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Justice League AU (Rated R) ~ RP

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by VampirateMace, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. Gamzee Makara

    Gamzee Makara Let people enjoy things...

    Booster Gold and Skeets
    Gotham City

    Booster was surprised...Superman knew that it wasn't it who was the telepath...but Booster decided to put it aside for now. "I got a transmission, but it faded quick. It was Batman...I could have Skeets scan for his psi-signature. but he might..." Skeets butted in. "Already got a lock...he's..this isn't right...he's below ground, but there's some major interference, possibly from another telepath...I'm also picking up a psi-signature too big to be human...almost...malignant...like a giant tumor...uggggh". Skeets began to

    fade out.."Damn! Booster here...whatever's down there has overwhelmed Skeets's mind...anyone know what he could have meant by a "giant tumor"? Anything in the database?" Skeets woke up then, only to telepathically cry "M'NAGALAH" before passing out fully...

    Booster caught it's partner before he fell, but was distraught...It tried the JL communication band..."Guys, did that cry mean something? Cyborg, you're faster with tech than me...Search every database you can for "M'nagalah"...I'm reading Skeets's vitals, and he's not good...it's as if he's in a coma...I need a xenobiologist or a vet, right stat now!" Booster paused. "I think Batman might be in really serious trouble...anything that could overwhelm Skeets's defenses must be a threat...anyone know a Xenovetranarian? Jeez, my best friend is out..." Booster then thought of an idea..."Was Batman carrying a EM charge in his utility belt or his costume? Because if I concentrate, I might be able to lock onto it if Robin provides me with a sample..." Skeets...buddy...you ok? Can you hear my thoughts? Booster was feeling like he was going to blow a seam...
  2. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    The Flash ~ Molly West
    Location: Downtown Gotham (NJ)
    Time: Evening

    Woo, yes! Molly looked up from the, possibly dead, gem in her hands. The downtown shopping district of Gotham was carnage. One thing about thinking faster then other people was that you processed changes and emotions faster. While she was now wondering what needed to happen now in order to clean up this mess, others, like Cyborg had only just started celebrating.

    But their celebration too was short lived, Cyborg for example moved onto assessing if anyone nearby was injured or still trapped. . . and figuring out what the hell had just attacked them. Not only that, but more heroes were arriving, Booster Gold with Skeets, and Yellow Lantern with Wormboy, they were late, but at least they were trying to help, and the city certainly still needed help. Skeets sent out a psychic message to this effect. Meanwhile Yellow Lantern just took off, leaving Wormboy somewhat distressed, but only for a moment before he came closer to the other asking what had happened. Okay so maybe Yellow Lantern wasn’t trying too hard.

    Molly turned to Wormboy, she held up the hand to show him the gem, “This gem appeared to be powering a giant magnetic monster. It collapse when I managed to remove the gem, after the others froze the it. We don't know yet why or where it came from, but the area is a mess and we should double check for anyone that might still need help.” Over her headset she could hear Superman explaining all this to Booster Gold as well. She herself looked over to Booster Gold and Skeets, tapping her ear piece, “Skeets, Gold, can you guys scan the area for survivors that might be trapped?”

    While making this request, Molly had spotted something useful hanging out of a destroyed thrift store’s window, a rack of purses. Zipping over, she pulled a small red leather bag off the rack and placed the gem inside, zipping it closed and throwing it across her torso. Given the situation, she hoped this small theft could be over looked, after all the store was a total loss and she could always pay the owner later when she had a chance to find them, and she was pretty sure it was imperative they not loose this gem. She zipped back to Wormboy, just in time to hear the exchange between Batman and Superman. So that was where Batman was? Somewhere below them?

    In the awkward moments that followed, Superman asked Robin about this, and noticed Wormboy, before finally asking Cyborg to try and pinpoint Batman's location. It was Skeets however who jumped in to start scanning for him first. . . only to cry out psychically; 'M'nagalah'. . . Molly blinked, looking at Wormboy, then at Booster Gold who was trying to wake Skeets, and somewhat freaking out over the communication system, asking for a vet and info that might help them find Batman. She tapped her earpiece asking, though somewhat rhetorically as she knew Skeets at least couldn't answer, “M'nagalah? The Cancer God? Isn't he just a myth? Like some fringe groups say he made the world, but there were no literary references to him until fairly modern times. . . If that mess is real, we've got bigger problems then we thought.”

    Looks like they needed to find Batman fast. Molly started scouting around for stuff that could help since they needed to go underground; ropes/cables, flashlights/flares, tools.
  3. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Cyborg - Vera Yang
    Location: Downtown Gotham
    Time: Evening

    [Hello? This is Batman, checking in.]

    Vera blinked at that. The guy disappears as a monster rampages through his city, only to call them after they take care of it for him? As much as she hated to say bad things about him, that was probably the height of irresponsibility as far as things go. Thankfully, she’s saved the discomfort of scolding him, the job having quickly been taken by Superman, who yelled at him for a minute before sighing and shaking his head, saying that they were going to find him. Not one to eavesdrop on a family conversation, Vera opted to direct her attention elsewhere until she was pulled back in to the situation by Max addressing her.

    [Cy, you’re good with technology.] Superman said, [Can you pick up Batman’s signal? I can hear he’s under us, but I’m not exactly sure where…]

    Vera’s grin widened at that - while she’d more or less gotten used to being regarded as equals with the rest of the justice league, there was part of her that still remained unchanged from when she first started idolising people like Batty and Supes as a young fugitive who’d sneak into libraries at night to pour over superhero comics. And while she knew better by now, the idea that she would work alongside those very same people who relied on her for help filled her with a strange sort of joy. In many ways, it’s probably a distraction that she should erase, but there’s something that she found remarkably pretty about the feeling.

    [On it!] she laughs, immediately switching on her scanners, sweeping Gotham’s undercity for any semblance of a recognisable signal - radio, sonar, whatever. Soon enough, a bright red dot with a white bat symbol on top of it blinks into existence on her personal display, helpfully labeled ‘Batty’. [I’ve got a lock. Co-ordinates are 3-] ‘M’NAGALAH!’

    … what?

    Wait, that voice was familiar. Vera had never met Booster Gold before, but the samples within league databases were more than enough for her to recognise the owner of the voice as the hero's partner, Skeets. As if on cue, a voice she recognised as Boosters quickly comes live on the intercom. It seemed panicked, frantically calling for a xenoveterinarian. Flash also interjected, mildly musing about M’Nagalah being some sort of cancer god before zipping away to grab equipment for an underground expedition.

    [I’m sending you all Batman’s co-ordinates.] Vera said, jumping up from her position on top of an abandoned, mutilated car and breaking into a run in the direction of the Gotham museum. [It should show up on your display. I’ve also done a scan for M'Nagalah, but there isn’t much info. Disturbingly little, in fact. It just seems he’s some sort of old god tentacle-y thing. Like an evil octopus, but cooler!]

    She pauses for a moment, then decides to direct her attention to more urgent matters. There wasn't time to go sifting through junk heaps of useless data just to find something potentially actionable on an obscure Lovecraftian horror.

    [Oh, and Goldy, I’m searching for data on healing cute alien friend-bots right now. Gimme a few seconds, and I’ll see what I can do for Skeets.]
    Last edited: May 29, 2018

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