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Keldeo Form Revealed


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[h=3]In The Games Department[/h] Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 - Keldeo Resolution Forme
The first image of CoroCoro's cover has been revealed and has shown Keldeo's Resolution Forme. This form is only a slight change to Keldeo's appearance but features a long blue horn and a longer mane. We'll provide further images of CoroCoro, including a bigger picture of the cover if it comes, as the next few days progress

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Well-Known Member
Huh yeah almost everything o.o
But it's pretty cool. Time to shiny keldeo!
Show the world your water/fighting power!


Gangrenous Creature
LOL I was going to say....did it even change? XD Ok I like this forme. I was thinking it'd have a huge crazy difference or something. This isn't bad at all. (Not that I don't like the other Pokemon formes, I just didn't want it to seem like every Legendary is getting this "drastic" change. xD)


*reads the title*
*checks the news*

It's ... only a head. That's not the entire form, lol.


New Member
Even the head at least isn't changed much, it looks quite good. Since Keldeo's based on d'Artagnan, this forme could be seen as an evolution d'Artagnan experienced about him becoming one of the musketeers. That's a reason I think Keldeo deserves this new forme a lot more than Kami trios.


Well-Known Member
Its look alright in that image. I hope it gets a beter form than the bird treo(now there birds anyway) because you can only see its face in that image.



Everybody is getting a new forme...the Kami trio, Kyurem and now Keldeo...I just hope it doesn't fail as hard as the Kami trio's new forms though judging from the head it may be awesome.


The Midnight Artist~
And Keldeo is adorable, I just hope they don't make the body look stupid. xD


Light It Up
cant wait to see the body. i like its new cute face!