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JUst wonderin..


The Grinning One
^The fact that it's a dream doesn't make me go any less D:/ on ya. XD

Relax, I wasn't judging you. But you know, there WOULD be pokemon protection laws, just like there are for animals. ^^ Just sayin'.


Active Member
Flying on a pidgeot or fearow would be great...


Well-Known Member
I would have a Squirtle for my starter.

Given the chance to swap my dogs for a Squirtle, I would have to say no that offer. I love my dogs too much. Plus I have a dozen Squirtles on Crystal.

Xx Flare xX

Well-Known Member
I'd love it! I'd never have to pay my electric bill ever again *gets a Pikachu to charge up the telly*

I think my life would be loads better then it is now:D I'd get myself a Flareon (starter) and go to the most dangerous parts of the world exploring and then selling my discoveries/ items I find that look valuable) to traders in the cities:D


Poison Master
Can you imagine all the people who would HAVE to eat their words if pokémon suddenly became real?! With that, there'd be much more doomed people out there due to nerd revenge and terrorism. :\
I would personally love any pokémon that I came into contact with. Were they real, I'd have no problem owning one of any! :'D ...Then using them to obtain more and more and more pokémon, and eventually take places over. Hurray for a conquering dictatorship! ^_^


Well-Known Member
My starter would be Geodude, the same as my fan character. I would love it to evolve into an awesome Golem who woule be my best friend and also my bodyguard.


That Psychic Trainer
I wish Pokemon was real. Life would be a lot more fun.

I guess I'd start with an Eevee and name it Kitty. Would evolve it into an Espeon or Umbreon. If it had to be a true starter, I'd probably choose Cyndaquil.

Will-powered Spriter

Pokédex Complete!
Introducing an animal as harmless as a rabbit to a new environment can have a phenominally destructive effect on the ecosystem.

Imagine the effect caused by fire breathing dragons, super-computer brained spiders made of steel, and stuff that explodes entering a new enviroment.


I think that using robotics, robotic Pokemon could be used to promote the franchise in the future (At movie premiers for example), that's theclosest I've come to thinking about real Pokemon in a good 7 years, no offense to anybody ith a bit more imagination and willingness than me


gone gently
Introducing an animal as harmless as a rabbit to a new environment can have a phenominally destructive effect on the ecosystem.

Imagine the effect caused by fire breathing dragons, super-computer brained spiders made of steel, and stuff that explodes entering a new enviroment.

I'd like to think that if Pokemon were real, so too would be all the other aspects of the Pokemon world. War and terrorism could be averted with a simple battle, wouldn't that be nice? Eco-friendly ideology would be all over the place, and every single citizen would be that much healthier and kinder.

Real Pokemon would certainly make life a little more interesting, no matter how you look at it.


Master of the Sea
i have thought of this many times! i would love that. however, just think about what the evil terrorists would do...just imagine, them getting control of kyogre and drowing the whole world...or them getting control of arceus and turning the whole world into a vortex of gas...
but yeah, i would choose squirtle as my starter. or cyndaquil. or treecko. or...yeah. nvm.


Well-Known Member
I don't think our world could even sustain pokemon, but pokemon like suicune help by making water pure and many grass types keep plants alive so i guess having them actually be real would cause more good than harm. Anyway.....I would have houndoom and pikachu as pets, and fly around on a flygon, yay.

Phantom champion Z

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If our world were like the anime or games it would be great to have pokemon. but if we just put pokemon in our current world what would get done? from how it has been explained in the anime everone leavs home at 10 to go on a pokejourney our education would be focused on pokemon, science would be all about pokemon what about all the desieses plauging humanity. terrorism would be extreamly high. it just wouldnt work. maby im wrong though. maby the anime world is all happy and great because of the existance of pokemon. IDK (sory about any spelling)


Pokemon Breeder
I'd have to agree with Profesco, when I imagine a world with existing pokemon I think of it as if they'd always been there. So, by examining the Pokemon story itself, the same, or at least similar, technologies and adaptations to preserve the environment and protect pokemon would already be in place. Which somewhat debunks the many posts about fire breathing dragons terrorizing the modern world, as we'd either have policies in place keeping these pokemon at bay, or would be used to the horrific event and it would be just like any other day to us. :p

But, if the OP wanted to clarify and say: Wouldn't it be great if pokemon just suddenly appeared for no reason in modern day life, with no other changes being made, then it would be disastrous. xD

But I shall not lie, I'd love to have a cuddly pokemon to play with. Hmm.. though most of the pokemon I would consider cuddly others may not (Kabutops, Forretress, Onyx..); but who could say no to a Quagsire with arms spread wide, begging for a bear hug? Those dopey eyes... big oblivious smile... *insert fan boy squee here* <3
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No. 1 Machop Fan

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Absolutely! I could capture a Machop while at a scout camp (assuming we camp in Machop territory, which I feel may be likely), and he can help defend me from bullies.


Gallade owns
Who would pass up the idea of this anyways? Old people? Pokemon being real = he single greatest thing ever in the history of the world! Imagine WW2, but with Pokemon!