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Kalos League Passion With a Certain Flare! (932)


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Fierce Fighting at the Kalos League! Gather, All of My Passion!!

The Semi-Finals have passed and it's almost time for the finals of the Kalos League, and Lumiose City is filled with excitement. As it's the day before, everyone is out celebrating and relaxing before the finals, however during the celebrations, Chespin gets lost only to be found by Alain's old friend, Mairin. To top it off, Lysandre appears and wants to talk to Ash. What does Lysandre want with Ash?

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So, the Chespin getting lost was only for 3-5 min.

Good thing i guess?

Atleast better than the 15-20 min focus on Axew getting lost, its better.
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Sawyer still has something to do?

This episode is as expected a build up episode of the upcoming Team Flare Arc.

And it seems Sycamore told something about Ash-Greninja.
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It seems like Alain gathered enough energy to heal Chespin and Lysandre is telling Manon that and she's now crying of happiness.

lol the ending is full of ketchup

Confess his love to Ash most likely.
He is studying the League's matches.

It seems like there is a room for people who want to study them and take notes. Shota was crying there.
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Looks like Alain's team is officially Charizard, Metagross, Tyranitar, Weavile, Bisharp, and Unfezant.


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So sawyer isn't watching Ash's battle, interesting. What was he on about with drain punch though? We got to see one extra battle though so that was nice

Lucario At Service

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So sawyer isn't watching Ash's battle, interesting. What was he on about with drain punch though? We got to see one extra battle though so that was nice
Those battles were recordings of the matches before. Sawyer was just analyzing them for future reference.

Also Sawyer is there to watch the final match.


Unova Ace Oshawott
Lol, Alain has Unfezant

Edit: Ash will lose 2-3 Pokémon next episode when Pikachu fights Charizard, pause the trailer at 0:17
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Lol, Alain has Unfezant

Edit: Ash will lose 2-3 Pokémon next episode when Pikachu fights Charizard, pause the trailer at 0:17
Since I assume Charizard is gonna be saved for last, that seems like most of Alain's team is gonna job so they can hype Charizard some more


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Since this episode will be solely about the final it is understandable that someone will already lose 3 Pokémon unlike episode 34 where we still had Alain vs Remo, but Charizard showing up already is kinda strange tbh.


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Let's hope for lots of switching around, I guess?

As far as this episode, I liked it enough. Nothing too surprising, seems like it was mostly a recap episode for anyone who jumped on board halfway or the like. It had some nice character moments mixed in though, so that was nice.


Break the Limit
There’s way to much dialogue in this episode for me to give full impressions, you’re gonna have to wait for subs on this one haha.

Im sure the talks between Malva/Alan, Sycamore/Alan, Lysandre/Ash, Manon/Everyone were really good but im missing quite a bit of context. But from the things people have told me it’s some character focused stuff so im happy about that at least.

I will say im glad Manon didnt just magically forget about Chespie and she’s still utterly broken on the inside when she sees Clemont’s Chespin. I got a laugh at how they tried playing up Clemont/Chespin’s bond to make it look especially “magical” to Manon despite..well…we know the truth xD.

Seeing her interact with the XY Fam as well as the Kalos Trio was also really nice to see, they all gave her their sympathy for her Chespie’s condition and that’s all really nice. What isnt nice iss her still CLEARLY BEING ****ING MANIPULATED BY LYSANDRE LIKE WHAT A PIECE OF **** GET AWAY FROM HER

Malva my girl still screwing with Alan, its is my new favorite thing, apparently shes trying to make Alan believe Manon wont need him once Chespie is healed (???), and im just….why does she like messing with him so much?? it’s hysterical.

I feel like the talks between Ash/Lys, and Alan/Sycamore were meant to contrast in some way but im so barren with no subs I cant begin to tell you how but im sure it was deep, at least Sycamore and Alan are finally on speaking terms.

And finally, wow holy crap Ash is in the Finals, it’s really happening. I gotta say im a little disappointed there wasnt more introspective thought, no real amazement by Ash, realizing how far he’s come and how this is his ‘final’ step, nah he’s pretty self assured already lol. Its not needed but it would definitely be appreciated.

As a character/buildup episode its pretty great, im sure it will even be greater once I know what they’re all saying lol


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Yeah a dialog heavy episode. Just have to wait for the subs until I rate this episode.

But seems like a good preperation episode for both the league final and the TF climax.

Also Sawyer crying gave me some feels...


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Well, I neevvveerrr would have guessed that this wasn't a filler. I thought they were going to look for Chespin the entire episode. It isn't like we got introduced to Lysandre and Mairin, had both Ash and Alain get prepared for their match, see Team Flare get into Prism Tower and make it their base of operations. But yeah, obvious Chespin filler...

But, seriously though, the Chespin stuff got out of the way within 5 minutes like a few people believed would happen and a lot went on even if I can't understand it.

The episode was a great way to bring everything together as they managed to tie Lysandre and Mairin into the plot by interacting with Ash and the others and it seems that Sycamore is looking into the Ash-Greninja phenomenon as well.

And that preview! Pikachu faces Tyranitar, Metagross, Charizard and Weavile at points throughout the battle!? Is he determined or what! Also, Hawlucha vs Weavile and Talonflame vs Unfezant confirmed based on the preview as well.