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King of Poke'lantis: Will He Return?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Every Heart, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Every Heart

    Every Heart Happy Rival!

    One of my favorite episodes of Battle Frontier(besides the Max and Ralts episode) was Ash's first battle against Brandon and he had been possessed(God I hate that word, can't spell it right...I think) by the spirit of an evil king that ruled over an ancient city called Poke'lantis.

    Is it just me, or was that episode a bit anticlimatic? You would think that it would be a bit more impressive or something, not just Brandon beating it in a battle and Pikachu shocking the daylights out of Ash.(I saw the one coming a mile away)

    It kinda sucked that there wasn't much background to that. I can almost see that being made into a movie...

    So my questions are: Do you think that it should come back? What do you think about him? Do you agree that it was anticlimatic to have an evil king, but make him be defeated and gone just like that?
  2. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    They *should* bring him back, but they *won't* because they're lazy.
  3. Legendary Raikou

    Legendary Raikou Well-Known Member

    Doubt it very much
  4. freakin_chicken

    freakin_chicken Well-Known Member

    the King is like Ashachu and Ashley... everybody likes them but the writers won't bring them back.
  5. Every Heart

    Every Heart Happy Rival!

    Makes sense...

    I was just disappointed that the one time Ash get's possessed by an evil spirit (don't bother correcting me, I haven't seen every episode of Pokemon to know if he has already had it happen before) it's not as dramatic as I had wanted it to be...
  6. Hell_fire

    Hell_fire ......duck...

    i wish he comes back but he wont
    hwho's ashachu?
  7. freakin_chicken

    freakin_chicken Well-Known Member

    in the johto series Ash is transformed into a Pikachu, and fans call it Ashachu or Satochu. the episode is called Hocus Pokemon.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2007
  8. Every Heart

    Every Heart Happy Rival!

    I wasn't too big a fan on that "Ashley" episode, and the Ashachu episode was one of the best episodes ever...
  9. ManaphyMaster

    ManaphyMaster EternityLeague Owner

    Maybe he'll make a return in later movies. Maybe a movie with Giratina or Regigigas (since both are ancient)
  10. Every Heart

    Every Heart Happy Rival!

    Forum lag prevented me from responding earlier, but if he did come back in a movie, I kinda hope Ho-oh has something to do with the plotline. I think I remember them mentioning something about a confrontation that had taken place between the king and Ho-oh many years ago.
  11. scizor08

    scizor08 Back here. >.<

    they're not going to bring the king back because the "spirit" is far away from them..i think..
  12. Every Heart

    Every Heart Happy Rival!

    You mean like trapped back in the stone pokeball? Well, I thought of that, but maybe he's like Bakura from Yugioh: He somehow manages to get out of twists like that...
  13. uber gon

    uber gon Accept Change

    Frankly I'm hoping that the King and Ash will duke it out like Riku and Ansem from KH:CoM.

    I know, I'm a KH fan, a SERIOUS one.
  14. bubblybubbly-bubba

    bubblybubbly-bubba ~ Forever Lonely ~

    They wont bring him back. Also, does this episode remind anyone else of Yu-Gi-Oh?
  15. Every Heart

    Every Heart Happy Rival!

    I know, it really does. I couldn't help but think of Bakura from Yugioh. Maybe that's why they won't bring him back in an episode. Copyright infringement or something stupid like that.
  16. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos

    He won't come back, but I hope that Ash gets possessed by Shadow energy later on.
  17. uber gon

    uber gon Accept Change

    Darn it, man.
  18. freakin_chicken

    freakin_chicken Well-Known Member

    and that's not the only time there was Yugioh stuff in Pokemon. remember The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon when Dr. Yung summons those pokemon? totally Yugioh.
  19. Every Heart

    Every Heart Happy Rival!

    True...too many Yugioh consistencies...(hate that word)

    I still want possessed Ash to come back, but now the evil king is stuck in the anime plot land of no return with Ashachu...(now that would be awesome if they threw both of them into the same episode...no wait, that wouldn't make any sense, but since when does Pokemon make sense anyway?)
  20. freakin_chicken

    freakin_chicken Well-Known Member

    Dammit, Ashachu is Love!

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