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Keeper Series Book 1 - The Egg of Destiny

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Sketchie, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    Chapter 7... yes, yes, I know, it's been months. I lost motivation, and I never had time. So! Here it is!

    Just ask.
    PM LIST:
    Chess Zoroark; OceanicLanturn; KyuremCraze


    A long time ago, there was nothing. Then, through the nothing came an egg. That egg hatched into Arceus. Arceus created... well, you know the story.

    Thousands of years later. No humans have arrived on the scene yet.

    Time was flowing wonderfully, space expanding nicely. The distortion world was stable and all was well. Then one day, out of the blue, in the Temporal Forest appeared an egg. Dialga, out for a stroll, came across the egg.

    "What's this? An egg?" Dialga sniffed at it carefully. "Must be a new pokemon. I'd better go find Mew."

    So Dialga opened up a portal and warped to the Pika Forest.

    "Mew? You there?" Dialga said as she meandered in. "Mew?"

    "Hiyas! What's up Dialga?" Mew said excitedly, dashing through a few trees.

    "I found an egg in the Temporal Forest, near the Lake of Time. It smelled like a new pokemon. Did you put it there?"

    "Hmmm, let me think... nope, haven't been in the Temporal Forest in forever. Why don't you ask your father? Might be a new legend!" Mew said with more enthusiasm than before.

    Dialga thanked Mew and warped to Arceus's palace. She regally marched through the halls with her head high, remembering she was royalty. As she entered the throne room, she bowed her head respectfully. The king of all pokemon may be her father, but she knew she had to be respectful.

    "Ah, my child, born of time. Come," Arceus said gently with a smile, "It's been far too long."

    Dialga skipped up to her father on his magnificent throne. Arceus’s throne was silver, with trimming that changed color depending on what type he was. The trimming was gold at the present, as he was normal type.

    “What is it?” Arceus asked.

    “Well, I was walking through the Temporal Forest, and I found an egg near the Lake of Time. It smelled like a new pokemon. Do you know anything about it?”

    Arceus thought for a while, then, with worry in his voice, said “I... I don’t know. When you tell me that... it worries me... but I don’t know why. My dear, Dialga... I fear this egg... is the beginning... of...”

    “Of... of what?” Dialga questioned, with fear rising in her voice.

    “I don’t know. Go to the Spire... ask the oracle. She... she might know.”

    Dialga thanked her father and warped to Star Gates. She couldn’t warp into the Spire because the oracle made a barrier around it. Dialga sighed at the long stairway of stars and started up. The oracle was waiting for her.

    “Dialga, master of time... I’ve been waiting for you... the egg... is a sign. I will send a dream to you. Listen well, Dialga... the prophecy may be the end of the world...” the oracle said mystically.

    Dialga bowed and whispered a thank you.

    The suddenly the oracle shouted, “Flee! Darkness is coming, the Gates will disappear!”

    Dialga rushed back to the bottom of the stairs and warped to the Temporal Forest. She realized the oracle was right, night had fallen and Dialga was very sleepy. She curled up in a bank by the Lake of Time and fell asleep. Colors swirled, and soon she was in her dream world. She saw the Temporal Forest, frozen. Dew drops were suspended mid-air, the wind never blew, and everything was still.

    Dialga was horrified. She knew what had happened. Time had stopped. Then, out of nowhere, came a voice.

    “Thousands of years, a keeper is born. The earth will still, and destiny and fate will collide. Six pokemon will become one team, and the keeper will find her diamond.”

    Instantly Dialga awakened, paralyzed with fear. She looked up at the sky and wailed. She had to keep the prophecy a secret. She thought about her dream, and realized it hadn’t mentioned anything about the egg. She decided that she’d worry about it in the morning and went to sleep.

    But as the full moon rose over the Lake of Time, the egg was hatching.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2013
  2. chess-z

    chess-z flora femme

    To quote Monty Python:
    Get on with it!
  3. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    Be patient. You might ruin it.
  4. chess-z

    chess-z flora femme

    Ruin what?
    The story?
    Who me?
  5. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!

    This thread is going to get closed, most likely. You need to post the first part of the story in the opening post of the thread.
  6. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    ^It's almost done. And if it get's locked, I'll repost it!
  7. OceanicLanturn

    OceanicLanturn Non non non!

    Hmm nice. I like the suspense, which is built up by Arcues's fear and the Oracle's warnings. The ending was nice and it makes me wonder what happens the next chapter?

    Anyways, it's good so far. My guess is that the egg is Cresselia? Full moon? hehe. Do you have a PM list or some sort
  8. chess-z

    chess-z flora femme

    Good opening.
    But isn't Dialga genderless?
  9. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    Here comes the 1st Chapter! It's almost done! :D

    Well, yes. But, I'm the author, and in my mind Dialga has always been female. So, I called it a she.
  10. chess-z

    chess-z flora femme

    So, new post out soon?
  11. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    New post out now! Chapter one is here~

    Chapter 1 - The Hatching

    When Dialga woke it was sunny and clear. But as she looked around she found something was missing. Then it dawned on her. It’s didn’t come slowly, like a lizard on a hot rock but like jumping into a pool of ice water, quick and shocking, or like running face-first into a brick wall.

    “Where’d the egg go!?” Dialga screamed. She ran around the lake three times before crashing into a tree. Then something hit her head.

    “Hey!” A voice called from above, “What was that for!? I was enjoying that apple, thank you.”

    Dialga didn’t know whether to look up or down. She looked up, and as she did a green creature floated down.

    “I was enjoying that apple. And then you had to freak out and crash into the tree.” The green creature glared playfully at Dialga.

    “Who... what... how... what are you!?” Dialga was confused. She had never seen a pokemon like this before.

    “I’m a Celebi! Whee!” The Celebi started flying around in circles, while saying, “My name is Destiny!”

    The words from the dream floated across Dialga’s head. “Destiny and fate will collide...” she had to ask Destiny if she knew anything. She opened her mouth, but decided asking her would not be the greatest idea.

    “Hey, Destiny, want to come with me to visit my friend Mew?” Dialga asked.

    “No way! Not until you tell me what you are!” Destiny said.

    Dialga sighed and said, “I am Dialga. I am the deity of time.”

    Destiny stopped flying and stared at Dialga. “You... can you travel in time?”

    “Uh... yeah, I can... why?”

    Destiny laughed, saying, “So can I, silly! Wanna race? I challenge you to time travel race with me. Last night, shortly after you fell asleep.”

    Now it was Dialga’s turn to laugh. “You? Race me? I am time itself... wait! How can you travel in time!?”

    “Well, I’m not sure. I just... can!”

    Dialga shook her head at sighed, “If you really want to race, then fine. Ready... set... go!”

    The two pokemon made their portals and warped. In seconds, Dialga was at the Lake of Time, watching herself sleep. Dialga waited a couple minutes before Celebi popped up.

    “Sorry Dialga... I got lost and ended up a day earlier,” said Destiny.

    Dialga looked down at Destiny and said, “Well, I’m amazed you can time travel like me. Maybe it has to do with your egg being at Time Forest.” She shook her head and continued, “We need to get back. Being here won’t create a paradox, but I don’t want to risk it.”

    So the two time traveling pokemon traveled through their portals and went back a couple minutes after they left. Dialga arrived first, with Destiny seconds later. Just as Destiny came, Mew floated into the clearing.

    “Dialga! Is this the pokemon from the egg?” Mew said, thrilled about the new pokemon.

    “Yes, this is the pokemon from the egg. Destiny, this is my friend Mew. Mew, this is Destiny. She’s a Celebi.”

    Destiny flew up to Mew. They stared at each other until Destiny broke the silence. “So where do you live?”

    “I hang out in the Pika Forest. I’m assuming you like in the Time Forest?”

    Dialga broke into their conversation. “Yeah, she lives here with me. She can time travel, but I don’t think she can do anything else with time.” She turned to Destiny and asked, “Can you?”

    Destiny shook her head no and added, “I’m not really sure how I’m able to time travel either. I’m just able to do it.”

    Mew thought for a while, then said to Dialga, “Have you taken her to Arceus?”

    Dialga hung her head and said, “No, I haven’t... I don’t really want to either. I’ll take her to my dad tomorrow. He’ll ask me to go to the oracle and I really don’t want to go to Star Gates, either.”

    Mew shrugged and said, “Suit yourself. I have to get back to the Pika Forest.”

    Dialga and Destiny said their goodbyes to Mew as she left. Dialga turned to Destiny and said, “The sun is starting to set. Can you get some apples?”

    Destiny obeyed and gathered eleven apples, one for her and the other ten for Dialga. They ate in silence and watched the sun disappear behind the mountains.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2012
  12. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    WHOA, chapter 2 out same day as chapter one!?

    Chapter Two - The Night that Ends at Last​

    Dialga and Destiny watched the moon rise overhead. The light glistened on the Lake of Time, making it glow with a sea green coloring. One by one, the stars appeared, glittering the sky with silver.

    Dialga knew she had to ask Destiny about her dream. She gathered all of her courage and whispered, “Destiny... Destiny, have you ever seen time stop?”

    Destiny replied, “No, I haven’t. Why?”

    “Destiny... I had a dream the night you hatched. I saw Time Forest... time had stopped. It was horrible... the dew drops were suspended in air, the wind never blew... but worst of all... the sun never came up. I- I heard a voice in the dream, saying ‘thousands of years, a keeper is born. The earth will still, and destiny and fate will collide. Six pokemon will become one team, and the keeper will find her diamond.’ Do you know anything about it?”

    Destiny sniffled and wailed, “It’s true, isn’t it?” She collapsed onto Dialga as she continued. “The night I hatched, I had a vision of the same thing. I heard those same words... I thought it was just a daydream... I never knew it would come true!”

    Dialga lied down and put Destiny near her, then whispered, with her voice quivering, “But what does it mean? What’s a keeper? The earth being still is time stopping, you’re probably destiny and I’m probably diamond... but what on earth does the rest of it mean?”

    Destiny curled up, and cried softly, “I don’t know... but it scares me. I never knew it would come true... but it’s horrible. I don’t want to see time stopping for real... it must be so cold, and I would never get used to the dark.”

    “It would be terrible, having to live in a world where time stopped,” Dialga started, “especially knowing there isn’t anything I could do.”

    Destiny sat up, and said with all the positive energy she could muster, “Maybe we had that dream... so we can prevent that from happening.”

    Dialga thought about that possibility, then said with a stronger voice, “You’re probably right. Destiny, this is our quest. But, there is one thing I have to tell you about... we can’t tell anyone. I don’t want to scare anyone. And besides, it’s a thousand years from now. No one else needs to know. Okay?”

    Destiny nodded her head and flew up to grab another apple. But as she did, a pikachu flew out and knocked her to the ground. Dialga was getting ready to attack when she noticed the pikachu’s coloring. This wasn’t a normal pikachu. It was black, with yellow stripes and red eyes.

    The pikachu was getting ready to attack Destiny when Dialga remembered what she was doing. Her eyes flashed, and her jewel started glowing. Then, right when the pikachu attacked Destiny, Dialga hit him with Roar of Time. Her jewel started glowing again, and the space around the pikachu faded to gray.

    Destiny got up, shivering harder than she would be if she was in the Ice Fields. She chattered out, “What- was- that- and- what- did- you- do- to- it!?”

    Dialga, shivering almost as much as Destiny, said with a stronger voice than Destiny, “I don’t know what that was... and I froze time around it so it couldn’t move...”

    Destiny flew straight to Dialga and grabbed her neck. Dialga collapsed, as a few words escaped her lips. “I am not falling asleep tonight.”

    Destiny nodded in agreement, too much in shock to say anything. The two sat in silence for a while, until two golden rings sparkled in front of them. Destiny zipped behind a tree. There was a blast of white light, and Arceus appeared.

    “Dialga, what’s wrong? I felt turmoil in this forest. Is everything alright?” Arceus said in his calm voice, oblivious to Destiny.

    Dialga stammered, “Well, uh, a ariados came out of nowhere and scared me, but I’m fine now. Nothing to worry about. Nope!”

    Arceus sighed, saying, “My dear 17,000 year old... afraid of ariados.” Arceus’s rings glowed, and he was gone.

    Destiny tottered out behind the tree, with a glazed look in her eyes. “I’m going to be blind for a week...” then Destiny noticed Dialga frozen, staring blankly at the space in front of her. “Dialga? Di-al-ga? Hello?”

    Dialga flew back, and her back hit a tree. Destiny chuckled and said, “What’s with you and hitting trees?” She was going to go on with her joke when Dialga’s sickened expression hit her. “Dialga? What’s wrong?”

    Dialga only had the energy to say two words. “Sh- shadow... P-pokemon...” Dialga tried to get up, but blacked out instead. Destiny did what she had been doing the whole night: freaking out.

    “Dialga! Um- um- um- um- what should I do what should I do what should I do what should I- oh yeah, razor leaf.” Destiny shot a couple of razor leaves at Dialga, waking her up.

    Dialga looked at Destiny and coughed out, “We- can’t- fall- asleep.” Destiny nodded as she grabbed Dialga’s neck.

    At the Spire...

    “My dream sender, I really need them asleep.” A silvery voice cut through the darkness.

    A dark voice replied, “My lady, with all due respect, it’s not a full moon!”

    The silvery voice thrashed back, shouting, “Put them to sleep. Now.”

    Within minutes, Destiny and Dialga were asleep.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2012
  13. chess-z

    chess-z flora femme

    Well wrought.
    So this is going to be a story with legendarys as the main characters?
    I'm impressed you got two in one day!
  14. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    Well, yeah, mostly legends. I'll add humans in the 3rd book.
  15. chess-z

    chess-z flora femme

    3rd Book, Or chapter?
  16. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    It'll be the 3rd book. 1st is Destiny's book.
  17. KyuremCraze

    KyuremCraze Aspiring Author

    Wow, this is quite good! It's unique, like how you've made Dialga a girl and stuff :). But if I can suggest anything, I would try to make Dialga use more active ways of transportation. i mean teleporting's pretty cool, but it gets kinda boring if you just make her go 'poof' and she's there. Overall, this is a pretty good fic and I'm looking forward to see all the future chapters!
  18. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    Chapter 3 - Breaking Dawn​

    When the two pokemon regained consciousness, half the day was already over. So they stretched out and ate a couple apples. Dialga was halfway through her fifth apple when she remembered what had happened the night before.

    “Destiny, we really have to go see my dad.” Dialga started, “I really need to ask him about the shadow pikachu.”

    Destiny swallowed the last of her first apple, then replied with a spacy tone, “Dialga, what are shadow pokemon? Just different colored pokemon?”

    Dialga shook her head. “No, shadow pokemon are pokemon who have absolutely no compassion. Shadow pokemon are evil, and only feel darkness and hate.” Dialga sat down as she continued. “A long time ago, when I was younger, I was in the courtyard of Arceus’s palace, when a shadow dragonite attacked me. It scared me half to death. Accidentally made time stop for a couple seconds. Arceus rushed to my rescue and used Judgement on it. It was horrible.”

    Destiny sat down by Dialga, and asked more seriously, “Can shadow pokemon be taught how to be compassionate?” Dialga sadly shook her head. Destiny continued. “Should... should we tell Arceus?”

    Dialga shot up and screamed “Are you insane!? He’d freak out.” She shuddered. “I hate it when Dad freaks out. He can’t know about time stopping, or the shadow pokemon, or whatever. Speaking of Arceus, we should probably get going.”

    Dialga started opening a portal, when suddenly the portal closed. Dialga tried again. Same results. Destiny tried opening a portal. The portal stayed open for a couple seconds, then collapsed. Dialga collapsed with it in frustration.

    “Stupid portals! Open up and stay open!” Dialga tried making a portal a third time. It vanished.

    Destiny flew onto Dialga’s head and said, “Should we ask Arceus about that?”

    Dialga nodded, and sighed, “Well, I guess we’re walking.” Dialga rolled her eyes. “I hate walking.”

    The duo walked out of Time Forest. They walked along a lake until they came across a fork in the road. Dialga, knowing the way, told Destiny they needed to go left. Destiny felt they needed to go right. The two fought until Destiny gave into Dialga’s command.

    Eventually they came to Dialga’s former home - the palace that towered over the land. Built by Arceus when he created the world, it was pure white. They walked inside, Dialga marching regally, Destiny trying to follow the time lord’s position, and failing miserably. When they walked inside the throne room, Arceus was ending a conversation with the leader of the Chalsik tribe, a tribe of charmander, torchic, cyndaquil, and all of their evolutions.

    “My lord, thank you for your help. The baby pokemon of the tribe will surely thank you.” The leader said, bowing as he left the room.

    Dialga ran up to Arceus and said proudly, “Father, this is Destiny. She’s a Celebi. She hatched from the egg by the Lake of Time. She can open portals through time, but that’s about all she can do time-wise.”

    Arceus eyed Destiny for a bit, then said, “Is she... one of us?” Dialga nodded. Arceus continued. “Was she there last night?”

    “Well, she was, but she ran behind a tree. I think your entrance scared her.” Dialga said, as Destiny shook her head up and down vigorously.

    “Also, Dad, neither of us can open stable portals lately. We can make the portals, they just don’t stay open.” Dialga said.

    Arceus sighed, saying, “Go ask your sister. Palkia might know the problem.”

    The two pokemon wilted at the thought of walking all the way back to Time Forest and into Spatial Forest. But they went anyway. Dialga decided they should stop in Time Forest and tomorrow visit Palkia. Destiny was about to argue, but then realized what Dialga was saying and agreed.

    “Destiny, with all the shadow pokemon about, we should really practice our moves.” Dialga said while staring at the sky. “I can gather some wood targets if you like.” Destiny mumbled an agreement, while Dialga gathered some targets.

    Dialga went first. Her jewel glowed and her eyes flashed as she used Roar of Time on her first target. She dashed over to the second, then slashed the target in half with Dragon Claw. She trotted over to the third, and opened her mouth as she started Dragon Pulse but never releasing it. Then she added Flash Cannon. The purple dragon energy and the silver steel energy combined, and as Dialga released it made a comet for the two types.

    “Yeah! That’s what I call Dragon Cannon!” Dialga shouted triumphantly.

    Destiny stared at Dialga as she slowly got up to practice her moves. As her energy returned to her, she shot out five Razor Leaves and sliced up her first target. She flew over to the second and used Psychic to throw it into the lake. She did somersaults over to the third, and annihilated it with Leaf Storm. She noticed she had accidentally destroyed the fourth target, and that’s when she saw mini-beedrils.

    Destiny’s eyes went red as she saw them. “Mini... beedrils?” She murmured, then screamed while using Water Gun “DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!”

    Dialga cowered in fear while watching the little green ball of fluff shooting the beedrils like they had just killed her pet Skitty.

    Okay, post word of chapter three. This is where Dialga and Destiny came from.

    My friend Chess Zoroark and I, when we e-chat, we play this pokemon rping game. Diana (my first ever legendary, a dialga) acts very similar to the dialga in the story. However, the part where she says to Destiny to tell Arceus about the shadow pokemon, then changes her mind, that's the fact she's the equivalent of a 17 year old.

    Destiny comes from two backgrounds. The name Destiny comes from the celebi I use in the rp game with Chess Zoroark. The other: me and my two metaphorical sisters (we aren't related, but we know eachother so well we may as well be sisters.) play this one game outside in one of our backyards. I'm a lucario, one is a grovyle, and one of them is a celebi, knowing water gun (she insisted). We use a garden hose for the water gun. She also hates wasps, which we call mini-beedrils. So she squirts them with the hose and watches them suffer.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2012
  19. chess-z

    chess-z flora femme

    So how are the mini-beedrills mini?
    I know where they com from, but how?
  20. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    Well, I mean that they're smaller. They look the same, but smaller. How? Well, I'm not sure. Just go with it.

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