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King K.Rool and his Kremling Krew(Donkey Kong Series


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The villianous king of the Donkey Kong Series games as you may or may not know is not coming back in Donkey Kong Country Returns. The reason I wanted to start this thread instead of posting it in the actual DKCR thread is that this has nothing to do with Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, or the new villains the Tikis. But instead it has to do with King K.Rool.

I want to know what you guys think of the Kremlings in general and your opinon on them not been in the game.

also I want to know what you guys think if Miyamoto likes or dislikes King K. Rool and his crew. The reason I asked this is that in a recent interview with Tanabe and Retro Studios, Tanabe stated that in early development of the game, he and Miyamoto met and agreed that King K.Rool had no real reason to return.

so here go I will start it off.

In general I grew up with the Kremlings and I am particularly fond of the kremlings from Donkey Kong Country 2. On them not been in the game, I am glad that a new enemy is being introducted but I would have like at least a small apperance from the Kremlings.

I in my honest opinion think that Miyamoto does not like King K.Rool. Reason we this new game, being an addition to the series doesn't have its main villian unlike Miyamoto's New Super mario bros wii were he kept Bowser and even brought back the koopalings. Look at the other kongs if you will other than Donkey Kong , diddy kong is one of the most used of the kongs created by Rare, with Dixie and Funky Kong following in a close second, Cranky, Lanky and tiny in third. Yet Chunky has been forgotten and Kiddy kong almost seems to never exists.

So what do you guys think.
I love King K Rool the best in Donkey Kong Country 2, 2nd in DKC1 and a definite last for DKC3. I feel sad King K Rool isn't returning along with the Kremlings, he was a great villain.

King K Rool

1994-2010 1/2

And I think Miyamoto hates him, but likes the Kremlings.


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Rest in peace, K.Rool. Have fun in my HG team. (My Feraligatr's name is KingK.Rool xP)

Well its not specifically said that K.Rool won't ever be used again.


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As of right now i really don't care that k.rool is not make an appearance in the game. In all reality it wasn't something that made me get away from the game. It acutally made me more interested in DKCR. I don't know about you guy but I always wondered if there were any other animals other than monkeys, crocodiles, bees, and vultures. With this game we see zebras, whales, birds, skeletons. I'm excited.


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they shouldve put king k. rool in the SSB series.

Not really. Given what K. Rool is, physically and character-wise, everything to which he would have projected as a playable character was covered collectively by Bowser, Ganondorf and Dedede. K. Rool would have been redundant.


Bibarel's adorable.
I'm gonna miss that guy. He was a great villain. I'm not sure what to think about "the Tikis" though.


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He's not gone forever.