother was turned away then gestured at his chest, “Bigger…”

    “Oh! I know!” She laughed, “When I get stressed I eat and I think I’ve gained some weight. Why? Is it bad?”

    “No!” He exclaimed, “It’s actually kinda nice, you look healthy.”

    “Thanks,” she smiled.

    “It’s true Misty, you’ve always been really skinny, it’s good to see some meat on your bones,” Delia commented.

    “I wouldn’t get used to it, usually the weight leaves as quickly as it comes,” Misty sighed pulling apart her cinnamon roll.

    “Well then I’ll just have to come over more often and feed you,” the older woman joked.

    “With the way Ash cooks, I wish you would!” Misty blew Ash a kiss as he shot her a glare before leaving.


    “Good job Corsola!” Misty exclaimed kneeling down to pat her pink coral pokemon.

    “You know little sister, I think you’re the only one of us that comes here on her day off,” Daisy commented walking into the Cerulean Gym’s training room. Which was, essentially, a smaller version of the stadium.

    Misty stood up to greet her older sister but grew dizzy and fell backwards so that she was sitting on the ground.

    “Oh!” Daisy rushed over to help Misty up, “Are you alright?”

    “Yeah,” Misty held her head as she shakily got to her feet, “just a little light headed. I stood up too fast I guess.”

    “You know, you haven’t been looking well for the last couple of weeks…maybe you should take tomorrow off too, get some rest.” Daisy offered giving Misty a wary look.

    “Really? You don’t need me here?”

    “Please, I’m sure we can run the gym just fine without you for an extra day,” Daisy scoffed.

    “Thanks, that would be really great, it would give me time to catch up on my sleep,” Misty smiled recalling her pokemon and returning their pokeballs to the shelf.

    “Good, you’ve been exhausted lately; I hope you’re not coming down with something.”

    “Is that concern I hear?” Misty teased.

    “Well, we can run the gym for a couple days without you…but I wouldn’t want you gone for an extended amount of time,” Daisy laughed.

    “Thanks, Sis,” Misty giggled rolling her eyes.

    “So where are you going next? Romantic rendezvous with Ash?” Daisy asked.

    “No, he’s making an appearance at the Indigo Plateau. I’m going shopping with May today.”

    “Have fun, and I don’t want to see you here tomorrow!” Daisy laughed hugging her baby sister.

    “I promise, I won’t stop by at all,” she crossed her fingers, grinning as she walked out of the gym.


    Crystal blue eyes stared in shock as her friend shoveled in her third helping of fettuccini alfredo. Misty had always been a healthy eater, startling when you see her tiny frame, but never this much of an eater.

    “Do you eat…ever?” May asked cocking her head to the side.

    “Hm?” Misty looked up, her cheeks coloring slightly, “Oh…yeah…I’ve just…life has been really stressful lately. With the gym being so busy and I’m still trying to return all the wedding gifts.” she sighed.

    “Do you always eat when you’re stressed?” May glanced down at Misty’s now empty plate.

    “Most of the time…I have sex,” May burst into giggles and Misty joined in.

    “I take it you and Ash are still not doing that?” the brunette asked brushing her hair behind her shoulder.

    “When I fall in love with Ash…” Misty started, “I want to be completely head over heels in love. I don’t want it to be physical at all.”

    “That’s very smart, so when you can’t have sex to relieve your stress…”

    “I eat!” Misty exclaimed flagging down the waiter, “Can we get the check please?”

    As the two women walked across the parking lot to Target, May hung behind a little, watching Misty. She looked different, fat wasn’t the adjective she wanted to use, but Misty definitely looked fuller. And regardless of the fact that she said she was stressed, her skin was glowing with happiness. May guessed that maybe Misty felt deeper for Ash than she was letting on.

    “What are we getting here?” May asked bringing the conversation to Misty.

    “I want to find some picture frames. We haven’t hung up any of the pictures from the box and I want to surprise Ash when he gets home tonight,” She smiled, “That and, for obvious reasons, my jeans are a little tight I need to upgrade my fat pants,” Misty groaned, “God what a depressing sentence.”

    May leaned over and hugged Misty, “If it will make you feel better, I’ll get fat too.”

    The red head laughed, “Thanks, but I couldn’t ask you to do that.”

    “Good, cuz I don’t think that I could.”

    As they walked into the store, they did the same thing any girl does, begin to walk up and down every aisle.

    Giggling and talking, they tried on clothes and jewelry, choosing things for Misty and May. They bought makeup and lotions. For the first time in weeks, Misty forgot about the gym, her headaches, and weight gain. She found herself having a lot of fun.

    “Oh! I just need one last thing before we go,” May said walking off to the pharmacy section of the store, leaving Misty alone with the magazines.

    She scanned the covers noticing that 45% promised exclusive Lindsay Lohan news while the rest talked about Brangelina’s supposed split. Then her eyes caught sight of Ash, he had said that he was interviewed for the annual Hot issue of Teen Trainer magazine. Smiling to herself, she picked up a copy and flipped through it to his section. When Ash first started appearing in magazines and newspapers, Misty used to collect the issues so that they’d always have them. Now he was on so many that it’s wasn’t nearly as exciting, but Ash always had a copy sent to his mother.

    She stopped when she saw his photo realizing for the first time that it was a full page, not the half page blurb of stats he usually got.

    It was all there, age; 27, hometown; Pallet, Kanto Region. She scanned the contents, waiting for May to come back; status; taken. She smiled softly reading the quote;
    AK: There’s a girl I’ve been seeing for awhile now. We hit a roadblock before, but I’m pretty optimistic
    TT: You usually take the ‘no comment’ approach when asked about your personal life, why answer now?
    AK: I always told my friends that as soon as I start talking about a girl to the press. That’s when you know it’s serious.
    TT: So it’s serious?
    AK: [smiles and laughs] I’d say so.

    Misty grinned settling the magazine under her arm as she reached into her purse for her phone.

    “Hey!” Ash answered almost immediately, “What’s up?”

    “Nothing really, just shopping with May…reading a few magazines…” she trailed off.

    “Oh yeah? Which ones?” he asked feigning interest, but Misty could tell that he was embroiled in whatever match was going on at the time. She could practically see him; he would have walked out of the stadium so that he could hear her talk, but positioned himself so that he could still hear the battle and watch it on one of the muted TVs in the hallway.

    “You know, People, Entertainment Weekly, Teen Trainer…”

    “Teen Trainer? You still read that? Was Gary on the cover, teenage girls can’t get enough of Gary,” Ash laughed.

    “No, actually, you are.”

    “I am? Oh yeah, that issue…did you read the article?”

    “Just the part with you, do you really think we’re getting serious?” she asked.

    “Yeah…don’t you?” He didn’t wait for her answer, “I mean, I’ve been in love with you for the last 2 years, as far as I’m concerned…I’m just waiting for you to catch up.”

    She smiled, staying silent for a second, “Ash?”


    “What time are you getting home?”

    “Probably around 8 tonight, why?”

    “I think…” she tried to think of the best way to say it when she was standing in such a public place, “I think that tonight I might sleep in your room…if that’s okay…”

    Ash inhaled sharply understanding what she meant, “Why are you telling me this now? I still have hours before I can come home.”

    “Because it’s something to look forward to,” she giggled and blew a kiss into the phone, “see you tonight!”

    Misty hung up her phone just as May walked around the corner pushing their shopping cart.

    “Sorry I ran off like that, I had to get…lady things,” Misty couldn’t help but giggle at May’s euphemism, “I go through them so fast, I have to buy more like every month.”

    “I’m the same way, actually, I should probably pick some up too,” she said setting her magazine in the cart and walking back where May had come from.

    “I thought you stopped buying magazines just because Ash was on them,” May pointed out glancing at the cover.

    “I did, but…I want to keep this one,” she tried to hide her smile, but May caught it along with the extra bounce in her step.


    Ash hurried from his car to the front steps, a small flower bouquet in his hand. He was running late and Misty was probably going to be furious. Really though, she had to have known that there would be autographs and pictures and 30 second interviews. He hasn’t been able to leave a function like that on time in years.

    He pushed open the door surprised to see Misty sitting on the steps, similar to the night they first got together. This time though, she wasn’t looking through pictures, she was wringing her hands nervously and her face was pale.

    “Mist? Are you alright?” he asked tentatively.

    She looked up at him, noticing for the first time that he was there, and stood, “There’s something I need to show you.” she said beginning to walk up the stairs.

    He followed her, realizing that her mood had taken a dramatic turn since the last time he had spoken to her, she probably wasn’t still planning on sleeping with him tonight.

    She walked into the bathroom, turning to face him and leaning against the wall. Ash stopped in the doorway looking around trying to figure out what it was she was trying to show him.

    Then he saw it, well them actually, 5 to be exact. Lined up on the counter with their identical pink plus signs.

    “Oh, god,” he moaned sitting on the edge of the tub as Misty burst into tears.

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