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Kalos Chronicles Take 2 [RPG Thread]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Monster Guy, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Slurpuff and Alcremie both deserve love

    André Bellamy
    Lumiose City; Boutique Couture > Café Soleil
    Party: Clefairy (Jolie)

    "C'est fantastique!" André exclaimed as he entered the city with Jolie the Clefairy walking by his side. He was glad to be back home in Lumiose City. Unova was nice and all, but nothing would ever compare to his hometown. Especially at night, when all the lights were turned on. Everything literally sparkled. André whistled and hailed a taxi. Once he got in, the driver recognized who he was, and complimented him on his sense of style. That was the other the other thing he liked about Lumiose, everyone had good taste in fashion.

    Today was the start of André's journey. He had no intention of doing this alone. Sure, he had Jolie, and a bunch of servants at his beck and call, but it would be nice to have some humans his own age to become friends with. He had his people get it out that he was looking for other teenagers his age who were also starting their journeys, and say they were invited to travel with him. It was a great idea, he thought. Who wouldn't want to travel around the region with a famous Movie Star like him? He was going to be meeting his travel companions today, and André was excited to get to know them. First though, he had something else he wanted to do.

    There was one thing André always did whenever he came to a big city. Even when working on film sets, he made a point to go shopping. The Taxi pulled up in front of a large boutique with the sign Boutique Couture in front of it. André paid the fare, and stepped out. You could see the inside from all the windows, and the place was well decorated and well stocked. Whenever he went to a fashionable city, he just had to go shopping. After all, he had the money to spend, and one could never have enough nice things. Especially since he was back home in Lumiose, the most fashionable city in the world. Because he was in Lumiose, he got a discount on everything. Just for being himself. Of course, he had enough money to pay the full price for things, but it was still a nice perk. Immediately after finding the store, André raced inside to check out their wares.

    Some time later, André came out carrying several shopping bags filled with a bunch of items André just had to have. Fancy clothes, new jewelry, some perfume, adorable plushies he somehow didn't already own, he even found some things for Jolie. Including a new supply of Pokepuffs, one of which the Clefairy was happily munching on. "Well, that was fun, non?" André asked Jolie, with his signature smile. His perfectly white teeth practically sparkled.

    "Clefairy!" Jolie cheered happily.

    André hailed the taxi again, and had it take him to one of his favorite Cafe's, Café Soleil. The place was known for Movie Stars patronizing it. It was the place André had told his new travelling companions to meet up with him. It didn't take very long before people began to notice the pink clad young man with the Clefairy by his side. Word got around fast that famous Movie Star André Bellamy was in town. Once he arrived at the cafe, and stepped out of the taxi, It took even less time before André and Jolie were surrounded by screaming teenage girls, (and some guys) clamouring to get the young movie star's autograph, and have their picture taken with him. Something André was more than happy to do for his adoring fans.

    After André was finally finished with his fans, he took a seat at a table outside. A barista immediately came out and brought him his favorite drink. Meanwhile, the crowd of fans were still there, gawking.
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  2. Samayouru

    Samayouru Rabid Dusclops Fan

    Rowena Witterick
    Lumiose City, Hotel Richissime> Café Soleil
    Team: Archimedes [Duskull]

    Easy now, deep breaths.

    Those words repeated in Rowena’s mind over and over as she sat on her knees in the middle of the hotel room, her hands gripped together and her head bowed. She’d received many messages from her friends back at headquarters in Hoenn offering her both good fortune and prayers, and now it was her turn to ask for one last blessing from Giratina before setting off into the unknown.

    It wasn’t long before she became acutely aware of an icy chill running down her spine. Rowena breathed in, her hands dropping to her sides. “I know, Archimedes,” she said, getting to her feet. “We don’t have all that much time left.” She walked over to the chair she’d draped her belongings over and immediately reached for the tattered cloak and witches’ hat. She glanced over her shoulder to her Duskull, who was hovering in the air behind her. “Come – we have much to do today.”

    * * *​

    Looking back, Rowena realised that things so far had actually turned out in her favour – and most of those things were thanks to her leader. Not only had he been the one to bring her attention to the event in the first place, but he’d actually managed to get her a flight and a hotel room without her asking for one. She smiled as she strolled down the street, ignoring the odd glances other people gave her as she glided by. He was a good man, that was for sure.

    She took her time making her way down the street to South Boulevard, gazing up at the looming buildings around her. “It’s a far cry from Lilycove, isn’t it?” she said to Archimedes, who uttered a low cackle in response. So many shops, so many cafes, so different – even the air tasted different to her when she thought about it long enough – and there were definitely more people here than in Lilycove too.

    And speaking of people – it did not take long before the sounds of girlish squees met Rowena’s ears. “Hm?” She turned, her eyes falling upon the largest crowd of teenage girls she’d ever seen in her life. “What’s going on there?” she whispered, and dug into one of the pockets of her shorts, eventually bringing out a letter she’d received saying she’d been accepted on this journey. She mouthed the words Café Soleil and glanced up at the sign over the building the girls were flocking around, recognising the Kalosian name immediately. “I think this is our stop,” she said, clutching the letter tightly. Archimedes followed wordlessly.

    A couple of the girls in the crowd turned to her when she drew near, most of which raising eyebrows or stepping back. Rowena kept her stride strong and almost reached out to touch Archimedes’ arm when he held her shoulder – she wasn’t going to let anyone ruin her day.

    The sea of people parted as she entered the café, some murmuring, others just staring at her, and it didn’t take long for her to single out the person who’d summoned her here. He was quite hard to miss, actually, considering his bright pink suit and beret. Rowena instinctively reached for the Giratina pendant around her neck and took in one final breath before approaching the man, presenting her letter. “Hello there,” she said. “I believe you might be André, yes?” She bowed curtly, as if she were greeting her leader. “I am Rowena Witterick – a member of the Disciples of Giratina.” She lifted her head, meeting his line of sight. “It is a pleasure to meet you.”
  3. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Lucile Mace
    Lumiose City: Streets > Café Soleil
    Party: Blue (Oddish, M)

    Mace looked up at the gleaming buildings excitedly as she carried her Oddish into the city. From Slateport, she was no stranger to big cities, or ports for that matter, though Kalos' port towns seemed smaller then Slateport, and she was sure this city was larger then Slateport. It was all oddly new to her; style of architecture (it all seemed so much fancier then Slateport), the smell of air (it was not quite a clean smell, but it was accented with flowers and pastries, rather then fish and diesel), and simply the mannerisms of the local people (she must look out of place even).

    She hurried along the sidewalk, being passed by bikes and taxis, and pedestrians of all sorts; businesspeople, delivery-people, people that looked like they might pick-pocket you. Cities were certainly not without their danger, luckily Mace knew something about this. Speaking of luck, there were also maps throughout the city, including one not too far from the gate she'd entered. Shifting Blue into one arm, she ran a finger along the board, not actually touching it, but following along with the Kalosian text which she could kind of almost read. She could read it enough to locate Café Soleil anyways.

    Blue in the meantime, started gnawing or gumming the lapel of her trench-coat. She looked down at him, pulling him away gently, a trail of sap/saliva dripping from his mouth. That was going to be nasty once he became a Gloom, she should probably try to put a stop to this habit now, “Enough of that, come on, I think I've figured out where we need to go. We're already on the right road.”

    No reply, just the dead eyed stare only plant types could deliver. Mace looked up, down the sidewalk, as she rotated Blue around, maybe he could enjoy the view for a bit? She scanned the signs above the shops and businesses. This would be super fun if she had money and could do more then window shop. No matter, she had somewhere she needed to be right now anyways.

    There was a crowd of people outside the cafe when she reached it. This couldn't possibly be their group, right? No, that many people would surely be detrimental to a journey. Skirting the crowd she headed towards the cafe doors, pausing when she heard someone crying “André, André, over here!”

    Mace turned to the crowd, well that was it then. She was supposed to be meeting André Bellamy, so, well, hopefully not all these people were coming. Mace cleared her throat and pressed in on the crowd, demanding, “Excuse me, excuse me,” wait what was it in Kalosian? She'd heard it before, “Excusez-moi!”

    Getting close she could see a young man dressed entirely in pink, and a young woman that looked to be a witch. The boy seemed to be the center of attention, so she stretched out a hand in an offer to shake, asking, “André Bellamy? I'm Mace, Lucile Mace. . . Uh, I've got my letter here somewhere.” She set her Oddish on the table, turning her bag on her body so it was forward and away from any prying hands, as she unlatched it, “Uh, so exactly how many people are going with us?”
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2018
  4. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Sylvia Fenchurch (Fern)
    Lumiose City: Café Soleil
    Party: Ruffles (Rufflet, M)

    Fern gave a small, tired smile as she took a sip from the cup of coffee on the table in front of her. She’d come to the Café Soleil about twenty minutes after it opened - early enough to ensure she’d arrive before the movie star and the inevitable crowd did, but late enough to not seem unusual. Ruffles was still asleep inside his pokeball - which was probably for the best. After all, she rarely treated herself to something like a high-class café, and her gluttonous little friend would probably freak out if he laid his eyes on the assortment of cakes next to the counter. The coffee was great, better than anything she’d had for a long time - and even though it was about as Kalosian as could be, it seemed to carry a faint, nostalgic aroma to her.

    Even though she’d moved to Kalos almost two year ago, Fen still hadn’t quite gotten used to the atmosphere. Lumiose City was everything Castelia was not: bright, clean, landlocked and full of a sense of elegance and cheer. Although most would agree that this was more pleasant, Fern had always found it easier to relax in the company of dull, grey skyscrapers and the dreariness of her hometown. In a way, it had seemed more grounded, more real. Ever since she left there, she had always felt a strange sensation, like she was floating helplessly in the air - and now, with the recent death of her aunt, the feeling had only compounded.

    But now, it was a new start. The beginning of an adventure, like one of those tales the friend she left behind used to tell so often. She would make new friends, make new, meaningful memories, maybe find herself saving the city, or perhaps the world, and then, in the end, she’d find her own place, her own sense of meaning. That was how all those stories went. Yet she couldn’t bring herself to feel excitement. There was only a feeling of tiredness, and maybe a sense of anxiety. After all, she’d be meeting a movie star, which meant a swarm of fans and paparazzi - and she’d be right in the center of all of it. She’d never been in the middle of so many people her entire life, and the idea filled her with dread.

    Slowly, the cafe began to fill up. Fern had chosen a seat near the back, where she could observe the entrance discretely, while being almost out of sight herself. The sound alerted her to André’s arrival before she could even identify his position. It washed over her like a wave, and inspired a similar sense of nausea. Once again, she was remind of why she hates crowded places so much. With a small grimace, she takes another sip from her cup of coffee, trying to calm herself. It’s fine. Just walk up to him, say hello, show him the letter, and get out of there as quickly as possible. It’ll be fine. Pick a time where lots of others are around. People won't really notice.

    Soon enough, other people began to show up - a girl dressed like some sort of occultist appeared from the crowd, heading towards André, and was soon followed by another pale-skinned girl pushing through the crowd while shouting ‘Excuse Me!’ in slightly awkward Kalosian. Seems as good a time as any. Steeling herself, Fern made her way to the front of the cafe with her letter in her hand, leaving her jacket on her chair to indicate that she’d be back. At least this was familiar territory - she knew how to introduce herself.

    She arrived at the table just as the girl from earlier plonked an oddish down on the table and began rummaging through her bag. “Hi,” she smiled, giving André and the others a small wave with her right hand, “My name’s Sylvia, but please call me Fern.” She slides the letter forward on the desk, taking care not to get in the Oddish’s way. “I’m glad to meet you all.” She threw a quick glance over her shoulder at the crowd and the cameras, and suppressed a wince. “Sorry, but I… I don’t really like crowds. If it's okay, I’ll… uh, I’ll go back inside.”

    Giving the movie star and the two other girls a friendly nod, smile, and wave, she makes an awkward bowing gesture and turns around to head back inside the cafe, away from the clamouring fans.
  5. Schade

    Schade Nothing to report, professor!

    Alain Van Thom Dubois
    Lumiose City: Cafè Soleil


    It was quite early in the day, and Alain had taken up a seat inside of the famous Cafè Soleil to wait for things to start happening. Though he knew he was early, he figured it was better that way, in order to get around the inevitably large masses that would gather once Andre actually showed up. Taking a sip from the coffee he had ordered, Alain continued with his favorite pass-time: cleaning Valiance's scabbard. Valiance himself was sitting in the chair opposite him, somehow managing to gulp down on a large Swirlix Shake all with a childish, happy enthusiasm that would be considered difficult to catch for people not knowing the sword pokemon. The duo had to look pretty silly where they sat, but Honedge was a pretty normal pokemon in Kalos, and people weren't staring as much as they did back in Hoenn.

    Getting to the cafè this early hadn't been a difficult task either. It helps that his father owns several of the restaurants around the place and that he had joined his father for work many times during his upbringing. He was well known around Lumiose city, and despite the city's size, it was quite easy to navigate once you learn all the back alleys and streets. He wondered how this would all play out. He had heard of Andre before, and though he wasn't his number one fan, he was still pretty excited to meet him in person.

    As time went on, more people began to arrive at the Cafè. More people for the trip, most likely. one such person was a pretty blend-clad girl with long brown hair whose outfit reminded Alain of his own. She sat down, enjoying a coffee while waiting for the others.He wondered if he should head over and say hello, but decided against it for the time being. There would be plenty of time for pleasantries later.

    Cut about 10 more minutes into the future and the atmosphere of the Cafè had shifted completely. From the sounds of it, Andre had arrived. Either that or there were riots in the streets. Alain had watched enough movies to know the telltale signs of a zombie apocalypse, and this was pretty much as close as it could get. The screams seemed to belong to what seemed like a thousand squeemish fangirls, though the actual number seemed to be closer to 20 than anything. He was glad he was inside so he would not get caught up in this whirlwind of fandom.

    a few moments later, Alain decided it was time for him to go outside and greet the movie star and confirm that he was going to be traveling with him. Taking a deep breath, he opened the doors and was met with the shouting of fangirls. He was used to this, kinda, but it was something else when it was directed at someone else. Andre was sitting by a table outside accompanied by two people. most likely more traveling companions. One of them was a pretty casual-looking young lady carrying an Oddish with her, and the other was a picture perfect Hex Maniac. Alain got excited. He had met a few Hex Maniacs in Hoenn, and though they were mostly a lovely bunch, they had certain... Manical tendencies he couldnt help but love. Clunking Valiance back into his scabbard, which he now held up with pride, Alain scuttled over to the modest group.

    "Bonjour. My name is Alain Van Thom Dubois and you have probably not heard of me" he said with a chuckle before taking a seat next to the girl with the Oddish. The other girl from inside had joined them as well, though her shyness was evident in how she excused herself to escape back into the cafe to avoid the crowd. "I hope this crowd of people are not going to come with us?" Alain then said, casting a slightly worried glance over at the sea of fans.
  6. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Slurpuff and Alcremie both deserve love

    André Bellamy
    Lumiose City; Boutique Couture > Café Soleil
    Party: Clefairy (Jolie, F)

    It wasn't long before more people started to arrive. The first person to show up was a young girl dressed like a witch, and a Duskull clinging to her shoulder. The girl introduced herself as Rowena Witterwick, and a member of the Disciples of Giratina. Hearing this caused some of the crowds of fans to cower. Unlike some of the fans here, André was not unnerved by her presence. She seemed polite enough. He liked eccentric people for the most part, he was often considered one himself. Still, he had to wonder why so much beige? Her outfit could use some color. "Enchanté, mademoiselle." André replied. With a flourish, he handed Rowena a pink rose, and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

    Next, a pale skinned, darkly dressed young woman approached the table. She introduced herself as Lucile Mace, and set her Oddish on the table while looking through her bag. Prompting Jolie, who was also sitting on the table, to look at it quizzically. Lucile then asked how many people were going on this adventure.

    "Bonjour Lucile!" André greeted as he gave her a kiss on the forehead, and handed her a pink rose as he had done with Rowena. "As much as I would like to, I cannot possibly bring all of my fans with me. There are supposed to be a few others coming along." A few people in the crowd voiced their displeasure, and sighed that they wouldn't be able to come along.

    Up next a plain looking girl approached the table. In André's eyes, this girl could definitely use a glamorous makeover. It would be just like a movie. Where the shy girl becomes a radiant beauty. It would be fabulous! She said her name was Sylvia, but wanted to be called Fern, even though he personally thought Sylvia was a much better name. "But... Sylvia is so much prettier. It is your name. Embrace it! Own who you are!" He exclaimed in a dramatic fashion. Before he had a chance to give her a rose and a kiss, she said she didn't like crowds, and was already heading inside. Well that was rude... André would have to give her the rose later.

    Finally, another boy showed up. And unlike the females that came before, he actually had some sense of style. Even if it was nothing compared to André, if he said so himself. He introduced himself as Alain Van Thom Dubois. Judging from his accent, he was a fellow Kalosian. André was very pleased. He said something about not having heard of him, which was probably true. He hadn't had much time to pay attention to many things outside of his movie career. He also asked if the crowd of people was going along with them. The crowd already knew the answer the answer, and they just sighed again.

    "Oh là là là là!" André exclaimed. "Finally, another man with a sense of style! J'adore!" He gave Alain a one kiss on each cheek, and a third one on the forehead. Then, as per André tradition, handed him a pink rose. "Non, it will only be a small group. We are still waiting on more people. Although, if you really are supposed to be famous, you should enjoy having the attention of a crowd."
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  7. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou your deadman

    Sigurður "Sigur" Gunnarsson
    Lumiose city
    Streets → Café Soleil

    [​IMG]( Bál♀ )

    Ah, Lumiose city. The living, beating heart of Kalos and the setting for many a tale of love and adventure. Not only was it the place to shop for latest fashion, it housed a famous museum and restaurants aplenty, acting as a hub for culinarists, artists and historians alike. Tourists - particularly couples - filled the streets all year around, holding hands as they posed in front of famous sights and dined in restaurants said to bless their patrons with eternal bliss.

    Always bustling and never asleep, the city had something to offer for everyone at every hour of the day.

    And Sigur absolutely hated it.

    "'Turn left from the jewelry store...'" he mumbled, squinting down at the small piece of paper in his hand. "... Right. Which fucking one, there's more stores selling trinkets here than there's Wingull droppings on the harb-- Bál! Damnit, no!"

    Sigur nearly choked on his own urgency, stumbling over his feet to literally throw himself at the Gible before she could gobble up the hood ornament of a nearby car. The diamond-studded figure of an Articuno was sticky with dragon slobber, but thankfully seemed otherwise unscathed.

    The teen pried his starter off before she could make another dive for it, shaking her in the air as he struggled away from the road.

    "You know how much that costs?! I could sell you and me and both of our firstborns, and that still wouldn't cover the cost of that freaking thing! It's metal and rocks, why the hell would you even want to eat it?!" There was no answer, only more struggling. "Okay, whatever. You're getting nowhere near it again, got that?!"

    Apparently she didn't, because the second Sigur divided his energy between speaking and holding her, she nearly slipped free of his grasp to launch herself back at the luxury car. Unfortunately for her, fear of eternal debt gave Sigur the reflexes of a Ninjask, able to grab the little dragon and stuff her face-first into his backbag before she could get far.

    Making her stay in there was another matter, though.

    "Come on, stay... in there. Look, other Pokémon cram their asses in Pokéballs, this bag is like five times that size. This shit is luxury. Just... stop... strug---??!!"

    There was a distinct sound of jaws clamping around bone and a small, girly yelp.

    The good news was that he managed to stick Bál in the bag and close it enough that she couldn't slip out. The bad news was that she had apparently decided to take his hand with her, chomping down on it all the way up until the wrist. Sharp teeth pushed against his skin, and there was no way to pull his hand out without losing it. So... yeah. Bál was in the bag, and so was half of his arm.

    Yeah, no. That was fine. This was totally fine. He didn't mind at all.

    Sigur stood up and, unable to fling the bag to his back anymore, just let it dangle from his arm, hand stuck deep inside. He brushed off dirt from his legs with his free hand, cracked his neck-- and started back down the road, nonchalantly as if it was normal to have your hand eaten by your bag. A few people gave him looks along the way, but most simply walked by. Damn right. The only difference between a walking disaster and a new fashion trend was how you carried yourself, and Sigur fucking flaunted his hand-eating bag like it was the next Gucci.

    Faced with a busy intersection overrun by people, he picked a direction at random and kept marching forth like he knew exactly where he was going. You couldn't stop or look lost in a crowd, he'd learnt. If you did, people would literally walk all over you - or worse yet, come and offer help. He didn't need help. He needed better directions. And a new hand.

    Yeah, sure, he could have taken a taxi and saved both time and braincells, but it was nigh impossible to flag down an unoccupied one in the middle of the tourist season. And he absolutely refused to share one with some gushing couple competing over who could eat the other's face first. He'd already had to dodge away from five of those this very trip, and the third time he'd nearly stumbled into oncoming traffic in the process.

    A few more turns, a few more glances at the unfathomably small print of his instruction note, a few more streets overflowing with people, and Sigur started to honestly consider jumping into oncoming traffic on purpose. Hospital or hell, nothing could be worse than this.

    Famous last words, etc.

    Once the familiar name of the café finally blessed his line of sight, Sigur quickly found out that actually getting close was... gonna be an ordeal. There was an actual sea of teenage girls - and a few guys; he could spot one jumping up and down a head taller than the rest - flocking around the place for no fathomable reason.

    Sigur had half the mind to turn around, say he tried and live his life out on the streets so his parents would think he was actually on the journey. But he'd gotten this far. He might as well suffer a tiny bit more.

    He drew in a breath, prayed to Arceus and pushed into the Sea of Squeal, swimming his way through the bright colours and putrid perfumes until fresh air finally filled his lungs again. He stumbled a few steps forth and spied an assorted group just outside the café, looking like they were waiting for something. Few looked like they came straight outta some doomsday cult. Either this was a recruitment event for the Dark Side, or these were to be his future journey... mates.

    The fans seemed to be eyeing the pinkest dude Sigur had ever seen in particular, shouting his name (along with some other things Sigur would rather not repeat even in his mind), so he probably found the... Andrei? Andreas? Andrdrdr... person.

    "Lemme guess," Sigur drawled upon approach. He let his gaze travel across the ragtag group as if he was hard at work trying to deduce something, then jabbed a lazy finger in Pinkie's direction. "You're the famous one?"

    He didn't really wait for an answer before continuing in a flat tone, attempting the Kalosian language for a hot half a second before giving up. "Enchanteeywhatever. Guess we're best friends now."

    Figuring he should've probably shown some sort of proof that he was one of the people meant to journey with him and not some random-ass fan trying to worm his way into the guy's pants (ew), Sigur prepared to pull out the invitation -- only to remember that it was sitting at the bottom of his bag. Under Bál's angry ass.

    Not having much choice but to make-do, Sigur raised the entire bag instead and waved it around as an extension of his hand. It looked like some overgrown glove. "Got an invite in here saying so and everything."

    He wouldn't-- particularly mind if the guy thought him crazy and sent him away.

    Although, that would mean he had to push his way through the squealing girls again, and he was fairly sure he'd rather die than do that.
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2018
  8. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Jessalyn MacDougall
    Lumiose City; Back Alley -> Cafe Soleil
    Party: Raoul (Houndour, M)

    Jessie wordlessly shoved the money in the pocket of her black sleeveless hoodie as she turned away from the man who had thought he could get away without paying up. All it took was a couple of punches to the eye, and some serious threatening before the man was on his knees, surrendering. Just like any other Kalosian, the dark-haired girl smirked as she lifted the cigarette wedged between her lips and puffed out a cloud of smoke before placing it back in her mouth. Having lived in a tiny run-down apartment right in the middle of in the seediest part of Goldenrod for two years; and as of late, in yet another small, cheap apartment in what most thought to be the bad side of Laverre, not to mention all the things she partook in and even enjoyed, Jessie was no stranger to danger and taking risks. A man who evidently had more money than she did and half a foot on her? She knew and experienced much, much worse things than people who were too chicken to admit that they lost.

    Fuck you, the flowing script spelled in metallic gold ink, right in the middle of the fancy, pink envelope that the dark-haired girl pulled out from her other pocket. She knew well enough that it had been written by the sore loser to spite her, but it was the least of her concerns. If her friends were right about the actor Andre Bellamy, he wasn't the type to fuss over trivial things such as minor vandalism, especially not when she did fall within the age range specified anyway, albeit by a nose. It wasn't as if she had many options, not when she saw the Team Rocket broadcast two days ago, showing Erik alive and in one piece. Erik knows, she realized back then, and she felt that familiar anger rise within her as she forced herself to watch the man with the face of a monster, whom her father promised would be her protector, yet ended up being the monster; the man who had taken care of her, yet also took advantage of her. And the freedom that she paid a high price for? All she wanted was to go on her own journey, on her own terms, without anyone breathing over her neck or forcing her into things she did not want, yet her luck turned against her once more. The last thing she wanted to do, however, was to run and give Erik satisfaction. Once was enough, and that was only to make sure Erik wasn't going to use her as leverage to hunt Alastair down.

    "What do I have to lose anyway?" She sighed aloud as she exited the back alley and crossed her arms as she leaned against a wall. Never had she considered traveling with companions. She knew that it was better to be alone, and that there were things better done alone - a Pokemon journey being one of them - yet against her better nature, she decided to go along with the prize she had extorted. It was either get captured eventually, run away or try to see if there was any benefit in traveling with companions. Running was out of the question, she was neither weak nor a coward...and she'd sooner die or kill Erik than let him win. As pink and flamboyant the actor was, she was too sure that of course, he wasn't anything like the Admin, and Patrick had somehow managed to make her lose a card game for once just the night before, the terms being that she accept the invitation. She accepted in the end, something she did reluctantly. Even now, she had her reservations.

    "Houunndour! Hound!" Raoul barked, running in circles around Jessie's feet as he used his head to gesture towards an approaching cab. The tiny pup was apparently fully onboard with the idea, unlike her. She toyed with her cigarette, knowing that she could easily not show up and just head back to Laverre. It was indeed the easier choice, as she wouldn't have to deal with the possibility of becoming a personal servant to a high-maintenance actor, as well as people whom she probably wouldn't like. The cab stopped in front of her, and she thought for a moment, before grunting and pushing her back away from the wall, bending down and scooping her Houndour.

    "You win, boy," she murmured as she stepped towards the waiting car, dropping her cigarette butt and crushing it with her combat boot before she entered. Jessalyn MacDougall was many things: moody, pessimistic, a criminal, a girl with a bad reputation, and many more...but coward wasn't among them. She wasn't going to run away from anything and head to another region. Never again.


    Jessie did not have to look twice at what cafe the driver stopped at. The crowd of noisy fans outside gave the location away as Cafe Soleil, her destination. She paid up with some of the money she won from hustling earlier before hopping down with Raoul held firmly in the crook of her left arm, and the invitation in hand. She knew that such a small Pokemon could easily get trampled on in a crowd that cared more about getting a glimpse of a particular pink-obsessed actor, and frankly, she did not want Raoul, strong as he was, to fall victim to some mad fans.

    Most people subscribed to crowd courtesy, but the green-eyed girl wasn't one of them. Rather than wait in line and waste her time, she jostled her way in, shoving more than a few people roughly. This elicited angry protests from some of the more rabid fangirls.

    "Wait your turn, jerk!" One of them yelled. Jessie turned around and flipped the bird at the offender.

    "Well I don't give a damn, cunt!" She shouted back, before turning around and pushing a heavyset man out of the way.

    "Hey!" Jessie paid no attention, however. As long as she had the invitation on hand, whether it had her name or not, she didn't have to suck up to them. It didn't take long before she reached a table that seated a familiar blond man dressed in shades of pink and red, a Clefairy by his side. Surrounding him were a few other people, holding similar invites. She held hers up and quirked a brow. Immediately, several pairs of eyes focused on her, most of them giving her hard stares and glares. She probably knew what was on those people's minds. A girl, and one who wasn't any of them, one who could have come from the seedy part of any city, had been chosen. She wasn't fazed, however. It wasn't as if they could do anything, except snatch the invitation from her hands - and if anyone did, she was still going on her own journey, albeit alone. She stepped forward and dropped the envelope on the table, placing her fingers on top of it and sliding it towards Andre.

    "Yo, blondie..." she growled.
  9. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Lucile Mace
    Lumiose City: Café Soleil
    Party: Blue (Oddish, M)

    Andre started handing out pink roses, and kissing foreheads. Mace's expression went blank, and a light pink graced her cheeks. What now? He did not seem to notice her reaction, but went on to explain that (thankfully in her opinion), the fans were not coming with them. Based on their reaction though, Mace just hoped he could get them to respect that. Unruly unwanted fans would be way worse then a mere crowd of fans.

    Blue kicked up a napkin as another girl arrived, sliding her letter past him. The thin sheet fluttered quickly back down, half unfolded. Bored, he then turned his attention to the Clefairy that was staring him down, and chirped in a friendly manner, “Odd-odd!”

    Mace finally located the pocket with her letter, and pulled it from her bag, while glancing sideways at the boy now introducing himself. He seemed to be Kalosian, and kind of fancy, but there also seemed to be something off about him, though Mace couldn't quite put her finger on it. Oh well, he seemed nice enough, and she was sure they'd get along alright. She passed her letter forward, while André complimented him, and explained again, to the crowd's irritation, that they were not coming. The crowd still seemed unhappy, but at leas it seemed like they understood, so that was a good sign.

    He was not the last either, next came a boy that struck Mace as even odder, for some reason having his bag stuck on his hand. Mace tilted her head, wondering if the reason he was stuck was painful, despite his confident appearance, “Uh, are you okay?”

    She started to snap her bag closed again, as a girl that seemed kind of rough, pushed her way forward, sliding her letter towards André. Mace's eyes shifted from her to André. Had André really picked her? She supposed it took all sorts, but was the cussing and weird nicknames really necessary? It seemed like a move star wouldn't want to be associated with such behavior, but then Giratina girl kinda seemed like a cultist, so was this more like a lottery then a vetted selection? How was that safe? Were bodyguards or cameramen going to come with them? Mace was starting to feel uneasy.

    Bag now secure, she swung it back to it's usual position, and reached forward and retrieved her pokemon, who'd started to creep towards the Clefairy. She tucked him into one arm, regretting she didn't have anything to occupy him with. Her bag was almost empty, containing just two pokeballs, a potion, and a shiny rock. But maybe she could find him a snack before too long? She looked through the crowd towards the café. She probably couldn't afford anything from there. She'd worked in a café after school, so she was well aware of the price mark-ups at nice cafés.
  10. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Slurpuff and Alcremie both deserve love

    André Bellamy
    Café Soleil
    Party: Clefairy (Jolie)

    The next person to approach the table was a strawberry blonde boy who didn't seem to have the slightest desire to be here. He didn't even bother to introduce himself. Can we say rude? Still, André didn't let himself get flustered at this guy's attempt at trolling. He would not have come all this way if he did not want to be here, at least a little bit. At least he was somewhat attractive. The strawberry blonde guy raised his arm, and claimed that his letter was in the bag.

    "I will take your word for it monsieur... I love the earrings mon ami! I have a pair just like those back home. Are those real diamonds? Mine are!" He then greeted him the same way he greeted everyone else that's shown up thus far. With a kiss on the cheek, and handing him a pink rose.

    There was a lot of commotion coming from the crowd. A girl dressed in all black, and carrying a small Houndour in her arms shoved her way through the crowd to get to the table André was sitting at, and slid her invitation onto the table. "Yo, blondie..." she growled.

    The people in the crowd were starting to get nervous, and were murmuring amongst themselves. Most likely, they were concerned that this girl might be some sort of criminal. Some of them were begging André to do something.

    André wasn't worried though. He gestured for the crowd to calm down. Then, he leaned in to greet her the same way he normally does, but flinched when he smelled the scent of cigarette smoke. André made a disgusted face, then reached into one of his shopping bags, and pulled out an expensive looking bottle of Kalosian cologne, and sprayed a few puffs in Jessie's face. "Beaucoup mieux!" This prompted giggles from the people in the crowd. Even Jolie burst out laughing. After the smell of cigarette smoke was covered up, then he gave her his usual kiss on both cheeks, and placed the pink rose behind her ear. The girl's outfit could use some color. Then he looked back at the strawberry blonde boy, and thought for a moment. Then and sprayed some perfume in his face too. "You might need this too."

    While everything was going on, André was approached by yet another person. This person was a man who looked way too old to have received one of the invitations he sent out. The man had big fiery red hair, with a beard to match. André never cared for facial hair on anybody, and never understood why men internationally went out of their way to grow one. Who wanted to kiss a man with a hairy face? Certainly not him.

    "You must be André Bellamy." The man started to say. "I have heard so much so much about you."

    "Well of course you have, monsieur. Nearly everyone has. I am a star after all."

    "My name is Lysandre." The man introduced. "The head of Lysandre labs, which created the Holo-Caster."

    Assuming that this guy wanted him to promote his device, André reached into his bag, and pulled out his own custom made, pink, diamond encrusted Holo-Caster, and showed it off before putting it back in the bag. "I already have my own, merci." He was pretty sure the Holo-Caster did not need somebody famous to promote it. Just about everyone in Kalos had one of their own. There was hardly any competition.

    "Oh, I'm not here about that. You played a young boy so wonderfully on the silver screen. Wouldn't you rather remain young and beautiful forever and always play such roles?"

    André raised an eyebrow. "What a strange question... I would like to be an adult sometime. After all, I cannot remain a child forever."

    "You were chosen to be a movie star, correct? Isn't it your duty to be ever beautiful? Everything beautiful should stay that way forever."

    "Monsieur, I do intend to remain beautiful forever." Then André took out a pink compact mirror from his bag, opened it, and smiled at his own reflection

    "I would end the world in an instant so that beauty never fades." Lysandre went on. "I can't stand the thought of the world becoming any uglier."

    André had to stop himself from laughing out loud at that comment. Of all the people in the world to be talking about getting uglier. He had that ridiculous haircut and unshaven face. At least his outfit was alright. The young movie star kissed his reflection, and put his mirror away but said nothing. André had a feeling there was something not quite right with this guy.

    "You are one of the most accomplished movie stars from Kalos. You move the multitudes with your excellent acting. You dedicate your life to making other peole happy. Oh! If everyone were like you, what a beautiful world this would be!" And with that, the man took off.

    Once again, André raised an eyebrow. As much as he appreciated the compliment, it was clear that this Lysandre person was an odd fellow. The young movie star didn't spend much time dwelling on that. He got out of his chair, and made a quick call for one of his assistants to take his shopping bags. Once they had gotten his stuff, André scooped Jolie into his arms. "Well, I believe everybody has arrived. Before we begin our little adventure, It is time to make a quick stop." André gestured for everyone to follow him, and made his way towards Sycamore labs. They were going to need their licenses and Pokedexes after all.


    Sycamore Labs

    It didn't take long for the group to arrive at the lab. When they got inside, there was a young woman in a white suit waiting for them. "Oh, you must be André Bellamy, and that group of young trainers accompanying him. We figured you would be coming here. The professor is waiting on the third floor." She gestured to the elevator a few steps away.

    Apparently the Professor didn't expect such large groups of trainers to be coming in all at once, because the elevator was only big enough to fit one person. Naturally, André was the first person to get on the elevator and get to the third floor. Once he made it up there, he had to wait for the elevator to go down, and wait for everybody else to make it up one at a time.

    Professor Sycamore was already waiting there by the time everybody came up. He was much younger than André was expecting. He was prepared to meet with an old man, but this guy was actually attractive. "You know, one of these days I really should get a bigger elevator installed... Anyway, it is fantastic you all are here. Come this way won't you?"

    André and the group followed the Professor through the hall, and up a nearby stairwell. They arrived onto the roof of building. There was a garden set up for a bunch of the lab's Pokemon to play in. There were all sorts of flowers and plants, pools of water, sandboxes, and areas for the little Pokemon to play around in. There were even toys spread around the floor. The professor stood in front of a desk. "I have heard that you all have decided to take your first Pokemon Journey together. I believe you all will do wonderfully. There is just something special about travelling the world with friends, non? Anyway, I will spare you all the long speech. I know why you all are here. First, there are things that need to be done." With that, one of his assistants brought in stacks of papers for everyone to fill out. "First, you will need to fill these out so that I may properly give you your licenses. Next, while I can see that all of you have Pokemon of your own already, you may have noticed all the Pokemon playing in our rooftop garden?" He gestured all over the room. "These are rare Pokemon, from all over the world. We have these Pokemon to give to trainers just beginning their journeys. It would be best for them to travel and see the world as well, then be stuck in a stuffy lab, non? Do not worry. I have plenty for everybody, so that each person can get the Pokemon they desire."

    André groaned at the mention of paperwork, but got excited seeing the starters. There were tons of cute Pokemon to pick from. Still the instant he saw a Popplio jump out of the pool of water, and use a water gun, as if it were putting on a show, André knew which Pokemon he wanted in an instant. "I choose this one." He patted the Popplio on the head. Much to Jolie's annoyance. It had both the cuteness, and the elegance factor that André appreciated.

    Meanwhile, Jolie started flirting with a Charmander that was flexing his arms, and showing off for female Pokemon. The Clefairy gave it a Sweet Kiss. This caused the Charmander to become giddy and confused, and it walked around the room dizzily, occasionally crashing into things and hurting itself in confusion. Jolie just giggled to herself.
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  11. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Lucile Mace
    Lumiose City: Café Soleil > Sycamore Labs
    Party: Blue (Oddish, M)

    Mace felt glad she'd picked her pokemon up, because just after André assaulted the newest arrivals with prefume, kisses, and roses, a strange man approached the group. He was decked in black and orange with wild orange hair. He introduced himself as Lysandre of Lysandre labs, and creator of the Holo-Caster. Mace had heard of those, they were insanely popular holographic smart phones, and well out of her price range. But of course Andre had a pink diamond encrusted one.

    The two of them had a little back and forth about beauty, and youth, and Lysandre's disturbing idea that ending the world was preferable to it becoming ugly. Mace got from context that to some extent he was talking about inner beauty, but she wasn't sure he had a lot of it himself. Definitely creepy. Mace was kind of surprised André didn't try to bush him off and call for help. But maybe he figured this man wasn't going to try and harm him with so many people around. Or being so apparently high profile himself.

    That ordeal over, the group finally made their way to Sycamore Labs. The receptionist seemed to be waiting for them, but the elevator was not. It could only take one of them at a time, and they all had to wait upstairs for the rest to arrive. Then the professor led them up a flight of stairs to the roof, and Mace wondered how much faster it would have been if they’d all just taken the stairs in the first place. Then her attention was instantly drawn to the playful little pokemon littered all around the rooftop garden. Sycamore meanwhile was explaining something about friends and traveling, and that they needed Kalos trainer licenses. . . but also these were rare pokemon, and he wanted them to each take one. Nice. André was off almost as soon as he'd said this, quickly picking a showy water type.

    Mace raised a hand thoughtfully to her chin, still cradling Blue in the other arm, as she thought it over. She recognized several of the pokemon up here; and even those she didn't appeared to be only grass, fire, and water type. Blue was an Oddish, a grass type, so logically, she should select one of the fire or water type pokemon up here. She moved forward and set Blue down, collecting one of the bundles of paperwork and a pen. She then started to move slowly around the room, keeping track of Blue, and of course watching the pokemon between filling in answers on the sheet. She'd no more then written her name when Blue fell over the edge of a sandbox and did a face plant into the sand. She reached down and wrapped a hand around the back of blue bulb, setting it upright again. Blue spit out some sand and cooed cheerfully as if nothing bad had happened, “Oddish!”

    A dazed looking Charmander wandered by. Nope. Mace wanted something alert. Maybe something a little more apt to take care of itself then Blue was. A nearby Litten paused in grooming itself and glared at the Charmander. That one seemed like a decent possibility. Blue was kicking up sand now, since that was about all he could do to play in the sand, and the Litten meowed irritably, getting up to leave. Nope. Mace didn't want to deal with anything that prissy either.

    She filled out a couple more spots on her paperwork. And Blue was off again. She followed him to a collection of blocks a Chimchar and Chikorita were building with. When he went to kicked at these Chimchar tried to wave him away, while Chikorita started to cry. Disappointed Blue wandered away again, coming to the edge of a small pool, and peering into the water. Mace checked a box on her current paper, commenting vaguely to him, “be careful now, don't fall in.”

    A Mudkip stuck it's head out of the pool, spitting a playful Water Gun shot at Blue. Blue reached by crying out and running around the pool, nearly colliding with a Froakie sitting at the edge. The Froakie however, leapt away over the pool, then taking another jump, bopped the Mudkip on the head, “Froakie!” and landed back near Blue.

    Mace shuffled her papers and pen into one just hand, knelling down to get a closer look at the small blue and white pokemon. Blue was chatting at it admiringly, “Oddish, Odd, Odd!” as it simple settled back down at the edge of the pool. Mace smiled, and spoke to get it's attention, “Hey.” It looked at her lazily, “You got some skills. Would you like to come with us on our journey?”

    The little bubble frog nodded, and confirmed, “Froakie.”
  12. Schade

    Schade Nothing to report, professor!

    Alain Van Thom Dubois
    Lumiose City: Cafè Soleil


    "Oh là là là là!" André exclaimed. "Finally, another man with a sense of style! J'adore!" Andrè exclaimed excitedly before greeting him in the traditional kalosian style. Alain smiled and returned the greeting. "Non, it will only be a small group. We are still waiting on more people. Although, if you really are supposed to be famous, you should enjoy having the attention of a crowd." Andre then said, answering alain's question regarding the rabid fanbase. "Alas, i find fame like this to be more trublesome than it is worth. Lucky for me, i am only known, barely, in the Hoenn Region." Alain said, gesturing to the horde. It was reassuring that he group would have some sort of privacy on this trip. A pokemon journey would kind of loose its magic if you were fololwed by a rabid fanbase around every corner.

    "Lemme guess," A new voice, belonging to a handsome yet very tired-looking young man. "You're the famous one?". He didn't wai for Andrè's responce before continuing. "Enchanteeywhatever. Guess we're best friends now.". He then hel out his arm, which was stuck to something in his bag. "Got an invite in here saying so and everything."
    . As he was talking, the bag started moving as if there was something down there, and chomping sounds could be heard, followed by a short yet effective akward silence.

    Then some sort of commotion on the sea of fans happened, and a very lou, crude voice was heard. "Well I don't give a damn, cunt!". Then ou of the horde came a black-clad woman in a very revealing attire. Not entirely Alain's taste, but he thought she looked awesome. He got excited by the thought of all the different personalities around the table. "Yo blondie!" The woman growld as she whipped out her ink invitation slip.

    As more and more people started to gather, Valiance shifted from his chair and floated over next to Alain. He wasn't great with big crowds, and the zombie horde surrounding them were pobably making him anxious. Without making any noises, aliance glared over alain's shoulder from behind, taking in the scene and eyeing the ever growing group of people.

    Then another weirdo appeared, this time it was.. an adult man? He was clad in a very stylish suit and had robably robbed a hair salon based on his gravity-defying hair and matching beard. He was handsome, in an.. adult fatherly kinda way. He went on to talk to Andrè about.. tuff, completely ignoring the others present. spacing out from the conversation, Alain snatched up Valiance's scabbard again and starte polishing it while humming to himself. The pokemon wsung around slowly to the sound of his tones, staring at the orange man talking to Andre. "Well, I believe everybody has arrived. Before we begin our little adventure, It is time to make a quick stop." Andrè then suddenly said, pulling Alain back to the realm of the living. He clunked Valiance back into the scabbard, to which the sword pokemon made a pleased sound.

    After not that much walking (rally, the lab was pretty much on the opposite side of the streets) the group arriwed at what could only be Professor Sycamore's pokemon lab. Alain had heard of the place, thouh he had never been inside himself. The receptionist greeted the group, however the elevator only had room for one person at a time. To no ones surprise, ndre went first, disappearing into the elevator as it went up, an returnd maybe 20 seconds later. Waiting for some of th others to go on before him, alain stepped into the elevator. It was a very claustrophobic experience, and the elevator reeked of Andres perfume. However, once they had all met the professor, he le them to the roof of the building which was converted into small play area for the pokemon living there. While the professor gave the obligatory speech about friends and travelingwhich it was obvious he had practiced several times beforehand, and that they needed Kalos trainer licenses. He also said that these were rare pokemon, and that he wanted them to each take one. Fre stuff was always fun, though alain was initially sceptic to recieving one since he already had Valiance. None of these pokemon seemed to have the pokemon Contest appeal he was looking for.

    Noticing the girl, Mace, doing a quite calculated approach to the situation, alain glanced around. Since he had to choose one of these pokemon, he had a fair idea of which one he wanted. Though he didn't know too much of the different starters from different regions, he knew that one of them evolved into quite the outstanding Ghost-Type pokemon. Gazing over the playground, he eventually spotted what he was looking for. Sitting in a tree snoozing was a Rowlet. Alain calmly walked over to it and ignored the dazed Charmander wobbling around. Poor thing. Getting over to the tree, he stared at the owl pokemon for a while before gently pickng it up. It was still sleeping in his arms as he returned to his previous space.

    He gently stroke the owl pokemon as it slept in his arms. huh, it's soft and squishy. Valianc too, hovered over to him and stared at the owl, who was now starting to wake up. It was startled by its sudden change in location, and bounced off and took to the air, flying a few rounds around Alain before sitting down on his shoulder. "This was easier than anticipated." Alain said with a gentle laugh. "Would you like to come with me, little one?". The owl pokemon nodded happily in responce.
  13. Samayouru

    Samayouru Rabid Dusclops Fan

    Rowena Witterick
    Lumiose City, Café Soleil > Sycamore Labs
    Team: Archimedes [Duskull]

    Rowena took her hat off and gently positioned the rose so that its stem was hidden underneath the brim. She smiled warmly – it felt only right to keep it on display as a sign of her starting her new adventure, and it would look even better once the petals dried out. A couple more people came in – one a strawberry-blonde lad with his hands digging firmly into his jittering bag and a girl who looked less like a pokemon trainer and more of a street thug. Rowena tilted her head. The girl sort of reminded her of a Team Rocket grunt she’d seen a photo of in a newspaper once.

    Both these two received the same treatment Andre had given to her, though when he went to kiss the girl he ended up taking out some perfume from one of his shopping bags and used it to mask the stench of cigarettes radiating from her. After that the group was approached by a man with quite possibly the wildest hair Rowena had seen in her life. He spoke to Andre, detailing all about his roles in films, but it was what he talked about afterward that caught her attention.

    Rowena furrowed her brow. Beauty? Youth? What nonsense! Death was merely the next step on the road and the afterlife soon followed afterwards. Why would someone want to be youthful forever when there was so much to learn from getting older? And furthermore why would someone want the world to end because of the apparent ugliness it had gained from age?

    She followed him with her eyes as he left, right up until the moment he passed beyond the windows of the café, and folded her arms.

    She did not like Lysandre.

    She did not like him at all.

    * * *​

    Sycamore Labs was just as polished as any other building in Lumiose, but she couldn’t quite say the same about the inside. Yes it was clean and prim, but the elevator was in dire need of upgrading considering it could only take one person at a time. When she finally got to the floor where the professor was waiting for them she found that the room was filled with starter pokemon – some she recognised, like Squirtle and Mudkip, others she didn’t know all that well like the little seal pokemon doing tricks in front of a very besotted Andre.

    Professor Sycamore was a bit taller than Rowena pictured, but he seemed just as calm and cool as he did during the interviews she’d watched of him online. Of course he went through the typical speech most professors were known for giving about being a trainer, and then got his assistants to hand out paperwork for the group to fill in. Rowena nodded. That was fair enough. But what she didn’t quite expect was for Sycamore to then tell them that they could take one of the starter pokemon in his possession with them too. What a nice surprise! Rowena reached for her pendant and tugged at it. Clearly Giratina had granted her some favour here.

    She glanced up from the paperwork every now and then to see what was going on. An Oddish belonging to one of the other trainers was wandering around while Andre’s Clefairy was checking out a Charmander who was busy flexing in front of the group of trainers. She gave him a peck on the cheek, which caused him to stiffen for a moment. Staggering back, the Charmander shook his head as the kiss wore off. He jumped when the Litten he had drawn close to hissed, obviously not happy that he had breached its personal space. He drew his claws to his chest and took several steps back, casting his gaze to the ground. One of the boys – Alain, if Rowena remembered correctly – began to approach the lizard and Rowena’s heart sank. Guess he’d been after the one she was watching too. The Charmander lifted his head, watching Alain hopefully, but his tail drooped when he passed by, ignoring the reptile pokemon entirely. The boy had actually been after the owl pokemon sleeping on one of the branches of the trees.

    The Charmander frowned and tilted his head, watching some of the other pokemon playing and having fun. Rowena pressed her lips together and stopped filling out her details. Had he been trying to make a good first impression by attempting to show off? He was obviously the runt of the group and she could relate to that – she didn’t have many friends before joining the Disciples of Giratina. She exchanged a glance with Archimedes. “What do you think, should we take him?”

    Her Duskull cackled, bobbing up and down in an attempt to say yes.

    Rowena smiled. “I think so too.”

    They slowly approached the Charmander, who was now holding his tail close and sighing dejectedly. He whipped around when he heard her footsteps, staring up at her with wide eyes.

    “Hello there,” Rowena said, kneeling down. “Want to come along with us?”

    The Charmander cast an uneasy look to Archimedes, who waved back at him in a friendly manner, before dropping his tail and wrapping his arms around Rowena’s hand and nodding.

    “Well that settles it then,” Rowena said, laughing. She gently scooped the Charmander up into her arms, feeling his tail coil around her arm. “Welcome to the team!”
  14. Dragalge

    Dragalge Is he Santa Claus?

    Sara Clark
    Lumiose City: Streets -> Sycamore Labs
    Pokémon Team: Taillow

    “Oh no...oh no oh no! I’m l-late!” Sara said in a panicked manner. She was supposed to meet up with Andre along with a group of others to head on towards to Sycamore Labs but got distracted taking photos of Lumiose City. A lot of the shops, cafes, and other attractions in the city caught Sara’s eye when she arrived to Lumiose City. There were even a couple of shops that sold cameras that caught Sara’s eye but she wasn’t intending to replace her current camera right now. Hesitant to get to Sycamore Labs, Sara found the nearest taxi and asked the driver to take Sara to her desired location quickly. Sara’s Taillow flew above the taxi as the vehicle drove off to their destination.

    The taxi arrived at Sycamore Labs and Sara paid the fare for the ride. Afterwards, Sara rushed inside the building but not before taking a photo of the place where Professor Sycamore was at. Taillow went on Sara’s left shoulder and she walked inside in a hurry and noticed all the neat photos hanged on the walls showing off various Pokémon. Sara asked one of the people in the building where Professor Sycamore was at and gave Sara her answer. Going into the elevator, Sara was excited and nervous all at once as she was afraid of getting rejected a Pokémon but was ecstatic to meet new people too.

    The elevator doors opened and nobody was there in the room. Sara then heard some noises above her and continued down the hallway until she found a stairwell leading to the roof where various people and Pokémon were at, seemingly having a fun time. Sara noticed a well-dressed man clad in pink and recognized him as Andre who she rushed to and apologized for her lateness.

    “May you ever forgive me for my actions? Taking photos isn’t a good excuse but this wondrous city was so intoxicating that I couldn’t resist!” Sara said, clutching her hands together. The temptation to take a photo of him was great but she decided to put that on the back-burner for now. Instead she then went up to Sycamore to apologize for her tardiness.

    “Professor Sycamore! It’s an honor to meet you! I apologize so much for my late arrival.” The professor forgave Sara and allowed her to choose a Pokémon to take on her journey with the others but not before being told about paperwork which she got scared of. Sara went to the garden and snapped a photo of all the Pokémon roaming in it. After the photo was taken, a Chimchar came up and noticed her camera. It looked like it wanted to hold it but Sara held her camera back. Still, she couldn’t resist wanting a photo of the Chimchar and after asking, the Chimchar agreed. After the photo was taken, she picked up the Pokémon in her hands and said “I think I’ll choose you!”
  15. Sketchie

    Sketchie blue.

    Joshua Hoffman
    Lumiose City: Airport > Sycamore Labs
    ---[Isaac . Togepi . M]---​

    Joshua took his first steps out of the tunnel, all with his right leg and crutches. Shit. Their flight had been delayed nine hours, and Joshua looked like it. His blonde hair was a mess, and there were soft bags underneath weary blue eyes. His regular leg was in checked luggage (thank goodness, he hated flying with it on), and despite his tropical red shorts on you still couldn't see his left leg stump. His sunny-side-up eggs crop-top was a little mussed, but no matter. There was no way he was leaving the airport looking like this anyway. Isaac stood on his shoulders, looking bright and eager, while his trainer stumbled to the luggage carousels. Everything he brought with him was in his backpack, but he needed that leg.


    "Yeah, I know, we're late. I really do know. But there is no way on this great green earth that I am going to give away at the very beginning I don't have a leg. Come on. Their reactions will be priceless. Besides, jetlag hair isn't pretty, and I want to make some semblance of a good impression." He bit his nails as he waited for the leg to pass by on the car, snatching it up as soon as he saw it. He hopped a bit as he slipped on the silicone sleeve, giving it a couple kicks to make sure it was on properly. He dashed into the bathroom for a minute, changing into a t-shirt and jeans in a jiffy, and ran out of the airport.

    He was still fixing his hair as he hailed a taxi. Holding his togepi close, he scrunched himself into the cab. "Where ya off too, son?" the taxi driver said, looking back at him.

    Joshua froze. Those kids couldn't be at the cafe anymore, it was way too late for that. "Um..." he said, biting his tongue, "Maybe the, um... Sycamore Labs..?"

    "Sounds good, kiddo," the driver responded, as they headed off into Lumiose traffic. He absentmindedly stroked the top of Isaac's head as he stared out of the window, bouncing his leg in anticipation. What if they didn't like him? What if they got mad at him for being so late? It wasn't his fault the flight was delayed so long, he was supposed to spend the night in Lumiose City and instead had to spend it on an airport floor in Goldenrod back in Johto, but he couldn't shake the anxieties eating at his skull. Eventually, the cab pulled up next to a grand looking building, very sciency and formal and big and oh boy. "Here ya are, kid," the driver called back.

    "Thanks," Joshua mumbled, paying the driver and stepping out. He stood frozen on the front door, his leg still shaking. "Trii..?" Isaac chirped, holding his trainer's arm and nuzzling it. "I... I can't do this, Isaac, it would be a good time to back out now, maybe we'll just wander Lumiose and then just go home--"

    "Toge, togetriii!" Isaac said, hints of determination in his baby pokemon voice as he interrupted his trainer. He wriggled out of Joshua's vice grip, hopping onto his shoulder. "Tri. Toge, ge, togetrii. Togetri!!"

    Joshua looked at the building, then back at his pokemon. "You really think we can do this?" Isaac nodded, a big smile on his face. "Okay, buddy, I'll trust you." He took a deep breath. "One, two, three--" and he opened the door to the labs.

    Yup. Looked about the way he expected. The receptionist looked a little shocked, though he was used to that. It's not every day you have to deal with a giant. "Um, excuse me, ma'am," he said softly as he approached the receptionist, his voice cracking just a little. He tried to calm his nerves, but he was certain she could see him shaking. "Did a group of people following a celebrity come in here..? My flight was delayed, I was supposed to meet them at a cafe a while ago but my flight was delayed, I just said that, and I couldn't make it in time, and, um, are they here?"

    The receptionist nodded, putting a cheery smile on her face. "Yes, they're on the top floor. The elevator is right over there, just take that on up and you'll run into them."

    Joshua nodded his thanks, before taking the elevator up to ohmygoshtherearesomanyofthem. He gulped, holding on a little tighter to his togepi. Yeah. This was a bad idea. He didn't realize this many had answered the call. This was a mistake. He timidly stepped to the back of the group, looking down and away, hoping no one would notice him. Apparently he was supposed to grab a starter, but he was too nervous to take another step.

    "Excuse me, young man?"

    Joshua flinched. Why did he have to be so tall. Why. Joshua looked over to see someone, likely the Professor, looking right at him. "Are you one of the late ones?"

    "Y-yessir, I'm s-sorry, my flight was delayed nine hours and--"

    "Quite alright, it happens! I'm glad to hear you weren't stranded anywhere. Come over here, maybe a new friend will ease your nerves." Professor Sycamore had a warm smile on his face, and Joshua could feel himself start to cool down again. Not all the way, of course, still plenty of new people, but at least one person isn't mad. Joshua slipped around the others, looking at all the pokemon, starters from around the world. He saw so many, but only one caught his eye -- it was one from his home region in Sinnoh. He could remember playing with Professor Rowan's when he was young. Piplup stood by itself, head high and feathers perfectly preened. He walked over to kneel down next to it, sticking out his hand. "Hey boy, how are you?"

    "Pip-pipilup!" The proud little penguin exclaimed. Joshua giggled. "Aww, you're so cute," he cooed, "and I think you will be the perfect fit for our new team!"
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  16. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Slurpuff and Alcremie both deserve love

    André Bellamy
    Café Soleil
    Party: Clefairy (Jolie) Popplio (Sirène)

    André sat down at a chair and filled out his paperwork. Most of the information was basic things that anyone wanted to know could be found on the internet. He was a public figure after all. After he finished filling out all the papers, and turning them in to one of the assistants, he looked at his newly received Popplio. "I will call you Sirène!" André exclaimed

    Sirène, didn't seem to have any problems with her name, and barked her approval, then showed off by by blowing several bubbles, and then juggling them.

    André applauded. This Popplio definitely liked to put on a show. After he was done filling out his papers, he went over to where his Clefairy was standing. Sirène followed along behind him. "I am glad that is finished."André said to Jolie. "I hope you have not been making trouble..." André knew Fairy types could be mischievous, and Jolie was no exception.

    "Clefairy!" Jolie replied innocently while batting her eyes cutely. Jolie then pointed and laughed at the Charmander she had Sweet Kissed she didn't think anybody would choose. Only for her jaw to drop, and be disappointed when someone actually chose it. That Rowena girl, of all people. André glared at his Pokemon, but said nothing.

    Then, André was approached by a red haired young woman with a camera in her hands. Had one of the paparazzi got in here somehow? No, it was a latecomer. She was cute André had to give her that, and he loved having his photo taken. Unfortunately, the girl didn't stick around long enough for André to give her the pink rose he had given to everyone else. She had bounded off to talk to Sycamore, and choose a Pokemon. She didn't even bother to introduce herself properly. How rude!

    André also noticed another boy walk in shortly after Sara. A cute blonde boy, who was obviously the tallest person in the room. He was accompanied by a cute Togepi. Perfect, another boy with a Fairy type. Unlike the previous girl, he didn't even bother to talk to André. He went straight to picking out a Pokemon. Well, André wasn't about to let him get away with that. André approached him. "Monsieur, you accept my invitation, show up late, and you do not say anything to the one who has invited you. That is rude! You do not keep a movie star waiting!" He grabbed the blonde boy by his shirt collar, and brought him down to his level, because André wasn't about to stand on his tip toes for this. He gave the boy a kiss on each cheek, and stuck a pink rose behind his ear. "I must admit, you are cute though. Now then, I forgive you and that other girl over there for being fashionably late... Just tell me, where on earth did you get this?" He let go of the boy's shirt collar, and proceeded to pick up the boy's Togepi. "I have been wanting one ever since I decided to train Fairy types, but they are so rare! It has been difficult to find."

    Meanwhile, Jolie glared at André fawning over a Togepi, and at Sirène. For the longest time, it had been her André. Now she was going to have to share her trainer's affections with other Pokemon, and she didn't like that one bit.

    Meanwhile, the Popplio laughed, and shot a Water Gun at the Clefairy's face.

    This served to make Jolie angry, and she retaliated with a Disarming Voice. Which now made Sirène angry.

    Fortunately, André heard Jolie's Disarming Voice, and looked to see his two Pokemon angrily glaring at each other. A fight was about to break out in a second if he didn't step in. "Stop that you two! This is not the time or place for this." While still holding that boy's Togepi in one arm, he recalled Jolie, and then Sirène back into their balls before things got ugly. He would have to help the two of them get along later.
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  17. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Slurpuff and Alcremie both deserve love

    André Bellamy
    Sycamore Labs > Route 4
    Party: Clefairy (Jolie F) Popplio (Sirène F)

    The poor boy seemed nervous as heck, which André couldn't blame him. He was in the presence of a movie star. Still, he was getting quite bored of waiting on this kid to respond, and quietly gave him back his Togepi.

    At some point, an assistant brought out a bunch of pokedexes in a bunch of different colors for everyone to choose from. André immediately chose a bright pink pokedex for himself. Then another assistant set up a camera to have pictures taken for everyone to have their pictures taken for the license photo. "Bien." He then pulled out a pink compact mirror from his bag, opened it, and started primping himself. Even though he had already done this earlier, that was a while ago. This was an important picture, and he needed to look good for it. Once he was satisfied with his appearance, he got in front of the camera, and smiled. Showing off his perfectly white teeth.

    Finally, after everything had been sorted out, the Professor came out, and apparently had more stuff to say, and the assistants still had more stuff to give them. "Now that we have all of that taken care of, I would like to ask you all for your help in solving the Kalos region's biggest mystery." As he said this, an assistant was putting out a bunch of multicolored balls on the desk. They looked like marbles only bigger. André couldn't help finding them pretty. "The secret and potential of Mega Evolution, a new kind of evolution that occurs in battle! On the desk right now are Mega Stones. We are still uncertain as to how they work, but we do know that they are an important clue. You each may choose one for yourselves."

    André didn't know a thing about this Mega Evolution. However, he was interested in the pretty stones. He didn't understand why the Professor was having a bunch of strangers do his research for him. Didn't he have assistants for that sort of thing? Regardless, André took one of the stones. A light blue one with a pink and green stripe down the center. For some reason, this stone reminded him of a Gardevoir. Maybe it was the shade of green in the middle? Regardless, André was attracted to this particular Mega Stone the most.

    After everyone chose their Mega Stone, the Professor went on. "If you're investigating Mega Evolution, why don't you check out Camphrier Town? That town has a lot of history--You might find a hint there."

    Again, André had to wonder why the Professor couldn't do this himself? Still, André kept quiet. As the professor continued with his speech. What happened to sparing us the long speech earlier?

    "Now listen, if you visit many different places, you will probably see Pokemon with many ways of living, and meet people with many ways of thinking. First, accept the ways of living and thinking that sometimes conflict with your own, and think about what's truly important. This will truly broaden your horizons. I want you all to be the best trainers you can be."

    André only half listened. He was really anxious to get out of there at this point. Before they were finally allowed to leave, the assistants gave them their licenses, as well as five empty Pokeballs. André didn't need the extra Pokeballs, he already bought several Luxury Balls well ahead of time, but he still took the balls anyway. "Merci beaucoup!" André exclaimed as he headed towards the tiny elevator once again.

    Once André made it back down the first floor, André saw something he wasn't expecting. He saw that Lysandre man that had spoken to him earlier speaking to the young woman that had greeted them earlier. André hadn't planned on acknowledging them, but the assistant called him over.

    "You received a Pokedex from the Professor then? How wonderful!" Lysandre said with odd enthusiasm. "That is a wonderful thing indeed. You are one of the chosen ones. I have learned as much as I can about Pokemon to help build a brighter future. Professor Sycamore has taught me so much. Now listen, it is vital that this world become a better place. And the people and Pokemon chosen to make this world better must work tirelessly to achieve this goal. Well, I must be off. Please give Professor Sycamore my best. My desire... is for a more beautiful world!" And once again, Lysandre took off.

    André was a little worried that this guy was following him. He had heard about crazy celebrity stalkers before, and some of them were actually dangerous. He made a note to himself to get better security at some point.

    Finally. everyone had made it down the elevator, and out of the lab. André then pulled out his custom Holo-Caster, and loaded up a Holographic image of the Kalos map. "Now that we have that out of the way, we can begin! I know the Professor suggested we go to Camphrier Town, but I think we should head to Santalune City first. There is a Gym there, and I know some of you are probably interested in doing that, non? I am not interested in such things myself. I am already an accomplished Movie Star. What are badges going to prove? I am doing this to become a Master of Fairy type Pokemon, and make new friends in the process." As he started walking towards Route 4, he thought about the fact that there was a Gym in Lumiose City, located inside the Prism Tower itself. That Gym had a reputation of kicking people out who didn't have enough badges. And the Prism Tower was dealing with a power outtage at the moment. It was unfortunate, because the tower looked beautiful at night when it was all lit up. It was a romantic sight to behold. Maybe it would be fixed the next time they came back here.

    As the group approached the gates leading into Route 4, their was yet another crowd of screaming fans that had come over there just to see him off. This was one of the things he loved about being famous. Being adored by many people. There is nothing better. He pulled out a pink rose from somewhere, and held it out. "Merci Beaucoup, mesdames et messieurs! I appreciate all the support you have given me. You have been a wonderful audience. But now I must go. Au revoir! et mes amis, à bientôt!" He took a bow, then threw the rose out into the audience, then went through the gate to Route 4. The people in the crowd over the rose, until a guy took it while shouting "MINE!" Then took off in a hurry. leaving all the others confused.


    There was a reason André wanted to travel through Kalos. They kept their Routes looking pretty. There were patches of different-colored flowers, hedge mazes, and a fountain in the center. It wasn't like most places he's seen where the routes were a bunch of grass and trees with nothing to see. There were also a bunch of Combee and Ledyba hovering around, but André had no interest in them anyway. He came across a field of colorful flowers that caught his attention. "C'est jolie!" Andre exclaimed excitedly. He bent down and picked up a vibrant red flower in full bloom. As he was just about to put the flower behind his ear, he was suddenly whipped in the face by something, and the flower jumped out his hand all by itself. "Flabébé!"

    "Quoi?!" André exclaimed after rubbing his cheek, the area that had just been whipped, he saw an angry looking Flabébé sitting on the top of the flower he had just picked. Clearly, she was not happy about being picked. André was shocked. Flabébé's were quite common in Kalos, but it was a Fairy type nonetheless. He decided right then and there that he had to have this Pokemon for himself.

    André immediately sent out Jolie, and ordered her to use Magical Leaf. The Clefairy nodded, then attacked the Flabébé that attacked her trainer with a flurry of magical leaves fired from the tip of her finger. The Flabébé was knocked back, and hurt, but she wasn't that badly hurt, and immediately retaliated with another Vine Whip. "Flabé! Flabé!" She shouted as she whipped the Clefairy with a pair of vines.

    "Clefairy!" Jolie shouted in pain. She was about to prepare another attack, but André held his arm out and stopped her. "Jolie, wait! Show her your beautiful singing voice instead. Use Sing!"

    "Clefairy?!" Jolie waved her arms around, and protested. She wanted to hurt this thing, not put it to sleep. But she rolled her eyes, and complied with her trainer's commands. She opened her mouth, and started singing. Causing slow moving musical notes to fly out of her mouth towards the Flabébé. Because of how slowly the notes moved, the Flabébé could easily dodge. Fortunately, luck was on André's side. A musical note hit the Flabébé, and soon she was out like a light.

    "Très bien!" André pulled out one of his luxury balls, and threw it at the sleeping Flabébé. Just like he had done in one of the movies he was in. "Luxury ball go!" The ball flew towards the sleeping Flabébé, opened up, and sucked her into the ball. Then it landed on the floor and jiggled a few times. Once, twice, three times. Each time André stared in anticipation. Finally the ball settled, and dinged, signalling the Pokemon had been caught. André looked on in amazement for a moment before he ran up to the ball and picked it up. "C'est magnifique! I did it! I caught a Flabébé!" He exclaimed happily while doing a little victory dance right there. He had done this before in a movie, but it absolutely paled in comparison to the real experience of catching your first Pokemon.

    But his celebration was short lived. A Ralts had been quietly watching André throught all of this. "Ralts?" The small Pokemon tilted it's head.

    André looked around to see where the noise was coming from. He also thought he saw something sparkle from the corner of his eye. When he caught sight of something that made his eyes light up, and a smile appear on his face. "Et Ils sont bleu!" Ralts on their own were rare as it was, but finding a shiny one was even luckier. André just had to have it.

    But the Ralts was suddenly startled by André's display of interest and shouted. "RALTS!" Then teleported away, much to André's disappointment.

    André gasped, and looked to the left, then to the right. It had vanished. "That Ralts could not have gotten far!" André told Jolie. With that André ran through the flowers to search for it again. That Shiny Ralts is here somewhere, and André was going to own it!

    New Location Unlocked

    Route 4: A route in central Kalos, connecting Santalune City and Lumiose City. The route is also known as Parterre Way. The route is decorated with patches of different-colored flowers, hedge mazes, and a fountain. A group of Gardeners is in charge of taking care of the hedge mazes. At the north end of the route, there is a gate leading to Lumiose City.

    VERY COMMON: Combee, Ledyba, Flabébé, (yellow & red flower) Charjabug
    COMMON: Budew, Skitty
    UNCOMMON: Purrloin, Poochyena, Lillipup
    RARE: Ralts, Flabébé (white, and orange flower)
    VERY RARE: Glameow, Meowth, Seedot, Alolan Meowth* (Horde only)

    (Skitty, Glameow, Meowth, and Purrloin can show up in hordes together. The Kitty horde!)
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  18. Schade

    Schade Nothing to report, professor!

    Alain Van Thom Dubois
    Lumiose City: Cafè Soleil

    As the rest of the stragglers made their appearance, the rest of the group were still in the process of picking out a starter pokemon, though why they would be gifted one in the first place confused Alain. He was literally armed and dangerous, but figure it would be nice to expand on the company regardless. Rowlets were just so adorable. Looking at the tiny owl pokemon sleeping in his arms, he gently pinched its feathery cheeks, earning a pleased hoot in return. it was oddly satisfying to cuddle the tiny pokemon, but alain restricted himself, and walked over to where the rest of the people who had already gotten their starters were gathering, waiting for whatever came next.

    The needlessly handsome pokemon professor then came out with a large tray contgaining what could only be described as leftovers paraphernalia from a local LGBT event, presenting the group with pokedexes in all the colors of acceptance and open-mindedness. Alain was quick to snatch up the one which landed closest to him: A deep green one. After having chosen what power ranger he would likely be forced to play whenever the group exited the building, he was gestured towards a small makeshift photo booth, likely for the groups trainer liscences. Sitting down, Valiance also wanted to be in the picture, hovering next to alains left shoulder as the photo was taken. "Did i turn out okay?" Alain asked curiously. The assistant, a rather large man who seemed to have lost his shaver in his messy divorce, looked a bit dumbfounded for a few seconds. "Well.." he said, but at that time alain was already next to him. The picture was nice. The kind of portrait where the subjects eyes seemed to be following you around as you moved. If you managed to look past that, and Alains slightly faded outline, his face looked great! Definitely good enough for a liscence. Valiance seemed kinda bummed that his magnifficent visage had been covered by a dim brown orb, but Alain decided it was good enough, and got it printed out regardless.

    The handsome professor then decied it was time for the next step. Not really waiting for everyone to finish their pokedex and trainers liscence, he continued talking, striking a casual yet noticable pose as he did so. "Now that we have all of that taken care of, I would like to ask you all for your help in solving the Kalos region's biggest mystery.". As he was talking, a lesser noticable assistant with huge square-framed glasses entered with another tray. This one was full o what appeared to be small nuggets of wisdom. Or.. gems of some sort. "The secret and potential of Mega Evolution, a new kind of evolution that occurs in battle! On the desk right now are Mega Stones. We are still uncertain as to how they work, but we do know that they are an important clue. You each may choose one for yourselves.". Oh neat, they would be getting mega stones" Granted, Alain didn't own any pokemon who could mega evolve, and he already had a key stone which he obtained from his father. However, he looked over the stones and eliminated possibilities until he was sitting with one stone. An amber-colored one, donning brown and orange details. The sign under the stone said "Pinsirite". Not sure he would ever actually catch a pinsir, Alain took the mega stone anyway. If nothing else, he could give it to is mother when he returned hom. she did own a Pinsir, after all. "Merci." Alain said with a gentle bow as he pluckd up his new mega stone and put it away.

    "If you're investigating Mega Evolution, why don't you check out Camphrier Town? That town has a lot of history--You might find a hint there.", The professor then said. Alain lit up like a Litwick. They would be going through his home town at some point? Neat. Though not exactly sure what he would do there, it would be nice maybe drop by and say hello.

    "Now listen, if you visit many different places, you will probably see Pokemon with many ways of living, and meet people with many ways of thinking. First, accept the ways of living and thinking that sometimes conflict with your own, and think about what's truly important. This will truly broaden your horizons. I want you all to be the best trainers you can be." the professor then said in an overly theatrical tone. Okay, now he was just reciting Crobatman from those old comic books. Alain hid a yawn. Would they leave soon? Not that he had anything better to do at that moment, but it smelled weird in the lab...

    Granted, a few minutes later the group was given the green light to leave. Once again, they cramped into the tiny elevator one by one. Andre went first, probably to wait for the others by the exit. alain managed to sneak past someone and scoot into the elevator before the doors even properly opened, and close his eyes as to not be intimidated by the cramped space. Deep breaths Deep breaths.

    Down on the ground floor, they were greeted by the same man in the Pyroar cosplay they had met earlier outside of the cafè. He was talking about beauty again. Was he some sort of cosplay designer? did he work for Rogue? Either way he was boring. And kinda creepy, considering how he "happened" to be here at this exact time.

    "Now that we have that out of the way, we can begin! I know the Professor suggested we go to Camphrier Town, but I think we should head to Santalune City first. There is a Gym there, and I know some of you are probably interested in doing that, non? I am not interested in such things myself. I am already an accomplished Movie Star." He said that last bit with a certain unnecessary grandeur, making Alain scoff. "What are badges going to prove? I am doing this to become a Master of Fairy type Pokemon, and make new friends in the process.".

    Alain then spoke up in a soft tone. "I mean, Gym battles are kind of important for anyone wanting to be a decent pokemon trainer. You saying you dont need badges, yet asire to be a pokemon master would be like me saying im going to be a contest star, but never actually join any contests." he giggled at the thought. "Either way, certain company does lift the burden of traveling alone, so that's true. My parents live n Camphrier town actually. Can't wait until we get there." he then started walking towards the door before finishing his sentence, as Andre's fanbase had followed them. He really hoped this wouldn't mega evolve into an issue further down the line.


    Cut ahead maybe 20 minutes, and the group were making heir way through Route 4. It was an admittedly pretty route, though the strong scents and abundance of flowers were too much for Alains taste. Walking through the yellow flowers which smelled ominously similar to honey, Alain was seriously tempted to just wield Valiance and chop it all down. He had heard pokemon could cut the grass if they knew a certain move, but considering Valiance was a literal sword, he figured he could skip through that formality. "Valiance, come here, please", he said, feling Valiance's cloth wrap itself up and around his left arm before gently grabbing unto his hilt. Raising his hand high, Alain did a surprisingly elegant spin while slashing down unto the patch of flowers, to.. No effect. Bamboozled by his failiure, alain picked a string of flowers and stretched it out, hacking down on it once again, to no avail. He's a sword who can't cut through simple grass.. Walking away in defeat, Valiance looked almost ashamed, as if this was something he was aware of, but still very self-concious about.

    "Yeah, i guess we may as well just stick to the road fo now" Alain said. He didn't know much of what pokemon were available in this specific route, but he wasn't feeling up for adding to his little family just yet. Besids, there would be plenty of time to do that later. Instead, he followed the path until he got to the huge fountain in the middle of the road. It seemed some rolerskaters were practicing their moves there, but Alain stuck to the fountain and sat down besides it, releasing Affinity as well as Valiance. Afinnity went straight to sleep while Valiance was hopping around, dipping his blade in the fountain as he joyfully played around. Alain suddenly hoped there were no pokemon in there.
  19. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Lucile Mace
    Lumiose City: Sycamore Labs > Route 4
    Party: Blue (Oddish, M), Terramar (Froakie, M)

    The lab continued to bustle with activity, there were even late arrivals still showing up. Mace let her Oddish and new Froakie play while she finished up the paperwork. It was tedious, but at least it wasn't hard.

    Done, she headed over to the desk, Blue in one arm, and the Froakie following leisurely. She'd need to remember to name him. An assistant was also arriving there, with a rainbow of pokedexes. Another assistant was setting up for trainer license pictures. Mace turned in her paperwork and looked over the shiny rectangles. What color did she want? André took the painfully obvious pink dex, and another boy a deep green one. - Should she go with the gaudy traditional color of brick red color? A blue to match her two blue pokemon? Though they were clearly very different colors of blue. . . Maybe she'd be happy with a nice whimsical magenta-purple? Or, she picked up a sleek black pokedex, something classy? She'd never had the money to be classy, but she liked the thought of a classic black dex. She flipped it open scanning the cutie in her arms, the dex spouting, “Oddish, the Weed Pokémon. During the daytime, Oddish buries itself in soil to absorb nutrients from the ground using its entire body. The more fertile the soil, the glossier its leaves become.”

    Hah. Who wrote that description? Her oddish spent it's days running around like a lunatic. But she rubbed one of the leaves between her fingers, wondering about their comparative glossiness, while Blue looked at her bewildered. Maybe she could find someone who knew how to properly assess the leaves of grass Pokémon and fertilize them appropriately.

    After this, she realized another assistant was putting a bunch of large marbles out on the desk. Mace closed her pokedex, listening as the prof explained that these were mega stones and he expected everyone to take one, and investigate Mega Evolution. Mace reached forward selecting a sparkly golden orb with ruby and amethyst streaks inside. She didn't know anything about Mega Evolution or how to use these stones, but she liked the way this rock looked.

    Pocketing it for now, Mace went to get her picture taken, which would have been much easier if Blue would have just sat still. And the professor was off babbling again, suggesting a route and waning poetic. Honestly Mace couldn't take much more of that and kind of checked out mentally until they started taking turns riding the elevator down to the lobby. She used the ride down to think over possible names for her Froakie; Cyan, Hoppy, Bubbles, Hiro, Terramar. . .

    Getting off, she could see André was stuck talking to the crimson haired freak again, and she resolved to stay a little ways off until they were ready to leave. The man set off all kinds of red flags for her. André then announce intent to start with Route 4 (instead of the prof's suggestion), right before being mobbed by fans again. Was this going to be a thing their whole journey? What a hassle, maybe she'd go off on her own if she could get a hold of a decent guidebook.

    Route 4

    Stepping out onto the well groomed route, Mace wondered if they could even find pokemon worth catching here. Though garden-like, it seemed too sterile, too protected. Any pokemon living here would undoubtedly be weak, wouldn’t it? Well, a least that would be good for leveling up their pokemon.

    She trudged along the outside of a row of yellow and orange flowers, they really were pretty. She could see some of the others were running haphazardly though the flowers or trying to mow them down. Those poor gardeners. Suddenly a vine whipped out in front of her, attracting her attention. Mace stepped back, releasing Blue, with the instructions, “Okay Blue, let's battle! Hit it with a spray of Acid!”

    It took Blue a second to spot the small Flabébé adorning a yellow flower, giving it just enough time to dodge before unleashing Fairy Wind. Blue did not seem very concerned by this attack and Mace instructed him to give it another go. The sticky purple acid drenched the fairy, which whined pitifully, trying out a Tackle. Oddish absorbed the impact with a bit more concern, but counterattacked with Absorb, draining the life out of the little fairy, which fell limp atop it's flower. Mace grinned, “Good job Blue. Now, let's see what else we can find.”
  20. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou your deadman

    Sigurður "Sigur" Gunnarsson
    Lumiose city
    Café Soleil

    [​IMG]( Bál♀ )

    So it turned out that this Andromeda guy was totally cool with letting him tag along for the ride, despite his lack of visible invitation or identification.

    Damn it.

    Resigned to his fate, Sigur was ready to throw his back against the nearest wall and just stay there until explicitly instructed to move his ass someplace else. Unfortunately, even that turned out to be an unrealistically ambitious goal. He had barely managed half a step to the side when he was pulled right back into conversation. Because nothing said ‘please talk to me some more’ like trying to physically move away as fast as he could.

    At least the guy had good taste in jewelry. The compliment caught Sigur off guard, enough so that he didn’t have time to roll his eyes at the casual humblebrag that came with it. But of course the famous movie star’s diamonds were real, and of course he had to find a way to flaunt the fact in casual conversation. Of course.

    “Thanks,” Sigur shrugged one shoulder, “And-- dunno. Don’t really care, if I’m honest.”

    They looked good, their worth was inconsequential. The only ones who cared how many black-market kidneys their jewelry could buy were rich pricks and the gold diggers that chased them. And people that needed illegal kidney transplants, probably.

    Still, the dude was being friendly enough, so Sigur figured he’d do his good deed of the day by playing nice in return and leaving that bit unsaid. Big mistake. Turned out that the dude was a bit too friendly.

    Now, Sigur had spent long enough a time in Kalos to be aware of most of the local customs - the shitty ones in particular. Like... you know, invading someone’s personal bubble as a greeting. Such a classic. The unwanted cheek slobbering was so prevalent that Sigur’d had to develop an uncanny ability to dodge away from any puckered lips coming his way just to stay sane. And if he said so himself, he was pretty much a pro by now.

    But then he saw the dude pull out a rose like he was the main act in Bachelor, and it was that split second of distraction that sealed Sigur's fate. He didn’t manage to dodge in time, and his cheek was sullied. He could practically feel the lipstick stain forming. God. Fucking. Damnit. There went his success streak. And dignity.

    Sigur grumbled, wiping at his cheek. Using a rose as a distraction, that was some advanced Kalosian tactics right there. He’d make a memo out of this. He would remember.

    At least he could probably make a fortune selling the rose to the frothing fans. Who, as if reading his mind, let out a collective gasp just then-- and made Sigur nearly jump outta his skin. As he whirled around though, it turned out that it wasn’t his thoughts they gasped at. It was some chick pushing through the crowd like a fucking truck. A scantily-clad, gothic truck. Seriously, she looked like her parents forgot to teach her that actual colours existed. Was she part of the doomsday cult too? Or was she the unholy creature the cult worshiped? He could believe either.

    She stuck out from among the crowd like a sore, black thumb, and Sigur could not fathom what the hell she was doing there in the first place. She was coming their way, but... oh. Oh, no. She was going to join them, wasn’t sh--- oh yes she fucking was.

    Sigur could do little but watch in bafflement as the chick slid her invitation over to Andreas like she was exchanging illegal goods in some B-rated crime flick. Which she probably thought she was in. And apparently, just like that, she was allowed in. Damnit, Andrew, there was a thing called self-preservation.

    But, you know what, sure. Their merry little band of misfits and cultists clearly wasn't dysfunctional enough without a token anger management patient. Gotta catch ‘em all, and all that. If all else failed and their Pokémon ever fainted, they could just sick her to fuck up their opponents instead. Sigur ran a hand through his hair and sighed. He would've mumbled out a 'kill me now' to compliment the motion, but he wasn't convinced the chick could differentiate between a figure of speech and an actual request of deadly violence, so he abstained.

    Mr. Pink turned to him again just then, and Sigur cocked a brow. "... What?"

    He shouldn't have asked.

    One second, he was naively trying to figure out why the dude was looking at him funny - the next he was blasted right in the fucking face with condensed death.

    Lesson learnt; if you ever come face-to-face with an effeminate guy holding a perfume bottle to your face, you do not wait, you do not ask, you do not collect $200 - you fucking duck and cover.

    The perfume reeked and stung, and Sigur backpedaled away from the abhorrent pink cloud like his face was on fire. He hacked and coughed, trying to keep his eyes open long enough for a prolonged glare. "What the hell was that for?!” he managed somewhere among gasping for more air. “If you wanna smell like a goddamn fairy fart, be my guest. But leave innocent people outta your sh--”

    Sigur meant to go on, but before he could fight out another breathless word, some old dude crept closer. Crept, because with a face like his, every single movement and gesture he made was straight out of a horror movie - or a crime documentary. The dude looked like he'd glued the ass-hair of a Pyroar around his face, and emptied three bottles of hair gel to make sure the end result stayed extra spiky. To his credit, he’d succeeded. His were the spikiest Pyroar ass hairs Sigur had ever seen.

    Yeah. Forget the chick in black. This guy was the true mental case here.

    Andreas and Pyroar-pubes-for-hair proceeded to engage in the weirdest conversation Sigur had overheard in a while. It involved more not-so-humble-bragging, talk of ending the entire damn world, and such repeated usage of the word 'beautiful' that it lost all meaning half-way through. And then, at some point in there, Andremon the Movie Star Extraordinaire... made out with his own reflection.

    Make that three mental cases.

    By the time they were done, Sigur remembered exactly why he hated rich people. They were all so blinded by their money that they'd collectively lost their heads deep up their asses.

    "If everyone were like you, what a beautiful world this would be!"

    Sigur didn’t mean to picture it, but he did. He did, because his brain seemed to be stuck on self-destruct mode. And now he could no longer shake the mental image.

    Maybe the whole ending the world thing wouldn’t be so bad after all.

    He could do with an apocalypse right about now.

    Lumiose city
    Sycamore Labs

    Sigur wasn’t sure how they had managed to get to the laboratory without being joined by any more cultists or creepy grown-ass men talking about the beauty of young boys, but they did. A more positive person would have taken it as a good sign. Sigur was sure it meant there was something even shittier in the horizon.

    While the others begun to take the world’s most inconvenient elevator upstairs one by one (the professor must not have gotten many visitors, huh), Sigur strayed from the group. He sought eye contact with the assistant that had welcomed them, and approached with a wave of his non-backbagged hand.

    "So it's been real fun to be a trend setter for a day, but I'm 'bout ready to return to obscurity,” he stopped in front of the aide, head tilted and brows furrowed. “Mind lending a hand? Mine's out of commission."

    She looked confused, if justifiably so. He sighed.

    "I’m stuck," Sigur waved his hand and repeated with exaggerated annunciation: "Can - you - help - me?”

    "Oh! Um, yes...” she was still taken aback and confused by his predicament, but gestured him to follow regardless. “Right this way, please."

    Sigur followed, almost feeling bad for her. Almost. His hand had been stuck in Bál’s mouth for so long that all his emotions had probably bled out through his wrist by now. All that remained now was pain, suffering and regret.

    So, so much regret.


    ooc: splitting this in parts bc gdi this was getting long. posting second half w starter acquisition and kitty horde attack later.

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