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Kecleoshrews Fabulous Splice Contest

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reserve a spot

Here's my entry

You said any starters from any gen. Generation one Starters are Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and Pikachu.(Pokemon Yellow)


Not accepted. Pikachu wasn't officially a starter
Reserve me a spot please.

EDIT: Done.


Sinnoh Trio.


Aceepted :)

I'll reseve a spot please :)

Willd do

Just making a point that Eevee was a starter in Gen 1 too, you just couldn't choose it. :p

The rules say not to post stuff like that :/
I taketh a spot with this:


Sinnoh starters. My faves are the Hoenn ones, but seeing as when I made this none had been done from Sinnoh, I made this.

Turtwig: Colours, legs and little head piece
Piplup: Base.
Chimchar: Hands and ears.

I also used slightly different colours for the hands (colours not present on Turtwig or Piplup or Chimchar.)


Safety and Seizures

And here it is.


Haters Gonna Hate

Darn, just missed the last spot, and I worked so hard, oh well, if for some reason a spot falls out, may I have first dib's on the available spot? (if you want to see the entry still either click the spoiler or giovanni in my sig btw)


+1 cookie for troll

It has to be just one 3-set from one of the generations.

On the case of the Pikachu, it being a starter in Pokemon Yellow was more of a replay of the anime's events, and an actual coincidence in-game, as it was randomly found in the wild and caught because it couldn't be fought against. Eevee was only a starter in that game to match the anime's events, also, whereas the "official" starters are given to each beginning trainer the same in every other game/anime.
Eevee is a starter right?
Pikachu isn't because it was caught in the wild but Eevee is ;)

sorry for the double post..
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Is Skitty a starter?

wtf? what pokemon games have you been playng?

and sorry for not getting the results in yet, i've been busy, so i havent had time to talk with my advisor


I'm back!!!
Oh yeah. You can only get Eevee, Machop, Skitty, Meowth, Munchlax, Cuebone, Vulpix, Shinx, Phanphy, and Riolu as starters in Mystery Dungeon.


Blowing your mind
you know, in emerald you can get celebi as your starter as well as another pokemon. but in emerald, you have to do a few things, "battle" Celebiwith ? and get a starter, go to the next town, go to your PC a get a lv. 10 i believe celebi.

When's the next contest? Whatever it is, can you reserve me a aspot?

EDIT: sorry keckleoshrew. didn't mean to spam you, and since this would count as more spamming should it be a new post... i am combining it to this post.
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