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Kadjaft's Request Emporium

you never made my super celebi that had a neon green and not yellow power


Free Runner
Yeah, I asked for an Example of what Neon Electric green is, I'm not exactly too sure what it exactly looks like ^^, Sorry for the delays peoples


Free Runner
Here's your Giratina Chao,


And I'll Guess what you mean with your Celebi... I don't get what you mean by "neon green and not yellow power"


Free Runner
Is that both super? Or just Diarugia? Also, What colour you want the supers to be... Cause Any Colour can be done now (due to people asking for the colour Variations to the usual Super colours,


Free Runner
Sure, your Hired, Post here what you can do so people don't have to open up another Page for what you can do,
Gym Leader Cards.
Green,Red,Blue,Yellow,Gold,Sliver,Ruby,Sapphire,Fire Red,Leaf Green and Emerald Elite4 Card's.

Trainer Card's. Can do backgrounds if given background is posted along with the request.

And someting new if not. A Ball Badge's Card.

Here are the badges that i use.
Here are some of my templates that i use

Even more templates that i use.

Block 1 ^

Block 2 ^

Now i can do inverts of trainer cards and pokemon.

Heres a picture of my inverts of all 151 pokemon. Also I can do inverts of Johto,Hoeen and D/P Pokemon.

A Lengendary Pokemon Trainer Card.

Can do Item Card's.

Note: I've found more pokemon templates
< Attack

< Defence

< Speed Small

< Speed

< Normal

-----\/ Can do all of these in shiny|
< Bug
< Dark
< Dragon.
< Electric
< Fighting
< Fire
< Flying
< Ghost
< Ground
< Ice
< Grass
< Poision
< Psychic
< Rock
< Steel
< Unkown
< Water
< Ground
< Ground
< Steel
< Steel
you mean like this. :)


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I put it in the second post, Cause it wasn't doing anything But Sitting there, Looking Pretty with my sig :p
can you edit the second page to say cad do d/p "if" i have the pokemon and trainer sprites


ya kadjaft

um i dont care about the super colors

and does anyone need a request??!?!?!?!?


Hey its the owner of the

Could I have a Super Manaphy, just like the Salamence. Gold with glow (flashing).



Free Runner
Yeah, Sorry ^^, Havn't been able to get to the requests, I've been Working on the Release of My Fan Game demo for the Sonic community, Sonic Heroes RPG

I'll get to them Later on, Forgot to say the Shop is closed ^^, Sorry guys, I'll Put down that you have requests, But I don't think that I'll get to them too soon, Again Sorry, Once the Release of the Demo has Fully Kicked off, I'll get back to doing Requests,

Kadjaft out!

sandslash 222

Sandslash Master
could you make me a traner card? if you can could you put a shiny sandslash, pikachu, latios & latias, octillery, & a sceptile? if not dont sweat it its cool. pokeball2.0 if your free could you do this?
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