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Kanto's Amazing Dream

Dragon trainer

Arise from the Ashes

The cold wind snapped, and yet he still wouldn’t give up. The moonlight hung low into the building. Inside a man, sat, talking into a microphone, his blue eyes, showed a tiredness and his black eyes showed the impatience, his red hair, was filthy from the dust, the cold, the cobwebs and a age about him, not a young teenager but maybe a tired man, who had given up everything. Even his clothes gave away his life on the run, battered, and worn in.

“Sir can you hear us?” He cried out into the static again. It had been the same last ten years.

Every night, for three hours, the same static nothing on every channel had come though. The same orders he had to continue from pressure. Nobody else had stepped up to the mark.

The wind blew violently through the old outbuilding. Dust now lay everywhere expect over this one small wooden beach desk. Covered in maps of cave systems and numbering, of radio frequencies and of GPS satallatite navigations. A small battered diary was flung open to the date 4th October 2000. The date today was 8th October 2000. Now notes of a radio frequencies was covered over the previous inscription, only a small note could be seen which had not been over written, the words ‘my son’ could be seen.

He sighed and sat back down on the old black chair, now covered in cobwebs which gleamed silver from the moonlight.
“Is there a point” He sighed, a tired voice came, he coughed, the dust had now made him ill.

“Now Soul I’m here, Dad’s coming back, Kanto will be avenged” A sly voice crackled back, and a sly grin grew across his face.

please note: I'm dyspraxic, I used the grammer/spelling checker. Please be gentle when reviewing. I have enough trouble from my own dyspraxia.


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I do quite like the whole build up and setting for the story and your use of language. However, this is a quite short chapter so you will have to write a lot more unless you want your fix to be closed. overall, good description and I quite liked it bu please write more. :)

Dragon trainer

Arise from the Ashes
thank you. I'm currently writing up chapter 1 which will be longer, my prologues are not very long so sorry.

Chapter 1 will be up later today.

Dragon trainer

Arise from the Ashes
Chapter 1: Starter

Lizzy Partridge, awoke from a slumber, today was an important day. Yet she was still tired. She turned and looked at her silver clock. Old style, with silver Dratini’s appearing from the silver. 6 Am. She sighed. Too excited to sleep but too tired as well.

A large bang came from below, from downstairs and shouting words and swearing followed. She rolled back her big sapphire blue eyes, and sat up. Carefully tiptoeing across her wooden floorboards, until the dreaded creak sound, echoed.

“LIZZY I NEED YOU DOWN HERE NOW!” A woman’s voice boomed.

“Dam it” she whispered, cursing under her breathe

“AND DON’T SWEAR” The voice replied

“How” She mouthed.

She headed downstairs, wrapping a large fluffy nightgown around here, down to her delicate feet, which were slipped into a pair of fluffy pink, flaffy slippers, which bleated when the nose was pressed.

“Clean out the cages, feed the Pokémon and help me tidy up” A busy bustling woman ordered, rollers in her hair, the same eyes, an older look into her eyes but full of happiness and exhaustion. Plump in appearance and wearing a tartan dressing gown, busy feeding a young toddler and had a growling Manetric at her feet.

“Oi, come here” She ordered the Manetric, who turned and looked up to Lizzy.

‘Don’t you oi me’ he growled back, before barking, static from his fur crackled. Lizzy headed over the huge fridge freezer combo and grabbed the nearest tin of poke chow.
Seeing as this person was about to feed him, the Manetric quickly turned all nice and quiet and the static died down as quickly as it began. Lizzy chuckled at the sight of this now good dog and gave him his breakfast before, heading into the side Utiliery suite.

Inside was a large playpen and inside was a very sweet and large female Umbreon called Nightingale.

“Morning Sweetie” Lizzy called, to the sleepy Umbreon, her latest litter of six Eevee’s consisted of 4 males and two females. The two largest, was a boisterous male, and a headstrong little female, the third born had been a young male, who was more curious and liked hiding away, the fourth was another boy who seemed to crave attention, the fifth and sixth was a male and female, who did not like been apart.

Nightingale, cried out in happiness seeing Lizzy, she was an affectionate Umbreon who was part of the main breeding group for Electrike, Eevees, Chatots, Shinx and the latest was Kecleon which were housed upstairs due to special requirements they needed.
Nightingale jumped up onto the side away from the demanding offspring, and found a nice sunny spot on the side, the bustling eevees wormed their way around Lizzy’s legs as she cleaned out the pen, and put down fresh bedding and food.

Nightingale was Lizzy’s Dad Pokémon and had been his starter Pokémon, he had met mum, when they were both 18 and fell in love in Johto’s Olivine City where she worked as a Shop assistant in a small seaside shop. She had a couple of Pokémon including Dusty her Glaceon and Chatterbox her Chatot she had owned for a number of years.

They both brought a run down, old house cheaply in the old part of Pallet Town, and both got married and set up a breeding centre, which prides itself on good care and good young stock.

Lizzy finished and put back the Eevee’s. She did secretly hope she wouldn’t get one today. Every teenage woman at her school wanted one of her parents. She could always get one at a later date.

After finishing her chores, she headed back into the kitchen only to be scooted back upstairs.

“GET READY” Her mum barked

The warm water ran down her body, her spine shivered. Snapping out a trance over the most important day of her 16years was not going to be hard, more the aftershock.
Since within the last five years, everyone chooses certain favourites, you can pick a preferred favourite but it is never guanteed due to the high pressures of the local breeders, so mostly you get what you’re given. This for Lizzy is what she is most scared about, not knowing the breeder who the Pokémon or anything, the personality and the thought turned to tears. Until the words of her mother woke her from her trance.

“HURRY UP” she banged on the door.

Quickly wiping away her tears, she turned off the shower and quickly dried herself off and hurried into her room.

The outfit. The one outfit which she had been choosing for the last 3 months, she smiled and dressed into a pair of baggy jeans, which hid her legs away, a pair of converse trainers, high, black covered with light blue splash effects, a baggy black t-shirt also covered with a light blue effect but into the shape of a salamence. She tied back up her untidy bun, over the t-shirt she threw on a large baggy grey hoodie, the shadows of this formed into the profile of an Arceus. The t-shirt brand new, everything brand new expect the hoodis this was her lucky hoody which she wore constantly.

“I’M OFF” she called out as she headed out the door, not waiting for a reply.

The dirt beat track, was a familiar one to Lizzy, in the distance was a large crowd of people, waiting around, a large white building, showing off its purity and its grand in style.

She headed down, today; June 1st was a beautifully hot day. She headed down and outside the grand building found her friends.

“Hi” She waved as she skipped day dreamily towards them

“Eek, hiya Lizzy” the first young woman cried, Sakura was dressed in a short summery yellow dress, and wearing a pair of brown wedge sandals. Her perfect chocolate brown hair was tied back, with a single hair pin, her chocolate brown eyes, alight with excitement although she doesn’t it. She is more the perfection and obsession rather than free and hippy.

“Got you” A hyperactive young teenage joined in, Summer, her parents, Lizzy always thought wasn’t creative. She was dressed in a pair of shorts, a baggy coloured singlet top, which was slightly baggy and showed off her rather curvaous body. Her gorgeous long blonde hair flowed down until it touched the bottom of her back. Her emerald eyes gleamed in the light. She is the opposite of Sakura, less concerned about her appearance and more free flowing in personality.

The clock chimed 9am and the bustle increased as the last chime call out across the town. From a balcony, one of their teacher called out.


Two long gruelling hours later

“Let’s have a look at your photo” Sakura giggled, as we all swapped pokedex’s to compare photos.

“Oh my god mine is awful” Summer gasped, we all peered at Summer’s pokedex to have a look.

“It’s a good photo” Sakura commented.

“Anyway let’s have a look at what you got” Lizzy grinned at Summer and Sakura.

“Ok” Summer pressed a small circular button on the pokeball, it was the same size of a orange, and circular, the top half gleamed a brilliant white and the button a ruby red colour, brand new pokeballs, gleaming, not a spot on them

It popped open, a brilliant white light illuminated from it, and the light hit the ground, taking the form of a small, green quadrant, with small scaley skin, a ring of small seeds wrapped around the base of his short neck, brilliant blood red eyes gleamed as he yawned from a slumber, a large leaf on the top of his head danced in the sunlight.
“oh a Chikorita how cute and just what I wanted” Summer cried in happiness. She recalled him and waited for Sakura.

“Ok here I go” Sakura cried out Applying the same action to what Summer had done, from the brilliant white light, a small cub appeared, the first half was a brilliant bright blue, consisting of its two front legs, the head and down to middle of its back, the other half was a jet black, a small tail stuck out at the back end, with a lightning bolt in a brilliant yellow appeared. Two large ears poked out from its head, a cute baby appearance.

“Ok now you” Sakura pointed. Tentatively I pressed the button on my pokeball. The white light blinded me for a second, as it formed into what I considered the most perfect starter of them all.

Dragon trainer

Arise from the Ashes
I apologise I have dyspraxia so my grammer is appauling i know it is
So please be gentle with it, its not great and i'm not a confident write so thank you for the review

Dragon trainer

Arise from the Ashes
Chapter 2: Party

The light formed in a bright green Pokémon, small quadrant in size, dog like creature, protruding from the back of its head a lily pad, shaped crown, an electric yellow snout and a single tail which split into three which stuck up from back legs.

“Electrike” Lizzy sighed dreamily

“Uh oh” Summer hastily added, “Um you know that the Chikorita I got, it’s got a breeding move, they use a Meganium and a Venusaur to breed, mine has Leech Seed.”

Sakura used her pokdex to check hers as well “Mine has Ice Fang” She looked nervously.

In school Lizzy, Sakura and Summer had been taught only to breed certain moves if they was an experienced trainer and never to use them if they weren’t. Lizzy quickly checked her pokdex, clicking on profile and then onto a touch screen button of pkmn and selected Electrike. The following options were, moves, breeders, ancestry, stats, experience, evolution and the last option was General information which contains information on location of where Pokémon was caught/given, level at the given time, date hatched or caught, type and small picture. Lizzy pressed the button on ancestry.
This Pokémon was bred at from Pallet Town, Partridge Breeders. Pressing back, she clicked onto the moves.

This Pokémon currently has learnt Ice Fang, Tackle, Growl.

“Yeah, mine knows Ice Fang as well.” Lizzy commented

“Anyway, we have to go and get ready” Summer headed off to get ready for later.

“I’m going to get ready, see you later” Sakura grinned and gave a friendly hug to Lizzy.

“Ok return” Lizzy recalled her Electrike; she pressed the pokeball and attached it to her belt.

She headed back up the beat path, and back home. Slowly turning the door

“SURPRISE” a loud cheer came from behind the door.

Lizzy jumped out her skin.

“So what did you get?” Her Dad, a tall, gentleman, with slightly clouded blue eyes and parted brown hair, enquired, so excited that his daughter now had her first Pokémon.

“I got... this” Lizzy replied, pausing to remove her pokeball from her belt and calling out her Electrike, who instantly started sniffing around, his tails wagging.

“Hold on a minute” Lizzy’s Dad eyed him curiously. He turned

“Can I get though the door please?” Lizzy asked, still standing in the doorway, with the door open. Her mum rolled back her eyes and pulled her in with one arm and slammed it shut with the other.

“Don’t stand there, the Eevee’s will get out” She sighed and huffed at her daughter

“Ah, ah got it, this is one we bred” Her dad grinned, peering back and holding the puppy back on her face.

“So are you going to give him a name?” He asked

Lizzy looked at the puppy who was now turning his head in a curious fashion intent at looking at his new trainer at every angle.

She held him by his side and got him back.

“Erm, I I don’t know yet” She stammered. A dreaded thought passed over her, ‘nicknames, I’ve only just got him’ She peered down at him, who wagged his tail, and licked her sweetly on the end of the nose, before sneezing.

“Bless you” She sighed.

‘Trike’ He barked and grinned cheekily

“You haven’t seen what we got you have you” Her dad, brought her in a few presents, wrapped in many colours and a bow.

“Wow” She gasped, popping the puppy down, and he began he groom himself.

“Just a little thing to say congratulations and how to help you” Her dad began to pass them to her.

“Anyway, never mind them, go and get ready for later, you can unwrap them later, go go go” He ushered her upstairs.

Lizzy headed upstairs, into her room, the brilliant, cosy room, with the pale blue walls, the beech furniture, the large windows which let in all the light from the rising sun in the morning. She flung open the small wardrobe doors.

“Now where is it?” She asked herself. The curious puppy sniffed and headed inside, before coming out with a small silver clutch bag.

“Oh thanks” She went to grab it, he jumped out the way and ran downstairs.

“oh no you don’t, you cheeky git” she ran after him.

Lizzy’s dad seeing this, quickly got the puppy’s attention. “Here boy, what’s this?” he picked up a spare battered tennis ball, and bounced it. This got his attention; he dropped the bag and headed to the fun person with the ball.

“Go and get ready for tonight, for the party” He hurried her off with hand gestures.

She headed now with a slightly bitten into bag.

She picked out a pair of pair of skinny black jeans, her favourite pair of her black ankle leather boots, with patterned straps and fake diamantes, and her new vest style top, a beautiful white, the straps were thicker and silver paint splash effect, the perfect outfit to show off her assets and so course her silver clutch bag.

To top off the outfit was a bowler style hat, white coloured with a silver belt which ran around the base.

“NOW” Her dad shouted, as the thumping up the stairs echoed though the house echoed, and the screaming cries of her younger siblings began.

“Have you packed your bag ready yet?” He peered around the door.

“Just about to start now” Lizzy smiled, before reaching under bed, to grab her new rug sack.

An angry hiss came from Dusty, who had made herself very comfy under her bed.

“I need my bag” Lizzy sighed, getting hold of it and grabbing and leaving Dusty. The Glaceon fell back asleep.

She got back up with her rug sack, the old battered rug sack, faded colour of lilac and black, the fabric had began to wear and tear away and the straps fitted rather uncomfortably, a huge 45 litre size would seem a challenge to carry on Lizzy’s skinny frame.

“Well, it seems only right, now your packing to let you open them” Her Dad passed her the presents and dumped them on the bed.

The soft footsteps of her Electrike, followed, and the puppy began to bite at the straps, playfully playing. Before the sound of wrapping paper caught his attention.

Lizzy carefully unwrapped her presents, before passing the wrapping to be ‘renewed’ or the better term destroyed at Electrike.

The assortment of presents, included a new necklace, which was now enabled to hold the poke balls rather than using the traditional belt, silver in colour, fitting comfortably around in a necklace fashion, a large first aid kit for herself and her Pokémon and a grooming kit for her Pokémon, 10 brand new pokeballs, an assortment of potions, full heals and several repels, an assortment of TM’s. Although none to Lizzy looked like they would prove to be useful.

“TM 10, hidden power, TM 06 Toxic, TM 33 Reflect, TM48 Skill Swap, TM 51 Roost” She went though a few.

The rest were Endure, Dream Eater, Pluck, Grass knot and Return.
The next present, was a more new clothes. Her parents also gave her a several cans of Pokémon chow, food for herself, and a new tent, and sleeping bag.

“Oh and here” Her dad passed her a map of Kanto.

“Now packing” Lizzy mentioned, as she and her dad packed her bag and got everything ready including her clothes ready for tomorrow.

“What you wearing tomorrow for when you set off?” Her Dad asked

“What’s the weather going to be like?” Lizzy asked

“Hot” He replied.

“Then these” Lizzy replied, holding up a pair of demin shorts which were dark blue with a ripped style effect “These trainers”, she held up a pair of black trainers, with pale blue laces to match the colour of her bedroom wall “and the top I’m wearing now and the hoodie as well” She replied

“Ok then” her Dad nodded agreeing, though let it be known he only agreed to keep his daughter happy, he would of preferred it if she would wear the jeans as well.

“And the jeans?” He asked

“I’m going to wash them and put them in to wear later” Lizzy replied
“Oh good” He nodded, grinning. Although he admired his daughter’s confidence and always and only wanted the best, he did wish on occasion she would wear shorts which were longer.

“Right all packed, time to get ready” She grinned

“Ok come on you, let’s go downstairs so you can meet the family” He picked up the happy puppy who then sneezed over him.

Several long hours later, at 7pm

“Right you look lovely, don’t be out too late” her mum waved her off, as the three girls prepared to head to down to school for the party.

Arriving in style, Lizzy’s eyes scanned the room, and her blood ran cold, her eyes meet with the ex boyfriend.

“Ignore him” Summer whispered and the group headed over to a buffet table and grabbed a plate of food and a drink, all of course non alcoholic.

Despite the horrible fact he was still there the three ended up having a good time.

The party ended at just after Midnight.

Everyone headed off in their own direction, and Lizzy headed off home.

“Peek a boo” She turned around to see her ex standing there

“Get lost” She turned and walked away. He grabbed her

A lone shadow cut across the sky, before making a silent landing. A lone figure appeared to the side

“Excuse me” He called out in the cold night air.

“Get lost” her ex warned calling out his Pokémon, a bi-sceptical lizard, in the dark, a dull red colour, a flicker on end of his tail of a small flame. The charmander growled.

“Oh its battle is it, it that the best one you have?” The stranger chuckled. “Go, come on out sweetie” He threw his pokeball into the air and from the flashing light, which temporarily blinded the trio, a large stag beetle creature, bi-sceptical and gleaming a bright brilliant purple snarled down at the now wimping Pokémon.

“Call off your Pokémon, and get out of here, or” he cut off, and grinned

“Or what” her ex replied a slight hint of terror formed

“My Pokémon gets fed” He replied, “and she’s not been fed for about three days” He replied

He quickly recalled his Pokémon and headed off, away from the pair.

“Thank you” Lizzy sighed

“Come, is your house far” he headed towards her, recalling his two Pokémon. The Heracross and a large mythical creature. A salamence who nuzzled Lizzy, sniffing her for a food.

“Aerial come here” the salamence looked up and headed back to her master.
“Yes its, the road here” Lizzy replied.

“Show me, I’ll walk you back” He put out his arm and walked her back up the dirt beat trail.

The barking of the newly acquired electike, met her at her door.

“Would your Pokémon like any food?” Lizzy asked

“No their ok, its part of their training and besides Lilac is just plain greedy” He replied

“Lilac?” Lizzy questioned

“The Heracross, she just loves to eat”

“Thank you” Lizzy finished

“No problem” The stranger turned and headed back down the route, as Lizzy
headed in, quietly closing the door behind her.

Dragon trainer

Arise from the Ashes
Chapter 3: Time to leave

Lizzy awoke, to an unsurprisingly hot day. The rays broke through the window and scanned the room, breaking though Lizzy’s eyes as she woke.

She sighed, she had not slept well, her tired blue eyes, awoke to find her Electrike snoring away.

She smiled and slowly moved off the bed, quickly checking the time, 7am.

She headed quietly to the bathroom, and opened the white cabinet and grabbed her bottle of shower gel. Turning on the small fairy lights which were embedded in the ceiling revealed a huge, pale lilac room, with large bathtub which you sink in easily, a large sink in a corner with a lavoratory over in a corner, tucked away. A variety of large fluffy towels hung on railings around the room. Lizzy gently placed one on the floor, so that she wouldn’t slip.

The label read, NEW MT.MOON SHOWER GEL ‘Bath in a delights and mysterious Mt.Moon Moon Stone NOW WITH ADDED CRUSHED MOONSTONE!!!

The contents was a liquid paste pale pink with bits with twinkled in the light. She turned on the shower settings, and pulled the shower curtain around, and stepped inside.
The hot water, prickled her delicate skin, she cried the water ran down her body, she virously scrubbed away the dirt and pain from the previous night, it was never cleaned enough. The skin broke, the crimson blood ran down her body, she flinched in pain, it was an old wound which had broken though, her oldest one.
The nightmares from him still continued to haunt her.

The time passed slowly, and soon a loud banging awoke her from her trance.
A voice called out “Hurry up, we all need to have a hot shower” Before hurrying footsteps travelled downstairs.

She snapped, and turned the water off. She grabbed a towel from a warm railing, and wrapped it around her, and fastened it, quickly brushing her teeth and dried off herself and placed a plaster over the ‘cut’

She headed back into her room; her Electrike was still fast asleep. Quickly she got dressed and headed downstairs.

Downstairs, her mum barked at her. “Shorts are too short, clean out the pen, feed all the Pokémon and get into a pair of reasonable jeans” She went back to feeding the baby.

“No hug for me?” A familiar sound rung in the air

“PETE!” Lizzy grinned, before giving her older brother a cuddle.

Peter is Lizzy’s older brother by three years, he started out with a Trapinch and has been travelling around Hoenn and is due to collect his sixth badge shortly.
He has Flygon, Blaziken, Miltolic, Roselia, Exploud and an Umbreon which he kept and took to Hoenn as it was an unofficial pet to him.

“Good pokemon Pete” Dad chuckled “Very good breeding stock, to maybe venture into” He pushed

“I know, and yes when I’ve finished, you can breed some then” Pete replied.

“Er Misuses you have chores to do” Mum tapped Lizzy, who rolled her eyes and headed into the playpen and quickly cleaned them out.

“What happened last night?” He asked quietly closing the door behind him

“Nothing why?” Lizzy lied

“Cause the person who rescued you, happens to know me, he is someone I’ve been travelling with” He added

“Nothing happened last night” Lizzy replied again

“With the Salamence and Lilac Heracross” Pete commented, “The guy who is now waving at the back door” Lizzy turned to see the same trainer from last night waving at the door.

In the daylight she could see him perfectly now, he had wild emerald eyes, chocolate brown hair which was messed around, and the same Salamence which looked at her.

Lizzy smiled back and waved.

“What to tell me what’s been going on? Or do I have to tell mum?” Pete asked

“Even if I did you still would tell her” Lizzy snapped

Nightingale, hissed at the sight of the Salamence, and ushered and called her cubs to the back of the room. Lizzy opened the door, and the guy recalled his Salamence seeing the Umbreon was not happy with the threat.

“Hi” He said to Lizzy

“Hi” Lizzy replied, blushing slightly, she was always nervous of males, she couldn’t help it.

“Look I sort of heard the agruement just leave it, Pete” He replied “Threatening to go to your parents is not going to help” He finished

“Fine” Peter sighed

“I’ll go upstairs and clean and feed; go through to the kitchen and have some breakfast” Pete sighed and headed out and upstairs.

“got to finish this pen”

“How old are they?” The stranger asked

“They are about 5 weeks old, they have a few weeks left until they’ll leave” Lizzy replied

“Cute buggers aren’t they” He grinned

“Yeah” She replied “I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name”

“It’s Adam” He replied, putting out his hand, which was been bitten and nibbled by an Eevee.

“Oi you off” Lizzy giggled the acrobatic eevee. Who then stared and went to cry out but fell onto the floor before slinking off to his mum.

The pair giggled at him.

“So what brings you to Kanto, it can’t be as exciting as Hoenn” Lizzy asked

“Well your brother” He replied

“So which Pokémon have you got?” She asked curiously.

“LIZZY” Her mum called

Lizzy apologised and the pair headed into the kitchen.

“Yes” She responded

“Well have some breakfast, and don’t just stand around she got hold of Adam and dragged him away and into the kitchen.

The pair sat around the cosy table and helped themselves to pancakes and orange juice.

“Eat up Lizzy” Her mum put more food on her plate. “You don’t know when your eat this much again” She turned away to feed the youngest, the baby boy. Michael, he had been adopted his mother was known to the family but was killed so the family adopted the baby to protect him and to sort of respect her mother’s wishes.

“So you are?” She asked Adam

“Adam McWright” He replied “And it’s also a pleasure Mrs Partridge” He stood up to shake her hand.

“So sit down and eat up, you’re looking lanky boy” she shoved more food on to his plate.

“I’m going to finish getting ready” Lizzy replied. Her small green Electrike trotted in, sniffing the air.

“Hungry?” Lizzy replied, a drooling Electrike whined at her. ‘Yes’

“Come here” Lizzy replied

She passed him a bowl of fresh pokechow. He sniffed and turned his head in disgust and huffed ‘I want sausages’

“Oh fine, come here, try this” Lizzy passed him a pancake. He sniffed it and carefully snacked on a bit but spat it out.

She rolled her eyes, and then Adam passed him a sausage. The Electrike sniffed, and licked his lips and promptly went for the sausage.

Her brother, stomped down, “Right finished”

“Right I’ve got to finish, it’s half past eight” Lizzy commented and quickly hurried upstairs.

Upstairs, she completed getting dressed and changed. She grabbed her bag and got everything together.

At 9am she was ready.

“See you soon, be careful” Her dad hugged her, much happier now she was wearing jeans.

She headed, a little nervously down the track, and waited at the laboratory. There was a familiar and much happier face.

“I can’t believe it” Summer hugged her. Her little Chikorita was standing by. Soaking up the sunlight.

“I know so where you are travelling?” Lizzy asked, hugging her back.

“Johto” She replied, “it’s where Coconut is from”

“Coconut?” Lizzy replied

“Chikorita, sorry yeah I nicknamed him Coconut, he seemed to enjoy the coconut milk we had at home, so I called him after that”. She replied “What have you nicknamed Electrike?” She asked

“I haven’t thought of one yet” Lizzy replied feeling a little dumb.

“Aww don’t worry about it, when you think of the right one, it’ll come to you” Summer cheered her up.

Summer had a similar rug sack, but was wearing the same clothes as the day before just adding a baseball cap on her head.

“You staying in Kanto?” She asked

“Yep” Lizzy replied

“Hiya” Sakura interrupted, today dressed in a pair of skinny jeans, a yellow glittery halterneck top, which showed off her rather womanly body, a pair of knee length brown boots and had her tied back into a prestige and neatly arranged bun.

“And where you going to be travelling?” Summer asked

“Shinnoh” She replied “I so want to study her mythology and also Jet is feeling home sick, what did you call Chikorita” She asked Summer

“Coconut, and I’m going to Johto to complete in the league there” Summer replied
“And what about you?” Sakura asked Lizzy

“I’m staying in Kanto, and I haven’t thought of a name yet for Electrike” Lizzy replied

Five large buses pulled in front of the laboratory, three had a sign in the front from Johto and one of shinnoh, and one had Isshu Region. Large numbers of trainers, poured off the buses.

“This is us” Summer and Sakura replied

“Bye, enjoy yourselves” Lizzy grinned

The pair walked up to the buses and waited along a vast line of other people waiting for the buses to the new regions.

A pit of nervous, now filled Lizzy, she thought she wouldn’t be alone, but here was the stack reality. Half an hour later, the buses were packed with classmates and were now leaving Kanto, for good.

The trainers began to disperse and head off, leaving a very alone Lizzy, who was now facing a journey alone.

Her Electrike, head butted her and barked.

“Come on you” Lizzy encouraged him to follow. A large pit of anguish filled her, as they bravely took their first steps up Rt1.
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Dragon trainer

Arise from the Ashes
Chapter 4: First Steps

Route 1, was a seemingly open route, with fields as far as the eye could see, the cries and sounds of Pokémon could be heard.

Two large shadows, clouded over them, a Salamence and a Flygon, her brother and Adam were leaving for Hoenn.

She waved, as passed on by. “Right” she spoke softly to herself and pulled out her pokedex.

“Let’s try and have a convocation with you” She looked at her Electrike who was now digging furiously into the ground.

An angry sentret appeared who scratched him, in between the eyes, causing the little puppy to cry out in pain. The sentret, disappeared underground.

“Now what would you prefer as a nickname?” Lizzy asked

He barked out, a high bleeping noise imitated from the pokedex.

“Food” It replied in an electronic dull tone.

The little Electrike sniffed and growled at it, he couldn’t understand why it knew what he had said.

“Right my name is Lizzy, what’s your name” Lizzy tried again talking to the confused puppy. He barked again.

“My name is Tennis ball chewer” The pokedex replied

“Ok, how about Tennis?” Lizzy replied to the response

The Electrike swung his head to the head, and back again and nodded.

“Tennis it is” Lizzy replied

“Hey are you a trainer?” A voice shouted at them.

“Do you know how to battle?” Lizzy asked Tennis.

He barked and nodded. “Yes, bring it on” The pokedex voiced over.

“Yes why?” Lizzy replied back.

“What to have a battle?” The kid replied.

“Ok, one on one” Lizzy replied.

“Go” He called out his Pokémon. The blinding light flashed, to form a small spider creature, beautiful markings, over his body, a glowing green body and striped yellow and black legs. On its head a small horn protruded and a pair of red fangs grew out.

“Spinarak” It called out.

“Ok, Tennis, you go” Lizzy called him out.

She quickly found the button for attacks.

She scrolled down the list of attacks that Tennis knew Tackle, growl and Ice fang, he hadn’t learnt Thunder wave yet.

“Dam a paralysing move would prove more handy” Lizzy muttered under her breathe.

“Ok use Ice Fang” She ordered.

“Use spring shot, Fangs” The boy ordered.

“Dodge it” Ordered,

Tennis, sprung from his spot, and jumped on the spinarak’s back, clinging on, he drove his claws from his paws into his back.

The scared spinarak, ran around like mad trying to get his huge monstrous puppy off its back.

“Jump off, then Tackle it” Lizzy ordered
Tennis, obeyed and jumped off, before head butting the small spider, sending it though the air, landing on its back, it struggled to get up before it flailed about, forcing the trainer to retrieve it and recall.

“Call it a draw?” Lizzy asked

“Humph” He replied and headed off, angry at Lizzy.

Lizzy gulped and looked down at Tennis.

“Come on, let’s go” Lizzy encouraged Tennis to follow, who looked up, looking still full of beans but now with a few more scratches and fur wounds.

Lizzy and Tennis continued along the path, kicking up dust from the well worn trail. A few trees in full leaf were occasionally scattered about proving a refuse of shade and cover.

The baking sun, bounced down on the ground, which soaked up the sunrays, and glowed the long grass emerald green.

Tennis sniffed the air and barked.

The familiar dull voice spooked Lizzy as it replied to the convocation of Tennis.

“ Whose there? I can smell you”

A strange growling replied, Tennis, barked, and kicked up the dust and ran straight for the grass, before bouncing back in front of Lizzy, and a small black puppy appeared back.

A small dog like creature, with a blood red nose, a black face which merged into the grey body with a large fluffy tail which flicked the dust, small black paws pawed at the ground.

“Ok Tennis, use a Tackle attack” Lizzy replied

Tennis barked and charged, hitting the small puppy at full impact. The puppy replied, by taking in a full gulp of air, and howling loudly, this was a howl; its impact was to increase its attack power.

“Another Tackle” Lizzy ordered. The Poocyhena grinned as Tennis ran towards it.
It swung its head low, and Tennis flew into the air. He landed, awarkedly, and growled in pain.

“Tennis?” Lizzy asked.

The small puppy charged back, this time with a mean streak on his face, the last throw hurt him.

He smacked the small black puppy into a dusty area, and began snapping his jaws at the thrown puppy that whinnied and snapped his jaws at Tennis.

Tennis growled and jumped off the puppy, who looked around, and whinnied and looked at Tennis, who stared glaringly back. The small black puppy ran off into the long grass, limping slightly.

“What was that about?” Lizzy asked Tennis, angrily.

Tennis barked back “She challenged me, as a terrority animal, I respond to any challenges” The electronic voice bleeped into translation.

“Come on, your injured” Lizzy sighed and rolled her eyes, in an uncomfortable manner she took off her rug sack and dug out a potion, carefully spraying him. She knew there was no point in telling him not to attack the Poocyhena as they were territorial.

The pair continued along the dusty path, another trainer fight ensured as a tall lanky male, with slight stubble, looking older then Lizzy approached.

Tennis growled.

“Trainer battle?” He asked.

“Ok” Lizzy replied

“Come on out, Scrappy” He released his small purple Rattata, small and the top half of its body was an avid dark purple with a white underside, a long tail it flicked into the air.

“Tennis, Go” Lizzy ordered, Tennis stepped up from Lizzy.

“Tackle attack” Lizzy ordered, Tennis ran full head on, hitting the Rattata, whose body twisted and turned in the air, before landing perfectly like an agile cat. Tennis stopped and turned on his hind legs, growling at the Rattata, who taunted him flicking his tail.

“Tackle Scrappy” The large man ordered

“Another Tackle” Lizzy ordered

The tiny Rattata ran head first, as Tennis ran towards it, charging at it. Hitting the Tiny Rattata at full speed, the dust settled.

Tennis stood proudly as the tiny Rattata stood, huffing and puffing, seemingly obsevious that the tackle had not hurt Tennis.

After a few seconds of standoff the Rattata fell over, in exhaustion, Tennis howled in happiness at his win, as a beam of red light recalled the fallen Rattata.

“Nice Electrike” The guy complimented.

“Thank you” Lizzy replied

“Good battle, see you soon” He smiled and headed back down towards Pallet Town.
Lizzy checked the pokedex “Right stats” She followed the directions on the screen, scanning Tennis.

Current Level: L5.
Current move set: Ice Fang/Thunder wave/Tackle
Evolution at: L26.
Levels to Evolution: 21

She checked his stats, before closing and popping it away into her large jeans pocket.

“Come on you, let’s keep going, Viridian City can’t be much further here and it 3pm. I’m exhausted” She encouraged sighing though her exhaustion.

Tennis just sighed, in a ‘typical’ fashion.
Time passed slowly, as the sun began to fade, Lizzy checked the time. 5pm.

Lizzy sighed, a whole day had flown by, and she was still no closer to Viridian City, she was beginning to think she had taken a wrong turning.

She opened up the map and checked out where they were. It’s another three miles.
She crackled open a bottle of water and unpacked a small bowl and poured in some water for Tennis, who willingly drank his fill. Lizzy wiped some around her head and drank a third.

“Hey you” A young teenage boy, filled with attitude, a red cotton t-shirt hung off his lanky body, and a pair of baggy jeans swayed with his confidence as he strode towards Lizzy and Tennis. By his side, a large white dog, huge black claws.

Tennis pricked his ears and growled at the sight.

A scythe, from the side gleamed, and dark, empty red eyes scanned over Tennis.
“Absol” He growled back

“I want a match” He insisted.

Tennis growled in recognition and nodded.

“Ok” Lizzy replied

“Sucker punch” The boy ordered

“Dodge and try and use Tackle” Lizzy quickly came back

A huge blow from nowhere as the Absol stood calmly, uncomfortably calmly at Tennis who had just taken a huge blow and was now struggling to stand. He growled back.
Tennis managed to stand, this was pride.

“Tennis” Lizzy stood up, trying to talk sense. He growled.

“Thanks” the boy turned and walked away “I just needed to find out that I had the perfect Absol, here” He threw several rare candies and a wad of money to Lizzy.
Lizzy picked up the money and her bag, and picked up Tennis who had fallen back onto the path, gasping.

She ran towards the approaching lights and sounds.

Dragon trainer

Arise from the Ashes
Chapter 5: Viridian City

The sky had fallen, to lay bare its midnight blue canvas, with twinkling lights of stars and silence. Lizzy arrived, gasping for breathe, cradling her Electrike. Her worn out eyes scanned out for a familiar building. The red roofed building came into view. Pokémon Centre, she struggled to walk, every step, as the pain of running, constantly hit. The doors opened.

A young looking woman, with flaming red hair and soft blue eyes, scanned over Lizzy resting on her Electrike.

“Excuse me can I help?” She asked

Lizzy nodded and gasped out words “Electrike, Tennis, Absol Sucker New” The woman nodded and got took the tiny Electrike and though a pair of flapping doors, the screeches and cries of other pokemon could be heard.

Lizzy staggered to an empty chair, regaining her breathe and slumping forward putting her head in her hands. The waiting room was eerier empty. The kind nurse appeared and walked over to the depressed looking trainer.

“Your Electrike will be fine, he has just suffered a few knocks and scrapes, and a small concussion, and he will be fine in twenty four to forty eight hours. Do you have anywhere to stay?” She asked.

Lizzy shock her head in a no fashion.

“Well here is a key for a room for tonight, and the restaurant here is closed, there are plenty of outlets and restaurants here in Viridian City, grab yourself a bite to eat and have an early night” She had her an electronic swipe card before heading back into the back room to carry out her duties.

In the corner of the waiting room was a strange looking machine, a pokedex checking machine to update pokedexs. She sighed and wearily got up she followed the brightly coloured instructions. This was a pokdex checker machine. She checked her pokedex and checked her bank balance to make sure she had enough money.
Current bank balance is £2000. She gasped. She popped the room key away and headed out, looking around the huge city, she came across a take away restaurant, and headed inside.

“Evening” A gruff came from the back, startling Lizzy.

“What do you want?” He asked

“Erm, a a quarter pounder burger w with cheese meal with a coke drink please, and also a blueberry muffin” She quickly answered

“Ok” The man replied, who headed to cookers.

“Anything on the burger?” He asked

“Ketchup please” Lizzy answered. Fifteen long minutes, the large tall man, handed the tiny delicate trainer, a large white bag, filled with wrapped burger, her muffin, a small bottle of chilled coke, and a small bag of chips. She smiled and paid, before heading out.
The air had chilled now, and she headed back, quickly and quietly, back to the pokemon centre, inside she asked her nurse where the accommodation was.

The kind nurse showed her up stairs and Lizzy opened the door and gave the pure white door, a quick shove as it stuck as she tried to open it.

“Here you go, breakfast is served at 10am. We have a buffet open from 1pm and also a meal is served from 6 until 8” The nurse commented before heading out, Lizzy closed the door behind her to reveal her room.

The room was compact; a small singular bed was placed in the centre, a small, bedside table on the far side, a lingering smell of chlorine and disinfectant in the air. A small table with a plate with a wickered chair was to the side of the door, a small glass was placed to the right hand side. A TV hung off a fitted holder, from the wall. A small ensuite with essentials was attached to the left hand side of the room.
The theme colours of the room were a warming glow of amber orange.

Lizzy popped her bag down and got the plate, and brought it over to the bed, she placed the burger, unwrapping it quickly and grabbing the drink, and she placed this carefully on the bedside table and turned on the TV, placing the remote on the bed, besides her. Watching the news unfold before calling it a night and falling asleep by 11pm.

She awoke to find the time half past time, she blinked several times to fully wake herself up. The hustle and chit chatter flooded though, from the previous silence.
She quickly washed and changed, today in a summery yellow skirt, a floral white top which was slighty v-neck to show off her curves and a pair of brown shoes to complete the outfit, she also took a small white bag and popped in her pokedex and swipe card. She headed downstairs, to sound of the heavy chatter and to the back of the centre, in a typical restaurant style area, trainers sitting down, some reading the news
She headed round the fenced in eating area and got a tray, in a school fashion worked her way around, getting breakfast. Today Lizzy decided to have a bowl of porridge with milk with bananas and almond nuts, a bottle of orange juice. She also picked up a yoghurt and a packet of blueberries.

Heading around, she paid for her breakfast and got her cutlery and found herself a seat by a window, the sunrays warmed to her, she picked up the daily newspaper and read the daily news and quickly ate the breakfast and cleared her tray away.

She wiped her mouth delicately and made her way round to the centre.

She made her way to the reception and waited.

The room was now bustling with trainers.

“Excuse me, how is my Electrike?” She asked as a nurse came out,

“Sit down and wait” She ordered her eyes once never meeting. Lizzy slunk away and waited in the far corner, not wanting to attract attention.

The nurse looked back up, and called out one name at a time.

“Mr Bridge” A tall gentleman stood up, and headed towards the desk. He was dressed in a suit.

“Come though” The nurse ordered and he followed her through.

“They are looking very good, thank you” His voice could be heard through the doors.

He headed back out.

Several more people came and passed until
“Miss Lizzy Partridge” The voice boomed

“Yes here” Lizzy replied instantly

“Well come though” The nurse summoned.

Lizzy gulped nervously and headed though the doors, cages of pokemon lined the sides, turning and twisting down the corridors until into a small room.

“Please sit” The nurse asked, heading out, a small well worn blue chair was in the corner.

Lizzy nodded following orders sat in the chair.

The nurse returned agonisingly minutes later, with a happy and well bruised Tennis.

“Tennis” Lizzy cried in relief.

“He’s ok; he still needs to recover so we’ll keep him in for a couple of days. He’s fine, only had fur wounds, and been winded and just keeping some TLC.” The nurse added, as a happy Tennis wagged his tail and jumped onto Lizzy. Licking over her head.
“I’ll leave you two alone, I’ll be back in ten” She left the room.

“Oh you dippy thing, I was so worried” Lizzy sighed.

“Right, time for you to return,” The nurse sighed, returning after the ten minute promise “Oh you cheeky thing, he is a lovely Electrike” She smiled at Lizzy as the now happy puppy licked at the nurse.

“Thank you, he’s my starter” Lizzy replied softly.

“Right you, out” She led Lizzy away, and popped away the puppy. Who now back in cage returned to been a depressed little puppy.

Lizzy headed out outside and went to view the city. Now in bright sunlight, she had the full view, in the town square there was a festival on.

“WELCOME WELCOME” A loud voice boomed over the square, enticing Lizzy in.
“THE BATTLE IS ABOUT TO COMMENCE, THE NUMBER 1 TRAINER FROM JOHTO, AGAINEST TRAINERS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD” Lizzy smiled and headed over to watch, passing several large stores by.

Managing to find a comfy and suitable spot, she spotted the first competitor, Adam. She waved and blushed as he recipercated.

The two trainers bowed. Johto’s number one, had spikey black hair, soft dark brown hair, a pale complexion and wearing three quarter shorts, battered black trainers, with white heels which only looked to be clinging on, red faded stripes down half down to the heels.
The first two pokemon was called out.

“AERIAL” Adam called out, and his familiar Salamence was called out.

“PIN CUSHION” He called out a heavily hard scaled pale blue, bi-septical pokemon. She roared and eyed up the dragon with a lust of what was to come. Standing at over four metres in length, she looked all the world for, a walking tank! A row of spines ran down her back, at over a foot in length and large ears turned and twisted to the silence until.

“Ice Beam” Danny whispered.

“Fly up high” Adam responced.

The Nidoqueen, opened her mouth and from a glowing brilliant white light which formed
in her mouth, shot out a slightly visible shot of ice, aiming directly at the Salamence following it, for over five minutes as it danced in the air.

“Dragon pulse” Adam responced to a angry Salamence, who launched from her mouth spinning a large beautiful blue unworldly pulse of pure energy.

“Ready” Danny whispered. The Nidoqueen, stared, crouched

“Set” The pulse edged further. The Nidoqueen growled, clenching and flexing her fist.

“Go” Danny whispered, with a swipe of her tail she swiped though the pulse, which dissolved in front of her, leaving a slight burn on her tail.

“No” Danny whispered, A quick footed Nidoqueen, responded with an Ice beam, directly hitting the flying Salamence, crashing her back down to earth.

She gasped for breathe as the referee called out.

“Danny Wins, Nidoqueen wins this round, recall your pokemon and prepare for round two”

The two trainers nodded and recalled there pokemon.
“Send out your pokemon” He instructored.

“Go Hunter” Danny called out

“Go Rouge” Adam called out.

Onto the grassy fields, a large crouching lizard like creature with a sweeping leaf tail and bright yellow spots over its back, running down in pairs. His piecing yellow eyes, looked up towards his rival, a red band ran on the underside of his chest, and several battle scars over his body. He growled a low growl at the large overgrown crab snapping his large pincers at him.

Two large sharp blades of leaf, grew out from his arms.

The other, a large overgrown lobster, with a golden crown on his head, and two sapphire blue eyes stared back.

He remained emotionless until.

“Rouge, Aerial Ace” Adam ordered.

“Jump up and dodge” Danny ordered.

The lobster jumped into the air and released a huge blast of energy which launched towards the Septile, who promptly jumped and dodged landing on his hind legs, growling.
“Hunter, Leaf Storm” Danny ordered. The Septile nodded, waving his arms, commanded sharp bladed small leaves which now flew around him, he remained calm and controlled.
Before his arms sprung out from his body. Controlling the direction of the storm, hitting the Crawdaunt full on, which hit and hurt unable to move away from the oncoming storm.

“Drive them off using X Scissor” Adam responded.

The crawdaunt, crossed over into an X shape his large pinchers, which blocked the reminder of the leaves.


Lizzy turned and walked away from the fight, she was starting to feel hungry. She made her way to an open store.

“Hi can I get a hot dog please?” She asked.

The large sweet looking woman handed her a hot dog, and promptly Lizzy paid using her pokedex.

“Thank you” She replied, before helping herself to ketchup.

“AND ADAM IS OUT” The commenter spoke over Lizzy sighed, she hoped he would of been able to win.

Lizzy found her way round to a tent where the trainers where holding.

“Adam” She hissed

“Lizzy?” He replied

“Yeah, can I come in?” She asked

“Yeah of course” She headed inside the tent, inside was a few benches and several empty bottles of potion scattered around. Tiptoeing over she sat down next to him, smiling.

“Hard luck” she replied, giving him a cuddle.

“Aww thanks” He replied, cuddling her back

“What happened I went to get some food, after the match with your salamence” She asked

“His Septile and his Mismagius happened” He sighed, pulling away.

“Oh dear, never mind” She smiled “So which one did you use against his Mismagius?” She asked curiously

“My Campuret” He replied

“You what?” She asked, he called out his exhausted Campuret.
Who promptly then headed back into his pokeball looking disgruntled.

“So what’s your plan for tonight?” She asked inquiztly

“Going to head back to Hoenn with your brother if he isn’t beat up when he gets his turn” Adam sighed

“When is he battling?” Lizzy asked

“At three” Adam replied

“Can we watch?” Lizzy asked smiling

“Yeah, sure why not” Adam smiled.

“Watch what?" Peter asked making the pair jump

“Going to watch you later” Lizzy smiled

“Don’t put me off” He remarked eyeing up the pair.

The familiar figure whom Adam had just been battling appeared.

“Hi, nice match earlier” He complimented Adam

“Thanks” Adam replied.

He called out three pokemon and fed them each a mixture of potions and looked over each one. Lizzy looked curiously at each until one caught her eye, his Nidoqueen who she had just seen battling.

“Hey” Lizzy stroked her face as she nuzzled up to her, before eating the reminder of her Hot Dog.

“That’s bad Pin cushion, return” The stranger recalled a sorrowful looking Nidoqueen.
“Sorry about that” He remarked smiling

“No problem” Lizzy replied “It was nothing just the crust”

“So why don’t you take her out later?” Adam quickly butted in
Peter glared at Adam and the stranger quickly answered “I can’t too busy sorry”

“Anyway see you later” he turned and waved, recalling and smiling at Lizzy.

“What the hell is wrong with you” Peter glared snapping at Adam

“For god sake Pete” Lizzy butted in

“There was no need for that look, he only apologised because his pokemon ate my hotdog”

“Pete it was a joke, look come on, your sister has made it here, by herself without any trouble and she hasn’t gotten hurt and she’s your sister” Adam remarked

Lizzy silently gulped, she hadn’t told them about Tennis.

“Look Pete, your an amazing brother, but please, just please don’t be so critical of every guy, not every guy is my ex” Lizzy replied.

Peter sighed, and looked tensely around the room. “PETER PARTRIDGE IS NOW WANTED. IT IS YOUR TURN TO PARTICIPATE PLEASE MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE STADIUM” The tanoy interrupted. Peter just replied with “I’ve got to go” and headed off to the areana

“Oh excuse me, are you woman whose Hotdog was eaten by Danny Prayer’s Nidoqueen” A steward dressed in a penguin suit asked

“Erm yes why” Lizzy replied

“This” The woman presented her with a new hotdog, covered in ketchup. “Danny Prayer offers his apogises as well” The woman added before turning and heading off.

“How nice” Lizzy commented

“Guy properly feels bad” Adam remarked. “Come on let’s go cheer on your Brother I’ll go get the popcorn and drinks” He stood up sighing.
“I just wish he would stop acting like a dad, he’s my brother” Lizzy sighed
“Cheer up, chick it’s only because he cares about you” Adam hugged her.
“Yeah, I know” Lizzy replied, the pair headed and found a couple of empty seats, and watched Peter get defeated. Evening drew in and the pair had made up and Lizzy went to watch them go off together.

“Have a safe trip” She waved off the two magnificent dragons

“Oh excuse me” The familiar masculine interrupted her train of thought

“Oh hi, the guy with the very hungry Nidoqueen” Lizzy remarked as Danny re-appeared
“Hi, yes It’s Danny” He responded “Erm, I hope I’m going to get you into any trouble, but would you like to come to dinner with me tonight?” He asked

“Sure, I can’t be out long, I’m staying in the centre tonight and no you won’t sorry about before, my brother is very over protective” She added.
“No problem lets go get a curry?” He asked

The pair headed to a local curry house Lizzy ordered a chicken curry and Danny a Beef.
“So how many badges have you got?” Lizzy asked

“Altogether 16, and I’m going for Kanto badges hopefully soon,” Lizzy choked slightly.

“And yourself?” He asked

A weakly pathetic responce of “Zero” responded.

“Ah so you have just started out” He asked

“Yeah, I got a Electrike, he’s so sweet” Lizzy responded. “What did you get?”

“Strangely enough a Floatzel” He responded. The convocation went into the early hours as the pair left, the sun was just poking up, over some trees.

“Well thank you for dinner” Lizzy responceded “See you around” She left it
“Ditto” Danny smiled.

The pair left and Lizzy headed back up to her room.

She quickly showered and changed, heading down to the centre, many people smiled and waved at her, ‘Properly barking mad’ she thought.

She collected Tennis and sat both eating, an ice cream, Tennis thoughly enjoyed his rum and raisin ice cream.
“So what now? You can’t just expect the guy to wait around for you” Tennis barked

“Yeah you’re right, come on you” Lizzy responded, as the pair left for route two.

Dragon trainer

Arise from the Ashes
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