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Kalos: Where Dreams Come True!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Colton S, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. Colton S

    Colton S Beware Bewear

    Chapter 1: The Start of a New Adventure!
    Just so everyone knows, Pokemon speech will be in brackets. [ ]

    As the big, red sun rose over Vaniville Town, one young teenager was about to start her journey. The daughter of Grace, the famous Ryhorn Racer, was still sleeping soundly in her pink bedroom. As Serena slept, her mother called from the downstairs kitchen area.
    “Serena! Time to get up! I made breakfast and you are supposed to meet with your friends in Aquacorde at 8 AM sharp!”
    As she yelled, a few muffled grunts came from the upstairs.
    “No…. I need my sleep…”
    As Grace heard this, she knelt down to her Fletchling. “Fletchling, be a dear and wake Serena up, will you?”
    [Of course! Whatever you need, Grace!] The Pokemon took flight. It flew up the stairs, and in through the crack of Serena’s door. Light enveloped the orange bird Pokemon as it took hold of the pink, white, and red curtains. As Fletchling opened them up, Serena’s eyes fluttered open. She began to speak to the bird.
    “Oh. It’s you, Fletchling. I’m glad that you didn’t wake me up by hitting me in the face like a few days ago…”
    [Okay, okay, now get dressed and head downstairs. You need to eat something before going to Aquacorde Town!]
    “I get it! Just go downstairs, and I’ll be there in a few minutes.” Serena told her mother’s Pokemon as it hopped out the door and down the stairs. Serena trudged over to her dresser; she looked in the mirror and saw how messy her dark blonde hair was. (I definitely need to fix that…) She thought to herself. She pulled out the top drawer in her dresser, finding lots of different outfits. “Hmmm…. Let’s see. I think I’ll wear this hat with this top and those shoes!” After a few minutes, she had decided on an outfit consisting of a pink hat with a pair of white sunglasses on top. Next, she had a black shirt with a white collar, a red skirt, black leggings, and white sneakers. Her hair had been combed and it was about shoulder length. After fixating on herself for a few seconds, she heard a voice from downstairs.
    “Serena! Your food is getting cold! Hurry up! It’s 7:30!”
    “Alright mom! Coming down the stairs!” Serena said as she landed on the bottom floor.

    She looked around and saw a boring documentary on the flat screen TV. As she walked into the kitchen, she sat on a barstool where a plate of waffles was waiting. Beside it, there was a cup of coffee. Her mother always knew how to fix Serena coffee. With lots of milk, of course! Serena ate her food and drank her coffee. She decided not to bring her bag, because she knew that she would be back. “Thanks for food, mom! Now, I’ve got to go to Aquacorde!”
    “Take care, honey! See you in a little while!” Said her mother as Serena opened up the door that lead to the outside world. It was a peaceful morning, and she walked past her mother’s sleeping Ryhorn. Everywhere around her, flowers were blooming. The blue sky was as peaceful as ever. It was a beautiful spring day. Serena rounded the corner, and pushed through the big wooden doors. She walked down Vaniville Pathway, also known as Route 1. The trees were starting to get leaves that they had lost in the winter. After a few minutes, she arrived in Aquacorde. She walked past two buildings, to a relaxation area where lots of Vaniville natives came to watch the sun rise and relax. It was a picture perfect day, as the sun was shining on the beautiful water. As she stared in awe, she was called over by a voice.
    “Serena! Over here!” Said a male voice. Serena recognized him as her next door neighbor, named Calem.
    Serena saw a group of four teens sitting at a table. She saw another girl with brown pigtails, a pink shirt, and black shorts. It was Shauna. She came from Snowbelle City, which was on the other side of the Pokemon League.
    “Come here, Serena!” Shauna yelled to the blonde haired teen.
    Serena walked over to the table and sat down in the vacant chair beside Calem.
    “Alright, everyone’s here!” Said Calem. “The reason that you’re here is because these two have something for each of us.
    “I’m Tierno!” Said the bigger boy, who was a bit pudgy. “My dream is to make the perfect Pokemon dance team!”
    “I’m Trevor.” Said the smaller boy who had orange hair. “My dream is to complete the Pokedex for Professor Sycamore.
    “Nice to meet you both! I’m Serena!”
    “And I’m C-”
    “CAN WE SEE THE POKEMON NOW?” Yelled Shauna. “I’m dying to meet them!” She looked over at Calem and hung her head. “Sorry, Calem. I’ll introduce you. This is Calem and I’m Shauna.”
    “Okay… You can choose one of these Pokemon for yourself. Trevs and I have some already.” Tierno produced a capsule looking object from his backpack. “Who wants to choose first?”
    “Serena should go first!” Said Shauna.
    “I agree.” Said Calem. “Go ahead! Choose!”
    “Alright… I have no idea which Pokemon are which, so I’ll take this one!” Serena grabbed the Pokeball in the middle. “I choose you!” She said as a Fox Pokemon formed outside of the ball.
    “Wow! It’s Fennekin!” Said Shauna. “It’s so cute! Now it’s my turn!” Shauna grasped the sphere to the left, and said, “Chespin! I choose you!” A little green Pokemon with spikes on its head materialized before the group. “You’re awesome already!”
    “Well, I guess that means that I have Froakie. I wanted it from the start!”
    “Do you wanna nickname your Fennekin?” Asked Shauna.
    “Well, I think I’ll name this little guy Sirius! Do you like the name?”
    [You bet! I can’t wait to travel around with you!]
    “I also have something for you. Here’s a Pokedex. It will help you identify different types of Pokemon.”
    Serena received something that looked sort of like a tablet. She held it up to Fennekin. It spoke in a robotic voice.
    “Fennekin. The Fox Pokemon. Fennekin’s favorite snack are twigs, and its red fur in its ears can become very hot to the touch.”
    “Sounds awesome! I can’t wait to start my journey with my little Chespin!” Said Shauna.
    “Take this to your mother. It’s from the professor.” Calem said as he handed Serena a letter.
    “I’ll take good care of it until I get home!” Serena began to stand up, although she was interrupted by Shauna.
    “WAIT! You need a nickname! How about Lil’ S?”
    “She looks like S-Meister Would fit her better!” Said Tierno.
    (First of all, no. Second of all, gross.) Thought Serena.
    “Maybe she should decide for herself.” Calem stated.
    “Yeah. I think that I really don’t need one. I like my name, plain and simple. So you can call me Serena!”
    “Okay. I guess if you don’t want one, that’s okay.” Said Tierno. “You better get going and deliver that letter!”
    Serena left the table, and went on her way. She got into Vaniville, but soon she heard a voice.
    “Wait! Serena! Let’s battle!” Said Shauna. They each pulled out a Pokeball out and started their battle.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2013

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