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Justin Bieber = Epic?

LeLouch Lawliet

LeLouch and C.C.
You totally hate Justin Bieber, right, because you're a rebel, or whatever? That's just because you haven't listened to Bieber slowed down 800 percent. Now his new single "U Smile" is a 30-minute epic. And it sounds awesome. No, really.

Courtesy of musician Nick Pittsinger, who used the free program Paulstretch, this is "U Smile" made slower. Like, a lot slower—eight times slower, to be exact. And all of a sudden the not-bad piano pop track sounds like the climactic score to some kind of historical epic, or Dead Can Dance, or, like, Animal Collective, or something. It sounds like the ocean, but, like, in heaven, man. Plus, it's 35 minutes long.


I wonder how the other pop singers will sound like slowed down. Does anyone want to try Bad Romance by Lady Gaga?

White Wizard

Hundred acre Woods
personally i hate jutsin beiber, i dont him, but hes songs and his voice.


Better than Ash
I wouldnt really listen to a song for 30 minutes, theres no point. I need variety.
He needs to go to school where he can be tortured and laughed at adequately.
And Justin Beiber is not a tool. Hes a freakin dollar store screwdriver.
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Well he is pretty epic being the one of the most wanted girl by so many wome- Wait is he a guy?
Anyways I guess I'll give his "epic song" a shot just to see why the hell he'd slow it down so much.

LeLouch Lawliet

LeLouch and C.C.
Personally I listened to it for three minutes, those three minutes were so relaxing. I am actually amazed I listened to his song for three minutes =O


Mr. F
That's pretty cool. Though this might give him an even larger fanbase, now not only consisting of tweens, but of old, bearded men, too!


Well-Known Member
This song is actually spectacular! I listened to it and the rage and urge to kill that normally ensues upon hearing Bieber has been replaced by an incredibly soothing, calming effect. I recommend it highly!


Old news to me. I tried slowing down a bunch of other songs from other artists when I heard about this, and they all sound pretty much the same at 1/3 speed, let alone 1/8 speed. But if you really want to try it yourself, there's a program here that makes slowed-down music sound like this Bieber song(it adds some effects that make it sound better than if you'd just used Audacity or something).

Although you may not have to bother, since a bunch of other people have jumped on the "slow down pop music" bandwagon already. Here's some Lady Gaga, for example. Apparently Telephone is the soundtrack to the apocalypse.

Starlight Aurate

Just a fallen star
This is really cool. I had never actually imaged liking something by Justin Bieber, even at any speed. It sounds like one of those water-themed rides you go on at a theme park, like Sea World, with the orcas and dolphins, and your watching something educational about their feeding or lifecycles. All you need is a narrator and a clip of that and it'd be complete.

He needs to go to school where he can be tortured and laughed at adequately.
Wishing someone pain and humiliation just because they sing like a girl and you don't like his large fanbase and style of music? Someone's being immature.


Well-Known Member


Here's some Lady Gaga, for example. Apparently Telephone is the soundtrack to the apocalypse.

That was actually kind of creepy. I might try slowing down a few songs myself, like Ke$ha's Tik Tok haha. I bet there are some other songs like that, all you need is time to slow everything down and listen to it but who has the time these days? I guess every song has it's appeal when it's slowed down a bit, but I don't think a slower version of Justin Bieber's work will win him any new fans to be honest. He's ok, just not "epic" even when his songs are slowed down. If Justin Bieber is "epic", then Erik Destler was straight :[
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