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Kanto, Johto, and hoenn starters. and more rares available here!


Ok, im hoping to keep this trade thread alive, because once ive got my GC>GBA connector, i can get Ho=oH, Lugia, 3 Dogs, And 3 Birds!

But, ill take most offers, shinys [only for my rare pokemon obv.] Legendaries, rares, or just any pokemon really you have to offer. Especially Jibacoil!!! or magnezone as its english name >.>

You will have to tell me in advance which ones you want, cause im only trading lvl 1 untouched starters, so ill have to pal park them, then breed, then hatch. But today... I have Charmanders and Mudkips on offer.

Other pokes i have

Solrock Only One!
Digletts ^.^
Pidgeys... theyre actually prettty good when evolved, and uncatchable in sinnoh

i have more waiting to be pal parked tommorow, but for today these are all i have!


New Member
I'm willing to trade a magnezone and two other pokemon for a charmander, a squirtle and a bulbasaur. If there are any other pokemon that you're interested in, I can tell you if I have one. Unfortunately, I don't have time to trade today, I have a calculus test to study for, but I should be able to trade tomorrow after school if you agree to trade.


New Member
Uhm, ^_^ just saying Pidgeys can be caught in swarms in sinnoh. So they actually are catchable in sinnoh. So you might want to edit your post.


Uhm, ^_^ just saying Pidgeys can be caught in swarms in sinnoh. So they actually are catchable in sinnoh. So you might want to edit your post.

ohhh mann -_- no i wont edit my post. And to the person who offered magnezone, yeah sure, but i have to wait untill tommorow to get them pal parked?


Pidgey are catchable in Sinnoh. If you won't edit your post, you are leading people to believe something that isn't true. But, surely, people are intelligent enough to look up the Pokedex, right?


New Member
Are there any other particular pokemon that you want, or do I just trade you whatever pokemon? I'd like to know which ones as soon as possible so i can breed and hatch them, if necessary.


The Starter Lover
can i request all 3 johto starters? U can tell me what u want and i will & get it for u.