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Kanto, Pokemonland, and Kanto, Japan.

Do you think Kanto and the new d/p land look like places in Japan?

  • Yes, of course I do!

    Votes: 9 90.0%
  • No, of course I don't!

    Votes: 1 10.0%

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Is it me, or does Pokemon land have a few Japanese land masses? We all know Kanto is the first pokemon land, but did you know that it is also looks and is pronounced the same as Kanto, the region where Tokyo is located? And the new d/p land looks a bit like the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. If you think so, then obviously I've hit something. If not, then obviously I'm insane of thinking of it.
Old news, been known for a long time that Kanto is based on the area Tokyo is located and Shino is based on Hokkaido.
So you didnt find anything new.

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um...DUH!!!!!!!tich...old news


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Question has been answered. A mod should close this thread now. I have to try to stop acting like a mod, don't I?

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