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Kenya's Journey


I have returned!
Summary: Kenya, a young girl who has just turn 10 had now living in her new home in Littleroot with her mother, Jessie and father James (you know them) is beginning her Poke’mon journey.

Cast of Characters:
Kenya 10-Jessie and James’ daughter *picture coming soon
Jessie 35-Mother of Kenya and wife of James, working as a Pokemon nurse at the local Pokemon Center
James 35-Father of Kenya and husband of Jessie, attending a professional cooking school to become a pro-chief, for the time being working as a cook at a diner.
Professor Birch-40 A Pokemon Professor who studies Pokemon in his lab and gives 3 new trainers there first Poke’mon.
Meowth-A cat Pokemon, who can speak human talk also; a life long friend to Jessie and James


A young girl is seen watching some really strong looking Pokemon trainers on her 19in. color TV in her room with a small cat Pokemon, Meowth.

“Wow, that was solarbeam attack, right?” asked the young girl looking to the Meowth.

“Yup, dat was solarbeam alright,” replied Meowth, “one of da most powerful grass type Pokemon attacks.”

“I wonder if I’ll get to use that attack with my Pokemon someday,” she said

“Yous will if you gets a really good grass Poke’mon dat can use it,” Meowth replied.

Just then a knock is herd at her bedroom door, it was Kenya’s mother, Jessie.

“Aren’t you in bed yet?” she said coming in, “you have a big day tomorrow you need at least 8 hours.”

“Aww…but mom, I’m not sleepy,” Kenya complained.

“Meowth, out,” Jessie said pointing the way out for Meowth to leave.

Meowth sighs “Ok, nights kid,” he replied as he hopped down off the bed and heading out of the room.

“Night Meowth, I love you,” Kenya said as her mother put her under the covers.

As Meowth leaves her father enters the room, “Your still awake, it’s almost 11.”
“I know, dad; I’m just to excited to sleep,” Kenya said “and not sleepy.”

“We want you starting off right, not lousy like we did…” James started as then stepped on his foot making shut up, “Oww..”

“Opps, sorry honey,” Jessie said giving him a slight grin.

Kenya has a nothing but a confused look, “Huh?”

Jessie then turns her attention back to her daughter, “Go to sleep now, ok?” Jessie then kisses her daughter on the forhead “Night, Kenya.”

James hugs his daughter and with Jessie walks out of the bedrroom closing the door behind them.

“What was that for, Jessie?” James asked.

“Don’t play dumb, James,” she said.

“But, I thought…” James started.

“No, I don’t want her to know about our past..being criminals and on Team Rocket, you know how she hates them,” Jessie said.

“I know…,” James said, “but she’s gonna find out about us being apart of it too someday.”

“I’s bet yous two would still be there if you didn’t have your daughter, wouldn’t ya?” Meowth said listening to there conversation.

“Meowth?” Jessie started.

“Why are listening?” James asked him.

“I was on da team wit yous, remember?” Meowth replied, “we’d still be there if yous didn’t get together and have her.”

“Not true…I just don’t think, Kenya would understand that all…she’s only 10,” Jessie said, “and I don’t want to lose her.”

“We work really hard to get this far in our new life, and we NEVER wanna go back to the old one,” James said.

“I’m just saying Kenya, is whats stopping yous two from still being on Team Rocket,” Meowth said.

“Enough, Meowth…I don’t wanna think or hear about it anymore, that’s ancient history,” Jessie said, “I’m happy with my new job and my family.”

“Kenya, is our best accomplishment ever,” James said.

“Yous two better hope dat Butch and Cassidy, don’t find out about her,” Meowth said crossing his arms and heading for his little cat bed.

“Butch and Cassidy?” Jessie said.

“You don’t think…Jessie,” James added.

“If they even think of messing with my daughter…,” Jessie said clinging her fist together.

“Jessie, darling calm down, she’ll have her own Poke’mon for protection,” James said placing his hands on her shoulders, “let’s just go to bed, ok?”

Jessie slowly calms down,”Alright, I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

James walks into there bedroom. “Ok.”

Jessie then goes back into Kenya’s room, in which Kenya is already asleep and lies beside her daughter and gently strokes Kenya’s hair. ‘I’m sorry, I can’t tell you about my past darling. I wish I could but it’ll make you afraid of me and James.’ ‘I hope to God that’ll you’ll be ok out there all by yourself.’ ‘I’m worried that I may lose you’



I have returned!

Soft rays of sunlight were pouring steadily through the window when Kenya's eyes flickered open. She lay there for a moment, enjoying the luxury of her warm bed. But then it hit her that today was the long-waited-for day that she would get her first Pokemon and become a trainer.

Kenya threw off the covers, sprang out of bed, and rushed to her closet. She quickly picked out a red tank top and blue jeans and then went to her bathroom. She brushed her teeth and hair, washed her face, applied deodorant-the works. She sighed with anticipation, then walked swiftly to the kitchen.

Kenya found her father cooking bacon and eggs, her mother eating a piece of toast, and Meowth curled up in a ball on the floor, dozing. Jessie looked up from her piece of toast and smiled cheerfully.

"Good morning, sweetie!" she greeted. "You know what today is!"

"Yep," Kenya replied readily. "When do I leave?"

"Not for another thirty minutes, honey," James said. "Come on, have some breakfast!"

Kenya sighed and got a plate from the cupbard, then let her father put some eggs and bacon on it. She walked over to the table and sat down, then began eating her food quickly. It was then that Meowth woke up from his cat nap.

"Hey, kid," the cat Pokemon greeted with a yawn. "Today's da day ya leave on da journey, right?"

"Uh huh," Kenya replied happily. "I can't wait to pick out my Pokemon!"

"Which Pokemon are you going to pick?" Meowth asked.

Kenya bit her lip; she hadn't decided yet. "Um...Well, I don't know."

"Well," Meowth said, "you'd betta make up your mind quick, kid. You're gonna be leavin' soon!"

"Yeah," Kenya sighed. "I'll really miss you, Meowth..."

"Hey," Meowth assured her, "you'll be missin' everybody on da journey. Don't worry about it!"

Kenya stroked Meowth's furry head. "Thanks."

It was finally time for Kenya to go to Professor Birch's lab to pick up her first Pokemon. She kissed both her parents and Meowth goodbye, and, after many warnings and good wishes, she left.

When Kenya got to Professor Birch's lab, she knocked on the door. She heard footsteps approaching, then the door opened. Professor Birch was standing in the doorway.

"Hello, Kenya!" he said cheerfully. "Are you ready to get your first Pokemon?"

"Yes, sir," Kenya replied eagerly.

Kenya stepped inside the lab with Professor Birch, where a circular, metal table was holding three PokeBalls. Kenya figured that these must be holding the Pokemon she could choose from.

"Right this way," Professor Birch said as he led Kenya to the table. "Have you decided which Pokemon you want?"

"Well, no," Kenya said.

"No?" Professor Birch echoed as he picked up all three Balls. "Well, choose quickly."

With that he pushed the PokeBalls' buttons, and a bright red beam of light shot from each Ball. The light materialized into three Pokemon.

The first Pokemon was very gecko-like with lime green scales and bulbous orange eyes. Its thick tail was a darker green than the rest of its body, and it curled slightly at the end. It had a pink belly and stood on its hind legs.

The second Pokemon was very cute and chick-like with fiery orange feathers. Its beady eyes were filled with curiosity, and it had three distinctive feathers on the top of its head. Its chickenish feet were a warm yellow.

The third Pokemon, unlike the first two, stood on four legs. It was watery blue in color with a large fin on top of its head. It had a wide grin, and on its cheeks were spiky orange things. Its fin-like tail was a very light blue.

"So," Professor Birch said, "would you like Treecko, Torchic, or Mudkip?"

Kenya looked over the three Pokemon carefully. Hmm...Treecko looks like it would be good for battling, and Torchic is really cute and would be great at contests...Mudkip's pretty cute, and it looks like it would also be a decent battler...Okay, I've made my decision!

"I choose Mudkip!" Kenya stated.

"A great choice," Professor Birch replied approvingly, returning Treecko and Torchic to their PokeBalls.

Kenya bent down by Mudkip and petted his finned head. "Hi, Mudkip! I'm Kenya, your new trainer."

"Kip! Mudkip!" Mudkip squeaked happily in a high-pitched voice.

"I think your new Mudkip likes you already," Professor Birch said. "Would you like to give him a nickname?"

"Yeah," Kenya replied eagerly. She considered names for a moment, and then she decided. "I'm going to call you Taikai. Do you like it?"

"Mudkip!" the Water Pokemon chirped, jumping up into the air joyfully.

"Great!" Kenya laughed.

"Here's your PokeDex, Kenya," Professor Birch said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a crimson device. "It will record all the Pokemon you've seen and caught. Also, it will have your identity, so don't lose it."

"I won't," Kenya replied as she took the PokeDex from Professor Birch.

"Here are some PokeBalls, too," Professor Birch said, taking out five PokeBalls and handing them to Kenya. "You'll need these to catch Pokemon. But be sure to weaken the Pokemon before you catch it, or it will probably break free of the Ball."

"Okay," Kenya answered. "Thanks a lot, Professor!"

"You're welcome, Kenya," Professor Birch said cheerfully. "Good luck on your journey!"

"Bye!" Kenya said as she walked out the door, Taikai at her heels.

When the two got outside, Kenya turned to Taikai.

"Well," she said, "are you ready?"

Taikai nodded his head vigorously. "Kip!"

Kenya laughed. "All right, Taikai, return!" With that she took out Taikai's PokeBall and returned the little Water-type back into it.


Alright Chapter 0-1
0-Credit to me
1-Credit to Alto Mare Warrioress

Speshul Ed

this story is pretty good...
but i don't know if i want to see what the spawn of jessie and james looks like....


It's not terrible, yet its not the best either. I see a good plot, but it sort of lacks description. And if you ask me, besides being Jessie and James daughter, Kenya is being a little Mary-suish...


I have returned!
Thanks for the comments...I'm glad your enjoying it, here is Chapter 2


“This is great, I’m finally a trainer,” she said happily as she walked along route 101 heading towards the first town, Old Dale.

“Taikai, come out” she said letting out her new Pokemon, Mudkip.

“Mud,” Taikai replied happily as he jumped right up to her shoulders.

Kenya and Taikai continue along path when the sound of foots steps coming towards them rather quick.

“Mud? Mudkip?” Taikai cried as he turned his head to the right to see a young female with shoulder length brown hair, silvery blueish eyes, wearing tan Capri pants to the ankle, blue running shoes and light blue T-shirt with a little daisy on the center, around the age of 13 carrying a Charmander, a small fire lizard Pokemon which is also one of the starter Pokemon of the Kanto region.

“Excuse me, sorry passing through,” the girl cried as she ran right past Kenya and Taikai very frantically.

“Eh?” Kenya said a bit confused, then a buzzing sound is herd in the distance from beyond some trees.

“Mudkip,” Taikai said turning his attention towards the sound, then about 5 Beedrill come flying from behind the trees.

“AHHH,” cried Kenya as she took off running behind the girl.

Both girl running panically up the path right into an area of tall grass.

“Quick, let’s hide in this tall grassy area,” said the girl and she and Kenya ducked into the grass with there Poke’mon, then the girl whispered, “stay low.”

Kenya and Taikai nodded in staying quiet for a few moments as the Beedrill flew right over them, looking around for them, but find nothing and moving on.

The girl gave a sigh of relief, “thank goodness that’s over.”

“What did you do to make them chase you like that?” Kenya asked going back up to her feet.

“Well my Charmander, Fireheart amd I where working on it’s Ember attack, when we accidently hit some Kakuna, that were in the tree and they instantly evolved into Beedrill and came right after us, so we ran and ended running into you and involving you and your Mudkip, I’m sorry about that,” she explained.

“Ah, I understand,” Kenya said, “there was no harm done, that’s what really matters.”

“Yeah, ture,” the girl said, “by the way my name is Catherine I come from Pallet Town, over in the Kanto Region.”

“Nice to meet you, Catherine,” Kenya started, “my name is Kenya I’m from Littleroot Town.”

“You must be a new trainer then am I right?” Catherine asked.

“I am, how did you know” Kenya asked.

“Cause I read about the starting Poke’mon that begin your journey with, and I see you choose a Mudkip,” Catherine said.

“Yes, this is my Mudkip I call him Taikai,” Kenya replied

“This is my Charmander, Fireheart,” Catherine said, “I am also a beginner but I come from Pallet Town, Professor Oak gave me permission to start with Charmander and come out here to begin in the Hoenn Region.”

“That’s great, Charmander is such a cute Pokemon,” Kenya said kneeling down in front of Fireheart,”nice to meet you.”

“Mudkip, Mud,” Taikai nods his saying herllo also.

“Char..charmander,” said the Charmander saying hello back.

“Say, Catherine are planning to compete in the Hoenn League after you collect the 8 badges?” Kenya asked.

“I am, what about you?” Catherine asked back.

“I too plan to collect all the necessary badges to compete in the league and also compete in the Pokemon contests that are along the way,” Kenya answered.

“Pokemon contest, eh?” Catherine said, “I’ve herd about those, maybe after the league I’ll go back and compete in a few of those contests myself.”

“You know something, Catherine?” Kenya started.

“What’s that?” Catherine asked.

“I think we’ll make a great travel pair, we’re both heading in the same direction and have the same goal, well sorta, what do you say we travel together,” Kenya said extending her hand noticing Fireheart and Taikai playing together,”What do you say, friends?”

Catherine happily smiled and shakes Kenya’s hand, “yeah let’s go.”

“Great, next stop will be Old Dale Town to rest up,” Kenya said as Taikai jumped up to her shoulders once again.

Credit to me
Last edited:


I have returned!
And here is Chapter 3


As Kenya and Catherine walked on towards Oldale, they talked about tons of things. Taikai and Fireheart walked on the ground beside their trainers; they were also having a chat. A gentle breeze whistled through the trees, making their leaves rustle, and various flowers dotted the ground.

"Hey Catherine," Kenya asked, "what's your favorite Pokemon type? Is it Fire?"

"I love Fire Pokemon," Catherine replied, "but my favorite type is Dragon. My biggest goal is actually to become the best Dragon trainer. In Kanto, Lance is the best in the Elite Four, and he trains Dragon-types."

"Really?" Kenya said. "That's neat. I don't really have a favorite type. I like a lot of Pokemon."

"That's a good thing, though," Catherine answered. "Since you like a lot of different types of Pokemon, that means you'll have a good all-around team. My Dragon team will be most weak to Ice-types. Well, actually, Fireheart can fix that," she laughed, "but anyway, some of the best trainers used all-around teams."

"Like who?" Kenya asked.

"Well," Catherine replied, "there was Ash Ketchum. He used a bunch of different Pokemon, and he became a Pokemon master!"

"Wow," Kenya murmured. "But if the best trainers used all-around teams, why aren't you going to?"

"I'm a dedicated Dragon trainer," Catherine said proudly. "Well, I will be soon. I love Dragon-types more than anything, and I want to be like Lance and Clair."

"Clair?" Kenya echoed. "Who's she?"

"She was the best Gym Leader in Johto," Catherine said. "She trained some really strong Dragons."

"I should've known," Kenya laughed.

Catherine smiled. "Hey, we're here!"

She was right. Oldale Town was right in front of them. The two friends walked into the small city; Taikai jumped up on Kenya's shoulders, and Fireheart did the same to Catherine.

"Let's go to the Pokemon Center," Catherine said. "Fireheart got stung by those Beedril a few times, so he needs healing."

"Okay," Kenya replied as they walked toward the Pokemon Center.

When they got to the Center, Kenya waited as Fireheart was healed, then after that, they walked around the city. There wasn't much to see; Oldale had only a few houses and a small shop.

"This place is pretty quiet, isn't it?" Kenya said, bored.

"I'll say," Catherine replied grimly. "I'm going to the Pokemon Center to get some lunch. Coming?"

"No, I think I'll look around a bit more," Kenya said.

"Suit yourself," Catherine said, shrugging. "I'll see you later."

"See you," Kenya said as Catherine made her way towards the Pokemon Center, Fireheart in her arms.

Kenya, Taikai on her shoulder, began to walk slowly around the town. She sighed; she was looking forward to getting to the next city.

Soon Kenya and Taikai came to a dark alley, and they began to hear voices. Curious, Kenya poked her head past the wall.

Two people-a man and a woman-were talking quietly. They were both dressed in fiery red suits with hoods. On the hoods were peculiar black horn-like things. Kenya didn't know who these strangely-dressed people were, but judging by their outfits, it looked like they were part of some organization. She eavesdropped quietly.

"Where's the Blue Orb being held?" the man asked.

"The boss said it's at Mount Pyre," the woman answered. "But we can only use it if Plan A doesn't work."

"All right then," the man said. "Team Aqua better not interfere..."

"We won't let them," the woman replied. "Because if we do, the boss won't be happy with us. You know what he'll do..."

The man shuddered. "Yeah, I know."

Kenya blinked in confusion. She looked at Taikai, who was growling at the two people angrily. Kenya didn't know what the Blue Orb or Team Aqua were, but she was still nervous about all this.

"Come on, Taikai," she said nervously. "Let's get out of here!"

"Too late, kid," growled a voice.

Kenya whirled around. The two people in red suits were looming over her.

"You're coming with us," the woman said dangerously, grabbing Kenya's arm.

"No!" Kenya cried. "Let go of me, you creeps!"

"Mudkip!" Taikai cried as he leaped from Kenya's shoulder and chomped down on the woman's arm.

"Ahh!" the woman screeched, struggling to pull Taikai off. "Get this little monster off me!"

The man wrapped his fingers around Taikai's blue body, then pulled as hard as he could. After much effort, he yanked Taikai off the woman's arm, then grabbed Kenya. Taikai managed to wriggle free of the man's grasp, and could only watch as his trainer was dragged away.

"Taikai, run!" Kenya called. "Get help!"

The Mudkip nodded obediantly, and darted as fast as his short legs could carry him back to the Pokemon Center. The two red-suited people dragged Kenya into the alley. Kenya saw a door at the end of it; the kidnappers pulled her over to it, then opened the door and threw her inside. They shut the door, and Kenya tried to open it, but found that it was locked.

"Let me out!" she shouted angrily, pounding her fists on the door. "Let me out!"

"Shut up!" the man's voice shouted.

Kenya continued to pound on the door and scream, but found that it was no use. She sighed; at least Taikai was okay. She wished he would hurry.

After about ten minutes, Kenya heard footsteps coming towards the door. She bit her lip in fear, expecting one of the kidnappers to come. The door opened, revealing...Catherine, Fireheart, and Taikai. Kenya sighed in relief.

"You came!" Kenya cried.

"Yep," Catherine replied. "Taikai came without you, so I guessed you were in trouble, and I can't let anything bad happen to you, right?"

"Let's hurry up and go," Kenya said as they ran out the door.

But they found that the two kidnappers were blocking the alley, grim smiles on their faces.

"Well, well, well," the man said mockingly, "what do we have here?"

"Get out of the way, creeps," Catherine snarled.

"Not without a fight," the woman replied, unclipping a PokeBall from her belt.

"All right, then," Kenya said. "Taikai, are you ready?"

"Kip!" Taikai squeaked determinedly as he jumped in front of Kenya.

"Let's do this, Fireheart!" Catherine cried.

"Char!" Fireheart chirped, springing onto the battlefield beside Taikai.

"Go, Poochyena!" the man shouted, tossing a PokeBall to the ground.

Out came a Poochyena, a small dog with shaggy gray fur and black paws with glaring red eyes.

"Go, Numel!" the woman yelled as she threw a PokeBall.

A Numel came out; it was a light-orange-colored camel-like Pokemon with a large hump on its back and a rather dull look on its face.

"Fireheart, use Ember on the Poochyena!" Catherine commanded.

"Taikai, give the Numel a Water Gun!" ordered Kenya.

Fireheart breathed in, then exhaled hundreds of tiny-but-effective embers at the Poochyena. They hit him forcefully; the Poochyena howled in pain and struggled to shake the embers out of his fur.

Taikai shot a forceful jet of water from his mouth at the Numel. The spray collided with him; because of the major type disadvantage, he fell on his side and blacked out.

"Oh, no," the woman muttered fearfully. "Numel, return!" She returned Numel to his PokeBall in a flash of red light.

"Poochyena," the man cried, "Tackle the Mudkip!"

Poochyena growled menacingly and then charged full speed at Taikai. He crashed into him, bowling him over. However, Taikai jumped back into his battle stance, ready for more.

"What do you say we do a combo attack to finish this off?" Kenya asked Catherine.

"A nice idea," Catherine replied, a wild grin playing on her face. "Fireheart, use your Ember!"

"Water Gun, Taikai!" Kenya shouted.

Taikai and Fireheart exhaled their attacks at the same time. As the Water Gun shot towards Poochyena, Fireheart's embers swirled around the spray, creating a powerful Fire/Water combo. The attack blasted Poochyena powerfully, knocking him over and making him faint.

"Ahh!" the man cried. "Retreat!" With that he returned Poochyena and dashed away with the woman.

"We did it!" Kenya cried, scooping up Taikai and hugging him tightly. "We beat those losers!"

"That was so awesome!" Catherine replied excitedly. "I hope we'll get to do another battle like that again."

"Come on, let's go to the Pokemon Center," Kenya said.

When they got to the Center, Taikai and Fireheart were healed, and Kenya ate some lunch. But then it dawned on her that Kenya didn't call her parents yet.

"Hey Catherine," Kenya said, "I'm going to call my mom and dad."

"Okay," Catherine replied. "I'll wait for you."

Kenya went over to the computer, and clicked on the button that could let you call someone. She dialed her family's phone number, and then the screen showed her living room. Her mother, father, and Meowth were all there.

"Hi, Kenya!" Jessie said. "How are you, sweetie?"

"I'm fine, mom," Kenya replied. "I'm in Oldale right now with Catherine."

"Catherine?" James echoed. "Who's she?"

"My new friend," Kenya said. "I'm traveling with her."

"Oh, that's wonderful, honey," Jessie said happily.

"What Pokemon did ya get from da Professor?" Meowth asked.

"I chose Mudkip," Kenya said. "His name is Taikai."

"That's great, Kenya!" James said. "Be careful while traveling, okay?"

"I know, dad," Kenya said.

"And remember everything we've told you about staying safe," Jessie added.

"Okay, okay," Kenya said. "I'll be careful."

"Make us proud," James said.

"I will, dad," Kenya replied. "I've got to go now. I love you!"

"Bye!" Jessie, James, and Meowth said in unison.

Kenya clicked the "Done" button, and the screen went black. She smiled in satisfaction and then walked over to Catherine, who was sitting on a chair.

"You done talking to your parents?" Catherine asked.

"Yep," Kenya replied. "I'm going to bed now. I'm exhausted. Come on, Taikai."

With that she walked into the room Catherine rented for them, and pulled on her pajamas. She crashed into one of the two beds; Taikai curled up on her pillow. Kenya then fell asleep, awaiting the adventures of tomorrow.

Credit to Alto Mare Warrioress


I have returned!


"Mudkip, mud!" Kenya heard Taikai squeak.

Kenya's eyes opened reluctantly. Taikai was nudging her head gently. She looked at the bed next to her; Catherine was sleeping soundly, Fireheart curled up on her stomach.

"Okay, okay," Kenya laughed quietly, "I'm up."

She sat up, then stretched her arms lazily above her head. Kenya got out of bed, and slowly put on a dark blue T-shirt and blue jeans. After putting her hair in a ponytail and putting on her tennis shoes, she walked out of the bedroom with Taikai perched on her shoulder.

When Kenya got to the Pokemon Center's lobby, she had a breakfast of pancakes and Miltank milk. It was then that Catherine came in, holding Fireheart. She walked over to Kenya and sat down next to her. Fireheart jumped from her arms and began to wrestle playfully with Taikai.

"Well," Catherine said with a yawn, "are you ready?"

"Yeah," Kenya answered. "I really want to get to Petalburg."

"Me too," Catherine agreed. "This place is boring beyond belief."

"Except for the kidnappers," Kenya corrected. "I've got to admit that was pretty exciting."

"True," Catherine laughed. "I had a blast kicking those losers' butts!"

"I wonder if we'll ever see them again?" Kenya murmured, mostly to herself.

"Let's go now," Catherine said.

"Okay," Kenya replied. "Come on, Taikai."

Taikai stopped wrestling with Fireheart and jumped on Kenya's shoulder. Catherine picked up Fireheart, and the two friends walked out of the Pokemon Center to continue their journey.

When Kenya and Catherine got out of Oldale Town, they began to discuss how they would beat the first Gym Leader.

"Doesn't Roxanne train Rock-types?" Catherine asked.

"Uh huh," Kenya replied. "How are you going to beat her? Fireheart's a Fire-type, so he'll be weak to her Rock-types."

Catherine grinned mischievously. "Oh, don't worry. Fireheart and I have a secret weapon that'll beat Roxanne's Pokemon hands-down."

"Really?" Kenya said. "What is it?"

"You'll see," Catherine replied.

"Oh come on," Kenya pleaded, "tell-hey, a Zigzagoon!"

She was right. A Zigzagoon, a small raccoon-like Normal-type with spiky brown fur and big, curious eyes was a few yards away.

"Cool," Catherine said. "Let's go, Fireheart!"

"Char!" Fireheart cried as he jumped from Catherine's arms in front of Zigzagoon.

"Fireheart," Catherine shouted, "give it an Ember attack!"

Fireheart nodded obediantly and exhaled hundreds of embers at Zigzagoon. The embers hit him, scorching his spiky fur.

"Zig!" Zigzagoon cried as he charged at Fireheart and tackled him to the ground.

"Hang in there, Fireheart!" Catherine cried. "Use a Scratch!"

Fireheart jumped back into his battle stance and then raked Zigzagoon's side with his small-but-dangerous claws. Zigzagoon shook his head to shake off the pain and tackled Fireheart again.

"PokeBall, go!" Catherine shouted as she enlarged a PokeBall and chucked it at Zigzagoon.

The Ball struck Zigzagoon in the head, and a beam of red light shot from it and pulled him inside it. The Ball closed, and then shook a few times. Then it stopped shaking, showing that Catherine had caught Zigzagoon.

"Yes!" Catherine cried, running over to Zigzagoon's PokeBall and picking it up. "I caught Zigzagoon!"

"Great job," Kenya congratulated. "But I thought you were going to train Dragon-types...?"

"I am," Catherine replied, clipping Zigzagoon's PokeBall to her belt. "But Dragon Pokemon live far away from here. I'm going to need more Pokemon than just Fireheart to get me where I want to go."

"Oh, I get it," Kenya said understandingly. "So, what are you going to call your Zigzagoon?"

Catherine stayed silent for a moment, supposedly considering names. "Zigzag."

"It fits," Kenya said.

"Yeah," Catherine answered. "Well, let's keep going!"

So they did. Kenya and Catherine continued to talk about how they would beat Roxanne's Pokemon. But soon they came across another Pokemon.

"A Taillow!" Catherine cried.

A tiny swallow-like Pokemon with navy blue feathers with some red on its chest was pecking the ground for worms and bugs.

"This one's mine!" Kenya cried. "Get 'em, Taikai!"

Taikai leaped off Kenya's shoulder and landed in front of Taillow, who looked up from his search for bugs and chirped challengingly.

"Taikai," Kenya shouted, "use your Water Gun!"

Taikai breathed in deeply, then shot out a forceful spray of water from his wide mouth. The water blasted Tailow, soaking him to the skin. He then chirped angrily and swooped towards Taikai, then crashed into him, bowling him over.

"Give it a Tackle attack!" Kenya commanded.

Taikai got up from the ground and then charged into Tailow, knocking him to the ground. Tailow got up tiredly and growled cutely at Taikai, lowering his attack power.

"PokeBall, go!" Kenya shouted as she threw a PokeBall at Tailow.

The PokeBall hit Tailow, and, like Zigzag, he got pulled into it. The PokeBall shook for a while, and then became motionless.

"I did it!" Kenya cheered happily. "I caught my first Pokemon!"

"Nice, Kenya," Catherine said. "Are you going to nickname your Tailow?"

"Yeah," Kenya replied, picking up Tailow's PokeBall. "I'm going to call him Jet."

"All right then," Catherine said. "Are you ready to keep going?"

"Yep," Kenya answered. "Let's go!"


Credit to: Alto Mare Warrioress

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I have returned!

Kenya and Catherine along with there Pokemon still making there way to Petalburg City, they decide to take a small break near a small lake and have a bit of lunch.

“This looks like a peaceful little place,” Kenya said putting down her bag.

“I have no problem with it, let’s eat,” Catherine said placing her bag down beside Kenya, and then reaching for her Poke’balls, “come on out, Zigzag! Fireheart!”

Kenya throws her Poke’balls up, “Come on out, Jet! Taikai.”

The four Pokemon emerge from there Poke’balls in front of the two trainers.

“Char..,” cried Fireheart

“Zig, zigagoon,” cried Zigzagoon

“Mudkip,” cried Taikai

“Taillow,” chipped Jet

“We sure do have a good team starting up, don’t we Catherine?” said Kenya looking to her friend.

Catherine smiled, “I’m not complaining.”

Kenya looks down and kneels before the Pokemon, “why don’t you all go play while we start working on lunch, ok?”

All the Poke’mon nodded happily.

“Stay close and stay together,” Catherine called.

With that said the Poke’mon took off to explore the area listening to there trainers commands about not wondering off to far.

About half hour later, a blanket with four bowls of Pokemon food in them and two plates with a turkey sandwhich and some chips on each of them, and bottled waters placed beside them.

“I think it looks great,” Kenya said happily

“Yup, nothing wrong it at all,” Catherine said

“TAIKAI! JET!” Kenya called.

“ZIGZAG! FIREHEART!,” Catherine called

No response came…just then Jet came flying over head.

“Taillow..taillow,” Jet said stopping in front of Kenya.

“Jet, where are the others?” Kenya asked him.

“There must be some trouble,” Catherine said, “I’ll wait here so no Pokemon take our lunch.”

“Ok, I’ll be back,” Kenya said, “take me to the other, Jet.”

“Taillow,” Jet said nodding his head and flying off with Kenya following him.

“Be careful,” Catherine said.

“I will,” said Kenya

Not to far from there picnic site Taikai, Zigzag, and Fireheart are seen standing before a young male, with very short black hair, and brown eyes wearing blue jeans and a plain white T-shirt with green sleeve, about the age of 12. Lying beside him was an electric Pokemon called, Pikachu, a small yellow mouse with red checks, brown strips on the back and long ears with black tips, both lying on the ground unconscious with scratches all over them.

A voice was heard from behind, “Taikai.”

Taikai turned and looked back seeing Kenya and Jet approaching, “Mud! Mudkip!”

Kenya had seen the boy and the Pikachu, “Oh dear, let’s get them back to our area.”

Sometime later the boy and the Pikachu were back at the girl’s picnic area, the boy was leaned up against a tree with Catherine sitting beside him cleaning up the scratches, and the Pikachu was lying on small bed, with Kenya and her Pokemon helping it.

The boy slowly opened his eyes, “Huh? What happened?” he said looking around.

“Thank goodness your ok,” said Catherine.

“GAH,” he said in a bit of a panic, “who are you?”

“Calm down, I was just helping you; if it wasn’t for our Pokemon finding you; you’d still being unconscious,” Catherine said.

“Oh, sorry,” he apologized, “where’s Chewy?”

“Chewy?” questioned Catherine

“My Pikachu,” he replied back.

“Overhear,” Kenya said holding the little Pikachu in her arms gently petting it, “he’ll be ok, I gave him some potion and some healing berries to keep the scratches from hurting.”

“Pika,” he said a bit weak.

“That’s great, thank you very much,” he said taking Chewy from her arms, “we owe you two a lot. I guess we should be careful when trying to capture Spearow, especially when there are many others around with it.”

Chewy smiled a bit nodded, “Pikachu.”

“Spearow? You got attacked by some Spearow, ouch,” said Catherine.

“No it was nothing really, we’re just happy that your both alright,” Kenya said.

“So who are you?” Catherine asked.

“Oh, my name is Billy and this is my Pikachu, Chewy; we’re from New Bark Town,” he explained.

“Isn’t that in the Johto region?” asked Catherine.

“It is, and Chewy here is Pokemon partner, you see I’m registered to travel through Hoenn and compete in the Hoenn League.”

“I’m Kenya, I’m from Littleroot Town, I too am heading for the Hoenn League and too compete in Pokemon Contest.

“I am Catherine, I want to become one of best dragon trainers in the world and too compete in the Hoenn League,” Catherine replied proudly.

“Nice to meet you both, say are you heading to Petalburg City by any chance?” asked Billy.

“Yes, we’ll passing through there on up to Petalburg Woods and then on word to Rustboro City, home of the first gym battle,” Kenya said.

“Great so am I; shall we travel together and help each other out?” Billy asked.

“Yeah, the more the marrier,” Catherine said.

“Next stop for us will be…” Kenya started.

“Petalburg City,” they all said happily.

Next stop for our young heros is Petalburg City stay turned in for Chapter 6-PETALBURG AND LISA

Credit to Kawaii_May
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I have returned!

Finally, Kenya and her two friends, Catherine and Billy have arrived in Petalburg City.

Billy smiled, “we made it.”

“Great, my very first gym battle is going to start,” Kenya said with confidence.

“I don’t think your quiet ready for this gym, Kenya; neither am I,” replied Catherine

“Why do you say that?” Kenya asked.

Billy answered, “because this gym battle is always a three on three battle and you only have 2, one you just recently got and your starter; I don’t think anyone of us are ready for this gym.”

“Yeah, we can always come back to it later; once we are stronger,” said Catherine.

“Then where is the next gym that we are ready for?” asked Kenya.

Billy checks the guide book, “Ah, here we go; Rustburo City.”

“Rustburo?” Kenya said, “that’s they city Catherine and I were talking about, it’s got the rock type Poke’mon right?”

“Yup, with that Mudkip of yours; you should be just fine,” said Billy.

“All I need is Fireheart and my secret weapon,” replied Catherine

“Secret weapon?” said Billy

Kenya looks to Billy, “she won’t tell me anything so don’t think she’ll mention anything to you, I guess we’ll have to see soon enough.”

The three young trainers head on over to the Petalburg Pokemon Center to take a bit of break, when a young girl about the same age as Kenya, wearing blue skirt white shirt with a blue vest, brown eyes, and green hair carrying a Seedot, a small acorn like Pokemon, in her arms accidently bumps into Kenya.

Kenya and the girl fall to the ground, “Owww…” Kenya replied.

“Kenya,” said Billy, “you ok?”

“Yeah,” she replied getting helped up by Billy, “thanks”

Catherine helps the girl, “what about you?”

The girl looks up to Catherine, “yeah, I’m sorry about that.”

“That’s alright,” Kenya said.

“I’m just so happy, cause I got my first Pokemon from my parents today, see,” she said happily showing the Seedot to the group.

“It’s cute Pokemon,” Kenya said, “let’s see what it is.”

Kenya pulled out her Poke’dex and pointed it at the Seedot

“Seedot…the acorn Pokemon.. Seedot, looks exactly like an acorn when it is dangling from a tree branch. It startles other Poke’mon by suddenly moving. This Poke’mon polishes its body once a day using leaves,” said the Dextaria.

“Nice to meet you, Seedot and…you are?” said Catherine looking from Seedot to the girl.

“My name is Lisa, I live here in Petalburg City,” said the girl, Lisa,” I want to travel and become a great Pokemon Coordinator, just my hero.”

List holds up a copy of Pokemon Friend Magazine, showing a page about the top 10 Coordinators of the world, with a picture of May as number 6.

“May Maple of Petalburg City, one of the greatest Coordinators won 5 ribbions with her Beautifly and took second place at the regional champions in 2005,” read Catherine

Kenya too looking noticing a picture of her mother, Jessie also in the magazine,”hey, that’s my mom.”

Catherine, Billy and Lisa all look at the picture of Jessie with a bug Pokemon, Dustox. “HUH?”

“Jessie is your mom,” said Lisa in a bit of shock.

“She’s number 3 in this article,” said Billy.

“You never said Jessie, one of the best coordinators out there was your mom,” Catherine said.

"Well, you didn't ask," Kenya answered.

"Are you going to compete in the Pokemon Contest in Rustboro?" asked Lisa, "I know I am."

"I don't know...," Kenya started.

"Aww..come on Kenya, I bet you'll be great just like you mother," said Billy patting Kenya on the shoulder.

"Maybe," Kenya said.

"Kenya, it's in your blood; your meant to follow in your mothers footsteps," replied Catherine.

"But the gym battle is there, too," Kenya said.

"Just don't use Mudkip, in the contest, save it for the gym battle," Catherine said.

"Say if your all heading up to Rustboro, would it be alright if I joined with you?" asked Lisa.

"Seedot," replied Seedot with a smile.

"Seedot, likes the idea," replied Billy.

"I don't see why not," replied Kenya.

"Welcome to the group," said Catherine

"Thank you very much, I just need to stop at home and grab my bag and say good bye to my parents," said Lisa, "why don't you guys come and meet them."

"Why don't you and Catherine go, Billy; I need to make a quick call," Kenya said, "I'll meet you all back here in about half hour?"

"Alright," said Catherine, she then turns to Billy and Lisa,"lead the way, Lisa."

"Follow me," said Lisa as she headed down the road, with Catherine and Billy following.

Kenya walked into the Pokemon Center and sat at PC phone to call home.

James, Kenya’s dad answers, “Hello, Morgan residence.”

“Hello, dad?” Kenya said

James quicky turns on the video screen to see Kenya, “Hi honey, where are you calling from?”

“I’m at the Pokemon center in Petalburg City, getting ready to head out to Petalburg Woods,” Kenya answered, “with two new travelers.”

“Two new travelers, huh?” James said, “wow, you make fast friends.”

Kenya laughed a bit, “yeah, I guess I do; they names are Lisa and Billy.”

“That’s great news,” James said

“Hiya, kid,” Meowth said coming and standing the table.

“Meowth, how are you,” said Kenya.

“I’s ok, I’d be more happier if yous was here wit me,” Meowth replied.

“Aww…I’m sorry; I’ll be home again someday,” Kenya said., “anyway, I got a Taillow and named him, Jet.”

“Great,” James said.

“Hey, where’s mom?” asked Kenya.

“She working some overtime, she won’t be home until around 11 tonight or so,” answered James, “she wanted me tell if I spoke to you today, that she’ll be in Rustburo City in couple days to check out this years Pokemon contest.”

Kenya smiled, “Really? I might compete in it.”

“Dat’d make her happy, too sees you there,” Meowth said.

“You should, become a great coordinator just like your mother,” James said, “we know you can do it.”

“Thanks for the confidence,” Kenya said,” well I should get going, tell mom I said hi and I miss you all.”

“I will, honey,” said James,”take care and call soon.”

“I love you guys,” Kenya said, “bye dad, bye Meowth.”

“See ya,” said Meowth and James.

Kenya hung up the phone and stood up, “My mom is going to be in Rustburo, I wanna get up there soon as possible so I can see her one last time.”

Catherine, Billy and Lisa come walking into the center and see Kenya standing in front of the phones.

“Hey, Kenya, “called Billy.

Kenya turned towards them, “Oh hi guys, are we all set?”

Lisa gives a thumbs up, “Yup, everything is good to go.”

“Guess what?” Kenya said.
“What?” asked Catherine

“I’m gonna compete in the contest in Rustboro,” replied Kenya happily, “and my mom is going to be there to see this years Pokemon contest.”

“Your mom?” Catherine questioned.

“Yes, you’ll get a chance to meet her, she’s really great,” Kenya said, “let’s go, I’ve gotta get to Rustboro.”

The four friends head out of the Pokemon Center and head to the other end of Petalburg City, and begin to hit the road leading up to Petalburg Woods.


I have returned!

As the four friends made their way towards Petalburg Woods, they talked about anything and everything. Taikai, Fireheart, Chewy, and Seedot all walked alongside their trainers, having their own Pokemon chat. The air was calm and somewhat salty; they had come to a small beach. A quaint cottage stood next to the shore, and a boat was floating near the dock.

"I wonder who lives there?" Lisa thought aloud.

"Mr. Briney," Billy answered. "He's a retired sailor. He was one of the best sailors in the Hoenn region."

Everyone looked at him in surprise.

"How'd you know that?" Catherine asked.

"I've heard some pretty cool stories about him," Billy replied. "I also heard about where he lives and stuff."

"Let's visit him!" Kenya piped up eagerly.

"Yeah, I'd love to meet a legendary sailor," Lisa agreed.

So the four friends walked across the sandy beach towards Mr. Briney's cottage. When they got there, Catherine knocked on the door. No answer. She knocked again, but still no one came.

"I guess he's not home," Billy sighed. "Come on, let's keep going."

"Darn it," Kenya said, disappointed. "It would have been so cool to meet him..."

But as they turned to leave, a white flash zipped right past them, nearly knocking them over. They looked around frantically, bewildered at what they saw.

"What was that?" Kenya asked.

"There it is!" cried Lisa, pointing to the shore.

Kenya, Billy, and Catherine turned to what Lisa was pointing at.

It was a seagull-like Pokemon with glossy white feathers and a pointy orange beak. Ocean blue stripes ran across its wings, and its beady eyes were filled with mischief.

"It's a Wingull!" Billy cried. "A Water-and-Flying-type."

"Excellent," Catherine said readily, unclipping a PokeBall from her belt. "Let's go, Zigzag!" She tossed the PokeBall to the ground.

Out came Zigzag, her newly caught Zigzagoon. He looked around in curiousity, and his big brown eyes rested on the Wingull in front of him.

"Zig!" he cried, jumping into his battle stance.

The Wingull squaked mockingly, and then he shot out a spray of water from his beak. The spray blasted Zigzag forcefully, soaking his spikey brown fur.

"Use your Tackle attack, Zigzag!" Catherine shouted.

Zigzag nodded and then charged towards Wingull. He crashed into him, bowling him over. Wingull then flapped his striped wings and took off into the air. He dived towards Zigzag, whose eyes were widening in surprise.

"Dodge it, Zigzag!" Catherine commanded. "And then use another Tackle!"

Just when Wingull was about to dive-bomb Zigzag, the raccoon-like Pokemon jumped out of the way, and then Tackled his opponent determinedly. Wingull squaked in agony and fell to the ground.

"PokeBall, go!" Catherine yelled as she threw a PokeBall at Wingull.

The PokeBall struck Wingull's body, then a blinding red light engulfed him inside it. The Ball shook a few times, indicating that Wingull was trying to break free. Then it stood still; Catherine had caught a new Pokemon.

"All right!" Catherine cried, picking up Wingull's PokeBall and clipping it to her belt. "I got a Wingull! Great job, Zigzag. I'm really proud of you!"

"Zig!" Zigzag chirped, jumping happily into his trainer's arms.

"You deserve a rest," Catherine said. "Return!" With that she returned Zigzag to his PokeBall in a flash of red light.

"That was awesome, Catherine," Lisa complimented.

"Yeah," Billy agreed. "What are you going to call your Wingull?"

"Hmm..." Catherine murmured, thinking carefully. "I'll name him...Kamome."

"Good name," Kenya said cheerfully. "Let's keep going!"

With that Kenya, Billy, Catherine, and Lisa continued their trek to Petalburg woods. But soon they all began to get tired.

"Hey guys," Billy said, "why don't we take a short break? I'm starving!"

"Good idea," Lisa replied. "This looks like a good spot. Let's rest here."

So the four trainers set up a small picnic, like Catherine and Kenya had earlier. Four plates of sandwiches and chips with bottles of water were laid on a blanket. There were also some bowls of PokeChow for the Pokemon.

"Go, Jet!" Kenya said as she tossed the Taillow's PokeBall to the ground.

Jet appeared, and when he saw the food in front of him, he began to chirp hungrily.

"Come out, Zigzag and Kamome!" Catherine said as she let out Zigzag and her newly caught Wingull, Kamome.

"All right, let's eat!" Billy said impatiently.

As the four trainers and their Pokemon ate their food, they talked more, and their Pokemon did likewise. They were all having a relaxing time. But then a rustling sound came from some bushes.

"What could that be?" Kenya wondered aloud.

"I'll go check," Lisa said as she made her way towards the bushes, Seedot following her.

Lisa moved the bushes' small branches out of her way, and gasped.

A little dog-like Pokemon with shaggy gray fur was standing there. His paws and face were shadowy black, and his fierce eyes burned a blood red color. The Poochyena leaped out of the bushes and barked at Lisa challengingly, ready for battle.

"Seedot, Bullet Seed now!" Lisa cried.

"Dot!" Seedot cried as he fired a line of tiny glowing seeds from his mouth.

The Bullet Seed attack shot Poochyena powerfully, knocking him over. He got up determinedly and then charged into Seedot.

"Hang in there, Seedot!" Lisa shouted. "Use another Bullet Seed attack!"

Seedot shot more glowing seeds from his mouth. They collided with Poochyena, bowling him over once again.

"PokeBall, go!" Lisa cried as she chucked a PokeBall at Poochyena.

The Ball hit him, and sucked him inside of it. The Ball shook many times, and everyone thought that Poochyena would break free, but then the Ball became motionless, signalling that Lisa had caught Poochyena.

"I did it!" Lisa cried joyously, picking up Poochyena's PokeBall.

"Great job, Lisa!" Kenya cried. "Are you going to give him a nickname?"

"A nickname, huh?" Lisa said. She thought for a minute. "Yeah. I'm going to name him Wolfe!"

"But wait," Billy piped up. "What about Seedot? Aren't you going to nickname him, too?"

"I never thought about it when I first got him," Lisa replied. "I might name him later."

"Okay," Catherine said, "let's pack up."

After the four friends packed up the blanket and the plates and bowls, they continued towards Petalburg Woods. It wasn't long before they had finally reached it.

"Well, here we are," Catherine sighed. "Petalburg Woods."

"Let's go!" Kenya cried eagerly as she ran into the woods, Taikai on her shoulder.

"Hey, wait up!" Billy shouted, taking off after her.

Catherine and Lisa ran into the woods after them, and then they all slowed down. Petalburg Woods was dark; no one wanted to get lost, so they all stayed together. It was also quite large; Kenya wondered how they would make it through.

As the four trainers continued to make their way through the woods, they didn't talk so much this time. Even the Pokemon stayed quiet. Kenya was a little intimidated by this place. But then she stepped on something squishy.

"SHROOMISH!" screeched a high-pitched voice from under her foot.

Startled by the scream, Kenya almost fell over. When she lifted her foot, she saw a very angry mushroom-like Pokemon with stubby green legs and speckles on his cap-like head.

"Whoa, a Shroomish!" Billy said. "Um...I think you offended him, Kenya." He laughed a little.

"Go, Jet!" Kenya cried, releasing Jet from his PokeBall. "Use your Peck attack!"

"Taillow!" Jet chirped as he flew over to Shroomish and began to peck him wildly.

Shroomish growled angrily and jumped towards Jet, crashing into him and knocking him out of the air.

"Hang on, Jet!" Kenya cried. "Give it one more Peck, but don't make him faint!"

Jet nodded in reply and pecked Shroomish, but not too hard so it wouldn't make him faint.

"PokeBall, go!" Kenya shouted as she threw a PokeBall at Shroomish.

The Ball hit him, and sucked him inside in a flash of red light. It shook a few times, and then stopped. Kenya had caught a Shroomish.

"Yes!" Kenya cried, picking up Shroomish's PokeBall and clipping it to her belt. "I did it!"

"Nice, Kenya," Billy said.

"Yeah," Catherine added, "that was great!"

"Thanks, guys," Kenya said. "I'm going to call my Shroomish Kinrui."

"That's a good name," Lisa said.

"Thank you," Kenya replied. "Let's go now!"

So the four trainers continued their trek through Petalburg Woods. This time they talked a lot more than when they first entered the woods. The Pokemon also chatted. Soon they came across a small pond with many lily pads. They all stopped at the pond and looked into the clear water.

"Hey, I see a Lotad!" Lisa piped up, pointing at one of the lily pads.

Kenya, Catherine, and Billy looked at the lily pad, and found that it was attached to a peculiar blue Pokemon with four stubby legs and large, amber eyes. It swam over to the four trainers, apparently wanting to battle.

"This one's mine!" Billy cried. "Let's go, Chewy!"

The Pikachu jumped off his shoulder and landed on one of the lily pads in the pond. Sparks crackled from his round red cheeks; he was eager to battle.

"Chewy," Billy shouted, "give it a Thundershock!"

"PiiikaaaCHUUUUU!" Chewy shouted as he fired a bolt of electricity from his cheeks.

The attack struck the Lotad, frying him. But since water conducted electricity, the whole pond was glowing and crackling with the Thundershock. The four trainers backed away cautiously. Lotad, who was extremely weak from the impact, made a feeble attempt to spray Chewy with water, but the Pikachu jumped away easily.

"I think he's weakened enough," Billy said, taking out an empty PokeBall. "PokeBall, go!" With that he threw the Ball at Lotad.

The Ball struck the Water-and-Grass-type, pulling him inside. The Ball shook a few times, then halted shortly after; Billy had caught Lotad.

"All right!" he shouted, picking up Lotad's PokeBall, which was right next to the pond. "I caught Lotad!"

"Pika!" cried Chewy as he jumped onto his trainer's shoulder.

"You were great, Chewy!" Billy praised.

"Good job, Billy," Lisa said. "So are you going to give Lotad a nickname, too?"

"Yep," Billy replied. "I'm going to name him Sombrero, because of the hat-like lily pad on his head!"

"Nice name," Catherine said. "Okay, let's go!"

After a few more minutes, the four friends had finally made it through Petalburg Woods. They continued to walk towards Rustboro City, talking all the way. Soon they reached the city, and entered, looking forward to their first Gym battle.

Credit to Alto Mare Warrioress


I have returned!

Kenya, Catherine, Billy, and Lisa gaped at their surroundings as they made their way through Rustboro; the city was massive. All the very tall buildings were made of various rocks.

"So, where's the Contest being held?" Billy asked.

"Right here," Kenya replied, pointing to a fancy-looking building with a huge ribbon that hung over the door.

The four friends then walked over to the Contest Hall, anticipation rising in Kenya's heart. She couldn't wait to enter her first Contest. But then she wondered which Contest she would enter and what Pokemon she would use. From what Kenya knew, there were five different kinds of Contests-Cool, Beauty, Cute, Smart, and Tough. She thought Taikai would be best in a Cute Contest, and Jet would probably do well in a Cool one. Kenya wasn't sure what Kinrui would be good at; Tough maybe?

When Kenya, Catherine, Billy, and Lisa entered the Contest Hall, they all gasped in unison.

Many people in black uniforms with a red R printed on their shirts were in the Hall. All the other people in the building were tied up.

"Team Rocket!" Kenya cried. "What are they doing here?"

"Whatever it is, it can't be good," Catherine replied.

"Hey," a male Rocket shouted, pointing at the four trainers, "hand over your Pokemon, or suffer the consequences!"

"No way," Lisa snapped. "We're going to stop you creeps from doing...whatever it is you planned!"

All the Rockets in the room erupted in laughter.

"You think a few kids can stop sixteen Rockets? Ha! If you're looking for a fight, we'll stomp you brats good!"

"Bring it on, losers!" Billy snarled.

"Guys," Kenya piped up, "I think we should each take two at a time. Will that be enough for you to handle?"

"Oh, yeah," Catherine replied fiercely. "I'm ready to kick these idiots' sorry butts!"

"Me too," Billy agreed.

"Me three!" Lisa said readily.

"Okay then, let's go!" Kenya cried.

"Come on," the Rocket said to a female Rocket, "let's finish this brat off right here!" He pointed to Kenya.

Many other Rockets got in groups of two and challenged Catherine, Billy, and Lisa.

"Okay," Kenya shouted, unclipping Kinrui's PokeBall from her belt, "Go, Taikai and Kinrui!" She tossed the PokeBall to the ground, and Kinrui appeared. Taikai jumped off Kenya's shoulder and landed beside his partner.

"Go Zubat!" cried the male Rocket, tossing a PokeBall to the ground.

A blue bat-like Pokemon with a huge, fanged mough with no eyes and partly-purple wings appeared.

"Go Rattata!" the female Rocket yelled, throwing a PokeBall.

Out came a purple rat-like Pokemon with large red eyes and a white stomach and paws. A formidable pair of front teeth protruded from its mouth, and its long tail was curled at the end.

"Taikai," Kenya shouted, "use Water Gun on the Zubat! Kinrui, Headbutt the Rattata!"

Taikai breathed in deeply, then shot out a forceful jet of water from his mouth. The spray blasted Zubat powerfully, making him crash into the wall. Kinrui charged at Rattata, his cap-like head lowered. He then crashed into the rat Pokemon, knocking him over.

"Zubat, Bite the Shroomish!" the male Rocket cried.

"Rattata, give the Mudkip a Hyper Fang!"

Zubat zoomed over to Kinrui, then sank his bat fangs into his head. Kinrui let out a shrill cry, and struggled to get Zubat off him. Finally he shook him off, and the bat Pokemon took off back into the air. Rattata leaped at the wide-eyed Taikai, and, like Zubat, bit into his opponent's side. But this time, the bite was much more powerful. Taikai, sweating, tried his best to shake Rattata off, but it was no use.

"Now's your chance, Taikai!" Kenya yelled. "Give it a Water Gun while it's close!"

Taikai turned his head to Rattata, whose fangs were still deep in his opponent's skin. Taikai then blasted him with his Water Gun, which shot him off. Rattata, swirls in his eyes, fell over and blacked out.

"No!" the female Rocket cried. "Rattata, return!" With that she took out Rattata's PokeBall and returned him in a flash of red light.

"Great job, Taikai!" Kenya cheered. "Okay, Kinrui, Headbutt the Zubat!"

"Shroom!" Kinrui cried as he leaped up and smashed Zubat with his head.

Zubat, exhausted, fell down from the air, and like Rattata, fainted.

"Beaten by a kid!" the male Rocket cried. "Return!" He then returned Zubat to his PokeBall. "Grr...You're pretty good. But Team Rocket will prevail! You just wait!" With that he and his partner raced out of the Contest hall.

"All right!" Kenya said happily. "Great job, you guys!" She then returned Kinrui to his PokeBall, and Taikai leaped back on her shoulder.

Kenya looked around. Catherine had already won her match; she was watching with amusement as her opponents ran out the door. Fireheart and Kamome were both in her arms. She walked over to Kenya and laughed fiercely.

"Man, that was great!" Catherine cried. "Fireheart and Kamome totally dominated those losers! I hope I'll battle them again someday; it's so fun to watch them run away! Cowards..." She snorted. "So, how'd your match go?"

"Taikai and Kinrui were awesome," Kenya replied. "They beat a Zubat and Rattata easily! You're right, it is fun to watch the Rockets run away."

"How are Billy and Lisa doing?" Catherine asked.

"We did just fine," said a voice from behind. Kenya and Catherine turned around and smiled. Billy and Lisa were standing there.

"We actually did it!" Lisa squealed happily. "All the Rockets are gone!"

"Yep," Billy piped up. "Let's untie everbody now."

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that," Catherine said.

So the four friends untied the people in the Contest Hall. When they did, they found out that the Rockets were planning to steal all the Contest Pokemon. However, they failed their mission when Kenya, Catherine, Billy, and Lisa stopped them.

When Kenya had finished untying the last person in the Hall, she gasped in surprise. It was her mother.

"Mom!" Kenya cried, flinging her arms around her mother.

"Oh, Kenya!" Jessie said. "I was so worried!"

"We beat them, Mom," Kenya explained. "Me and Catherine and Billy and Lisa."

"Oh?" Jessie said. "Are they your friends? Are you traveling with them?"

"Yep," Kenya replied. "I want you to meet them. Hey guys, over here!" She called to her friends.

The three trainers came over, and immediately they all became starstruck.

"Are-are you Kenya's mother?" Lisa stammered.

Jessie nodded. "Yes, that's me."

"You're one of the best coordinators in the world!" Catherine cried.

"Yeah!" Billy added. "You're, like, totally awesome!"

Jessie laughed. "Why, thank you. It's nice to meet you all. Kenya tells me that you're all traveling together."

"Uh huh," Lisa said, nodding.

"That's just wonderful!" Jessie said fondly. "Are you going to battle Roxanne?"

"That's right," Billy replied. "We're all going to compete in the Hoenn League!"

"And I'm going to become the world's best Dragon trainer!" Catherine piped up proudly.

Jessie laughed. "That sounds exciting."

"Yep," Catherine said, "and we also plan to compete in the Contests here!"

"Is that so?" Jessie frowned. "Hmm...I'm sorry everyone, but because of the Rockets, all the Contests here are canceled until everything gets sorted out."

"WHAT?" everyone cried in unison.

Jessie nodded. "Yes, the Contests are canceled. I'm so sorry. I was looking forward to watching you all, too."

"Aww..." Kenya groaned. "I really wanted to compete..."

"Me too," Catherine, Billy, and Lisa agreed in unison.

"Oh, don't be discouraged," Jessie said. "You can still do the Gym Battle."

"Hey, that's right," Billy said.

"Yeah," Lisa added, "we can always come back here later."

"We should be going now, Mom," Kenya said.

"All right," Jessie said. "Please stay safe, though."

"Yes, I know," Kenya said.

"It was great meeting you," Catherine said.

"Thank you," Jessie replied.

With that Kenya hugged her mother goodbye, and the four trainers walked out of the Contest Hall, more ready than ever for their first Gym Battle.

Credit to Alto Mare Warrioress


It's quite good. Not as much description as I would have hoped, but length is good. Like Lemurian, I'm going to ask: Are you accepting charcaters? If so, here's mine:

Name: Zela
Age: 13
Gender: female
Appearance: has long black hair down to waist, a jeans jacket (you know those jackets that have fabric like jeans), light blue jeans and blue sneakers. Large blue eyes.
Personality: social, loves hanging with Kenya and the others, and loves her Anorith more than anyone in the world

Anorith-->if you read my fic, Prehistory! you'll know what Anorith and Zela are like. I'd like reviews^_^
Latios-->came to her in a dream and then appeared when she was just starting in her journey. She still can't fight with him, since he dislikes it, but he tells everyone where to go since he's memorized the Pokemon world. Acts like a walking, or flying, Pokedex. Loves to have fun, and is attached to Zela and Anorith like a brother. Changes into a kid with white hair like Latias in human form when hanging around humans, and is verp protective. Can talk in human morph and also talks telepathically.

Thanx if you include her!


I have returned!
I might add characters later on down the line, I'll keep you in mind for a minor character

Here is the first Gym Battle


“That’s a real bummer we didn’t get to participate in that contest. Chewy and I had this awesome routine planned out. He was gonna do a shock wave and then the crowd was gonna be like ‘yay Chewy and Billy, contest over, you win!’ and then I would put the first place ribbon on Chewy and he’d be on my shoulder holding the championship trophy waving to all his fans,” Billy rambled on about what he had planned for the Pokemon contest getting so excited about this that he forgot how disappointed he was that the contest was cancelled.

“That’s great Billy but I think you’re forgetting what you’re up against. Me and Taikai would’ve won the competition for sure. Isn’t that right?” Kenya said looking at the Mudkip on her shoulder.

“Kip,” the water Pokemon said with determination.

“Yeah, you guys probably would’ve dominated…second place that is!” As Catherine said this, Fireheart jumped up and tackled Mudkip off of Kenya’s shoulder playfully.

“Fireheart looks ready for the gym battle,” Kenya replied giggling as she watched their two Pokemon wrestle. “What about Chewy, Billy? Are you two ready for the gym battle?” Kenya and Catherine looked over at Billy’s Pikachu who was walking right beside him as they all headed to the gym.

“I think we can do it. It’ll be tough though, because Chewy’s not particularly strong against rock types.”

“That’s where my secret weapon will come in.” Catherine winked at her Charmander who had stopped wrestling and the Charmander winked back at its trainer.

So, the three trainers walked along the paved sidewalk towards the large white building that was the Rustboro City gym. They didn’t know, however, that someone was following them.

“Okay, here we go.” Catherine walked through the automatic sliding doors and entered the gym. There were a few other rock trainers around the gym but the three friends immediately spotted the gym leader. Tall with brown eyes and even darker brown hair, Roxanne wore a very official-looking blue sweater with a white collar. Her professional attire signaled to the trainers that she meant business.

“Who’s going to go first,” Katherine asked, getting a little nervous now that the time had arrived for her skill to be tested.

“I will.” Kenya reluctantly volunteered herself to go first and she walked forward into the main arena. The arena was large and intimidating. The roof was shaped like a dome and the floor was hard and dusty having the shape of a Pokeball imprinted in its center. The lighting was poor and Kenya could only barely see Roxanne’s figure in front of her. The gym leader smiled as she saw Kenya walk through the doors.

“I’m here to challenge you Roxanne. I want to compete for the boulder badge.”

“Very well, I accept your challenge.” The once dimly lit arena shone brightly now as large lights came on in all the corners of the gym. This shocked Kenya and Catherine and Billy took a seat near the battle arena.

“You can do it Kenya!” her friends shouted from the sideline as Pikachu and Fireheart waved a couple of foam fingers in support.

“Alright, the match begins now!” With this, Roxanne lobbed her Pokeball to the ground. The red and white sphere erupted into a brilliant flash of white light as the form of her first Pokemon took shape. A head made of rock, having two arms protruding from either of its sides, now floated before Kenya.

“That’s a Geodude,” Kenya said contemplatively as if her choice of Pokemon required any thought at all. “Go, Taikai!” Mudkip emerged from its ball readily.

“Geodude, use rock throw!” The rock monster hurled a volley of small rocks and Kenya’s Pokemon.

“Taikai move out of the way and counter with a water gun attack!” Kenya’s Mudkip quickly dodged out of the way of the rocks and loosed forth from its mouth a small jet of water.

“No, Geodude move out of the way!” The rock Pokemon did not react quickly enough and the water stream hit one of his arms. The Geodude screeched in pain.

“We’re not out yet,” Roxanne declared determinedly. “Geodude, tackle that Mudkip!” The floating rock head rushed forward preparing to slam himself into Kenya’s Mudkip.

“Oh no.” Taikai was hit with the full force of the tackle and rolled over backwards a few times before hitting one of the gym walls and coming to rest. “Are you okay, Mudkip?” Taikai got up slowly and then stood back in its battle stance.


“Okay then, use another water gun! But this time, keep it flowing!” Mudkip aimed its mouth at Geodude and shot a stream of water once more. Geodude moved out of the way but Mudkip followed it with the stream of water and scored a critical hit. The rock Pokemon fell to the ground exhausted.

“Wow, you’re quite the trainer. It’s not over yet though. Go, Nosepass!” Roxanne threw down another Pokeball and from it emerged a large cobalt blue rock monster with orange duck lips and dark black eyes. Its body was polygonal and seemed to lack any smooth surface.

“Taikai, use water gun!” Taikai released another powerful pulse of water and it hit Nosepass directly as the foe was too slow to move out of the way.

“Nosepass, use your rock throw!” The blue rock monster spun its arms about as if they were on rotating hinges as rocks lifted from the ground and were hurled at Kenya’s Mudkip. The rocks connected with devastating impact and Mudkip fainted.

“Okay, it’s up to you now. Go, Kenrui!” Kenya’s small mushroom Pokemon emerged from its ball ready to fight. “Use absorb!” A small green cloud of energy gathered at the top of Shroomish’s head and began to absorb energy from Nosepass. Nosepass stood still for a while. An unknown spectator watched anxiously to see what would happen next.

“Nosepass, use rock throw again!” Nosepass simply toppled over, exhausted. “Well,” Roxanne started, surprised. “Looks like you won, Kenya.”

“Yes!” the new trainer shouted with joy as Kenrui strut back and forth on his side of the gym.

“We knew you could do it Kenya,” her friends cheered from the sideline.


“Okay, Billy. Yesterday your friend defeated me and now it’s your turn to prove your skill as a Pokemon trainer.”

“Alright, go Chewy!” Billy’s Pikachu scurried onto the field, not having been confined by a Pokeball.

“Geodude, go and use rock throw!” Once again, Roxanne’s floating stone Pokemon appeared and began to hurl rocks at Billy’s Pikachu.

“Pikachu get out of the way of those rocks!” Chewy, the golden-yellow Pikachu jumped up and ran across the surfaces of the rocks that were floating through the air. Pikachu used the rocks as a walkway straight to Roxanne’s rock monster.

“Now Pikachu, use tackle!” Pikachu jumped from one of the hurled rocks and slammed himself full force into Geodude, knocking it to the ground.

“That was pretty nice…” Roxanne was interrupted.

“Alright now Pikachu, use shock wave while it’s still on the ground!” Before Roxanne could utter her orders, Geodude was hit by a jolt of electricity. Pikachu landed back on the ground right in front of Billy.

“Wow, you’re really good, Billy!” Roxanne exclaimed genuinely. “Geodude, use tackle!” Roxanne’s Pokemon lunged forward towards Chewy.

“Move out of the way!”

“Chew!” Billy’s Pikachu quickly jumped to the left and Roxanne’s Geodude slammed into the ground. It started to get up slowly when…

“Alright now tackle him back into the ground Chewy!” Billy’s Pikachu tackled the Geodude and slammed it back down to the hard gym floor. Geodude rolled over, ‘x’s in its eyes.

“Billy, you’re quite the talented trainer! This battle isn’t over yet though!” With this, she hurled to the ground another Pokeball. From it emerged that same duck-billed rock monster that Kenya’s Shroomish had taken down before.

“Alright Chewy, get ready!”

“Nosepass, use harden!” Roxanne knew that Billy’s only way of damaging Nosepass was through physical attacks since electricity wasn’t extremely effective.

“Chewy, use tackle!” Billy’s Pikachu charged forth ready to fling himself into the Nosepass in a full-fledged tackle attack. Nosepass lifted one of its rigidly moving arms and smacked Chewy back down to the ground with a rock smash attack.

“Cewwwwww!” the golden Pikachu screeched as it fell to the ground, exhausted. “Chewy, that’s enough for now. Billy carried his Pokemon off the field and Catherine escorted it to the sidelines.

“Alright, let’s go Lotad!” Billy’s lily pad Pokemon appeared with its wide, white eyes and blue skin slightly obscured by the giant green lily pad on its head.

“Use water gun!” Lotad filled its cheeks for a moment and then let out a small stream of water that hit Nosepass directly.

“Nosepass, use rock throw!” Roxanne shouted.

“Oh no, Sombrero!” Billy’s Pokemon wasn’t quick enough and all the rocks collided with his Pokemon creating a thick cloud of dust. Billy covered his face with his arm as he struggled to peer through the dust to see what had become of his Pokemon.

When the dust settled…

“Tad!” Lotad had lowered its head and used its lily pad to take the force of the attacks. The force of the rocks did not apply as much pressure since they were spread out over the large area of Lotad’s lily pad and the Pokemon survived the attack.

“Oh, awesome!” Billy shouted before Roxanne had realized what happened.

“Now, use water gun again!” Lotad’s cheeks filled up with fluid again and the blue and green Pokemon loosed forth another stream of water that hit its foe directly.

“Oh no!” Nosepass toppled over, exhausted.

“Billy, you have earned this.” Roxanne held out her hand to reveal the boulder badge. Billy, ran forward to receive it.

“Thank you


“Catherine, Catherine, you’re going to be late!” Billy and Kenya stood outside of Catherine’s room at the Pokemon center.

“I wonder if she forgot that she was supposed to battle Roxanne today.” Kenya and Billy stood silently in the narrow hallway. Then the door opened to reveal a half-sleep Catherine in pink pajamas with a night mask raised over her dark brown hair. She rubbed her eyes a second and then looked up at Billy and Kenya.

“What?” she yawned.

“The gym battle, aren’t you supposed to be challenging Roxanne today?”

“Well, I figured I’d visit the Pokemon Academy before jumping right into a battle. You guys did great but I’m not so sure that I’m ready.

“That does sound like a good plan. So, what do you want to do today?” Kenya asked.

“Well, it’s about noon now so I think I’m gonna just chill out today and watch some old Pokemon movies. You guys wanna join me?”

Billy, Kenya, and Catherine all sat on the floor of Catherine’s room watching hours of Pokemon movies ranging from Pikachu’s Saloon to The Amazing Electrode Race.

“Well, that was cool. We should all get to our rooms and go to bed though. Tomorrow’s gonna be a full day!” With that, Kenya, Billy, and Catherine retired for the night, dreaming of what lay ahead at the Pokemon Academy.

Credit to Billy5772


I have returned!

Jessie is now back in her hotel room packing up, while she explains to James about what happened on the PC phone.

“Team Rocket has returned, James,” she started, “and I’m afraid to leave, Kenya now.”

“Well Jessie honey, you should stick around just a little while longer, do you want me to come and help you out?” James asked his wife.

“No, I’ll be ok with Seviper, Wobbuffet, and Dustox,” she replied looking to her Poke’balls sitting on the nightstand, “I will keep you posted, for now I’m gonna be keeping an eye on them.”

“Alright, dear; I’ll be here if you need me,” James said, “talk to you soon.”

“Bye honey,” Jessie said as she hung up the phone.

Elsewhere, Kenya and her friends are seen at a booth having some oatmeal and toast as they prepare to head out for there next destination.

“It looks like our next gym is on an island called, Dewford Town,” replied Kenya as she looked at the trainer guide book.

“Cool, our second badge is one the way,” replied Billy happily.

“What about the next Pokemon contest?” asked Lisa.

Catherine looking over Kenya’s shoulder, “It looks like the next one is in Slateport City.”

Jessie is seen at the front desk speaking to Nurse Joy.

“Don’t worry, Jessie; your Pokemon are in perfect shape,” said Nurse Joy handing Jessie a small tray with her three Poke’balls inside it.

“Thank you very much,” Jessie said taking them. She happens to look off to the right and spot, “Kenya?”

Kenya perks up hearing her name and looks over, “Huh?” she smiles, “Mom!”

Kenya friends look, “Hello,” they all replied.

“Morning kids,” Jessie said waving and she walked over and sat with them, “Congratulations on your gym wins.”

“How did you know about that it?” Catherine asked.

“Was that you I seen standing in the shadows?” Lisa asked.

“Yeah, I was watching Kenya’s battle,” Jessie replied.

“You watched my battle?” replied Kenya?

“Yes, you did a great job, Kenya,” she replied pulling up a chair and joining them.

“Thanks but I owe the thanks to Taikai and Kenrui they deserve the credit,” replied Kenya.

“Kenrui?” asked Jessie, “is that your Shroomish’s nickname?”

“Yup, do you like it?” Kenya asked.

Jessie smiled, “I do, very creative since Kenrui is another name for mushroom in Japanese.”

Just then gym leader, Roxanne walks into the Pokemon center with small girl and a boy about the age of 8 or so.

“Hey look, it’s Roxanne,” replied Lisa.

“Hmm?” replied Roxanne as she looks over, “oh hello again.”

“Good morning Roxanne, what brings you here?” asked Kenya as she walks over.

“I’m here to pick up the Pokemon for the academy,” she replied.

“Yeah, Roxanne teaches in her spare time at Pokemon Academy,” replied the little boy.

“Is that the big school building we saw near the Pokemon Contest Hall?” asked Lisa.

The little girl nodded, “Uh-huh.”

“I’d love to see the place inside, the different classes,” replied Billy.

“Well why don’t you all come visit the school and spend a day in the classes,” offered Roxanne.

“Really?” replied Cahterine.

”It’s alright with me, and you can let the kids meet your Pokemon,” replied Roxanne.

“That sounds like it’ll be fun and a nice experience for you,” replied Jessie.

The little boy walks over to Jessie, “umm excuse me?”

Jessie looks down, “yes?”

“Aren’t you Jessie a star coordinator?” asked the little boy.

“Yes I am, I see your fan of mine?” replied Jessie.

“Will you come too? And show us some of your moves you used?” he asked.

“Hey, yeah,” replied Lisa happily, “show us some of your stuff, Miss Jessie.”

“What do you say mom?” asked Kenya.

“Sure why not?” said Jessie, “I don’t have to catch my train until this evening.”

“Alright,” replied Catherine, Lisa and Billy happily.

Kenya just gave a smile, “Great then let’s go.”

Roxanne recovered the school’s Pokemon from Nurse Joy and everyone headed out of the Pokemon Center.

Within about 15 minutes of walking the reached a very large building with many battle fields, 3 on each side, a swimming pool for obviously using water Pokemon.

“WOW!” replied Kenya and others in amazement.

“It’s been so long since I’ve seen this place,” replied Jessie as she looks back on some of her days on Team Rocket.

*Gonna Rule School Episode

Kenya pulls on her mom’s arm slightly, “Mom?”

Jessie blinks back from spacing out, “Huh? What?”

“Are you ok? You spaced out for a minute,” asked her daughter.

“Uhh..yeah I’m alright, come on let’s go inside,” replied Jessie as she and Kenya walked into the building with the others.

Kenya just stands there for a second at the enterance and thinks to herself for a moment, ‘Mom has been acting a bit strangely lately, just like dad has been too.’

“Kenya?” called Lisa.

“What?” replied Kenya seeing Lisa waiting by the front doors.

“Are you coming?” Lisa asked back.

“Yeah, I’m coming,” replied Kenya as she ran to catch up with her friends.

Watching from close by were two thugs from Team Rocket wearing long black coats and sunglasses; one stood about 6ft. 2in. tall with greenish-blue colored hair, brown eyes and black uniform with white gloves and boots about the age of 35.

“The boss was right,” replied the man in frog like voice, “she resembles them both.”

Beside him was a female with orange hair in pigtails, purple eyes, black skirt uniform with long white gloves and boots also about 35.

“Those two do have a child, that’s why they ran off,” replied the female.

“That child has no idea of what past lives her idiot parents have had,” replied the male.

“I can’t wait to see the look when she finds out the truth,” replied the female.

“But first we steal the school Pokemon and ship em’ to the boss,” replied the male.


Credit to Kawaii_May


I have returned!

Inside the classroom, Roxanne stood before her students with Kenya and the other stand in the corner.

“Students, I’d like to welcome some friends of mine,” replied Roxanne, “please meet Kenya, Lisa, Catherine, and Billy four Pokemon trainers traveling on a Pokemon journey together.

“Hi,” replied all the children.

“And this is Kenya’s mother, Jessie,” Roxanne said looking to Jessie who was standing next to the doorway, “a Pokemon Coordinator.”

“Wow,” replied some of the students.

“Can you show us some of your contest moves?” asked one of the girls.

“Maybe later class, but first lets have our guests introduce there Pokemon to the class,” replied Roxanne.

“Yeah,” replied the kids happily, all but one little girl who looked a bit nervous.

“Shall we go out the playground and do this where this is a bit more room,” suggested Lisa.

“Sure, why not,” replied Roxanne, “recess, class.”

Everyone goes outside with the children and prepares to release there Pokemon, when an alarm is herd.

“Oh my!” replied Roxanne.

“What is that?” asked Billy.

“The school alarm, there a thieves on the campus,” replied Roxanne, “children, please go back inside the classroom.”

“What about you, Roxanne?” asked Catherine.

“Please protect them, take them inside,” replied Roxanne, “I’m going to stop them.”

“I’m gonna come with you Roxanne,” replied Kenya.

“Count me in too,” replied Jessie, “no thieves should be aloud where children come to learn.”

“Thanks I could use it,” replied Roxanne.

“Lisa, Catherine and I will watch over your students for you, Roxanne,” replied Billy.

“Alright children let’s go,” replied Lisa as she got in front of them.

Lisa, Catherine and Billy safely lead the children back into the school and to the classroom.

“GO DUSTOX,” replied Jessie as she threw her Poke’ball releasing a bug Pokemon with green wings, purple body, yellow beady looking eyes and short stubby arms.

“Dust…dust,” replied Dustox

“Dustox, go find out where the thieves are,” replied Jessie, “but don’t let them see you.”

“Dustox,” nodded his head.

“Jet, you go with Dustox,” replied Kenya releasing her Taillow.

“Taillow, taillow,” cried Jet as he followed after Dustox.

“Great thinking,” replied Roxanne.

“Yeah, Dustox’s radar in it eyes should be able to pick the location of where the thieves are,” replied Jessie.

“DUST…” cried Dustox.

“TAILLOW,” cried Jet.

“That was quick,” replied Kenya.

“No, somethings wrong,” replied Jessie as she ran ahead, “Dustox what’s the…Huh?”

Roxanne and Kenya come up behind her, “What’s wrong, mom?” asked Kenya, “ACK, JET.”

Jet and Dustox are seen trapped in nets, in front of them are a couple of Team Rocket grunts that were seen at Pokemon Contest Hall.

“It’s Team Rocket!” replied Kenya.

“Let those Pokemon go,” demanded Roxanne as she pulled out a Poke’ball.

A male and female rocket grunt come into view and stand before the trapped Pokemon.

“Oh, are they yours?” replied the girl rocket.

“Hey, it’s that little brat from the other day,” replied the male looking to Kenya.

“You guys were the reason the Pokemon Contest cancelled,” replied Kenya,”now your trying to steal my mom’s Dustox and my Taillow.”

“Oh that women is your mother, is she,” replied the female.

“How cute, mother and daughter’s Pokemon in our possession,” replied the male.

“Your not keeping them,” replied Jessie pulling out her Poke’ball as well.

“Hang in the Jet, Dustox; we’ll get you both out of there,” Kenya said grabbing a second Poke’ball, ‘I know you and Kenrui are probably still tired from yesterday’s gym battle, but we’ve gotta save the Pokemon.’ “Go Taikai!”

Kenya threw Poke’ball releasing her Mudkip, Taikai.

“Mud…Mudkip,” cried Taikai still a bit exausted from yesterday.

“Taikai, are you gonna be ok?” Kenya asked her Pokemon, “you still look tired.”

“Mud,” Taikai nodded his head.

“What a cute little, Mudkip; I gotta have it,” replied the women throwing a Poke’ball of her own, “ARBOK, LET’S GO!”

The Poke’ball flashed in a bright light release a large purple cobra with what looked like a second face on it’s belly, “CHAR.”

“An Arbok,” replied Jessie in a bit of shock, “I used to have one, a long time ago.”

Kenya and Taikai both stood before the Arbok, looking a bit nervous.

“Are you sure your up for this, Taikai; this is gonna be a real challenge,” replied Kenya.

“Let’s add more fun to this, Weezing you goto,” replied the male releasing a purple floating ball of gas with on large head and one small head and X’s on both heads.

“Weezing, weez,” emerging right beside the Arbok.

“AHH..” Kenya replied getting more nervous, “there is no way you can do this, Taikai.”

“Mudkip..mud,” replied Taikai nodding his head in determination that he will be ok, then without a warning Taikai passed out, he was still to weak to fight right away again.

Jessie, Kenya and Roxanne gasps.

“TAIKAI,” replied Kenya.

“ARBOK, grab the Mudkip,” ordered the female.

“Charbok,” Arbok cried lunging for the Mudkip with it’s tail.

“NO,” Kenya replied grabbing a hold of her Mudkip and securing him in her arms, now she was in Arbok attack range.

“KENYA!” replied Jessie.

“QUICK, MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!” Roxanne replied.

“SEVIPER, HEADBUTT!” replied Jessie as she releases her Seviper, a large black snake, with long red fangs and sharp sword like tail.

“Ahhh,” replied Kenya curled up with Mudkip in her arms.

“Seviper…,” hissed Seviper head butting the Arbok out of the way just in time.

“Damn that women,” replied the male.

Kenya looked up at Seviper, knowing she was safe, ”thanks Seviper!”

“Se..” nodded Seviper as Kenya patted it on the head.

“Go Weezing, use tackle,” replied the male ordering his Weezing to tackle Seviper.

“Weezing…weez,” cried Weezing as it harshly tackles Seviper head on.

“Seviper,” replied Seviper as he is sent flying into the wall.

“SEVIPER!” replied Jessie as she runs over to him.

Leaving Kenya and Taikai in the open with Jessie and Roxanne checking on Seviper; the female and male step up in front of Kenya.

“Hand over the Mudkip, girl,” replied the male rocket grunt.

“Never,” replied Kenya

The female reaches for Kenya, "then we'll just take you both."


I have returned!
*sighs* I'm not even gonna bother continuing...no one cares *tears up the fic* Can someone close it