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Kind of an unconventional premise for a Pokémon White ingame RMT

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by ThomasWinwood, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. ThomasWinwood

    ThomasWinwood Member

    Kind of an unconventional premise for a Pokémon White ingame RMT

    Earlier in the month I restarted Pokémon White. The way I play the game I plan a team out beforehand and then only catch the Pokémon which are going to be on it, because I don't like throwing away the experience from fighting trainers on Pokémon I'm not going to keep.

    This and the fact this forum exists gave me the idea for a slightly unconventional form of RMT. I tell you the plan, you try to work out where I had an easy time and where I had a tough time, and then I tell you where I actually had trouble and where I didn't. I'm interested to see whether you can predict some of the difficulties I had which I didn't envision when I wrote up the plan, as well as the standard reason for an RMT where I want to know if you can see any weaknesses in the team which I didn't know about already.
    Emboar     @ Charcoal       Flamethrower / Brick Break  / Scald        / Flame Charge
    Excadrill  @ Soft Sand      Earthquake   / Rock Slide   / X-Scissor    / Swords Dance
    Lilligant  @ Miracle Seed   Petal Dance  / Giga Drain   / Quiver Dance / Sleep Powder
    Scrafty    @ Blackglasses   Crunch       / Hi Jump Kick / Zen Headbutt / Strength
    Reuniclus  @ Spell Tag      Psychic      / Shadow Ball  / Focus Blast  / Recover
    Jellicent  @ Mystic Water   Surf         / Shadow Ball  / Will-o-Wisp  / Recover
    The order is the order in which I encountered them, from which it should be obvious where I got everything.
  2. Matoro

    Matoro Toa of Ice

    Humnumnum... I think it will work quite well, depending on what you're going to do with it. Although the items seem a little too oriented towards specific moves. eg Scrafty's Blackglasses only apply to Crunch. I would put more than one STAB on there if you're going to have a type-specific item.
  3. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    Liligant is overall sparce on Attacking Moves, so check it's Hidden Power. Hidden Power [Rock] / [Fire] work good, among others like [Electric] or [Ground].

    Bulk Up > Strength on Scrafty after you've finished pushing all of the Rocks, as it loses it's purpose. Ice Punch is better than Zen Headbutt, as it offers no notable coverage.

    Calm Mind instead of Recover on Reuniclus, you already have Potions.
  4. Archstaraptor

    Archstaraptor devolved.


    ...you might have an issue because of the lack of a Dragon SE move(Jellicent could be taken out with/without a burn-accuracy noted).I remember that the gym dragons set up with dragon dance which can punch through bulkier foes.

    You have three weaknesses and one resist to flying types,but could run into problems if the foe is faster than/resistant to excadrill and has a coverage move to counter with.

    It altogether makes the ice beam seem more vital.
    Lilligant might want a coverage move instead of recovery and status; dream eater provides both, however, and might be handy against poison types,should they appear to threaten you.

    ...but I understand that in-game team sets can be(and often should be) less strategic!
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2013
  5. ThomasWinwood

    ThomasWinwood Member

    Hidden Power is awful ingame, given that IVs are entirely at the mercy of the RNG. As written I have an attack doing 240-360 base damage per use, and a 75-power attack which restores my health. Which of those do you recommend I drop for a move with random power between 30 and 70 whose type I have no control over?

    This isn't my postgame team, sorry for not being clearer about that. It's designed with the game up to and including N/Ghetsis in mind. No Bulk Up, no Dream Eater, no Ice Punch (Cubchoo comes too late, I wanted to have my Scraggy as soon as possible after catching it).

    I tend to find Recover has a better RoI than boosting moves. Boosting moves come in handy when I'm relying on a neutral hit to take out the opponent, but most of the time I'm relying on STAB super-effective hits so they feel less necessary.
  6. Zhanton

    Zhanton le quant-à-soi

    Hidden Power was just suggested for coverage but I definitely know where you're coming from. From experience, after a few Quiver Dance boosts (which aren't difficult to get thanks to Sleep Powder immobilising the opponent and Giga Drain providing healing), Grass-type moves are fine to rely on.

    I'm not too sure what you mean by STAB super-effective hits on Reuniclus since Psychic (your STAB) only hits Fighting- and Poison-types for super-effective. Personally I don't see the point in constricting your options by using Recover when you can free up that moveslot for something like Calm Mind and just rely on Hyper Potions for healing, but it's your call in the end.

    How is Emboar going with Flame Charge? Personally I think running Wild Charge > Flame Charge and Hammer Arm > Brick Break might be beneficial. I don't think Emboar really has the defences to be patching up its Speed (though your experience might be different) and maybe the ability to hit Water-types hard would be more useful to Emboar?

    And maybe try out some different items. Big Root might be useful on Lilligant in terms of allowing you to recover more HP and thus last longer on the field. Since Emboar has a wide variety of moves, Expert Belt would be a good item to give it as it powers up its super-effective moves. Apart from those two there aren't really a whole heap of items available during the main storyline apart from the ones your Pokemon are currently holding.
  7. ThomasWinwood

    ThomasWinwood Member

    I wasn't talking specifically about Reuniclus, I meant in general that I find Recover and Roost better options than boosting moves because they pay for themselves faster. Your suggestion about Emboar is probably better than the mixed set I used, though.


    I think I have enough feedback. Here's how it went in practice:
    Emboar was definitely a third wheel past a certain point. It wasn't hard to keep it at level parity with the rest of my team, but it was somewhat tough to find places where it particularly stood out (particularly once I got Surf and backtracked to explore the bits of the game I couldn't get at before - lots of Frillish and Alomomola and Basculin). The problem is a lack of appealing candidates for a replacement - the main ones I considered were Bouffalant (Head Charge/Wild Charge/Megahorn/Revenge) and Eelektross.

    If there was a tier list for ingame, I'd put Excadrill up for a suspect test. Between Dig/Earthquake and Rock Slide it shreds everything, and even pulls its weight when I had to rely on a +2 X-Scissor. Seriously great Pokémon, small wonder it's banned competitively.

    Lilligant does just fine with nothing but Petal Dance and Giga Drain, and level 46 is right after Magical Leaf's lack of power really starts to become a nuisance. I underused Quiver Dance, but I have a mental block regarding boosting moves in general - I rarely feel like I need them, so I don't use them, so I rarely feel like I need them. I know from experience that with Quiver Dance it's an absolute monster - coverage is pointless when you can boost up to +3 or +4 and then KO even with a resisted Petal Dance.

    I had to take care not to overuse Scrafty - it's just bulky enough that I feel confident throwing it around like a wrecking ball, and just strong enough offensively to feel like doing that is worthwhile. Hi Jump Kick was less kind to me than it has been in the past, but it was never enough of a problem to make me want to go with Brick Break instead.

    Reuniclus was designed with one purpose in mind - punching a hole in Ghetsis' Hydreigon. More on that later, but suffice it to say it did that job adequately. It was something of a lead weight around my neck until I got the Shadow Ball TM - in retrospect, I should probably have bred Shadow Ball onto it like I did with Jellicent - but its damage output never made it not worth carrying around so overall I was content.

    Jellicent ended up being a pain - I kept getting ones with a SpA-lowering nature. Eventually I gave up and went with it, but the lack of offensive power was really noticeable towards the end of the game as it kept failing to follow through on key blows whenever type matchups weren't on its side. Without that I probably wouldn't have had any problems with it.

    The big climactic battle most of my theorymonning went into was the one with N and Ghetsis. I went in underlevelled, and as a result had some interesting moments - I had a lapse in judgment, forgot about Excadrill's Fire weakness, and decided to lead with Excadrill against Zekrom, so it ended up facing N's Reshiram. I threw caution to the wind and used Earthquake, only for the AI to see my rampant stupidity and raise me a Hyper Beam instead of Fusion Flare which missed.

    The other major interesting moment was where the plan I'd been hatching all game came to fruition - my Reuniclus against Ghetsis' Hydreigon. I was nervous - I'd started against N with half my team at level 50 and half at level 51, and Reuniclus was the only member of the team still left at level 50 because I didn't use it against N. I crossed my fingers and clicked Focus Blast. It connected... and then Ghetsis' Hydreigon was left in the yellow. I clicked Focus Blast a second time... and it connected again.

    Things which interested me about the commentary: Archstaraptor opined that a lack of Dragon STAB might cause me problems, when it really, really didn't - Iris was one of the more anticlimactic gym leaders I fought, thanks to +2 Earthquake. I also never had any trouble with Flying-types - Rock Slide neatly dealt with Skyla, and there's something of a lack of good Flying-types outside of her. About the only one which even gave me the slightest pause is Sigilyph, and even then only in the hands of Caitlin - it was fast enough to outspeed Excadrill, but failed to KO with an Ice Beam. (I've used Sigilyph (Psychic/Air Slash/Hypnosis/Roost) in previous playthroughs.)

    One thing you're probably right to criticise is Strength on Scrafty. The original plan had Work Up for its fourth move, but when I needed something to move Strength boulders I didn't want to have to keep taking an HM slave out of the PC so I just dropped it on Scrafty and ended up never getting rid of it.
  8. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    There is actually a Tiering located in the Sticky Section, and I'm pretty sure Exca is High.

    My fault on Ice Punch; I thought most people would have access to BW2. Just use Rock Slide instead of Strength.

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