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Kanto Travels

Ace of Shades

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Kanto Travels

;105; G'day mate! It's Damien Terra and I'm here in Pallet town looking for contests to participate in my new show Kanto Travels. If you are interested in playin my game hop on down to Professor Oak's Lab.

So this is a game where you will travel through the Kanto region and at each stop you have to complete a challenge. After Pming me your answer I will choose the best answer from each group and they will receive one survival point while everyone else will lose one. Some challenges will end with the winner obtaining an item and nothing else. The item can be used at any time but only once.

Once I get 12 contestants I will split you into 4 groups of 3. In these groups you will be competing against each other. After we get a winner from each group they 4 winners will compete in the finals. Once we start the finals each person will go back to 10 survival points and receive 10 poke points which can be used to purchase things that can either help you or harm others. They will also be received when you win a challenge but will not be lost. Each finalist will also receive their own special skill they can use.

1. Follow all forum Rules
2. If you don't send me your decision in 48 hours of my post you will lose an additional point
3. If you won't be able to meet this deadline just PM me and I’ll figure something out
4. Some other random rule I can't think of


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Species(Sprite/Kanto only):
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Ace of Shades

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Group 1~
;098; Aqua(Kissmygrass96) Survival Points(SP)-10
;034; Spike(Devil's apprentice) SP-7
;001; Solar(HydroSwampert) SP-8 Air Balloon

Group 2~
;092; Joe Bob Smith(Raptor Ruler) SP-1
;081; Alex(gmoyes) SP-12 Air Balloon
;123; Cutter(Bullkid1997) SP-8

Group 3~
;136; Casey Nuevo(digipoke1) SP-8 Air Balloon
;135; Donner(ParadoxWithinAParadox) DEAD
;134; Lucas(lawmaster) SP-11

Group 4~
;132; Allder(Bekidding) SP-12
;004; Blazer(winder222) SP-7 Air Balloon
;097; Sleeper(WhoIsWho) SP-6
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Devil's Apprentice

~Orian Adventures~
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Species(Sprite/Kanto only): ;034;
Name: Spike

EDIT: Hey, do we get group names? And if we do, do we get to pick what they are? Cause I was thinking along the lines of Team Awesome...
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What is that?
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Species(Sprite/Kanto only): ;134;
Name: lucas


Devil's Apprentice

~Orian Adventures~
Can you give a guess as to when exactly so that I can make sure to be back at that time? Just say "In three hours" or something like that so we don't have to worry about time zones.


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