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Just saying hello and something else..

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Hello there boys and girls of the forums. I have been here since August 2006. But ever since late 2012, i have been more and more inactive. I was first known as JeroenEon. Then i got my name changed from some of the admins back in 2008.

Between 2006 and beyond, i have met great members. From the silly Threads until the funniest and pointless/spammy ones. I still remember here when Serebii.net got hacked in 2007, meeting people who trolled the forums with multiple accounts, etc. I was even a Newbie back then!

So, i want to thank you all and my friends for the fun times and great memories here on Sppf. But i still hang around from time to time in the Misc and Video Game Discussion Boards. But not as active like the old times.

I am still in to Pokémon and it's games. Oddly enough, i haven't touched my Platinum copy since today. And never buyed the recent ones. I'm mostly on PS3 (Soon PS4) and PC. But Pokémon X/Y have revived me! Especially the Fire Starters, Skiddo and its evo, Gogoat!
Also, i just want to say hello and introduce myself... again! Hello, my name is Jerre. I am into Pokémon since 1997. I played first Pokémon Red in that same time period. Until 2005. i founded Serebii.net. Where i was looking for some Ruby/Sapphire information (Heck even the remakes are out now!) Then in 2006. I registered myself and met some great members and other things. The fun was about to start for me! So i went everyday on the forums to discuss on several topics. Mostly the Pokémon ones and the ones from the Video Game Discussion. Last year, i even submitted a Thread where i shown my Traditional/Digital Pokémon works. My hobbies are drawing and gaming. Mostly 1st person shooters like TF2, CSS, CoD and other. Well, that's all i have to say.

~Sincerely, Jerre


You.. I like you. Welcome to the circus!
Read the rules, have some fun and throw me a PM if you have any questions regarding pretty much anything, capiche?
Not open for further replies.