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Kanga Games (002)

Mrs. Oreo

The cabin here reminded me of the pokemon center from the Charmander episode. I was surprised that Onix didn't mind moving around in snow ha ha and I liked the toboggan scene with Togepi and the baby Kangashkan. ^o^
Huh, why were the cast's Pokemon all alone again in a cold setting? And where/when exactly did this take place: Kanto or Johto? I cackled when we saw Squirtle and Bulbasaur begin the snow ball fight lol.


So once again, Satoshi's friends were hanging out in a snowy setting, and it's funny that Takeshi's Ishitsubute got more screen-time here than he usually gets in the main series.
The infant Garuura playing with the cast's Pokemon was cute, and I enjoyed the downhill race as well.