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Keep Your Promise....

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Torchic23, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. Torchic23

    Torchic23 gee that's swell

    Ok, so here we go, my second Shipping Fan Fic. But this time, its a One-Shot.

    The shippings are: ContestShipping, AdvanceShipping, & PokeShipping. FAQ at the bottom of the page, now enjoy the story!

    Keep Your Promise....
    Rating: PG

    Ash, Max, and Brock were all walking along a beautiful mountain path where the air was freash and crisp, and a little Japanese style town named Saioyi only a few yeards away. May however, was walking a little faster than everyone else, looking forward to the town's famous Pokemon contest. Her chocolate brown hair swayed in a gentle breeze that formed from her pace, and her sapphire eyes sparkled with excitement.

    Ash was lagging behind Max and Brock though. His jet black hair had been carelessly tucked under his Hoenn League themed hat. It wasn't that he was not happy about May's contest, he actually loved watching May preform in them! No, it was because of some one who he believed was out to steal his girl, and this some one was none other than May's contest rival, Drew.

    "What's wrong with you today Ash? I've never seen you get like this before one of May's contests" Said Brock. Even he was starting to speed up, his spikey brown hair starting to sway as May's had done.

    Ash started to reply, but May suddenly pointed her finger straight ahead and shouted, "Look guys! We're finally in Saioyi!"

    "Ok May, geez, slow down, the contest isn't for a week!" Said Max, grabbing his older sister like he had to do to Brock everytime he fell for a girl.

    "Max! Let go, I wanna go!" Yelled May, smacking her brother and knocking his glasses off. Then May ran so far ahead, Max, Brock, and Ash lost sight of her. But May wasn't really excited about the contest. She really just wanted to see the one Ash dreaded so very much, Drew. Everytime she had seen him go, May had thought it had always felt like forever until she'd see him again. She always loved the way he flipped his hair, his contest style, his roses, everything about Drew made May giddy. She even sometimes looked forward to pretending to be excited about getting to a new Contest Hall.

    Ash just groaned as he watched May disappear. Ash had actually caught on to May's little game ever since Drew had came around. "I know she likes him, but, sometimes I just wish she'd go for me like that....."

    Once in the town, Ash and his friends began to look for the Contest Hall, they figured May had run ahead and found it already. Finally approaching the massive Contest Hall surrounded by many other little houses, Ash stopped to catch his breath. This Contest Hall was a truely amazing sight. Max, Brock, and even Ash had to stop and stare in awe.

    It was clearly made of white bricks, ivy compassed that sides tightly. The Contest Hall was also a colum shape, leaving the roof a brillant shade of red. Ash began to stare at the Contest Hall even harder, his thoughts starting to focus on May.

    "Come on Ash, we gotta find May!" Yelled Max, breaking Ash from his trance.

    "Pika?" Asked Pikachu suddenly. Ash's cute, yellow, electric mouse always rode on his shoulder and always cared for Ash.

    "Oh Pikachu, It's ok, I'm fine." Ash assured the Pokemon.

    Ash finally followed Brock and Max though the grand doors of the massive Contest Hall. "This place is incredible, the map didn't say anything about this place being like this, and you know what, I bet this place is full of hot coordinator chicks!" Brock exclaimed.

    "Cool it Brock, or you know what happens!" Yelled Max, holding up his thumb and index finger to remind Brock of what really happens when Brock finds girls.


    The inside was just as awesome as the outside, the white bricks were still visible on the inside, but there was no ivy on them. The shiny green tile just added to the beauty, it seemed almost as if it were to replace not having ivy. Many doors were all around the circular room, but there was also a stair way that a large sign above it that read, "Coordinator Rooms".

    May had ran into the Contest Hall as if she expected Drew to be right there. May glanced around, but she didn't see Drew anywhere. Then she walked up to the registration desk to ask the kind looking woman behind the counter if he had registered yet.

    "Um....Drew.....let's see here.....yup, he registered as soon as we opened! Funny huh?" Said the woman with a chuckle.

    "Yeah funny, can you tell me if he is staying in the coordinator's hotel?" Asked May, ignoring the joke.

    "Ok, yeah, and the number is.....122, got it?" Said the woman in a more serious tone.

    "Yeah, 122, thanks so much! You're a big help!" Said May with a friendly wave, before she walked off to the stair way that led to the coordinator's rooms.

    "128, 126. 124, and ah hah! Room 122, I hope Drew is here" Said May, who was scanning the halls for Drew's room. She knocked lightly, suddenly feeling a little akward for just coming up like that.

    The door opened and revealed a green haired boy with emerald colored eyes. He was wearing jeans and a black turtle-neck. "Oh it's you May" Said Drew. "Um, come in I guess, why are you here though?"

    May happily walked in and plopped down on Drew's rented bed, which ruffled the red blanket that lie neatly on top.. "I just wanted to stop by and see you!" Said May with a little giggle.

    Drew gave May a weird look before just replying, "Whatever...."

    The truth was, Drew also liked May. He loved her cute personality, even her temper! Drew also knew that Ash had a crush on May too, but he was too nervous to make his move so soon, he didn't want to scare May, and he wasn't sure if he told May, that she would take it so nicely. Nobody had ever appealed this much to Drew, not even a single one of his fan girls.

    But here, Drew realized that May had just ditched Ash to come hang out with him. Maybe now was his chance, to finally admit to May. And what if she actually liked him back? Drew could only dream of such things.....

    "Uh May, could I.....ask you something, something really important?" Said Drew suddenly, trying to hide the blush forming across his face.

    May stopped swinging her legs and looking happy. She didn't frown, but she got a very serious look on her face, as if she already knew what was coming. "Um....yeah Drew?"

    "May, do you lov----"But before Drew could finish, the door burst open, and there stood a furious Ash.

    "May did you register yet?" Asked Ash furiously.

    "Uh no, why?" Asked May, a little surprised by Ash's rude break in.

    "Drew and I just need to have a little......"Ash paused to take a deep breath. "a little talk ok?"

    "Um...alright, I guess, if you say so..." Said May, getting up to leave the room, but she still had her pretty sapphire eyes stuck on Drew. "What had he wanted to ask me, that was so important?" May asked herself, closing the door to Drew's room.


    "I think you know what this is about!" Yelled Ash.

    Drew just calmly answered, "May right?"

    "Yes, May. She's mine, you back off before I make you!" Said Ash, his temper raising again.

    "What are you so upset about, I haven't even had to chance to ask May yet, thanks to you" Said Drew, casually flipping his hair.

    "Good! I'm warning you Drew, I'm on to your little game! One move on May...."Ash paused again. "And you'll get it good from me"

    Then Ash turned to walk out of the door, when Drew suddenly called to him. "Hey Ash, meet me tonight on the beach at 8:00, ok?"

    "Alright..." Said Ash, thinking of what Drew could possibly want.


    A crescent moon was just visible in the dark blue sky. It was 8:00 and Ash and Drew were facing each other on the sandy shores of the beach a few yeards away from the Contest Hall. "So what do you want?" Demanded Ash.

    "A simple battle" Said Drew in his usual calm voice.

    "Let me guess, over May? Don't count on winning, I'll do anything for May!" Yelled Ash.

    "Same here, but you see, the problem with you Ash, is that you don't take the time to care for May, you just 'jump in and expect her to like you" Said Drew.

    "Yeah, and you ignore her and say mean things about her all the time!" Yelled Ash.

    "When have I ever ignored May? Or say mean things about her? I give May advice, and I even saved her from Team Rocket once, does it look like I don't care about her?" Said Drew.

    "Well, uh, I saved her from Team Rocket once too!" Said Ash, trying hard to think of comebacks.

    "Let's just start this battle already, and I choose Flygon!" Said Drew, grabbing a pokeball from his belt and thrusting it out onto the sandy beach that lie just before him. His pokeball released a mighty dragon Pokemon with shining red and green scales, its wings beat furiously kicking up sand around it.

    "Ok fine! Go Sceptile!" Said Ash, mimicking Drew, only Ash's pokeball released a tall grass Pokemon with yellow cat-like eyes. Sceptile pulled out a small twig and stuck it in its mouth.

    "Ok Ash, you go right ahead" Said Drew with a smirk.

    "Fine with me, Sceptile, Leaf Blade!" Commanded Ash. Sceptile was quick to obey. The leaves on its arms transformed into a spear shape and it started charging towards Flygon, ready to hit it with its attack.

    "Dodge" Was the single word that came out of Drew's mouth. Flygon was fast, it dodged Leaf Blade, casuing Sceptile to crash hard into the ground. Slowly pulling itself back up, Sceptile turned around and glared at Flygon who was showing off by flapping its pretty wings.

    "Hey! What's up guys? What are you both doing out here?" Asked May, suddenly walking towards Drew and Ash.

    "Uh May, could you please go check on Max? Now's not a good time" Said Ash.

    "Max is fine, and what's not good about this time?" Asked May suspciously. "Oh I see! You two are having a battle! But why be so private about it?"

    "Uh May, really, its not a good time, we just want a little privacy" Said Drew.

    "Aww, but I just wanna watch the battle" Whined May walking up to Flygon's side, and giving it a friendly pat.

    But before Drew or Ash could try to use another excuse, a giant Magikarp popped up in the cold and rough ocean, not far from the shore. But then, a hatch opened on its top and there was Team Rocket. It was really their infamous Magikarp sub!

    "Prepare for trouble, we're here for the Flygon!" Rang Jessie's voice through the cold night air.

    "And Make that a Double, but we're really here to steal all your Pokemon!" Rhymed James.

    "An evil as old as the galaxy!" Said Jessie.

    "Sent here to fulfill our destiny!" Said James.

    "And 'den 'dares me!" Said Team Rocket's talking Meowth.

    "To denounce the evils of truth and love...."Started Jessie.

    "To extend our reach to the stars above" Finished James.

    "Jessie" Called Jessie.

    "James" Said James.

    "And don't forget Me-owth!" Chimed Meowth.

    "Anywhere there's peace in the universe" Said Jessie.

    "Team Rocket..."Started James.

    "Will be 'dare" Finished Meowth.

    "To make everything worse!" They all said together.

    "It's Team Rocket!" Growled Ash.

    "I think we're all getting tired of your dumb motto already" Added May.

    "If you haven't noticed, we're the new Team Rocket with a new motto, so no complaining!" Yelled Jessie.

    "And anyways, we're here ta steal our your Pokemon!" Exclaimed Meowth, pulling up a small romote with one big red button on it. "We just press 'dis button....." Explained Meowth.

    "And all your Pokemon will be ours!" Finished James. Meowth grinned and pressed the button hard with his paw. A giant claw shot out of the Magikarp Sub's mouth and was headed straight towards Flygon. But May, being so close to Flygon, was captured in the claw instead. Team Rocket had disappeared, back into the sub's inside, so they hadn't noticed that they had missed Flygon.

    "'Da boss'll reward us big 'dis time!" Exclaimed Meowth.

    "Yes, and Flygon and Sceptile are just the ideal strong Pokemon that the boss needs!" Said Jessie.

    Meanwhile, back outside the sub, both Drew and Ash were holding on to the cold metal claw that held May inside. "Back off Drew!" Yelled Ash.

    "No way" Answered Drew.

    But May was too scared to notice that the two boys were arguing. Back inside the sub......


    "Hold on, the twerps are pulling on 'da claw, pull harder!" Yelled Meowth, throwing the romote at James' head.

    "Bossy, just the behavior that will only get me rewarded!" Yelled James, pressing a button on the sub's control panel. Whatever James had pressed, it caused the claw to shoot from Drew and Ash's grasp. Both boys fell to the sand like Sceptile had done earlier.

    "Ugh, Flygon, Steel Wing!" Yelled Drew, spitting sand from his mouth. Ash looked pretty angry that Drew was going to save May, so he called out to Sceptile.

    "Stop Flygon with Quick Attack!"

    Sceptile looked a little surprised at Ash, but obyed and quickly shot towards Flygon, knocking it down. By that time, Team Rocket had already fully pulled May into the sub.

    "Nice Ash" Said Drew sarcastically.

    Ash did look embarrassed, he knew it was all his fault that May was taken, but he insisted opon arguing. "It isn't my fault!"

    Drew just shot Ash a dirty look......


    Team Rocket greedily ran through a small hatch by the front of the sub to see their prize of rare Pokemon. "We'll be rolling in rewards!" Squealed Jessie.

    "Promotions! Finally!" Exclaimed James.

    "Hold on" Said Meowth. Team Rocket were in the front room, or the mouth of the Magikarp Sub, where they had pulled the claw in. "'Dat's no rare Sceptile or Flygon, 'Dat's a twerp!"

    "Let me out of here!" Yelled May, fighting against the sides of the claw.

    "But this could work to our plan!" Said Jessie.

    "What plan?" Asked James.

    "Aw, shut up!" Yelled Meowth, clawing James in the face. "We'll just use 'dis twerpy girl to lead 'dose twerpy boys and 'dere Pokemon to us!"

    "Perfect Meowth! Now let's get busy!" Said Jessie.


    "So now what?" Said Ash, feeling very stupid.

    "We can't just leave her in there, let's go in and find her of course, return your Sceptile and we'll ride on my Flygon" Said Drew confidently.

    Ash didn't like doing what Drew said, but what he had said was logical, so Ash obeyed and returned Sceptile to its pokeball. Then, both Drew and Ash hopped aboard Flygon's back and took off to the Magikarp Sub's mouth. Carefully dodging the rims of the Sub's mouth, Flygon landed gently just inside that front room.

    "A hatch! Look!" Whispered Ash, pointing at a small hatch towards the back of the small room.

    "Let's go there, I bet we'll find May" Said Drew, returning Flygon and heading towards the hatch door.

    "Wait!" Hissed Ash.

    "What?" Asked Drew.

    "We can't just go bursting in there!" Said Ash, his voice getting louder.

    "Yes we can, I can handle anything those clowns bring on" Said Drew, getting ready to push open the hatch.

    Ash sighed, but after years of battling Team Rocket, Ash knew Drew was right. Drew pushed the hatch open with much force, and ran in, Ash close behind. But all they saw in the almost empty control room, was May looking sad and scared, as well as in a small cage.

    "May!" Exclaimed Drew.

    May turned her head and noticed Drew and Ash. "Oh! Drew, Ash! Leave now, its a trap, go!" Yelled May.

    But it was too late, a large net fell on Drew and Ash, intangling them inside. Then Team Rocket entered from out of the shadows. "We figured this girl would bring you and your Pokemon to us, and now not only do we have one twerp and all her Pokemon, but now we have three twerps and triple the Pokemon!" Exclaimed Jessie, holding up May's yellow waistbag.

    Then Ash held up a pokeball. "Sceptile, help me out with Leaf Blade!" Ash's pokeball had a white beam of light coming from it, releasing Sceptile once again. And just as before, Sceptile's leaves began to glow and transform, then it hit the net, slicing it.

    "Good Sceptile, now return" Said Ash, this time absorbing Sceptile back into the ball in a flash of red light. Ash and Drew stood up and looked very angry.

    "Oh goody, the cute little brats are angry, so Seviper, cool them down with some Poison Tail!" Yelled Jessie, throwing a pokeball of her own, releasing her Fang Snake Pokemon.

    "Seviper!" Cried Jessie's Pokemon.

    "Now, teach them a lesson with Poison Tail!" Commanded Jessie.

    "Sceptile, Quick Attack!" Called Ash.

    While the battle raged, Drew snuck over to the cage that held May. "You ok?" He asked.

    "Yeah, but please get me out of here soon" Whined May.

    "Just be patient, come out Flygon" Said Drew, releasing Flygon from its pokeball. "Now, brake this cage ok, Flygon?"

    Flygon nodded, and swung its tail at the cage, causing it to burst into pieces. "Thanks Drew" Whispered May.

    "Oh no you don't!" Yelled James, ready to throw a net over May and Drew, but Sceptile hit James with Quick Attack, knocking him over.

    Drew just nodded, noticing the sudden look of rage on Ash's face. "Grrr, Sceptile, finish the thing with Leaf Blade" Said Ash, trying to steal the spotlight.

    Scpetile jumped out and preformed its usual Leaf Blade attack, smashing into Seviper, causing it to crash back into Team Rocket. "Finish them off with Tackle" Said Ash. Sceptile charged into Team Rocket with all its might, causing the sub to blow up, and Team Rocket sent flying.

    "Team Rocket's blasting off again!" They wailed, disappearing over the dark horizen. Drew, Ash, and May were sent flying back to the shore. Just before that though, Ash and Drew had returned all their Pokemon.

    Drew helped May up, while Ash got himself up. While doing so, a picture of Misty fell from his pocket. Ash picked up the picture and stared at it for a few moments, then nodded. "Um, Drew, can we have another 'Talk'?"

    "Ok, but I have to ask May something first" Said Drew, pulling May behind a large Palm Tree trunk.

    "What do you wanna ask me Drew?" Asked May, surprised by Drew's actions.

    "I really just want to finish asking you what I had tried to ask you before..."Said Drew.

    "Yeah, what?" Said May.

    "Do you love Ash? Or........."Drew sighed. "Or me?

    A small tear formed in May's eyes. Then she dove into Drew's arms. "You big dork! I thought you would have figured it out by now, I do love you!" Exclaimed May through her happy tears. May really didn't care how akward this seemed, or what Drew thought, May just felt happy.

    But apparently, Drew's thoughts were the same because he wrapped his arms gently around May. "You should hear the truth then" He said.

    May looked up at him. "The truth?"

    "Yeah, the reason Ash and I were battling. It was over you, you see, I think Ash really likes you too, but he knew I liked you, so he got mad. I decided to settle it over a battle." Drew explained.

    "Really? That is just so......" Started May.

    Drew gulped, now he was worried May was going to be mad, but she finished with, "that is so sweet!"

    "Well, I have to see what Ash wants, we can talk more later" Said Drew, letting go of May. May stood up straight as well and they both came out from behind the tree.

    "Drew, maybe this should be private too" Whispered Ash.

    "Alright, May, Ash and I will be right back, ok?" Said Drew, waving to May and following Ash.

    Ash held out the picture of Misty for Drew to see. "It has been so long since I have seen her, then I met May, and I forgot..."Whispered Ash.

    "Yes?" Said Drew, a little surprised.

    "Well, I've forgotten, I love Misty, not May, and I do hate myself for it. You were right all along, I think you deserve May, she loves you, not me, I can tell. And you know what? I'm glad, I want May to be happy. And I do know what its like for her to see you because I always felt the same way towards Misty. It was always so nice, the feeling was always stronger towards Misty. So please, treat May well, she's a great person, but I know you are too. I'm sorry for acting like a jerk, but, its all gonna change now right? So, do we have a deal?" Said Ash gently.

    Drew looked shocked by Ash's speech. "Uh, yes, I do love May, I never planned on treating her any worse than the best, just as you would to this Misty girl"

    "Ok then, don't keep May waiting longer, she wants you, not me, so take advantage of it" Said Ash, walking with Drew back towards where May had been waiting.

    Ash and Drew smiled. "Come on May, can we go back to my room now, there's some things I'd like to discuss now" Said Drew.

    "Alright, see ya tomorrow, most likely Ash!" Said May, grabbing Drew's hand as the two walked away. Ash smiled and waved, before turning another direction, and heading back to find Max and Brock.


    "May....." Said Drew quietly. They were back in his hotel room, laying on Drew's bed together.

    "Yes?" Replied May.

    "You know how you said you loved me?"


    "Well, I wanted to tell you, I love you too" Said Drew.

    "Thanks, but I know already" Said May with a giggle. Then her face turned serious. "But Drew, we've told each other now, but.....now I'm gonna miss you even more!"

    "Then how would you like to travel with me?" Asked Drew.

    "Well, if I knew for sure that Max would be ok, then yeah, I'd really like that" Said May.

    "Then Max could come with us, he's smart when it comes to Pokemon right? He could help us both" Drew assured May.

    "Yeah, ok, but is Ash ok with that?" Said May.

    "When Ash and I talked this evening, we made a deal, and part of that deal answers your question. And its yes" Said Drew. "Ash loves someone named Misty now"

    "Oh Misty?! Thats so cute, so I'll have to tell Max and stuff, but I'm so excited!" Exclaimed May.

    "Ok, you can stay in my room tonight, we can discuss more" Said Drew calmly.

    May smiled and nodded. "Ok"


    Meanwhile, Ash was downstairs talking on a VideoPhone. "Misty? Are you home?" Ash called through the phone part, then an orange haired girl with pretty blue eyes appeared on the screen.

    "Ash? Why in the world are you calling? And this late at night?" Asked Misty.

    "Its important, there's something I want to ask you, and please, give me your most honest opinion, and I'll then tell you mine" Said Ash.

    "Ok? What is the question?" Asked Misty.

    "Who do you love?"

    Misty blushed and didn't answer for a few seconds. "I can't believe you're actually getting this out of me, but right now Ash, the one I love is..............you"

    Then it was Ash's turn to blush. "Me? Um Misty, I should have told you this a long time ago, but I love you too"

    "Really Ash? That is so awesome, but we're so far apart!" Said Misty.

    "It doesn't matter how far you are, as long as our love stays strong, you'll never be far from my heart" Said Ash.

    "And the same goes for me, oh Ash, its my fault that I didn't tell you" Said Misty.

    "Ok, I gotta go, but I promise that I'll keep in touch, don't forget about me" Said Ash sadly.

    "Forget about you?! Never, and Ash, I really do look forward to talking to you again" Said Misty. "Good-bye"

    Misty hung the VideoPhone up, and Ash did the same.

    "Don't forget, you've promised me...."Whispered Ash.


    Back up in Drew's room, May had gotten up from the bed to do something. Then Drew whispered, "And thats a promise I'll keep.................."


    Ok, so now for the FAQ


    You're a ContestShipper? Why AdvanceShipping?

    Jealously makes for good fics, but trust me, I'm no AdvanceShipper!

    Drew got May! Not fair! I hate you!

    Boo-hoo -_-

    A One-Shot? I love it, make more!

    Sorry, this just isn't that kinda story

    Your descriptions sucked!

    I know, I know, I'm lazy
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2006
  2. Yet another good fic - scratch that, one-shot- by Torchic23!! I loved this! IT was soo cute!

    Awwww.... LOL!! May called Drew a dork!! LMAO!!

    Well, peace and crackers,

    ~Kitteh ;258;
  3. Torchic23

    Torchic23 gee that's swell

    Well thank you Kitteh, and yes well, I love it when couples call each other dorks, thats maybe why I just got a boyfriend in seventh grade -_-

    Romance is not my thing, but ContestShipping is! (Wait, aren't they the same thing? Looks like I'm the dork)
  4. DanK84

    DanK84 Manyula Trainer

    XD I think she made the questions and answers herself.

    Anyway, very nice. Length is exceptional, but you've always had good length of chapters in your fic. My favorite part was probably when Brock mentioned "The hot coordinator chicks." LOL. Anyway, good job.
  5. shervin

    shervin Pokemon Coordinator

    That was really cool...but i thought that the bit where Ash and Misty were on videophones and confessed their love for each other was a bit rushed but it was really good!

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