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Kabutopzilla's Fakemon

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Kabutopzilla, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. Kabutopzilla

    Kabutopzilla En Prócsem

  2. Dark Matter

    Dark Matter Member

    They're good drawings, but their patterns are very complex, so I'm not sure if they would work well as actual pokemon.
  3. Cece

    Cece Well-Known Member

    The drawings are good, but they don't like much like pokemon.
    Everything is far too busy; too many spots and spikes and little lines(not sure what those are?)

    I think they would look a whole lot more like pokemons if you erased a bunch of the stuff that is all over them and smooth everything out.

    btw, it would be very hard to sprite all the current markings and details with the game's size limit, and even if you did it would look really messy. oxo

    So yeah, nice designs, but they would be better with less details and such.
  4. Kabutopzilla

    Kabutopzilla En Prócsem

  5. KingArmag

    KingArmag King of Armageddon

    Wow! These are amazing, but not pokemon-ish...
    They are still too detailed. If you tried to sprite them it would be way too hard.
    They do look very nice, though. Especially Komodice. Though the first evolutions have too much of a tiny third evolution look.
  6. Kabutopzilla

    Kabutopzilla En Prócsem

    Thanks for the feedback.

    This is the first Fakemon I've made in a long time which evolves from a Realmon.

    Dunsparce Evolution
  7. Kabutopzilla

    Kabutopzilla En Prócsem

  8. Kabutopzilla

    Kabutopzilla En Prócsem

  9. Kabutopzilla

    Kabutopzilla En Prócsem

  10. LostLove

    LostLove Flygon Trainer

    wooah. I really like that Skarmory line but the Shuckle evoltion.. too much detail again. You are getting there though [;
  11. Champion Lance

    Champion Lance Penis Used Harden

    Drawings are amazing but they look a bit to much like monsters than pokemon. The Skarmory evolution looks the best. Still, great job.
  12. Kabutopzilla

    Kabutopzilla En Prócsem

  13. Kabutopzilla

    Kabutopzilla En Prócsem

  14. Kabutopzilla

    Kabutopzilla En Prócsem

  15. Dr. Deoxys

    Dr. Deoxys New Member

    very well done love them , although u did go a bit overboard with some of the evolutions , but i reckon that the skarmory idea is brilliant keep up the good work <(O.O<)
  16. ReaperNeku

    ReaperNeku The One and Only

    Woah. Some of the evolutions are way to complex to sprite and what not. Try simplifying some of them.
  17. Jaypaw

    Jaypaw meow meow meow meow

    They're really cool and all, but pokemon are a little less detailed XD
  18. Kabutopzilla

    Kabutopzilla En Prócsem

    Thanks for the comments.

    I know I go a bit overboard with details, but I have to gradually get used to the less detailed style of Pokemon. Before this, I was drawing large, heavily detailed beasts. Before that, my drawing skills were horrid. Before that, my Fakemon concepts were horrid. :p


    Spinarak Family
  19. Jaypaw

    Jaypaw meow meow meow meow

    This time, Widoweb is perfectly designed, Maybe if it... no never mind its perfect but the other one... almost imposibble to sprite ya know? But your designs are getting more simple~
  20. ijea4444

    ijea4444 Well-Known Member

    Their good drawings, but their no where near sugimori style. He purposefully makes them out of simple shapes, patterns, etc, like a user above said, these are way to complicated. And I've studied Suigmori style from the 90's to today.

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