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Just getting back into TCG,, constructive criticism and feedback much appreciated.

Discussion in 'Pokémon TCG Discussion' started by Gengstar420, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. Gengstar420

    Gengstar420 Pokémon Veteran

    ok so it’s been a few years since I was into the TCG, maybe when Diamond and Pearl were still pretty new. I’m 28, I know I’m old so bare with me. But I am an ultra fan, I’ve been playing the games more than the TCG but both since 1997. One year after it hit the US
    Anyways, I have two questions first I’d like to get the deck I’ve created some feedback, advice and overall stratesgies that may or may not work:

    Pokémon cards-
    x3 Poipole- HP 70, Psychic ULTRA BEAST
    Move- eye opener, Peck

    x2 Naganadel(evolves from Poipole) - HP 130, Psy ULTRA BEAST
    Ability- Charging Up
    Move- Turning Point

    x1 Mr. Mime GX- HP 150, Psy
    Ability- Magic Evens
    Move- Breakdown
    Life Trick GX(heals all damage from this poke)

    Necrozma GX- HP 180, Psy
    Ability- Lights End
    Move- Prismatic Burn
    Black Ray GX(does 100 damage to each of ur opponents pkmn GX and EX. This damage isn’t effected by weakness or resistance)

    Necrozma GX Dawn Wings- HP 180, Psy
    Move- Dark Flash
    Moons Eclipse GX- 180(u can use this atk if u have more prize cards than ur opponent, prevent all atks, including dmg done to this pkmn during opponents next turn)

    x3 Raikou- HP 120, Electric (2 with Lost Voltage and one with Shining Body ABILITY)

    x3 Mareep- HP 60, Electric
    Thunder Shock

    x2 Flaafy(evolves from Mareep) HP 80, Elecrtic
    Signal Beam

    x2 Ampharos(evolves from Flaafy) HP 140, HP 150, Electric
    Ability Ampharos 1- Shocking Light
    Move- Gigavolt 80 dmg
    Ability Ampharos 2- Unseen Flash
    Move- Split Bomb

    x1 Pikachu- HP 60, Electric
    Moves- Tail Whip, Electro Ball

    x1 Minum- HP 70, Electric
    Moves- Ditch and Draw, Electro Ball

    x1Electabuzz- HP 80
    Moves- Punch, Thunder Shock

    Energy Cards-
    x6 Psychic Energy cards
    x14 Electric Energy cards

    Trainer cards-
    Greedy Dice - Item
    Hau- Supporter
    Energy Switch- Item
    Timer Ball- Item
    Sophocles- Supporter
    x2 Prof Kukui- Supporter
    Energy Retrieval- Item
    Ultra Ball- Item
    Beast Ball- Item
    Misty’s Determination- Supporter
    Underground Expedition- Supporter
    N- Supporter
    Fighting Fury Belt- Item
    Switch- Item
    Acro Bike- Item
    Hustle Belt- Item
    Energy Recycle System- Item
    Life Herb- Item

    And off all the cards I recently invested in, and the fact that I have more electric energy cards than any other, this was the best I can come up w on my own. Like I said I’m jumping back in after about a good 3-4 yrs and I xan use ALL the help, criticism, and feedback I can possibly get.
    There is a local comic/board games store where they hold Pokémon games for fun and occasional tournaments and I’d love to start there and ascend into a magical journey of the Pokémon world lol jk but seriously
    Friday I get my check from work and I plan on investing in a 3ds and Pokémon sun or Moon so I’m diving head first into this thing.
    not new to Serebii neither, have been a memeber for years and it’s one of the first places that popped in my head when I made the decision. I have plenty of other cards and plan on getting more.

    Hit me back yo and help a 28 yr old get get back on his shwifty high horse
  2. Michael Collins

    Michael Collins New Member

    im 25 and i am avid into the games and cards so dont tell yourself you are too old, i know 40+ y/o who can kick my butt,
    the best DS game out there is most defiantly heart gold soul silver, so much to explore and catch.
    i actually have a youtube channel called mac daddy plays, its all about pokemon, i post about daily. i am pretty interactive with all my followers and community.

    -Mike Collins

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