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Keroro Gunsou (Sgt. Frog) O.C. Rp and Chat

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Ah ha!

I didn't see a thread like this one before, so I have decided to make one.
If I have screwed up and there is one like this, just tell me! ^^

So, here We can role play with eachother and discuss O.C.s, or orikeros as others call them.

So.... Yeah....

Well, this is one of my orikeros: http://i45.*******.com/120leg6.jpg

Very bad image... Ill post a better one later. Her name is Birizu.

So have fun peeps!

*Only minor swearing, if any
*Be kind to others
*only keroro gunsou O.C.s
*Have a good time!

So, yeah.

This forum is for discussing the anime, not for chit-chat and RPing.
Not open for further replies.