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Kagami's Conflict [One shot] [PG, for some words that are questionable]


Waiting for summer
((xD first non-pokemon thingy on here, I hope it's ok, oh, if nobody knows, this is a fanfic for Lucky Star! xD I love making Lucky star fanfics on other sites, I usually do well with those. . .>.>))

Kagami's Conflict​

Kagami woke up in her pajamas and got out of her bed. She set up her lavender hair and put on her white uniform with the pink ribbon.

"Why do we have to wear the winter uniform right after we come back from summer break?" Kagami asked herself as she got finished setting herself up and came downstairs only to wave and run out of the door. Tsukasa meanwhile, had already gotten up, because she wanted to get to school early. Tsukasa's plan had failed, realizing that Kagami was slightly later than usual, Tsukasa boarded the metro to school.

Kagami ran as fast as she could. She barely made it in as the door shut hastily behind her. Kagami's forehead dripped with nervous sweat. The lavender haired Kagami soon found her twin Tsukasa, and they sat down. Soon the metro arrived at the location that was close to the school. Kagami took Tsukasa by the hand and they rushed off for school.

"You said you wanted to get there early didn't you?" Kagami asked, annoyed that she had to drag Tsukasa by her hand.

" I'm sorry," Tsukasa said cutely as she was being dragged by her hand.

Soon, they saw Konata and Miyuki come into view. Konata's long, shiny blue hair fluttered in the breeze as the short girl got a mischievious look on her face at the site of Kagami. Miyuki, looked like her self, shiny pink hair flapping in the autumn breeze. Miyuki seemed like a tree compared to Konata.

"Hey you two" Kagami greeted Konata and Miyuki.

"Well, so how did that summer diet work?" Konata asked tauntingly knowing the look Kagami was going to have on her face.

"Quiet!" Kagami responded in a low, threatening tone.

Soon, they entered school. Kagami went to the bathroom. She looked in the mirror at her hair.

"Oh screw this, may as well try something to throw Konata off, if that's possible," Kagami thought to herself as she messed with her hair until it was straight down.

Kagami then used a pair of new sissors to cut her hair as short as Tsukasa's. She found something to put her hair so that it looked exactly like Tsukasa's hair.

"Nothing says that a little sister act won't do any harm!" Kagami thought to herself evilly as she walked out of the bathroom with a cute look on her face like her twin.

Many people mistaked Kagami for Tsukasa. The real Tsukasa meanwhile, was talking with Konata and Miyuki until the bell rang and their teacher came in. Meanwhile, Kagami entered her home room. The boys thought she was actually her twin sister, this helped since normally people would borrow something from her that she needed.

Soon class ended and it was lunch time. Kagami sat next to her sister Tsukasa.

"Uhh, did an alien replace Kagami with a clone or something?" Konata asked as she was confused which person was Tsukasa and which person was Kagami.

"Ummm, Kagami, why are you copying me?" Tsukasa asked Kagami.

"Well, why are you copying me?" Kagami asked straight back.

Miyuki and Konata were dumbfounded as to which person was Tsukasa. They looked exactly the same. Soon lunch ended, and Kagami got a note from a boy that had a crush on her. He did not know it was Kagami, so he gave Kagami the note. Kagami hastily opened the note.

"If you have the chance, tell Kagami that I would like to go out with her sometime, please tell me if she's available. And yes, I will dump my other four girlfriends for her" ~ Takenshi, Kuragano

"That little player! Bad, bad boy!" Kagami thought to herself as she went flaming red with anger. Kagami turned around to Kuragano, made the cutest little face, and then slapped him across the face so hard that the red mark was there for the rest of the day.

"Well, there goes my hopes for the cutest guy in class, oh well, he's a jerk anyway!" Kagami reassured herself as school ended.

Kagami and Tsukasa walked with eachother down to the metro and rode it back to their house.

"Why did you pretend to be me for a day?" Tsukasa asked? "Oh, by the way, heres a couple of notes your friends wanted me to give you during home room.

Kagami spent thirty minutes reading the notes, she then threw them all away and got started on her homework. She finally finished just in time for dinner, her family all hastily snatched food from the middle of the table. Wolfing down the food like a living vacuum. Soon though, Kagami had gone to bed and was reflecting the day.

"Maybe, I was just getting a little taste of Tsukasa's life, there's probably more things that happen to her than love notes about me," Kagami thought to herself.

Tsukasa was also in bed. She could not go to sleep, so she started to reflect the day.

"Hmmmmm, I really wonder why I hid those 20 love notes that I got about Kagami, I really don't know if Kagami knows about that stuff," Tsukasa thought to herself.

Tsukasa and Kagami drifted into sleep. The day had been eventfull, but it was time to rest for now.


((This is not complete, I will most likely add more to it))