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Justice League AU (Rated R) ~ RP

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by VampirateMace, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    SU Thread: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?659455-Justice-League-AU-(Rated-R)
    Discussion Discord: https://discord.gg/uWwyjtd

    Approved Players
    1) Flash (Molly West) - VampirateMace
    2) Superman (Maxwell Noel Hudson-Moncrief/Jax-Van) - Monster Guy
    - - - + Krypto the Superdog
    3) Batman (Dr. Lucas Spenser Hudson-Moncrief) - Sketchie
    4) Robin (Grayson Moncrief) - Tangeh
    - - - + Blue Beetle (Javier Melendez)
    5) Cyborg (Vera Yang) - Vern
    6) Gamzee Makara: Booster Gold
    - - - + Skeets the genius 'dog'
    7) Wormboy (Jimmie "Jim" Carrera) - Schade
    8) Scarlet Hope/Red Lantern (Buddy Gardner) - Aposteriori

    1) Wormboy - The precious stretchy-powered superhero based in California. (Brainchild of Tangy, Vern, and Yasha.)
    2) Dr Light (Hikari Sato) - (Created by Minteh, please respect her char, as Minteh may return.)
    3) Plutonium Man - The radiation obsessed supervillain, who may or maynot be dead. (Brainchild of Tangy.)

    1. Obviously, follow the standard forum and sub-forum rules.
    2. Don't SPAM, flame, or otherwise harass other players.
    3. Don't bunny (control others' character's) without permission. If you know me, you know I am strict on this.
    4. A lot of chars here are OP, but remember your character is NOT Omnipotent, Omniscient, or Omnipresent. Do NOT have them know things they shouldn't, teleport, or otherwise god-mode.
    5. Put your name(s) and rough location(s) [if possible] at the top of your post.
    6. Do NOT be the idiot that forces me to make more rules (love you guys). If you're not sure if you should do it, either don't, or ask first!

    Fight Rules
    (These rules are to be followed for fights not worked out in the discussion or via PM.)
    1. We're all OP, so it's not unreasonable to 1-hit-KO some NPC who do not have superpowers. But assume super-powered NPCs are going to take more effort.
    2. Do not God-mode or otherwise pawn a player char in a single post (unless given prior permission).
    3. When attacking player chars, do not decide how many of your blows land, and how much damage is down. But you may make multiple attacks in you post.
    4. When defending against player chars, be realistic, no not dodge every attack. Consider the apparent skill and agility of both your characters. You may also counter attack, following rule #3.

    World/Game Notes:
    ~ Meteors with crimson gems inside have altered the fates of individuals on Earth (where it was dubbed the Crimson Heart) and other worlds (including Krypton).
    ~ The Justice League of America has existed for 16 years at the start of the RP.
    ~ Assume all heroes have earpieces or equivalent (with optional visual aids in some of their masks/visors/googles), so they can communicate with HQ. Also, assume someone was tech savvy enough to rig up a mobile app for your phones/tablets/etc.
    ~ For general DC locations within the US, I'm referring to this map. It may not be 100% canon, but it's good for everyone being on the same page about where things are:

    The Flash ~ Molly West
    Location: Pacific Pharmaceutical Labs (Central City) > Train Station (near Gotham)
    Time: 5:36 pm

    Slowly, not slowly to a normal person, but slowly when you're the fastest person alive, Molly pulled up her lab-coat sleeve and glanced at her smart-watch. The crime alert was going off, conveniently pinging to an app on her phone and relaying through the watch. She fiddled with the tiny screen a moment getting a message that not one, but two crimes in progress had been detected. There was a bank robbery in Metropolis, and a train hijacking just outside of Gotham.

    She clicked the button on the side of the watch, looking at the time. 5:36. . . Good, it was technically past her quitting time, and she was almost done cleaning-up anyways. Setting the last couple things aside she shed her lab-coat and casually picked up her bag. Practice had long taught her nearby hiding places where she could change, before zipping to a even safer location to stow her things. Damn, she loved the feel of the wind rushing over her at these speeds, or more accurately her rushing through the relatively static air.

    Now, with the crime alert computer talking into her earpiece she considered her options as she ran out of the city, dodging buildings and vehicles, in an emerald blur. Luckily her options were in the same general direction at this point. Metropolis was Superman's main beat, and she knew a bank robbery was nothing for him, even if there was a good chance she could get there first. Gotham on the other hand was Batman and Robin territory, though a daytime hijacking sound less run of the mill then the robbers and psychotic nighttime terrorists they generally dealt with. This job would take someone who was adaptable and could make quick decisions.

    Smiling to herself, Molly veered slightly more north as she dashed across an open plain. Highway ahead. Looking rapidly back and forth she predicted the locations of oncoming vehicles and kicked it into high gear. Only hard part, was vaulting the guardrail on the other side, though it slowed her sufficiently not to tumble down the slope on the other side at faster then highway speeds. Livestock looked up as she blew past.

    Another crime alert went off, the computer's electronic voice indicating that there was an emergency in California; an explosion at a warehouse somewhere in San Deigo. Hopefully someone was on that, but she could run over there next if need be. Still the JLA had had busier days.

    Rejoining the road system in New Jersey, she sped through jam-packed cities and over a series of bridges. She was moving faster then a GPS overlay in her goggles could currently map, so she just had to trust the roadsigns and her previous knowledge of the city.

    She could see the train ahead now. Hijackers were moving around inside, and three stood outside with assault rifles, opposite a row of workers, trembling with their hands up. Protect the civilians, that was always the first goal. They hadn't seen her yet, so Molly simply zipped between the row of hijackers and the row of workers, plucking the guns out of the men's hands before they could realize what was going on. Skidding to a stop and turning, all three guns in her arms, Molly made a mocking observation, “I just have this suspicion that you three don't work for the train company.”

    Chaos. The workers scattered, and the hijackers called to their companions on the train. A pair of large men with smaller guns, possibly glocks, popped their heads out of the train, shooting recklessly. The fleeing workers screamed, and the weaponless hijackers ducked, covering their heads. Oops. Molly zipped behind a shipping container and dropped the weapons. Metallic plinks told her their aim had narrowed to the shipping container. Okay, that solved them getting these guns back, as they’d have to go through the impromptu gun range to reach them. Now to wait for their guns to run out of ammo, or get them away from those bozos. Probably, she was supposed to work on that second option.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
  2. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    Dr Light // Hikari Sato
    Robbinsville (small neighbourhood just outside of Gotham City) > Amusement Mile (Gotham City)
    Tuesday 5:45 pm​

    Switching into some looser clothes, and finally letting her down, Dr Hikari Sato finally found a moment to relax. The day had been tiring to say the least. She had been up unusually early to make good time on her first scheduled speech at Brentwood Academy, and then, unlucky for her, she two other talks set to take place later in the day.

    As she settled down onto her sofa, a hot cup of coffee in one hand, and a tablet with a cracked screen in the other, she was glad for the quiet respite of home. Sadly, her daughter, who never failed to brighten her day, was currently with her father for the week, so she was all alone in their large house. Well, save for Hewey, Dewey, and Fat Louie, cats belonging to Mrs Farrow down the street, but who had somehow taken residence in her house. Hikari had never been a huge fan of cats, but Sarada loved them and as Mrs Farrow never had an issue with them being there, she allowed them to stay.

    As she opened up her tablet to browse through her emails, a message popped up on the screen, alerting her to two ongoing in progress. There a bank robbery in Metropolis, and a train hijacking just outside of Gotham. Metropolis was the territory of Superman, and even though she was capable of flight, she didn't see much point in heading there. The train hijacking seemed more promising, though she couldn't help but wonder if someone else was on it, seeing as it was on the other side of the city.

    As she continued going through her emails for the day, a few more alerts popped up, but they happened to be on the other side of the country. Another alert followed shortly after, describing a scene breaking out down on Amusement Mile. From what Hikari could tell, it seemed some visitors had gotten a bit drunk, and were starting to get a bit rowdy, fighting amongst themselves, and acting like a general menace to society. It seemed like a fairly lowkey alert, which was just the sort she needed after a hectic day.

    Being in her home at that moment, changing into her suit was a fairly quick task, as she did not need to find somewhere to hide. After changing, she made a dash for the back door, narrowly avoiding trampling Hewey as she made her way through the kitchen.

    Flying had become one of her favourite things to do after she gained her powers. There was something freeing about being so high in the sky, watching as the world raced past below you. As she flew through the sky, it took her mere minutes to reach Amusement Mile.

    Amusement Mile was an aptly named place in Gotham, for it was literally a mile of funfair attractions, with a large ferris wheel the main attraction. Although Hikari did not come here often, it always seemed packed with people. After landing near a row of arcades, it did not take her long to find the cause of the disturbance. A gang of around five men were loitering near the ferris wheel, their bawdy shouts filling the air, and disturbing patrons as they passed by trying to avoid them. Two of the men seemed pretty out of it, with one of them slumped up against the metal barrier leading to wear tickets for the ferris wheel were sold, and the other stood still with a dazed expression on his face. The other three were going to be an issue, as Hikari could see they were not just shouting and jeering at people, but were making attempts to instigate fights with them too. They would have to be the ones taken out first, she noted, as she made her way towards them. It was possible that the dazed guy would be an issue too, but he honestly seemed too far lost in his drunken world, that he was unlikely to be an issue.
  3. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Superman - Max Hudson-Moncrief
    Location: Hudson-Moncrief Manor > Bank of Metropolis
    Time: 5:36 pm

    After spending the day painting at his art studio in Metropolis, Max liked to spend the rest of the day with his family. Currently, he sat in the living room, happily getting his nails painted by his young daughter, Daisy. She had chosen a shimmery purple nail polish, and threw glitter on top of them. Daisy had just finished painting Max's left pinky, and was applying glitter, when he got an alert on his smart watch, connected to an app on his phone. It was the crime alert going off. Max fiddled with the screen with his free hand, and saw that there were two crimes in progress had been detected. There was a bank robbery in Metropolis, and a train hijacking just outside of Gotham. Of course this would happen after he already came home, and wanted to have family time. Why couldn't they have done this earlier in the day? Or better yet, why did they bother with this at all? Surely, they knew Superman would be there to stop them? Whatever, bank robberies were easy enough to deal with.

    Regardless, duty calls. Max immediately stood up, and blew on his still wet nails with his super breath, helping them dry faster. "Sorry honey, daddy has to go to work."

    "Aw, you're gonna leave me with Hans again?! He never lets me paint his nails!" Daisy pouted. Even though she was upset that her dad had to take off again, she was used to it by now.

    Max gave his daughter a kiss on the cheek. "Don't worry, I'll be back later, ok?" He then flew off to change into his uniform, while Daisy attempted to paint the sleeping Krypto's nails.

    After changing into his pink and purple uniform. Max was about to head to the door, and saw Grayson head out as well. Lucas wasn't with him, because still working. As usual. He would likely catch up with them when he was done. Grayson was probably on his way to that train hijacking. "I love you, stay safe ok?" He messed up his son's hair, and laughed. "You know how to call me if you need anything. Bye!"

    "I'll be fine, Dad. I'll see you later." And with that, both of them went out the door in different directions.

    Max has had powers his entire life, and flying was still what he enjoyed most about them. Soaring was just such a freeing experience. It wasn't a particularly long flight between Gotham City and Metropolis. Especially not for Superman. It took mere minutes to reach the city, and even less time to get to the bank. Chaos was ensuing inside the bank as criminals dressed in all black were filling up sacks with money, while other criminals were pointing guns at the bank employees and customers holding everyone inside the building hostage. People were kneeling down on the ground, cowering in fear. Banks like this usually had a silent alarm they triggered when things like this happened, so the police likely already knew this was happening, and were on their way. Still they would not be here in time, before these thugs left with millions of dollars in stolen money. It was time for Superman to step in.

    Without a second thought, Max used his enhanced speed to fly in and snatch the guns out of the criminals hands before any of them could be fired. Used super strength to tie them into a knot, and threw them out the window. "You know, you really shouldn't play with guns. People might get hurt. Now then, I have a feeling you guys are taking something that doesn't belong to you. Why don't we stop this nonsense now before things get ugly?"

    The criminals looked at each other, rolled their eyes, then attempted to engage Superman in a fight, It made sense to them. There were four of them, and only one of him right?

    "You guys must be new here." Max giggled before becoming serious. "Everyone, get out of here now!" Max called out to the hostages, as he blocked punches and engaged in a fight with four criminals. This won't take long at all. He thought.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2017
  4. TikTok13

    TikTok13 Oh, I have a title?

    Doctor Fate - Zane Nelson
    Location: Zane's Apartment, Las Vegas > The Venetian Casino
    Time: 2:12am

    A small room, filled with a surprising pleasant sent, contained a man. There was a deck of cards on his bedside table, accompanied by keys and loose change. He snored in a deep sleep, and the room was enveloped in darkness.
    The same man was woken up by a shrill beeping and his lights switching to maximum brightness.

    "I'm up, I'm bloody up!" Zane growled, spitting out a curse and rolling out of bed with a dull thud. Floating to his feet, he covered his ears with his hands as he made his way to the source of the noise - his phone. Ever since he had become a Member of the Justice League of America, he had hardly had any sleep in his (short) nights. Now he was grouchy, angry and very tired, all because crime always happened at night, in Las Vegas.

    Not even bothering to hover any more, Zane just flopped back onto his bed and stuck his hand out, reaching for his phone. It floated to him, barely, thanks to his telekinetic powers. Groaning now without much reason to, Zane checked his phone, finally shutting off the beeping.

    "Three bloody jacka**es tearing up the Venetian eh? Can't have that happening," He muttered to the emptiness of his room, sarcasm evident in his voice. Despite how haggard he was, Zane walked towards his wardrobe, pulling out a can of deodorant, a white flannel shirt, shoes, and a black trench coat. After spraying himself and buttoning up the jacket, Zane hitched up his trousers and quite literally threw his shoes on.

    Soon after dressing, Zane left his apartment and was zooming through the city on the back of his sapphire motorbike. It was the fastest form of transport Zane had, and it came in handy when trying to navigate the busy streets of night-time Vegas. He felt the wind in his hair, freeing the locks that had tangled in sleep, and brought a wave of freshness over Zane's face

    He came to stop outside the Venetian, and looked up, admiring the architecture. Then he grinned wildly and clapped his hands.

    "No time to stop and smell the roses," He smirked. Then, Zane closed his eyes, his breathing stopped, and he stood perfectly still. In his hands, something was forming. A curved and spiked hunk of metal, with a golden visor and dark mouth guard. The helmet belonged to Zane. Or, more accurately, it belonged to Doctor Fate.

    Pulling the helmet on, Zane suddenly felt a surge of power as his magic strength increased. Without waiting any longer, Doctor Fate walked right through the wall of the building.

    Three men were looting the machines, the gamblers, anything they could get their hands on. They each carried bent steel rods, and people were on the floor, groaning in agony. It didn't take Fate long to determine the cause.

    "Mornin' gentlemen," Smiled Fate under the mask, strolling right by the dumbfounded looters. And then it all happened in a flash. Fate spun around, backhanding one looters in the jaw, before materialising a long wooden staff out of the air, which he used to prod the second looters in the stomach. The third, however, whacked Fate around the head with the rod. He didn't even flinch.

    Fate kicked the man square in the chest, sending him flying backwards, but pretty soon, all three looters were back up and ready to go.

    "I'm sorry, gentlemen," He said evenly, walking towards them. "But I'm about to say a very cheesy line."

    "Your fate is to lose."
  5. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Cyborg - Vera Yang
    Location: New York, somewhere. > Still New York, somewhere.
    Time: 7:24 AM

    In the darker, more isolated parts of New York city, a girl can be seen walking around with what looks like a snapped branch hanging out the side of her mouth like a cigarette. The lighthearted sound of her whistling floats through the air, sounding rather out-of-place in a world commonly associated with grimy streets and shady people. An umbrella dangles from her right hand, and she swings it around like a pendulum, despite the fact that there is hardly a cloud in the sky.

    Vera lets out a contented sigh and clears the width of the narrow alleyway with a single, effortless hop, landing in a seated position on the railing of the staircase behind her, two floors above the ground, right outside her own apartment. Still whistling her tune, she pulls a lighter from her pocket and sets the tip of her branch on fire, allowing smoke to waft through the air as if she’s smoking a cigarette. The sound and smell of burning wood had always been beautiful to her - there’s something oddly calming, almost homely about it.

    “Maybe I’ll take a day off today.” She says to herself, twirling the lighter around in her fingers. The wind is gentle but cool, and the air tastes oddly clean for a city as notoriously polluted as New York - the early morning shower had done wonders. She never had been much of a hard worker, and spending the day relaxing in the park and downing canned drinks seemed as good a plan as any.

    Unfortunately, things were not going to be so easy. Even as she attempts to recall the number of that one guy she had taken a bit of a liking to the other day - being asexual is one thing, but there’s had always been something rather entertaining about pursuing shallow, casual romantic relationships that never lead anywhere - the crime alerts are already going haywire on her earpiece. She could probably forcibly turn the thing off if she wanted to, but whoever was in charge of the system wasn’t completely useless, and breaking through the firewalls and protocols would take a lot more effort than she was willing to expend, and would only end up getting her in trouble with the other heroes later.

    “I swear, I ought to lobby for more holidays.” She mutters, shaking her head. “Can’t a girl take the time to enjoy life or something?”

    Sighing, she reaches up under the bandage that’s wrapped around her head and taps some commands into the interface wired into her cranium. Her vision blurs slightly, then a holographic blue map of the city springs to life in front of her, just barely transparent enough to allow her to keep an eye on her surroundings. Her eyes scan the map, picking up some convenient and hopefully low-effort jobs she could take to fill her quota for the day. Unlike some other parts of the US, crime is everywhere here - not the exception, but the complete, unchallenged norm. It would be unreasonable to expect her to take care of everything on her own.

    “I’m really not cut out for this whole ‘helping people’ business, am I?” She laughs to herself, biting down hard on the stick and causing it to snap in half, the burning end hitting the metal grated floor and being snuffed out by the sole of her right foot. “Hero my ***, I’m pretty much just an above-average freelance police officer at this point. What happened to saving the world?” She lets out a chuckle and casually cuts a small strip of metal off the railing, nibbling on it for a bit and then melding it into her forearm when the taste of rusted metal is spent. “Man, I wish I knew someone who’d give me stupid motivational speeches on demand."

    “Welp, gotta go.” She sighs, hopping off the railing and setting off at a brisk jog in the direction of the nearest alert, her feet splashing on the puddles left behind from the rain that had passed by earlier today, whistling short tunes in between half-sentences, “Duty calls, yada yada yada… save people, beat up bad guys, whoop-de-whoop!...I wonder if I still have enough cash for a beer tonight."
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2017
  6. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Robin [Grayson Moncrief]
    Location: Hudson-Moncrief Manor > Train Station (near Gotham)
    Time: 5:36 pm

    Grayson sat at his bedroom desk, staring at papers illuminated only by a curved desk lamp. He swiftly drew a straight line with the aid of a small ruler, and then a second line running perpendicular through it. He dotted in numbers along the lines in even intervals. "f(x) = 2x + 3". Grayson swiped a line across the makeshift graph, his head resting in his left hand. "y=x^2+1". He sketched an upwards parabola in one easy motion. Was all of ninth grade going to be this simple? He knew it was better this way anyways, left more time open in case of -

    Beepbeepbeep... beepbeepbeep...

    - emergency. He pulled his smartphone toward him, noting two crime alerts had popped up. There was a bank robbery in Metropolis, and a train hijacking just outside of Gotham. He was up in an instant to pull on his hero outfit, then took off down the stairs. Lucas was at work, but Max flew up next to him before he made his way out to the bank robbery. "I love you, stay safe ok?" He ruffled Grayson's hair. He grimaced and smoothed it back into position. "You know how to call me if you need anything. Bye!"

    Grayson furrowed his brow and averted his attention to his cellphone. "I'll be fine, Dad. I'll see you later." When duty called, he was all business. Max flew out the door, and Grayson checked the alert again. He noticed that the Flash was already at the station. It made him feel a bit better that another Justice League member was already on the scene, but he still had to get moving. Batman would catch up if he was able, and Grayson doubted Superman would be too far behind; bank robberies were child's play to him.

    Grayson grabbed his bat cycle and secured a heavy helmet over his head. He revved the engine a few times and took off toward the train station, following the signal through a built in map in his helmet visor. He got there in record time and skidded to a stop just outside. Fleeing workers ran screaming past him, and Grayson took a moment to send a message to Lucas via his communicator: "I'm on scene. The Flash is here too." This was a bit outside of their realm of normalcy - not that it was anything he couldn't handle.

    He shot his hookshot gun toward the top of a pile of shipping containers, and peered over the edge. He could see the hijackers shooting out of the train windows, and he followed their fire to where Molly was taking shelter behind a shipping container. Grayson could toss an explosive shuriken far enough to land in the train window closest to him, but he couldn't risk harming any hostages that could be inside. Instead, he held one hand up to his ear, switching on his communicator. "Flash, hold position," he said, aiming a non-explosive shuriken carefully at the fingers of the closer of the armed men. They were so focused on Molly that they didn't even notice him.

    He tossed it and leapt to the ground, a cry of surprise informing him that he'd hit his target, and the gun the man was holding clattered to the ground. The other man ceased fire for a moment, glancing around at where to reposition his aim. One of the disarmed hijackers on the ground dove for the pistol that had dropped from the window above him. Grayson expanded his metallic bo staff and dove toward him, dodging to the right as the man aimed to whack him upside the head with the gun and retaliating with a few hits of his own. He glanced up at the man still on the train, and started as he noted that gun was pointed on him. He flipped backward, trying to make himself a difficult target - he still had the newly armed hijacker to deal with too, but had left more than enough of an opening for the Flash or Batman to advance forward.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2017
  7. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    The Flash ~ Molly West
    Location: Train Station (near Gotham)
    Time: 5:40 pm

    Between the pings of gunshot on the container, the JLA crime computer kept spitting out notices into Molly's earpiece; disorderly conduct at Amusement Mile in Gotham, looters in Las Vegas, several minor crimes in New York. . . just an average day for the Justice League. Then a local voice came in clear over the coms; “Flash, hold position.”

    Molly recognized that as the voice of one the league's youngest members, Robin the Boy Wonder, son of Batman and Superman. She knew he was a smart kid, and it sound like he, or maybe Batman if he was there, had a plan. So she reached up and tapped her earpiece, “Ten-four Wonder Boy.”

    Presently there was a cry, and the gunfire stopped, followed by the thud of something hard hitting flesh. Whatever Robin had been planned must have happened, so Molly rounded the container catching sight of the scene as she ran. Robin was fighting the hijackers on the ground while the crook with the remaining gun was struggling to aim it at Robin without hitting his companions. So, there was some honor among these fools?

    Molly leapt onto the back of the train, slowed only by the limitations of how fast the back door could open, and dashed through the interior. She grappled the man with the remaining gun. In the struggle a shot went off, piercing the roof of the train.

    “Woah, itchy fingers, not cool,” Molly pulled back her arm and slammed her fist into his wrist, causing a bad enough jolt of pain to cause him to release the gun. Now that that was out of the way, taking these guys out wouldn't be much of a problem. Opening her hand she smacked him in the head, causing it to slam into the window-frame, which resulted in a bloody wound on his temple and a lot more compliance on his part. He was kind of a big guy, so leaving him unconscious with his head and arm hanging out the window, she swiftly retrieved the gun and caught up with the second gum-man, who was racing for the front of the train. Presumably to get off, or because there were more hijackers in the other cars and engine. . . that, it was probably that.

    Molly slammed into the second man as he opened the car door. He fell between the cars with a pained scream and started to crawl off. Molly raised a hand, mocking, “Sorry,” and opened the next door. A couple men ransacking the car looked up at her, before reaching for their guns. Molly zipped through the car, punching them both unconscious before they could draw their weapons. She drug these guys over and tossed them on-top of the one that had thought he could escape by crawling away, still mocking him, “Oops, sorry.”

    Dashing on, she checked the rest of the cars, making her way to the engine where she expected to find another hijacker. Instead she found just the engineer tied to the brake lever. She popped her head out of the train, seeing Robin still fighting and now an additional man fleeing on foot. Leaping from the train, she gave chase, catching up to him in no time, “Yeah right, you ain't getting away that easy!”
  8. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Robin [Grayson Moncrief]
    Location: Train Station (near Gotham)
    Time: 5:42 pm

    Out of Grayson's peripheral vision, he saw a blur of green run past to the entrance of the train. Good, the Flash had managed to get through, and hopefully would take care of the bozo on the train with the gun. He stared firmly at the man wielding the other glock. Two others without weapons were backing him, smirking. He knew they thought they had the upper hand, but numbers weren't everything. One man lunged forward with his fists, trying to leave room for the armed man to properly aim at him. Grayson blocked them with his bo staff, then hit the man's head with a few reinforced punches from his left hand. He planted his staff firmly into the ground to the right of himself and used it to propel his body into a swinging kick straight into the man's jaw, knocking him over. Grayson ducked down, anticipating the gun wielder to take the opportunity to fire -

    Bang! The noise didn't come from where Grayson had expected, and his head whipped around in alarm to the train. 'Flash-' He just barely brought up his bo staff in time to sloppily block a heavy punch from the other unarmed man, who had zeroed in on Grayson's lapse in attention. He grimaced and tried to hold steady, aware that the gun wielder was using the opportunity to properly take aim. Grayson broke away, rolling backwards just as a second shot rang through the air - this time, it was properly anticipated. The bullet pinged off a neighbouring shipping container. Grayson swung his legs low into his opponent's legs, tripping him, then immediately ran to the armed man, tossing two shurikens ahead of himself. Another shot was fired, but it was well off aim. He leapt upward, using a forward front flip to gain momentum and land a hard blow to the hijacker's shoulder with his staff. Another hit knocked the gun out of the man's hands, and the man retaliated first with his right fist, which Grayson dodged, and then with his left, which Grayson caught with his left hand while spearing the man over the head with the staff in his right. He fell, and Grayson smirked. "Too easy."

    "Think again." Grayson hadn't quite spun around far enough to avoid the blow, and was thrown several feet by the force of the unknown assailant. He flipped immediately back to his feet as trained, and shifted to a low defensive stance. The attacker was emitting an odd yellow glow from a strange tank on his back, which seemed to be surging through a metallic full-body suit, and he lunged forward with inhuman speed. Grayson just barely dodged the first punch, and deflected the next few with his staff before the sheer power of the man's punches knocked it out of his hands. Grayson leapt back, and the man followed - they parried blows, with the last one knocking Grayson back to the ground. He mocked putting a hand to his ear in pain, and switched on his communicator. "Who are you? What do you want?" Grayson asked bitterly, mostly curious about the glowing yellow tank on the man's back.

    The man started walking slowly forward, and Grayson backed up - right into the grip of one of the men he'd previously knocked over. "Oh, I have enough of what I want now," the man drawled as Grayson turned to punch the man behind him. "Plutonium." The suited man used the opportunity to grab Grayson's hood and slam him against the metal shipping container, holding him firmly in place. "I was going to drive the train closer to Gotham to release its shipment of plutonium radiation there, but that doesn't matter now." Grayson held still, scowling, but listening. The man grinned. "I have enough on my back to power the suit, and create the ultimate weapon! Hahaha!"

    Having heard enough, Grayson kicked high enough to break the man's grip, and jumped to dodge out of the way, but he was grabbed and shoved back against the container. The man scoffed at him. "Playtime's over, kid." He rammed his fist upward into Grayson's stomach, and he doubled over with a moan of pain. He looked blearily up to see one of the henchmen pass him the pistol from earlier. He cocked the weapon toward Grayson's head - Grayson knew the best course of action was to start talking, but he was too winded from the blow to get anything out aside from gasps for air.
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  9. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Willam Renard Gyre
    Willam's appartment, Detroit -> Warehouse fire - California
    Time: 5:36 pm

    "Oh, come on, let go. I need to go shower!", Conrad said as he tried to wrestle himself out of Willams grip. "Noo, C'mere. We don't have any more plans for the remainder of this evening anyways, and I'm not done with you yet." Willam said as he playfully pulled Conrad back into the huge bed in his apartment. It was late noon. Willam and Conrad had just gotten home from work an hour ago, and had decided to stay in for the evening. Or.. Willam had decided to stay in for the evening. Conrad, being the boss and front figure for Ferris Aircraft, had to attend a board meeting later that evening. A boring, annoying board meeting of which he could easily skip. Willam knew that. He also knew that Conrad was very dutiful, and he had in advance hidden his clothing in order to stall him. Now, Conrad was standing there with a towel around his waist, looking like a weird mixture of annoyed and joyful. regardleff of his freaky expression, he was a very handsome man. Surprisingly muscular for an office rat, and short chestnut brown hair, and tan skin. All the women at their workplace wanted him, and they hated Willam for being the man that got him. Willam couldn't help but stare at him from where he was lying in the bed. "What. Do I have something in my teeth again?" Conrad asked. "Forget it", Willam said. "Just contemplating how lucky I am to have landed a man like you". he finished his sentence with a flirty grin, and Conrad immediately blushed, before turning around and shuffling into the bathroom. Willam laughed.

    As if an ironic evil hand to pull Willam out of his everyday fantasies, he heard that annoying buzzing sound from his phone yet again. He didn't even need to see it to know what it was. It was definitely the crime alert thing that Batman had forced into his phone. It was weird that there had been created an app that signaled whenever something went down, but even weirder that Batman had managed to get the app into Willams phone without him noticing. Fiddling with his phone lock, he opened the app and saw that there were a few situations going on: One was a bank robbery in Metropolis, the a train hijacking in Gotham city, and a warehouse fire in California. The choice was pretty simple. The bank robbery would likely be handled by Superman, and the train situation would likely be handled by the Bats. Which left the warehouse fire for him, if he could get there in time.

    "That the crime fighting app again?" Conrad asked after getting out of his surprisingly short shower. Seeing him again made Willam want to just tackle him, but he let it be. "Yeah, something about a fire in California. Will likely be over in a few hours after i get there, so ill be in by tomorrow morning again." Willam said as he fiddled with his ring. He activated it, and changed into his Sinestro Corps uniform. "That's so cool." Conrad said in awe. "I know." Willam said with a grin. Conrad had seen him do this several times before, but he never stopped giving that exact same response every time.


    California was quite the trip away. Luckily though, the ring was designed to allow the wearer to travel space in very little time, and it worked well for just that here as well. For those on the ground, he would look like something of a shooting star... of fear!. The trip in itself took only a few minutes, and once he got close enough, it was not difficult to point out where the fire took place. It looked like a big carnival down there. people running about as little ants. There were numerous firetrucks stationed there as well, and they were all in use. They had barricaded the entrance to the small island of which the factory was placed. The media was also honing in on the island like piranhas on a dead hippo.

    Willam landed right by the entrance to the factory area. The factory was divided into 3 main buildings and several smaller ones. The firemen had managed to extinguish the fire at the nearest smaller building, and was using it to home the workers while the ambulances was coming and going in rapid succession. Willam stopped by the person who seemed to be in charge of the operation. the man flinched when he saw the Yellow Lantern. Though Willam was a known justice league member, the Sinestro Corps did not have a healthy reputation on earth, or anywhere else in the galaxy for that matter. "Yes hi, I'm here to help. What is the issue here?" Willam asked. Despite his wishes to be literally anywhere else but there, he took his job seriously. "Uhm.. Yes, an explosion of unknown origin occured within the facility. We don't know how many are dead, but there are still many trapped inside. Besides you, only Wormboy have initiated rescues, but this is too much for him alone." the man said as he briefed him in on the situation. Willam sighed. Wormboy was a young hero with the niche ability elasticity. He was naive and had a very "yay we can do it" attitude that for unexplainable reasons, Willam hated. "I will enter and see if i can rescue any more of the people inside." Willam said and gave the man an understanding nod.

    As Willam got closer to the building, a blur passed his head. Like a rubber band being shot in your face, Wormboy appeared, with two unconcious men on his shoulders, wrapped tightly with his arms. He was wearing his trademark pink leotard with horizontal purple stripes and round aviator goggles. "Hey, Willam!. Good to see you here! There are more people that way! I can only carry two at a time." he said in a cheerful tone, pointing to the east of the burning building. "Oh my God, Stop being such a tryhard Wormboy!", Willam screamed in his face in return. He then sighed aggressivly as he created a force field around himself which luckily also kept out the heat from the fire. "I'll join you after I have sent these two to the infirmary.", Wormboy responded, completely unphased by Willams outburst. In Wormboys mind, they were the closest friends, and Willam hated it.

    Going deeper into the fire, Willam followed the sounds of coughs, screams and the occasional crying. The entire area reeked of fear, and Willam felt far stronger by it. The niche thing about being a yellow lantern superhero was that civillians in distress was powering him up. It was a good thing, as it enabled him to create bigger and more powerful forcefields to save the civillians trapped inside. He scooped up a dozen or so civillians in a yellow square-shaped energy field. He then proceeded to escape the building before it fell down on top of him through a huge gap in the wall. He managed to get the survivors over to the infirmary near the island entrance, and stopped to catch his breath. Though the job in itself was drop dead boring, it felt good to save people for once. "Hey Willam! Nice save there!", Wormboy said as he appeared next to him like a rubber duck or something. "There are many people still inside, we should continue", he then said, grinning widely to Willam. "Damnit Wormboy, stop smothering me!", Willam yelled at his face, startling a few of the volunteers standing behind them.
  10. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Superman - Max Hudson-Moncrief
    Location: Bank of Metropolis > Warehouse Fire, California
    Time: 5:45 PM I guess...

    Max engaged in a fistfight against four would-be bank robbers. Even outnumbered, these criminals were no match for Superman. He blocked every attempt they made to hit him, while the civilians that were inside fled the scene. The one thug smart enough to carry a gun fired a barrage of bullets at him, which bounced harmlessly off of Max's chest, while he looded at his glittery purple manicure, and yawned. "Yeah, are you all done yet?" Max quipped once they were out of bullets, then he punched the gun wielding criminal into unconsciousness. "Seriously, I don't know why you guys even bothered." After that seeing that, the remaining criminals gave up, and Max held them up untill the police came, and hauled off the criminals in handcuffs, and read them their rights.

    "Thank you for the help Superman." One of the police officers said. "You make our jobs so much easier."

    "Not a problem sir. Just doin' my job!" Max gave the officer a salute. Then, he checked his smart watch, and saw their was another crime alert had gone off. "Ooh, gotta go." He took to the skies as the bank became surrounded by cameras and journalists.

    While flying through the air, Max checked his phone, and saw that there was a warehouse explosion in San Diego, California. Well, he still had some time, all the other leaguers seemed like they were busy with their own things, he could get to California with plenty of time, Max figured he could probably help with that crisis too.


    With Superman's speed, the trip from Metropolis to California took only a few minutes. It wasn't hard to find where the fire was. After all, it's not exactly easy to miss a burning building from up in the sky. There were numerous firetrucks stationed there as well, and they were all trying to put out the fire. Even though they had barricaded the entrance to the warehouse, the media was still trying to get in on it.

    Max slowly came in for a landing next to two famiar people one of them in glowing yellow, and the other wearing the same colors Max was wearing. "There are many people still inside, we should continue!"

    "Damnit Wormboy, stop smothering me!" Yellow Lantern shouted back. Max was pretty sure Batman only let him be on the Justice League to keep an eye on him, and make sure civilians didn't get hurt. He had a tendency to be too fierce in battle.

    "Oh come on Yel. Don't be mean to Wormboy." Max laughed. "He's just trying to help."

    Wormboy immediately got excited to see Superman. "OMG, Max hi!" Wormboy exclaimed. "I love the manicure!"

    "Oh, thanks! My daughter did it. She's getting really good at this. Anyway, would love to chat, but we got more important things to deal with." He pointed his thumb at the still burning building. Max turned on his super hearing, and listened out for people inside, then flew right on in when he heard someone screaming "Help me! I think I broke my leg!" moments later, he came out with an carrying an injured man, and handed him off to a nearby ambulance. "Hey, medics! Take care of him please." Max looked at his leg with his X-Ray vision. "He's got a clean break right across his left fibula." Then he flew in to rescue more people, and then came out with more people, and placed them in the small nearby housing the rescued workers. "You know, this would be a whole lot easier if this building weren't burning to a crisp..."

    Max then flew upwards, over the flames, took in a deep breath, then blew out a gust of his superbreath. Helping to put out the fire by blowing it out as if blowing out the candles on a birthday cake.

    "Isn't he awesome?" Wormboy asked in awe.
  11. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Cyborg - Vera Yang
    Location: New York, somewhere. > Still New York, somewhere.
    Time: 7:38 AM

    As Vera jogs along the alleyways, a small but incessant beeping begins to ring in her left earpiece. Sighing, she raises a hand to her ‘ear’ and flicks a few switches, and allows whoever that’s trying to contact her access. Immediately, the slightly panicked voice of the regional police chief starts of shout in her ear. “Hey, Cyborg,” the man says, evidently trying to sound casual and doing a relatively good job, “We’ve got a bit of a situation.”

    “What’s that, Freddy?” She replies, slowing to a walk as she passes by a vending machine and feeling around in her pockets for coins, “Oh, and can you hit me up with some spare change? I’m flat broke.”

    “For the final god damn time, don’t call me Freddy.” The chief snaps, before sighing and returning to the matter at hand. “You see, there’s been a kidnapping. Some ambassador from some country. It’s all very hush-hush, and the guys on top don’t want any rumours getting out, nothing. Hell, even I know pretty much absolutely nothing except a location.”

    “Sounds like a pain.” Vera mutters, giving the vending machine a small punch. A few old coins fall out the bottom, and she pockets them. Even if it’s less than a dollar, free cash is free cash.

    “No ****.”

    “So, what?” She chuckles good-naturedly, "You want me to do it for you because all your cops are incompetent?”

    “Basically.” Freddy sighs, sounding a little defeated.

    “Sure. Hit me up with a beer afterwards, will ya?” Vera asks, reaching up and shutting off the intercom.

    A few seconds, a blinking red marker appears on her map, marking her destination.

    - - -

    The building is old and rather decrepit-looking, but thankfully, the inside are still concealed, mostly, from the outside world. That’d make her job easier - Freddy had insisted on making sure that everything was kept secret from the public eye. She herself didn’t really see much point in it, but then again, orders were orders, and she wasn’t exactly in a position to complain.

    Clicking her tongue in anticipation, she takes off her jacket and leaves it drooped over a nearby bench, revealing two shining, metal arms. Humming happily to herself, she jogs up towards the building, the metal of her right hand taking on a liquid sheen as it reconfigures itself into a long, pointed blade. Still humming, she steps into the building in a casual stroll, her glowing right eye sweeping over the insides. Almost instantly, four moving heat sources are registered on the floor above, as well as one unmoving one. Most likely, the four kidnappers, and the kidnap-ee, or whatever you were supposed to call people who had been kidnapped.

    She quiets down and takes a seat on the floor, carefully constructing the devices she would need - nothing important, just a few metal blocks with EXPLOSIVE written on them in easily visible, scary-looking lettering, some glue, and a large, visible button on the back of her left hand. The blade her right hand shimmers, the reforms itself into a large shield. Of course, the blocks weren’t actually explosive - it’d be too risky and too much of a bother to make - but the kidnappers didn’t have to know that. Besides, the blocks would heat up a little, and that would be enough to scare the bejeezers out of whoever they were attached to.

    Carefully muting her footsteps, she climbs up the staircase and peers into the room above. As expected, five heat signatures can be seen through the wall. The outlines of the weapons are clearly visible as well, and she quickly notes that two of the four kidnappers are holding rifles, and the other two just pistols. Grinning to herself, she kicks off her shoes and forms two rollerblades on the undersides of her feet.

    She waits until one of the two holding the more dangerous weapons puts it down in order to light a cigarette, and then jumps into the room, raising her shield to block any incoming bullets and skidding across the floor, kicking at one of the four masked thugs and sending him tumbling to the floor. As he falls, she takes one of her four glued metal ‘explosives’ and slaps it onto his forearm.

    By now, the other three thugs had reacted to her presence, and were shooting at her. A bullet glances off her metal back, embedding itself into the wall behind her, while the rest bounce off her shield, leaving dents in the metal. Grimacing more out of annoyance than pain, Vera jumps into the air, vaulting over the head of the nearest thug and giving him a little flick on the nose, and an ‘explosive’ to his back. As he lurches forwards, she pulls his arm back and tears his gun out of his hands. Whirling around, her eye locking on to the weapons of the remaining two thugs and guiding her aim, she pulls the trigger three times, shooting the weapons out of the remaining two enemies' hands. Too easy.

    With a laugh, she retracts the rollerblades and hops over to the two dumbfounded thugs. “Tag!” She chuckles, slapping an ‘explosive’ onto the nearest one’s chest, then spinning towards the second one, doing the same to him. “And you to! Now, stay quiet and don’t move, or…” theatrically, she gestures to the previously prepared, large red button on the back of her right hand, “We can all go and watch things explode! Specifically, those warm metal boxes. I call them Sam, Bob, Ruth, and Wayne. So lets just sit and have a nice little talk, and then we can all leave and be happy. Anyone want a smoke?"
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  12. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Lucas Hudson-Moncrief // Batman
    Moncrief Enterprises Building > Train Station

    Lucas leaned back in his chair, trying not to look deathly bored as he listened to a young man's sales pitch. Clearly his first. He had been droning on about something, something regarding genetics? Modifying genetics? Ew. He wouldn't even be interested in an unethical practice even if it was an interesting pitch. But, he had this young man already in his schedule at the end of the day, and although he longed to go home early or deal with whatever crime alerts were happening, he already promised his time. Lucas checked his watch, and internally groaned. It's only been fifteen minutes..? You've gotta be kidding, how much do I have to sit through this... He could feel his body start to droop, and honestly, at this point, he didn't quite care. He felt a familiar buzz on his wrist, and looked down to see... ah, the train hijacking. "I'm on scene. The Flash is here too," the message said. How fun. More fun than this, anyway.

    "And so, if you look at the, uh, the mechanics of--"

    "Okay, Mr. Vanguaerd." Lucas sat up and laced his fingers, his emerald eyes piercing through the man with disappointment. "I'm a very busy man. You come into my office with something not only completely unethical, but completely unprepared? This is an insult to both me, and my company. You were given a fantastic opportunity, to meet with the President of Moncrief Enterprises, one of the leaders in both the economic and scientific world, and you slander it with a half-assed Power Point."

    Mr. Vanguaerd cowered, turning his face in shame, stuttering some sort of an apology.

    Lucas stood up. He towered over the young man, who had shrunk back even further. "Your job is safe, I promise you," Lucas said, with a bit of softness returning to his tongue. Vanguaerd relaxed for a moment, until -- "But one slip up like this again, and I'll make sure you'll be finding another one. Moncrief is a name of ethics, or as ethical as we can be while working in our current system. Don't make that mistake again."

    The hallway was nice and quiet. Most everyone was already home, or working on getting cleaned up for the day. Lucas moved with a purpose, heading straight towards his private elevator, keys already in hand. The elevator flew down to the bottom-most floor, a secret parking garage he had built for himself, with only room for two cars -- the one he drove that day, and a spare Batmobile. For days he needed it, y'know. In a flash he was in uniform and on his way to the train station.

    The ride was fairly quiet, barring the crime indicator spitting off its current report. He rounded a corner into the train station's view, when -- kzrrt! "Who are you? What do you want?"


    Thank God he was there in time. He listened close as he parked and flew out of the car. "Oh, I have enough of what I want now," another man's voice came on over the communicator, "Plutonium." Lucas winced as he heard a skull hit metal. "I was going to drive the train closer to Gotham to release its shipment of plutonium radiation there, but that doesn't matter now. I have enough on my back to power the suit, and create the ultimate weapon! Hahaha!" He moved with dignity and purpose, a fire in his eyes behind the mask. Lucas could see his son struggle from afar, but the masked hero was closing in. "Playtime's over, kid," the strange man said, ramming his fist hard into Grayson's stomach. With two leaps and a jump, he found himself looking down on the situation from the storage containers. He adjusted slightly, feeling the vibrations echo back to his echolocators and to his mask. Perfect. A henchman handed the pistol to Metal Man, who in turn pointed it straight at Grayson. Deep breath.


    The gun was knocked out of Strange Metal Man's hand, a bat shaped piece of metal piercing through the barrel. In the moment of confusion and realization, Lucas lept from his hiding spot, aiming for the man's face. Bullseye. Metal Man cried out as he was thrown back and onto the ground. Lucas rebounded from the impact, landing just in front of his son. "I'm sorry I'm late," he announced, "I'm a very, very busy man, I hope you can understand."
  13. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    The Flash ~ Molly West
    Location: Train Station (near Gotham) > Desert (south western US)
    Time: 5:47-ish pm, whatever, early evening

    Molly heard a sickening thud from behind her. The moment of hesitation gave the suspect she'd tackled an opening to turn and knee her in the gut. Ugh. Angrily, she punched into his temple a couple times, knocking him out as well. There were gonna be a lot of guys waking up in the Gotham Police Department's holding cell very shortly.

    Turning and clamoring to her feet, but with a fist full of the back of the guy's shirt encase he woke up, she looked to see what had happened with Robin. She was just in time to witness Batman knocking a gun out of some armored guy's hand? Whoa, where did this guy come from? She was used to Batman appearing out of shadows, but not villains.

    Batman followed the first shot with one that knocked the wannabe supervillain on his ***, and leapt down, making one of trademark darkly dramatic announcements. Even when he was late, Batman managed to make his arrival look cool. And good thing he showed up too, fast as she, was Molly wasn't entirely sure she'd have been fast enough to save Robin. She dashed forward, elbowing the metal guy's remaining minion in the face, and giving him a bloody nose, as she passed, “Oops.” The man doubled over grabbing his face. Molly joked along with Batman's announcement, “Glad you could make it.”

    She turned to Plutonium Man, who's forehead was bleeding profusely, a batarang sticking out of it and pondered the glowing tank on his back. That couldn't be a good thing. She'd seen storage containers on the train. This must be. . . “Plutonium!” Crud. They were all being exposed to radiation right this second, and without protective gear, handling it to get it back into it's storage container was not a good option. Sure apha radiation could be blocked with paper, but there was no indication of which plutonium isotope this was, or how much radiation it was emitting. Plus if this thing blew simply from mishandling, a lot of people were going to die.

    Swiftly she knelt down, pushing the man over. Ugh, he was heavy. Then working quickly she detached the tank and ran off with it. Holding the cumbersome tank out from her body a bit with one hand, she tapped her earpiece with the other, requesting, “Someone please try to track my location so this stuff can be properly disposed of later.”

    She knew where she had to go, the closest uninhabited area where the radioactive material would still be retrievable, would be in the southwestern United States. She ran hard, as directly as she could, knowing she needed to get out of possession of this tank soon herself. Finding a considerably remote area, and dropping it off amidst sandy hills, she knew she couldn't take a breather yet, she had to get back out of dodge.
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  14. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Blue Beetle [Javier Melendez]
    Location: Starstruck Cafe, The Bronx, New York
    Time: 5:34 pm

    Javier sighed as he took the rare slow moment in the cafe to scrub some of the dirty coffee cups. He wore a white apron overtop a collared grey long-sleeved shirt and black pants, and a dorky blue visor on top of his fluffy spiked-up black hair. Not the best look for him - but hey, whatever paid the rent, right? Shame superheroing on the side didn't count much for that. The bell on the cafe door chimed lightly, and Javier turned his attention to the customer with a polite smile. "Good evening sir, what can I get for you?"

    Obviously the man's answer was "coffee". The cafe served cheap coffee 24/7, and now Javier was stuck on the 5pm-10pm shift. Luckily he didn't have to deal with the weekday morning rush anymore - returning to high school after the summer ended excluded him from that shift - but the nightshifts were surprisingly busy too. A bit seedy - it wasn't a fantastic area of the city - but he was hardly afraid of criminals. Flee to the staff room, summon the Blue Beetle armor, and fly through the window to circle back around unsuspected. Easy! He'd already tested the theory a few times after the app on his phone alerted him to nearby crime situations.

    As he mused over this in his head, he misjudged how full the coffee pot was (his coworker must have refilled it when he was distracted with cleaning dishes, because he could have sworn it was nearly empty), and a splash of searing hot coffee hit his left hand between his thumb and pointer finger. Javier hissed in pain and surprise and quickly set the pot down, moving to run his hand under cold water -


    "No," Javier froze and quickly instructed, as his left arm and hand was quickly becoming surrounded in a black coat of armor. "No, no, nononono!" He shoved his left hand into his right armpit and continued the conversation mentally as he drew the attention of curious customers. 'I'm fine, it's just coffee, there's no danger.' Admittedly, the cooling effect of the armor did feel nice on his hand - but the Scarab really needed to learn to distinguish emergency situations better.

    [You are in pain, Javier Melendez.]

    "Ay, but - " he hesitated. 'Not the kind of pain that needs 'defensive measures', está bien?'

    "Javier?" He jumped quickly out of his thoughts. His coworker was looking at him in concern, eying his hand that he'd hidden. "Are you okay?" Fortunately the Scarab seemed to accept Javier's explanation, and was retracting the armor.

    "Yes, yes, I'm fine!" He quickly revealed his armorless hand and laughed awkwardly. "Didn't notice you refilled the pot, sorry about that." At that moment, he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. The only thing that was allowed to notify him when he was working was the Justice League. 'Awesome timing...'

    [Incorrect. This is unideal timing given you are working for another four hours and twenty-four minutes.]

    'That was sarcasm, amiga.' Javier moved to run his hand over cool water, then faked a wince. "I'm just going to run to the staff room and bandage it, I'll be back in a sec. Can you get that customer his coffee for me?" Javier asked before retreating to the staff room to check the alert. A train hijacking in Gotham, a bank robbery in Metropolis, and a warehouse fire in California. Well, the first two were Batman and Superman territories, and the latter was way too far away for him to get to within any reasonable amount of time, jetpack or not.

    [Calculations suggest you should be able to fly to Metropolis in forty-five minutes. This would be the most time efficient option to maximize heroic opportunities.]

    "I am not ditching work to fly to Metropolis. Superman will have those guys beat before I even take off." Javier sighed and pocketed his phone again. "Looks like another normal night for us, amiga..."
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  15. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    The Flash ~ Molly West
    Location: Desert (south western US) > Diner (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
    Time: 5:49/3:49-ish pm, whatever, early evening/late afternoon

    A few miles out Molly slowed her speed a bit and started looking for roads and other landmarks of civilization. She'd only been zipping around for a few minutes, but she needed to get some calories into her body if she was going to continue superheroing today. Finding a highway she ran along, passing by a few towns and cities, until deciding to check out what there was to eat in Albuquerque. An emerald blur streaked through the streets. Molly didn't really know anything about the town or having a phone to look of reviews, but if the place customer even though it wasn't dinner/supper time yet here, that should be a good enough indication. She slid to a stop outside a diner where a few cars were parked. This should do.

    Molly turned, and now walking at the speed of a normal person climbed the stoop up into the restaurant. Inside it was designed to look like stereotypical 50s diner, red pleather booths and chrome, a white counter-top facing the kitchen, and old fashion uniforms. The nearer, and older, of the two waitresses turned, saying automatically, “Welcome to Susie’s Fifties, have seat where ever you like-Oh, my gosh, you are the Flash!”

    “Hi,” remarked Molly almost chuckling. She looked around, deciding on a booth in the back corner, kind of obscured, and away from the windows. She was going to need to lower her cowl to eat, and while the goggles still obscured her eyes and brow features, more of her face would be exposed then normal, and she was not keen on getting her picture taken during that period. She asked the waitress as she passed, “Thanks. So, what's good here?”

    “Uh,” stammered the waitress, suddenly having trouble recalling what she was supposed to push and what she sincerely liked. She picked a menu up off the rack and followed Molly, commenting as Molly slid into the back booth, “So, uh, we serve a variety of American and Mexican comfort food. Our bacon cheese burger is very popular. As is our breakfast burrito and shredded pork burrito.” She handed the menu to Molly, “I'll get you some water while you look over the menu.”

    “Thanks,” acknowledged Molly, looking down at the plastic coated leaflet. Sometimes it was really amusing to see how civilians reacted to meeting superheroes in more normal situations. Peeking up she could see her waitress trying to subtly point her out to the other waitress and the cooks. The younger waitress appeared to be positively delighted. No doubt Molly would be expected to sign at least one thing before she left.

    She turned her gaze back to the menu, speed reading though. She needed something with a good amount of calories, but of course, she also wanted to enjoy it. And she wouldn’t have to worry too much about the cost right now, she had a couple fifty dollar bills tucked away in a small zippered pocket. Snapping the menu shut she set it down just before glass of water her waitress was holding touched the table. The woman looked shocked, “Oh, ready to order?”

    “Yeah,” confirmed Molly, picking up the menu to hand it to her. The woman tucked the menu under her order pad as Molly gave her order, “I'll take the deluxe fried chicken combo, a bacon cheeseburger with onion rings, and a large cookies and cream milkshake.”

    The waitress' pen hovered over the pad, as Molly pulled down her cowl and lifting the water glass, immediately downed half of it. People were always surprised at how much the Flash ate. Molly understood. Seriously, this aspect of being a speedster was kind of expensive. She gave the waitress a smile. The flustered woman smiled back and finished writing out the order, before chirping back the order, “Alright, deluxe fried chicken, bacon cheeseburger with rings, and a large cookies and cream milkshake?”

    “Perfect,” announced Molly. She watched the waitress walk off to the counter to turn this into the chefs. Yep, watching civilians react was kind of fun, though sometimes a little embarrassing. Still smiling she reached up and tapped her earpiece to request an update on current emergency situations from the Justice League computer. It was always spitting info at her, but sometimes she just had to drown it out and do her job. She wasn't planning on going anywhere until she ate, unless there was an unusually big emergency, but it was still a good idea to keep updated. The mechanical voice rattled off updates; the bank robbery in Metropolis was resolved, the train hijacking in Gotham resolved (she knew that), next was request for plutonium to be picked up from the desert (she knew that too), Cyborg was dealing with a hostage situation in NY, Doctor Light and Doctor Fate were dealing with disorderly civilians in Gotham and Vegas respectively, and no less then three heroes, including Superman were responding to the warehouse fire in California.

    The voice then started to list new alerts, including a shoot-out between rival smugglers in Star City (CA), a group of tourist trapped in an elevator in Washington DC, a small freak tremor centered in downtown Gotham (NJ), that while it has not been reported to have caused any major damage or injuries appears to have triggered some looting downtown (Molly blinked, that meant the tremor must have happened just after she left), incoming reports of monster sightings near the Pine Ridge Reservation (SD), and a jewelry store robbery in NY.
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  16. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Robin [Grayson Moncrief]
    Location: Train Station (near Gotham)
    Time: 5:47 pm / Early evening

    Grayson was at least certain that he did not have the strength to overpower Plutonium Man and break free by force, but wasn't certain about what other options he had. He tried to choke out some questions about his motives, his morals - anything could be helpful right now, but his voice wouldn't come. The best he could do was guilt trip him about hurting a kid. He coughed as weakly and pathetically as he could, which was easier to do than he cared to admit. He heard the click of the pistol being readied -


    The gun flew to one side and the grip on Grayson slackened, then disappeared completely as Batman flew from the shadows and slammed the man in the face. "I'm sorry I'm late," he announced, "I'm a very, very busy man, I hope you can understand."

    Grayson straightened up and took a moment to switch his communicator off. He automatically shifted to cover his father's back, and fell back into a readied pose as the minion who'd handed Plutonium Man his gun raised his fists. Granted, he also looked about ready to pass out at the sight of Batman standing over his unconscious leader. "Seems you're just in time to me," Grayson responded. Not wanting to miss this chance to redeem himself, he rushed forward toward the last man standing and bounded up the side of the neighbouring shipping compartment to deliver a kick with extra momentum into his side. The man stumbled and Grayson landed just in time to see the Flash whizz by and nail the guy in the face as she sped past. The man doubled over, grabbing his bloodied face, and Grayson whacked him to the ground for good measure. "Don't you dare get up," Grayson growled. He conceded maybe that was unnecessary, but he was pretty peeved at the guy for nearly getting his head blown off. He walked over to where the Flash was now examining the fallen mastermind. "Watch it, that tank's full of - "

    “Plutonium!” Flash came to the realization herself and quickly began dismantling the plutonium tank from the man's back. Grayson stood back, figuring she'd get it off faster without their help, and soon she was speeding away with the dangerous substance in tow. “Someone please try to track my location so this stuff can be properly disposed of later," she requested over the communicator.

    Grayson pulled out his phone and opened an application to track Molly's location. He paused a few moments to watch as she flew out of New Jersey, then tapped his communicator. "Ten-four Flash. Tracking location now." Amidst the groaning perpetrators on the group lay a metallic staff, which Grayson retrieved with a sigh and retracted. He turned toward Lucas, but his gaze didn't meet. "Sorry you had to save me. I should've done what you did and got to higher ground." He grimaced and turned back away; he'd known from the first punch that the guy had super strength, so why did he try to face him head on? It was a careless error, and not one he should make a habit of repeating.

    He continued to mentally rag on himself as he quietly stared at the tracker on his phone. He could literally watch Molly pass through entire states in no time flat. Soon she came to a halt somewhere in the middle of New Mexico - Grayson locked her co-ordinates and sent them off to the Justice League HQ. It would populate as a request for disposal of the plutonium container, and hopefully another member could pick it up. Grayson knew Max was pretty much impervious to radiation - he supposed he would be the most likely candidate for that -

    The ground began shaking violently, and Grayson steadied himself against the shipping container with one arm and hastily pulled out his phone with the other. "Since when does New Jersey get earthquakes like that?" Grayson asked out loud, awaiting the Justice League HQ to update them with details. Sure enough, a new alert flashed on his screen - the tremor hadn't caused any major damage (or, at least, none had been reported yet), but there were reports of looting in the heart of Gotham. He looked up at his dad with a grin. "You too busy for round two?"


    Grayson ditched his motorbike a safe distance away from where his visor was indicating the trouble was centralized and rushed over to the scene. It was a bit messy, but honestly didn't look too scary. Seems like some punks had taken advantage of the fear and damage caused by the unusual earthquake to ransack some local stores - there was a jewelry store, an electronics depot, and a high-end clothing store that seemed to be the largest targets. He noted that there were no lights on in the stores, and hazarded a guess that the power had gone out in this area. A young man with his face concealed by a black mask ran out of the electronics store with several pairs of headphones. Grayson extended his staff and walked forward, making the man hesitate. "Yeah, I don't think so," Grayson said before lunging forward staff first.
  17. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Willam Renard Gyre
    Warehouse fire - California
    Late afternoon

    "Oh come on Yel. Don't be mean to Wormboy." a familiar voice said a short distance away from Willam. "He's just trying to help.". Wormboy then turned his attention to Superman, and the two shared a brief conversation about nails or something. Willam rolled his eyes, and decided he would continue the rescue mission. There were still a lot of people trapped inside the burning buildings of the warehouse facilities, and standing around talking with Wormboy wouldn't save anyone. Though he disliked the situation, and would much rather have been home, or in space, Willam let out a sigh before he turned back towards the fiery inferno that needed to be cleaned up.

    Together with Superman, rescuing the remaining workers within the facility proved to be less than difficult, and the area was cleared shortly thereafter. Superman then somehow managed to extinguish the entire facility in one blow from his cold breath, before wrapping up the fire. It was an impressive feat, and Willam was honestly glad he was spared the trouble of having to clean up the place. With most of the fire gone, the firefighters could make an advance and see if there was anyone left who needed rescue, though Willam doubted so. The rescued workers had been placed in a smaller warehouse near the entrance that was untouched by the fire, and the paramedics were already having a field day with helping them out. All in all, it seemed the situation was solved, and Willam was grateful Superman had shown up when he did.

    "Isn't he awesome?" Wormboy asked in an annoying awe like a little boy seeing his hero for the first time, which might actually not be too far from the actual truth there considering wormboy worked solo.
    "Damnit, Wormboy! Stop being such a fangirl!", Willam shouted in his face before walking off to debrief the fire department that were still lingering around, extinguishing the smaller flames Superman had missed. The fire department were speaking with interviewers from the local TV station about the situation, and as Willam walked past then, the tiny asian repporter yanked him in his arm with surprising strength, placing him in front of the camera next to the firefighter for an interview.

    "We are here live at the Fuego Ironworks, where moments ago, a raging fire threatened with destroying the entire area. Several witnesses, my own crew included, watched in awe as superheroes Willam and Superman selflessly helped the workers, and extinguished the flames. Willam agreed with doing this brief interview with us." she then turned to Willam, looking him straight in the eyes. "So Willam! Is that your real name? is yellow really your favorite color? are you evil?". The bombardment of questions took him off guard. Willam hated being in front of the camera, especially if the questions asked were downright silly. The tiny woman drilled her eyes into him in anticipation of his answers.
    "Oh.. Uhm.. Well, eh.. Oh, would you look at the time." he looked at his wrist, pretending to be checking an imaginary wristwatch. "I really have to go, sorry. Uhm, shoutout to Wormboy for helping out.. Bye". He then took off and flew off in a seemingly random direction. Though he wasn't a shy person by nature, he really hated being put on the spot like that, especially when all people asked him was how he could be a superhero, as if the Sinestro corps was inheritedly evil.

    Checking his phone, he saw that conrad had called a few times, and sent some textx asking if everything was okay. Willam quickly texted back, before deciding to take it easy for a few minutes. He was in no hurry, and Conrad would be out by the time he got home anyway. He flew slower than he used to, and enjoyed the fresh late afternoon air. If anything, the other JLA members would contact him if there was anything else going on, and be able to reach him before he got home.
  18. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Cyborg - Vera Yang
    Location: New York, somewhere. > Still New York, somewhere.
    Time: 6:12 PM

    Vera sighs, tossing the coins, as well as a bill or two, back and forth in between her hands. Like he had promised, Freddy had given her some spare change after the police had shown up, collected the abductee, and dragged the kidnappers of to question them. In a way, it was a bit of a pity, because she was growing to actually enjoy their company. The guy who had previously been attempting to smoke had became significantly more talkative after she lit a cigarette for him with a lighter fashioned from her left index finger. He was kind of fed-up with life, and probably would have been happy to tell her everything about whatever organisation he’s part of (probably not entirely by choice) if it hadn’t meant certain death at the hands of his employer.

    The rest of the day, up till now, had been rather uneventful. Just some routine robberies that the police could handle themselves, giving her loads of time to herself. On one hand, not needing to eat or drink to survive, and thus not needing money, or a job is incredibly convenient - but at other times, being unemployed when not superheroing just leads to a whole lot of boredom, and then a whole lot of more boredom. She had wasted some time playing video games in her little apartment, then in an arcade somewhere, but nothing really grabbed her interest. After all, when your job is to fight supervillains in the real world, fighting them inside a game console becomes a whole lot less gratifying.

    “Hm, maybe I should go and pay that kid a visit.” She mutters to herself, still idly fiddling with her twenty-two dollars, which was more money than she had had for a while, “You know, the guy with the beetle thing. Don’t think I’ve even talked to him after getting him in touch with Batty… was it Batty? I’ve forgotten by now. Probably a glitch in the useless-information-removal program or something. Maybe I’ll try and fix that later... Now then, where did they say I could find him again?”

    She probably did have the kid's name stored in the database somewhere, but sometimes, it's fun pretending to be human and prone to forgetting things.

    Before she could attempt to search her mental archives for information tagged with ‘beetle kid’, another alert pops up, the ‘bling’ sound interrupting her. She gives the blinking exclamation mark an exasperated glare, then taps the side of her head, bringing the alert up into her vision in a semitransparent display of sorts. A jewellery store robbery, a good hour’s walk away. Boring, but at least it would give her something to do. Maybe she’d even get to see 'beetle kid’ again - I wonder if he’s old enough to drink. Well, whatever. It’ll probably be a good idea to get to know the only other superhero in the city - it might give her someone to talk with, if anything.

    Seems like a plan.

    “I guess it’s time to give these babies a try again.” She grins, pulling her jacket off and tying it around her waist. The metal underneath it morphs into a few ring-like constructs, holding the piece of clothing firmly in place. After a quick scan with her thermal sensors to ascertain that nobody’s around, she executes the command, and two large mechanical wings extend from her back, stretching out of the two slits she had cut in her shirt for that very purpose. With the clinking of turning gears, they snap into place, and their respective boosters burst into life with a loud whirring sound.

    “I swear,” she laughs, “Screw all that justice stuff, this was the reason why I became a superhero.”

    Whooping, she fires off the boosters and explodes off the ground, soaring through the air in the direction of the alert.
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  19. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    The Flash ~ Molly West
    Location: Diner (Albuquerque, New Mexico) > In route to Star City (California)
    Time: 6:19/4:19-ish pm, or whatever, evening/late afternoon

    After the robotic voice ran through all the emergency and crime alert updates, it returned to only commenting on the occasional current update. Molly sipped her water, trying to wait patiently for the food to cook, something she got to do when she cooked for herself too. You can chop and stir as fast as you like, but you can't rush the oven, grill, or fryer. It's done when it's done, and not before then.

    She took stock of her surroundings; fifties theme, clean, couple in the adjacent corner booth sipping coffee and eating pie, big guy at the counter with a soup bowl and what was probably a diet soda. . . his eyes kept following the younger waitress as she pretended to clean things, probably so she wouldn't get yelled at for being idle if the manager returned. Older waitress chatting with the chefs as she barely worked, but rather waited for food to deliver.

    Molly sipped her water as the earbud told her about Robin responding to the looters, probably Batman too.

    Finally the waitress brought something over to her, a frosty glass full of half-frozen sugar and milk, and a metal tin with the whole other half a large shake, a large was basically two shakes. The earbud announced that fire in California was out, and hostage situation in NY had resolved. . . All just normal JLA stuff really. Molly sipped the creamy mixture. It was tempting to eat and drink fast. She naturally wanted to do everything faster then a normal person, and she could push herself to go even faster, but as Molly West she was usually forced to do things in a boringly slow manner. . . but somewhere between too fast and too slow, there was a perfect speed. Just relax, what was slow for the Flash would still be pretty quick in the grand scheme of things.

    The waitress had the burger and fries out next. Molly wasted no time in getting to eating. She was already at third through her burger and fries when the door clattered. Glancing over she saw a family that looked like they'd stepped out of a sitcom; office rat father, bottle blonde soccer mom, disinterested emo teen on her phone, and an obnoxious younger boy, teasing an even younger sister, who was basically the poster child for blonde curls and dimples. It was the younger waitresses' turn to greet them with sickening enthusiasm, “ Welcome to Susie’s Fifties Diner! You can sit where ever you like, and our soup of the day is chicken tortilla!”

    “Thank you. . . Let's sit over here guys,” commented the soccer mom, who Molly imagined wore the pants in this relationship. As the family started to slip into their booth, and Molly had almost polished off her burger, the little boy looked up at her. Excitement lit up his eyes, oh no, here it comes, “Mom! It's the Flash!”

    “The Flash?” asked the little girl almost jumping. The parents got back to their feet realizing the children were right, while the disaffected teenage girl keep clicking away at her phone. The boy reached into his mother's boat-size purse without asking and pulled out her phone, “We need a picture!”

    Molly held up her hand to block the camera's view as he raced over, followed by most the rest of the family at various paces. She swallowed and cleared her throat, “Hey guys, I'll be happy to take some selfies with you later, but I'd like to finish eating first.”

    “Okay Ty, do you understand?” asked the father slipping his wife's phone out of the disappointed child's hands. The mother took the little girl's shoulders, faking embarrassment, “Oh sorry, the kids just get excited. But I imagine you know that.”

    “Oh yeah, of course,” commented Molly, she could play this game. The fact her son took her phone out of her purse without asking was very telling of the real level of parental control here. Meanwhile the older waitress slipped between her and the family, setting down the gigantic fried chicken meal. The little boy's eyes got wide, “Are you really going to eat all that?”

    “I sure am,” agreed Molly, “And I might even have room left for pie.”

    The family retreated to look over their menus, while take occasional glances her way, and discussing how special an lucky they were for picking the same restaurant as a superhero. . . even if it wasn't Batman or Superman. Molly stuffed the last of the burger in her mouth and turned her attention to the crispy chicken. It didn't take her long to finish up, really only about as long as it took for the sitcom family to order. She cleaned up her face, handed the waitress coming over with the bill one of her twenties, and then lifting her cowl back into place, went over to get the sefies over with. Honestly she found them kind of annoying, but she could be silly and playful with them for a couple minutes. After all, keeping the public happy with their heroes was one of the things that helped resolving emergencies go smoother. Even emo girl seemed to want a picture when all was said and done.

    As Molly strolled out of the diner, the earbud informed her that Cyborg was heading for the robbery in NY, which was not entirely unexpected. That meant the shoot-out (which police were attempting to stop), elevator (that the building management was already working on), and monster reports were all still looking for someone to respond. Time to prioritize. The monster could wait, and the tourist probably weren't in immediate danger. . . which meant she should probably head to Star City and bust some heads. Molly checked the position of her goggles and started running.
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  20. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Superman - Max Hudson-Moncrief
    Warehouse Fire, California > Desert (south western US) > Gotham City

    Together with Yellow Lantern, they managed to rescue the remaining civilians stuck inside the burning building without anyone getting hurt. In a few moments, the fire was out, and all the people were safe. All in all, a successful mission.

    As all of this was going on, the site was being surrounded by reporters from the local TV and Newspaper trying to get all the information they could about the situation. William was stopped by a reporter, and the man did not look comfortable with being put on the spot like that. As soon as William gave his answer and flew away, Max was questioned by that same reporter. "Breaking news! I also have an exclusive interview with the Man of Steel himself! Superman! Just the man I was looking for!" She then started asking a barrage of questions that had nothing to do with situation at hand. "How do you have powers? Are you really alien from outer space? Is it true you're married to Batman? How's married life? Is it difficult being married to another superhero?" All the while, her large cameraman assistant stuck the camera right in his face.

    Max usually didn't mind talking to the media, but he knew from talking Louis Lane that these questions were very unprofessional for a serious journalist to be asking. "I really don't think your viewers care about my personal life... I'm sure you could get more useful information by talking to firefighters and paramedics." Max responded. He then got an alert in his earbud about more crime alerts, and Max started to fly. "Anyway, I would love to stay and chat, but I have to go now. Duty calls!" Max gave a salute, and flew off as various photographers were snapping pictures.

    Up in the sky, Max checked his smartwatch, and saw an alert about some Plutonium that needed to be picked up in the middle of New Mexico. Max knew right away that job was meant for him. How many other Justice Leaguers were immune to radiation? He took the initiative, and flew off in direction on his watch.


    He soon found himself in a sandy desert. The large container sitting just sitting there, looking completely out of place, and waiting to be picked up. Max effortlessly took it. "Let's get you out of here."


    From New Mexico, Max flew back to Gotham City, Plutonium container in hand. He made his away inside the Gotham City Power Plant without a moment to spare. He dropped off the container in front of the scientists he found inside. "This plutonium container was found in the desert. I trust you guys would know how to safely dispose of this?" One of the scientist nodded, and Max took off.

    He had hoped that would be the end of crime fighting for the evening, so Max could spend time with his family, but no such luck. More crime alerts had popped up. That always seemed to happen. Such is the life of a superhero. Fortunately, there was a little crime spree going on right there in Gotham. It wasn't fortunate that their was crime in Gotham, but Grayson was already there. That meant Lucas probably wouldn't be far behind. Looks like they were going to get family time after all.

    Max flew off to the nearby shopping center to find his son dealing with a young man with his face covered in a black mask. Max took the opportunity to say hello. "Oh hi Robin! I know I'm not the dad you usually work with, but since I happened to be in the neighborhood, I thought I'd stop by and lend a hand. You seem to have this under control though..." Max used his X-ray vision to see through the would be looter's mask, and saw that the poor guy was terrified out of his mind. He probably was not prepared to deal with Superman.

    Suddenly, Max heard an unusually loud voice screamig. "THIS SHOULD NOT BE TAKING THIS LONG! WHAT IS GOING ON?!" Coming from the direction of the jewelry store. Shortly afterwards, a young woman with a perpetually annoyed expression on her face, and dressed entirely in black carrying several bags filled with jewelry walked out of the store, and joined her friend who was fighting Grayson. "You're serious? A kid is giving you trouble? Ugh..." She rolled her eyes, and then she noticed Superman was hovering right there. Her expression didn't change.

    "Hey, he's my kid you know..." Max retorted... "He's a lot better at this than you're friend over there. Now, put back the stuff you took before this gets ugly."

    "Yeah, how about no?" Then, the young woman opened her mouth, and let out a Super Sonic scream, that had enough force behind it to send the Man of Steel flying into a brick wall. "HURRY UP! FINISH THE KID, AND GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE THE FUCKING BATGUY COMES!" She shouted once again.
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