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KiltedTrainer and Miss Wolveram's Trade Boutique

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by KiltedTrainer, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. coltduddy

    coltduddy Collector

    hey man, i'm looking for your
    -Trade for Evolution! Shelmet UT level 30, Hardy, OT きょうえん (Kyoto University), ID 10100
    -DOEL Deoxys (Netherlands Event) UT level 70, Impish, OT DOEL, ID 28606
    -Nagashima Spa Land Piplup UT Level 15, Brave, OT サーチャー, ID 04282
    can you check my shop , and tell me if you want something from it .... please
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2012
  2. pacack825

    pacack825 A meowing duck.

    Just checking to see it's value. All those pokemon are cloned. The Ho-oh is level 100 and not EV trained, but I can get someone to EV wipe for me and I can then train them myself. The darkrai is also level 100 and not EV trained, but I can do the same thing for it as I can for the Ho-oh. The Lugia is UT, level 45 and I think it's still with its original moves... I might be wrong though... I'll get natures for you later, and I can get the IVs of the Lugia. Want that?

    P.S. Did you ever get my huge XD offer in your PMs? I'll send it again if you didn't.
  3. KiltedTrainer

    KiltedTrainer Guardian of Asgard

    Alright, I'll try and be available.

    Well, I'll take a look at your sig offers in a bit and prob pm/vm you or edit this post, but I will only trade the Latias right now because I need to learn more about the Blissey. I'm starting to think it's a hack and need to find out if it is or not.

    Alright, like I have told others, I'll do my best to trade with some of you tonight. :)

    Replied in shop.

    Hmm, I'd like to know the ot/ID on both of them, as well as natures.
  4. pacack825

    pacack825 A meowing duck.

    HO-OH's OT is SILVER: 51081 with a Hasty nature. Proud of its power.
    LUGIA's is Kurt: 34401 with a Timid nature. Often dozes off.
    DARKRAI's is OCEANE: 63398 with a Sassy nature. Likes to run.

    What would you want for the Dragonite?
  5. master91

    master91 shiny hunter

    wow are you ever busy can you trade tomorrow maybe
  6. Bananaman73

    Bananaman73 New Member

    Hey can you trade me now? 0647-5488-9811 is my fc. yours is in my ds
  7. KiltedTrainer

    KiltedTrainer Guardian of Asgard

    The Lugia, please.

    Please pm or vm me a reminder of our final trade agreement. I lost some records in the move.

    If you get back on, I'll be available for a bit on and off now once I prepare pending trades and do my wi fi setup on the DS.
  8. Bananaman73

    Bananaman73 New Member

    ok im in wifi
  9. StarlightPegasus

    StarlightPegasus Live out Loud

    Alrighty. :D
  10. pacack825

    pacack825 A meowing duck.

    I can't clone it, but I'll trade it to you if you take extra good care of it :3 (btw, it knows hydro pump, aeroblast, extrasensory, and surf.)
  11. KiltedTrainer

    KiltedTrainer Guardian of Asgard

    OOPS!: Edit, Shockwave, this is replying to you.

    Would you trade the pokesmash mewtwo? :) I have Latias ready.
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2012
  12. pacack825

    pacack825 A meowing duck.

    wrong person xD
  13. master91

    master91 shiny hunter

    will you be able to complete our trade today i forget what it is but i know its aura mew and S/F nidoran male for 3 S/F fossils
  14. KiltedTrainer

    KiltedTrainer Guardian of Asgard

    Our SF Nidoran and Aura mew for your SF anorith, shieldon, and tirtouga. I need to leave sooner than I thought from trading tonight, so I might have to do the two people who contacted me first. PM or VM me tomorrow sometime, if that's alright.
  15. master91

    master91 shiny hunter

    not a problem no rush but if you can trade today just hit me with a vm :).and welcome back
  16. KiltedTrainer

    KiltedTrainer Guardian of Asgard

    Thanks, and I will. :)
  17. EarthquakeCroc

    EarthquakeCroc 黑雷王

    Thank you c u tonight 10pm (ur time) in the wifi room
  18. joepotatoe

    joepotatoe Dunsparce MasterRace

    Hey I'm interested in
    Eevee (with wish) UT level 1, Careful, OT twisted, ID 26456
    Chimchar (near flawless) UT level 1, Naive, OT CHEVAR, ID 02106 (HP Ice, 70).
    -Gastly UT level 1, Timid, OT Canibal, ID 64858
    -Deino UT level 1, Timid, OT Show, ID 61081
    -BouffalantUT level 1, Adamant, OT Ares, ID 30917
    -Snorunt (female, perfect for SF Froslass) UT level 1, Timid, OT Shreyas, ID 58832
    -Terrakion UT level 42, Jolly, OT Auria, ID 51481

    I can offer:
    Shiny flawless lvl 25 UT (caught) adamant Klink
    Shiny flawless BOLD DW eevee lvl 13 EV wiped
    Shiny flawless JOLLY mienfoo
    Shiny Near flawless petilil (HP fire spread)
    Shiny flawless T lvl 40 adamant DW manectric
    Shiny flawless lvl 100 EV trained bold whimsicott 252 hp/252 def/ 4 sp def. EM: encore

    Flawless events:
    Movie14 adamant victini

    But I'd need you to clone and tradeback my pokes is that okay?
  19. Wolveram

    Wolveram Vogelfänger

    We are interested in the flawless Victini. You can choose one of the Pokemon you listed (except Snorunt and Eevee).

    Yes, we can clone and trade back.
  20. warrior777

    warrior777 Member

    Can you check my thread for your Absol, Doduo, Chimchar & Manaphy please?
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