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Kecleon Shop Inside Dungeon


This is a title.
Have you requit it?
It's really hard. I beat it once but not requit it. It call his other friends and I lose with them.

O yea i got this info. it's level 43 *coz I throw a doom seed at him*

(in md2)

in md1 I still dunno @_@

Kitty Aruseus

The werewolf cometh.
what the heck does Requit mean??

Kitty Aruseus

The werewolf cometh.
I was asking an honest question... If I had said, "It's recruit you dumb ***" then I would have been being mean, but I wasn't entirely sure if he meant recruit or not... dang.
You can't. evil pokemon choose to be on your team. if you shoplifted from Kecleon, would he want to join your team? No.


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Trust me, Kecleon is alot, i repeat, alot harder in MD2 than md1, in MD1, its synch to kill it.

And to keep on topic, no, not yet, some day...


This is a title.
*slaps face*
you play md or not? you dunno requit!

*back to topic*
I always steal things from kecleon, trough I know I am in mission @_@
I wish we can requit em.. lol.
Kecleon is so trough... I it's attack high, and defense also big..


feelin' Nostalgic
!! i recruited a kecleon on pmd sky.

i recruited kecleon. i had to kill a tn of them with a lv 100 mew but it was worth it. hes uber epic! ;352; ;352; ;352;


I remember stealing stuff from the Kecleon Shops in the dungeons. Good times. I tried recruiting Kecleon several times in Blue Rescue Team, but it wasn't until about a year ago that I finally succeeded in adding a Kecleon to my team. I've leveled it up all the way to level 100 and I often use it on missions. I still need to recruit a Kecleon in Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky, however.


um i managed to recruit keckleon on red and then my game broke :mad:@@@


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I've tried to recruit Kecleon many times on MD Blue using my lv. 100 Venusaur with a Friend Bow, but it never wants to join me. ;___;

Guess it really doesn't like me after all the times I've stolen from it. :p