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Kalos Chronicles Discussion Thread

Monster Guy

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Kalos Chronicles
Approved by Psychic​

You are just starting your career as a Pokemon Trainer. Sure, you're starting a little later than most, but hey, no one is judging you. I'm sure you had your reasons. Besides, you're in Kalos. You couldn't have picked a better place to train Pokemon. Kalos has it all. Big Cities, and quaint little towns. We have warm and sunny beaches, as well as a cold, wintery getaway. Most importantly, we have lots of native species of Pokemon that are waiting to be captured by trainers just like you! As well as our own Pokemon League. It's all waiting for you, all you have to do is get out there!

Movie Star André Bellamy is also a new Pokemon Trainer who is starting his journey. He has a busy film career, he doesn't have time for such things! Now that he's eighteen though, he feels like he's missing out on something, and wants to give the whole Pokemon Trainer thing a try. There's just one problem, André hates travelling alone. Sure, he has a bunch of people on his payroll, but he wants to make friends with people his own age. Being a young movie star doesn't give you much time for a social life. So, with the help of his PR people, André sent out letters to seven random teenagers that were also starting their journey's late. The letters informed the teens that they had won a contest to travel around Kalos with André. He is positive that no one will be able to resist the opportunity to travel with a famous movie star like him, and is looking foward to making new friends.

You are one of these trainers that have received a letter. You certainly don't remember entering any contest. You might not have even heard who André is. However, you decide to take this opportunity. After all, you were going to travel around Kalos anyway, and hanging out with a rich and famous movie star does have it's benefits. Or maybe you have some other reason? You reply to the letter accepting the offer, and arrange to meet André and the other trainers who have agreed to participate in this publicity stunt at Café Soleil in Lumiose City. There, your strange yet fabulous adventure awaits!


I have used André a lot on these forums, at this point nearly everyone knows who he is. It's only natural that he get his own RP about him, no? Anyway, yes this is a Trainer RPG taking place in the Kalos region. I wanted to try my hand at GMing again, and wanted to do something simple.

If you are looking for an original plot, you have come to the wrong place. This RPG follows the plotline of the X and Y games (with some changes obviously.) This RPG is driven more by character interactions and development than the story.

It's also a link to the PokeEarth Map


1. No god-modding / no Mary Sues I think that goes without saying.

2. No powerplaying (“bunnying”) without permission, unless exceptionally minor in order to progress the RP. THIS MEANS NO AUTO-HITTING (do NOT harm another player’s character in your own post. It is up to the RPer themselves to decide 1. IF they are hit by an attack and 2. To what DEGREE the attack affected them)!

I will first gently remind you and then whine at you excessively and publically if you continue to break either of the two above rules. I have the right to ask you to leave the RP if it gets out of hand. Pls don’t do it.

3. The character limit is ONE human per RPer. The amount of pokemon you can own is essentially limitless (only six can be with you at one time, of course), though you will either start off with one or zero (and be about to obtain your first).

4. Sign-ups are limited and will close after the RP begins. PLEASE do not sign-up for this RP if you aren’t going to be active as you’re taking the slot away from another person.

5. ^When I say “active”, I mean keeping up with the group. I'm not asking for a post a day here, I just want consistency. I’m hoping for two to three posts per week with one at a minimum.

6. Tangeh is my Co-Gm, (these rules were taken from Kanto Skies. They were written perfectly as is, why change it?) Unless she decides she doesn't want the job anymore. Then I have to find someone else, because there is no way I'm doing this alone.

RPer list

1. André Bellamy (Monster Guy)
2. Jax Savatier (Tangeh)
3. Katherine Lascelles (Schade)
4. Solaris Hernandez (TheCharredDragon)
5. Luna Ashfeld (Vern)
6. Jessalyn MacDougall (*Jean Grey*)
7. Michael Sky (RealMrGame10)
8. Carmelo Kinder (Viveshade)
9. Sigurður "Sigur" Gunnarsson (GoldenHouou)


This thread can be used for:
- Discussing the current events of the RP
- Discussing character aspirations, relationships, etc.
- Asking questions or requesting information from the GM or other players
- Notifying us of upcoming inactivity, be it temporary or permanent
- Suggesting additions or changes to the RP
- *Requesting permission to control an NPC

This thread may not be used for:
- Chatting about things unrelated to the RP
- Flaming other players or starting heated arguments (gentle banter is fine if it pertains to the RP, just don't get to the point where you start to upset anyone!)

*Professor Sycamore, all gym leaders, Team Flare admins, and opposing coordinators (for the final match for the ribbon if the final match isn't against another player) will be considered NPCs (meaning controlled by either myself or Tangeh unless otherwise stated) for this RP. I don't have a problem with allowing another player to control the gym leader for another player's gym battle, or creating a temporary coordinator to face off against another player's battle for the ribbon. Otherwise one of us will be controlling the gym battles and the final outcomes of any contests that aren't already PVP. If you want to play as a gym leader for a match, you can decide if the match is 3 vs. 3 etc., singles/ doubles etc., and your leader can have any non-legendary pokemon appropriate to their specific type (they will use different pokemon for each match if they're in the same time period.

I'm guessing everybody here has played the X and Y games, and are familiar with everything, but if you have question that can't be answered with a quick Google search, feel free to ask.


**The locations will have a wider variety of pokémon than their in-game counterparts. Each location will be posted both here and in the RP thread upon entering so you know what to expect. You can backtrack to old locations by yourself, but you must wait for the group to move onwards. I'm discounting any pokémon available by fishing until the rods are obtained.

Lumiose City: Description to be added later.

Route 4

Santalune City

Route 3

Gym Leaders: I'm not formally keeping track of Pokemon's levels. This is here as guide to give you an idea of when Pokemon should evolve, learn new moves, etc.


Current Events:

Going to Route 4, Catch some Pokemon, Train for the Gym, Battle each other, whatever.


I must say, this RPG is going much smoother than the other RPG's I've done in the past. :D
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Hey, you got first post on the Kanto Skies discussion, so I get first post here. >: )

@Schade - oops, I didn't mean to have Jax forget to introduce himself, that probably would have been his top priority. xD The struggle of being way more spacey and rushed than your character.


Steel-Clad Wonder
I expected him to be sitting by the window with tons of heavily breathing fans mushed onto the window.

Monster Guy

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The barista running outside to give André his drink probably confused everyone. xD I have a logical way of explaining that. He heard commotion outside, saw André, knows what he usually gets, and brought it to him.


Lieker of Mudkipz
Vern, did you just see that whole deal about Michael's Ghost discomfort and go for it? :p


Mwa ha ha! You scared?
Am I the only one who hasn't played X or Y? 'Cause I haven't, mostly because I don't have a 3DS.

I knew André was outside, though I did initially thought he was inside.

Also, if Sura (Solaris) had a choice on the starters from Professor Sycamore, her first pick would be Froakie followed by Chespin, because she could train with both easier than the other Pokémon, who're more on special attacks than physical ones.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Am I the only one who hasn't played X or Y? 'Cause I haven't, mostly because I don't have a 3DS.

I knew André was outside, though I did initially thought he was inside.

Also, if Sura (Solaris) had a choice on the starters from Professor Sycamore, her first pick would be Froakie followed by Chespin, because she could train with both easier than the other Pokémon, who're more on special attacks than physical ones.

In that case, there's going to be spoilers! xD

Also, when we get to that point, (which will likely be the next time I post) there are going to be multiples of each starter. So I am expecting two people to choose the same Pokemon.

André is picking Fennekin. It's the only one of the six available that fits him. (Even though he's going to end up boxing it later. Since I'm GMing, I can guarantee André will get the mons I want. xD)


Mwa ha ha! You scared?
Heh, it's okay. It'll be more fun for me then.

Oh, okay. And now I'm thinking of her getting Chespin instead because I just imagined a scene already when they get there.

Ha ha. XD Of course.

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Legnak sent me a PM saying that if he couldn't get a post up in 48 hours, I could move ahead, so I am working on my next post.

For those of you that have played the X and Y games, and knows what happens the first time you go the cafe, this will be a bit different. Yes André does take the place of Diantha in that scene. ;)

Edit: Done. The RPG section is so inactive. :/
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*Jean Grey*

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"Do not worry. I have plenty for everybody, so that each Pokemon can get the Pokemon they desire."

Hehehe…it's my turn to nitpick now. :p

A starter, huh? Gah, I'm torn for Jessie…Froakie or Charmander? Shame...if Treecko or Torchic were available, they would've been obvious choices for her. XD
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Monster Guy

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See, the fact that it took three hours for someone to notice that shows the lack of activity in this section. xD I don't mind when people point out typos. :p *edits*

Yup, starters for everyone. You get a starter, you get a starter, everyone gets a starter! (Megastones too, but more on that later.)

I only included the Kalos and Kanto starters because that's what the Professor gives you in the games.

*Jean Grey*

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I was typing, yo. :p I was looking at the earlier posts, so yeah, it took some time for me to notice! XD

Might as well go for Froakie, considering Raoul is a Fire-type. XD Male of course…we all know why Jessie's Pokemon are all male anyway! XD

And I just noticed…licenses! Oh, at least the Professor would definitely pass the "middle name" test because he failed to include it (or puts the wrong one…which would amuse her)! Thankfully, Kalosians are fairly in the dark about TR happenings and gossip. XD

*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
Why does she need an obligatory female? An all-male team has its strange implications! Even Nevermore would be a guy because…yeah. ;)

*Jean Grey*

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Can't gay and lesbian dynamics work here in this RP? I'd love for there to be gay and lesbian Pokemon! XD