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Kadjaft's Pixel Stuff


Free Runner
Welcome to my Pixel Topic Everyone! (If I'm not aloud to post Sonic PA's then remove this topic...)
As I'm A Sonic fan, Most of my Work is based on that... and quite a few weapons are made by me too ^^,

Now, Without Further Adieu, Let the Looking Begin!!

First, I'll introduce you to my first Recolour, Sykessonic!

I made this Character first, when I was just starting out, Messing with Colours and matching things up together... I haven't given them A custom Shade as of yet...

Next is Masher, the Second one that I made!

I then tried to match up Parts from Different Characters and such to make this Result

Marina, the Next one,

Made her mostly from scratch, not the Best I've done buut... the best is yet to come!
Those three were made Last year when I first Discovered Pixel art... Now for the More Recent ones!

This next one I Attempted last year and Failed miserably... Then Totally remade him from Scratch This year ... I present to you... Flare!

the shade I used is a Pillow Shade for those who don't know...

This next one is Flares Friend, Glithyx!

The shade this time is a Gradient shade, Also made Recently this year...

Now for the Weapons that I've been making for a couple of days, The weapons are based on the elements I.E Wind Water Fire Earth light and Dark

I’m no good at making fire weapons ;_; am I?... … … meh, well anyway, tell me what you think of any one of them! n_n

The Missing Number

Well-Known Member
ook...the Sonic one is okay, I guess, though the glasses are weird.

Masher...that thing sticking up above the tail, doesnt look too good.

Marina is okay, I especially like the hand.

Flare and the G one look a bit...bad...they have seemingly rough dimensions, so it makes it look like...crayon day.

Am liking the weapons. Especially the wind one. The dark one has a bad outline - I know its meant to be remotely like that, but it still is slightly overdone. SLIGHTLY.

The fire on the end of the dagger...looks kinda...weird.

Chaotic Pink

Let the zephyr blow.
Ok in in a random order:

Weapons: The fire one (the very last one) seems to be your best the flame on the end is done well and the radiance blade looks interesting too :)

characters: These are unusual, I like 'em! Masher looks best the tail does look a little weird but I think that with the other parts it retracts attention from it.


Hmm... Gamenerd Wonders...

The characters. I dunno, but I really don't like them. they're all a bit, well, boring. The first three are edits, which I'm not too fond of. The bottom two are looking custom, but the anatomy is way off on those two, and they look a little dodgy.

And then the weapons. They're fairly nice, but some areas lack shading, and some of the lines look really rough and dodgy. Keep that in mind.

Ah yes, Gamenerd knows best!

Btw, my online name, for the most part, is Gamenerd.


Free Runner
Oh yes, I forgot to mention with Flare and Glithyx... They were basically my first GOOD attempt at Scratch Work (Marina was a different case) the Fire weapon? I'm no good at portraying fire coming out of the end of a sword... So I made it how it is, all you gotta do is think how a large flame would act coming out of a sword! :) I try my best and such, but I'll try to Improve things and make it look better!

Kadjaft Out!