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Kanto Skies [RP Thread]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Tangeh, May 13, 2015.

  1. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Kanto Skies

    - Role-Play Thread -

    *Discussion Thread*
    *Sign-Up Thread*

    Kanto Region Map:


    Can't find your bearings without labels? Here's an interactive map. Note that the wild pokémon listed there may not be accurate to the RP.


    **The locations will have a wider variety of pokémon than their in-game counterparts. Each location will be posted both here and in the RP thread upon entering so you know what to expect. You can backtrack to old locations by yourself, but you must wait for the group to move onwards. I'm discounting any pokémon available by fishing until the rods are obtained.

    Pallet Town: This small, quaint town was actually built fairly recently in comparison to the rest of Kanto. The main place of interest is Professor Oak's Laboratory, which is where new trainers can go to receive their starter pokémon, pokémon license, and pokédex.
    -> Wild Pokémon: None

    Route 1: A simple country road that connects Pallet Town to Viridian City. A dirt path at one point marked the way through the entire route, but a lack of upkeep has allowed tall grass to grow over the path in several areas. This route isn’t very long, but it features a bit of an incline, making the journey to Viridian notably more difficult than the road to Pallet. There is a large flock of spearow that nest in a tree not far from the entrance to Viridian; new trainers are advised not to bother them as they can be highly aggressive if disturbed.

    Accessible from: Pallet Town, Viridian City

    -> Wild Pokémon:

    VERY COMMON: Pidgey, Rattata
    COMMON: Hoothoot, Spinarak, Bunnelby, Starly
    UNCOMMON: Spearow (HORDE), Poochyena, Flabébé (yellow & red flower)
    RARE: Purrloin, Nincada, Flabébé (white, orange, & blue flower)
    VERY RARE: Shinx

    Viridian City A beautiful locale that is filled with greenery year-round. The gym specializes in ground-type pokémon, but the gym leader is often absent for weeks or even months at a time; unfortunately, you’ve come at such a time, and thus the gym is temporarily closed. Other areas of interest include the local Pokémon Center, Poké Mart, and Pokémon Academy. The Academy provides free classes for newly-registered trainers on basic battle terminology and strategies. When not passed out on the streets, a local elderly man also enjoys teaching young trainers how to catch pokémon. Though he claims to simply require coffee in the mornings to stay awake, local rumours and common sense suggest he's actually a drunkard.

    -> Wild Pokémon: None

    Route 22: This path leads to the Pokémon League Front Gate, which in turn leads to Victory Road – the true test for trainers who have collected all eight gym badges. Compared to the pokémon on Victory Road, the wild encounters on Route 22 are laughably weak. Two areas of thick grass and a small pond pose minor barriers in the way of the Pokémon League Front Gate, but newer trainers may enjoy it as a secluded training ground.

    Accessible from: Viridian City, Pokémon League Front Gate / Route 23

    -> Wild Pokémon:

    Very Common: Nidoran♂, Nidoran♀
    Common: Rattata, Spearow, Mankey, Ledyba
    Uncommon: Bidoof, Poliwag
    Rare: Seedot, Kricketot
    Very Rare: Dunsparce

    Route 2 (Bottom): A winding path that leads to Viridian Forest. The trees become gradually thicker as you approach the forest’s entrance. Diglett’s Cave is inaccessible due to the overgrowth of trees, though Viridian City is planning on cutting a path in the near future. Compared with Route 1, Route 2 is much flatter and has a well-defined path to guide travellers. The grass on this area is sparse, but pokémon still take refuge where they can find it.

    Accessible from: Viridian City, Viridian Forest, Diglett’s Cave (blocked)

    -> Wild Pokémon:

    VERY COMMON: Pidgey, Rattata
    COMMON: Hoothoot, Spinarak, Bunnelby, Starly
    UNCOMMON: Caterpie, Weedle, Panpour, Pansear, Pansage
    RARE: Nincada, Ledyba, Timburr
    VERY RARE: Plusle, Minun

    Viridian Forest: A deep and spiraling woodland that has been described by many as a natural maze. The path, scarcely visible beneath the tall grass, winds itself among the trees, making it easy for newcomers to get lost. The trees in the area are so dense that very little light gets through, further complicating this forest’s navigation. Bug-type pokémon in particular thrive in the low light and shelter of the tree canopy. The forest is also well known for being one of very few places to find the popular pokémon pikachu, though they can be shy and difficult to spot among the foliage. Trainers are strongly cautioned to avoid the beedrill nest that makes its home in a single tree. This tree is easy to spot as it is the largest in the forest and covered in kakuna. Poison-heals are a recommended essential.

    Accessible from: Route 2 (Bottom), Route 2 (Top)

    -> Wild Pokémon:

    VERY COMMON: Caterpie, Weedle, Hoothoot, Spinarak
    COMMON: Kricketot, Wurmple, Scatterbug, Venipede
    UNCOMMON: Shroomish, Murkrow, Sewaddle, Fletchling, Kakuna, Metapod
    RARE: Pichu, Pikachu
    VERY RARE: Beedrill [Swarm]

    Route 2 (top): A short path leading from Viridian Forest to Pewter City. The path itself is straight and kept very clean, with plenty of space for wild pokemon training off the path to the left. This acts as a great training ground for those looking to challenge the Pewter City gym.

    Accessible from: Pewter City, Viridian Forest

    -> Wild Pokémon:
    VERY COMMON: Pidgey, Rattata
    COMMON: Hoothoot, Spinarak, Bunnelby, Starly
    UNCOMMON: Caterpie, Weedle, Panpour, Pansear, Pansage
    RARE: Ralts, Munna, Bellsprout
    VERY RARE: Dedenne, Pachirisu

    Pewter City: A quiet city nestled between rugged mountains and rocks. The Pewter City Gym specializes in rock-type pokémon, and the gym leader is Brock. Trainers that defeat him receive the Boulder Badge. One of the city’s main attractions is the Pewter City Museum. It is the largest museum in the Kanto region, and features ancient pokémon fossils as well as a space exhibit. Wanted posters decorate every public building in Pewter City. They all feature the same message: “Notice! Thieves have been stealing pokémon fossils from Mt. Moon. Please call the Pewter Police if you have any information.” A well-meaning local resident will happily redirect any newcomers to the gym if they haven't visited it yet, essentially blocking access to Route 3 for the time being.

    Accessible from: Route 2 (Top), Route 3

    -> Wild Pokémon: None

    RPer list:
    1. Tangeh (GM) [Miella Reeves]
    2. Schade [Zachary "Zach" Lascelles]
    3. Cobalt XIV [Rodrigo Fuentes]
    4. Monster Guy [Andre Bellamy]
    5. VampirateMace [Lucile Mace]
    6. The top co-ordinator [Alyssa Bogard]
    7. TheGOAT [Keith "Mac" McArthur]
    8. legnak [Legna James Krad]


    1. No god-modding / no Mary Sues (no perfect/ invincible characters. You cannot dodge every hit or win every battle!)

    2. No powerplaying (“bunnying”) without permission, unless exceptionally minor in order to progress the RP. THIS MEANS NO AUTO-HITTING (do NOT harm another player’s character in your own post. It is up to the RPer themselves to decide 1. IF they are hit by an attack and 2. To what DEGREE the attack affected them)! If you have permission to bunny another player's character, be sure to play them with the characteristics outlined in their sign-up (you can click them up above for a quick link).

    I will first gently remind you and then whine at you excessively and publically if you continue to break either of the two above rules. I have the right to ask you to leave the RP if it gets out of hand. Pls don’t do it.

    3. Remember that the discussion thread should be used for the majority of OOC discussion pertaining to the RP, but if you have to put a brief out of character snippet before or after your main post, label it either with ((double brackets)) and/or OOC: / IC: before posting to avoid confusion.
    ((OOC: Hey *other user*, you made my character Miella move without my permission and she wasn't done in this area yet, so I'm going to pretend that section of your post didn't happen. Remember that bunnying is against the rules unless it's really minor and Tangeh will get you if you do it again ^^))


    Miella Reeves
    Viridian Forest

    Miella nervously glanced around at the pillars of trees...

    4. Remember to follow all RPG forum rules! In particular remember that there is a 200-word minimum on all posts in this section.

    5. Put your character's name and location at the top of every post in bold (see above or below for an example). You can colour this if you'd like, but keep the rest of your post the default text colour to avoid making it unreadable to somebody with a different forum skin than you. (I'm not making it a requirement to put which characters you're affecting in your post, but you can do so if it helps you.)

    6. Be nice and don't spam or flame etc. Not that you guys would, right? If you need any clarifications on the above rules, feel free to ask! Make a post in the discussion thread or PM/ VM me if you have questions. Have fun!

    Miella Reeves
    Parents' House (Pallet Town)

    A teenaged girl pushed her slightly curly black hair out of her face with one hand, and used the other to slowly finger down a large stack of books. She paused at each one and kept a verbal tally as she went along. "'Pokémon Research Methods, Volume VII', 15; 'Status Conditions and the Environment, Third Edition', 16; 'Pokémon Evolution - "

    "Miella!" A middle aged woman with similarly black hair peeked her head around the corner to stare at her daughter. "Honey, I thought you finished packing over a week ago?"

    The girl nodded and reluctantly stopped counting with a sigh. "I'm just triple-checking that I have everything. I'm only bringing the bare essentials, so I need to be extra sure that I didn't forget anything I'll need later..." She began shoving the books into a giant brown bag that was lying open on her bed.

    Her mother stared at her in bemusement. "Are you sure that you need all of those textbooks? That bag must be awfully heavy."

    "Huh?" Miella blinked at the question, as if she hadn't considered it before. "N-no, it's okay! I still have room for pokémon supplies. I even have a tent and a sleeping bag!" Regrettably, she had elected to leave 'Infinite Space: The Logic Behind Inventory, Volume XI' at home, but was knowledgeable enough on the subject to know not to think about it too hard lest she get a headache.

    "...That's not quite what I meant, but so long as you can lift it..."

    "No, it's fine!" Miella hastily ran to the mirror and adjusted her prescription glasses with one hand and smoothed out her shirt with the other. She was wearing a long red t-shirt with a rounded neck that fit smoothly against her body, black leggings, and black converse-style sneakers. Much to her mother's amazement, she then swung the brown bag easily over her shoulder and ran to hug her mother for one last time. Both were smiling, though sadness was intermixed in their expressions. "I'll be fine mom, I promise. I've reread all of the basic trainer manuals, memorized the type-chart..."

    "Just don't rely on the textbooks too much," her mother reminded her. "Practicality is the most important thing when it comes to pokémon training."

    "...Yeah, the textbooks said that too. But that's why this journey is so important, right?" The unknown was always such a scary phenomenon, and even with all of her preparation she knew that there would be surprises. She hadn't even met the other people that Professor Oak mentioned were invited to his laboratory today, nor knew anything at all about them. They could be far more experienced than her already - she wondered if she would be the only one who hadn't chosen their starter pokémon yet...

    Whether she chose bulbasaur, charmander, or squirtle, she knew it wouldn't matter in the end; the textbooks said that much, describing the importance of a bond above stats or typings. And of course, Professor Oak mentioned he would have a few other pokémon besides those three to choose from - she didn't want to set her heart on anything until she could meet them for herself.

    After saying goodbye to both of her parents for one last time, Miella emerged into a beautiful Pallet Town morning. The sun was shining, and it was pleasantly warm with a gentle breeze. She didn't live far from Professor Oak's Laboratory and knew she would be early at this rate, but was anxious to get started, so she began making her way toward the lab anyways.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2015
  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Andre Bellamy
    Ferry > Pallet Town

    Andre was in his room on the ferry he took from the Unova Region. He was busy studying his reflection in the bathroom mirror, making sure he was presentable before he stepped off the ship. He had to look good at all times, because he never knew where there will be someone with a camera who wants to take his picture. He couldn't afford to have a bad hair day, or else that picture would end up in a magazine, and the tabloids would rip him to shreds. Such is the life of a star. In the end, it was all worth it for the fame and fortune.

    Once he finished brushing his blonde hair, he adjusted his ruby necklace like it was a tie, and checked the mirror one last time. "C'est magnifique!" He exclaimed once he was satisfied, he sprayed on some lavender scented perfume, and put on his pink beret. He completed the look by grabbing a pair of pink sunglasses, and putting them top of his head. Just in time too, because the foghorn just sounded, signaling the ship had come into port. Andre grabbed his pink heart shaped messenger bag, which had a red satin bow on it. If you didn't know better, it was easy to assume that it was a girl's bag. He went through the contents of his bag, pulled out a Pokeball, and called out the Pokemon inside. "Jolie, come!"

    In a flash of light a Cleffa with a large red bow on her head, and a diamond studded collar around her neck appeared at Andre's feet. The small, pink, Fairy type stretched her stubby little arms, and yawned as if she had been awoken from a nap.

    "Très bien!" He put the sunglasses over his eyes, took Jolie into his arms, and left his room.

    As soon as the ship docked, Andre had to navigate through a crowd of restless trainers who were also looking foward to starting their journeys. Andre was excited as the rest of them. He hadn't been able to do this when he was younger because of his busy film career, and his parents not really allowing him to do very much on his own. He was very much looking foward to making new friends in this new region, and getting some adorable Pokemon. Still, he knew how to be polite. Unlike some of these kids, who were pushing and shoving their way through the crowd to get off the boat first. They were also loud and obnoxious, which was upsetting to the Cleffa Andre was holding. There was still plenty of Pokemon to capture, and plenty of time to enjoy the experience. It wasn't necessary to be rude. Nevertheless, he kept his cool, and calmly made his way through.

    Once Andre did finally step off the ship, he dusted himself off, and breathed a sigh of relief that he finally made it. He knew his next destination was Professor Oaks laboratory, which wasn't far from the dock. He didn't get very far before he heard the familiar sound of teenage girls screaming. Soon, he was surrounded by fans and photographers. Andre was amazed they were able to find him all the way over here, but he was alright with it. After all, these people were supporting his career, the least he could do is give them what they wanted. Andre believed that celeberties who complain about media attention were liars. They would not be celeberties if they didn't want attention.

    Andre casually strolled to the lab while posing for a few pictures, signing some autographs, and interacting with his fans. Even Jolie enjoyed the attention. Eventually, Andre made it to the lab. Before going inside, he turned to the crowd, blew everyone a kiss, and smiled, which caused all the girls in the audience to swoon. "Merci beaucoup, mesdames et messieurs! You have been a wonderful audience! Au revoir!" With that, he took a bow, and entered the building.
    Last edited: May 18, 2015
  3. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    Zachary Lascelles
    Ferry > Pallet Town

    Zachary was lying in bed in his room on the Ferry heading to the Kanto region. There wasn't really that much to do, and considering that his room was so luxurious, he decided he would spend most of his time in. It would be such a waste not to do so anyway. Faust (Sneasel) was out of his Pokeball, and was sitting in a corner, sleeping on a pillow as well. Nothing beats boredom as a good nights... or mornings.. Afternoons? Sleep. What time was it anwyay? Meh, it didn't matter. It had been a long ride, and Zach had stockpiled with fod so they didn't need to exit the room anytime soon, not even to explore. He had heard enough stories about ships from the Kanto region, and was a little paranoid about it.

    Suddenly, the ships foghorn sounded, signalizing that the ship had arrived at its destination. Zach let out a slightly revealed sigh, and Faust jumped to his feet, seemingly full of energy. Zach knew that there would be no point in exiting the ferry now, as it was more than crowded. Instead, he decided he would take a look in the gigantic mirror in the room, everyone knows that one always have to look as best as possible, and due to his career, Zach was no exception. Part of the modelling-career was to look smashing, after all. humming a tune from a song he had heard somewhere, he quickly finished styling his hair, did a change of clothing to his normal but classy jeans and shirt, and made sure his necklace looked perfect. He could still hear the rumble of people exiting the boat, and knew he had more than enough time to spare. "Hey, Faust, come here for a bit" He said, as the Sneasel jumped on to the table in front of him, sitting down face towards the mirror. "Not fair that only I shall be beautiful, non?" Zach said as he started to brush Fausts fur. Faust obviously liked it, and closed his eyes, looking like he was in heaven, which made Zach laugh.

    After finishing up in the room, the duo decided it was best for them to exit the boat as well, if they didn't want to stay for a trip back to Kalos. navigating through the ship was easy, and there were next to no one left. As they got out in the fresh air of Pallet Town, they both stretched before leaving. there were young aspiring trainers E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E!, and it quickly got crowded, much to Zachs displease. some of them also had their Pokemon out, and it was all sorts of Pokemon from across the globe, from Petilil, to grumpy Glameows, to energic Pikachus. This was a totally new atmosphere from what Zach was used to, as he worked most of his time, and attended social events during his spare time. "Uhm.. Excuse me, have I seen you before?" a cute girl with pigtails asked him. "Uhm... I don't think so..?" Zach said innocently. She did know him. everyone who knew what Fashion was, knew who Zach was. Allthough, it was easier for him, as people usually didn't recognize models in everyday situations. Maybe because he looked more human now, than some Lady Gaga-inspired walking piece of art like he sometimes did during jobs. It was a brilliant way of escaping potential paparazzi and fans, which Zach could see had already swarmed around some unlucky individual.

    Pallet town was a pretty small town, despite the huge amounts of people who had gathered there, so it wasn't exactly easy to navigate. There was a map placed at the center of a small town square, but there were people swarming around there as well, so it was difficult to see anything. "Faust, could you take a look for me?" Zach tod Faust, who nodded before jumping up on the head of the guy in front of them, before jumping his way to the front where the sign was. after a short while and a lot of "Hey! What?! Auch! Eek!" and whatnot, Faust returned. "Snee!" he said, pointing at one direction towards a building not too long from them. "Aah, lovely. Thank you!" Zach said before heading towards the lab, followed by Faust.
  4. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Cheapest Ferry > Pallet Town > Oak's Lab

    Pokémon: Blue (Oddish)

    Mace stared at the water, watching the sunlight sparkle off the crests of the waves. This boat was a lot smaller then the last that had taken her to Cinnabar, and had a lot bumpier ride too. Blue chattered softly as he was bounced up and down on her lap. She glanced up, the woman next to her was still explaining about how she had family in Pallet town, and was finally able to afford to go see them, and they didn't know she was coming. Mace didn't really know why the woman was telling a stranger her life's story, but nodded and made vague encouraging comments anyways. She was kind of starting to worry this woman would get there, only to find her family had gone on vacation.

    The top of a Tentacruel's head bobbed up out of the water, much to the delight of the other passengers who excitedly crowded around, rocking the small ferry. “Ooddd,” murmured Blue nervously. Mace pat his head, and waited for the excitement around them to settle down. Wild pokemon were pretty cool, but she was feeling a little claustrophobic. But at least the lonely woman was distracted for a moment. Soon enough though, the pokemon dove, and the other passengers returned to their seats. Then the woman asked, “So, where was I?”

    Mace shrugged, “Sorry. I'm not sure.”

    As they arrived at the docks, Mace could see larger more comfortable looking ships unloading passengers. A lot of passengers. There seemed to be some commotion going on too, with shouting and the flashes of cameras. Surely, not all these people were here in response to Oak?

    Mace carried Blue down the gangplank, as she did not trust him to be alone in this crowded of a place, and pushed her way through to a dockside map. She scanned the map for the customary red 'you are here' dot or star, then the lab. As luck would have it, the Lab was nearby. The way to it was exceptionally crowded though, as the commotion she'd witnessed earlier was taking place somewhere in that vicinity. She pushed her way through the horde of disheartened looking teen girls and gleeful photographers. Seriously, what the heck had just happened?

    She shook her head and pushed open the the lab door.
    Last edited: May 14, 2015
  5. PeeGee

    PeeGee ROAWR!

    Joseph Hildebrand
    Ferry -> Pallet Town

    Joseph was so glad to finally get off the ferry, being couped up like that was not his idea of a good time. Not to mention it was so boring, Joseph didn't have anyone that he knew on board, and he didn't feel like doing anything like being social or getting to know people. It was pointless to do so on a ferry of all things, so he just sat by himself in silence. He swore that he had never felt as happy as he did when the ferry finally stopped.

    This is such an honor
    thought Joseph as he got off the ferry and looked onwards at Pallet Town. It somewhat reminded him of home, weirdly enough. Perhaps it had something to do with the atmosphere of the place. Whatever, it wasn't important. What was important was that he got to Oak's lab, where he could pick a starter pokemon.

    Joseph was suddenly shocked out of his thoughts when he heard a whole bunch of teenage girls screaming, a closer examination revealing that they were screaming about some actor or something. Oh great, the last thing that we need around here is some fancy pants actor running around making everything a pain to do. Shaking his head at the people wasting their time, Joseph pushed his way through the crowd and entered the lab, hoping that whoever the people were going crazy for wasn't in the lab.
  6. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego Vendrix
    Vermillion Port -> Pallet Town via Ferry
    Pokemon: Pikachu

    Diego awoke from his nap and stretched in his room. Looking outside the window, he could tell. He was here. In Pallet Town. The cruise wasn't long. He took the ship that would leave from Olivine City to Vermillion City, but rather than take the direct ship, he took the one that would stop at other locales such as Cinnabar Island and in his case, Pallet Town. He made sure he had everything he needed in his backpack before looking at his trusted companion.

    His buddy Pikachu.

    Pikachu was also waking up from his nap and stretching in a manner similar to his partner. He smiled at Diego and Diego smiled back. It was a new day and it was brimming with possibilities. Diego was looking forward to traveling with a group. The opportunity to make friends excited him; he decided to contribute to the group via his Move Tutoring. He may be still in-training, but he is still capable of teaching techniques via aura.

    As he got off, he saw that he was among several other trainers who have arrived her. He already had a starter Pokemon so he didn't need to worry. He saw that there were some guys and girls there already. In fact, one of them was surrounded by photographers and fangirls.

    He waited for the group to scatter somewhat as he got off the ferry before approaching the lab. Upon entering, he got a better view of whow as there. So far there were about four other guys and two girls present. He then noticed who was present. Andre Bellamy. He was a successful child actor and even in some of the rural parts he was known here. Why the star was here, Diego didn't know.

    Perhaps he was looking for something.

    Diego didn't know. However, he figured it'd be fun to interact.

    "Hey, you're Andre Bellamy, aren't ya?" Diego called out to him in the lab. He smiled to the actor before offering his hand for him to shake. "My name's Diego Vendrix and this is my partner Pikachu. Nice to meet you," Diego said before Pikachu waved from atop the shoulder.
  7. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Andre Bellamy
    Oak's Lab (Pallet Town)
    Pokemon: Jolie (Cleffa)
    Affected RPers: DVB, Schade (Mentioned)

    After Andre entered the lab, he raised his sunglasses onto his head, set Jolie on the floor next to him, and looked around. He was surrounded by bookshelves everywhere. A few books scattered on desks, and a couple of men in labcoats rushing back and forth to get something done. There were a few other new trainers around, but the professor was nowhere to be seen. He was likely busy with other things at the moment, and would probably be out there to talk to them later. Among the new trainers, Andre was certain he recognized one of the boys present. He was sure he had seen him on the covers of fashion magazines he read, as well as on the Kalos runways. Andre was glad he wasn't going to be the only celebrity going on this adventure.

    Before he had a chance to speak to the familiar looking boy, One of the other trainers, a brown haired boy accompanied by his Pikachu approached him. "Hey, you're Andre Bellamy, aren't ya?" Diego called out to him in the lab." The boy smiled while offering his hand for him to shake. "My name's Diego Vendrix and this is my partner Pikachu. Nice to meet you," Diego said before his Pikachu waved from atop his shoulder.

    "Oui, I am!"Andre replied with a smile of his own. He always liked being recognized by peoole. "Très heureux!" He took Diego's hand, shook it, then greeted him the same way he greeted everyone else, with a kiss on each cheek. He knew not everyone, especially other boys, reacted well to the whole kissing thing, but Andre never understood what the problem was. People back home in Lumoise greeted each other like this all the time. He still found the different reactions he got from people funny. "It is always a pleasure to meet a fan."

    Jolie tugged on Andre's pants, and pointed to herself like he had forgotten someone. "Cleffa!"

    "I was getting that, Jolie... Anyway, this is my partner, Jolie."

    "Cleffa!" The small pink Fairy type exclaimed as she took a bow.
    Last edited: May 21, 2015
  8. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    Zachary Lascelles
    Pallet Town - Oak's Lab
    Affected RP'ers: Mon, DVB

    It seemed that Zach and Faust were amongst the first ones to get to the lab. there were a few trainers there already, but the Professor himself was nowhere to be seen. Considering the high amount of new trainers starting their journey here, it was difficult to imagine how it would take place in an orderly fashion. There were other scientists there though, and they all seemed to be occupied with their daily working routines. Zach wondered what they thought about having a bunch of teenagers running around in their workplace. by the looks of it, it was Take-your-kid-to-work-day extreme version! It seemed like there was still some time until stuff started happening, so Zach walked over to one of the many bookshelves that decorated the lab, and started looking at titles. Though he wasn't an enthusiastic reader, he did enjoy a good book in order to kill off boredom, which he now intended to do.

    "Hey, you're Andre Bellamy, aren't ya?" he heard a voice say to another trainer in the lab. he cringed a second as he recognized the name. Andre Bellamy.. The slightly obnoxious, yet oddly charming young talent from the silver screens. They had met on a few occations, and though they got along well enough, he wasn't the first person on Zachs list over people he would wish to meet during his journey. My name's Diego Vendrix and this is my partner Pikachu. Nice to meet you," the newcomer said to andre. he was obviously a fan, and out of a mixture of boredom and curiosity, Zach hid behind one of the shelves in order to spy on their conversation. Nothing interesting was said, and as Andre brought out his equally obnoxious Cleffa, Zach decided it was time for him to hide in a corner with the book he found. Though Cleffa, or Jolie, or whatever Andre called her, was cute. Zach disliked how she always demanded attention, and how big of a diva she was. He hadn't ever actually met her, but he had seen her in movies and read about her. She even had her own column in 'Lumiose Star' or something! Oh well, Zach thought. No need to be rude about it. Andre was a nice guy, Jolie was.. tolerable-ish, and that Diego guy or whatever he said his name was, was... there.

    Zach found a neat spot in a group of other trainers that had found it upon themselves to kill boredom as well through a variety of different means, and he took out the book he had found. "A guide to Mega Evolution". Sounded cool enough, Zach thought as he started reading, waiting for stuff to happen.
    Last edited: May 19, 2015
  9. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Miella Reeves
    Professor Oak's Laboratory (Pallet Town)
    Affected: Monster Guy, DVB, Schade

    Miella found comfort in the familiar trail to the Professor's Laboratory. In a way, this was just like another day of work. In a new environment with new people, but it would be research nonetheless. Important research, as she had gathered from Professor Oak's letter! She smiled to herself and adjusted the brown bag on her shoulder. The sun shone pleasantly down on the quaint little town, and a few pidgey cooed from the treetops near Route 1. Yes, it was just another normal day -

    She rounded the final corner and stopped short to stare at the entrance of the laboratory, which was teeming with girls tittering over something or other. Miella wondered vaguely if these would be her traveling companions. 'But then,' she realized as she got closer, 'why would there also be photographers...?' "Um, excuse me," she mumbled as she tried to squeeze through the crowd, though they were thankfully starting to disperse a bit. 'Weird... what the heck was that all about?'

    She pushed her way through the door and breathed a sigh of relief. She glanced around the area, though there weren't as many researchers around as there typically were - she imagined they were busy helping Professor Oak with the starter pokemon. The ones that were there recognized her and offered waves and polite greetings, which Miella returned with a smile. She walked quietly past two young men busy introducing themselves to each other. The taller of the two - a blonde with a pink beret - seemed vaguely familiar, somehow, especially with the little cleffa standing by his feet. 'Cleffa... pure fairy-type, evolves into clefairy.' The other boy had a pikachu perched on his shoulder. 'Pure electric-type, native to Viridian Forest...'

    Being an assistant to an assistant at Oak's lab herself, Miella typed a code into a number pad at the end of the room and disappeared behind the password-protected door. As she'd previously suspected, most of the assistants were busy preparing for the new trainers - including the assistant she was employed by, and she lit up when she spotted him.

    "Ah, Miella!" A middle-aged man in a white coat greeted. "The professor is nearly ready for the new trainers. Could you do me a favour?"

    "That's what I'm here for, sir!" Miella piped back, giving a mock salute.

    The lab assistant chuckled. "I had a feeling you'd say that. Here, take this - " he handed her a clipboard with a list of names " - and gather the to-be trainers near the front of the room so that we can get the process started. Professor Oak will meet you in a few minutes."

    "Sure thing! Thank you!" Miella smiled and tucked the clipboard under her right arm, considering her bag was on her left.

    She exited back into the main room and glanced around. There were a number of trainers here (she assumed some of them wouldn't be on her list), but there was a boy that caught her attention as he looked to be closer to her own age. Judging by the letter she received, she assumed most of the trainers she'd be meeting with today would be older, so it was a fair bet that he would be on her list. He was near a few other trainers, and reading a book that she immediately recognized as "A Guide to Mega Evolution" (she hadn't brought her own copy with her, though she'd made sure to skim it before leaving the house). He looked as if he'd put a lot of effort into styling his hair as it looked absolutely perfect - she felt a flush of self-consciousness, but gently cleared her throat anyways. "Um, excuse me?" She adjusted the clipboard into her left hand and offered her right hand to shake. "My name is Miella Reeves. Sorry to bother you, but I'm trying to get a quick count of the next group of trainers that Professor Oak is meeting with. What's your name?" She took a quick skim down the list of names and did a double-take. "W-wait, Andre Bellamy...?!" She craned her neck to sneak a glance at the blonde boy she noticed walking in. 'THE Andre Bellamy? I thought he looked familiar...' She wasn't one to be particularly well-versed on pop culture, but heck she didn't live under a rock. Why would he be here, and on the list no less? "Er, s-sorry." Her attention sprung back to the boy she'd spoken to before, realizing she'd gotten momentarily distracted. "Where was I... Oh, um, name?"
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  10. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Oak's Lab

    The lab was crowded, not quite as bad as the dock, but enough to feel a little claustrophobic. Lots of boys, Mace noticed, but then wasn't it slightly more common for boys to become trainers? One of them caught her attention just by being a bit different, dressed in pink and paired with an adorable pokemon, that is. He seemed to have caught the attention of another guy, accompanied by a Pikachu, “Hey, you're Andre Bellamy, aren't ya? My name's Diego Vendrix and this is my partner Pikachu. Nice to meet you

    Andre, since that apparently was his name, replied, “Oui, I am! Très heureux!” to Mace's surprised he kissed the other guy at this point, “It is always a pleasure to meet a fan. I was getting that, Jolie... Anyway, this is my partner, Jolie.”

    A fan? Was this guy some sort of celebrity? He was eccentric enough to be, but he seemed. . . friendly enough. She looked down at the Oddish in her arms, “We should probably try to make some friends too, eh Blue?”

    She looked around a bit, there was cute guy nearby, but he seemed to be engrossed in a book. Books! Mace couldn't afford a lot of books, but this lab had a beautiful selection. She was tempted to start reading herself. She set Blue down at her feet, and slipped a copy of 'Know Your Type: and How to Work With It' off the shelf, a strategy guide to picking the best pokemon for a battle, full of charts, with expert opinions and suggestions. She skimmed this, still looking up occasionally, to make sure she wasn't missing anything important.

    Another girl, around her age, with a clipboard, had appeared, and was talking to the cute guy. Asking his name. Oh, were they checking in? She closed the book and pushed it back onto the shelf.
  11. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Jessalyn MacDougal
    Ferry > Pallet Town

    Jessie knew, from the telltale sound of the anchor dropping, that the ferry had landed in Pallet Town, the ferry that had smuggled her out to freedom when she made the trip from Vermilion. Truth be told, it was the least harrowing part of her escape; trying to break into Rocket warehouse was a lot scarier, and required timing. The Magnet Train? Not as simple as many thought. Team Rocket had eyes everywhere, and she was already lucky to have made the journey out of Saffron in one piece, without the wrong people trailing or recognizing her. Thankfully, none of her ferry mates seemed to be affiliated with Rocket. She did not want to relive the nightmare, be anyone's tool ever again, tenderness and kisses be damned.

    "C'mon, Tristan boy…you don't want to be left behind, do you?" The raven-haired girl goaded, her eyes on the sleeping Zorua on her bed. The tiny, dark-furred fox was enjoying its nap, a rare thing for him as he usually was very active. Jessie poked at his left ear a couple of times, knowing it to be his sensitive spot, and the Pokemon got up and barked in surprise before he laid his eyes on his partner, and smirked with his usual cocky grin. He hopped into her arms, and She had enough money left to afford a ticket to a pretty good ferry, with a small room to herself and relatively few people onboard. It wasn't the fastest, but she ended up in Pallet anyway. After pushing a few stray locks of the dark hair that had escaped her loose braid behind her ears, she then pushed the door open, stepping out into the small, rather cramped hall that led to the deck.

    As she stepped out of the ferry, Jessie noticed a group of people gathering, most of them coming from other ferries. One particular blond head was surrounded by paparazzi. She clenched her lips. Naturally, Andre Bellamy, she thought. His movies were guilty pleasures among some of the grunts, both male and female, a fact that she was witness to more than once. Shaking the memory from her mind, she focused on what she had to do: get to the Pokemon lab, and receive a Pokedex, as well as her license. As she already had Tristan, she didn't see the need to have a starter as well. The Zorua, stolen or not, was her choice of Pokemon, and she dreaded having to give him up for the stupid reason of taking it illegally. Deciding not to waste any more time, she jostled her way through the crowd, holding on to her Zorua. Freedom, she almost felt as if she could taste it, even if she knew that it was but a temporary reprieve. Rocket had a presence in Kanto, and she already had experienced going on smuggling missions to some of its cities. However, it was what she could afford, so the best thing she could do was to start her career as a Trainer in Kanto, before making her next move.

    "Hey, watch it!" A voice shouted from beside her. Tilting her head a bit, she saw that it was a man dressed in a long, white lab coat, balancing a box of what looked to be samples. Scientists...she thought, refusing to look at him. For all she knew, he was affiliated with Rocket. The organization knew better than to stick its symbol onto their scientists' lab coats, and if the man recognized her…then it was back to Goldenrod and Erik, back to having to deal with his tendencies, and her emotions getting thrown into a mess once more. No, she wasn't going to allow him to do anything to her. Erik affirming his love over and over? Bullshit. His kindness and his tender touches? All ploys to get her to carry out what he wanted of her. Her own longing that came up at times? The feelings of a stupid girl. She wasn't his dark siren any longer.

    "No you watch it, moron!" She yelled back instead, pushing her way towards the laboratory.


    Oak's Lab

    "Damn…just damn," Jessie mumbled as she shut the door behind her, now away from the crowd outside that included what seemed to be screaming fangirls, cameramen and reporters. She stepped into the lab now filled with people around her age, or close enough to it. The actor was among them, and was now talking to a dark-haired guy accompanied by a Pikachu.

    "Oui, I am! Très heureux!" The pink-clad young man took Diego's hand, shook it, then kissed him on both cheeks. Jessie was no stranger to rumors about Andre Bellamy's supposed lechery, allegedly towards both men and women. Not that it stopped Gordon, Deirdre and Callum in particular from obsessing over him. A terribly pink Cleffa tugged at his pant leg impatiently like the diva that she was, prompting Andre to introduce the dark-haired guy to Jolie. She cringed, knowing how much she hated said Pokemon from the shows she had watched, before looking around the lab at the others. A girl around her age, holding a clipboard, was approaching a rather good-looking guy reading a book about Mega Evolution. Unlike Andre, he didn't seem to be the flamboyant sort, though he dressed rather formally still. Another girl, short and petite, had picked out a book on a nearby shelf, this time about Pokemon Types.

    Tristan was getting pretty restless, having been in Jessie's arms for quite some time. The Zorua enjoyed being held, but wasn't one who could just sit still. He leapt out of her arms and zipped across the room, tackling the girl's undersized Oddish. The fox was unusually tiny after all. He then proceeded to take one of the weed Pokemon's leaves into his mouth. Jessie placed a hand over her face, shaking her head as she tried to stifle a laugh. While she might not have been the most sociable or positive person, she had a very weak spot for Tristan, and was far from stern or distant towards him contrary to what most people thought. It was very much the opposite actually. She jogged towards him and took him up, allowing him to hang off her shoulder. She got down on one knee, took the Oddish's leaf and examined it. Luckily, there was seemingly no damage done. She looked up at the girl and shrugged.

    "Sorry 'bout that. Anyway, no harm done, man…I swear by Yveltal," she stated as she got up and turned away, focusing her attention on the girl with the clipboard. She craned her neck towards the printed paper and looked at the list. Spotting her own name, she quickly swiped a deep line across it with a black fingernail.
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  12. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    Zachary Lascelles
    Pallet Town - Oak's Lab
    Affected RP'ers: Mon, Tangeh

    It was quite difficult to consentrate on reading the book that Zach had picked out in order to pass time. New trainers entered the lab every minute, and the noise they brought gradually got louder. It was annoying enough trying to understand the big words used in the book, even without the noise. Though, Zach didn't learn anything he didn't already know about Mega evolution. He did have a Key Stone after all. though he had no Pokemon that would benefit from it. Faust was sitting next to the chair Zach was in, seemingly asleep again. In contrast with Zach, Faust was able to fall asleep more or less everywhere, as long as he wasn't cold, which would require a lot considering his typing.

    "Um, excuse me?" a low voice said next to Zach, gaining his attention. A nervous-looking girl with black hair and glasses was looking at him, hiding the remains of a blush behind a clipboard she was holding. "My name is Miella Reeves. Sorry to bother you, but I'm trying to get a quick count of the next group of trainers that Professor Oak is meeting with. What's your name?" she continued, ready to look up his name on her Clipboard. "W-wait, Andre Bellamy...?!" She suddenly said, confused. She seemed to be a fan of Andre. As the girl was talking, Faust woke up on the other side of the chair, and looked over to her in a slightly grumpy "I-just-woke-up" kind of way "Er, s-sorry." She said, correcting herself from her minor freakout. "Where was I... Oh, um, name?" Zach flashed her a charming smile and formally introduced himself. "My name is Zachary Lascelles!" he said in an extravagant tone, bowing gracefully towards the girl. He then proceeded to kiss her hand in a friendly, yet flirty gesture.
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  13. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Oak's Lab

    Mace looked down to check on Blue. He'd wandered a couple of feet, but that was normal, at least he wasn't kicking books off the shelves. Suddenly a black and red mass tackled him. Blue cried, “Odddd!” and Mace yelped, “Ah.”

    It was a small Zorua, barely bigger then Blue, and it had grabbed one of Blue's leafs in it's mouth. Before Mace could react to separate them, a tall girl moved over and scooped up the little Zorua. She looked over Blue's leaf, “Sorry 'bout that. Anyway, no harm done, man…I swear by Yveltal.”

    As the girl got up and moved away, Mace kneeled down to inspect the damage herself, with an obligatory comment dismissing the incident, “It's alright, we can't keep them from roughhousing all the time, can we?”

    Mace checked Blue over more thoroughly. He appeared to be just fine, but she asked anyways, “You okay buddy?”

    “Odd, odd,” grumbled Blue. Mace got up, holding him close in one arm to avoid any further incidents. She whispered to him, “Hey, next time. . . why don't yah fight back? Hit 'em with Poison Powder or something. Remember, we're in training! You rather battle then prance around in a contest, right?”

    “Odd-ish!” confirmed Blue. Mace looked over at the girl, she was pointing out her name on the list that the girl talking to the cute boy had. 'I've really got to learn some of their names.' thought Mace. The boy gave his name as Zachary Lascelles, and kissed Miella's hand. Mace moved over to the group, “If now's as good a time as any for me to check in, I'm Mace, Lucille Mace.”
  14. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego Vendrix
    Professor Oak's Lab, Pallet Town
    Pokemon: Pikachu
    Affected RPers: Monster Guy, Schade (mentioned), *Jean Grey*

    Diego smiled as Andre shook his hand, but he was mildly surprised by getting the two kisses on his cheeks. However, he was only momentarily stunned before he reobtained his smile. if memory served him correctly, that sort of greeting was traditional for those from the Kalos region. Pikachu simply gave a happy "Pika!" before waving to the Cleffa.

    "We have a quite a few people here, don't we?" Diego remaked as he looked around. He saw a young woman talking to another young man. "Hey wait a minute, I think I saw him on a magazine or something," he noted a bit out loud as he pointed to Zachary. He focused his mind a bit before remembering. "I think that's Zach Lascelles. He's a model from Kalos. I recognized him from the magazines," he said, mildly surprised at seeing a second famous person here.

    He decided that he would talk to Zachary later since he was busy with a young woman before another young woman with an oddish go to introduce herself. Diego then blushed when he turned his attention to whom the Oddish girl was talking to. She was with a Zorua and had the goth dark look to her. She was obviously very attractive and Pikachu smirked upon noticing and lightly tapped his head.

    Diego regained himself and when he went to cross his name on the list, he ended up looking face to face with her. "Um hi. Looks like we'll be traveling together. My name's Diego Vendrix and here's my buddy, Pikachu," he said to her with a shy smile as he offered his hand for Jessalyn to shake..
  15. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Andre Bellamy
    Oak's Lab (Pallet Town)
    Pokemon: Jolie (Cleffa)
    Affected RPers: DVB, Schade, Tangeh

    Andre was relieved that Diego didn't get upset after the whole kissing thing. That was something that didn't occur often. After pointing out that Zachary Lascelles was present, a fact Andre already aware of, he went off to speak to another young woman with a Zorua who had entered, which made Andre laugh. While the dark haired young woman had a pretty face, she also had a dark look to her, which seemed very different from Diego. He had to wonder how well those two would get along. Then again, he had seen stranger parings work out in some of the movies he was in, so who knows.

    Now that Diego left, Andre decided to talk to Zachary himself. He walked up to the other Kalosian guy, and started talking. "Bonjour, Zachary!" He gave him a kiss on both cheeks, like he had done to Diego earlier. "What a surprise to see you here!" He then turned his attention to the girl he was talking to. She was pretty in a nerdy sort of way. Although she was going to need some skin treatments, and a cuter pair of glasses, maybe even a better wardrobe. Still he gave her a kiss on each cheek too. "Oh là là! There are lot beautiful people travelling today!" He took a look at the clipboard, pulled out a pink gel pen from his bag, and marked his name with a pink heart. "I am Andre Bellamy. But I am sure you knew that already, non?"
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  16. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Miella Reeves
    Professor Oak's Laboratory (Pallet Town)
    Affected: *all RPers*

    The boy Miella had introduced herself to smiled warmly (even his teeth were perfect) and bowed toward her before introducing himself as Zachary Lascelles. Of all the things to come to Miella's mind, the first was 'oh my gosh, he has an accent...!' This somewhat lessened her surprise when he finished the greeting by kissing her hand, though she felt her blush deepen. "I-it's a pleasure to meet you, Zachary," she managed to say in a higher-than-usual tone as she hastily turned her attention to her clipboard and made a tick beside it with her pen. "We'll be gathering up at the front in a few - eep!"

    A raven-haired girl startled her by reaching over her shoulder and swiping a name off of the list with her fingernail. Miella glanced at her incredulously, one hand simultaneously holding her pen and clutching at her racing heart, but she decided to take a closure look at the clipboard before speaking. The girl had done a pretty good job of crossing what Miella could only hope was her own name off, as she could barely read it. "Um... Jessa... Jessalyn? MacDougal?" Miella asked to be sure, and though it was pretty unnecessary by this point, she ticked her name off with the pen as well.

    A second girl - this one cradling an oddish (perhaps a bit on the small side, though Miella couldn't recall the species' height from memory) - introduced herself as Lucille Mace. Miella traced her hand down the list with a still-shaky hand, and made a tick right below Jessalyn's. "Yes, you're right here," she said, poking unnecessarily at the clipboard. "My name is Miella, nice to meet you."

    The boy with a pikachu that she had noticed earlier seemed to be coming her way, presumably noticing that she was taking attendance, but got 'distracted' and introduced himself to Jessalyn instead. Miella overheard his name, "Diego Vendrix", and dutifully checked the list to see if he was on it. His name was indeed sitting at the bottom of the list, just below her own (considering it was in alphabetical order), and she ticked off both his and her own while she was at it.

    Miella looked up in surprise as Andre Bellamy walked over and greeted Zachary as if they knew each other with a typical Kalosian greeting... 'Well, they both have similar accents, so maybe...' Nah, she still couldn't quite figure out why the movie star was standing in the lab, but she didn't have long to ponder it before he turned his attention onto her and caused her poor heart to skip a beat. She mentally ordered herself to stand straighter in the presence of the movie star, and blushed when he greeted her with la bise. "B-bien sûr! Er, enchanté, Andre," she blurted out after he'd marked off his own name, his accent and placement of French words apparently enough for her to slip into the other language '...What the hell, I can't speak French!' She'd picked up the basics of a few languages over the years through books and beginner classes as a part of her education, but hardly enough for it to be appropriate to greet somebody who was clearly fluent in English! Oh well, maybe he'd find her effort complimentary...? 'Don't say "je m'appelle"...' "My name is Miella." She offered a shy smile, resisting the urge to add "it's a pleasure to meet you" considering she'd somehow already said that.

    Realizing that a good number of the people from her list had begun milling around her, she turned and cleared her throat. "Excuse me, everybody!" she waved to gather their attention. "Could you all gather near the front of the room?" She gestured in the direction with her pen. "Professor Oak will be out to see us soon!"

    Her timing was immaculate, as the greying pokémon professor himself walked out of the locked door and placed a small stack of paperwork on a long table in front of him. He was wearing his trademark khaki pants and long white lab coat, and took note of the gathered teenagers with a smile. Miella hurried over and handed him her clipboard. "There's six of us here now, but there should be a few more coming, Professor!"

    "Ah, there's still plenty of time for the stragglers." Professor Oak chuckled in good nature. "Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to get started as we're due to begin. Thank you, Miella." He put the clipboard aside, and Miella glowed at the praise. "Now..." He surveyed the six prospective trainers with interest. "First off, I would like each of you to tell me whether you are a boy or a girl I would like to formally welcome all of you to the world of pokémon! Your own grand adventure is about to unfold, and I am proud to see you all off and excited to see the paths that each of you chooses to take. As I mentioned in my letter, I encourage all of you to work together to complete the pokédex, but I don't expect this to be your top priority by any means. Take time to bond with your partners, to make friends with each other, and I guarantee that you will see a new side of Kanto that you didn't realize existed. At times your journey will be tough, perhaps even seem impossible, but that is why there is such a benefit to traveling together. Don't be afraid to lean on your comrades for assistance - you are all beginners, and there will always be challenges that seem insurmountable, but through teamwork I'm certain you will see them through."

    The professor pushed a stack of papers forward. "Now, the first item on the list is a short form so that I can issue you your pokémon license and pokédex. It only asks for some basic information, but let me know if you need assistance with anything. As for the second item..."

    The locked door clicked open again, and a few assistants also dressed in white coats came in carrying several pokéballs. "That would be your starter pokémon. Miella, I might be mistaken, but you seem to be the only one of the group without one." Miella turned with a start to investigate - Andre had his cleffa, Diego with a pikachu, Mace with her oddish, Jessalyn with a little zorua, and Zachary with a sneasel. "Not to worry, my dear," Professor Oak continued. "I have nine different species here today. Choose wisely."

    The lab assistants opened the pokéballs, revealing Bulbasaur, Treecko, Turtwig, Charmander, Chimchar, Cyndaquil, Squirtle, Totodile, and Piplup. Miella felt overwhelmed as she took a look at them for the first time - this was one of the biggest decisions of her life! In the end she knew she wouldn't regret the decision no matter which one she picked, but she still had no idea how she would choose...
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  17. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    Zachary Lascelles
    Pallet Town - Oak's Lab
    Affected RP'ers: Mon, Tangeh

    "I-it's a pleasure to meet you, Zackary," the girl who introduced herself as Miella stuttered, starting to blush again. Zach liked this response. Sure, he knew he was pretty, but he loved it when he could read it in the faces and expressions of others as well. Maybe a bit too much ego on the run but.. Eh, one needed that to be the very best like no one ever was in his business. "We'll be gathering up at the front in a few - eep!" she continued, before being interrupted by another trainer: A rather attractive dark haired girl with a Zorua. "Bonjour, Zachary!" he heard the familiar voice say as Andre approached him before he could say anything to the newcomer. "What a surprise to see you here!" he then said before turning his attention to Miella. "Yeah, well.. Y'know. Getting out of the house and all.." Zach said in a gloomy voice, knowing that Andre didn't pay him any attention.

    Andre proceeded to introduce himself to Miella, as if he needed to. It was obvious she had heard of him in the way she practically melted where she was standing. She even tried to answer him in french, which she somehow managed to pull off-ish. what bothered Zach was that she was more excited over seeing Andre than seeing him, which made him slightly more annoyed. Buuut, there would be plenty of time to pout later. Zach shook his head and put on his friendly, magical smile once again as stuff started to happen in the lab.

    "Excuse me, everybody!" Miella said after she had regained most of her senses. The lab slowly quieted down as she spoke. "Could you all gather near the front of the room?" she continued, and Faust, who was still out of his Luxury Ball, jumped onto Zachs head like he had done before, in order not to get trampled to death by the gathering trainers and their respective Pokemon. "Professor Oak will be out to see us soon!" Miella continued, and as on queue, an old, slightly tired looking guy in a more or less iconic scientist-outfit entered the room. Zach immideatly recognized him as Professor Oak. One would have to literally live under a rock not to know who he was, as he was famed for starting a former Pokemon champion on his journey, amongst other things. "There's six of us here now, but there should be a few more coming, Professor!" Miella continued.

    "Ah, there's still plenty of time for the stragglers." the professor said in a rather cheerful tone. "Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to get started as we're due to begin. Thank you, Miella." he concluded as he put his clipboard aside. Miella seemed pleased by the response. There was a short silence, and Zach could almost hear the iconic friendly tune that always played in his radio-shows. "First off, I would like to formally welcome all of you to the world of pokémon! Your own grand adventure is about to unfold, and I am proud to see you all off and excited to see the paths that each of you chooses to take. As I mentioned in my letter, I encourage all of you to work together to complete the pokédex, but I don't expect this to be your top priority by any means. Take time to bond with your partners, to make friends with each other, and I guarantee that you will see a new side of Kanto that you didn't realize existed. At times your journey will be tough, perhaps even seem impossible, but that is why there is such a benefit to traveling together. Don't be afraid to lean on your comrades for assistance - you are all beginners, and there will always be challenges that seem insurmountable, but through teamwork I'm certain you will see them through." he spoke. It was certainly inspiring to listen to, and Zach found himself growing more and more anxious to get started on his little journey to become.. Uhm.. what was his goals again? Oh, nevermind that, he could figure that stuff out later.

    "Now, the first item on the list is a short form so that I can issue you your pokémon license and pokédex. It only asks for some basic information, but let me know if you need assistance with anything. As for the second item..." the professor started. Of course there wouls be paperwork. Paperwork was boring, but necessary, apparently. "That would be your starter pokémon. Miella, I might be mistaken, but you seem to be the only one of the group without one." he continued, as another few lab assistants entered the room, holding several Pokeballs. He was right though, from the group of people in the lab, Zach had seen almost all of them had their own pokemon already. He had Faust, which should make matters easier, considering Faust already had some battling experience. The next step was watching Miella as she picked her Pokemon from the bunch. It was nerve-wrecking to watch, and ne could almost read the tension in the air as she made probably one of her biggest decissions ever.
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  18. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Oak's Lab

    The guy with the Pikachu came over and introduced himself to the tall girl that had let her Zorua pounce on Blue. Typical. Guys always went after the tall and curvy girls, and this girl had both going for her.

    Andre, the guy in pink, seemed to recognize Zachary, coming over to greet him. Did everyone know Andre?

    Before much more could happen, they were called up to the front. Professor Oak was there. He made a short speech about Pokemon and comradely, ending with needing to get their information for trainers cards, and pass out couple of starters to those that didn't have any. Paperwork, of course, every region had their own rules to deal with, what a hassle.

    Oak's assistants let out the starter Pokemon choices; Bulbasaur, Treecko, Turtwig, Charmander, Chimchar, Cyndaquil, Squirtle, Totodile, and Piplup. 'Baby' Pokemon. They were all adorable! Blue started to squirm and babble, “Odd, oodd, oddish!”

    “You want to go play?” laughed Mace, letting the small Pokemon down, “Okay, but play nice.” Blue ran over and started hopping and circling one of the Cyndaquil. It looked confused and spun about to inspect the small plant that was running around it, “Cynda?”

    One of the Squirtle stepped in to intervene, putting out it's pudgy baby-hands to stop Blue. Blue looked at it, “Odd?”

    “Squirtle!” it demanded, while the Cyndaquil leaned in to get a better look at Blue, “Cyn-Cyn?”
  19. Cobalt XIV

    Cobalt XIV Well-Known Member

    Rodrigo Fuentes
    Pallet Town

    “Are you sure you don’t want to be a trainer? It’s not too late for you to change your mind,” a stern faced man said. His appearance was similar to Rodrigo’s, just more matured. This wasn’t the first time he posed this question, and Rodrigo was certain that it wouldn’t be the last.

    “Dad. I’m sure. I want to do this,” Rodrigo said, stressing each syllable of the phrase. His father sighed and stormed outside. Rodrigo’s lip quivered as a pang of guilt shot through him. Rodrigo didn’t want his father’s dream for himself, and he hoped that one day he’d understand. Until then, Rodrigo had to do what was best for him. Rodrigo’s mother gripped his shoulder and looked him in the eye. While she too wanted Rodrigo to become a trainer, she mostly wanted for him to be happy.

    “Your father isn’t very good at saying how he feels. He’ll come around,” she said. Her words were calming. She gave a smile before embracing Rodrigo. She pulled away and looked him over one last time, her eyes glossed with tears. “My boy is flying off to have an adventure of his own. I knew this day would come, but it seems just like yesterday that you and your brother were studying the fundamentals of type advantages.”

    “We actually did just go over that yesterday,” Rodrigo said. He gave a goofy smirk as his mom giggled. Rodrigo gathered his backpack and headed towards the door. “Mom, I’m running behind. I’ll make sure to check in when I get to Viridian City.”

    “Farewell, sweetie. Love you!” she said as she waved.

    “You, too,” Rodrigo said before walking out of the door. He inhaled deeply. The crisp air was refreshing. He turned to his dad. “I’ll see you later, dad.”

    His father grunted and nodded in his general direction. Rodrigo was heading off to the lab, but before he got too far his father called after, “You have enough money and supplies, right?”

    Rodrigo whirled around suprised and said, “Uh, yes. I think so.”

    “Okay. Don’t do anything stupid,” his father said.

    “When have I ever,” Rodrigo said with a smirk. His father nodded with that familiar crooked smirk that Rodrigo possessed. He marched on, excited about what the day would hold for him. Rodrigo checked the time. His pace quickened as he didn’t realize how late he was. His discussion with his parents lasted longer than he intended. He hated being late.

    Rodrigo entered through the lab doors. He saw a gathering of people being addressed by Professor Oak. His assistants zipped around the lab taking care of important business, flipping through papers and discussing Pokemon at length. He stayed near the outskirts of the group to avoid drawing attention to himself. He managed to catch the majority of the professor's speech and began to clap once Professor Oak finished, but when no one else did he stopped. Slightly embarrassed, he placed his hands in his pockets. Rodrigo took one of the forms that the professor mentioned and retreated to a corner to begin filling it out. He was interested very much in the technology associated with Pokemon. It had come so far recently. He couldn’t wait to get a Pokedex and test it. At one point in time, he considered being a Pokemon researcher, but his parents suggested a different path. He always wondered what it would be like to be a researcher, so he spends time asking them questions about the field.
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    Miella Reeves
    Professor Oak's Laboratory (Pallet Town)

    As the professor had instructed, Miella picked up one of the forms and began filling it out with a provided pen before she could turn her attention back to the starter pokemon. The form was pretty basic - full name, date and place of birth, gender, height, eye colour, address, citizenship, and whether this was the first time applying for a license (if "no", please indicate the reason the license was revoked or otherwise not administered). She signed and dated the bottom and started a pile for them near the end of the table.

    With the paperwork over with, Miella crouched down to get a better look at the nine potential species - one of which would become her first ever pokemon. They all looked to be very young, which was typical for starter pokemon given by regional professors. Mace had let her oddish down to play with the others, and he soon gained the attention of a cyndaquil and squirtle. She smiled watching the squirtle try to stick up for the bewildered cyndaquil who didn't seem to know what to make of the little oddish circling around it. "I didn't expect them to all be so cute, heh..." She'd gained the attention of a few others, and she shyly pat a young bulbasaur on the head before an energetic young totodile butted her hand away in an attempt to steal the attention. "Hey now, play nice," she scolded mildly with a smile. Despite working in the lab, the starters were taken care of exclusively by Oak and his closest assistants, so interacting with them was a new experience for her. Her eyes flicked to the back of the room, where two charmander were keeping to themselves. 'They must've brought out extras thinking there would be more of us needing starters - ah, but that makes it even harder to choose!' Well, she still had time yet; after all, they had to fill out the forms and there should still be trainers coming...

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