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Kimi's 7th Gen Resets!

Cosmic Fury

Evil Overlord
Hi, what's up?

I saw you've got the very Pokémon I'm looking for: the Pokémon Center Victini with Celebrate -- namely, your Adamant one.

I've got a GF Shaymin with a Modest nature and fully trained that I obtained myself. Has a strong, competitive spread, but not the optimal hidden power, unfortunately.

I've also got the Japanese WiFi Silvally, obtained under similar circumstances.

I also have the Pokémon Center Shiny Mimikyu -- again, obtained myself.

I also have a number of other events I obtained myself sitting in both my boxes and my bank. Alternatively, I can spend some time catching one of those tapus you've got mentioned at the top of this thread... although I'm unsure that'll be enough.