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Kadill's Olde Trade Shope :)

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Kadill, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Kadill

    Kadill Youngster

    Hi there! I'm new to this online community, but I know my basics of breeding and such. Be nice :)

    I have a variety of things I can do to help:
    EV Training
    Not that hard now, but if you want to give me something in exchange for helping you out in this task, just let me know.

    IV Breeding
    I have access to my own safari dittos, so I can help anyone who needs it out with getting their pokemon to have the perfect babies. This does take a good bit of time though, so I'd obviously need something in exchange.

    Nature Breeding
    Not that big a deal, but I'm sure some people would just rather not do it themselves. This comes free of charge with any pokemon you trade for from me. :)

    Pokemon For Trade
    And here is what most people come for. I don't have TOO many different special things yet, but I'm working on it. Just ask if it's not my list and I'll check if I can get my hands on it.

    Here is what I have that I believe would be of interest so far:
    - All in game starters
    - Zapdos, 28/x/31/31/12/31 with HP Ice Modest
    - Gibles, five 31 IVs (no Spa)
    - Meditite, 5 IVs, psycho cut bred onto it
    - Togepi, 5 IVs
    - Gastly, 5 IVs
    - Ferroseed, 5 IVs (Not maxxed speed, can be 0 speed if you want)
    - Helioptile, 5, or even 6 IVs, with any ability
    - Abra, 5 IVs, Magic Guard
    - Mammoswine, Thick Fat, 5 IVs
    - Espurr, 5 IVs, Hidden ability, Trick bred onto it.
    - Metagross, 5 IVs
    - Gligar, HA, 5 IVs
    - Kengaskan, 5 IVs
    - Machop, 5 IVs
    - Conkledurr, 5 IVs, or 4 IVs without max speed
    - Poliwag, 5 IVs, HA
    - Ludicolo, 5 IVs
    - Seadra, 5 IVs
    - Greninja, Protean, 5 IVs
    - Trevenant, 5 IVs, with Harvest
    - Aerodactyl, 5 IVs, with Tailwind already bred on it
    - Scyther, 5 IVs
    - Dratini, 5 IVs
    - Scaggy, 5 IVs, or 4 IVs without maxxed speed
    - Arcanine, 5 IVs
    - Rotom, 5 IVs
    - Magicarp, 4 IVs
    - Slowpoke, Regenerator
    - Breloom, Technician
    - Delphox, Magician
    - Goomy, Gooey
    - Espurr, Own Tempo (aka. Male Meowstic with Prankster)
    - Vulpix, Drought
    - Flechinder, Gale Wings
    - Event Torchic (like, who DOESN'T have that lol)
    - Excadrill Adamant Sand Rush (harder than you'd think lol)
    - Larvesta
    - Gastrodon, Storm Drain
    - Working on many more 31 IV pokemon, just ask if you want a certain one :)

    Desired Pokemon:
    Ok so, this is my want list. However, do not be discouraged if you do not have something on this list. Ask for the trade anyway if you want what I have, and we might be able to work something out :)
    - Nidoking, Sheer Force (out of laziness)
    - Ditto, 4 or more IVs
    - Slowbro, 5IVs, Quiet
    - Sableye, Prankster
    - Liepard, Prankster
    - Malamar, 5IVs, Adamant
    - Salamance (line) 5IVs
    - Mienfoo, Reckless
    - Beartic, Swift Swim
    - Abomasnow, 5IVs, or 4 IVs with 0 Spd
    - Barbaracle, 5 IVs
    - Klefki, 5 IVs
    - Azumarril, 5 IVs, Huge Power
    - Ralts, 5 IVs, and/or HA
    - Zubat, 5 Ivs, Infiltrator
    - Mienshao, Near Perfect IVs with HP Ice
    - Bagon, 5 IVs
    - Shellder, 5 IVs, Skill Link
    - Rhydon, 5 IVs
    - Litwick, 5 IVs
    - Magnemite, 5 IVs
    - Larvitar, 5 IVs, and/or HA
    - Eevee or Eevee line, 5 IVs, preferably with HA
    - Lucario/Riolu with 5 31 IVs (with either SpA or Atk)
    - Foongus, 5 IVs, Regenerator
    - Moltres and Articuno, doesn't matter too much IVs or Nature
    - Any Pokemon with hidden abilities that I do not currently have, but mostly ones that are actually more usable than their original abilities
    - IV Bred pokemon in general, always looking to expand my breeding capabilities
    - Metal Coats
    - Mega Stones, ask and I'll let you know if the ones you're offering are the ones I want.
    - Other Evolving items
    - For small trades, stuff like PP Ups/Max can work.
    - Master Ball :p
    Generally I will be interested in Hidden Abilities, as long as they seem useful in some way. Pokemon with really good IVs, shiny, whatever, we'll work it out. Just let me know what you've got!

    Any tips or suggestions, please let me know! Thanks for looking at my humble shop!
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2013
  2. phokingbeast

    phokingbeast Member

    what are you looking for?
  3. Earth Wolf-Howl

    Earth Wolf-Howl Nuzlocker

    I'm not looking to get anything as of yet, but I want to ask: what Vivillon form do you have? I want to try and get a Modest Scatterbug, but I'm only interested in the Polar version of Vivillon.
  4. Jimmy27

    Jimmy27 New Member

    Im interessted in your excadrill alakazam and aerodactyl

    could offer goomy scyther bermite etc. write a private note, so we can talk about it :)
  5. Erron Black

    Erron Black Sticky Situation

    Five IV Gible for Gooey Sliggoo and Bulletproof Quilladin?
  6. Jimmy27

    Jimmy27 New Member

    I give you german 5V squirtle with raindish aurasphere and dragon pulse + a 4V pokemon (scyther, charmander, goomy, bergmite, etc)

    for magic quard 5 V abra
    and metagross 5V
    or Mamoswine 5V
    write a personal message please! :)
  7. Magicmickey9864

    Magicmickey9864 New Member

    I can offer any of these for a Abra with its DW ability Magic Guard, Private Message me if your interested

    With DW ability:
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2013
  8. ~JolteonFTW~

    ~JolteonFTW~ Member

    I will trade many foreign Pokemon and hidden ability eevee and hidden ability scyther for a 6 iv helioptile
  9. phokingbeast

    phokingbeast Member

    I can get you diggersby with its ha for a protean geninja or froakie
  10. Dark Mephiles

    Dark Mephiles Fryin n Dryin

    Hi I'm interested in your 5 Iv's Abra with Magic Guard, in exchange I can offer a 31/x/31/31/31/31 Modest Blaze Charmander.
  11. Jade14

    Jade14 Pokemon Breeder

    Hey, I see you don't have HA Chespin on the list & I would like a Gastrodon. Is that trade available?
  12. FlareBlitz3000

    FlareBlitz3000 Legg University QB

    5 iv rotom(timid, 31/xx/31/31/31/31) and the zapdos for 5iv espurr HA with assist,barrier,trick,and yawn, 5iv inkay adamant, and banettite
  13. RedJemFlash90

    RedJemFlash90 Johto champ

    I was wondering if you we're able to breed a jolly or adamant 4-5 iv Sneasel with fake out and ice punch. I may have some mega stones along with 5 iv jolly charmander with DD and 5iv Elekid with egg moves
  14. BrianOnLineID

    BrianOnLineID Active Member

    - Shellder, 5 IVs, Skill Link
    - corphish, 5 ivs, adaptability
    - tentacool, 5ivs, liquid ooze, JPN
    - 2 gible, 5ivs, rough skin and sand veil
    - snover, 5ivs, snow warning, JPN
    - bulbasaur, 5ivs, chlorophyll, JPN

    I can trade 2 of the above for a Rotom, 5 IVs 31/xx/31/31/31/31 with levitate and modest nature.
  15. PieHazmat

    PieHazmat A wild Pie appeared!

    I can give you a ha bulbasaur for the zap does if you don't already have one. I can throw in a pp up too
  16. wannabe311

    wannabe311 New Member

    I have a prankster sableye (yay) can i have the espurr with trick please?
  17. sswotwot

    sswotwot New Member

    Would I be able to get a 5IV Machop with an adamant nature? I have a 5IV Modest Wish Eevee (no HA) for trade :D What is the IV spread on the Machop?
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2014
  18. Is zapdos still available?
    I got HA beartic, liepard, sableye that u listed, as well as many other HA including pokebank starters
    I can add a metal coat or any BP items (except ability capsule)
    PM me if interested thanks
  19. 2797jake

    2797jake Member

    I have a 5IV Eevee, for a 5IV HA Gligar?
    The Eevee is male, japanese, and has adaptability
  20. Sietse23

    Sietse23 *Brainfarts*

    I can give some evolution items for EV training

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