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Justice League AU (Rated R)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by VampirateMace, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Note: This RP is about adult superheroes, so it's rated R for adults stuff; alcohol, drugs, violence, death, even complex relationships, and so on. . . However, please keep intimate romantic stuff to yourself, and fade to black should it occur.

    Discussion Discord: https://discord.gg/uWwyjtd
    RP Thread: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?659614-Justice-League-AU-(Rated-R)-RP

    Earth. . .

    Not the Earth you know, but an Earth, an Earth not too different from the Earth you know actually. See, the Earth you know is only one in a multiverse of thousands of Earths. Each of these Earths is different and unique. Often the differences are small, but just a single event, can completely alter the course of their history.

    But what is different here, you may wonder, and how did it alter history?

    Well, my dear players, read on. . .

    It happened centuries ago. On a clear night not too unlike so many nights that happened before it, and not terribly unlike many of the nights after it, A single shooting star flashed across the European sky, in a dazzling chartreuse glow. And it landed somewhere in the wilderness of Romania.

    A local farmer encountered the rock some months later. It was nothing extraordinary on the outside, and he tossed it out of his field, hitting a tree. But as it was cracked from the stress of falling through the Earth's atmosphere, the rock broke open on impact. It was then that human eyes first saw the glitter of the Crimson Heart, a scarlet gem of extraordinary beauty that would be sold, traded, cut, and stolen a dozen times over. Wherever this gem went, it left a trail of calamity, born from the greed in men's hearts.

    The gem traveled the globe, death in it's wake, altering the course of the Earth's history, but only slightly. The bubonic plague still happened. The American Revolution still happened. World War I & II still happened. But still, some things, smaller things were not the same. People died on this Earth, who lived on others. People lived on this Earth that died on others. Money changed hands on this Earth, that didn't on others. Money didn't change hands that did on others. - The effects rippled through this Earth's time-line into modern day. In many ways this Earth is still the same as the one you know; there's still a Justice League of America (and of other countries too), and Batman and Superman are still members. . . though maybe they are not the Batman and Superman with whom you are familiar. As the course of individual lives changed through the stone's influence, so did family trees and even personal values. And this has led in many cases to alternate versions of everyday people, and those heroes with whom we are so familiar.

    The gem, now one third it's original size, currently rests in the Gotham Museum, on loan, courtesy of the Wayne Corporation, who acquired it some years ago with intent to study the gem's unique properties. It was found to have a unique energy signature, lending credence to the tales that it was from outer-space, but no attempt to utilize this power was successful. Eventually Wayne Corp gave up, deciding it was too weak to be useful as a powers source. So, after some further tests to deeming the rock non-hazardous, it was loaned indefinitely to to the museum, where it now resides. Or at least it did. . .

    Last night, right under the watch of no less then half a dozen guards, it was stolen, apparently without a trace. Some members of Justice League may wish to investigate further, but right now it doesn't look like there's a lot to go off of. The police are simply flummoxed by the lack of evidence that anything happened at all, other then the security footage for that room being corrupted. It's leaving everyone involved with an eerie feeling, like perhaps a greater evil is on the horizon. Just like that strange red star that was discovered last month.

    Still, they've got stuff to do. Crime happens everyday, and they make sure it doesn't pay. In fact the crime alert has just gone off, looks like there's a bank robbery in downtown metropolis, and smugglers taking over a train on the outskirts of Gotham. Better hop to it, superheroes. It's just another average day of crime-fighting. They can get back to investigating the Crimson Heart another time. . .

    . . .and they will. For even now, a something unseen lurks below the city, bathed in a crimson glow. It bides it's time, hiding from the eyes of common men and heroes alike, waiting until the time is right.

    Additional Details/Facts:
    ~ Gems similar to the Crimson Heart may have fallen on other worlds.
    ~ The Justice League of America has existed for 16 years at the start of the RP.
    ~ Assume all heroes have earpieces or equivalent (with optional visual aids in some of their masks/visors/googles), so they can communicate with HQ.

    Unlike most RPs, for this RP, I ask that you play as an alternate version of a canon DC character, particularly as a char that at some point in history was part of the Justice League (of America, or otherwise). I may make exceptions if you want to pull in a hero from another canon, or have a singularly stunning idea, but don't count on it.

    1) Flash (Molly West) - VampirateMace
    2) Superman (Maxwell Noel Hudson-Moncrief/Jax-Van) - Monster Guy
    - - - + Krypto the Superdog
    3) Batman (Dr. Lucas Spenser Hudson-Moncrief) - Sketchie
    4) Robin (Grayson Moncrief) - Tangeh
    - - - + Blue Beetle (Javier Melendez)
    5) Wonder Woman (Hana Hùong Nguyen) - Hydra
    6) Green Lantern - (Willam Gyre) Yasha
    7) Dr Light (Hikari Sato) - Minteh
    8) Dr Fate (Zane Nelson) - TikTok13

    9) Cyborg (Vera Yang) - Vern
    10) Martian Manhunter - Requiem's Eclipse *RESERVED*
    11) Harley Quinn - Captain Jigglypuff *RESERVED*

    12) Dragalge *RESERVED*
    13) The Burnt Shadow *RESERVED*
    14) Gamzee Makara: Booster Gold
    - - - + Skeets the genius 'dog'
    15) Wormboy (Jimmie "Jim" Carrera) - Schade
    16) Scarlet Hope/Red Lantern (Buddy Gardner) - Aposteriori

    Sign-up form:
    - Remember this is an alternate universe, make the character your own, but pull in elements from the canon chars as you create them (mostly, I want to see some common powers, costume elements, and background themes).

    Super Name: Your superhero name

    Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Your birth name, or other alias(es)

    Gender: Male/Female/Etc
    - You may note gender identity and orientation here as well.

    Age: Preferably 18+ for main heroes, and 13+ for sidekicks. Make sure it's appropriate to their history.

    Powers, Gadgets, and Skills:
    This should heavily echo your canon character's powers/gadgets/skills. Some chars are more OP then others, so I reserve the right to check RPer's ability not to God-mode when considering them.
    - Remember to include a method of transportation (not teleportation).
    - Include non-super power skills if they are relevant or interesting.

    Personality: 8+ sentences on your mental state.

    Appearance: 8+ sentences of how you look (be sure to include your costume).

    History: 10+ sentences on your past, and how it differs from the canon char's.

    Mien SU:

    Super Name: The Flash

    Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Molly West

    Gender: Female, bisexual (but tends to go more for guys)

    Age: 25

    Powers, Gadgets, and Skills:
    - Superspeed, courtesy of being hit by lighting while doused in chemicals, with corresponding agility, stamina, mental processing speed, and healing. In terms of speed and vibration, she has control over every molecule in her body. With this under the right conditions she can:
    ~ Phase through solid objects (via changing her molecular vibration).
    ~ Create whirlwinds, possibly even allowing her to 'fly' short distances, or suck air out of a small area.
    ~ Create a build-up of electrical energy, to release as bolts/arcs or lighting, or create electromagnetic effects.
    ~ Travel through time, and even create time remnants of herself.
    ~ Travel to other dimensions (molecular vibration).
    - Molly is immune to telepathic attacks, as she thinks faster then a normal person.

    - Molly is well trained in chemistry, as well as having decent general knowledge about a good many things.
    - She is also a fairly good cook, though not what you'd call a natural; with a very accurate chemist-like methodology, and an attractive practiced style of plating food.

    * For ref, Molly is probably faster and more agile then Barry would be, but not quite as strong (tho speed does convert to force).

    Molly is a friendly person, who tries to maintain a positive outlook on life, despite all it's tragedies, encouraged by her big-brother, soon to be brother-in-law's cheery disposition. She has learned it's always better to count your blessings then your disappointments. She of course can be the sassy girl when she wants to, but she's not actively mean or rude most of the time. Though there are a few people do deserve it. Okay, more like several people.

    Molly is kind of clingy, having abandonment issues. She's is protective of her siblings and tends to do a bit of spying on people to protect them, her big sister particular, including on her adoptive big-brother/future brother-in-law. She'd go to pretty great lengths to ensure both their safety.

    Her clingyness tends to be a turn off for potential boy/girlfriends however, but Molly remains hopelessly romantic. She's still sure there's someone out there for everyone, even her. She just hasn't met them yet. Being a superhero now, and seeing other superheroes in relationships, she's wondering if she could even handle that, or if on some levels it'd actually be better.

    Molly is fairly bright, and thanks to the speed force, able to think faster then a normal person. She's great at making snap decisions during a crisis. But she does realize this ability doesn't actually make her smarter, and definitely takes her teammates opinions and ideas into account. Faster isn't always better, but sometimes it's necessary.

    Molly spent so much time chasing her siblings accomplishments, she kind of neglected forming hobbies of her own. It wasn't until college that she realized she didn't really like a lot of the activities she did in school, she was just trying to impress her family. She likes too cook however, and her cooking style often resembles lab-work, in that it is very accurate to the recipe. She knows you can fudge things a little more while cooking, but a perfectly weighed portion is simply beautiful to look at. And for her, beauty in cooking is a must. As a result her plates are clean and colorful, often looking like menu pictures. Hers is one of the rare cases where food often looks better then it tastes, though it tends to taste pretty good.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Molly is a tall, sculpted young woman, with good muscle tone. Her skin is a vibrant chocolate brown, and her hair is a deep almost black, brown. Her alert almond-shaped eyes are very similar in hue, and her rectangular face has well defined features, including obvious cheekbones, luscious lips, and a slightly broad nose. She keeps her hair fairly natural, the tight dark curls forming a small afro.

    On a daily basis Molly dresses fairly nice, usually in light colored blouses paired with darker slacks. She's always been kind of girly-girly fashion-wise, and used to wear skirts a lot, but has since found them impractical for lab work. Along with this, close toed shoes have proven a better choice during the school and work week as well, as has not wearing a lot of jewelry. She wears very light make-up, often only blush and lipstick.

    As the Flash, Molly wears a full body suit, in emerald with gold accents, notably at the shoulders, chest, and midriff. One her hands and feet are a set of extremely durable gloves and boots, also gold in color. She wears a green mask over her lower face to help hide her identity, as well as a pair of green and gold goggles that not only obscure her upper face features, but protect her eyes while moving at high speeds. Her glorious 'fro however, is free to flutter in the wind.

    (I'm basing this alt history on the TV series, because Flash's canon comic history is a train-wreck.)

    As the effects of the Crimson Heart ricocheted through the human population, some of the Allen and West ancestors were affected. Some of it was good, and some of it was not. For one, Barry Allen's mother as never murdered. Another result the Wests managed to stay together longer, having not only Iris, but a second daughter together, Molly. Wally West on the other had, was never born in this universe. Unfortunately their happiness was short-lived, as Mr and Mrs West eventually did have a falling out, resulting in the departure of Mrs West. Not long after, Mr West was taken from this Earth, leaving the girls utterly alone. While the state tried to contract their mother, Mrs Allen offered to take the girls in. Everyday that went by, Molly grew to cling more to her sister and Mrs Allen, so when it was decided Mrs West couldn’t be found and the girls would become wards of the state, Mrs Allen did the only thing she felt to be right and adopted them. Thus the West girls, Iris and Molly, grew up alongside Barry Allen.

    Or as Molly felt, in the shadow of Barry and Iris. Barry and Iris were very close in age, and both did well in their studies, even if Barry tended to be late a lot, so Molly often felt out-shined. And over time it became obvious they were close in other ways as well. As a result Molly, feeling left out, put a lot of effort into living up to the bar set by her siblings, in terms of grades and achievements, as well as trying to find her own soul-mate, which never seemed to work out.

    After high school her sister would enter the police academy, and her adoptive brother would seek training as a forensic scientist. Seeing the goods they were doing in the world, encouraged Molly, who would go on to secure and internship at STAR Labs while she attended college.

    Then one fateful and stormy night as Molly stayed late to clean-up the lab as a favor, fate struck. Or more accurately lighting. After accidentally spilling some chemicals she was trying to re-shelf, Molly was struck by a bolt of lighting which crashed through the skylight above her.

    Nine months later, Molly awoke, alone in a stark white hospital room, decorated only with an kind of ugly print of some watercolor tulips. There were tubes and monitors hooked-up to her, and some dying carnations in a vase beside her bed amidst half-a-dozen get well cards, but before she could finish processing this, the room was swarmed by nurses. Her relatives would show up half-an-hour later, absolutely thrilled and surprised by her sudden recovery. Molly was released from the hospital within a couple days, without much therapy, as the doctors marveled at the lack of muscle tone loss.

    Molly felt incredibly blessed at many of the after effects of her accident. Even though STAR Lab's insurance determined her accident was a 'Act of God', and her internship period ended during her coma, the employees there helped pool resources to pay for her medical bills. Her sister and Barry had put off their wedding in hopes she would wake and could be there. And she was able to pick up her college lessons the following term, though she'd missed her planned graduation date and was now surrounded by unfamiliar students. - Unfortunately though, she found her so-called boyfriend hadn't been willing to wait for her to wake up, and had taken up with some half-witted bleach-blonde tramp. Molly had never yelled at a boy so much in her life.

    Soon after, Molly realized she had super-speed abilities and all the benefits they bestowed, but if quickly became apparent that her clothes were not going to be able to keep up. Luckily super-speed meant she could hide before anyone saw her wardrobe malfunction. So, she sought help from the smartest person she knew, Barry. Together they designed a suit crimson suit that could hold-up to her abilities and allow her to fight crime, doing the good in the world she always wanted to do. And thus she was dubbed, The Flash!

    About the time she finished college, her sister was starting to became suspicious of her and Barry, so to avoid causing a rift between them, Molly admitted what they were doing. Iris didn't like the idea of her sister putting herself in danger by engaging dangerous inhumans, but as a investigative officer, she really didn't have a lot of room to argue. Also around this time, The Flash got an invitation to join the Justice League of America, which Molly eagerly accepted.

    A couple years later, Molly is living the dream superhero-wise, but still struggling to balance this with family life, dating, and holding down a her job as a research assistant at a small pharmaceutical company.
    Aposteriori - Scarlet Hope / Red Lantern (Buddy Gardner
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
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  2. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    lets do this and may god have mercy on our souls

    Super Name: Batman

    Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Dr. Lucas Spenser Hudson-Moncrief

    Gender: Cisgender Male, Bisexual but has a preference for dudes.

    Age: 42

    Powers, Gadgets, and Skills:
    - Money: HOLY HELL THIS DUDE HAS A LOT OF MONEY. Like, billions, You need cash? Take it. God, just, please, take it. Have more than you need? Interest? What interest? Don't pay it back. Please. Just keep it I sw e ar to Go d
    - Genius-level intelligence: Lucas prides himself on his brain. He has a bachelors degree in Criminal Science and Chemistry, a Masters degree in Business and Communications, and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, but he's dabbled in other subjects without formally going into them, such as bioengineering, law, philosophy, forensics, computer science, he even took a few years to get his CNA. He has a steel will, impossible to break, so much so he can withstand massive amounts of physical pain and can resist mind control. It is his superpower, his determination. He is an expert detective, escapologist, interrogator, businessman, tactician, strategist, pilot... the list goes on. He much prefers playing with his foes, out-smarting them rather than out-fighting them.
    --- Polylingual: Lucas can speak perfect German, English, Spanish, French, Latin, Japanese, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, and probably more.
    - Peak human physical condition: While he hides his prowess by using a cane, pretending to drink (ginger ale swapped for champange), acting like a damsel in distress when something happens in public, he truly is the peak of what a non-super human can do. He is fantastically strong, strong to the point he can bend and break steel. His strength also comes through expert muscle control. He has perfect reflexes, as well as nigh superhuman agility. He is a true acrobat, and uses it to scale buildings as well as wow a crowd every now and then before returning to his cane. Peak human stamina, peak human durability, peak human speed, he is the perfect athlete. Despite his age, he is not slowing down, and is continuing to push himself to get better.
    - Master martial artist: I don't want to list the amount of martial arts he's mastered over, let's just say he's Really Good At This.
    - Expert Marksman: Self Explanatory. Doesn't use guns if he doesn't have to.
    - Intimidation: Yes, he can be a funloving, happy guy, but he knows how to instill fear in others. He can turn the feeling of a room on a dime.
    - Batmobile: Batman's primary form of transportation, a sleek armored car. It's black. Like the night! It does have guns though. As well as a communications radio. Aaaaand lots of other neat gadgets. Next Question.
    - Top of the line Volkswagen Jetta: Lucas's primary form of transportation, a sleek armored car. It's black. Like the night! It is lacking in guns and lots of other neat gadgets. It's just the way Mild Mannered Lucas Moncrief gets around.
    - Several Other BatTransportation: Batjet? Batboat? Batglider?? Batcopter??? Yeah.
    - Batsuit: Made of Kevlar and Titanium, it is bulletproof and fire-retardant. The gauntlets and boots are reinforced to take the impact of punches and kicks, the cape can be used to glide, the mask has infrared and auditory sensors. and he has a simple communicator in his ear.
    --- Echolocators: These are small but powerful devices in Lucas's gloves and boots. He invented them himself to send small, high pitched but powerful soundwaves into the world around him, and when it hits the Echolocators it sends the information to a chip in Lucas's mask, which turns into a 3D projection of his surroundings.
    - Utility Belt: Where he keeps all of his hero stuff. Several different types of batarangs, small and non-lethal explosives, smoke bombs, tear gas pellets, grapnel gun, work tools like pliers, lots and lots of stuff.
    - Hans Müller: Lucas's Godfather and Butler. Once Lucas was fully independent and moved from his family's home into his family home, he rehired Hans as Chief Family Butler. He's the Alfred, and he's much like Alfred. Yay for Hans.
    - Batcave: this list is getting long enough YOU KNOW WHAT THE BATCAVE IS
    --- Weakness Vault: This is something Bruce Wayne actually has, so I'm giving it to Lucas. Lucas has a vault with a box for each member of the Justice League with their metaphorical and/or literal kryptonite.

    Personality: Lucas is an upbeat kind of guy, kind and always has other's best interest at heart. He adores making friends and being surrounded by people. He usually has a smile on his face, and is always happy to help his friends. He loves the attention, he loves the lights, he loves being loved. He's incredibly romantic and spontaneous, coming up with activities on the spot is a natural talent of his. He's passionate about everything he does, even the small things. Lucas is an incredibly talented musician, and can play nearly any instrument he tries because of how long and how hard he's worked at it. He's especially proficient in viola, guitar, and vocals, and is usually humming one tune or another. If you watch him fight, you'll notice he fights to a rhythm, and you might even see him counting the beats out. He's also quite responsible, and very good at managing finances. Lucas is empathetic, incredibly empathetic, and can easily figure out what others are feeling, and his emotions will match theirs.

    He enjoys a wide variety of pursuits besides music, athletics being one of them. Though he's never been good at sports involving a ball, he's a talented ice skater and ballroom dancer, and he's also very good at fistfighting. He makes a point in working out every single day, constantly pushing himself. He loves the delicateness of ice skating and ballroom dancing, and has become very strong through a lot of lifting other people up in both areas. Despite his age, he does still enjoy a good video game from time to time, but he prefers storyline over anything else. He hates alcohol, as it makes his symptoms worse, and refuses to drink it. He also hates coffee. His age hasn't changed the fact that Lucas is still very physical. He's a little more more conservative with it now, but he will openly hold hands with and kiss his husband whenever and wherever he likes.

    Through his years, he's learned to take the reigns of his emotions. He can still show explosive anger, and his emotions still do fluctuate on the extreme sides, but his maturity and self-control have overcome his trauma. Lucas is incredibly skilled at emotional empathy (knowing and feeling what others are feeling), he lacks cognitive empathy (knowing what others are thinking basically). If someone around him is upset, he'll automatically believe himself to be the cause even if he's done absolutely nothing. He's sensitive to sudden changes in attention (be it an increasement or decreasement), and if there's a sudden decrease in attention he often starts panicking. Lucas can't focus very well if there's something bigger going on, even if there's nothing he can do about the bigger thing. He is incredibly smart, a genius even, but there are days his PTSD and BPD can get the best of him, in which he tends to hide himself away in the Batcave.

    Lucas's greatest fears are being alone and being abandoned. Even his age did not erase this. He can be alone now, he's learned to appreciate solitude, but he is still terrified of dying alone. Due to terrible, violent nightmares, he has to take medications to suppress his dreams. He has made great strides to heal and recover, and he's learned to love himself, but he blames himself for his father's death and it still haunts him. There is still a part of him that believes he's unsalvageable, unworthy of love and affection, even though that's exactly what he wants. He functions well, and has been functioning well for the greater part of his adult life, but that doesn't mean he's still afraid of losing control. He's a powerful man. He knows he has power and influence. He wants to do good.

    Lucas is fantastically compassionate. Even as The Batman, where he puts on a mask of stoicism, his primary function is compassion. He is a wonder with children. If in a crisis, a child is in danger, they are his first priority. His core is the same, but Lucas has matured considerably since his younger years. He is still happy and fun loving, but his idea of fun now is a nice walk in the park, taking his husband shopping, spending an afternoon with [Robin] and Daisy. He doesn't like exposing his identity, and takes great pains in hiding it. Out and about, he uses a cane to "help" him walk. If something bad is happening in public, he either escapes, relies on bodyguards, or plays a damsel in distress until he is away from the public eye. He is honest. He is kind, and has an evergrowing golden heart. He is a family man, a father. He might be Batman, but under it all, he's still Lucas Moncrief.

    Appearance: He might be aging, but Lucas is still gorgeous. He's becoming quite a silver fox. He stands tall at 6' 3", has some build to him. While his coloration suggests otherwise, his features are very German. His head is somewhat long, with a well defined chin and angular features. He has a strong jawline, and sharp cheekbones. His once totally pitch black hair is graying, especially around his temples. He keeps it short and neatly styled. His eyes are expressive and emerald green, decorated with long, dark eyelashes. He has thin lips that are usually drawn up in a smile and an angular nose. His teeth are unnervingly straight and white, and very pointed in some places. His body is fairly proportional, with toned arms and legs. His hands are averaged sized, and his feet are a little larger than average. His core muscles are very well defined (or, to put it bluntly, he has abs), and he's been told he has very nice biceps. His collarbones and hipbones are very well defined. Much of his scars have faded, but still act as ghosts of a former time. On his left wrist he has the X scar, as well as two other horizontal scars just above them. He also has a couple on his left shoulder and bicep. The rest of them are on his upper thighs, and they're pretty long. He also has two longer scars, one on his left pectoral and the other on his right hip, though they are very faded.

    Lucas spends a lot of time dressed up. As the CEO of Moncrief Enterprises, of course he is. He wears a perfectly tailored black suit with a white shirt and black tie, adorned with golden cufflinks initialed LSM. When he's on offtime, however, he takes his occupation as Dad very seriously. By this I mean he makes a point of dressing perfect and tacky. Polos are encouraged, especially if they have some sort of fruit on them. Could he wear t-shirts like normal people? Yes, but come on, he's a dad. He didn't leave his jeans in the past, though. Khakis and cargo shorts are just too much for him. He loves lounge pants and robes, and often wears said pants in shades of purple for his husband. His one qualm with having to look formal during work is he can't put his wide collection of terrible, awful, tacky-as-hell Dad ties to use. His cane is a black cherry stained mahogany, simple but elegantly twisted at the top, made with a bronze handle. He wears a simple, celtic-knot engraved wedding band wherever he goes.

    As Batman, he obviously dresses in all black. He used to wear a full-on cowl, leaded to protect from identity theft, but he's ditched it in favor of a still leaded eye mask shortly after he was married. His bodysuit is made of kevlar and titanum, skin tight to show off a little. He wears a simple, somewhat tattered cape and hood, combat boots, gloves, and, of course, his signature yellow utility belt.

    History: When Bruce Wayne was a young boy, his parents was murdered in front of him. Normally, this is where his story begins -- but in the presence of a Chaos Heart, it was ultimately was his end. All three Waynes were killed that night, and shortly after, a German company swept in and bought it out. The plan was to keep the Wayne name until the heir was old enough to unite all of the companies the German one had bought.

    The same year the young Bruce was born, across the oceans in Munich, Germany, a young boy was born into the arms of an English woman and a German man. Lucas Spenser was born to Luana and Isaac Maxwell. Isaac and Luana were an arranged marriage -- Luana was the heir to Cranford and Company of England, Isaac the heir to Morningstar Incorporated of Germany. As part of the agreement, neither could take on the other's last name, but they chose a middle ground. Maxwell was chosen because it was an English name, the origin of Cranford, and it began with M, for Morgenstern. Due to Isaac not wanting Lucas to grow up overly pampered and sheltered, they moved from Germany to America when Lucas was four. They moved into a family mansion in Gotham City, as a new branch of Morningstar Incorporated had just opened up, and Isaac was assigned to look after it. Isaac loved Lucas very much, and spent a lot of time with him.

    A couple months before Lucas started school at five, Luana became pregnant with her second child. Tragically, it ended in a miscarriage late second trimester. After that, Luana was never the same. She started to be more introverted, spending more time with herself than with Lucas or Isaac, and she started to be much more violent and unpredictable, yelling at Lucas for the silliest things. Isaac started to worry about Lucas, but unfortunately, work got in the way. Isaac's parents died shortly before they moved to America, and Luana's was very ill. Though Lucas was set to be the heir to combine the two families/three companies, as he was only five years old, Isaac took his place in managing things, requiring increasingly more time overseas in Germany. This, sadly, allowed Luana to get worse. The abuse got worse and worse. The abuse includes: various types of neglect, coffee burns, forcing him to drinking bleach, two stabbing incidents, starving, forcing him to stay awake, as well as constant emotional and physical beatings. Luana created a system of warped rules, that Lucas strictly followed (punishment could range from another beating, to being forced to stay up all night, to being starved a day or two). He lost his voice, never speaking a word at his house. But he would sing. In the dead of night, when he was certain his mother was asleep, he would make up little melodies for himself. And he sang songs of hope for the future. "But!" someone from the corner whines. "Child Protection Services!!" Oh, sweetie from the corner, worse things happen that go right past CPS. With Luana's incredible knack at being motherly when everyone was watching (including her own husband, who mostly lived in Germany due to work), everyone thought the problem was in Lucas, not Luana.

    Life continued like this until around the time Lucas was ten years old. Four days before Lucas's tenth birthday, his mother had accidentally stabbed him in the side. The wound required staples to be put in for the first little while. Early morning two days before Lucas's tenth birthday, Lucas had a particularly bad dream. In his thrashing and tearing at himself, some of the staples were torn out, waking him. As you can guess, there was blood everywhere -- both from the newly opened wound, and the places where the staples had ripped. Lucas panics and tries to hide his sobbing and to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, both efforts were in vain, and Isaac, who had just arrived home, heard the soft commotion. Isaac enters Lucas's room to find the tear-stained blood-stained boy, and immediately takes him back to the ER to get everything patched up again. When the doctors lifted off Lucas's shirt, Isaac noticed just how thin Lucas had become, as well as a myriad of bruises and a stitched up wound next to his sternum. Isaac is shocked, and very confused. On the way home, Isaac asks Lucas where he got his injuries. Lucas, sick and tired of keeping it all in, gushes to his father about everything that had happened over the past five years. Isaac is heartbroken to hear his son's tale, and decided that it had to end tonight.

    You would think this is where we get a happy ending, but I'm merely writing a history planned two years ago, and alas, there is no happy ending for the Maxwell family. Isaac had a handgun. It had been passed down for generations and would go to Lucas when he came of age. It was truly gorgeous, blue tulips adoring an ivory grip. It was kept in a safe that only the eldest of each generation knew the code to. Unfortunately, Isaac made a fatal mistake. He left the safe unlocked, giving Luana access to the gun only two months prior. December 18th. Lucas tells Isaac all. Isaac is racked with guilt at being such a neglectful father for five years. Isaac waits for Lucas to go to bed, before confronting Luana. Everything snaps. Luana pulls the gun from somewhere nearby (she had been using it to scare Lucas only a few days earlier) and begins to fire. One shot through the light bulb. One shot through the floor. One shot through the piano. One shot through the window. One shot through Isaac's knee. Isaac cries out. A groundskeeper who stayed a little too late and stood a little too close to the home was alerted by the noise. They are afraid, but for all the wrong reasons. Luana, calm and collected and insane, sets the gun down on the table. She walks into Lucas's room, takes him by the ear and slams him out of bed. She then drags Lucas into the dining room, and sets Lucas across from his father. Luana goes off on some rant, though her speech is slurred and incomprehensible.

    One shot through the lightbulb. One shot through the kitchen floor. One shot through the piano. One shot through the window. One shot through Isaac's knee.

    One shot through Isaac's head.

    In one quick motion, Luana had grabbed the gun, and shot her husband through the temple. She walked over to Lucas and placed the gun to his head. A groundskeeper was alerted a long time ago. They are afraid, but for all the wrong reasons. They called the police, afraid for the Maxwell household. The trigger is pulled. The gun never fires. Police break down the doors. They rescue a dead father, a disowned mother, and a broken son.

    With Isaac dead, and Luana in prison, Lucas couldn't stay in his home. Both of Isaac's parents were dead, and Luana's parents were living in Belgium, dying. Lucas had a godfather in Germany, but both he and the caseworker decided it wasn't suitable for Lucas to travel all the way to Germany, so Lucas was put into foster care. He went to a couple houses around the city, before coming to the Moncrief home. Elaine and Ollie Moncrief were a nice couple, and had been married for seven years. They already had a child, five-year-old Matthew, and Elaine was pregnant with another son, to be named Markus. Elaine was a mechanical engineer, and Ollie was a doctor. Elaine and Ollie took Lucas into their home gladly, and after a few months Lucas was adopted. Lucas abandoned the Maxwell name, and took on the Moncrief name. But, the years of abuse and the traumatic night of his father's death had taken a toll on the boy. He refused to speak unless spoken to, and cried if anyone raised their voices too loud. Elaine, an abuse survivor herself, aided in Lucas's recovery. One month after Lucas arrived at the Moncrief home was the first time he said a word unprompted, and you could see the relief and joy in Elaine's and Ollie's eyes. However, around this time began the nightmares. Turbulent, terrorizing, violent nightmares that shook Lucas to the core, leaving him tossing and screaming night after night. Though Lucas had already been seeing a psychiatrist, they took him to a specialized doctor to see what was going on. Everything pointed to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Lucas was put on medication to suppress the nightmares.

    The nightmares stopped. Lucas simultaneously got better and he got worse. He began to talk more. He stopped singing solely at night, and began to sing whenever he felt. Elaine gave birth to Markus on October 8th, two months after Lucas was adopted, and the two found a special, unbreakable brotherly bond. Elaine bought him a guitar and a viola for his 11th and 12th birthday, hoping music would help heal the pain. And it helped to an extent. Lucas got better. Lucas got worse. As time went on, it was evident something was seriously wrong. He was so incredibly irritable and moody. And reckless. Mostly in terms of sexuality. He lost his virginity when he was only fourteen, and since has had partner after partner after partner. Life was a game and Lucas was too angry and in so much pain that he didn't care what happened to him. He just wanted to play. Needless to say, Elaine was concerned, and began to take him to another psychiatrist. After months of evaluation and attempted therapy, they reluctantly diagnosed him with Borderline Personality Disorder. Over time and with several therapy sessions, Lucas was able to straighten things out again, and learned how to control his emotions. To a point. It's a process. During this whole mess of mid teen years, he and four of his friends decided to start a band. They named it Russian Roulette, partially because of a band member's nationality, partially because of the role guns have played in Luc's life, and also because of a Bring Me the Horizon song. Lucas’s youngest brother, Johnathan, was born when he was 15.

    He got drunk once at 15, but was raped by his boyfriend at the time, so alcohol is out. He’s taken ketamine once, but it gave him a bad trip, and messed with his nightmare medication for a few weeks. Drugs are also out.

    Lucas's life went on as normal as it could be until he was 17. One fateful night, when the rest of his family were out of the house, and Lucas was alone, he started to go into his panic mode. Trying to suppress it, he made himself a nice warm bath, and just soaked. Then he started to think, and his thoughts spiraled out of control. He started thinking that he was truly alone, that he had been abandoned by everyone. Not having people in the house made it worse. Somehow, his mind found a conclusion - it would be better if I didn't exist. In his state of cloudy thinking, he grabbed his razor from the counter, took a deep breath, and cut two slits in his left wrist. He leaned back, watching his blood color the water red, and fell asleep.

    When Lucas woke up, he was in the hospital, an IV in his arm and his family gathered by his bed. Elaine told him that when they had come home, Markus, his younger and favorite brother, had found him unconscious in bloodstained water. Panicked to see his brother near death, Markus told Ollie. From the time Lucas slit his wrist to the time the rest of the Moncrief family found him, Lucas had lost a lot of blood, and was as pale as snow -- which is impressive, for a guy who is already exceedingly pale. Ollie found a way to stop the bleeding, bandage the cut, and dress Lucas quickly. They took him to the hospital where Ollie worked, and were able to give him a blood transfusion. After a few days, Lucas was able to go home. After a long talk with his parents, Lucas retired to his room to think. As he thought, he realized something. The pain he felt when he cut himself... felt good. Not good in a fulfilling way, but there was a release. He confined himself to his room, and once again brought the blade to his wrist, though he didn't cut as deep that time. For a time, it was very out of control, and scars appeared on his shoulder and mostly his thighs. Late senior year, he finally took the steps to overcome his problem, but the temptation never truly went away, and he still had the occasional relapse. The bathtub incident marks the steady decline of his self destructive sex life, and the steady incline of self destructive self-harming.

    Eventually, he graduated high school. He shocked his graduating class by being the valedictorian -- suitable, for a humble genius. He went to universities around the nation, gathering degrees like a schoolboy looking for easter eggs. He excelled anywhere he went, but especially in engineering. Lucky for him, his businesses revolved around technology, science, development, engineering... and whatever Wayne's industry was about. As a mere 20 year old he pulled his three companies together as Moncrief Enterprises. He worked from his mansion, inviting back the old staff that left after Luana went off the handle. Lucas threw himself into recovery, pushing his body and his mind harder, finally learning where his limits were, respecting them, and breaking them to create new limits. He invented his echolocators, and began working as a vigilante known as the Batman.

    Being a genius billionaire who kicks ass, you get to know a lot of people -- Superman, for example. When Lucas was 22, the two superheroes began to lay the foundation of the Justice League of America. Four years later, the call was sent out, and the JLA was born. It took a while to get off the ground, yes, but get off the ground it did. Lucas continued his studies on the side, building a true Batcave under his mansion, filling it with his playtoys of engineering. Life was pretty fantastic for the billionaire. He had taken a rocky past and turned it into something truly beautiful. He grew older. He grew stronger, smarter, wiser... lonelier. He had the staff, sure, and his Godfather Hans moved to Gotham shortly after the ideas of a league of superheroes started flying, but he felt lost, lonely, companion-less.

    He began taking in foster children when he was 28, as well as a cat at 32. The children never stayed too long. Lucas loved them, but he felt they would be better off somewhere else... until eight-year-old Grayson came into thirty-six-year-old Lucas's life. The two took to each other, and it wasn't long before Lucas asked if he could adopt Grayson. He was overjoyed when Grayson said yes -- he had a son! He gave Grayson Moncrief everything a boy could have: the finest education, a huge place to explore, and the love and care a growing child needs. He introduced Grayson to the violin and taught the boy himself, as well as teaching him acrobatics and other fighting skills a year later. Still, Lucas felt vaguely empty. Something was still missing.

    And he found that something -- someone -- at an art exhibit at the Gotham Museum two years after adopting Grayson. He was there to see the work of Maxwell Hudson, an artist from Metropolis. By this time, he was using his cane, and was deep in the facade of an aging father. So, when he felt himself grabbed from behind and being dragged away, he sighed and kept up his facade. He'd break free later, he just hoped he wouldn't lose his cane like last time. That was a pretty cane, dammit. Unfortunately, his breaking free later plan was foiled by a super dressed in pink and purple. Superman swooped in, and with a kick and a pow, Dr. Moncrief was in Superman's arms. That's when for Lucas, the gears started clicking. He knew this man. Superman. Why was Superman in this museum, at this time? The wild hair, the well-muscled form, the familiar voice... the artist. He's seen the artist before, and he's known the hero for over a decade. It had to be him. When Superman finally touched down, Lucas turned on his charm, rewarding his savior with a kiss and his cell number, leaving with a little "as much as I love the ensemble, I'd love to see what Mr. Hudson typically wears."

    Well, it turned out very well. It made headlines when billionaire philanthropist Dr. Lucas Moncrief started dating the (probably) much younger Maxwell Hudson. They were married in the year, and the year after at age 40, they adopted little three-year-old Daisy Anne Hudson-Moncrief. (Of course, somewhere shortly after their marriage, Lucas brought Max down into the Batcave. "Sorry for hiding this, honey, I just thought it would be really funny to be all, surprise! It's me! Batman! Babe, please. Please don't give me that look. Babe. Please.) Grayson was told too, and, when he was ready, was brought onto the team as Robin. And, I think, with that, we're finally up to the present. Things are good in the Hudson-Moncrief home. They're happy, they're whole. Hans Müller is regarded as Grandpa, Fireball the cat is still kicking, and Lucas finally feels... whole.

    Other: Lucas has a fluffy long-haired orange tabby he named Fireball. Fireball's a douchecanoe. We love him anyway.

    Information regarding Lucas's siblings:
    Matthew Moncrief -- Age 37: After having a decade and a half successful basketball career, Matthew has joined his brother in working in the business. He is currently on the board of Moncrief Enterprises. He is coming to the realization he is aro/ace. He has light brown skin, soft brown hair, and deep blue eyes, and is somewhat on the tall side.

    Markus Woodward-Moncrief -- Age 32: While the two don't get to see each other nearly as much, the bond between Markus and Lucas is strong as ever. Markus is a successful model, working together with fashion designer, business mogul, and his wife, Amanda Woodward-Moncrief. They live together in Metropolis, though they're around the world when it comes to fashion. Markus is only a couple inches shorter than his older brother Lucas (though much taller than his older brother Matthew), sports a willowy and lithe frame, along with gorgeous blonde curls and glass blue eyes. He is quite pale, not as pale as Lucas but still pretty white. Amanda is as white as Lucas though covered in freckles, an average height, and has wild curly red hair and intense green eyes.

    Johnathan Moncrief -- Age 27: Johnathan is out living his dreams as a train conductor and coordinator for the state. He adored trains when he was younger, he still does, and he is more than ecstatic to be working where he is. He lives happily with his married partner, Lake Moncrief, an airline pilot. Johnathan loves them even more than he love trains. They both live in Gotham City. Johnathan is a little on the short side and has light brown skin, curly brown hair, and dark brown eyes. Lake is much taller than their husband, and has olive skin, long and wavey blonde hair, and hazel eyes.

    Ruth Moncrief -- Age 22: Ruth is currently in college to get a degree in biotechnology and biochemistry. She is trying to figure out her sexuality -- after all, with two bi brothers, one aro/ace brother, and one who married a nonbinary person, clearly, she might not be perfectly straight either. Or she might. Whoooo knoooows. Ruth has medium brown skin, deep blue eyes, and long blonde hair in loose curls.
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  3. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Super Name: Superman

    Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Maxwell "Max" Noel Hudson-Moncrief (Earth Name) Jax-Van (Kryptonian Name)

    Gender: Gay Man

    Age: Chronologically 42, but Krytonians age slower than normal humans, so he seems much younger than that. He aged normally, until he turned 30.

    Powers, Gadgets, and Skills:

    Superman is OP. I'll do my best to not abuse it.

    Solar Radiation Absorption: All of Max's powers function by absorbing earth's sunlight. His powers get weaker or stronger depending on how much sunlight he has absorbed at any given time. Thus, he is more effective during the day. He does have to be out in the sun to recharge his powers.

    Super Strength: Max is capable of lifing in excess of over 100 tons, and possibly more if he ever bothered to try. His strength levels fluctuate depending on how much yellow sunlight he has absorbed at any given time.

    Enhanced Speed: Max can move and react very fast.

    Super Human Stamina: While exposed to Earth's sunlight, Max pretty much has unlimited stamina, and can maintain physical actions for undefined amounts of time without tiring.

    Invulnerablity: Max has a high pain threshold, and heals quickly from any wounds he does sustain. He is resistant, and sometimes outright impervious to various forms of injury and physical harm, as well as earthly diseases. How invulnerable he is depends on how much sunlight he has absorbed. He is vulnerable to magic, kryptonite, psychic powers, and possibly other things.

    Longevity: Max will live for a very long time, and will always look young for his age.

    Super Sustenance: If he absorbs sunlight he does not need to eat or sleep, although he still can do these things.

    Superhuman vision (including X-ray, microscopic, telescopic, Thermal, electromagnetic spectrum, and infrared) He can see good. He actually has to focus to use his special visions. His X-Ray vision does not work through lead.

    Super Hearing: Max can hear sounds from really far away. Even through walls unless said walls are made from lead, Kryptonite, or magic. He can also hear things on frequencies humans can't normally hear. Max has to focus to actually use this power, which is a good thing, so he's not hearing every single sound going on around him, or overhearing conversations he shouldn't be listening to.

    Super Smell: Yes, he can smell good too. He could be a human bloodhound if he wanted. Usually, he leaves this to Krypto.

    Flight: He can fly. What else do you need to know?

    Heat Vision: Max is able to release massive amounts of solar energy stored within the body through the eyes, in focused beams of heat

    Super Breath: Max's breath is capable of freezing objects and generating hurricane-force winds. He could also hold his breath indefinitely, allowing him to travel underwater or in space without a breathing apparatus.

    Super-intelligence: Being a Kryptonian apparently gives you above average intelligence, especially under a yellow sun. Thus, this is true for Max. However, Max's super intelligence is not the logical and analytical intelligence that you associate with geniuses. Max is more of an intuitive and creative thinker. He is also a fast learner, and has a photographic memory. Provided whatever he is learning/memorizing is something of interest to him. He is still bad at math, because he does not like math.

    Multilingualism: Somewhat related to the above, Max able to learn, speak, and understand any language he comes in contact with. He can even understand animal speech! He only realized his affinity for languages after he started dating Lucas, and tried to learn German to impress him. He just assumed he could understand Krypto because Krypto is a Kryptonian dog.

    Expert Combatant: Due to having superpowers all his life, Max has become very good at fighting. He also learned some fighting techniques from Batman.

    Krypto the Superdog: A tall white dog of generic pedigree, with a pink cape, and powers like Max's. He is Superman's loyal companion, and Max has a special dog whistle so he can call him when needed.

    Money: He married into the Moncrief fortune, and he has his own money.

    Artsy Stuff: Max can draw, paint, sculpt, make digital art, and sew like a spider.

    Personality: Max will be the first to tell you that he really doesn't act his age. He says it's all a part of his charm. He is a cheerful, optimistic guy who doesn't like to be bogged down with unpleasant thoughts. He enjoys laughing and making jokes with others, even in inappropriate situations. He is easygoing and friendly, which makes it easy for him to befriend people. He is really good at understanding other people's emotions, and is an emotional guy himself. He is not embarrassed to show his feelings. He cries when he is sad, and is openly affectionate towards those he cares for. Max considers himself a hopeful romantic. He has an idealistic view of love, and is passionate about these views. In his younger days, Max had a lustful side to him. He used to openly flirt, and touch with any attractive guy he came across. He even used X-Ray vision to see guys naked without their knowledge. He developed because of his being with a new guy so often. Now that he is a married man with children, he doesn't go gaga for every attractive guy he sees anymore. He still appreciates male beauty, but his flirty gestures are saved for his husband. He also does use his X-ray vision to see his husband fight naked sometimes. Old habbits die hard. He still shows affection through touch, regardless of whether there is romantic interest. Usually handshakes and hugs.

    He truly believes in love, and likes romance of all sorts. He loves flaunting the fact that he has a husband, and children. He is driven more by his emotions than logic, and tends to act impulsively as a result. While age gave him the ability to tone it down somewhat when with others. When he's by himself though, old habits die hard. When someone does become his friend. he gets attached to that person very easily, and can be clingy and overly dependent. He will always be in your business, will constantly call/text you, and do things for you whether you want it or not. He's also learned to deal with rejection better now that he's a happily married man, but that doesn't change the fact that he still tries hard to be friends with everyone. He's currently trying to develop a better relationship with his adopted son.

    Max is very sensitive, and is willing to be a shoulder to cry on, and give you some words of encouragement when you are down. For him, hurt feelings hurt worse than a hurt body. It is very easy to get him to like you, and once he is your friend he will remain your friend for life. He will do whatever he thinks is best for you. If there's one thing Max can't stand, it's being forced to do something he doesn't like. He can usually respect authority, but it becomes a problem when he feels that the authority is unfair. Trying to control him is the fastest way to get him upset. When he gets upset, he will lash out. Max also reacts with anger when being reminded of his abusive father. Max is the type of guy that lives in the moment, and isn't one for planning for the future, preferring to deal with things as they happen. He doesn't really like schedules or routines, finding them boring and restrictive. Age has toned this down, but Max still leaves the planning to people that know what they're doing. He prefers to wing it. He's practically invulnerable anyway, what's the worse that could happen?

    Max has always been right brain dominant. It's partly the reason why he always struggled in school as a kid, and gravitates towards arts. It doesn't mean he's dumb, just that his way of thinking is different from a left brained person. Max is a creative individual. His favorite pastime is drawing and painting, and he often be found doodling in a sketch book when he has free time. He also knows how to sew and make clothes. He's not planning to be a designer or anything, he just likes making costumes, or just making things purple. In addition to his creative pursuits, he enjoys Video Games, Cartoons, Anime, Fairy Tales, Disney, and other things that most would consider geeky and childish. He also has an affinity for cute things. Max doesn't care for sports that involve a ball all that much, after being forced to participate in them for so long. He's willing to play games with friends, but isn't super competitive. After spending years being scared of his father, and finally getting out of that situation, he has had enough of being concerned what other people thought about him. He is going to be himself, and if you don't like it, that's your problem not his. It's partially why he's not too concerned with exposing his identity. He spent years hiding the fact that he was gay, along with the fact he had powers, It was more trouble than it was worth. He finds all his husband's efforts to keep the fact that he's Batman a secret silly. He respects his wishes, but often teases him about his use of the cane. Max is able to empathize with others in similar situations that he's been in. He sees himself in them, and really wants to help them. This can drive some people nuts because of how overbearing he can be. He does genuinely care about people.

    Max really enjoys being a hero, even though he has been doing this for years, he still gets excited about it. Unless innocent people get hurt, or other bad things happen. Then he gets serious. He won't admit this to anyone, because he thinks it sounds selfish, but he enjoys the attention that being Superman brings. Even though he can't get drunk, Max still does not drink any kind of alcohol. It has only caused him nothing but trouble in his life. He is also uneasy in situations where other people are drinking. He loves being a husband and a father, and is fiercely protective of the family he has built. He is very well aware of the fact he could kill someone with ease if he wanted, but chooses not to do so, preferring to show mercy. He has a strong moral code in other areas as well, which is why he chose the life of a superhero. He makes a point to bring his fights to unpopulated areas to prevent collateral damage, and more people getting hurt.


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    Appearance: Most people have a hard time believing Max is a 42 year old, and he enjoys seeing people's reactions to finding out hie actual age. He tall and lean man standing at 6'3". He is physically fit, and has a, toned, well muscled, physique that he enjoys showing off. At one point, his dad put him on a strict exercise program, and while he hated being forced to do it, he admits it's done wonders for his body. He still works out regularly to maintain it, just at his own pace, and not as intense, He has a fair complexion, and his face is free of blemishes and facial hair. His strawberry blonde hair looks messy, but he likes it that way, claiming that it adds character to his look. It appears to be longer on the top than it is on the sides, and it seems to go in many different directions. He doesn't wear any hair gel, since he doesn't like the feel of stiff hair. He has a round, boyish face with wide expressive eyes that are a deep shade of blue. He often has a smile on his face.

    Age has changed absolutely nothing about Max's fashion sense. His choice in clothes changes with his mood. Some days, he dresses casually and wears a simple tank top and jeans. On other days, he wears fancier clothing. He does know how to sew and make clothes to suit his own tastes. He likes bright colors, but usually wears various shades of purple, pink and lime green. His signature outfit consists of a light purple tight fitting tank top, and a dark purple cotton hoodie over it if it's cold enough. On the bottom, he wears a pair of blue jeans held up by a black belt with a metal buckle, and purple and white high top sneakers on his feet. He carries around a purple messenger bag to carry his things in. Of course, he wears his wedding band everywhere. It's silver, and engraved with a celtic knot, just like his husband's.

    Max's hero costume consists of a sleeveless, skintight, crop top that shows off his abs. It has a pink and purple symbol of the Krytonian house of Van proudly displayed on his chest. On the bottom, he wears violet tights that are held up by a pink belt with a silver buckle. He has knee high pink boots on his feet. He wears a violet domino mask to conceal his identity. He really only wears the mask because it looks cool, and doesn't really care too much about if his identity is exposed. He wears a pink cape with silver shoulder pauldrons, and an ornate silver headpiece on top of his head. He also wears violet bracers on both wrists.

    History: A meteor with a gem very much like the Crimson Heart landed on Krypton, and things changed. Jor-El's ancestor was killed by the effects of the gem, and it prevented Kal-El from existing, as well as several others. Certain people married and had children with different people then they did in the other reality as well. Max was born as Jax-Van to Oel-Van, and Zara Oel-Van. He was the last son of the House of Van. One of the noble ruling families on Krypton. Max is as close to a prince as you can get. When the core of Krypton was unstable, and threatened to destroy the planetHe was sent to earth to keep him alive when Krypton blew up. The baby Max landed on the doorstep of Joe and Kimberly Hudson and the Suburbs of Metropolis. Kimberly was quick to adopt the baby, as the couple struggled to have a child of their own. Joe wasn't as enthusiastic about the whole idea as his wife was. He wanted a child with his own flesh and blood. He was also not thrilled with the idea of adopting a baby that landed in what looked like a rocket ship in front of their house. Still he went along with it to keep his wife happy. At least he could finally have a son like he wanted. They named their new baby Maxwell Noel Hudson.

    Max Hudson was raised in a suburban area of Metropolis, and spent most of his life there. His father, Joseph "Joe" Hudson, is part of wealthy prominent family, as well as a retired athlete, while his mother, Kimberly, while not born into a wealthy family, made her own money the old fashioned way, by working hard. Neither parent told their son about how they found him. While Max grew up in wealth and luxury, he didn't have the best relationship with his father. Max's father was a strict man, and had high expectations for his son. He had a low tolerance for failure, and Max was disciplined harshly when the expectations were not met. His father had always wanted his boy to follow in his footsteps. He wanted his son to be an athlete like him, and act like the upper-class elite that he is. From the moment Max could walk and talk, he pushed that dream onto him. He was sent to elite private schools to study, and was encouraged (or rather forced) to join the football team. His mother didn't agree on what her husband was doing, saying Max should be able to make his own choices, but the man wouldn't have any of it. Claiming that football builds character, and would make him strong. Max hated football, but stayed with it in order to please his strict father. Over the years, he started to develop and get stronger. That still didn't change the fact that he hated what he was being forced to do something he didn't want to do for stupid reasons. He also didn't agree with his father's ideas about how a man should act. Still, he kept his mouth shut, but resentment slowly started to build.

    Growing up, Max always had an interest in art. He was often doodling in his school notes when he should have been paying attention in class. While he excelled in art classes, he wasn't good in Math, and was average everywhere else. His mother encouraged his artistic talents, but his father chastised them. Claiming that art was for sissies, and that it would never do him any good. Naturally, Max was always closer to his mother than he was with his father. She was the one who told him bedtime stories as a kid, which is how his view of romantic love developed. She was also the one who encouraged his artistic goals where his father never did. His parents often disagreed on a lot of other things besides how to raise their child. It was not uncommon for the two to have very heated arguments on a regular basis.

    Max's abilities manifested themselves steadily. He developed Super-Strength, and the ability to fly early on. Invulnerability, as well as the other powers came after high school. Joe was actually ok with this at first. He thought these abilities would make him a fantastic team. When Max revealed he quit the football team, that was when Joe got angry. He went on about how Max was a disgrace to his family name. His anger got so bad, he slapped his son hard across his face. After seeing this, Kimberly decided that was the last straw for her. After a very loud argument, Max's mother filed for divorce. She got custody of her son, and they moved out of the home they shared with Joe.

    For some time, Max was happy. He lived a comfortable life at home with his mother, he was popular in school, and made a lot of friends. He still practiced his painting, and his grades improved. Kimberly also revealed the truth about how Max came into the family. She revealed the rocket he came in, and his foreign heritage to his son. Max was curious to know where he came from, but didn't really make much of an effort to pursue it. He had a loving mother, and cool powers that made him special. What more could a boy want? Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to last. When he was fourteen, his mother was involved in a serious car crash that left her severely wounded. She ultimately died from blood loss on the way to the hospital. He was forced to live with his father. Max barely had time to grieve for his mother's death. His father imposed his ideas just like before. He took away all his art supplies, and Max was disciplined much worse than before. Joe had started drinking after the divorce, and as Max found out, he was a violent, angry drunk, who would go berserk, and often yell, scream, and beat him over the slightest things. It is because of his father, that Max refuses to drink any type of alcohol.

    Regardless of what was happening at home, Max still kept up a cheerful facade in front of others. He didn't dare tell anyone of his father's abuse for various ranging from thinking he won't be believed, making the situation worse. His father was very good at acting like a supportive parent in public, fueling Max's fears. Due to his resentment of his father, he tried to look for the affection he didn't get at home from others. He wanted people to like him, and tried very hard to please everyone. He constantly worried about what other people thought, and kept things secret from people that he felt would make them think negatively of him. (Such as the fact he likes My Little Pony, or that he didn't have care to listen to the guys talking about girls. He didn't find himself interested in them.) Of course, he didn't dare to reveal to anyone he can fly, and might be an alien from another planet. Despite feeling miserable inside, he kept smiling through the pain. Every night he cried in his pillow, and swore he would get out of this one day.

    He found any excuse he could think of to not have to come home and deal with his father, studying with friends, trying to find a job, whatever was plausible. He also did some rebellious things behind his father's back, like sneaking out after school to go to parties, and other popular hangouts. Not coming home until very late into the night. It was at one of these parties that he met a very special guy named Robert (better known as Robbie) that was close to his age. Max first laid eyes on him when he was playing his guitar, and singing for a crowd of people. Max noticed three things about him. The first thing, he had a beautiful singing voice, two he was very handsome even though he was embarrassed to be having that kind of thought at the time, and the third was that his guitar was covered in Hello Kitty stickers. After he was done performing, Max felt the urge to talk to him. The two of them started to hit it off very quickly. After Max found out they went to the same school, the two started spending a lot of time together. They had a lot of things in common, including the fact that they were both artists, although, Robbie was a musician and a poet rather than a traditional artist. It soon became clear that there relationship was more than just platonic. Max couldn't stop himself from thinking about how hot his friend was, and had feelings about him that he never felt about anyone before, let alone another guy. He found out the feeling was mutual, and started growing closer until they eventually had their first kiss.

    After that, the two stared going steady. Max was excited about the status of his relationship, but also scared. He knew his father would never approve of him dating another guy. He definitely couldn't invite him over to his house. He kept his relationship a secret so his father wouldn't find out. It was exciting at first, but all the sneaking around had a negative effect on the relationship. Robbie was openly gay, but Max was still in the closet. He wanted to be able to be public with his boyfriend. Max was worried about the reaction people would have if people found out he was dating guys, particularly his dad. He occasionally would pretend to go out with girls so people wouldn't get suspicious, which upset Robbie more. Robbie gave Max an ultimatum to come out, or their relationship was over. Max couldn't do it, and Robbie left. Max was devastated.

    Throughout all this, he was able to bring his grades up during his last year of high school, and managed to graduate. Now that he was an adult, Max could go to art college and pursue his passions. Max revealed these plans to his father, and of course, it did not go well. A loud argument ensued that night, which ended up with Max coming out as gay. Max's father was drunk at the time, and proceeded to punch him in the face a number of times, threaten to kill him, and use several gay slurs before passing out. After that, Max had enough, and ran away from home. He went to the only place he could think of to go, his ex-boyfriend's house. His dad had never met Robbie before, he would never know to go looking for him there. After knocking on the door, and explaining to Robbie's parents, and Robbie himself, what had happened, the family took the boy in for a while. Robbie felt bad for leaving Max after discovering the reason why he was in the closet. Max also revealed his powers to Robbie, something the other boy was as excited about as Max was. It didn't take very long for the two boys to rekindle their relationship. Max hadn't seen or heard from his dad since.

    After he and Robbie publicly came out as a couple, he found out nearly everybody in school pretty much suspected Max wasn't straight. All of his friends were ok with it. After everything that had happened, Max stopped trying to hide parts of himself to please people. It just wasn't worth the effort. Now, he was going to live life the way he wanted, and no one was going to stop him. Max and Robbie had planned to go to attend the same college, and be roommates.

    However, before they could go through with those plans, something bad happened. Robbie was involved in a fatal car accident with a drunk driver. Making the situation worse, was the fact that the drunk driver turned out to be his father, who survived the accident. It was as if that man couldn't resist making one more attempt at making his life miserable. Of course, his dad was arrested and put in prison for DUI as well as vehicular manslaughter, much to Max's relief. He also discovered that he had inherited a large sum of money from his deceased mother that his father had been keeping a secret for some time. Still, he had lost his boyfriend, in the exact same way he had lost his mother. He put off starting school, and spent a lot of nights crying alone. The sudden loss left a hole in his heart he was unable to fill.

    After lots and lots of therapy, Max decided to move on with his life. He got an apartment in the city, and sought a fresh start there.He lives off of his inheritance money, as well as supplementing his income by selling his paintings at the local art gallery, as well as doing commissions as a free-lance artist. He also started school again to further his craft, and was dating a lot of guys. In between all this, he decided to finally put his powers to use and become a hero. He designed his own costume using his old baby blanket as well as other fabrics, and used the symbol that was on the rocket he came to earth in as his own. He did vigilante work in secret for a while. However, he was forced to stop a crashing plane, and save the people on board in front of a crowd of people, outing himself to the public. Onboard the plane was reporter Louis Lane, who worked for the Daily Planet, and published the story. After that he decided to become a public figure. Louis, as well as the rest of the media, had dubbed him Superman, and Max went with that.

    Superman became a media darling, and was very popular with the people of Metropolis. He fought criminals, and super villains that threatened Metropolis. Even working with the police when it was needed. He eventually completed art school and got a Masters of Fine Arts degree. Then, his art career really took off. paintings were selling, and he became popular as a civilian artist, as well as a superhero. Max tried flirting with Louis Lane as Max rather than as Superman, but Louis turned out to be straight. They still became friends though. Especially, when he eventually found out Maxwell Hudson was Superman. He dated and had relationships with a lot of different guys in his time, but no one was ever the one. He was ok with this for a while. He liked dating and having fun. He had plenty of time to settle down later. His constant dating around gave him a reputation as a playboy.

    During his superheroing adventures, he met Batman. Max had heard of him, and at first Max thought of him as an edgelord. A hot edgelord, but still an edgelord. He was expecting him to be constantly brooding, and obnoxious. After working together, and getting to know one another, he actually turned out to be really nice. They became friends (even though, Max really wanted to know what was under that cowl. Stupid lead lined cowl!) And together, they formed the Justice League of America. A group of Superheroes working to deal with threats too big for any one hero to deal with on their own. It took a while to get off the ground, but once it did, it took off.

    Life continued as normal for a while. At some point, Max learned about his birth parents, and his Kryptonian heritage from his newfound sister Mara, and messages his birth parents left behind that Mara had with her. Even though he was happy to know where he came from, and respects his Alien heritage, he decided that his life on Earth has made him a human.

    One night, while hosting an art exhibit at the Gotham Museum displaying his own work. He saw Dr. Lucas Moncrief, the Billionaire. Max had to admit, he was as handsome as everyone says he is. They didn't get to talk much, before some thug managed to get into the exhibit, and took the billionaire away. Max changed into Superman, followed the criminal, was forced to get into a fistfight that did not end well for the thug, took the kidnapped man in his arms, and flew him back to the museum. When they returned, Max was rewarded with a kiss, a phone number, and "as much as I love the ensemble, I'd love to see what Mr. Hudson typically wears." Max wasn't at all bothered by the fact someone figured out his identity. It definitely made things easier, and he was actually amazed very few people actually figured it out earlier.

    Max called literally the next day, and the two began dating. Max couldn't help laughing at all the headlines about how Lucas was dating someone so much younger than him, when they were in fact the same age. If only they knew the truth. While they were dating, Max met Luc's son Grayson, as well as the rest of Luc's family. Wthin the year, Max and Luc were married in a big fabulous ceremony, with an equally fabulous honeymoon afterwards. No alcohol was served at their wedding, and they had a Candy Bar instead.

    Shortly after they got back from their honeymoon, Lucas brought Max down into the Batcave. After initially being upset about the fact that he hid this from him for so long, and giving Lucas a stern lecture about it, he was actually happy to be married to a fellow hero. He finally knew what Batman looked like under the cowl. Grayson also joined the family superheroing business as Robin. Max filed paperwork to become Grayson's other adoptive father, and Lucas and Max adopted a three year old daughter together, Daisy Anne Hudson-Moncrief. Max took to her very quickly, Max enjoys dressing her in cute outfits, painting with her, and participating in his new daughter's girly interests.

    Life is good for the Hudson-Moncrief family, and Max hopes to keep it that way.

    Other: Despite legally adopting Grayson, Max does worry that Grayson doesn't think of him as a parent.

    Supergirl exists in this reality. Her name is Mara Oel-Van, and she is Max's "older" sister back on Krypton. She was sent to Earth at the same time as Jax-Van to watch over her baby brother, but got here later when her ship was knocked off course into the Phantom Zone. When she arrived on Earth, she was barely a teenager, while Max was an adult already. The siblings are close now, and she actually served as Max's Best Woman at his wedding. Mara operates as a Superhero in National City. Her story is one for another RP. :p

    Krypto the Superdog also exists. He came to Earth with Mara, but her adoptive parents were allergic to dogs, so he stays with the Hudson-Moncriefs.
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  4. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Well, since Green Lantern isn't taken, and he's the only one I actually know at all, can I reserve him for now? (May switch to the Martian Manhunter - probably a non-martian version of him - or maybe Cyborg). How much are we allowed to burn, tear apart, or otherwise abuse the character's canon backstory/personality?
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  5. TikTok13

    TikTok13 Oh, I have a title?

    Throwing up a WIP if that's okay?

    Super Name: Doctor Fate

    Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Zane Nelson

    Gender: Male, Straight

    Age: 24

    Powers, Gadgets, and Skills:MAGIC!
    Doctor Fate is just a teeny tiny bit OP, so I'll limit his powers to the following.
    With Helmet
    - Phasing
    - Eldritch Powers
    - Telepathy
    - Healing
    - Illusions
    - Levitation
    - Mild Invulnerability
    - Force Field
    - Telekinesis.

    Without Helmet
    - Levitation
    - Mild Invulnerability,
    - Illusions
    - Force Field
    - Mild Telekinesis.

    Wooden Staff - Basic weapon for when OP magic just doesn't cut it.
    Decent Combat Skills - Can throw a punch without falling over, and could (probably) win a fight.
    Manipulative AF - Can get his own way by any means necessary.
    Motorbike - Basic transport really. All blue and shiny. And fast.
    Ambidextrous Guitar Skills - Every superhero needs a hobby, right?
    Fate's powers cost a great deal to use, and sap his strength lightly. The more energy he uses, and the bigger the target, the more it hurts him. However, simple things like Illusions and Levitation do little to affect him.

    Personality: Zane is quite the trickster. He's as you would expect a young adult to be; loud, confident, humourous, and as irritating as hell. Zane loves nothing more than having fun, and will often go out of his way to make a situation all that more irritating or enjoyable, depending on his mood. That being said, Zane's mood fluctuates quite often, and while he doesn't like to show it, he can be quite sensitive.

    Despite being loud and apparently extroverted, Zane doesn't always enjoy being the centre of attention. Overly social situations bore and drain him, and even the thought of simple small talk irritates him. That's why he uses his joking personality and cocky playfulness as a defense mechanism; he figures that things can't get awkward if the people in the room and laughing at something he said.

    Also, Zane leaves quite the impression on people he comes into contact with. He comes across as this "bad boy" who has a dislike for anything ordered and a love for winding people up. Usually, that impression is right. Zane loves to find his way into people's minds. Even though he possesses telepathy with his helmet, his is remarkably acute in his observations of people without the helmet, to a degree that is often regarded to as creepy. Because of this, he usually knows what their lesser fears are, and how to exploit some of their weaknesses. But Zane is fine with order and structure, and actually follows a strict training regime to distance his reliance on the helmet.

    Most of the time, Zane doesn't give one damn, and follows his own, very loose moral code. However, when he gets rid of his bravado, he reveals a selfless interior and a desire to truly help people, and an inexplicable willingness to die for the greater good, even if it means saving only one life. Unfortunately, the bravado is almost always on, and he'll just be this rocker-kid with superpowers, levitation being his favourite around-the-house kind of magic, and a knack for getting his own way, using his telepathic powers to manipulate and mould the situation to whatever pleases him.

    Unlike his fellow superhero chums, Zane isn't loaded with a crap-ton of money, and lives in a humble apartment. Alone, of course. But again, unlike, say, Batman, Zane isn't that bothered by the trivial aspects of life. Other than, y'know, food, drink, clothes, internal organs, all that crap that counts. Because of this, he's very hard to completely anger, because he holds no sentiment towards anything. Other than his helmet, carried in a sub-dimensional illusional pocket.

    A rugged young man, Zane has bright seafoam green eyes, accompanied by white-blonde hair combed swiftly backwards. His jawline is square and chiseled, dotted with sharp stubble, and he has a stunning white smile. Build wise, Zane is relatively average, with small muscle but obvious strength, standing at around 5'7". He even has a nose ring and two ear piercings, which he fiddles with when bored. Zane skin is also very pale, and he often looks haggard and worn, an after-effect of using his powers in great use.

    Clothing wise, however, Zane has the attitude of just putting on whatever he picks up first. But somehow, he has the knack of looking handsome without actually trying to, mostly due to his oblivious nature towards dressing. His wardrobe mainly consists of flannel shirts and jeans, but he owns t-shirts in practically every hue of the bloody rainbow. Zane doesn't really care what you think of his clothes, but he's more than happy to critique those who annoy him.

    When dressed as his Doctor Fate persona, Zane wears a dark trench coat over whatever magical shirt he's wearing, accompanied by a tattered blue cloak. Both hands are concealed by golden leather gloves, and he wears simple brown trousers for ease of changing. But the true piece de resistance is the magical helmet that grants him his greatest powers. It consists of a steel mask that moulds into a golden crown-like visor, providing full facial protection.

    So he doesn't have to carry his stuff around all the time, Zane has perfected his Illusion ability to include creating some solid objects, but only small ones. This is how he transports his helmet here and there. Furthermore, Zane does just casually wear the helmet now and then. (It makes a great Halloween costume!)

    History: From a young age, Zane had a fascination with the inner workings of the world. He wanted to know how things came to be; how and why certain beliefs and creations remain to this day. The history of people, buildings, he wanted to know each and every thing he could about the planet on which he lived.

    This interest wasn't out of the blue, however. Zane's father was an archaeologist, and brought plenty of finds home with him. Zane couldn't help but be fascinated, showing a great interest in the family business. That's why Zane's father took him to an archaeological dig for his tenth birthday.

    They had found traces of an ancient Egyptian temple, buried deep in the desert. Feeling adventurous, Zane ran around, looking for treasure, as any fun-loving ten-year-old would do. That's when he found it. An apparent statue of a man was stood in a nook in the wall, coated with dust and clinged to by cobwebs. Beside the statue was a lever, just as dusty as its keeper. What Zane did next, he regretted for the rest of his life.

    He pulled the lever, hearing a rumble, and then a hiss. He turned to see the opening behind him becoming a wall as the sides slid together. And through the last gap, he saw green gas billowing into the next room. And his father. Choking. Shocked and fearful, Zane ran to the wall, screaming for his father, banging on the wall with his fists over and over, crying desperately for help. The ground seemed to shake beneath him, but he didn't care. He was pulled out of his tearful stupor when he felt a hand rest on his shoulder. He hoped beyond hope that it was his father, reassuring him that everything was fine. But when he turned, he started to scream again.

    It was the statue, and with a deep voice it claimed that it was Nabu, an ancient being. The statue soothed him, and oddly enough, Zane started to feel better. He couldn't explain it, but he felt... different somehow. The door then reopened, revealing a chamber, void of gas, with Zane's father dead on the floor. He cried again, and begged the statue man to do something, but when he turned around, the being was gone. Zane didn't care. He just dragged his father out, and cried some more. He was shipped off to an orphanage back in his home country of America.

    After a year, Zane started hearing voices in his head. It took a while before he realised it was only one, a singular voice. The same voice of the statue. He thought he was crazy, Nabu said that he was not. Very reassuring, to be told by the voices in your head that you're not crazy. But Zane soon started to believe Nabu. He found he could do things; he was stronger than before, and faster, smarter. Nabu had done something to him, but he sure wasn't explaining himself.

    Zane started to understand his powers more, swindling people on the street with simple magic card tricks and sleight of hand, most of the time being unable to pinpoint his own methods sometimes. And eventually, on his eighteenth birthday, he got a reply from Nabu. In the form of a golden helmet and steel mask. He had "come of age", and was ready to use his full power. Nabu had gifted him, and under the being tutoring, Zane quickly became a powerful sorcerer.

    But this wasn't enough for Zane. He wanted to help people, stop others from suffering similar fates to his father's. So, under advice from Nabu, Zane became Doctor Fate, wearing the golden helmet to heighten his powers. He donned his costume, and fought crime and saved lives.

    In his spare time, Zane was an amateur guitarist, and was pretty much an a** to everyone else, constantly making jokes and teasing people, the jokes acting as a shield to his damaged soul inside. After four years of being Doctor Fate, Zane was invited to join the Justice League of America, and, faking reluctance, he joined. Now Doctor Fate protects all, his true identity unknown to civilians.

    - Ever since the ancient temple exploration, Zane has had claustrophobia.
    - While an ambidextrous guitar player, Zane is also skilled in ambidextrous combat, wielding his staff in both hands with equal prowess.
    - His favourite colour is red.
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  6. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    TikTok13 (Doctor Fate) - Sure, I'll add you to the list. Do you mind deleting one of your WIP? The clutter of having 2 bothers me.

    Vern (Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, or maybe Cyborg) - I'll add you too. You can mutilate the canon backstory quite a bit, just keep enough character elements that it's recognizable as inspire by the canon char.
  7. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Imma just drop a WIP here. Might switch over to a Male character if inspiration hits though.

    Super Name: Cyborg (Such originality, much wow)
    Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Vera Yang
    Gender: Technically Female (totally asexual, considers herself a machine, and prefers to be referred to as ‘it')

    Age: 27

    Powers, Gadgets, and Skills:
    - All sorts of cybernetic enhancements. (See below):
    ~ Sensor Systems - Vera has access to all sorts of sensors. Thermal sensors, Motion sensors, etc. She has them all, and can use them to effectively make sense of her surroundings even when her normal senses are disabled. She can use things like echolocation, radar, and just generally anything she needs to.
    ~ SUPAH HAKAH - Her body is able to instantly synchronise with machines and software, allowing her to hack things easily. She can take control of machines, remove or alter their programming, gain access to their information, and essentially use them as extensions of her own body.
    ~ Body Manipulation - her body is about 80% mechanical. Parts of it can be reshaped into all sorts of equipment or weapons. Like, pretty much everything you can think of, she has them all. She is capable of incredibly precise movement at high speeds as well.
    ~ Right Eye - Her right eye is kinda special, in that it’s super-awesome. It can shoot lasers, scan objects, project a small force field over her face, act as a zooming lens, instantly process the movements of enemies to predict their trajectories and stuff.
    ~ Database - her brain is practically a database, capable of instantly accessing the ludicrous amounts of information she has stored in there. Basically a walking, talking Wikipedia, but better.
    ~ Super-Stuff - naturally, she is far stronger and more durable than a normal person. Her reaction speed is off the charts, and her movement/combat speed is multiple times above even the best of human fighters (Batman and co are exceptions, because, let’s face it, they’ve got to be at least several levels above peak human condition). In other words, she’s stronger than most people but weaker than supers who have strength powers.

    - Enhanced Intelligence: Vera is incredibly smart. A tactical genius and strategic mastermind, which sound similar but are really totally different things. She also has access to a near-unlimited storage of all sorts of information, and as such is an excellent chemist, physicist, mathematician, doctor, and pretty much any imaginable job that requires some sort of scientific knowledge and technical precision. Her mind is only partially biological, making her resistant to psychological attacks such as brainwashing or illusions, but also leaving her susceptible to being hacked (although her own system of firewalls and other defences prevent that from being a problem most of the time). She can switch off certain emotions and sensations such as fear or pain, and forcibly shut herself down should that be required. In a world full of super-powered beings, she prefers to fight with intelligence rather than strength, due to often being outclassed in the physical department.

    - Doesn’t need to eat, drink, or sleep. Her body runs on an internal reactor. She doesn’t grow either, and hasn’t grown since she first received her cyborg parts when she was around 18. As such she can not build muscle or get fat in the same way normal people can - the only way she can improve her own abilities is by improving her own gear. You’ll often find her in a deserted workshop somewhere taking herself apart and putting herself back together.
    - She can move at fast speeds by extending mechanical wings from her back. They have cool boosters on them.
    - She can speak every single catalogued language of any significance, but prefers to use English and Chinese unless another language is absolutely required.


    Vera has a very androgynous form, hardly one that you’d call feminine, having more of a sleek, machine-like feel, and being of average height. Her torso is almost box-shaped, with only a slight bulge in her chest area to account for the extra size of the reactor contained within her body. If she wishes to, she can probably pass easily for a slightly feminine-looking man. She’s very sleek and streamlined, without much musculature - or, in her case, large powerful motors and engine and whatnot. There is very little flesh left visible - if she were to take off all of her clothes, you’d mostly be looking at a layer of a un-shiny grey metal, apart from a few places on her back, the majority of the left side of her face and neck, her left shoulder, and leg leg. Nevertheless, she was designed to have human features, so her body remains human-looking, with all the correct proportions and curves - albeit toned down a little for practicality’s sake.

    Her hair isn’t biological, and thus does not grow. It’s very long and jet black, tied back into a long ponytail in the fashion of ancient Chinese warriors. It’s slightly wavy near the ends (mainly due to wear and tear - it was designed to be straight). A large swath of red hair cuts across her forehead - that is her natural hair, and she takes good care of it. Her left eye - the almost-entirely-biological one - is an amber colour, due to certain devices implanted within it (it was originally black). Her right eye, though, is distinctly un-human, glowing a red colour and having all sorts of strange patterns engraved onto it’s metal shell.

    In terms of clothing, she dresses in baggy black clothes, designed to hide as much of her body as possible. She usually wears a black jacket over a grey shirt, and a pair of black cargo pants. She wears a large black scarf around at all times, covering up her neck, and a bandage wrapped around her head to cover up her right eye. When she doesn’t need to conceal parts of her body, she tends to just throw away the jacket, scarf, and bandage, allowing her metal arms to be exposed (she doesn’t tear them, though - over the years, she has developed a certain fondness for her scarf and jacket). Another thing to note is that she has no ears - her ‘ears’ are two vaguely triangular protrusions from the side of her head, and in daily life she covers them using a pair of futuristic-looking black headphones.

    Personality: To most, Vera is a ‘laidback delinquent’ kind of person, the kind you’d describe as ‘giving no shits’, about pretty much anything, really. She’s generally happy-go-lucky, and gives off the impression of not having a care in the world, spending her days doing whatever she wants, whenever she wants, however she wants. She’s friendly and easygoing, never getting angry or losing her temper, although she can be a little rude or insensitive at times, more often than not on purpose. Even though she doesn’t need it or derive pleasure from it the same way humans do, she has a thing for cigarettes, coffee, and beer. More often than not, people look at her all funny due to her relatively youthful demeanour (she became a cyborg at the age of 17-ish and has barely grown since then), but she’s gotten used to it, and frankly, she doesn’t really care. She’s seen too much and done too much to be bothered by little things like odd stares, and cares only about having some fun while she can. She also has a tendency to chew on sticks, be it lollipop sticks, chopsticks, or random branches she picks up off the ground.

    However, despite her happy-go-lucky demeanour, if you look closely, you’ll see that she’s a good bit more troubled than you’d think. Over the years, she has adopted the belief that human emotions hinder her ability to make rational judgements and do good for society, and because of this she has slowly began to modify her own brain so that she no longer feels certain emotions entirely (sexual desire, terror, hatred), while others can be turned on and off at will (sadness, happiness, empathy, 'normal' love, etc.). This means that depending on what switches she has flipped in her brain, she can come off as being a slightly different person. It unnerves most people who know her more personally, but they get used to it eventually. She sees value in human emotions, and also derives enjoyment from being able to feel them, but considers it her duty to be the crucially cold and rational part of an organisation dominated by optimists who want to save everyone. She admires people like Superman for their sheer goodness, but believes in the fundamental concept of yin and yang - for everything there must be an opposite, and if nobody else is around, she will take that role, because her robotic-ness makes her uniquely suited to it.

    Most of the time, she has the majority of her emotion switches on, and she is her normal self - energetic, bouncy, and happy-go-lucky. When she does turn them all off, though - and she very often does when doing missions or similarly serious activities against actual threatening villains - she becomes very, very terrifyingly robot-like. In that state, she is capable of killing thousands without remorse if it means the salvation of more or the defeat of a world-threatening villain. At times, she can come off as a very antihero sort of person, someone more fit to be a crime lord or something than a superhero, and she takes that in stride. Nevertheless, she desires nothing more than to protect others, to do good for them, and eventually, maybe, create an utopia in which everyone is happy - but for that to happen, she knows that some sacrifices must be made, and will not hesitate to make them. She believes in the concept of sacrificing the few to save the many, or, in some cases, sacrificing the many to save an incredibly important few. Even though she is a naturally empathetic person, she insists on burying that empathy and being in her words a ‘judge’ rather than a ‘hero’.

    Of course, this isn’t easy on her. She was born an empathetic person and remains one beneath her layers of cynicism and disillusionment. And those are some heavy layers. Foes that others would allow a chance at redemption she will sometimes kill so that they can never hurt others again. These traits of hers often bring her into conflict with her fellow heroes, and her lack of visible remorse over killing innocents or not-so-innocents doesn't help things. Even though she doesn’t show it, the lives of all the people she has killed and all the others she chose not to save still weighs heavily on her conscience, and she’s plagued with guilt over their deaths, but confides in nobody, shouldering the burden alone. Partly, this is because she doesn’t want to inconvenience others, but mostly, it’s because she feels that she needs to maintain her image of a calculating, emotionless strategist both for her own sake (so she doesn’t 'break down’ in the psychological sense) and for the sake of others. As a result, she has some serious issues with her self image, often putting herself down and seeing herself as ‘unworthy’ when compared to other heroes, to the point where she no longer considers herself to be deserving of being human and prefers to be referred to by other members of the Justice League or people who know her true identity as an ‘it’. She has no desire to being a ‘symbol’ of anything, and prefers to work behind the scenes, seeing herself as being someone who exists for the sole purpose of getting a job done at any necessary cost.

    History: Vera was born in China, the child of two genius scientists who were working on a top secret super-soldier project (code named Tai Yang, or ’sun’). From an early age, she was injected with natural intelligence-enhancing drugs with varying degrees of success, and spent a lot of her time locked inside the house. Partially, this was because of the side effects of the drugs, and the hallucinations or drowsiness they could cause. But more importantly, it was so that nobody would know about her parent’s experiments - the drugs had been banned by the facility not due to humanitarian concerns but due to them being an unnecessary drain on the facility’s limited resources. They wanted to make a soldier, not a philosopher, and for that, they wanted power, not intelligence.

    However, as she grew, Vera began to sneak out of the house under the night and associating with the only other people hanging around the shady alleys around the isolated facility in the night time - the crime syndicates that ruled the city, and where trying to get at the facility’s secrets. She did a good job of concealing her identity, pretending to be one of the homeless children often found in the area. She already had a deep-seated resentment of her parents, and were happy to give away little secrets about the inner workings of the Tai Yang facility. Even at that young age, she was already fed up, and wanted nothing more than to see the facility crash and burn. She knew that she was not the only child involved in the experiments, and that only furthered her desire to bring the entire thing down. With her intelligence, she could do it.

    At ten, she began taking part in physical training inside the Tai Yang. They taught her combat skills, as well as everything she needed to know about how to operate weapons and how to kill people quickly, silently, and effectively. But her smarts made her careless, and eventually, the crime organisation she was involved in - they called themselves the Hei Lian Hua (Black Lotus) - grew suspicious of how much she knew, and began to wonder if she was a spy for the Tai Yang. When she made a few comments too many about the corruption of their organisation as well as a few insights too many on the power balance between other crime syndicates, they took that as confirmation that she was not who she said she was - no homeless girl was that smart and knew that much. So, they staged a little ‘accident’ for her in one of her midnight forays, leaving her bleeding out on the ground outside the gates of the Tai Yang. They mutilated her body and tore out organs, leaving her with no hope of life.

    But, by some miracle, she was found and brought back into the facility. Her parents were shocked and incredibly sad, but saw this as a chance to test out one thing they had been wanting to for ages - a little project they code-named Guan Yu (after a Chinese general in the 3 kingdoms period). They implanted Vera’s dead body with all sorts of mechanical organs and limbs and whatnot, fused her brain with a ridiculously advanced computer chip, and, with some miracles, a whole deal of electric shocks, and some magical items (including a certain red gem), they managed to bring Vera back to life as a cyborg. More accurately, it could be said that her memories and personality were downloaded into a wholly new mechanical body, leaving only slivers of her flesh behind. So it was less of a revival and more of a reincarnation. The power of SCIENCE! Is an amazing thing.

    The project declared a success, Vera was put back to training, and eventually deployed on missions around the Tai Yang to take down the crime organisations that plagued the city around it. Her new body worked wonders, and her intelligence was the cherry on top. However, instead of obliterating the organisations as she had been instructed, she allowed key members to remain alive, binding them to her through complex contracts, threats, and promises of the secrets within the Tai Yang that would make them emperors. When all was said and done, she carefully set things up - planting small bugs in the security system, disabling locks, planting bombs and poison gas canisters all around the facility. Her parents loved her, so they suspected nothing and placed full trust in her. She pretended to love them back, and in some ways still did, but to her, they were and will always be evil. The pained faces of the orphaned the experimented on cemented that fact in stone - over the course of the years, the experiments had become more and more brutal as her parents struggled to produce results. Those children were a lost cause - they could no longer be saved. In fact, they were a danger to her plan, since they were trained to lash out at any intruders. But for the sake of preventing such atrocities to others in the future, and her own thirst for vengeance, they are necessary sacrifices.

    On the fateful night, she set her plan into motion. The crime organisations - or what was left of them - gathered independent of each other at the Tai Yang, ready to break in and steal the secrets of the organisation for themselves. When all was ready, Vera did four things that would haunt her for the rest of her life: she killed her parents, released the gas canisters in the rooms of all the test subjects, blew open the doors of the Tai Yang, and then, after the crime organisations had stormed in and destroyed everything in their internal squabbles and their desperate grasp for one last chance at greatness after she had torn them apart, she brought the entire facility down on their heads and watched as every single person inside the golden white dome died.

    Now, she was an outlaw, and she moved to flee from China. Along the way, she started to track down the leader of the Hei Lian Hua - the group that had left her for dead those years ago. They were large and influential, and existed all over China, controlling all sorts of industries and had many politicians in their pocket. The incident at the Tai Yang had not affected them much at all. She slowly but methodically began to tear her way through them as she ventured towards the city of Shanghai, which she hoped to use as a port to leave China forever. Along the way, she saw all sorts of atrocities - the Black Lotus themselves were involved heavily in human experimentation, and it was not pleasant (not even taking into account all the other shady people she had to deal with, being as deeply involved in the criminal underworld as she was). But slowly, she managed to manipulate government officials as well as other crime groups, using them to take down Black Lotus dens all over the country. Of course, she dealt with some of them herself, and nobody received any mercy from her. Soon, she earned a name for herself in the Chinese underworld - the Crimson Reaper.

    She fled China on a boat, then smuggled herself onto another transport ship to America, where she hoped to start a new life. By then, she had vowed never to let vengeance take control of her ever again. New organisations had risen in place of the Black Lotus, and all her actions had done was end the lives of untold amounts of people, some of whom had never done anything wrong in their lives. She began to bury her emotions, sometimes even hacking into her own brain to delete certain responses or feelings, having reached the conclusion that to be a good person or in some way redeem herself, she would need to throw those things aside and become a cold, rational thinker instead of someone who acted on rage and hatred.

    When she arrived in America, she was a changed person, with a new goal in life. She stopped seeking revenge, and instead started seeking pleasure, travelling around and avoiding authorities, since she was technically not legally allowed to be here. The fact that she didn’t need food or water helped greatly in that regard, allowing her to get by without ever finding a job. As she wandered around aimlessly, enjoying herself and making friends all around, never staying in one place for long. As she travelled, though, she began to hear more and more about Superheroes and heir exploits. To her, they became idols and fanciful could-have-beens: if she had not allowed her lust for vengeance take over her back then, had she been more caring towards others, could she have become like Batman or Superman? Someone who saved lives, fought for true justice, and made people happy, instead of only tearing things down?

    And so, she decided that this was a second chance for her. She began life as a superhero, fighting crime and trying her best to save lives. However, she was a different kind of hero, one who worked in the shadows, dodging the spotlight, and trying to keep herself hidden. She had no desire to present herself to the public - she wasn’t worthy of their adoration in the same way Superman or Batman were admired, and besides, she doesn’t enjoy being well-known anyways. It also freed her to do things conventional heroes couldn’t, things that would tarnish their reputation as, well, symbols of peace and goodwill. She could blackmail, lie, and backstab as she wished, just like the ‘old days'. But this time, there was one crucial difference - she made sure never to involve anyone but herself unless it was absolutely necessary, and she made sure that the saving of civilians took utmost priority. She would not hesitate to neglect the safety of two if she could save dozens, but she made sure to help as many people as possible. And all this time, she followed the exploits of the established superheroes with the starry-eyed adoration of a child. After a while, her superheroing became her new routine.

    Despite her attempts to remain unnoticed, word of her existence got out to the Justice League eventually, and they reached out to her. She refused at first, but eventually relented, deciding that she could use their help, and perhaps more importantly, meet with all those people she had been hearing about for so long. The league managed to clear up the issue of her citizenship, and now she lives happily in a small run-down apartment, doing superhero work on the side and occasionally taking on small, part-time jobs every now and then to buy herself some clothes. Being a cyborg lowered her cost of living by a ludicrous amount, so she manages to get by with a whole load of free time to hang around and have herself some fun.
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    Super Name: Wonder Woman
    Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Hana Hùong Nguyen
    Gender: Cisgendered Female
    Sexuality: Homoromantic Demisexual
    Age: 25

    - Superhuman strength: Wonder Woman is extremely strong, strong as the Earth in fact. She's extremely powerful, able to lift cars and break cement with ease. She is considered to be the strongest superheroine in the world.
    - Superhuman reflexes: Quick to react and on her feet, her speed is almost similar to some speedsters. Although she isn't exactly a fast runner, she can certainly react as fast as one.
    - Superhuman durability: Hana, possesses a high resistance to damage and magical attacks. Her resistance to injury is not quite as great as a true superhuman. However, due to her vast threshold for pain and her ability to heal at a superhuman rate, this easily makes up for the difference.
    - Stamina: Wonder Woman can last a great deal of time in any fight and with virtually anyone. She doesn't tire out, as her body produces no lactic acids in her muscles.
    - Longevity: Thanks to her blessings by the goddesses, she is able to live far longer than any normal human would. ​
    - The Invisible Jet: To get around, Wonder Woman uses an invisible jet. She's able to find it at all times thanks to her keen senses, and she's an expert aviator.
    - Lasso of Truth: Wonder Woman's signature weapon. A magical golden whip that has the power to expel the truth from those is wraps.​
    - Multi-Lingual: Multi-lingual: Hana has exhibited heightened proficiency with languages, being able to speak Ancient and Modern Greek, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Hindi. She is also more fluent in Vietnamese than any of the above, as it's her native tongue.
    - Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Although she has weapons, her super human strength is enough for her to defend herself in combat. She's knowledgeable in martial arts, having the ability to dispatch her enemies with her fists.
    - Wisdom: Hana possesses great wisdom and intelligence She is among the smartest and wisest members of the Justice League.​

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Appearance: Hana is a woman of average height and stature, she takes pride in everything she does and as such works out semi often. She stands at around 5'7" and weighs about 160 pounds, keeping her lean and muscular to any that may look at her. Hana is from mixed parentage, her father being Vietnamese and her mother being Caucasian --- her appearance leans mostly to that of her mother's side, but she has some of her father's notable features such as his large brown eyes. Hana's body type could be described as curvy, hourglass shaped, and well presented. Her breasts are an average C cup, nothing too notable about them. Her skin is somewhat pale, white, and dotted with all sorts of small black freckles. She's a little angry about her freckles, believing they make her look far too young and childish. Her eyesight isn't the best, but luckily she has the easier vision impairment to deal with --- being far-sighted, meaning she only requires her glasses in order to read things close to her. Her hair is pale blonde, almost white from a quick glance. She'll never admit if it's natural or coloured (hint: it's coloured. Her natural hair is black, like her mother's.). It's wavy, usually done into a haphazard ponytail, but somehow it always comes out looking nice.

    For fashion, Hana tends to stick to the bare basics. She likes dressing casually, enjoying looking nice but also being comfortable in everything she does. Her usual clothing taste tends to be a plain white tank top with a blue speckled blouse over it, sometimes she'll opt to wear plaid instead though. With this, she tends to wear black ripped jeans and high topped dark blue shoes to complete her outfit. She has a style, and she tends to stick with it. She loves the grungey 90s look, and will probably always stick with it. The only changes you'll ever see to her wardrobe is if she has to go somewhere nice, in which case she'll usually wear a cute dark blue dress. The top is a little poofy, with the bottom of the dress looking like a regular skirt in comparison. With this she's wear nice black heels with a blue anklet to keep them on, as well as a black headband with a crisp blue flower to make her hair look a little more professional.

    For her superhero/secret identity outfit, Hana tends to wear a redish pink corset with nice black stitching up the front. Along with this, she wears a similarly coloured overskirt with silver hip plates to protect her thigh muscles. Her shoulders are adorned with beautiful gold plates, which give way to a long and beautiful white cape, it hangs nicely off of her right shoulder. She wears white leggings for pants, with tall silver metal boots to protect her legs --- they extend to cover her knees as well. Atop her head she wears a golden tiara, complete with small golden wings coming out of the side.

    Personality: Hana's name is perfect. Depending on how it's translated it can mean Flower or simply one, each of these meanings represents Hana quite well. Hana is an only child, and although aware of this, she never really got into the spoiled only child space of mind. She tried hard, working for everything she desired and teaching herself things. Her large intelligence allowed her to be a fast learner, but it also allowed her to fully understand what the word 'modesty' meant. Although she is smart, and frankly she is fully aware that she is probably one of the most intelligent members of the JLA, however she would never flaunt this intelligence or hold it above anyone else. She wants people to respect her as a modest individual, and takes pride in being that way. She's respectful, courteous, and holds an admiration for other superheros. She remembers her struggle to be accepted, and hopes that no one had to go through the same sort of thing.

    The other facet of her name, flower, holds true for her innately delicate nature. Her delicate flower of a name contrasts her personality perfectly; as she could be described as a delicate, innocent, and beautiful woman. Her emotions are on display at all times for those around her to see, and she often lets them get the better of her. Driven by her heart, rather than her head. Although this doesn't make her weak, quite the contrary. Hana believes that showing one's emotions is one of the most powerful ways of behaving, it proves you're strong and in touch with yourself on a deeper level than most people can be. She's confident in herself and her own abilities, making her sometimes come off as a little cocky --- but she'll usually apologize if she does so. She's a little too innocent, in terms of the world. She hasn't really lived much, not understanding relationships, nor how to court those she's interested in.

    Her weaknesses, well, she's a little too trusting. She believes that all warriors and other humans are good at heart and that they would never intentionally do anything to critically harm or wound another human. As such, she has a friendly disposition, especially to those in vulnerable positions, or positions of power over her. She's kind, helpful, and will go out of her way to help others. Her view is to always put others before herself, as that is the warrior way. Her naive nature most likely stems from her not exactly being birthed into this world, but rather created. Some may see it as a curse, and others as a blessing --- as it really can be a noble trait to see good in even the most deplorable of people. She's a little nervous at times, not knowing what to say and not knowing what to interject into certain situations; specifically those where she has just thwarted a criminal. She prefers to remain passive, often cowering under the more senior Justice League to herself and allowing them to spit out some witty line After all, they probably know better than her, right?

    History: Due to the Chaos Heart, many things that are normal to the tale of Wonder Woman differed. The Amazonians never existed due to it's influence, wiped out many many years before Hana would ever come into being.

    Diane and Minh Nguyen wanted a child desperately, but due to unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances --- they were unable to conceive one. It could've been that Diane had few eggs or that Minh was just simply unable to produce a child, however one thing was certain, and that was that there was no possibility of having a child at all. Diane was heartbroken, all she had ever wanted was to bear children to the man she loved. The parents grew distraught, and praying to the modern gods was bringing them nothing, so they turned to the old gods of Greek mythology. Diane had been a historian, admiring the old beliefs and feeling as though maybe her fascination would aid her in seeking assistance. After praying for many nights with nothing to show for it, Diane grew tired of the whole ordeal, ready to give up hope that her and her husband would ever start a family.

    However, the next morning she felt drawn towards the beach, a beautiful harbor resting off the coast of Hanoi. It was here that she felt the need to scoop up handfuls of clay, sculpting together a humanoid figure. Upon creation of the figure, Diane stepped back, uttering a final prayer to the gods and goddesses. This was when a brilliant light engulfed the figure, giving it various blessings and bringing it to life. Diane could only watch in awe as the blob-like mass of clay and sand slowly began to take on the form of a young girl, various figures then surrounding the girl. Bestowing all sorts of powers and blessings. beauty from Aphrodite, strength from Demeter, wisdom from Athena, speed from Hermes, Eyes of the Hunter from Artemis and the ability to discern the truth from Hestia. The gods had answered their prayers, and the fact that they had answered them with such a fantastic and superheroine of a daughter was just a bonus. She named the girl Hana, after the Korean word for one --- knowing that she would be the only daughter they would ever have. Returning to her husband with the news.

    Hana's life was quite normal following this, she never really had a need to use her powers --- although she seemed perfectly aware of them. I mean, it's pretty easy to tell you're different when you can speak five languages by the age of eight without ever being taught. Not to mention that she was much faster and stronger than most boys her age, this caused her to be somewhat of an outsiders. She had few friends and felt extremely ostracized from the other children, why did she have to be different? Her parents told her they were gifts from above, but she had never felt like that was further from the truth.

    Life went on, and throughout high school she began to soul search. It was around this time that her mother told her that she wasn't exactly their biological daughter, Hana looked at her in disbelief upon hearing that she was apparently birthed from clay during her parents prayers to have a child... but it seemed as though she wasn't lying. Hana knew that there was no way to tell why she was born, or rather created, but no she wanted to know how she could use the blessings she had been given for good. But... right now she had high school to worry about. While her newfound group of friends oggled over boys, Hana could never really find herself looking at boys in the same light. Sure, Leah thought that Cam was cute... but Hana thought that Leah was cute. She realized she was different, but she knew it wasn't exactly a bad thing. Coming out to her mother and father was nerve wracking, as homosexuality wasn't quite accepted in Vietnam. However, they were very accepting and kind about the whole matter, making Hana feel a lot more confident.

    After graduating, Hana received a full scholarship as well as enrollment into Gotham University. She wanted to study ancient history, like her mother. She bid her parents farewell, leaving to Gotham City. Once arriving, she took part in her studies but noticed something rather quickly about Gotham. The city was utterly swarming with criminals and wrongdoers, which was somewhat of an issue. Between her studies, Hana found the time to preform heroics. She fashioned herself a costume, a little provocative, sure --- but if the bad guys were distracted by her cleavage it gave her a better opportunity to strike them down.

    Upon graduating, Hana struggled to find a job, but was finally given the opportunity of a life time. Thanks to her understanding and proficiency in many languages, some even considered dead --- she was recruited by the United Nations as a translator. She graciously took the position, continuing with her heroics when she was needed. Eventually, word of her got to the Justice League. Along with having the job of her dreams, she was also now a member of a league that wanted to protect the world. Could life get any better?
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    I'll be doing Dr Light so Aquaman is free now should anyone epse want to take him.

    Consider this a W.I.P for now.

    Super Name: Dr Light

    Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Hikari Sato

    Gender: Female
    - Biromantic Demisexual

    Age: 28

    Powers, Gadgets, and Skills:
    - Vega Energy Conduit: Able to channel energy from Alpha Lyrae aka Vega. The star is 25 light-years from Earth and is located in the Lyra constellation which is in Sector 2828.
    - Light Absorption: Is able to absorb all forms of illumination, amd internalise it for later use.
    - Hard Light Construction
    - Light Projection
    - Flight
    - Phasing
    - Multilingual: Can speak fluent English amd Japanese
    - Astronomer: She is a scientist, specialising in the field of Astronomy, and possesses a Ph.D in Astronomy.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Appearance: Hikari is a woman of average height, standing just above 5'5''. She has a slim yet toned body, which she goes to great lengths to maintain, since her superhero duties require her to be at her physical peak. She has a heart-shaped face with fairly defined features. Her eyes are a deep brown in colour - almost black - but they appear lighter under certain lights. Her nose is small and flat, but is pointed at the end. Her lips, though small, are quite plump, and she likes to further accentuate them with the use of her make-up. Hikari's hair is black in colour and naturally wavy. Whilst she mostly wears it loose, she styles it in a messy bun for work, and will often wear it differently for formal occasions.

    In regards to clothing, her wardrobe is very neutral in colour, consisting of items mostly in black, grey, or white. However, she does have a few pieces in a few other tones, albeit darker ones. Her casual wear could be described as casual and low maintenance. She doesn't have the time to fuss over different layers and accessories, so will mostly just throw on whatever seems comfortable for that day. Her favoured outfit consists of a dark green blouse or shirt, coupled with a worn black jacket, and blue-grey jeans. Her footwear depends on the weather, but she mostly likes to wear black ankle boots. For work, Hikari also prefers to keep her outfits simple. She likes to wear blouses and skirts, but will sometimes wear business trousers in the colder weather.

    In regards to her costume as Dr Light, once again, the outfit consists of very neutral colours. The outfit consists of a black and white corset, with poofy black shorts, durable black leggings, and black boots with a white line running through them. She also wears sheer grey cape which is detachable from the rest of the outfit. On her head she wears a white tiara which glows brighter when Hikari uses any of her abilities.

    Personality: Hikari would consider herself to be a fairly well-balanced individual. Although she can sometimes come across as aloof and cold on account of her formal manner, she is actually a warm and kind-hearted individual. Admittedly, she isn't the best with her emotions, and can struggle to express herself properly, often leading to outbursts when she is unable to properly vent her stress.

    She is a very passionate and goal-driven individual, and once she has a plan in her head, she has to see it through. Her main passion in life, is of course, Astronomy. She loves space and is fascinated about it, and even now, still continues to discover new things about it that leave her in awe. In her spare time (when she isn't busy saving the world) she sometimes goes to schools as a guest speaker, hoping to drum up more interest for astronomy and science as a whole.

    Hikari does try to get on with everyone she meets, but has found some people to particularly disagreeable to work with, mostly due to differing morals and personalities. One of said individuals is Kimiyo Hoshi, another astronomer, who felt personally slighted when Hikari replaced her as supervising astronomer at the observatory in Japan. Personally, Hikari does not have a problem with her, but strongly dislikes the animosity Kimiyo displays towards her.

    History: For most of her life, the effects of the Crimson Heart did not affect her. Born to a Japanese mother and an American father, Hikari was raised in Central City for much of her life, only moving to Gotham City after earning her Ph.D. Hikari's parents weren't particularly wealthy, but they raised their daughter well, and were able to give her everything she needed to have a happy childhood.

    It is unknown where the interest came from, but one night, a week before her ninth birthday, Hikari begged her parents to buy her a telescope. Although initially confused by the request, her parents ended up buying her the telescope, and from then on her love for astronomy grew. She would spend countless hours in her room, gazing out of her telescope and watching the night sky, positively transfixed by the wonders of space.

    As the years passed, it was apparent that her interest in astronomy was not just a passing phase, and was possibly something she would be interested in pursuing as a career. Naturally, her parents supported her, and were extremely proud when Hikari graduated high school with honours, and was accepted into one of the most prestigious universities in the country. When Hikari did graduate university, she would eventually move to Gotham City, as she had been offered a position to work at one of it's foremost science facilities.

    At the age of 23, Hikari received an offer out of the blue to work as a temporary supervising Astronomer at Tokyo's observatory. Apparently, the previous supervising astronomer had become arrogant in her ways, and after making numerous snide comments to other workers had been pulled from the team. The rest of the team then went looking for others to fill the role and stumbled upon Hikari. She agreed to opportunity, and it wasn't long before Hikari was in Japan.

    For most of her time in Japan, nothing truly eventful happened. Hikari kept her head down and got to work, and enjoyed learning more about her Japanese heritage and culture. It was only after spending a year in Tokyo, that things took a drastic change, and the alterations of the Crimson Heart finally made its mark on her life. One night, as she was observing the sky, a devastating beam of energy from the star Vega was sent to Earth, hitting the observatory in Tokyo and causing devastating destruction. The observatory was destroyed in the blast and all those inside the building were killed, save for Hikari who was pulled from the wreckage days later, miraculously unscathed.

    Her newly discovered photokinetic powers, manifested themselves quickly, and although Hikari found it both frightening and confusing at first, she was quickly able to wield her powers effectively. For the next three months, Hikari remained in Tokyo, supposedly "recovering", when she was actually leading a secret life as Dr Light. When she did return to Gotham, she was keen to continue her work as a vigilante, but hit a brief bump in the road when she discovered she had become pregnant from a one night stand she had, shorty before she was due to leave. Although she was not able to return to her vigilante work as quickly as she had hoped, Hikari was pleasantly surprised at her impending motherhood. About seven months after returning home, she gave birth to her daughter, Sarada. It took around a year after that for her to feel ready to begin vigilante work again. Although she initially struggled having taken a break for so long, she was quick to fall back into the role. Word of her skills got passed around, and she was soon given an invitation to join the Justice League of America, which she readily accepted.

    Fast forward a couple of years, and Hikari is living what she would consider a perfect life. She still works as a astronomer, albeit part-time, and finds the job to be as rewarding now as it was when she first joined. She has a beautiful daughter, fast encroaching her fourth birthday, and continues to live an exciting career as member of the JLA. Hikari can struggle to balance these things together, but she wouldn't change a thing.
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    Thanks Mint, I'll clear those chars up. Vern, I'll clear your other options as well.
  11. Requiem's Eclipse

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    I would like to reserve Martian Manhunter if at all possible? :)


    Super Name: Martian Manhunter

    Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Mi'ya Zoreg (birth name), Mia Seong (Earth Version)

    Gender: Female (she is a shapeshifter though, so she can change her physiology at will, but she identifies as a female and bases her human form on a Human Female.)

    Age: 27 (Physically); 127 (Actually

    Powers, Gadgets, and Skills:


    Shape Shifting: All martians have the ability to shape shift and changer their molecular structure and chemical composition at will. She can change her physical appearance or size at will. She is also able to change her density using this power as well as her consistency. Some of the things she can do because of this power are:

    -Super Strength (by becoming more dense)
    -Phase Shift (able to phase through solid objects)
    -Physical Resistances to Diseases and non-magical attacks/projectiles. (at least to physical and natural attacks, just not magical)

    She can turn parts of her body into weapons, such as swords and hammers as well.

    This ability makes her perfect for recon missions, as she can literally change into anything, but also makes her a very hard adversary to take down in a fight.


    *All inorganic enemies are immune to her mental powers. Enemies who are also legitimately psychotic are also immune to specific powers.

    All martians are telepaths, but their powers can extend beyond just that. She is able to read minds, move objects with her mind, and even manipulate memories.

    -Psychic Link: As an alternative to using physical communicators, Mi'ya is able to link the Justice League's Minds together and create a psychic channel, using her mind as a sort of communications hub. This is an extension of her ability to read minds.
    -Astral Projection: Her soul is able to separate from her body and travel the physical world.
    -Illusions: She is able to alter a person's perception of what is going on around them. This is a more acceptable form of mental manipulation in Martian Culture, for what reason, no one really knows, but she has no qualms about creating illusions.
    -Psychic Barriers and Blasts

    Prohibited Mental abilities

    The following Mental Abilities are power she has, but refuses from ever using because of the effect it can have on people. She only uses these powers if absolutely necessary for the earth's prosperity.
    -Mental Break: Able to make a person go into a full on mental breakdown. This power takes a huge toll on Mi'ya. The stronger the mental state of the person, the harder it is for her to make them go into a psychotic break. Completely insane individuals (like The Joker) or non living things are immune to this.
    -Memory Wipe: Able to delete memories from a person's brain. She said there is a limit to how much she can delete. She cannot make a person forget everything.
    -Memory Implant/ Manipulation: Along with her ability to delete memories she can also alter or create entirely new memories.


    Fire: All martians have a huge weakness to fire. Mi'ya cannot get close to fire because of the mental affect fire has on Martians. 20,000 years ago, Martians were a fire based race. Now referred to as Burning Martians, they were barbaric and were constantly waging war against each other. As their technology became more advanced, The Guardians of the Galaxy were afraid they would develop interstellar travel and cause immense damage to the universe. In order to prevent this, The Guardian's of The Galaxy 'reprogrammed' the martian race to no longer be fire based and actually be weak to it. These new Martians evolved into the Green and White Martians we now know of.

    If Mi'ya looks at fire, it can cause immense stress on her physically and mentally. If she looks at flames long enough she can have a mental breakdown. However, she has trained herself to be able to at least look at flames longer than most martians can tolerate. This is because of fire's prevalence on Earth. Prolonged proximity to large amounts of fire can cause her to lose control of her physical form, causing her to revert to a sentient pool of green goop. Initially, however, it has a similar effect that Kryptonite has to Superman, and all she has to do is get away from the flames.

    Magical Attacks: Martians are more susceptible to Magical properties than Humans. This isn't as bad as their weakness to fire, but Magical attacks cause much more damage to Martians than a human.


    Mi'ya has multiple different senses that humans don't have.
    X-Ray Vision. She can see across the electromagnetic spectrum. She can also change her vision to only focus on certain frequencies and wavelengths.
    She can hear a lot more than a human can hear. She can also control what frequencies she hears.
    Radiation Detection.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Appearance: Mi'ya rarely, if at all, is seen as her 'true self'. Her 'true self' is the appearance she was born with. She is actually ashamed of it and never saw herself as 'pretty'. Naturally, Mi'ya is bald and has an ooblong head. From the side, it looks like a giant green egg. It also goes without saying, being a Green Martian her skin is a deep green. Typically the darker shades of green are reserved for male martians, so she is actually much darker than the typical female, further making her disdainful of her more masculine martian self. On the contrary, many teammates who've stubbled on her true self love the deep and earthy green color she is . She is incredibly tall, standing at about 6'5", with a very straight and lanky frame. When you look at here at a glance, you might mistake her for a bobblehead stick figure...a giant one at that. Her hands and feet are disproportionately large for her frame by human standards.

    When she was accidentally brought to Earth by a scientist using old Martian Technology, she adopted a much more 'pin-up' like appearance after being exposed to human culture. This is her human form, however, it's changed over time to match her interests at the time, but only slightly. Mi'ya, who adopted the earth name Mia, changed her body to a much smaller and voluptuous frame. In her human form she stands at 5'9" and has light skin with slight yellow undertones. Recently she has adopted a slightly caucasian/ asian look. Her eyes are almond shaped, but slightly upturned to give her an asian look. However, she has deep creases in her eyes naturally, giving her a more racially ambiguous look. Her hair is rather thick and has a natural bounce to it, it's always impeccably styled as well, thanks to her shape shifting abilities. Her eyes are light brown when she is in this form.

    Her most common form her teammates see her in is a mixture of

    Personality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dw8B1q1tKgs

    History: 10+ sentences on your past, and how it differs from the canon char's.
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  12. Captain Jigglypuff

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    Could I do a male version of Harley Quinn? One that actually has some powers and is an actual hero?
  13. VampirateMace

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    Requiem's Eclipse (Martian Manhunter) & Captain Jigglypuff (Harley Quinn): Sure, I'll add you guys to the list.
  14. Captain Jigglypuff

    Captain Jigglypuff Leader of Jigglypuff Army

    Super Name: The Harlequin

    Secret Identity: Quincy (More commonly known as Quinn) Card

    Gender: Gay Man

    Age: 25

    Powers, Gadgets, and Stuff:

    Powers- Toxin immunity (genetically passed down), Ability to create weapons and objects out of nowhere at will and to control them telekinetically (mostly in the form of playing cards and a mallet) as long as he focuses his thoughts on them, above average super strength (Can lift heavy objects most people can't lift but not nearly as much as Superman or Wonder Woman), and flexibility.

    Gadgets: Drives a specialized motor bike that can shoot out projectiles and a hover board used mainly in combat

    Other Skills: Master of several types of martial arts, is able to hide in secret similarly to a ninja, is a skilled technology expert and can decrypt compute coding in under a minute, and can fly any type of transportation when necessary.


    Super Hero Look- Quinn dresses himself in a full bodied harlequin costume and jester hat and paints his face to resemble a half black half white mask. The suit also has a few spikes protruding from the side of the arms and legs.

    History: Quinn Card is descended from the infamous Joker and original Harley Quinn and their daughter Lucy. After the Joker was killed during the events of Injustice and Harley became an anti-hero, she raised Lucy to be a much kinder person than her father and to not make the same mistakes her parents had made. Lucy grew up to be a lawyer and married Quinn's great great great great grandfather. The immunity to most toxins Poison Ivy had given Harley had latched onto her DNA and started to become genetic after Lucy was born. The Joker is still an infamous name and is known for being one of the most vile person to ever live but Harley is somewhat more respected. Quinn discovered his powers ten years ago when he had to defend himself from some bullies. As one of the bullies prepared to hit Quinn, he suddenly created a baseball bat and struck his attacker with it out of fear. The bully he hit was immediately knocked out and the others started to run away in fear when the bat suddenly flew out of Quinn's hand and followed them because he wanted them to never attack him again. The bat flew out of his hand because Quinn had unknowingly willed it to do so.

    Eventually Quinn went to college and got a masters in technology. He started his own company after graduating and it is slowly becoming one of the top businesses in the world. He decided to become the Harlequin to make up for the crimes his ancestors committed and to protect those who need it the most. He is very capable in crime fighting and very few criminals have escaped from their fights with him. The ones he doesn't knock out usually give themselves up out of fear of his powers to create objects and to control them telekinetically since Quinn can continue to use them as long as he concentrates on the weapon or object he created.

    Personality: Quinn is essentially a giving person and donates part of his income to various charities. He also is rather confident with his success. He doesn't flaunt his wealth or intelligence and is rather down to earth. As the Harlequin, he is strategic, self disciplined, and very analytic to the situation at hand. He also influences other heroes not to become overtaken in combat by strong emotions such as pure rage. The Harlequin's mindset in combat is very similar to Batman's except Quinn is more focused and rarely speaks in battle.

    I will add more when I am ready. I need to think of a few more things for my hero.
  15. VampirateMace

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  16. VampirateMace

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    Minteh (Dr Light): Accepted
  17. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    kickity boom, that's all good and done.
  18. Monster Guy

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    Superman is done too...
  19. TikTok13

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    Aaaand, Doctor Fate joins the finished!
  20. VampirateMace

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    Sorry this took so long, it rained hard enough I lost internet.

    Sketchie (Batman - Dr. Lucas Spenser Hudson-Moncrief): Accepted
    Monster Guy (Superman - Maxwell Noel Hudson-Moncrief/Jax-Van) + Krypto: Accepted

    TikTok13 (Dr Fate - Zane Nelson): I'll get to reviewing yours soon.
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