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Keldeo 647's eShop~ Events, Shinies, & DW Pokémon for trade!

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Kelz, May 29, 2011.


Do you like my shop's new style?

Poll closed Aug 18, 2011.
  1. Yes, it's awsome!

    21 vote(s)
  2. Ya, cool.

    6 vote(s)
  3. I could of cared less if it changed.

    4 vote(s)
  4. The old style was better.

    2 vote(s)
  5. I hate it, you should have kept it the same.

    1 vote(s)
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  1. Kelz

    Kelz ____________

    Keldeo 647's eShop~ Events, Shinies, & DW Pokémon for trade!


    Welcome :), and thank you for visiting my new and improved eShop. I have completely re-modeled my trade shop to benifit you and me!

    Shop Status: [​IMG]



    My shop is part of the SPPf United Trade Shops. I work in collaboration with:

    The Kyogre Mart!
    JT's Super Nifty Trade Shop
    Afwan's Shop of Shinies, Events and Dream World Pokemon

    Trade shops unite!


    First off, the rules.

    The Rules:

    1. All trade forum rules apply to this thread.
    This includes all SPPf general rules not stated in the Trade Forum Rules thread.

    2. I only do 1 for 1 trades.
    The only exception is if a Pokemon in my wants list says, "I will trade 2 Pokemon for ____________.

    3. Do NOT be rude!
    I will not respond if you are.

    4. PLEASE Post all trade offers here!
    I will PM you once we have worked out the details. If you PM me, I will just PM you back telling you to post this in my thread.

    5. Remember to read the comments at the end of this post.
    They are just as important as the rules.

    Yay! You read the rules!
    You are now a good person, :D


    Here is my list of pending trades.

    Pending Trades:

    >dar Trade on Hold
    >liam99 (trade back)


    Here is also a list of people who work for me and job openings I have.


    Cloner: Keldeo 647
    EV Trainer 1: DJMonty
    EV Trainer 2: a person
    EV Trainer 3:
    Flawless Breeder 1: DJMonty
    Flawless Breeder 2: Zenotwapal
    Flawless Breeder 3:
    PokeRus Infector: manaphy72


    Update History:
    *7/27/11- Shop is CLOSED for a Day or Two
    *7/23/11- Added 7-11 Pikachu
    *7/22/11- Added the Hadou Regis | Added a 5th Rule (PLEASE READ) | Added the OTs of My Japanese Events
    *7/21/11- Added an Adamant Movie Zekrom (NFT)
    *7/20/11- Added Some New Events| Added the Mt. Battle Johto Starters
    *7/19/11- Added New Category Headers | Added a New, Legit Movie Zekrom (Still NFT) | Added a Pletora of New Events
    *7/18/11- Remodeled the Shop | RulerOfUnova has earned 2[​IMG]
    | Added a new Victini Event


    Now here's the List of Pokemon I have to trade:

    Bulbasaur, UT, Brave
    Charmander, UT, Serious
    Squirtle, UT, Relaxed
    EV'd (Special Attack & Speed) flawless Alakazam, lv. 100, Timid
    Gyrados, UT, Modest
    Eevee, UT, Quirky
    Porygon, UT, Serious
    Kabuto, UT, Lax
    Shiny JP Farway Island Mew, UT, Adamant
    Politoed, lv. 90, Modest
    Whiscash, BT, Careful
    Chatot, UT, Bold
    Snover, UT, Gentle
    Cinncino, UT, Naive
    Pawinard, UT, Jolly ( Near Flawless)
    Terrakion, UT, Jolly
    Virizion, BT, Jolly
    Thundurus, UT, Relaxed
    Landorus, UT, Jolly

    WISHMKR Jirachi, UT, Quirky
    Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi, UT, Lax
    Ageto アゲト Celebi, UT, Hardy
    JP Shiny アゲト Ageto Celebi, UT, Lax NFT, Reason Here.
    MATTLE (Mt. Battle) Ho-oh, UT, Gentle
    ROCKS Metang, UT, Impish
    XD Lugia, UT, Lax
    XD (Heal Bell) Dragonite, UT, Quiet
    Mt. Battle (Frenzy Plant) Chikorita, UT, Docile
    Mt. Battle (Hydro Cannon) Totodile, UT, Brave
    Mt. Battle (Blast Burn) Cyndaquil, UT, Docile
    JP Faraway Island Mew, UT, Naive
    JP Shiny Farway Island Mew, UT, Adamant
    *New!* JP ハドウ Hadou Regirock, UT, Naive
    *New!* JP ハドウ Hadou Regice, UT, Brave
    *New!* JP ハドウ Hadou Registeel, UT, Mild
    MYSTRY Mew, UT, Rash
    (USA) 10 ANIV Celebi, UT, Lax
    SPACE C Deoxys, UT, Relaxed
    JP ミツリン Jungle Tours Celebi, UT, Brave
    JP コンサート Concert Chatot, UT, Jolly
    TRU Manaphy, UT, Hasty
    Ranger Manaphy, lv. 78, Hardy
    Ranger Manaphy, UT, Lonely
    Shiny Ranger Manaphy, UT, Modest
    JP えいがかん Eigakan Darkrai, lv. 53, Bold
    Aura Mew, UT, Hardy
    ALAMOS (05318) Darkrai, UT, Modest
    Almia Darkrai, BT (& PKRS), Calm
    Kyle's (Ranger) Riolu, UT, Serious
    WORLD08 Lucario, UT, Adamant
    Gamestp Deoxys, UT, Sassy
    Hayley's Mew, UT, Lonely
    Hayley's Phione, UT, Lonely
    JP えいがかん Eigakan Shaymin, lv. 68, Naughty
    TRU Arceus, UT, Naughty
    VGC09 Milotic, UT, Timid
    WORLD09 Weavile, UT, Jolly
    TRU Regigigas, UT, Jolly
    TRU Shaymin, UT, Quiet
    TRU Shaymin, lv. 58, Modest
    JP おねむり Onemuri Pikachu, UT, Relaxed
    JP ススム Wi-Fi Mew, UT, Naive*
    JP オブリビア Oblivia Heatran, UT, Quiet

    *This Mew is the Japanese equivalent to the FAL2010 Mew.
    FAL2010 Mew, UT, Naive
    Enigma Stone Latias, UT, Serious
    Enigma Stone Latios, UT, Naive
    WORLD10 Crobat, UT, Timid
    SMR2010 Jirachi, UT, Lonely
    VGC10 Eevee, BT (& PKRS), Hardy
    Goon's Scizor, UT, Adamant
    GAMESTP Pichu, UT, Jolly
    Oblivia Deoxys [Normal], UT, Bashful
    Oblivia Deoxys [Defense], UT, Relaxed
    Oblivia Deoxys [Attack], UT, Gentle
    Oblivia Deoxys [Speed], UT, Sassy
    Oblivia Shaymin, UT, Relaxed
    Oblivia Heatran, UT, Quiet
    *New!* JP セブン 7-11 Pikachu, UT, Docile
    JP ポケスマ PokéSmash Cubchoo, UT, Calm
    JP ANA Darkrai, UT, Docile
    JP フクオカ Birthday Audino, UT, Calm
    JP Kyoto University TFE Shelmet, UT, Naive
    JP Kyoto University TFE Karrablast, UT, Lax
    MICHINA Arceus, UT, Calm

    *This B-Day Audino was obtained at the Pokemon Center in Fukuoka.
    TRU Ash's Pidove, UT (Hatched), Hardy
    TRU Cilcan's Pansage, UT (Hatched), Brave
    TRU Iris' Axew, UT (Hatched), Naive
    Liberty Pass Victini, lv. 100, Jolly
    WIN2011 Celebi, UT, Timid*
    GAMESTP Celebi, UT, Modest
    GAMESTP Raikou, UT, Rash
    GAMESTP Entei, UT, Adamant
    GAMESTP Suicune, UT, Relaxed
    TRU Ash's Pikachu, UT, Naughty
    JP アイント V-Create Victini, UT, Rash
    JP アイント V-Create Victini, UT, Jolly
    JP ポケスマ! Wi-Fi Zoroark, UT, Quirky
    JP サトシ Satoshi's Scraggy, UT, Adamant
    McD's ジャンタ Janta's Golurk, UT, Brave
    McD's カリータ Carlita's Hydreigon, UT, Modest
    JP Movie サトシ Satoshi's Reshiram, UT, Docile**
    JP Movie サトシ Satoshi's Reshiram, UT, Modest**
    JP Movie サトシ Satoshi's Zekrom, UT, Jolly**
    JP サトシ Movie Satoshi's Zekrom, UT, Adamant NFT
    JP 2011 ANA (Flying) Pikachu, UT, Rash**
    Greek SMR2011 Karrablast (Laukaps), UT, Docile
    Greek SMR2011 Shelmet (Schnuthelm), UT, Sassy
    Greek SMR2011 Zoroark (Zoroark), UT, Quirky

    *This Celebi was used by me to obtain Zorua from Castelia City.
    **I want at least 2 Pokemon for these.

    USA 10 ANIV Articuno, UT, Modest
    USA 10 ANIV Dragonite, UT, Lonely
    USA 10 ANIV Typhlosion, UT, Serious
    USA 10 ANIV Celebi, UT, Lax
    USA 10 ANIV Blaziken, UT, Adamant
    Befriend a Pokemon! Leafeon, UT, Lonely

    * I have multiple DW Pokemon without proof, but they are not listed.

    NidoranF, Jolly
    NidoranM, Gentle
    Farfetch'd, Quirky
    Lickitung, Hardy
    Kangaskhan, Hardy
    Sentret, Lonely
    Hoppip, Brave
    Stantler, Impish
    Lotad, Careful
    Taillow, Hardy
    Shinx, Serious

    All of my DW Pokes are UT.

    EV'd (Special Attack & Speed) flawless Alakazam, lv. 100, Timid
    Shiny Pawinard, UT, Jolly (Flawless)


    There's ma list. Here's my wants list:


    Navel Rock Lugia (American)
    Nave Rock Ho-oh (American)
    Birth Island Deoxys (American)
    Southern Islan Lati@s (American)
    JP BW Searcher Axew
    All JP Trade for Evolution! Events (except Shelmet and Karrablast)
    JP 7-11 Pikachu
    JP B-Day Charmander
    B-Day Audino (Any Except Fukuoka)
    B-Day Audino (obtained on 1/31/2011)- I will trade 6 Pokemon for this Audino!
    DW Events (With Proof)
    All USA 10 ANIV Events (except Celebi)
    All Toys 'R' Us JEREMY Pokemon
    Non-DW Korean Events

    *These are just my main Wants. I am always looking for any American &
    Japanese exclusive events I don't have!

    Any DW Exclusive Berries.


    Also, Here are my services:

    EV Training-- Cost: 1 Pokemon from my wants list. (EV training is done by a person and DJMonty)
    My good freind manaphy72 can infect PokeRus! PM or VM him to send him your Pokemon, and I'll trade it back to you w/ PokeRus. If you want your Pokemon infected with PokeRus, please see this post. Thanks!
    Infection Cost-- Free! (only 1 Pokemon per 36 hours, though)


    Well there ya go! Here's some other things you may wanna know about my shop:

    -My shop has a credits system. Check the second post to see if you have any.
    -The Pokemon I trade away are usually cloned. I can clone the Pokemon you give me and give you a copy for your benefit, too!
    -I DO NOT clone for a service. Period.
    -I know for a fact that my Pokemon are legit, however I do not check IVs. If you can prove to me a Pokemon I traded to you is hacked, I'll gladly do a tradeback or give you a different Pokemon instead.
    -If a trade between you and me went well and you are happy with your new Pokemon, I would appreciate a VM thanking me. I want people to know for a fact that my shop is good.
    -I am no longer looking for SHADOWs. Sorry!
    -For most of my DW Events, I don't have proof. I don't need proof either.
    ^Due to that mass amount of hacked DW events finding their way around SPPf, I now need proof.
    -Regarding DW events, I do NOT want them if they have the OT MAT or Mat and have the ID 30160! They're hacked and I don't want 'em.

    Thanks, and happy trading!
    ~Keldeo 647 [​IMG]
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2011
  2. Kelz

    Kelz ____________

    My shop now has a credits system! Depending on how much credits ([​IMG])you have, you can get some free Pokemon from my shop. There's no 'specific' way to earn them, but I'll tell you if you earn any. Here's a legend for the credits:​

    Shiny Pokemon- 1[​IMG]
    Shiny Legendary- 2[​IMG]
    DW Pokemon- .5[​IMG]

    People w/ Credits:

    dfirepk- 2[​IMG]
    RulerOfUnova- 2[​IMG]

    Note: Unless you have Unlimited Credits, you may not have more than 15 credits at a time.

    Shop Credits:
    Credit for the logo and headers go to me, Keldeo 647.
    Credit for the NFT banners go to me, Keldeo 647.
    Credit for the UTS logo goes to me, Keldeo 647.
    Credit for the animated Phione & Keldeo sprites go to http://www.pe2k.com.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2011
  3. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    Congrats on getting approved ;). I'm interested in your ROCKS Metang. I have various shinies for trade in my shop.
    My favorite Pokemon are Litwick, Latios, and Ninetales. Does that still count? :c
  4. deoxysdude94

    deoxysdude94 lost the game again

    Are you willing to trade your sinjoh Giratina for an American Iris' Axew? My favorite pokemon is deoxys.
  5. Kelz

    Kelz ____________

    Nothing really interested me all that much...

    Sure if it's UT. I'll PM you to work out the details.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2011
  6. Palkiacatcher

    Palkiacatcher TSS Member

    When did you want to trade Leafeon for whatever you wanted (Sorry can't remember xD)
  7. Kelz

    Kelz ____________

    Um, it was leafeon you wanted...
  8. JynxMidnight

    JynxMidnight IV Breeder

    Are you still looking for Hayley's Phione?
    -Mightyena *whoops
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2011
  9. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    Well, if your signature is up-to-date, I have a shiny Charmander.
    My favorite Pokemon are Latios, Litwick, and Ninetales.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2011
  10. Kelz

    Kelz ____________

    Oh, that'll work! I can trade now. Do you want a clone of Charmander Back?

  11. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    Nope, don't need a clone. *too lazy to list favorite Pokemon for a third time D:*
  12. Kelz

    Kelz ____________

    I'll be waiting!
  13. Regiultima

    Regiultima Rises with Magnetism

    Hey Keldeo, I believe we have a previous offer we need to fulfill (unless you don't want the shadows anymore). Anyway, I'm interested in these pokemon of yours (some of them are copied and pasted from a previous PM you gave):

    Kyle's Riolu, UT, Serious
    Befreind a Pokemon! Vaporeon, UT, Modest
    MYSTERY Mew, UT, Rash
    Exeggcute (Flawless), Modest
    JP FAL2011 Mew
    JP 14th Movie Victini, UT
    TRU Mystery Egg, Unhatched

    That makes 1 for each of the shadows you requested. According to the rules, I must let you know that my favorite pokemon is ;249-d;
  14. Piggy

    Piggy Well-Known Member

    I like your shiny Cinncino. Would you trade for a Light Ball?

    Also, favorite Pokemon: Blaziken.
  15. Kelz

    Kelz ____________

    Deal. I'll PM you in a few minutes...

    Sorry, not looking for shadows. I didn't mean to make you go through all the work of transfering. Sorry!
  16. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    I'll trade a GAMESTP (equivalent to WIN2010, I can't use 4th Gen WiFi) Pichu, UT Enigma Stone Latios, and Hayley's Phione for your TRU Mystery Egg, WHF Zoroark, and Almia Darkrai. As usual, I would like a clone back of all of my Pokemon.

    Also, just so you know, Light Ball does not exist legitimately.

    Yay for Missingno.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2011
  17. Regiultima

    Regiultima Rises with Magnetism

    No worries, it just means more to offer in my trade shop. Anyway, I have an ENG mystery event (Iris's) Axew that I'm willing to offer up for your Modest DW Vaporeon. If you don't like that offer, feel free to search my trade shop.

    I don't believe I need to mention my favorite pokemon multiple times, but here he is again ;249-d;
  18. Palkiacatcher

    Palkiacatcher TSS Member

    Yeah I know sorry, I was trying to imply that it was your Leafeon.

    When could we trade Leafeon for T4E Karrblast and Shelmet?
  19. Kelz

    Kelz ____________

    I just got the Axew. I'll search your shop, thanks!
    I don't need GAMESTP Pichu, I have one. Yes to the rest of the deal. I'll add you to the waiting list. Thanks for letting me know, I'll take LB off.
    Soon. I'll add you to the list.
  20. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    How about VGC09 Milotic, then?

    Also, evolutions of Eevee don't evolve via trading. Do you mean Befriend a Pokemon?
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