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KiltedTrainer and Miss Wolveram's Trade Boutique

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Justice Forever
Hey, I pmed you btw, I was just wondering if we could arrange a time for our trade, since we're never online at the same time :D


New Member
ill trade you the six year of the dragon event pokemon (all UT) for these if they are not taken yet (if possible, could they be given the nicknames in the parentheses):
near flawed shiny patrat (Guardian)
shiny joltik (Tesla)
shiny Raltz (Serenity)
shiny litwik (Nightlight)
shiny swadloon (Happycoat)
shiny elgyem (Trinet)

ya, i know they are all from your guy's "Our RNG'd" section but im just trying to build up my colection of nicknamed shinies. so hopefully we can make a deal of some kind if not this one.


I know you do not have one, but I wanted to throw this in here since shop owners see a lot of pokemon, if you stumble across a Modest 10th Anniversary celebi with decent IVs I would love to trade you for it ^_^
I do not mind if it's nicknamed, so long as the nickname is appropriate
I do not mind if it's trained, I can have someone reset the EVs

David Flagg

New Member
Hello! I do have a Lugia and a Ho-oh (both came from Johto so I'm assuming they're from Navel Rock). The Lugia is T, and the Ho-oh is UT.


Event Entrepreneur
hey buddy :)


GRAND Plusle (German Duking Plusle from Colosseum)
UT level 13, Lonely, OT GRAND, ID 37149 (Distant Land, often dozes off

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Box Swablu
UT level 5, Timid, OT XAVIER, ID 60207

-Charm Ralts (female)
UT level 5, Quirky, OT ナミ, ID 32110

-Charm Ralts (male)
UT level 5, Bashful, OT ハルカ, ID 41947


Well-Known Member
Hi I'm interested in Milos Island Tornadus & DW Chimchar

I have a shiny Groudon, Latios & Flygon if you're interested :)

Edit: Just acquired a NF shiny Beldum so I'll put it up if you're interested too
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Always Smooth~
CMT for these:

(All are in the flawless shiny catagory)
T level 100, EVs: 6 HP, 252 Attack, 252 Speed, Jolly, OT Mark, ID 20111

UT level 1, Jolly, OT Sky, ID 45242
(Only if this croagunk has dry skin ability)

UT level 1, Impish, OT Sky, ID 45242

T level 100 (EV'd in Def + HP), Impish, OT Brian, ID 12018

Hayate Ayasaki

Active Member
Hey guys ^_^
Could you CMT for these?

UT level 1, Jolly, OT Ares, ID 30917<-- only if it has Thick fat

UT level 1, Timid, OT Canibal, ID 64858<--------------------------------------------------- \/

-Gengar Do either of those know Disable or have hidden power fire?
T level 100, EV'd in Sp. Atk and Speed,Timid, OT Roarke, ID 15848<----------------- /\

Eevee (near flawless)
UT level 1, Modest, OT BRETT, ID 41485<----------- HP Grass?


Well-Known Member
@Kiltedtrainer Hello! I posted once here, but you didn't reply, I think. I'm interested in the UT flawless deoxys GameStop. I have timid HP ghost, ice or flawless Keldeos, flawless timid/naive meleottas, a shiny flawless amere's mew. (Modest), the current deoxys event and a genesect or two delivery men floating around. Would you be interested? I also do custom rngs, but you said you only wanted event pokemon.


~Trade with me!~
Hey interested in your
UT level 1, Timid, OT Skylar, ID 06907
I have an UT adamant nature Lv 54 shiny Sneasel im willing to offer


New Member
Hey, interested in any of these?

EV Trained Pokes:
Shiny Adamant Electrice w/ Ice,Fire,Thunder Punches and Cross Chop
Shiny Adamant Scizor
Shiny Mild Dragonite
Shiny Adamant Arcanine
Shiny Naive Magnezone
Shiny Flawless Impish Gliscor
Shiny Flawless Adamant Dragonite w/ Multiscale
Shiny Flawless Timid Espeon w/ Magic Bounce
Shiny Flawless Timid Ninetails w/ Drought
Shiny Flawless Timid Nidoking

Other Shinies:
Shiny Flawless Modest Mareep
Shiny Flawless Bold Squirtle
Shiny Serious Drowzee
Shiny Docile Diglett


Guardian of Asgard
Hey everyone and sorry for such an extremely long absence. Please see the update in the first post of this shop. We may e opening a gen 6 shop eventually but right now we are rnging, event hunting, and shiny hunting in gen 6. Please VM or PM us if you're interested in making a trade!
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